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This is a list of Wild Mass Guesses which are still possibly true. Just for Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the confirmed page.

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It's a common misconception that Nanoha's magical axis is light. Or anything else vaguely elemental.
Unlike the Fate, Erio, Signum etc. with their cute lightning and fire axes, Nanoha doesn't have an elemental axis to her magic. Instead, her axis is friendship, resulting from her loneliness before meeting Yuuno—she actually powers her magic with the desire to be friends with someone. This is why she's a master of magic damage spells. This is why she always tries to get them to listen to her—defeating someone that won't listen just happens to be a by-product of hitting them with enough friendship to blow through their defenses; Similar to how leveling the city behind them with the same blast is a side-effect.
  • In The Battle of Aces, Fate's clone is named Material-L after "Lightning", while Hayate's is Material-D after "Darkness". Both are elements those two are respectively assocated with. Nanoha's clone is called Material-S, which presumably stands for "Starlight", so... yeah.
    • The letters seems to stand fot their actual names: Levi, Dearche and Stern. However, the elemental themes still fit. Levi has lightning powers, Dearche has darkness powers, Stern has fire powers, but Luciferion Breaker and Shin Luciferion Breaker are also related to stars. And Stern's name is German for "star". It's more likely that stars are Nanoha and Stern's elements.

Signum is an alternate-future time-traveling version of Nanoha
In the original timeline, Hayate and her three knights were sealed in the Durandal Time Lock, which resulted in Nanoha rebelling against the TSAB and losing her magical staff. She took up swordcraft from her father but, in the battle against the TSAB, got sent back to ancient Belka and was absorbed into the Book of Darkness. When she helped the Knights as Signum, the timeline changed; Hayate's political power changed the TSAB into the Improbably Female Cast. Nanoha/Signum rests easily, immune to paradox, and lets the new Nanoha be none the wiser.

The Infinite Library is truly infinite...
...and contains every possible written work in every possible language ever, including William Shakespeare in the original Klingon. However, since such a thing would be practically useless, immensely complex spells are used to reduce the possibilities into a large but still limited space.
  • Yuuno is appointed as Head Librarian because he is both an excellent academic and greatly talented with barrier spells, which help in making the "restrictions" of the probability-space.
  • For more on infinite libraries, go read The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges.
  • This happens to any significantly large magical library. Do not be surprised if, whilst perusing the shelves of the Infinite Library, you hear a faint "Ook" in the distance.
    • One would expect Yuuno and the Librarian to start a "I'm not a Ferret/Mon*CRASH* Ape" club.
      • Or a "I'm not a familiar" club with Zafira.
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  • Note that this is only a small annex of the Library of Dream, which has every book that was never written, including updated and unabridged versions of books that WERE written.

Nanoha's family are all in the Ninja Bodyguarding business, just like in Triangle Heart, but she was born with a defect leaving her unable to use Chi.
It's the Chi version of being Psi-Blind. So she got left out of anything other than baking. Hence the students at her family's dojo not fighting around her. It was considered rude. But she was unsatisfied with her life (it's downright howl to the skies depression in The Movie) because she couldn't kick ass, too. Nobody could have predicted the alien crashlanding with Magitek that enables her to tap Mana. This neatly circumvented that and she took to it with gusto. Clearly her family doesn't mind her being a magus as she introduces her subordinates in the Sound Stages.
  • Evidence supporting: Children in a school of martial arts are introduced to things such as kiai, kata, and breathing techniques early on. They're encouraged to do so as kids learn such things even faster than adults do. But none of that was passed on to Nanoha. Sure she isn't the Heir to the Dojo as third-born; but surely she'd be taught something. And given her workaholic personality, she'd be doing it a million times a day with enthusiasm. But she's not.
    • Likely confirmed, in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT where mana doesn't exist, she is trained in the family martial arts. She has enough chi to throw a spoon at a cup and leave a smoking hole; she couldn't do this without magic in the main series. It would seem chi use is a case of Mutually Exclusive Magic like in Negima!.
      • Alternate Theory: Shirou's accident resulted in the family spending most of the time at the hospital while Nanoha was growing up. His recovery was gruesome enough that Nanoha was not brought along; leaving her with a lot of time to spend alone to herself. While the Takamachi family still retained some training, this experience also lead them to drop the anti-terrorist careers and concentrate on the bakery. Nanoha was started on the early training, but it ended with the accident; leaving her feeling unfulfilled.
      • Partially confirmed, so far only in the Movie's tie-in manga series.
There's...something special about Alisa and Suzuka, Nanoha's two Earth friends.
In the second season, they appeared in a Phantom Zone that the Book of Darkness created. Supposedly, only mages and magical creatures appear in those. In another universe, Alisa Bannings was an Expy named Alisa Lowell who was a ghost. Suzuka doesn't exist in the Triangle Heart universe, but her family does, and they have vaguely mystical origins, a possible vampire, and Robot Girl Meido. What are they here....?
  • Or the Book pulled them inside the barrier just in case they contributed to Hayate's grief; it meant to kill them after Nanoha and Fate.
  • Suzuka's family may have extremely distant connections with the Tohnos. Arisa has potential as a flame haze. (One is a vampire gag, the other is a voice actress gag.)
    • Obviously Arisa is a shinigami in a gigai. Her sword's name is Shana. Eventually she'll learn cero and discover that her inner hollow is named Louise.
  • Alisa and Suzuka were in the Phantom Zone because of their connection to Hayate.
    • But Dr. Ishida also had a connection with Hayate, and she wasn't pulled into the barrier. This means that there is something special about her that prevented her from being pulled in.
      • Rampant speculation: Those who grow up under the Masquerade and chose a science-related field of study but were magically adept end up with anti-magic Reality Warper powers; it doesn't exist as far as they are concerned.
      • Probably because Dr. Ishida was always helpful to Hayate, almost as an actual parent and even offering to go out together on Hayate's birthday pre-Wolkenritter (because you know, paraplegic nine-year-old living alone... Suzuka, on the other hand, was the link by which Hayate met Nanoha and Fate. Thus, Reinforce may have held her somewhat responsible. Alisa was probably there by association. So the real question is, why wasn't Dr. Ishida being saved? Even if Reinforce is bound to go berserk, why not absorb the Doc like what she does with Fate?
  • At the least, Suzuka has some level of latent magical power. There is one scene showing her reacting to a powerful burst of power from Nanoha and Fate, and she was apparently the only one who could see the battle with the Book of Darkness. Arisa had to ask her if the bright light was still there.
    • She's also (in the manga) able to catch a superpowered dodgeball throw from Fate, return it, and knock Fate cold. Yes, Suzuka had potential.
  • Retconned in MOVIE 2nd. They don't appear in the barrier any more.
    • Remember, the premise of the Movies is this is what Nanoha and Fate tell the TSAB what happened. They didn't mention Suzuka and Alisa...

Alisa is Suzuka's Renfield.
Like her sister in Triangle Heart 3, Suzuka is a vampire. She shared her blood with Alisa, giving her incredible strength. She did this to prevent her death; appropriately it was whatever killed Alisa Lowell.

The Book of the Night Sky was corrupted into the Book of Darkness by a Belkan mage.
The book is a Lost Logia — a device that dates back to when Al-Hazred was still around, which happened long before Midchilda ascended to its current position. Belkan magic is explicitly held to be an offshoot of Midchild magic; Belka was likely a younger "country" — but the point is that Belka and its magic wasn't around when Alhazred was. The Belkan mage reformatted the Book into a weapon of mass destruction; the reformatting brought it in line with the Belkan style of magic because it was more familiar and more warlike.
  • Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers implies that Lost Logia include artifacts from any ancient civilisation. ("It was considered a Lost Logia even in the time of ancient Belka".)

Hayate's Wolkenritter were not originally part of the Book of the Night Sky.
Works hand-in-hand with the idea above — as a Lost Logia, the book clearly predates Belka, the time and place where the through-and-through Belkan Wolkenritter must originate. The reason for their inclusion at the time of reformat is simple — the Book has gone from being a repository of magical knowledge into a weapon of mass destruction, and so it and its master require more protection. Also, it needs hunters to gather the Linker Cores necessary to fuel its destructive power. This also handily explains why the Wolkenritter don't know the original name of the Book and why they don't know anything's wrong with the Book — they never knew it in its original form.

The Wolkenritter were once humans living in ancient Belka before they were "absorbed" by the Book of Darkness.
A popular theory, since it can be difficult to believe that programs can be people too. It's unlikely that they have direct memories of that time other than their training, though.
  • Rein and Agito prove that programs can be people too.
  • Either they don't remember ever being human, or they've accepted that they're not anymore — or at least not enough to matter in their own eyes. A couple of centuries and lots of trials can convince one to get over a problem like that to deal with the more immediate problems.
    • Perhaps they're not actually sure anymore. They are aware that the Book of Darkness is capable of presenting a fake but convincing reality, and perhaps even have spent time there when the Book is currently ownerless. They have memories of living in Ancient Belka, but they don't know if those memories are real.
  • Not only were they human, but they were also former owners of the Book of Darkness.
  • Alternatively, they could be a bit like the Servants of Fate/stay night as famous heroes of ancient Belkan history who came back with different names (They do seem to have distinct skillsets like the Servants do).

