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Arthur, King of Time and Space is a humour webcomic by Paul Gadzikowski. It retells the story of King Arthur, in real time (with occasional timeskips) in several time periods. It ran from 2004 to 2014.

When Arthur took the sword from the stone, history itself was altered. Now Arthur exists in several realities simultaneously. The main arcs are the "baseline" or "fairytale" arc (Anachronism Stew 5th century, based closely on Malory and T.H. White); the "space" arc (A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away..., with Arthur as king of British Space, and Excalibur as his Cool Ship); and the "modern" arc (in which Arthur started as an Ordinary High-School Student, before learning he had inherited a controlling share in Excalicorp).


The main storyline in all three main settings is the Love Triangle between Arthur, Guenevere and Lancelot. Secondary arcs include the "Western" arc (Arthur as sheriff), the "Mash" arc (Arthur as Hawkeye Pierce), the "Superhero" arc (Arthur as Superman Expy), the movie parody arc (Arthur as various film characters), and others.

Was on sabbatical for six months in 2009, and replaced with Arthur King of Time and Space 2.0. This returns to Gadzikowski's earlier King Arthur In Time And Space concept, in which the comic is crossover fanfiction between two fictional TV series, one about the space-faring Arthur (and very similar to Star Trek) and one about the time-travelling Merlin (and very similar to Doctor Who). A second sabbatical began in June 2011, with the strip being replaced by sketches and concluded in December, the strip resuming after a Time Skip to Arthur being 35.


The strip ended on 6 January 2014, owing to real life pressures, after one last timeskip to wrap up the storylines.

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