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This is a list of Wild Mass Guesses which are still possibly true. Just For Fun and silly guesses go on the silly page. If a WMG is Jossed, please move it to the jossed page, if it is Confirmed, please move it to the confirmed page.

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Each Wolkenritter is based on a Public Domain Character

To continue with The Bible analogies started with Signum, the whole Final Battle of A's contains countless references to the Book of Revelation:

  • Reinforce is the Woman of the Apocalypse, who gives birth to Messianic Archetype, i.e. metaphorically giving birth to Mage Knight Hayate after the Ordinary Schoolgirl Hayate is consumed.
  • Hayate is the Messianic Archetype who proceeds to resurrect the dead and become the Big Good.
  • Nanoha and Fate may be the two witnesses who preached in vain to prevent the apocalypse. (Not sure about that one.)
  • Then, we have a Beast from the Sea (the first form of the defense program). When it is destroyed, the second Beast emerges.
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  • Then everyone gangs up upon the Beast and kicks its ass. A thousand year reign of Christ Hayate Yagami begins.

Ah, you know what? Screw that. Let's just say that Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory.

Sette gets the short end of the stick because of Nana Mizuki's pressure
Sette has been demoted to less than extra by SSX because she claimed Number 7, whereas all sevens in any series starring Nana Mizuki are her exclusive domain. So, ever since she was wtfpwned by Fate (with Nana's song playing in the background) in StrikerS, she won't be allowed to appear in the limelight ever again. That may be also the reason why she, alone among the younger Numbers, remained with Scaglietti.

Earth is only an Insignificant Little Blue Planet because there isn't native Lost Logia on the planet.
As we see in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid, the general technology level is pretty much the same as the general population as Mid-Child. Magic is heavily regulated by the military, special clearance is required just to fly in a civilian zone; so it's not commonly used in public. Earthlings are capable of magic, they just never had to develop it. Why "Unadministrated?" Because the Time-Space Administration Bureau has it's hands full keeping societies that do know about Lost Logia away from the stuff. Introducing a population of 7 billion to The Multiverse means tourists, immigrants, and a possible small percentage (which would happen with any population) of the curious and/or malevolent getting into stuff they shouldn't. When there's finally a Mage in Manhattan situation which results in The Unmasqued World, then they'll initiate official First Contact. Until then, they'll just recruit anyone who privately Awakens and absorb them into their society.
  • Or, perhaps Earth is actually a regurgitated Belka and its so empty of Lost Logia because only a small percent wasn't removed from the surface before the collapse.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha the Movie First is a propaganda vehicle by the TSAB.
Well, we know from the Sound Stages that it's sponsored by the Bureau with Nanoha and Fate keeping their eye on it for 'factual accuracies'. This is also the reason why, instead of running gung-ho into earth like he did in the series, Yuuno informs the proper channels of TSAB first of his plan to retrieve the artifacts that were lost in earth in the supplementary manga. He would have set a bad precedent to anyone watching.
  • Likewise, the "Emoha" aspect was played up to counter criticisms of their zealous recruitment policy. Even if a mage is still a Sleeper and not psychotic; having magic potential that isn't honed is mentally painful. Fate's horrific homelife also emphasizes how not being Administrated is a bad thing; and the TSAB is the best possible thing that could happen to young mages.
  • Corollary: What Teana and Subaru are watching in StrikerS is actually Nanoha The Movie 1st.
    • Jossed. They are part of the DVD Commentary cast, and the visual content of the series and movie is very different.
  • Fridge Logic: Who is playing the young Nanoha and Fate, then? Or is the movie an All-CGI Cartoon in-universe?
    • The Sound Stages mention costumes and props for the movie, so presumably it's child actors who happen to look and sound a lot like the cast as kids.
      • Maybe it is them. We know children can shapeshift their age up; it shouldn't be too hard for adults to shift into children. (Familiars can, after all.)

Remember her comment in this interview? Now take a look at the Takamachi household in ViVid. Mmmm... suspicious. Of course, if this is true, we may see a case of Homosexual Reproduction sometime before the end of ViVid.
  • I can agree with this to a point since so far, there hasn't been any real sense of plot in this series. But as for that claim of Homosexual Reproduction, it's doubtful that they'll get to that stage considering the current status quo of Hide Your Lesbians.

The Saint's Cradle prevented Nanoha and Vivio from disrupting the time-space
While doing the Super Weight estimation for StrikerS, I couldn't help but place both Full Drive Nanoha and Sankt Kaiser Vivio into the Deus Weight class. And the last time a Deus Weight appeared in the series, she nearly destroyed Earth, yet nothing of the like was expected on Mid-Childa. So I conclude that the famous AMF generators of the Cradle somehow shielded the rest of the universe from what was going on inside the throne room, preventing a major time-space dislocation, the like of which the TSAB expected from the moment they agreed to the creation of Riot Force 6.

Yuuno is The Man Behind the Man of the Takamachi family.
I haven't really got much to support this apart from my love of (Fate)Yuuha and the "fact" that The Man Behind the Man usually stays in the background, letting the Disc-One Final Boss take centrestage. Also, on Earth, behind every successful man is a woman. On Mid-Childa, behind every successful woman is a man!
  • This is an amazingly bitter theory, even if the poster submitted in jest or good-heartedness. It basically says that because Yuuno didn't get his bone like he "deserved"; then nothing Nanoha and Fate accomplished without him could have been done.
    • Let's go all the way with this and see where it goes. So Nanoha and Fate are hiding Yuuno like a dirty little secret; being together with him...oh, one hour every two months or so; in a closet in the Infinite Library; and they've either not told Vivio about him at all; or somehow trained her not to talk about him. Using his amazing skills of training and mind control; he has manipulated and dictated their every action without anyone in the TSAB ever talking to him.

Lutecia's mother has veto'd Lutecia working for the Time Space Administration Bureau.
Hence Lutecia still having her sentence on her Luxury Prison Planet. They're going easy on her because other than that she's cooperative; but the Mid-Child justice system is very heavy on recruitment. The current "Training Grounds" is a compromise.
  • For that matter, shouldn't Lutecia still be in school? She is just one year older than Einhart, so you'd think she'll attend Hogwarts St. Hilde Academy...
    • She mentions a study program at the rehabilitation center, does quite a bit of reading on advanced subjects, and learned Ancient Belkan, among possible other skills, from Scaglietti. It's also unclear to what degree schooling is mandatory on Mid-Childia; Fate considers having Erio and Caro go to school, but Erio isn't interested, and Subaru attended some regular school (but not magic school) before entering the academy at 12).

The Hückebein aren't the true villains of Force
Instead, there is a fourth faction besides the Hückebein, TSAB, and Thoma's party, and they are the ones responsible for the destruction of Thoma's hometown and the church killing. This group would be the ones that the Hückebein are going after, and that's why the Hückebein were present after both events. They came and killed the true perpetrators in a way that doesn't leave behind evidence, similar to how typical Magical Girl type heroes kill the Monster of the Week
  • Curiously enough, Veyron doesn't admit to destroying the village, which could indicate there's more to his story than Thoma thinks, and he may be too obvious of a culprit.
  • The next candidate for the "true" Big Bad is Hades Vandein.