Agito is Signum's UNISON device from when she was a real person in the age of Ancient Belka.
They are clearly leading up to an Agito/Signum UNISON; comments from Zest about how perfect they seem for each other and how Agito is a relic from that age make this quite plausible.
  • Apparently, the last few episodes of StrikerS gave us that Agito/Signum UNISON. No further elaboration on this is given, though.
    • Signum does mention that she feels "warm" when in unison with Agito, and Agito starts crying uncontrollably after that (which she didn't do even after Zest died). Agito recalls some good times long ago which abruptly ended. She then went into hibernation until she was awakened and used as a test subject by the Mid-Childans. The end of the "good times" may correlate with the time Signum was absorbed by the Book of Darkness (see above).
    • More or less confirmed ever since the third Sound Stage of StrikerS. The Fansubbers made a slight mistake: Agito didn't call herself the "Genius of the Burning Flames" when she first appeared, she called herself the "Sword Spirit of the Burning Flames". It's not a moniker she fashioned for herself either, it's the name she's referred to by the scientists who were experimenting on her, making it the closest thing she has to a true name ("Agito" was given to her by Lutecia). She even mentioned that, based on that name, her original owner is most likely a powerful sword-wielder who can use fire. Finally, she mentions that "strangely, (her) heart feels warm" whenever she thinks of her original owner, which is the exact words Signum said when they finally performed a Unison (and probably the reason why she started crying). Of course, this opens up more questions: Is Signum really Agito's master (which makes one boggle at just how powerful the first Reinforce must be to create a program that could form her own Unison Device), or, as a lot of people are thinking, is the Signum we know a perfect copy of an earlier human Signum who was the true master of Agito? Hopefully, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, Force or another installment will reveal more about this.
    • The Nanoha game makes the possibility of Signum being based on someone real even more likely. The Book of Darkness is revealed to have the ability to create perfect copies of powerful mages who have ever been near it by gathering memories and magic, and is even able to create improved Evil Twin versions of the original. While the copies in the game are rather fragile, completely fading the moment they're defeated, the first copies created by the Book of Darkness may have been made up of stronger stuff, especially since the copies in the game were created by a mere fragment of the Darkness of the Book of Darkness.
      • How canon is the game though? Not that I'm arguing, of course, but I'd like to confirm as much as possible...
      • It's an Alternate Continuity set just after A's where Reinforce lives, but it's written by Tsuzuki himself. So while the events may not happen in the main continuity, it's probably safe to assume that the abilities exhibited by the participants there are canon.

Agito and Signum are perfect for each other because of their similar elemental attributes.
Signum's Laetavin typically powers itself up with a flaming edge when using cartridges, and other characters have specialized in specific magics (Zafira with ice, and Erio with electricity). Thus Signum could be more compatible with Agito than with Zest the same way that one can run Windows XP on a Mac, but it's built for a PC.
  • Rein also seems to work much better with Hayate than with Vita or Signum.

Hayate and Carim are in the process of taking over Midchilda.
Hayate's covering the political spectrum; Carim is handling religion. The current disbanding of the cast throughout remote regions of space is one last effort by former administrators to check their power. Even Chrono comments that it seems eventually Hayate, Nanoha, and Fate will become like "the Great Three Admirals."
  • Gotta admit, there's a huge power vacuum after StrikerS.
  • Hayate only allows the former administrators think that it was they who disbanded Section Six and effectively exiled the strongest mages from Mid-Childa. In reality, removing her allies from the homeworld was part of an elaborate plan allowing her to covertly discredit and destroy the rest of the old government and reintroduce Nanoha, Fate, and the rest of their merry band back to the homeworld as its saviours and protectors from corruption and anarchy. That way, none of them (except Hayate herself, who is regarded as a criminal anyway) would be stained with the dirt of disposing of the former administration from the masses' point of view. Also, temporarily removing Nanoha & Co. from the picture gives her an opportunity to deal with Scaglietti and those of the Numbers who refused to cooperate with her. It's sad, but it has to be done to ensure safety of Mid-Childa. And Nanoha doesn't have to be involved in it.

BetrayerS was the original sequel to StrikerS
Masaki Tsuzuki wanted to go Darker and Edgier after StrikerS all along, but he wasn't sure how it'll be received, so he and Himura Kiseki published the first chapter as a doujin with Himura taking all credit. Either because the fandom wasn't completely happy or due to Executive Meddling, the concept was put on the shelf, that's why "episode 2 is NOT coming soon". Instead, Tsuzuki went for a Darker and Edgier, only less so, route with Force, simultaneously buying off fans with the cutesy loli moe Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. Once those are done, though, he and Himura may still return to BetrayerS storyline.

The Lyrical Nanoha universe is as filled with Feinano shippers as the real world is.
Both Fate and Nanoha are essentially superheros and mega-celebrities on Midchilda and probably countless other worlds, and we all know how the private lives of celebrities tend to be publicised. While, with the exception of their close friends, no-one would have as much information as we do, they would certainly be provided with enough information to reach the same conclusions as we do. Hence, large shipping communities.

The TSAB puts a lot of peer pressure into starting families between their officers.
They're not just "unusually understanding" of interoffice relations; they want them to happen. They're constantly besieged by Lost Technology run amok that could destroy the multiverse, and it's been decided that one of the few things that can stem the tide is magic. So they need mages, lots of mages; and they're woefully understaffed. (Creating artificial mages has turned out not to be cost-effective.) Solution? Have employees make babies who will likely have magic potential and be loyal to the TSAB. So there's economic incentives hardwired into the organization as well as social encouragement.
  • Chrono does comment quietly in the manga that he had "little choice" but to marry Amy. This could mean that he had gotten her pregnant; but in that case, the TSAB probably had the wedding scheduled as soon as the test results were positive.
    • There's a much less diabolical explanation for this. An unmarried Admiral or Captain is considered something of a security risk. One with a wife in the same service is a bonus since they can be vetted by the same people. However I suspect the TSAB does make special allowances for mages simply because it's better not to annoy them greatly.
  • Adopting magical children who will be loyal to the TSAB is a relatively new concept, but one that the cast has shown has definite merit.
    • This could be another explanation to the breaking of the cast up at the end of StrikerS, adoption is great, but the Improbably Female Cast isn't making as many children. Maybe exposure to other (male) comrades will bear fruit. Notice how Erio and Caro stay together — the TSAB figures nature will take its course.
      • With Lutecia on the same planet, no less. They figure it's playing the odds — if Erio and Caro don't get together, maybe Erio and Lulu might. And at the most extreme, one male can get two females pregnant.
      • Or Fate is being sent on Deep Space Missions to encourage Nanoha and Yuuno to have kids together. Even without a Device, Yuuno's pretty powerful. Hayate seems to be actively discouraging "Fate-mama" for whatever reason. Whether this works is another story, since they can't keep Fate in space forever.
      • You guys make it too easy to adopt these ideas into fics, you know that, right?
  • If the CIA advocates this (if Covert Affairs is anything to go by), then it's plausible the TSAB would do the same, for much the same reasons. You don't have to read anyone more into the projects, you know they won't try to backstab you, and it keeps couples from breaking up because one is Married to the Job.

Clone Jesus missed her other Mommy.
Whoever came up with the "Hey, let's split them up!" plan got overruled when the clone of the focal point of their religion came to school with the sniffles one day and said it was because her other Mommy had to be in space all the time. Very quickly Fate started getting more vacation time.
  • The ship suddenly needed to be restocked, upgraded and docked for repairs more often, and longer. There are dozens of ways to put someone in-dock for weeks at a time, without giving more vacation time.
  • This also a caused few radical changes in the Church.

Quint was a scientist in Project Fate who defected.
So she and Subaru's and Ginga's father just "happened" to find a lab where they rescued Subaru and Ginga, and they just "happened" to be made from Quint's DNA? HA HA HA— No. We know that the TSAB is really, really desperate lenient when it comes to repentant scientists and their creations; Subaru's father managed to get Quint to convert; and the TSAB came up with that rather thin cover story. Quint got to bring her two children with her; as long as she went along with the "we found them" story. This is how the TSAB knew how to "upgrade" them each year to accomodate aging, Quint gave them instructions.
  • It was probably why Scaglietti had her killed, since she would have explicit knowledge on how the Numbers work and would have opposed him. He may have stolen notes from her on how to start the Number project to begin with. Sure, she was supposedly "interfering" but that still doesn't begin to explain the coincidence of her "finding" robotic upgradable clones of herself.
    • Scaglietti didn't mention this to the Numbers because he didn't want them thinking of anyone else but himself as a parent figure.
      • A crucial motive for Major Nakajima adopting any willing Number.

The TSAB is entirely created from converts
There is no original TSAB anymore. The Original TSAB was a group of actual non-mechanical wizards fighting Mad Scientists. Some of the mad scientists converted, adapted magic into their processes. Over the ages, their descendants were the only ones to survive as a pure magic system became insufficient (and impossible due to spacial warping) against the Lost Technology threat.

Yuuno has infinite mana, or at least lots of it
If the Battle of Aces system of Broken Meter relying on mana left after casting spells, for all we know, Yuuno has enough mana to withstand so many stuff at him he's practically has tons of mana to do anything. Except that he still can't do offensive magic...

Jail Scaglietti's clones were not disposed of
Remember, Scaglietti was a creation of the TSAB higher-ups in order for them to have an advantage in the arms race against criminals. They have seen in Vivio that nurture can convert a perfect product of Project F to their side. What's to stop them from trying the same with the Jail clones? The potential in having twelve Mad Scientists working for them may be too tempting, risks be damned.
  • It's unlikely that Fate, of all people, (or any of the heroes) would allow the fetuses to be aborted, no matter who their "father" was or how they were "concieved." They're probably all extracted from the Numbers (especially the ones in jail... oh god, the horrible unintentional pun) and put on ice somewhere. And there they will remain until the TSAB can find willing mothers with enough security clearance and parenting qualifications to be trusted with raising twelve VERY dangerous babies.
    • Would the Jail clones actually be dangerous if they didn't have his memories implanted?
      • Actually, Zemyla believes that the memories were removed from the babies, purely as a humane measure. Most people would go crazy if they were trapped in a baby's body for several years, unable to talk, walk, or even maintain control of their bladder. So obviously, the rational course is to wipe the memories.
      • Pretty much all combat cyborgs who were still in storage were deported with memory wipes if possible. Except some of the numbers. TSAB Top Brass knew if someone caught a wind of this, they will be in trouble so the non Nakajima combat cyborgs were sent off to colony worlds with limited contact with the outside world to start new lives. That includes magician bases used in the experiment.
  • One of Jail's mind-wiped clones will develop white hair due to a random mutation and join the TSAB. He slowly regains Jail's memories over time, but manages to retain his own personality.

Precia actually did reach Alhazred.
Of course, returning is a different story. The creators almost certainly left that plot thread hanging just in case they needed a villainess on short notice. All they need to do is reveal that even in Alhazred, there is no way to revive Alicia.Alternatively, Alhazred and ancient Belka might be one and the same. If Precia travelled back in time and found no way to directly revive Alicia, it stands to reason that she would have tried a different approach such as creating an artifact that would go out into the universe and search for spells, hopefully finding one which could revive her. Now doesn't that sound familiar...?
  • Alternatively, Alhazred is in a dimension outside of the TSAB's normal reach, and Precia did revive Alicia there, and they're living their days happily together. Also, Alhazred is the original source of magic in the multiverse.
    • Or, in keeping with the majority of the villains of Nanoha, Precia makes it to Alhazred and revives Alicia. However, due to her own insanity and the dark weight of the dying world (pictures of Alhazred are not that nice) she treats Alicia just as she did Fate. Which means that Alicia can show up in a future season and be the dragon for whatever Big Bad that season has and act as foil to show what Fate would have become without Nanoha's befriending.
  • When Arf falls after being defeated by Precia, she somehow manages a transportation spell, winding up on Earth and being adopted as a dog by Arisa. It's possible that Precia did the same, since the cast was too busy escaping to try to confirm her death.

The Phantom Zone barrier spell has an intended secondary purpose of finding magical recruits.
It's both convenient for avoiding the locals in non-administrated worlds and anyone with a lot of magical ability will be automatically drawn towards the Phantom Zone. These individuals are then courted into joining the TSAB. It just seems...dang convenient that Admiral Graham was also a human with magic powers who happened to witness a crash.
  • This is another reason that the Barrier spell isn't used on Mid-Childa, they want Mid-Childan civilians (who have a higher average of magic, but lesser number of outliers) to avoid battlegrounds, not be attracted to them.
    • In fact, being able to recruit a high-level mage can used for insurance reasons for not getting in trouble for crashing a spaceship.

Yuuno can't get in on the action any more because he's only a civilian.
Less a guess, more a certainty. Yuuno's really happy to pursue a life as a scholar, but he can't be totally happy with the idea of never being able to support Nanoha and their friends in dangerous situations again — and the military wouldn't let such a valuable combat support mage go untapped without some attempt at recruitment. But he simply doesn't have the permission of his legal guardians to sign on — at one point, Chrono mentions that technically, he shouldn't even be allowed to work in the Infinity Library without such permission, and Bureau is bending the rules for that much alone. Even after the age at which he could legally join on his own, he'd probably settled in too much and Nanoha and the rest seemed to be doing fine.
  • Or, alternatively, he quite enjoys his new job, as it allows him to follow his true passions, rather than forcing him to fight for the lives of his friends. Remember, he is an archeologist and his only reason for being involved in the jewel seed incident is he feels responsible for having found them in the first place, after that, he just wants to go back to his studies and help his friends and clan.
  • Yuuno has the Infinite Library at his fingertips; knowledge is power, and he knows where all the bodies are buried and which closets the skeletons are in, as well as a thousand and one ways to cause a dimensional cataclysm before breakfast. If he wanted to go on active duty again, it's doubtful the TSAB would have the means to stop him. Clearly he doesn't want to.
  • I suspect Yuuno learned some magic in order to protect himself from natural dangers while on expeditions with the expectation that he would need armed escorts for anything more dangerous than the Jewel Seed monsters. He primarily got barrier, teleportation and healing skills so he could protect himself and support his allies from afar. Since much of the cast has strong barriers, Shamal not only has healing abilities but also sensors and capture magic, and Yuuno hasn't had any expeditions that we know of, he's decided to stay out of combat, since he doesn't think he can contribute enough (presumably similar to how Arf stopped fighting in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, and switched to a loli form to save mana).

Yuuno can't finally get his own Device because he's only a civilian.
Theory: Devices are expensive, and quality Devices are really expensive, and probably require some kind of liscence. As a civilian scholar and librarian, he probably isn't making that much money or backing, or getting clearance for combat-grade power.
  • Support: Nanoha and Hayate got Raising Heart and the Book by luck (or destiny). Fate had her mother's fortune and resources to make Bardiche, or Precia used those to make it for her. Erio's original parents had enough money and illegal connections to create an F-Project "artifical mage" clone of their original son — getting him Strada while they were at it is only a mild stretch in light of that. Everyone else who has powerful, tailor-made Devices belongs to the military (Chrono, Zest, Subaru's and Lutecia's mothers, Subaru and Teana, etc.) or probably belonged to a military at one point (the Belkan Knight Wolkenritter).
  • Yuuno does have a device, its called the Raging/Raising Heart. He just gives it to Nanoha so she can seal the McGuffin for him and she never ends up giving it back.
    • This doesn't quite explain where Caro got Keykerion, unless it belong to a dead mother or something. Maybe she and Erio got both of their Devices from Fate, who — thanks to her rank — might just have the money, backing, and authority to arrange such a thing for children intent on joining the TSAB.
      • IIRC Strada was remade when he got in RF6 and I don't remember Caro having her device before that.
      • All the Forwards' Devices were remade shortly after joining Section Six, but Caro had Kerykeion before that; she uses it to Boost Up Tea in their very first training run. As for where they got their Devices before joining. Tea and Subaru made their original Devices themselves while in training school; they were good enough to last until B-rank at least. They mention both training school and their old unit only provided staves; I presume that's the spear-like things you see TSAB mooks carry. Subaru's Revolver Knuckle belonged to her mother (Ginga has the other one). That leaves Caro and Erio, who probably got theirs from Fate. She trained Erio at the very least (Sonic Move, anyone?); Caro, being a summoner, might be a special case.
  • Who knows where or how Yuuno picked up Raising Heart, but it's not some random piece of cheap or mass-produced hardware. As an Intelligent Device, and a strong one at that, it must have been made with a real purpose in mind. However, it obviously wasn't with Yuuno in mind — its capabilities are completely opposite to his own, and it's not even in his colors (everyone else is color matched). He might have found it at some dig site, or maybe got it from one of his adoptive mothers.
  • It is clearly not a case for Yuno. While civilian, he is head of one of the TSAB secondary branches and I don't believe anybody in right mind would try to mess with him about that.
    • What are you talking about? If the head commanders can demand that Nanoha and bunch have limiters put into their bodies, they can make it difficult for Yuuno to get clearance for a Device. And they'd do it for the same reason — powerful mages getting more power make them nervous.
      • Limiters or more correct maximum unit powerlevel were clearly described as mesure to prevent headhunting best mages for your unit from other units. If Nanoha was only AAA+ mage in unit she would NOT have limiter at all. May be for some persons it's about nervousness... but Infinity Library is main TSAB HQ where overS mages are common place... and without limiters.
      • The series never says why there's a maximum total power level per unit, just that there is one, but there are a number of logical reasons. It reduces the threat of a powerful unit going rogue, it prevents any single unit getting too much political influence due to their concentration of magical power, and it satisfies petty office bureaucrats who love that kind of stuff. Also, there's no indication that TSAB headquarters has a significant concentration of powerful mages. The only one we know of is Admiral Graham, and that's an Informed Capability. Chrono is noted as one of their better enforcers, and he's gobsmacked by Nanoha's power in the first season.
  • It would be a terrible mistake to dismiss Yuuno as "a mere civilian"; the man has the Infinite Library at his fingertips. Knowledge is power, and Yuuno is the one person who could reasonably claim to know where all the bodies are buried and which closets the skeletons were in. The TSAB would probably give him a Device if he wanted one just to keep him happy. They don't want him coming back to field because he would be impossibly well-connected and capable of bending operations to his whims on a massive scale, but it's doubtful they could stop him: so they do their best to ensure he doesn't have a reason to come back. If he gets a reason, there will be hell to pay.
    • I repeat - he is head of TSAB secondary branch. Calling him "a mere civilian" is like calling head of CIA or KGB "a mere civilian", even without all that OMG WTF stuff that is kept in Infinity Library. And he became that head in an age of what... 9? 10? In terms of "(s)he is scary" he is right up there with miss "WTF power and WTF career" Hayate. Replace "power" with "knowledge" and note one of the fastest careers in most of reality and fiction combined...
    • According to the Megami sound stage for A's, he chose to stay off the battlefield because he's not good at combat like Nanoha, but he can support her in other ways.
    • Lio, a civilian student at the Sankt Hilde school, has an apparently Belkan-style device in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. Then again, we don't know much about her family.
      • It's most likely a Storage Device. Relatively speaking, they're fairly cheap to make or buy compared to Intelligent Devices and they have limited abilities, perfect for young girls practicing magic.
    • "For safety purposes "All combatants must be equipped with Device of CLASS 3 or above"." Looks like making a device is not that expensive or difficult (more like a motorbike or a car at most than a yaht), unless it happens to be an authentic Ancient Welka type. While we've seen only 10 contestants, it looks like they are simply the designated semi-finalists (so that we get interesting fights between people we are able to care about rather than anonymous mooks). The true number of participants is sure to be many times higher than that, otherwise preliminaries won't be taking several months.