The TSAB exists to prevent a technological singularity.
Past great empires such as Ancient Belka were apparently destroyed when they advanced their technology too fast and created tons of Weapons of Mass Destruction (the Lost Logia). Unlike the TSAB, they had no regulations, hence the free-for-all development of mass-based weaponry and transhumanism. You can see how that went out. According to Sound Stage X Guide Book, TSAB was founded in the first place to clean up the mess made by the Belkan Empire, which consisted primarily of Lost Logia just lying around to be exploited by conspirators such as Jail Scaglietti and the High Council (kinda like how US and Russia fought for capturing German scientists after World War II). It was later that additional tasks like disaster relief and crime fighting were added to their agenda. except that the only two precursor civilizations mentioned so far were Al-Hazard and Belka, and only the latter left physical legacy that can be properly attributed.

It could be that Belka and so on reached a technological singularity, in which their technologies (based on their respected paradigms of being energy based or mass based) began to advance unchecked at a rate unimaginable to humans all on their own, eventually destroying them. The TSAB wants everyone to be stuck at a technological level equivalent to mid 21st century Earth, and the most commonly used technology basically involves using existing machinery and programming them. Enhancement is only allowed in energy-based magic (as opposed to Belkan mass-based one) because it is apparently much more environment-friendly (as indirectly evidenced by the lush landscapes of Mid and the hypothesis that Belka became uninhabitable due to pollution, see Guide Book) and also less deadly in combat.

It's the reason why they are not bothered by Earth, which uses mass based technology but hasn't advanced it so far yet that it could risk a technological singularity, is not actively trying to advance their technology to confront the TSAB, and the United Nations informally bans use of their mass-based nuclear weaponry under threat of Mutually Tssured Destruction. The best policy towards Earth, quite literally, is to leave it alone and let it be ignorant of the greater universe (a policy that only works because the intergalactic government is apparently a hegemony). Generally, TSAB shouldn't be seen as a galactic government or anything of the sorts, but rather as a Jedi order, enforcing a specific set of rules where they can and not meddling with people's life in general.

They are a military style organization, there is no doubt about that. But they are basically a fantastic Coast Guard. Their job isn't to fight wars, it's to prevent crime and enforce laws that are beyond the scope of normal civilian and military duties. This may be the reason why their infantry sucks so bad...

The various Alternate Continuities (The main continuity, Triangle Heart 3: Sweet Songs Forever continuity, the Movie continuity, the Movie manga continuity, the A's portable game continuity) that the franchise is spouting will be revealed to be actual events in other dimensions, leading to all of them meeting each other sometime in the future
Well, why not? Think of the possiblities! Everyone realizing that The Movie events actually happened (with the implication that all stories that exist create their own dimensions)! Standard Nanoha meeting Emoha! Main continuity Hayate's reunion with an alive (if depowered) Reinforce Eins! Finally figuring out which aspects of the Triangle Heart-verse was retained in the Nanoha-verse! Four Nanohas Starlight Breakering something to oblivion!
  • Four Nanohas? OH SHI--
  • And with the GOD Sound Stages revealing that Alternate Continuities can exist as parallel dimensions that's accessible via a certain kind of Lost Technology found in Eltria, this theory just got a lot more plausible.

The Mid-Childans have magical means to both speed up and slow down the bodily aging processes
That would explain the obvious discrepancies between the Artificial Mages and Combat Cyborgs real and visible ages AND the sheer amount of absurdly youthful-looking mothers running around. Think Zest, for example: he was killed by Cinque in 0067 and then Scaglietti presumably cloned him, creating a baby!Zest (at least, that's how cloning works in Real Life and any moderately hard science fiction). Baby!Zest was then somehow artificially aged to his pre-death age before being implanted with memories from Real!Zest dissected brain, giving us the 35+ looking Zest in StrikerS (0075). Oh, and considering his best buddy Regius was 54 in StrikerS, it is likely that Zest was only aged to a portion of his pre-death age, which makes sense since young body can take more damage.

As for the second part, it is blatantly obvious that all women on Mid-Childa use some magical means to maintain their beauty even when the age sets in (think Lindy and Leti). Wolkenritter are hardly a telling example but Signum is officially 35 in Force and still looks like twenty-something. But the most glaring example is probably Momoko Takamachi, Nanoha's mom, who is 47 in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid but still has the looks she had in the original series. It wouldn't surprise me at all to discover that Nanoha has been casting some de-aging magic on her family ever since she learned how.

  • In the Manga, it's explicitly stated that the Wolkenritter do not age, and Vita will have to use transformation magic to prevent people on Earth from noticing this, while Signum and Shamal only have to change their hairstyles.

Hayate is a Glass Cannon by choice
So let's say you're a sweet little girl who hates even the thought of hurting people and you've suddenly been handed more raw destructive power than any other character in your entire series. Kind of a scary thought, isn't it? I'll bet you're terrified of hurting your family or your newfound friends by not knowing your own strength and accidentally flash-frying them with a poorly-cast practice spell, right? The world suddenly seems to be made of cardboard... but luckily for you, your new friends in the TSAB have this handy dandy limiter technology you can incorporate into your device partner to nerf your magical powers down to levels you're comfortable with. Sure you're going to have to wear one anyways to get into a unit with your friends, but there's no such thing as being too careful, right? Besides, you're not really a direct combat person anyways, you don't really need to be able to out-Beam Spam a Touhou Project character when you've got four loyal knights protecting you all the time. Let's just hope nobody ever really really pisses you off and forces you to show everyone what you're really capable of...
  • Whether Hayate asked for that limiter is actually a moot point: TSAB would have placed on her, regardless. Whether she actually wanted to have one on her in the first place is a different question, but I think pretty much every over-S mage in the series does so voluntarily. Frankly, she or he can kick pretty much anyone's ass through their sheer magical experience and skills, even without the crazy mana output.
  • This is an interesting idea, but Hayate explicitly notes in the manga it's not the limiter that's her problem: she casts huge destructive magic that's great at huge destructive things, but her powers are not suited to combat up close and personal and against someone who has a melee device and the skill to use it, she has to blast them before they reach her or she's done. Hence the Wolkenritter: they can defend her in close combat. Now, the possiblity that Hayate has never tried to improve her close combat skills because she's afraid she'll go off the deep end and need to be stopped...
    • It's possible she's just playing the I Am Not Left-Handed role to the hilt, and I can think of a couple reasons why she'd do this. The first is that she doesn't want the bureau to know how powerful she really is; people like Regius are already making her life difficult, but if they knew she could dish out as much pain as Rein Eins could, they'd do everything in their power to get her stuck in Red Tape Central for the rest of her career. Second option is that it's possible to focus her brand of destructive magic into small spells like an Axel Shooter or Black Impact but the act of doing so makes it automatically lethal and removes the possibility of dealing non-lethal magic damage like Nanoha does. If this were the case, it seems very reasonable to me that Hayate would simply rule out the possibility of using her magic like that and deliberately limit herself to an artillery role where she can use her enormous magic reserves without the risk of killing anyone.
    • She states in the same part of the manga that it doesn't do much good to improve skills that one isn't naturally proficient with.
    • I'd find that more convincing if Hayate didn't have a history of Heroic Self-Deprecation and comparing herself negatively to Caro of all people. This is the same girl who said she did a bad job of commanding Riot Force Six after StrikerS while the command structure was offering her promotions left and right. At this point she can say she doesn't have Skill X or Ability Y until she's blue in the face; I won't be convinced until I see her try and fail to cast a spell outside her specialty in a situation where lives are depending on her.
    • Another possible reason she sees herself as weak isn't because she's unskilled, but because of the Tome of the Night Sky being an all powerful magical book, and she has only mastered few of its spells. If you think about it, the Tome of the Night Sky allows her to pull off all kinds of spells, ranging from simple spells to nukes, but the problem is that some, of not most of the spells are far too complicated even for her capabilities to master, and unlike Nanoha and Fate, who had ample time to master their magic and develop a defining style to suit their capabilities, Hayate had none of this due to the sheer number of spells she can use both in combat and as support, thus she only sticks to long range, heavy bombardment spells, probably under the idea that it allows her to easily eradicate any opposition with minimum effort and if that doesn't work, she can rely on her allies to clean up her mess.