Someone could find Alicia's body and Precia and make use of them.
So they fall into a "dimensional void" huh? What a convenient excuse for Never Found the Body! If someone manages to find and revive them, it could prove for an interesting plot.
  • Ace Of Scarabs has considered using that to tie the Nanohaverse to the GGG-verse for the purposes of either budget crossover-fic, or to have an excuse to put them in a mecha-filled Super Robot Wars fan-game. To expand on this: a nearly-dead Precia is picked up by a major Zonderian unit and converted, her 'wish' fulfilled by converting both her and the late Alicia into Zonders. As G-Stones, Element Z0, and J-Jewels would be considered pretty powerful Lost Logia in a way, things will unfold, and before you know it, Nanoha and Fate are sent over to the universe next door to investigate, arriving just in time to see GaoGaiGar dispose of a Zonder mecha.
    • ... Do want to see it done?
    • I do! I do!

Hayate Yagami and Genya Nakajima competing with each other to see who could get the bigger Robot Girl harem.
It would explain why Genya adopted Nove, Wendi, Cinque, and Dieci.
  • Scaglietti won that contest by a large margin.

Yuuno is part Ferret familiar.
Half-Human Hybrid; Yuuno's ancestors were humans who got really close to their familiars (In humanoid form). Not really an issue in present day; his people are simply able to transform more easily than others. However it is a problem when one is low on mana in a world away from civilization such as Earth. Ironically full-blood familiars have more control in shapeshifting and no problem with such environments; since they can fall back on their contract.
  • The assumption that familiars can have kids of their own raises the question what Zafira's kids would be, species-wise. Quarter-familiarGuardian Beast, Quarter-Wolkenritter, half-human? Third-Beast, third-Wolkie, third-human?

Splitting up the cast at the end of StrikerS is just the way the military works.
Seriously. It doesn't have to be any more complicated than that. Yuuno, who's a civilian, comes to help Nanoha take care of Vivio when Fate is away. Fate comes back, Nanoha and Vivio are happy, somebody has to leave again, somebody else comes in to help with the kids. It happens all the time with many a Real Life Military Brat.
  • At at least one point, characters state that it's unusual for all of the main cast to be together like they were in the unit. The cast seems to understand this well, except for Subaru, who has some reservations about parting ways with Teana, Nanoha and everyone else until Teana reassures her in a typical Tsundere way.
  • The unit was formed to deal with a specific problem, namely Jail's Gadget Drones. They dealt with it, so now they're being reassigned. It's perfectly natural.

In a later season, the Devices will gain Powered Armor or Humongous Mecha forms.
The reason this will be done in-story is so Nanoha can continue fighting at optimum levels even as her Magical Power continues to ebb away from Deadly Upgrade overuse (according to the fourth ''StrikerS Sound Stage'', her actions in the Cradle caused a near permanent drop in her Power Level by 10%. She could fix this problem by resting for a year or two, but this is Nanoha we're talking about), and naturally, everyone would get their own once Nanoha's Super Prototype run proves successful. The out-of-story and true actual reason why this will be done is so the Nanoha series could be eligible enough to join the ranks of Super Robot Wars. Considering the people behind Nanoha, such a development is inevitable.
  • As of the current situation in Force, the Bureau is well on its way to do just that. Nanoha is the first on this. Behold.

Al Hazred was destroyed by Eldritch Abominations or Demonic Invaders rather than... "collapsing".
If you know your H. P. Lovecraft, you will recognise Alhazred as the surname of the Necronomicon's author-apparent. Now, unless that is a mere Contrived Coincidence, the apparent Shout-Out suggests that... darker things were at work in Al Hazred than the show states. Combine that with the fact that the Jewel Seed beasts have otherworldly, inexplicably wrong forms. Admittedly, the show being idealistic as it is, you will never see these Cosmic Horror Story elements played to the hilt in canon.
  • Going with the above theory, then the dimensional collapse that sealed Al-Hazred away was intentional. Rebels or Heroes or an opposing Cult decided that the evil should not be allowed to spread to the rest of the galaxy, and collapsed all of the Ways. And so it shall be...until the stars are right.

Subaru will stop taking "aging treatments"
Because she wants to look exactly the same when Ixpellia wakes up, no matter how long it takes.
  • Alternatively, Ix just over-estimated her sleep time. Considering how her comatose form has appeared in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, this seems likely.
    • Lowest estimate was 1 year. And 1 year it is.

Levantine has a dual-bladed form we've never seen used
It could, however, be briefly glimpsed in A's before it transitioned to Bow Form.

Raging Heart is in love with Bardiche
All the shooting and stuff is their way of coping with their UST. If they were left in a room alone together, one would not want to be nearby.
  • They were left in a room together, at the beginning of A's. They came to a remarkable concurrence of opinion, if you know what I mean.

The "Collect Spells" and "Collect Pages" functions of the Book of Darkness were originally separate.
Collecting spells alone would merely require analyzing the target's linker core and would presumably be harmless. Furthermore, the target could learn new spells at a later date and thus it would make sense to target that person again. On the other hand one of the purposes of page collection is to store mana for later use (such as when Shamal broke though the TSAB's barrier) which requires draining the target's linker core and thus could cause long term harm. Thus it makes sense that the two functions were originally separate and that only the collection of pages had a once per target limitation.

Nanoha takes place in the same world as Mahou Sensei Negima!
Fans have observed that the magic of the two series seems quite similar.
  • This troper supports this: Especially after gaining the Deadly Upgrade Negi has shown some amazing resemblance to Nanoha in the recent chapters. Except he doesn't prefer to blowing his opponents up, but to IMPALE THEM!
    • Alternately, the two stories take place in parallel universes. Negi is Nanoha, Fate is...Fate, Asuna is Vivio, and Setsuna is Signum.
    • Who's Precia, then? The creepy black-cloaked guy from the flashback/movie Jack Rakan showed Negi's gang?
    • Chamo is Yuuno, and Mana is Teana.
    • Precia would be Chigusa Amagasaki, the woman who summoned that titanic demon during the Kyoto trip, Chrono is Kotaro.
      • Doubtful. Chigusa was, on the whole, rather pathetic an opponent. Precia was stated to, when in the prime of health, have been an extremely powerful mage. (That purple lightning spell she cast when she made her presence known to the TSAB was an S-level spell, and she managed to hit two targets (an AA-rank mage - Fate - and a starship) that were in completely separate dimensions from each other at the same time).
    • Also, Nanoha is known as the White Devil. Now... behold the Black Devil.
      • Now that he's gained control over that form, he has decided that what he really wants is to befriend Fate.
    • Kurt Godel and Jail Scaglietti: smug manipulative bastards who were/are both part of a Government Conspiracy.
    • Magicus Mundus is a Lost Logia like the Book of Darkness; it's inhabitants are Living Programs. The Lifemaker is the Self-Defense Program.
    • Eclipse seems rather similar to Magia Erebea.

Someone's as good as dead in Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force
Chapter 0 ends with "We'll be together. Forever and ever." Tell me if that doesn't sound ominous. Fans of potential C-List Fodder, beware. *eyes Ginga*
  • Some of the main cast are just as likely of a target. I mean, a main character for four consecutive seasons that's also reaching the magical age of 25 and up with new cast all around, things may start looking pretty grim for them. Unless, of course, the general trend from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers continues as they were, then all of the new cast introduced that season are prime targets for Stuffed into the Fridge
    • Actually, the main suspect in this troper's eyes right now is Lily Strosek, simply because she was referred as "Strosek-4th" in the very first chapter. Girls with "Four" in their names just don't tend to live long...
      • Not to mention her parallels with Reinforce Eins, in that she is indirectly harming Thoma-in her case, by being a "poison" that kills him by being close to him, and his association with her has resulted in him becoming a criminal to the TSAB. Given that Signum is on the case and has caught up to Thoma, she may have something to say about how familiar the situation seems.

Shamal is gonna go yandere in the next season
Let's do the math: Vita is all Tsundere over Hayate, Signum has qualifications for Sugar-and-Ice Personality, the only one that's left is... Shamal. At the moment, she appears to be a Yamato Nadeshiko (well, except the cooking part): polite, soft-spoken, supporting combat role, never objects to orders, etc. Hayate seems to have least concern about her than Vita or Signum. However, if Shamal ever snaps, this troper wouldn't want to be anywhere closer than three dimensions away from her.
  • Hayate seems to spend the second most amount of time with Shamal (behind Vita), often going shopping with her, so there seems to be less likelihood of her feeling left out.

During Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, Nanoha has a limiter on her magic
At some earlier point Hayate decided to put an even stricter limiter on Nanoha in order to prevent her from over using her magic. This limiter restricts Nanoha's magical capabillity to red shirt levels.
  • Makes sense. It's already stated that she's on vacation in order to recover from the events of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers; and her previous behavior has shown she tends to overextend herself when told to take it easy.

Vita's Berserk Button reverts her back to her non-sentient form.
Think about the first time it happened. Nanoha knocked her hat off. Perhaps that was more than an extreme reaction to losing the hat, rather losing the symbol of Hayate's affection for her causes her to revert to her "base programming," as Hayate's friendship is what caused the Wolkenritter to develop sentience in the first place. So when something jars her out of that, she loses the sentience she gained and reverts back to being a mindless killing machine.
  • Judging by when they first met Hayate, the Wolkenritter have always been sentient. It's just that Hayate is the first Master to treat them that way; and with love. How does she show her love to Vita? By making her that Hat and her other costume. To Vita, someone damaging that Hat is threatening her relationship with Hayate; hence Unstoppable Rage backed up with being a Person of Mass Destruction.
  • It's more likely that the Wolkenritter were emotionally repressed due to fighting all the time and being treated as tools; during that time, Vita's temper was even worse than it is in the present day, (especially shown when she's assaulting a wounded knight for screaming too loudly, and then yelling at Signum when she tries to stop her) and refused to let the others get close to her. Shamal, despite being somewhat unemotional back then, was still capable of kindness to her allies, like inviting Vita to come sleep with her to stay warm. Hayate treated them like human beings, and thus allowed them to open up to others.

Nanoha, Hayate, and, possibly, Fate are Indigo Children.
Hence their unlikely personal maturity, responsibility, and magical prowess at the improbably age of 9. Though Fate's may have to do with Project Fate and whatever enhancements Precia may have applied to her genetic code.

Fate was a perfect clone of Alicia.
The initial differences between Fate and Alicia were due to post traumatic stress disorder caused by having memories of dying.
  • Chaos Theory dictates that even with a perfect genetic match and memories, personality changes can still occur. Also, Precia knows that Fate isn't Alicia; yet was in denial at first. This came out as rage and she sublimated that into being Fate's fault and she looked for any behavior that could be defined as "not Alicia."

Fate is Alicia
Because wouldn't the irony be heart-wrenching, due to some Switched at Birth situation, the clone body and the original body got mixed up (and the research on the clone body's magic changed Alicia's DNA to include an enhanced Linker Core) but Precia didn't know. She's been agonizing over a copied body in a tube that never woke up; while treating her blood daughter like dirt.

Fate is a clone of Alicia, and is Alicia.
She's got the exact same body (possibly with enhanced linker core), and the exact same memories. The movie manga even goes out of its way to point out that she acts the exact same way, indicating that it's the exact same mind all-over. She's Alicia, just with a new body.
  • The fact that everyone calls Vivio the Saint-King suggests that there is the belief that transfer can occur.

Magic Cloning is different from Earth-Style "Dolly the Sheep" Cloning
Just implanting DNA into an egg will result in a person with their own soul; but they won't have a Linker Core. Magic Cloning copies (and modifies) the Linker Core and requires a soul in order to work with the Linker Core. Magic Clone someone who is alive; and the copy won't wake up; the soul won't transfer. Magic Clone someone who is dead or else in a Soul-Dead like state; and they'll achieve Reincarnation with Genetic Memory.
  • There is an alternative to this. It is possible to Magic Clone someone and have them be their own person if you also create an AI (similar to the Programs of the Book of Darkness) to act as a proto-soul through Cybernetics. (This will prevent Genetic Memory and soul transfer and will grow into an individual Linker Core and soul.) Although only whoever created Ginga and Subaru was able to grow a "normal" Linker Core in them; the Numbers that came later had modified Linker Cores that only allowed certain abilities.
    • Precia's descent into insanity and the incomplete knowledge of whether Genetic Memory and identity are the same drove her to deny this.
    • Vivio's Genetic Memory of the Saint King were sealed by Scaglietti to prevent Kung-Fu Jesus from his glorified Cradle Battery. Nanoha has decided to keep the seal up so Vivio could live her own life. She'll be told when she becomes 18; and it will be her choice whether to awaken them or not. Incidentally, the "seal" is within Sacred Heart. ...although it cracked a little watching Einhart fight.
    • Erio was Magic Cloned when the original died as a baby; so he didn't have any cognizant Genetic Memory.

Whether or not Genetic Memory is the same as Reincarnation is a subject of debate within the TSAB itself.
In the Sound Stage; we have Subaru telling Ixpellia that Vivio is the Saint Kaiser reborn; also in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid Nove refers to Vivio as an Ancient King who can live in peace in this age. However, Ingvalt herself denies that Vivio is the Saint King; nor is she "an extention of the Emperor, merely the inheritor of his memories." Vivio's friends stumble when describing Vivio's relationship with the Saint Kaiser; compromising by calling her an "ancestor."

Nanoha might die...
Due to her overuse of dangerous magic (or befriending), Nanoha might die before the age of thirty. All the Divine Busters and Starlight Breakers aren't helping. And that Blaster System, that thing is guaranteed to convert HP to MP and pretty much shorten her life.
  • Hence her being likely enforced vacation in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. My guess is that most of the older Command Staff over 30 in the administration are burned out mages. Oh, they can do something big every now and then, but then the mana just doesn't come out for a few years. Like Lindy's energy wing thing.
  • In Part 20 of StrikerS Sound Stage 4, Shamal suggests that Nanoha take a year or two off of magic, which might be part of the reason why she's on leave and working as a civil servant in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid.

Earth is a convalescence center, probationary clinic, and retirement home for higher-up burned out Administration staff.
Hence it's "Unadministrated" status yet the heavy Masquerade despite being out in the boonies in The Multiverse. It isn't to "protect" Earthlings so much as to keep the physically, mentally, and magically tired mages from being involved. The tech levels of the natives are high enough to be be comfortable (almost on par with the civilian parts of Mid-Child, actually); but no native Logia is present to cause situations. (The first two seasons were severe abnormalities.) There's a massive network throughout the planet setup by Administration staff to create well off Undead Tax Exemptions; as seen via Admiral Graham's and Admiral Lindy's easy transition.
  • Graham was originally from England, so it was more a question of transferring back. (Still, he left Earth as a young man. It would still take some incredible paperwork to explain where he's been since then.)

Precia destroyed the ship carrying the Jewel Seeds and the archeologist who discovered them as it passed near a conviently nearby Non-Administered World.
She did this by teleporting Fate and Arf onto the ship, with orders to capture the Seeds. While attempting to complete their mission, the ship was destroyed (either by self-destruct or as a side effect of Fate's power), causing the Jewel Seeds to be lost on Earth. The reason this ship was approaching Earth was because of a report from an observation post on a small island off one of the northern continents of the appearence of a powerful linker core in Japan. Following standard procedure a retired member of the TSAB to recruit this potential high powered mage. Due to the family's previously existing connections with the TSAB (read below), this pickup operation was not given high priority and the reports have since been lost, likely to turn up during a review of case archives following the JS Incident. This possibly ties into the above theory of the TSAB's use of Earth as a retirement / recuperation area. This also explains Nanoha's parent's ready acceptance of her life choices.

Momoko Takamachi was an elite Enforcer for the TSAB before she met Shiro.
Ties into the above. After working with, and falling for, a local ninja bodyguard on a difficult assignment that left the local badly injured and cost her a powerful Intelligent Device, she decided to retire. The TSAB allowed her to retire without complaint or official record to hide their own complicity in the events and because they had an "alternative" solution to their crime problems. Even the loss of a powerful intelligent device into a mysterious rift was acceptable due to recent breakthroughs in their other projects. The device was eventually returned to the family.
  • That device wouldn't happen to be Raising/Raging Heart, would it?
    • Well, it could be that, or some kind of frightning midseason upgrade when combined with Rising Heart. one particular fan art with a Rising Heart armed with three clips of Catridges and grown the the size of a small motor cycle comes to mind... There is also nothing to state that a mage is limited to one intelligent device after all. (the mental image of Vivio armed with Rising Heart and Bardiche in Kiser form chills me to the marrow.)

Vivio's Older Alter Ego in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid is related to her Sankt Kaiser self; and she'll eventually have to seal it.
Regardless of her and Nanoha saying it's perfectly fine in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, it doesn't look like she has any involvement in Force. Keep in mind that shapeshifting in the Nanoha-verse is considered very costly, mana-wise, yet Vivio was able to do it effortlessly.
  • It's also possible that she won't have any involvement in Force because 1)She's still in school; even if she's most likely going to be drawn into the problems in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, Nanoha probably wants her to complete her education before joining the TSAB, and/or 2)The writers don't want to write anything that could contradict or spoil events in ViVid (excluding Vivio surviving).

Vivio does not age naturally
Vivio's genetic material being from the Sankt King would be similar to Ixpellia's, who has been alive for millenia. This may also be why there's no "strain" for her age-shifting. Hence Nanoha encouraging her experimenting in age-shifting.

Signum and Shamal actually thought "Testarossa" was Fate's given name
In the second episode of the original series, Yuuno Scrya points out that his given name is first, after Takamachi Nanoha introduces herself with her family name first. Fate introduces herself with her given name first without mentioning this, most likely causing Signum to believe that it was. Fate most likely didn't know that Signum was making that assumption, and didn't bother to correct it. Interestingly enough, Shamal twice refers to Fate as "Testarossa-chan" ("-chan" being an honorific typically not used on last names), while referring to Nanoha (who introduced herself to Vita with her family name first) as "Nanoha-chan". While Shamal switches to "Fate-chan" in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, Signum does not change; presumably because calling her "Testarossa" stuck due to their fighting one-on-one on several occasions.

Vita is attracted to old people
According to the A's manga, she spends much of her time playing with senior citizens in the club. In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, she notes how old the three legendary admirals are, but after Fate and Nanoha point out how important they are, says that she likes them anyway. It's also revealed that one of the admirals took a liking to Vita.
  • Ironic, seeing how Vita is technically one of the oldest individuals alive (rivaled only by other Wolkenritter and Ixpellia).

The Belkan Saint Church and the TSAB do not get along
The Church appears to have its own troops and be an autonomous entity, something the TSAB, as personified by its Ground Forces head responsible for the security of the city, is bound to dislike dealing with. The fact the Church has autonomous agents with Cartridge-capable devices wandering about is just going to make it worse.
  • The Church explicitly governs a number or regions on Midchilda. Disliking them for having their own troops is the same as disliking another country because they also have an army.
    • Which most countries actually do dislike their neighbors for. However the Church is also explicitly part of the TSAB's power structure; the Church had authority to order a limiter release for 6th Division, something you're not going to give a foreign power. They may be semi-autonomous or be analogous to Native American Reserves in the US, but they're clearly part and parcel of the TSAB; otherwise the TSAB would never have been allowing armed Church agents unsupervised into their areas, as one person with an Intelligent or Armed Device is capable of immense destruction. If the Church constitute a whole other country, Nanoha or Fate should have been detailed to guard the Sisters every time they entered and left for those conferences. They weren't.
      • Carim has the authority to release the limiters, not the Church as whole, just Carim.
      • Also, I wouldn't consider the Ground Forces opinion of the Church to be inidicative of the opinion of TSAB as a whole.
      • Carim explictly having it doesn't really help, seeing as she is a ranking member of the Church. If the Church was a totally seperate entity the TSAB would expect her loyalty to be to the Church first and perhaps only.