Reinforce was, to some degree, jealous of Shamal's relationship with Hayate
Compare her vision of what the future would be like if she could have lived with Fate's Lotus-Eater Machine dream. In Fate's Lotus Eater Dream, Linith and Precia praise Fate and hold her up as a model for Alicia to follow. Similarly, in Reinforce's vision of what life would have been like, the Wolkenritter compliment her cooking while criticizing Shamal's housekeeping skills (not only do they think she's a bad cook, but they also criticize her for breaking a vase while cleaning and forgetting her points card). It's possible that just as Alicia had Precia's approval that Fate had sought for so long, Reinforce wanted to be close to Hayate like Shamal was. While Vita gets the Les Yay moments with Hayate, Shamal seems to be around Hayate most often, especially in the 10-day period between Episodes 8 and 9 of A's, when the Wolkenritter are out hunting Linker Cores and only Shamal seems to be able to be regularly in contact with Hayate. By contrast, Reinforce only speaks with Hayate twice apart from conversations with her in her sleep that she forgets upon waking up (Hayate knowing the Wolkenritter's titles could be a result of being subconsciously influenced, as she repeats Reinforce's plea to God or the Devil near the end without having heard it), and one of them is during her Heroic Sacrifice.

Thoma was intended as an alternative perspective to the Nanoha series- that of the villains.

While most of the Nanoha antagonists (with the exception of Precia, Scaglieti, the top four Numbers, Toredia, Runessa and most likely Hückebein) are portrayed as having sympathetic motives, the viewers are initially led to assume they are doing things for entirely bad reasons and the TSAB is always right to hunt them down and capture them. In this series, the TSAB agent closest to Thoma, Signum, is shown to be entirely ignorant of why he is fleeing with Lily and willing to capture him regardless of what his intentions are, while Thoma wants to contact Subaru, who knows him and his predicament, to find out what to do next. While this would indicate that the TSAB is portrayed less sympathetically than before, Thoma clearly seems to place saving Lily above all else, and given he is seemingly slowly losing control of himself. His approach could be the "well-meaning but flawed" one like the Wolkenritter's plan to fill the Book of Darkness, while Nanoha and the TSAB's approach is once again best, but given the way the story is centered around him, it seems to show how the conflict appears to someone in his situation.

Force will contain a Call-Back to the Book of Darkness/Night Sky and Rein Eins.
In StrikerS Erio is a product of Project F, the same one that birthed Fate, and Jail makes use of this in a Breaking Speech. If the pattern is to be followed, something else that was important to the second season but not brought up in the third will be referenced. Maybe Hückebein will unseal the Book, bringing back both Rein and the defence programme? I wonder if we can have The Battle of Aces plot elements with Force-level Materials -L, -S and -D? I eagerly await Force!Material-S's responding to the Strike Cannon with here's my Sunday best!

... Or it could just be something about the Wolkenritter in Old Belka.

Olivie and (Klaus) Ingvalt were Star-Crossed Lovers back in the day.
They seemed to have rather deep feelings for one another, and got along very well despite tension between their countries and the situation with Olivie there as a pseudo-hostage. Also, Olivie was the one who triggered Ingvalt's Failure Knight deal.
  • That is pretty much a given, but considering how "maintext" the romantic relationships tend to be in this series, it will probably never be acknowledged officially.

The Demoted to Extra characters will be coming back in a big way sometime.
I'm not entirely sure what inspired this thought, except maybe the idea of Deus Exit Machina/Holding Back the Phlebotinum, that these characters have been kept out of the (main) picture for so long because they're being saved for an epic Big Damn Heroes moment.

There are other pre-Belkan magical tomes with powers roughly on par with Reinforce.
Reinforce once said that she's "the happiest magical tome in the world". It could be just an Overly Narrow Superlative, but it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that there are other Al-Hazard and Belkan relics lying across the dimensions.
  • Maybe cliche, but I can see it now: A Light Is Not Good Tome of the Day/Morning Sky, complete with big frakkin' ball of light Angelic (or something) Emission to serve as an Evil Twin for the late? Anti Villainous, Dark Is Not Evil Rein Eins.
  • As things are going on in FORCE, by this point it looks like "The Book of the Silver Cross" is actually more powerfull(or at least more dangerous) than "The Tome of the Night Sky".
    • Debatable. The BOD did not get to go to full world-killer mode before Hayate ASSUMED DIRECT CONTROL, so we don't know what its full power really is. Admittedly, we don't know about the full power of Eclipse and the Silver Cross either yet.

The Lost Technology contested by the Bureau and Hückebein are of Al-Hazard origin, or at least inspired by them.
Unlike the Knights of Belka, which uses cartridge-enhanced weapons, the elite combat mages of Al-Hazard uses the Reactor-Divider system instead.

Linith was not simply a Morality Chain for Precia, she WAS her morality/maternal instinct
As we know from MGLN SS02, familiars share their "heart" (and magic knowledge) with their masters. So basically, when Precia was creating Linith, she somehow sublimated all her maternal feelings towards Fate into Linith on purpose, so she wouldn't start loving "a fake" like she loved Alicia. Instead, Linith received from her all the love towards Fate and served as buffer between Precia's edgy nature and Fate until her death. However, when Linith disappeared, Precia's love for Fate died with her, which is why she never felt anything remotely motherly for Fate.
  • This troper recalls that it was Linith who created Bardiche and helped Fate bind Arf into her familiar... both of which continue to serve Fate faithfully and with a great deal of love. Thus, it could be said that Precia-as-Fate's-mother never really died, but was instead transferred from sick-Precia to Linith, and then from Linith to Bardiche and Arf. Wow, that's some seriously STRONG love.

There will be a good character named Peter Beagle or nicknamed Pops/Raven in Force.
As You Know, the (apparent?) antagonists of Force are "of Hückebein". If the writers want to keep up the Ace Combat jokes, well, Unsung War and Belkan War revealed that Peter "Pops" Beagle from 5 used to be "Hückebein the Raven" from 0. Maybe he will turn out to have left them because he disagreed with their methods. If they want to throw in Guilty Gear Shout Outs too, maybe he could be the original founder of Hückebein, but now seeks to bring it down for going astray, and also turn out to be an extremely powerful Retired Badass who can teach Hayate a thing or two about control and speed.
  • Statistically, Hückebein is much more likely to be yet anouther Shout-Out to the Super Robot Wars mecha, though.
  • Alternatively, just as Hückebein from AC was a Defector from Decadence fleeing the evil Belkans, maybe the Nanoha Hückebein guys are renegades who once served a force of good and when everything is on the ropes for the TSAB, their former comrades will act as The Cavalry for Nanoha and co.