The Belkan Saint Church is the TSAB's real Army
The Ground Forces, as seen in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, seem to be somewhere between glorified police and actual soldiers. The Belkan Saint Church's fighters give a better accounting of themselves. The Church might therefore be the real, war-minded Army; the Ground Forces are dedicated peacekeeping and garrison troops.
  • This seems unlikely because that would mean the TSAB is relying on another country to fight for it and wouldn't make sense given what we know about the Church's history (i.e. Olivier is worshipped because she brought a war that had caused Belka to become uninhabital to a peaceful end and managed to stop the Belkans from completly wiping themselves out). Also, there is no indication that the TSAB needs an army.
    • As above, the Church is explicitly part of the TSAB's power structure as they had one of the two possible limiter-release authorizations for the 6th Division, which is manifestly not the sort of authority you give to a foreign power. The Church also clearly has a martial bent to it and its ranking members are apparently capable fighters. Belkan tradition clearly embraces the use of violence as well; witness Chrono's comments in A's on the nature of Belkan magic and what it does better than Midchildean. The Saint most likely has more than one aspect, not only as peacebringer but also peacemaker.
      • Carim was the only person in the Church with the authority to release the limiter.
      • The Church could easily be the real army for Midchilda, however unless it has self governed regions on several other planets, I don't think it would be able to act as the army for the entire TSAB.
      • Carim explictly having it doesn't really help, seeing as she is a ranking member of the Church. (As noted.) This is also, I feel the need to point out, the TSAB: rapid deployment across interstellar distances is not a problem. They recalled a significant portion of the fleet in time to deal with the Saint's Cradle after all. Similarly, numbers is not a great concern either: as A's and the original season taught us, it's better to deploy a few really good mages than a lot of lesser ones.
      • In all of those cases they were dealing with threat on a single planet, as long as the TSAB wages war against individual planets the Church might be sufficient, but it wouldn't be against another organization the size of the TSAB.

Cartridge technology was itself Lost Logia or nearly so until the Wolkenritters' Devices reintroduced it.
While the TSAB had the parts, the technology doesn't seem to have been in vogue for field agents like Chrono; Raising Heart didn't have it when Yuuno picked it up; Precia and/or Fate didn't build it into Bardiche. Considering the obvious power boost and its usefulness, as well as its apparent ubiquity for anyone not of the Redshirt Army in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, it seems criminally stupid none of the Devices included it originally. It must have been unusable somehow. Scans of the Wolkenritter's Devices must have been instrumental in developing Raising Heart Excellion and Bardiche Assault, and in turn those two Devices and Graf Eisen/Levantine repopularized the technology.
  • It's more likely that when the TSAB first tried to use the Cartridge System the devices they had weren't capable is handling the increase in power and were eventually destroyed as a result because of this their use was unpopular especially among the Red Shirt Army (since they would probally be unable to cast useful spells without a device) and users of Intelligent Devices (since their devices could be consider living beings). Naturally, as time went on they figured out how to make the devices more and more durable and by the time A's occured they had become durable enough to safely use the cartridge system, but since very few people used the cartridge system no one was aware of that.

Sound Stage X showed that Jail is still the same confident Large Ham that he is even though he's been imprisoned for three years already. One can't help think that he has something up his sleeve and is just waiting for the right time. The fact that all of the Numbers, including those that are now a part of TSAB, are still loyal to him means that he has an obvious means of escape.

Of course, if this does happen, it would be too obvious if one of his Numbers did the freeing. No, if I were to bet on someone being an outside accomplice, it would be Subaru's Cool Big Sis, Ginga. After all, how certain are we that all traces of Brainwashed and Crazy have been removed by the TSAB?

  • I think you underestimate Jail's capablity for self-rescuing.
    • I'll do the original poster one better: the Numbers aren't going to free him; he's not going to be freed at all. Jail's just waiting for the backup clones he hid far away from his main base to grow up and finish his work for him, complete with an all-new set of upgraded Numbers.
      • In the tanks inside his hideout, there are several People Jars with Roman Numerals as high as 15. It's possible he had several other Numbers in production.
    • Except none of them were rescued, and even if they get out somehow, they're going to have an awfully large problem getting to space. Plus those clones better age quickly, or Jail'll be dead before even the slightest chance of rescue emerges.
      • One of them contains Lutecia's mother, who is rescued, and recovers from her coma on her own.

Yuuno is no longer on the team because any real offensive use of his powers would too lethal
The guy has chains, barriers, and teleports. Lots of chains, barriers, and teleports. And when you have lots of chains, barriers, and teleports, you start squeezing people painfully around the neck, making them run into barriers at high Mach numbers, and teleporting them places where they can't breathe. Either the TSAB's worried about this, Yuuno's worried about it, both, or he runs a bondage fetish club in his spare time.
  • OOOH! Fetish club! Fetish club! Which would explain Nanoha's various bindings she pulled out on Vivio.
  • Shamal must also be a member. After reading the one A's Nano page where Hayate tries to get her to wear a dominatrix outfit, I can't help but think "Bondage time!" whenever I see the scene where she and Zaffy capture Otto in the final battle of StrikerS. :P
  • I gotta stop coming here. I made a reference to this in a fic that I helped write.
  • Easy answer is that CHAIN BIND IS A FREAKING!!RAZOR!!FLOSS!!!, TSAB formed for utilizing Magical Stun Guns (some of them are the class of Wave Motion Gun, it's necessary by the way), they don't really need Clean Cut on human target.
  • To add credence to this theory: who needs Frickin' Laser Beams or Wave Motion Gun if you can teleport your enemy into an oncoming one, from a friendly source or otherwise?
    Mook: "Ha, you? The mage that knows nothing but shields and teleport is going to defeat me?"
    Yuuno: "Me? Nah. She would though. *points to Nanoha with Divine Buster ready*"
  • He could also teleport people into walls or teleport only part of their bodies. But since Yuuno's not the kind of person who actually would do such things...

Signum and Shamal show no romantic interest in anyone, and Zafira prefers his wolf form to his human one, because they were abused by previous masters of the Book of Darkness
The kind of people who would use the Book of Darkness aren't very nice; powerful, controlling, and not very moral. Even if they weren't any of these things, the temptation with someone not only manifestly good-looking but also completely obediant is obviously there. Vita managed to escape this, or at least suffer considerably less of it, because of her apparent age. Tropers/(Night demands he be credited in the inevitable trashy, or maybe even not so trashy, Fan Fic.) Shamal and Signum are now breathing easier, but Zafira stays wolfy to keep the idea further from Hayate's mind.
  • It doesn't help that Hayate already does play with them, although she also does it to a lot of the other girls as well.
    • According to the first A's sound stage, Signum would consent to Hayate groping her (presumably out of a sense of duty), but would feel extremely embarrassed about it, so Hayate does it to her in her sleep (which might apply to other masters). Shamal, however, doesn't seem to mind, and seems pleased when Hayate notes that her breasts have "a nice feel to them".
      • Specifically, Hayate's groping is why Zafira stays in his wolf form after A's. Apparently, she goes both ways, and with him the only male in easy reach...
  • Darn you! I actually wrote a fic that used some of that idea near the end.

Tre and Sette were based off of (or at least Expies of in appearance) Noel and Farin of the original series
They both bear an uncanny resemblance to Suzuka's two maids in hair color and style, and Tre has a similar slightly cold personality that Noel does. Granted, Sette is an Emotionless Girl instead of a Cute Clumsy Girl, but that may be just one of the "unnecessary elements" Scaglietti removed.
  • Speaking of Sette, she would had been a prototype for T-elo's template, cruel and malicous. God a pale skinned version of T-elos...

The Wolkenritter, even disconnected from the Book of the Night Sky, do not age.
Vita didn't change at all between A's and StrikerS. Neither did any of the others. Though they no longer heal the same way they used to, instead healing like natural humans, they do not age. In effect they are biologically immortal. With careful medical care or Klarer Wind the Wolkenritter might live, unchanged, forever.
  • This opens the question of what Reinforce and the Book of the Night Sky will do when Hayate, who is emphatically not immortal, dies. Can Intelligent Devices be passed on? None of the ones in the series seem to be hand-me-downs, though they do not appear to be single-person-useable items based on Raising Heart.
  • Then again, the Wolkenritter indicate in A's Sound Stage 3 that they're not interested in outliving Hayate.
    • Hayate would probably be pleased if they outlived her, though. And considering the series we're talking about and where it sits on the sliding scale of idealism, it seems likely that either Hayate will give the "you can do so much good" speech, or Nanoha will give the heavier "you have a moral duty to help as many as you can" version if push comes to shove.
      • In the third Sound Stage of A's, when Hayate notes that they're no longer immortal, they say they're fine with living out their last life with Hayate and then joining her and Reinforce in "the sky" (presumably Fluffy Cloud Heaven) when they die.
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, Vita and Shamal discuss how their connection to the book seems to be slowly fading. Presumably given enough time, they'll start to age too.
    • That seems to mainly apply to their regenerative capabilities, since Vita notes in the manga that she'll have to use transformation magic on Earth to hide her not aging, but notes that if Shamal and Signum just change their hairstyle, they'll be fine.
  • Alternately, someone will finally use all that Magitek, Applied Phlebotinum, research on aforementioned immortal individuals like the Wolkenritter and self-repair technology evident in the Devices to get rid of the whole pesky 'aging' problem conveniently just in time to stop the main cast from aging in their prime.