Only cyborgs can efficiently use two (non-Unison) Devices simultaneously
Because they are partly machines, their brains are much easier to synchronize with two Devices at once, which is almost impossible for pure organics.
  • Subaru's mother/original Quint used both Revolver Knuckles, which are different devices simultaneously and she was human.
    • Perhaps they were originally one device, but were later modified to act as seperate devices.
      • Teana's Cross Mirage is two guns. Schach has two tonfu sticks. A Device can consist of two parts...
      • It can... only they were just inherited, not modified. Not to mention Hayate, who uses new Book of Night Sky and Schwertkreuz at the same time. And Strike Canon IS a device. Or at least no less device than Revolver Knuckles, Subaru's first rollerblades and Teana's Anchor Gun.
      • I'm sorry, but what part of "This weapon is not a "magical device" (hereinafter referred to as "device"), but an armed interface being produced as a "magic-driven weapon." [emphasis added] makes you think the Strike Cannon is a device?
      • Only by that logic they would need to reclassify Teana grappler gun and Subaru first scates. I can't see difference.
      • The Strike Cannon uses magic as a power source, it is not used to cast spells. Teana's Anchor Gun, and Subaru's skates are used to cast spells.
      • I don't see a problem: since Devices are very much like PCs, amateur-made ones like Teana and Subaru's are basically comparable to early personal computers of The '90s running MS-DOS. Intelligent Devices are something like the latest model MacBook in terms of performance and comfort. And Strike Cannon is like a PS3: a portable supercomputer but only specialized for one task. That's the difference. Therefore, I don't think Nanoha will be using both Strike Cannon and Raising Heart simultaneously like Subaru did with her Devices: either one after the other, or by merging them in the Mecha Expansion Pack kind of way.
      • Only, you know... It's was Subaru that did exactly that - Revolver Knuckle(s) are interfaced through Mach Caliber, so de facto she uses one device and not two. And in article simultaneous use of RH and Strike Canon was explicitly stated - RH have new form for it, to act as support flying turret...
      • Yes, Subaru did, but Revolver Knuckle is an Armed Device (okay, a half of an Armed Device, but still), i.e. it is capable of independent operation, as well. Strike Cannon, on the other hand, probably just shoots things and blows them up, i.e. its complexity is much smaller. We have to wait for details, but I would imagine that Strike Cannon doesn't actually need to be synchronized with a particular mage, and anyone sufficiently powerful (read: Fate and Hayate), not just Nanoha would be able to glue it to their Devices with little trouble. Nanoha is just everyone's favorite guinea pig for testing new weaponry.
      • Only Revolver Knuckle is primitive Armed Device without any AI at all - and no different in that regard from Strike Canon. *** Why would TSAB let one of its top operatives (Quint) run around with a primitive Device?
      • 1. If device is not intelligent device or same level of AI armed device is just a crutch, not anythings special and it's users skill that matters, not device 2. We don't know how many devices Quint had. Knuckles are family heirloom, bureau-issued device wouldn't be in family posession. 3. Quint wasn't one of they top operatives, Zest was.
      • Isn't the new Book another manifestation of Reinforce Zwei (like the old Book was basically inhabited by the original Rein)? Does Nanoha use both Strike Canon and Raising Heart simultaneously?
      • No, it's entirely separate storage device. More so, Rein have HER OWN version and in unison Hayate uses her staff, both books and Rein.
      • Well, Hayate is a bad example in the first place. First, because she is so insanely powerful, restrictions applied to normal (under-S ranked) mages may not apply to her at all. Secondly, if the new Book is a Storage Device, it is probably more of a external HDD for Hayate than actual working Device like Schwertkreuz. Thirdly, she only uses all four of her Devices when in Unison with Rein, and that's pretty much what Unison Devices are for: helping the mage process much more magic than they physically can.

Yuuno and Hayate paired because it was Awesome
They barely talked each other, but the shipper are sizable, not to mention other ship didn't agressively attack them, even if these includes one of them (some people attack once or twice, but far from open Ship-to-Ship Combat). There are reason(or Reasons) for this.

Cyborgs can kick Hückebein ass
The kanji for their Dividers are "Mage Killer". What better way to fight them than with non-magical Super Strength and Inherent Skills? There have already been hints that Subaru will show up - her Vibration Shatter could very well make mincemeat out of them.
  • Unlikely. Cyborgs still run on magic in Nanohaverse (because all Mid-Childan technology is magic-based, that's the Bureau's Obstructive Code of Conduct), and Hückebein's Eclipse is apparently a counter-technology that negates magic energy in all its forms. So it may be in fact more dangerous to cyborgs than purely organic beings. TSAB does have a counter-counter-technology in the testing: the AEC series (Strike Cannon, Sword Breaker), which probably converts mana to physical effects faster than Eclipse can negate it. However, cyborgs are still an obviously valuable asset, since at least four Nakajima sisters are already working for Hayate. PS: Subaru's IS is only effective against electronics. The Eclipse Drivers, as Cypha demonstrates, are made of something else entirely.
    • First, the Bureau bans Mass Weapons, not nonmagical technology. Second, even if they did ban nonmagical technology in general, the Combat Cyborgs were created by Jail do you really think he's going to care about what the law says?
    • The fact that Subaru was able to use her Combat Cyborg skills inside the Cradle completely disproves this. The Combat Cyborgs are not using magic as a powersource, and their enhanced abilities and I.S. are not at all magic-related, or Subaru would not have been able to function inside the Cradle, much less rescue Nanoha and Hayate. (Who had all their mage abilities disabled, even simple communications!)
      • The Cradle's AMF grew stronger the further in they progressed: they passed a group of mages led by Vita fighting Gadget Drones, who were fine. Deep inside, Subaru only used magic to punch through the wall and she charged that punch before actually entering the most densely AMFed area, the Throne Room. Plus, magic wasn't completely disabled even inside the Throne Room: Nanoha and Hayate still had their Barrier Jackets (which require mana upkeep, as A's demonstrated) on. It is feasible, however, that combat cyborgs are shielded against AMF (only logical, if we assume that magic is vital for them), which is how I understood Subaru's ability to survive inside the AMF. Likewise, the Devices, who are even more of a magitek construct than cyborgs, are probably shielded against AMF, since Rein felt pretty well (except that she couldn't gather up any mana).
    • Personally I find it very significant that Cypha says the Dividers specifically allow the Hückebein to neutralize the links between the mana particles in a spell, like a souped-up instant-AMF-on-contact effect; what about spells and magical objects that use unlinked mana, like Subaru's Duster Knuckle spell? The cyborgs could concievably be powered by unlinked mana and still be able to function under full AMF, and this would make them immune to the Hückebein's anti-magic abilities because there's no links for the Dividers to break either in their attacks or in their internal systems.

Of course, no-one told Nanoha because she would have used it when it wasn't needed and killed herself. Not to mention that if she had used something of that power inside the Saint's Cradle it would have likely blown it to pieces. Using it outside of an AMF...

Which leads on to...

Someone will tell Nanoha about the fourth level when the rest of her family has been captured/otherwise dealt with.
Unstoppable Rage leading to a Heroic Sacrifice and Moment of Awesome.
  • If I were a TSAB technician, I'd remove the Blaster System from Raising Heart the moment the JS Incident was over, regardless of whether it had Level Four or not. Knowing Nanoha, she'd start practicing with the Blaster System on her own if left alone.
    • Wouldn't that make a WMG on its own?

The Blaster system is a Lost Logia.
Seriously, is anything else that basically destroys the person using it displayed by the characters? The closest anything else comes is the Book of Darkness.

Caledfwlch Techniques reverse-engineered the Mana Conversion Affinity create the Strike Cannon. Think about it: Strike Cannon is used to directly convert mana into physical effect such as blast impacts. MCA is used to spontaneously convert mana into other forms of energy (eletricity and heat are canon). Caledfwlch has probably managed to replicate that technologically. It may be farfetched, but the same argument means that all MCA-users (Fate, Signum, and Erio) may have an ace up their sleeve against Hückebein even without AEC equipment.
  • Probably jossed. Signum's fire conversion didn't make any difference in her fight with Cypha, so it's doubtful the new power-up is based on an ineffective ability.
  • Not yet. Thoma Reacted survived a (aparently non-magic)Plasma Arc unharmed in Lily's facility back in chapter 1. Considering theyr powers, its likely the Hückebein aren't just resistant to magic, but to fire as well. Fate managed to use lightning to destroy the Book of Silver Cross.

The True Tome of Night Sky was already destroyed before the rise of Belka.
The one encountered in the series is merely a copy created by Old Belkan scientists, inspired by its concept, using incomplete ancient schematics. It failed its intended function not because of sabotage but of imperfect design and manufacture. The white haired lady form is taken from the scientist who were absorbed at its testing phase.
  • So was the old Belkan homeworld destroyed by the Second Impact?
  • Err, considering that that it's original purpose (the one that inspired the Belkan scientist) is being an automatic magic archivist instead of a tool for an Assimilation Plot or harnessing god-like powers, then no. That could make a nice separate WMG, though...Giant Naked Rein, anybody?
    • I see what you did there. o__O

Precia was a Dark Magical Girl in her youth
However, she lived in the time where Magical Girls were still supposed to give up their powers and marry dull guys after they come of age. The marriage didn't work out, obviously, but did a great job estranging Precia from the MG who originally befriended her. This explains her mad magic powers, her violent tendencies (DMG without an emotional buffer in form of a MG = a sociopath in the making, just look at Material-L), and falls well within the Generation Xerox motif in the series.
  • Alternately Precia had the same the relationship with her Magical Girl as Fate had with Nanoha and ended up adopting a little girl by the name of Alicia. After her significant other was lost in a dimensional rift in the middle of a mission Precia threw herself into her work, trying to retrieve her lost love, while still taking time out of her day to care for the only connection she had to that love. of course we all know what happened after that and as a result of losing the only good thing she had left in her life then having her attempt at replacing it fail she quickly became the woman we all know and despise

There will be another Spin-Off manga centering on the deeds of the Saint Church
Up until now we have been mainly show how things are done by the TSAB. At some point, Tsuzuki is gonna finally formulate the creed of the Saint Church and dedicate a short manga (or OVA) exclusively to the Church and its Knights (with the former Numbers as the protagonists).

The Demoted to Extra status of Yuuno, Arf etc. is the result of a systematic Unpersoning.
Obligatory crackpot conspiracy theory! It would explain why you have such ridiculous things such as Yuuno not being visible even in his own Library in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid.
  • While Yuuno is conspicuously absent on the list of Vivio's important people, Vivio never goes to the Infinity Library in ViVid, only stopping by a normal library that may be the school library.

Signum will be corrupted by the Eclipse
Because it would follow what happened to Lamia in OG Gaiden. This may result in her Barrier Jacket changing in appearance to resemble the Vysaga.
  • Then who's the candidate of Axel? That... uh... nun with bladed tonfa (What's her name again?)? Looks too insignificant to take Axel's place.
    • Schach, and neither she nor any of the other Saint Church characters have appeared in Force.

The three imprisoned Combat Cyborgs are going to be very angry when they get out. With Jail.
Uno is relatively simple to explain; being a clone of Jail, and the engineer of the Engineer's Revenge, by the time she gets out (and especially if Jail manages to self-rescue and leaves her behind), she's going to want some engineer's revenge of her own. She will also have the reasons mentioned below.

Tre and Sette will essentially be on the exact opposite tack of the Combat Cyborgs who got off lightly and remember Jail with fondness as a good father. Both of them were there when Quattro tried to kill Fate by collapsing Jail's Elaborate Underground Base. Both them will be acutely aware that A: there was no threat to the overall plan, as Fate couldn't have gotten to the Cradle in time to change the final outcome (or she would have tried to do just that), B: Jail had a backup plan in the event of his death, but they didn't, and C: Jail did not intervene to try and save their and Uno's lives, instead doing the gleeful-cackling routine at Fate. At the final extreme, Jail Scaligetti treated them as utterly expendible. Their opinion of Jail as a father is thus unlikely to be very positive.

  • It's unclear where Cinque was during the self-destruction, but it's likely that she was recovering in the base, and was captured when her wounds prevented her from resisting. Since she has an "indefinite" sentence, like the imprisoned Combat Cyborgs, and suspects that she will never be free, the imprisoned Combat Cyborgs (with the possible exception of Sette) will never be released as long as they refuse to cooperate.
    • This arguably has much more to do with Cinque's transhuman nature than her crimes. She is after all an immortal superhuman in a society that does still apparently consist mostly of non-mages. Her I.S. alone makes her incredibly, ridiculously dangerous, but the simple fact that Cinque can break walls with her bare hands means that some sort of difference in the application of the law is necessary because she is not like those whom the law was written for. Placing her under indefinite suspended sentence is a tactful way of doing this without changing the letter of the law to accomodate a whole new class of people. While it's unlikely they'll ever let Quattro go because she shows all the signs of being a complete pyschopath, Tre is most probably sane since she had to command the Numbers in action effectively, and Uno could well be sane depending on how much of what was done to Jail was genetic and how much was brainwashing. The TSAB is not the sort of organization to lock you up and throw away the key unless you're completely beyond any sort of redemption.
      • Agreed. Other than being loyal to Scaglietti (or to Tre, in Sette's case) and thus turning a blind eye to the harm his agenda caused, neither Uno, Tre nor Sette seemed to be actively malicious themselves. If they wanted to, they could probably integrate into society without much difficulty. Quattro is definitely a sociopath and best kept behind bars, though.
      • Tre refuses to cooperate with the investigation, but worries about her sisters. It's unclear where, if anywhere, this will lead.

A conspiracy of old Belkan nobility is aiming to overthrow TSAB and the Saint Church
Your tinfoil hats on, please, one Grand Unifying Guess incoming. Done? Good. Now...

Reaching back to the time of Ancient Belka, there has been a single cabal of powerful individuals secretly directing the course of multiverse history. If you don't believe it, here are some questions for you:

  • The Sankt Kaisers of the old days were eventually reduced to figureheads, symbols, and most powerful units in the field. As Ixy mentions in SSX, she and the Kaisers were nothing but tools and weapons used in endless wars. By whom?
  • The Combat Cyborg project was adopted by Scaglietti, who only perfected it, while the prototype Type Zero cyborgs were created by another scientist. Who was he/she?
  • An illegal secret research facility was experimenting on a Unison Device from the Ancient Belkan era in StrikerS. Who created it?
  • Someone leaked the supposedly top-secret information on both a Sankt Kaiser clone and Dark King Ixpellia's presence on Mid-Childa to Einhart Stratos in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid. Who was it?
  • Another illegal secret research facility experimented on Lily Strosek, an EC Reactor, in Force, and wasn't above incinerating the intruder along with the evidence (and probably not above pinning their crimes on Hückebein). Who set it up?

It should be obvious that after the last Sankt Kaiser abdicated (or was killed without an heir), some Belkans (especially rich and powerful) were not happy about it. The history books (SSX booklet) are notoriously vague on the fate of those who called themselves "Belkans" in modern times. It is likely that IF there was a cabal ruling the Belkan empire from the shadows through their puppet Sankt Kaisers, they would likely go into hiding after their defeat. Using their wealth from the Belkan times, they would prepare for a rebellion against TSAB and the Saint Church, just like the Grey Men of the original Belka from Ace Combat. Or, if the universes are connected, could they be actual (followers of the) Grey Men?