Alicia's dad built the Type Zero cyborgs
We never learn who Alicia/Fate's biological father was. We never learn who built the Type Zero cyborgs (Ginga and Subaru), since Scaglietti claims it wasn't him. We do know, however, that Precia and Scaglietti worked together on Project Fate and Scaglietti doesn't claim to be Fate's dad (that would be... derivative). Ergo, either there were two as-of-yet unknown guys, one who was Precia's lover and one brilliant enough to built cyborgs, or these two were one and the same person all along, whose identity is rigorously hidden away from everyone. Oh, and of course, he will become the main antagonist of some future installment.

Nanoha is dead
The real Nanoha never recovered from the Gadget Drone incident two years after joining the Bureau and died due to complications soon after starting the rehab course. However, the TSAB high-ups didn't want to lose such a strong Aerial Mage and conspired with Jail Saglietti to (among other things) resurrect Nanoha as an Artificial Mage. This is the reason why Nanoha keeps overworking herself: consciously or subconsciously (she may be not aware of her condition, just like Fate wasn't, and TSAB doctors are instructed to lie to her), she is aware that if she dies, they'll just "make another Nanoha". This is also the reason why Scaglietti keeps being so smug in prison: he was promised to be bailed out by the real conspirators, if he keeps his mouth shut at least about Nanoha. However, Hayate Yagami did find out what TSAB did to her best friend, and has now counter-conspired with Carim Gracia the Saint Church (who seem to be the good guys) to topple the corrupt TSAB leadership and take over Mid-Childa. On a side note, the Takamachi family on Mid-Childa (Nanoha, Fate, and Vivio) is thus made up exclusively of Artificial Mages. Awwww, isn't that cute?
  • Considering how the Wolkenritter would react to such a plan, having essentially been the victims of an identical setup during the Book of Darkness years and probably rightly fearing the same fate again if it was done to Nanoha, the probable result of such a situation is not a counter conspiracy but a rage-fueled apocalyptic assault on TSAB headquarters. Hayate, after all, does not keep secrets from her knights. And this time Chrono's not coming to save them from the spaceship that's key to the plan against the TSAB. He's commanding that ship, being a close personal friend of Hayate and friendly to Nanoha. Fate's not going to be taking out the Big Bad. She's going to lead the attack. Even Yuuno's not going to be on their side. He'll be right alongside Fate. So overall, the potentional risks of this would far outweigh the benefits. At least when they screwed up with Jail, they had the excuse what happened wasn't really a predictable consequence. This is not the case here.
    • Bear in mind that this occurred well before the J.S. incident, so at the time, the TSAB wouldn't have had quite the same knowledge of the true might of the White Devil and co. at the time. Also, where does it say that the Wolkenritter are Artificial Mages? I don't recall their origins ever being explained in full... Serious stuff aside, does this make Nanoha Rei Ayanami? :p
      • They're not Artificial Mages, but they are artificial in whole or part since their linker core is all that keeps them in the real world as of A's. A thousand lifetimes of service to the many masters of the Book of Darkness when you don't like being an Eldritch Abomination is enough to to leave anyone pissed off about being resurrected over and over again. They might even simply try to put Nanoha out of her misery and regard it as a mercy killing.
  • Alternatively, what the medics recovered was... something else in Nanoha's form. We saw a sign of its Glamour Failure in the infamous "Higurashi eyes", and the supposedly Better on DVD "fixing" is a Retcon to prevent us from catching on too quickly. It's biding its time, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself when none can properly oppose it.

Vivio has the unconscious power to influence people to love her
This might explain a few things. 1)She already has quite a large number of friends or people who are otherwise fond of her without having to go out and "befriend" anyone Nanoha-style. It doesn't seem as though anyone actively dislikes her (except for Scaglietti and Quattro, albeit regarding her as a tool). Quattro notes that Dieci was a typical Cold Sniper before she saw Vivio. 2)The seeming Retcon of Fate wanting to distance herself from being seen as Vivio's other mother (which, I might add, is similar to Nanoha initially considering finding a home for Vivio, rather than adopting her herself, before adopting her) might be due to Fate gradually becoming more and more enamored with Vivio.
  • I believe that the power you are thinking of is called moe.
    • I was thinking more along the lines of C.C.s' former Geass power in Code Geass.
  • Given that Vivio is a clone of the apparently almost universally loved Saint King, that wouldn't be particularly surprising.

The sea of dimensions is in fact subspace
Because besides being slightly different colours their completely the same, although the different colours may be be a result of them being on different sub-space frequencies.

The Midchildan Ground forces HQ, as well as the Capitol of Administered World #1 (Midchilda), is in Greece
And in extension, the Belkan Empire should actually be Anglicized as the Balkin Empire. If you think about it, it fits. The shot we always have of the Saint Church is in a highly forested and mountainous area, that is quickly open to a sea. Some of the tactical screens that we see in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers seem to be shots of the Aegean sea. Also, the de-facto alphabet of the TSAB seems to be the Hellenistic alphabet. I'm not well versed on the supplementary material, but it seems to me like, in that case, the Saint Church could be what the Greek Orthodox Church became after wide-scale revelations of magic became known, and in the chaos, it spread to the Holy Roman Empire (Aka, Germany), which is why all of their devices speak German. There are holes (such as how the Midchildan devices picked up English), but I'm sure I could find ways to patch it with more information.
  • Except that, you know... Mid-Childa is explicitly stated to be another planet and it doesn't say anywhere that it is geographically identical to Earth...
    • Lack of Word of God doesn't prove it cant be acurate. There is, infact, more in suppport of the claim than against it, at least until it goes into theories on the origins of the Belkan Saint Church.
      • Then why is Earth designated "non-administrated (!) world #97 (!!)", and why are there so few magic uses native to it? EDIT: Oh, any by the way, according to the Sound Stage X supplemental material (Guide Book), the Saint Church was formed after the end of Saint King Unification War (which happened, what, a hundred years ago? Assuming that the modern Mid-Childan calender is just 80 years long in Force...) and worships the members of the Belkan Royal Family (for their role in stopping the war, no less, although that role was limited to just dying like flies and letting the multiverse to get over it already). You would think that if the Saint Church were derived from Christianity about a century ago it would, like, you know... mention Jesus somewhere?
      • The world numbers seem to go by their discovery, with Midchildia being World 1.
      • The Saint Church thing doesn't necessarily work, but everything else can be explained with two words: Alternate Universe.
      • Well, it could just as well be all just a Dying Dream of Nanoha, as she lies bleeding after having failed to activate Raising Heart and being fatally wounded by the very first Jewel Seed monster, and dreams of a happy life where she is respected, needed, and has a loving family.
    • Shamal notes that the area around Riot Force 6's base is similar to Uminari City. It's unclear how far the similarity goes, though.

Subaru and Teana are living together in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid
OK, so we now know that Subaru lives at her own place, rather than with her father and sisters at the Nakajima residence. Considering how good her (and all of her sisters', too) relationship with Genya is, I can only think of one explanation why she'd move away from them: she does not want to be disturbed in her more... private moments. Just think of the fact that she has a positively huge double bed (wherein Einhart wakes up), which is, I'm pretty sure, the only one in the house. So my best guess is that she and Teana mirror their mentors' (Nanoha and Fate, respectively) relationship in every major aspect.
  • Well, according to the dialogue in SSX, it sounds like Tea doesn't usually stay with Subaru on Mid; she and Runessa had booked into a hotel, initially. But maybe things have changed between then and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. It's a nice thought, anyway...
    • Well, considering how explicitly obvious all relationships are in Nanoha, and remembering that Fate officially spends most of her time off Mid-Childa, while Nanoha raises Vivio, yet Vivio still makes casual remarks like "Fate-mama is Nanoha-mama's close person"... yeah.
    • Notice that Teana has considerably less "tsun" in her Tsundere personality in Sound Stage X, only getting mildly annoyed at The Glomp, which could be a sign that she's continuing to warm up to Subaru, possibly romantically. Then again, she seems to be in Subaru's apartment for the first time in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, although she hasn't seen her in person for a year and a half.
      • Ship Tease all the way. Way to go, Masaki Tsuzuki...
    • The Movie sound stage indicates that Subaru often isn't home because of how often she's called in by the rescue team. She probably chose the apartment for a more convenient location (which also most likely helped when picking up Nove, who encountered Einhart en route to the rescue team).
  • The Nanoha-verse is all about Ship Tease, with actual confirmed relationships pretty much confined to the supporting cast.

Mid-Childa and the TSAB will eventually decide that magic is too dangerous and switch to a technology based society.
Whats more, this is just the latest stage in a long cycle of societal change. Every few thousand years, magic or technology reach a point where single individuals can cause massive damage to the environment and civilization, which prompts a change to the other system.
  • Well, something like this happened already after the end of the Saint King Reunification War: the Belkans used the so-called "mass-based weaponry" extensively, destroying their own homeworld and polluting the rest, so TSAB's first action was to forbid all advance mass-based technology in favor of pure energy-based ones. The energy-based technology is what we know as regular Magitek in the series. The idea of an Eternal Recurrence is very nice, though, since we know that energy-based magic also involves considerable dangers, such as warping of the time-space, which destroyed the Garden of Time and which was presumably prevented in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers by putting limiters on Riot Force 6. Maybe, the previous incarnation of an energy-based magical society was Al-Hazard?
    • The theory is based on the assumption that the last major shift happened at least a thousand years before the series, after the Belkan civil war and the recurrence is rather specific to Mid-childa.
      • However, the Sound Stage X Guide Book dates the beginning of Belkan Warring Ages to approximately a thousand years ago, back when Al-Hazard still existed. Belkan homeworld collapsed several centuries ago, and the Belkan civil war (if you refer to the Saint King Unification War) ended just a century or so ago.