Combat Cyborg program and the experiments with Ancient Belkan technologies (likely in attempt to learn to mass-produce them) are obviously projects to produce weapons for the future rebellion. Their interest in locating the Sankt Kaiser is also obvious: such group would want to either turn her into their puppet, just like in the old times, or kill her, since Olivie was the one responsible for their fall. Lastly, as one of the entries above suggests, the conspiracy may be currently headed by Alicia and Fate Testarossa's biological father.

  • Also, Caledfwlch Techniques is Their Front Organization. This way, then get ludicrous sums of money from the Bureau for AEC equipment development, get to test it on live targets, with the best beta-testers of the Burea, and when the zero hour comes, they can easily counteract their own AEC weaponry, would the Bureau try to use it against them. Also, if Caledwlch did secretly own the lab that Thoma trashed in chapter 1, it'd explain their ability to produce Anti-Eclipse weapons when nobody is supposed to know that much about Eclipse. It's a win-win situation for them.
  • Now that I think of it, the Saint Church must have been working with them all along or was brought under their control between StrikerS and Force. We all know that The Church tends to be the Antimagical Faction in normal circumstances. While the Saint Church rather atypically embraces magic, they do eschew Mid-Childan magic—in favor of Ancient Belkan one! Don't you see? The Church is a perfect front organization for the Belkan conspiracy, since if they are ever busted, they will just hide behind religion! The Church in fiction also often trains Mage Killers—which is exactly what the Hücks are. Except that they obviously went rogue just like Scaglietti. The "nuns" that Veyron killed weren't really nuns but Church Knights sent to apprehend him—they shot first and he acted in self-defense! Also, why is it that we haven't seen even a glimpse of a Church clergy (except those nuns) in Force yet? Not even Carim, who had to be behind the Special Duty Section 6... unless she was removed.

Nanoha and Hayate enjoy keeping Fate out of the loop for personal amusement

Her not knowing about Vivio's Older Alter Ego is not the only time this has happened; near the end of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS manga, Hayate leads Fate to the final battle between the forwards and the captains without telling her what it is. This could be the result of Fate being possibly the most serious and socially awkward of the three Aces, compared to the more cheerful Nanoha and the sometimes mischievious Hayate, making her reactions all the more amusing. Rather than it being a case of being so Married to the Job that she doesn't hear about Vivio's ability to transform at will, Erio, Caro and Vivio most likely assumed Nanoha told her already and didn't say anything.

Agito will be reminded of her promise to kill Signum

If Signum's injuries left her unable to join battle again, then maybe she had a little breakdown(or even anHeroic BSoD) an reminds Agito of their promise claiming that now she's unable to live up to Zest's ideals.

  • Technically, the wording was that Signum asked to be killed if she strayed off her present path like Regius had. It's less clear what Agito would do next if Signum were crippled but still remained honorable.
  • Not in Force, it seems, as Signum is back up and running again.

Isis is a Combat Cyborg
She has purple hair. And yellow eyes. Who else does this sound like?
  • Good catch. That explains why Aru considers her the most dangerous of the three, why she doesn't have a Device despite being an aerial mage (her gloves may be an Inherent Equipment), and why Thoma trusted her immediately (he is conditioned by Subaru to trust cyborg girls :D). The question remains on who built her: it couldn't have been Scaglietti, and no indication has been given that the Type Zero batch included more than two specimen. She is probably currently on the run from her creators (the Ancient Belkan Conspiracy?), probably.

Laevatein has the secret fourth form, its true Full Drive
I don't think it has even been established what Laevatein's Full Drive form is (except in the Battle of Aces, where Sturm Falke is used as the Full Drive Special Move), and both Schlangenform and Bogenform seem extremely powerful at different ranges. Now, if we look at Graf Eisen, it has four forms, of which Zerstörungform is easily the most powerful one that combines features of all others. Now, if we apply the same logic to Laevatein, then it should have a fourth form, too: a Giant Flaming Chainsaw Sword that extends and shoots multiple Sturm Falkens from its hilt. And the reason she has never used this form yet? There hasn't been an opponent challenging enough. But now Cypha is in for a naaasty surprise...

PS: Oh, and her AEC Equipment would be simply an upgrade module for Laevatein that converts mana directly into other forms of energy. She doesn't need much more than that.

  • With the introduction of Bardiche as a prototype for the 5th Generation Device system wich is stated to be only capable to be handled by strong mages with great mana control or a "mana conversion ability" such as lightning or "fire". It's almost implied that Laevatein maybe undergo this treatement, he gets almost destroyed and, by this point, it's pointless to simply restore it to his original state, So Yeah maybe he gets a real upgrade after all.

Carim's prophecy hasn't been fulfilled yet
"In the land where ancient crystals and infinite greed gather and intertwine, the wings shall revive from the holy land, beneath the dead king. The dead shall dance, and the tower of law in the central lands shall burn to the ground. But, before this, the ship of law that guards the many seas shall be torn apart." This is the YesY translation of Carim's prophecy in StrikerS episode 13. Now the Prophecy Twist at the end of the series wound up showing us that "the ship of law" was the Cradle, not the Bureau as we were lead to believe... but what about the rest of it?
  • In the land where ancient crystals and infinite greed gather and intertwine, the wings shall revive from the holy land, beneath the dead king. "Ancient crystals and infinite greed" is obviously referring to the relics and the Unlimited Desire project that created Jail. "Dead King", likewise, most likely refers to Vivio, and the wings are probably a reference to Nanoha.
  • But, before this, the ship of law that guards the many seas shall be torn apart. The Prophecy Twist itself, of course. But note the order the events take place in; the Cradle is supposed to be destroyed before the events of the second part, and since the Cradle is destroyed right at the end of StrikerS, the second part of the prophecy can't have been fulfilled in that season.
    • Wasn't Asura scheduled to be decomissioned at the beginning of StrikerS (hence Chrono getting a new ship)? The ship of law part might refer to her.
  • The dead shall dance, and the tower of law in the central lands shall burn to the ground. Here comes the fun part; taken solely in the context of StrikerS, "the dead shall dance" could be interpreted as Project F mages like Zest and Vivio running around, but outside that context it could also refer much more directly to the Mariage. Or maybe not; maybe it's just talking about Vivio and Ingvalt going on a date and hitting a night club or something. If it was referring to the Mariage, on the other hand, then the last part is most likely foreshadowing events in Force or Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid.

Lutecia's Emotionless Girl status was Quattro's fault...
...because unless Quattro has super brainwashing powers in addition to her IS, she couldn't have executed Lutecia's Villain Override unless Lulu had been tampered with somehow, possibly by turning her into a relic weapon (which would explain quite nicely how a ten-year old who isn't Hayate gets to be an S-rank mage). If Quattro had a chance to tamper with Lutecia for any reason, it would be perfectly in-character for her to play God with Lutecia's personality like she did with Sette, either to make her more pliable as a tool or just because she could. This would also explain why Lutecia experienced such a dramatic personality shift between StrikerS and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid; without Quattro's tampering and with the TSAB probably getting her medical attention at some point in her captivity, whatever artificial changes Quattro imposed on her came undone, and her thought processes and personality naturally shifted back to their original state.

Lutecia is an Artificial Mage
Just a hunch. Out of the three top mages on Zest's team, one was resurrected as an Artifical Mage, one was cloned into a Combat Cyborg (Nove), and the last one conveniently had a daughter (who looks just like her, has similar powers, and has inherited her Device) who was an over-S summoner at the age of 10 and unquestioningly agreed to serve the guy who held her mother in suspended animation? I think not. Of course, seeing how Megane wasn't technically dead, Scaglietti couldn't transfer her memories to Lulu (that would have probably backfired, too), but he did crank her power level up to eleven when he cloned her. When Megane finally awakened (her coma was obviously prolonged artificially), she decided to never tell Lutecia the truth and quietly accepted the story Scaglietti told to her, and the TSAB victim protection covered up the rest.

Megane was a DMG in her youth, and Quint was the MG who befriended her
Generation Xerox, remember? Though, actually, this is inspired by Megane's flashback in the recent Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid chapter.

Basically, Megane was a DMG, Quint befriended her, they became a couple Just Friends. Since it was still the time when Magical Girls were supposed to marry, Quint married Genya for show but continued her relationship with Megane (then again, lesbian office affairs are obviously not a big deal on the Mid). Genya probably knew about and accepted it, which is why they didn't have any kids, but jumped at the chance to adopt Quint's clones. Also explains why rainbows are straighter than at least one of her "daughters". As for Megane's own daughter, see the above theory.

Agito is secretly into BDSM
That's why she wears a collar and handcuffs all the time and serves a Mistress with a whip.

Vita is the strongest member of the Wolkenritter in terms of physical strength
Hinted at first by swinging Graf Eisen around with that ease. But it can be excused by the fact that Eisen is a magical weapon. Bu then came FORCE and Vita is assigned to carry the War Hammer that is a "mass conventional weapon" that only use magic as an energy source, thus proving that Vita is really capable to handle something that big and heavy all by herself, it's also already hinted that she's the most durable member of the Wolkies.

You can destroy a Hückebein with magic. You just need a lot.
You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling. I was playing Team Fortress 2 the other day, using the Engineer, and a lines from his "Meet the Team" video came to me: "And if that don't work? Use more gun." That reminded me of this Neon Genesis Evangelion fic, And If That Don't Work?, where the "more gun" is From Russia with Nukes. That also made me think of Warhammer 40,000, where the Anti-Magic of Blanks can be No Selled by sufficiently strong daemons or psykers.

Where am I going with this? Diabolic Emission. Ragnarok. Blaster Mode Exceed Max Starlight Breaker. Arc-en-Ciel. Multiple Arc-en-Ciels. Of course, unless the Hückies somehow cause the crossing of the Godzilla Threshold, we might not see the Fantastic Nuclear Option in play.

  • Bad comparisons. Both AITDW and 40K have that option present in the source material (Ramiel and several other angels were killed without the use of an AT-Field in Eva), but the Hücks have been presented so far as being utterly immune to all forms of magic. This was the whole point of having Cypha laugh off a direct hit from Signum in Unison with Agito — and if you recall Karyuu Issen, Unison Signum is close to Hayate's level of destructive power — and as we've seen they can regenerate any damage they take. So it's possible they can be hurt by magic, but it is absolutely not cost-effective to bust out Blaster Mode just to give the Hücks a few bruises, and the Aces are just about the biggest guns the bureau has that are effective against man-sized targets.
    • And aided by the fact of the Hückebein Warship being a giant-sized Divider capable of totally negate a giant beam the size of a Starlight Breaker coming from the Wolfram's(Hayate's assigned Warship) main weapon called "Augusto" while the Hückebein are preparing lunch.
    • ... If Nanoha uses Starlight Breaker as an anti-personnel weapon then obviously you don't use a mere Starlight Breaker-scale weapon in space-naval combat. Comprehende, amigo? After all, If violence wasn't your last resort, you failed to resort to enough of it. I will concede, though, that the Bureau may not think the situation dire enough.
    • There's a gaping hole halfway through the Saint's Cradle that would like a word with you, "amigo". Regardless, calling the Augusto a "Starlight Breaker-class" weapon is dubious at best, seeing how we never see what sort of damage it does to targets that aren't immune to magic. In all likelyhood it's a lot more potent than a "mere" SLB and the Hücks' ship didn't even twitch from a direct hit. There is still the Arc-en-Ciel but the bureau seems to have known about the Hückebein for a while now (hence the convenient availability of the AEC equipment) and if they didn't outfit the Wolfram with an Arc like they did for the Asura back in the Book of Darkness case, then it's probably because they don't think it will be effective. Either that or the heroes are trying to bring the Hücks in alive instead of atomizing them.
    • Eclipse could well confer an even higher level of magic resistance than the AMF on board the Cradle. I'll concede, though, that the Bureau might want them alive. Either way, it seems that we won't be getting anywhere here until an Arc-en-Ciel actually gets fired at them.

Yuuno doesn't hang out with the main cast because he's just not much use on a battlefield anymore
Everyone likes to call Yuuno an invincible Barrier Warrior because of how he handled Vita in A's, but there's a few details about that encounter that people seem to be missing or deliberately overlooking; Nanoha's shields were broken by a cartridge-powered hit from Graf Eisen's rocket form, but Yuuno only tanked an ordinary hit from GE's hammer form, and this was after Vita had either run out of cartridges or started conserving them. That's still nothing to sneeze at mind you, but it takes away the only instance of Yuuno's shields doing anything particularly impressive and brings his status as a Stone Wall into question. It's very much worth noting that his official mage rank as of StrikerS is only "A", which means he was probably even weaker than that before the timeskip.

Of course there's more than one way to be a powerful mage in this series, and Yuuno happens to have taken that way; what he lacks in magical power he makes up for with a mastery of the mathematical skills necessary for high-level spellcasting. We see this with his multi-tasking during the above-mentioned A's battle, shielding himself against getting hammered while trying to decode Vita's barrier and prep a teleport spell for everyone. The problem is that while Yuuno is Weak, but Skilled, the skills he has don't lend themselves well to magical combat; most of his spells have potential offensive uses, but as noted one of the other WMGs, they're too lethal for Yuuno to use them like that. At this point the only thing he's really good for is as a field medic or a magical AWACS unit, and Shamal is a more powerful (and less squishy) mage who can fill both of those roles just fine.