Hilde was Olivie's mom.
She's the only Saint with a school named after her so she must have been important even relative to the other Saint's, and having Vivio go to a school named after her biological mother would be ironic.
  • There's also St. Valerie, after whom an airport is named in Force.

Thoma may not have killed all those people on World 18, but he and Lily are indirectly contributing to the problem

At this point, Teana and the other investigators seem to be poised to identify Thoma as the one responsible for burning down the village, while Thoma is currently oblivious to the problems. The truth will most likely not be so simple, and it may be that Lily's very existence is causing the existence of the other Divider(s) and book(s) (similar to Ix serving as the source of the Mariage against her will). Thoma, after learning about this, would be forced to decide whether to continue protecting Lily, and may choose to protect her despite the consequences or Take a Third Option. This would be an interesting way of exploring what it's like to be one of the Anti Villains like the Wolkenritter or Fate who do what they do without knowing that it's wrong or that it may not get them what they want, and this may result in the viewer and Thoma not learning the truth until a while after the TSAB learns about it.

The Movie Nanoha was starting to become suicidal.
She was rejecting reality more and more. She would have either killed herself physically or become numb inside. However, the crash let her deny reality and substitute her own in a different way.

Al-Hazard is Mid-Childa an And Man Grew Proud way. That explains why nobody could find it. Also: the Saint's Cradle is said to predate the Ancient Belka, meaning that they could have obtained it from Al-Hazard. After the Saint King Unification War, the Cradle was lost but Scaglietti discovered it again... on Mid-Childa, of all places. If the ship was built on Al-Hazard, it'd would make sense for it to have been programmed to return to it after a certain idle period.

Wolfram has an all-female crew
Wolfram is the Cool Starship under Hayate's command in Force. Keeping in mind how the last organization Hayate commanded quickly became known as "Hayate's Lesbian Army", which gives us a clear idea of her preferences in subordinates, it's only logical to assume that she has since moved on to "Hayate's Lesbian Battleships"... Plus, the official series designation of Wolfram is "LS-class warship".
  • It could be worse... the designation could be "GL-class" :P

Vivio will "befriend" Einhart the same way Nanoha did Fate
This may not be so much a Wild Guess, but after pages like this and this it's almost insultingly obvious that Vivio will take after Nanoha-mama a lot.
  • And about 6 months after they become friends, Ixpellia will wake up and become their "Hayate" analogy.
    • Well, of course, she is gonna befriend her — right into the hospital. She wants to make her moms proud, after all... Btw, Einart has now beaten up Vivio twice, just like Fate did to Nanoha on their first meeting... Is it Love at First Punch?
    • The Einhart arc seems to be something of a prologue to the main story of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, so it's possible that, like what happened with Ginga and Vivio in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, Einhart will somehow be controlled by the villains and Vivio will have to defeat her while fighting for her life.

Nanoha will learn Gun Kata and advanced Blaster Bit control.
In the English dubs, Cristina Valenzuela voices Nanoha as well as Lamba-11, Noel Vermillion and Nu-13. With Teana having learnt Starlight Breaker by the time of Sound Stage X, there's no reason why the master can't learn from the apprentice. Let's face it, Gun Kata with Divine Busters instead of bullets would be frakkin' sweet. Having her Blaster Bits flying around throwing beams the way Lambda or Nu deliver swords would also be interesting. One hell of an Actor Allusion at that.

Precia really did go on a picnic with Fate.
Shortly after the clone of Alicia was made Precia took her on a picnic to celebrate Alicia's revival, it wasn't until shortly afterwards that she realized that the clone wasn't the same as Alicia and started calling her Fate.
  • Manga of The Movie corresponds with this, Precia was originally warm and loving with Fate; she fell into a broken detachment when Project Fate demanded she be a mage; and this collapsed into full blown abuse.
    • The essay Fate wrote about Precia seems to be from when Alicia was alive, since Precia still had her job. By contrast, Sound Stage 2 had shown that Precia was quite distant from Fate when Linith was alive, and only ate with her once after her training was complete. After Linith died, Precia started physically abusing Fate for failure (or even success that didn't satisfy her), and Arf suggests that it's because Linith is no longer around to do anything about it. Fate knows about the incident that resulted in Precia losing her job, and believes that is what caused her mother to become like this.

The Belkan Empire was an Empire in name only.
To be precise the planet Belka itself was ruled by an empire, and people from Belka who colonized other planets claimed those planets were part of that empire, but those planets didn't allow the Belkan imperial goverment to have any actual authority over them.
  • So perhaps what happened to the Belkan "Empire" was a repeat of what happened between Great Britain and the 13 Colonies? Where a particularly powerful "subject" world successfully rebelled and the Belkan Empire's loss weakened them?
    • Not a good analogy, as the British Empire recovered quite well from that loss throughout the 1800s. A better analogy would probably be the upheavals of the Belkan civil wars and the economic ruin that likely resulted causing an exponential decline (sort of like what World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II did to the British Empire).

Heidi "Einhart Stratos" Ingvalt is Emperor Ingvalt's Reincarnation.
"Inherited his memories." It can't be just genetic, or all the clones in the series would be having flashbacks to their originals all the time. (Fate has some of Alicia's, but those were intentionally implanted to attempt to make her more similar.)
  • She does comment that it's common among her bloodline to have his memories, but hers are especially strong. Vivio should theoretically remember her past as Olivie, just like Fate had Alicia's memories and Zest retained his own. I guess Scaglietti didn't want her to unleash the Kung-Fu Jesus upon him, so he conveniently forgot to copy those memories.
    • Magic in Nanoha isn't just genetic. Keep in mind, while Fate was a clone of Alicia, the original Alicia didn't have magic. There's a magical variable (such as the spiritual "Linker Core") that is passed down in addition to DNA.

Einhart is an Opposite-Sex Clone of Ingvalt
Einhart's origins are pretty vague at this point and we haven't seen any of her supposed family in the first seven chapters. This may indicate that she is an Opposite-Sex Clone of Ingvalt, and the whole "memories are commonly transfered in your bloodline" thing could be a cover story she was given.
  • There's nothing in the rules that says someone's soul can't be reincarnated into their own clone.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is an alternate universe for Magical Canan.
Chihaya becomes Nanoha, Sayaka becomes Fate, Septem becomes Precia, Natsuki becomes Yuuno, and Hazuna becomes Arf.
  • Holy crap, you are right. Redheaded Magical Girl who seeks to break others' loneliness? Check. Her shapeshifting and empowering sidekick? Check. Blonde Dark Magical Girl with a history of child abuse? Check. (And they say that Fate was the original blonde DMG...) Her mysterious shapeshifting protector? Check. Artifacts of doom called "Seeds" from another world? Check! Mandatory crackpot conspiracy theory: Tsuzuki didn't like the Lyrical Toy Box premise, so he ripped off Magical Canan (the original OVA was released in 2000, four years before MGLN and just half a year before Toraha 3) when asked to write an actual MG anime. However, he did completely revamp the DMG's character, turning Sayaka into our beloved Stoic Woobie Fate. Interestingly, Fate's introduction was the exact point that set Nanoha so far apart from other shows in the first place.
  • Accidentally, this theory also explains the persistence of Yuunano vs. Feinano debate: in the original OVA, Chihaya had sex with both (though in the end, she is straight for Natsuki).

The concept of Hückebein was originally "Anti-Hero Wolkenritter"
As follows:
  • Curren = Hayate
  • Cypha = Signum
  • Deville = Zafira
  • Fortis = Shamal

Veyron seems to have been added later as the Evil Counterpart to Thoma and Evil!Vita was probably split into Stella (predominantly adorable) and Arnage (predominantly badass) at some point. Also, Lily is a Reinforce Eins lookalike.

Aerial Mage Hayate joined the Ground Forces because...
...she was so appalled by their dreary brown uniforms, she made it her lifetime mission to change them into something much snazzier.
  • Interestingly enough, there's a brief scene in Episode 3 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers that touches on this. After Nanoha and Fate change into their brown uniforms, Hayate points out that for the first time since middle school, all three are in the same uniform, but suggests that Nanoha will wear her white instructor uniform while training the recruits. In Force, all three are once again in the same unit, but Nanoha and Fate are still wearing their respective white and black uniforms (it's hard to tell about Hayate, but she might be wearing a blue Navy uniform). Perhaps the three of them don't especially care for the color.

Teana will redeem Runessa
She really meant it when she said she wanted Rune to become her permanent partner, she keeps visiting her in prison in SSX, and she hasn't taken another aide in either Vivid or Force. Runessa is essentially Teana's personal Dark Magical Girl, and we know what happens to DMGs in this franchise.
  • Teana also seems to add the caveat of "if this hadn't happened," perhaps suggesting an in-universe acknowledgement that Runessa, by being responsible for the deaths of several people in the pursuit of a plan that is altogether more evil than what Fate was doing in Season 1 or the Wolkenritter were doing in Season 2, crossed the Moral Event Horizon. Still, one has to wonder what exactly they talk about in Teana's visits to the prison, especially considering Teana hasn't told her friend Caro.

Linith wasn't completely honest when she told Fate about familiars
In Nanoha Sound Stage 02, she says that familiars are created from dying animals by infusing them with magic. However, in The Movie 1st, Presea just kinda points her Device at her and turns her into a familiar, meaning that any mage, at any time can take an animal and effectively enslave it. She might have been trying to protect Fate from the knowledge of how far her mother has fallen, or it might be a Fridge Horror moment: the spell Presea used has simultaneously (nearly) killed Cat!Linith and turned her into Familiar!Linith at the same time. Don't know which is worse.

Magic is unknown to people on Earth because...
...the Bureau smuggles the few potential Terran mages off-world before they can be captured and studied by the local authorities.

The identity of Hades' daughter the same woman whom Thoma witnessed destroy his hometown. Just a hunch.

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