  • Nanoha and Shamal have Devices. Yuuno does not. His true potential is unknown until he has his own Klar Wint.
  • You forgot that Nanoha was putting her full attention into fighting Vita and defending from her attacks, and still had trouble even before the cartridge load. Yuuno was NOT giving Vita his full attention or power because he was trying to break down Vita's containment barrier. He clearly wasn't just retreating and blocking while Vita chased, either; when we watch them fight from a distance, the green light (Yuuno) charges directly towards and clashes with the red light (Vita); further, we don't KNOW that Vita didn't use a cartridge while fighting him, since most of their fight is off-screen or too far away to make out the details. In fact, if Signum was willing to use cartridges against Fate, wouldn't Vita have done the same when her regular attacks proved incapable of hurting Yuuno? We're shown pretty decisively that when Vita doesn't break through at first, she gets serious and puts everything into the strike. There's pretty much no way she didn't pop a shell against Yuuno. Yet, Yuuno suffers absolutely no wounds by the end of that fight, unlike Nanoha or Fate. AND HE DOES IT ALL WITHOUT A DEVICE.
  • In Yuuno's defense I can add the fact that the only two times a barrier created by him gets pierced in canon are first against Starlight Breaker Plus and then against the Triple Breaker, the first's a very powerfull spell with barrier piercing capabilities (as showed when it destroys Vita's barrier) and the second is the combination of the three more powerful character attacks at the time, any other time his shields and barriers have worked just fine, then again he's regarded as versatile but wasted character, not only because of the Razor Floss, he can also cast Struggle Bind (you know, those chains with dispelling abilities) and is capable of teleport targets agains their own will (a feat that even Shamal doesen't show to have). Sadly it's true that he can't catch up by the time of FORCE because almost all of his usefull spells are rendered useless now by the Hückebein, super-strong barriers are not of much help against someone who can simply negate them.
    • Having his shields broken by a powerful spell doesn't make Yuuno special. If he'd blocked a Starlight Breaker at some point without his shields breaking that'd be one thing, but without an incident like that the best we've got is his fight against Vita, which isn't quite as impressive as most people make it out to be. Chain Bind's ability to do physical damage is nothing special, we see magic spells alternate between physical and non-lethal damage all the time, and while Struggle Bind is useful, it's not nearly enough for Yuuno to call himself a combat mage (when was the last time you saw a mage in this series cast one spell over and over again for an extended fight scene?). Forced teleportation is a neat trick, but its main use is as a delaying tactic when Yuuno is trying to run interference for someone, in cases such as pursuing a criminal or dueling a rogue mage its usefulness is significantly lessened.
    • And this is exactly where the franchise fails to balance character potential, Yuuno can't be an effective direct fighter but can aid great support, the fail part is, support mages are really underrated in Nanoha. For example, Shamal who is claimed by some to be better at support than Yuuno gets quickly Demoted to Extra in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, then on the same season comes Caro who use her support spells ONCE (to give Erio extra power to defeat a Gadget Drone Type III) and then only shine when summon her dragons(after Voltaire shows up Caro go full sommoner and less support for the rest of the series). It's only in recent chapters of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid when support magic came to shine again with Caro and Lutecia (who did a better support role than Caro in StrikerS) as fullbacks. In FORCE the situation already leaves any non walking-killing-machine character to the sidelines(and apparently it isn't any support mages among the new cast) so it's pretty clear that non-full combatants are never fully apreciated. Still, Yuuno doesn't fight Vita, he only stalls her while focused on destroying the barrier. Also there's nothing wrong with his shields been broken by SLB Plus and Triple Breaker, if had managed to block SLB that intantly would launch him to Game-Breaker status(something the franchise trying to avoid at least in the past), the two aformentioned spells are used to defeat Eldritch Abominations, dark magical girls and cloned superpowerfull Ancient Belkan rulers so it's plotwise understandable that Yuuno can't contain such powerful attacks, other than that is an example of a character who is only good on one thing but does really well on that.
      • I beg to differ. Lutecia's teleportation spells were instrumental in Jail's attack on the Ground Forces and Caro uses her support magic for all kinds of stuff (boosting Teana's illusions is a common trick). If all you can remember her doing is Twin Boost: Slash and Strike, then you probably need to watch the series again. If Caro got shafted in StrikerS, she got shafted for the same reason everyone else did (too many characters, not enough screentime), and not specifically because she was a support mage.
  • Yuuno's problem is his personality. He's far too directly confrontational to be a good support mage. Shamal gets it and acts like a sniper, making sure her opponents are not aware of her until it's too late to react, concealing her presence on the field until she's needed. Unless the series steps it up to a consistantly lethal level where he (and Shamal) could cut loose with the Tele-Frag, Yuuno'll never be able to compete because he doesn't seem to know how to best play the role.
    • Shamal has Klar Wint's pendulum form to aid her scrying, which allows her to easily cast magic from a distance. Yuuno doesn't have any such Device. Give him one, and the power boost will give him new options.

Yuuno was Demoted to Extra because over time, he has become the biggest lore-breaker dating back to the early seasons
As his entry under Early Installment Weirdness says, several powers and abilities that define his role in the series have been retroactively rendered utterly infeasible after the series' magic rules had been formalized. Specifically, he is the only human character who can, for no apparent reason, shapeshift into a non-humanoid creature, and his signature Temporal Force Field is so insanely overpowered that it simply makes no sense under the magical standards introduced by the later seasons. So, rather than address these inconsistencies and possibly massively depower his character, the writers just chose to leave Yuuno as just another minor mystery and to never shine a spotlight on him ever again.

Zest was a member of the Church Knights once
Presumably before his career at TSAB. This is where he learned the Ancient Belkan magic system long before the Wolkenritter made it popular again.
  • There is some overlap between the Bureau and the Church, as Carim is once referred to as a Church knight who is part of the Bureau, and wears a blue Bureau uniform to the press conference, so this is possible.

Zest's spear was an Ancestral Weapon
It was an Ancient Belkan Armed Device equipped with a cartridge system. The only other such Devices (Laevatein and Graf Eisen) both come from the Ancient Belkan era. Ergo, it is likely that Zest's spear was passed down to him by some old Belkan knight ancestor.

The Wolkenritter are actually getting weaker over the years
Think about it, in A's they start as nearly invulnerable war machines capable of withstand unholy amounts of punishment, on Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS we receive a clear statement that their resurrection powers and Healing Factor are starting to weaken, that and their powerlevel is pretty much the same after the 10 year gap between A's and StrikerS (except for all the Unison thing that didn't make much difference anyway), fortunately they still are able to cope with the current situation, and Vita shows that she's still capable of fight even after being stabbed across the chest. Then came FORCE and we see the(supposedly) strongest of them being CurbStompped and fall uncounscicious after a simple impalement. They don't look so mighty now huh?

Veyron doesen't have a reactor.
At least currently, like someone on the previous WMG points, even when Cypha claims that once "reacted" they're essentially so tough that bladed weapons are useless against them, Veyron still uses his divider's blade to parry Thoma's own divider attacks and, on top of that, after being blasted by Erio's Strike Cannon(Ch. 9.5) he bleed notoriously, he don't posses a divider of his own(his current one is borrowed from an unknow character) and it don't adopt any new form since his battle with Thoma nor returns to a "standby form" after Thoma's Divide Zero(like Cypha's reacted one for example), that effectively makes him the underdog fighter among the Hückebein.
  • I wouldn't be so quick to make Veyron's parrying of Thoma's attacks a reason for claiming that he's that much weaker. Remember that The Law of Diminishing Defensive Effort has been averted before with Rein Eins still using barriers even though she can shrug off crap thrown at her perfectly fine without them. I will concede that I have no explanation for the bleeding, though.

Force's Darker and Edgier-ness will be cemented with a Back for the Dead.
A strong way of cementing the "this isn't the light stuff it used to be" feel would be to bring back one of the Demoted to Extra characters and kill him/her off.

Regius Gaiz wanted the Combat Cyborgs to fight the Hückebein.
The answer to defeating the Hückebein is to seperate yourself from magic use for both defense and offense and focus on purely physical effects. The latter is easy; mass weapons. It is clearly within the Bureau's technological wherewithal to create a sufficently powerful missile or railgun to turn a Hückebein's head to vapor. The former is the Combat Cyborgs. An Artifical Mage is a simple trick of genetic engineering, while a Combat Cyborg requires genetics knowledge and a whole lot of computer, electronics, and materials science too, plus more raw materials. If Regius Gaiz simply wanted to increase the number of high-ranked mages available to Ground Forces, Artificial Mage technology and a legion of Erios and Fates was a much cheaper way of going about it. But Regius supported Jail's Combat Cyborg research instead. He thought he would need troops that could stand up to punishment like a mage, in an environment where a mage's Barrier Jacket would not protect them.
  • You are forgetting that as of Force chapter 10, it is established that Combat Cyborgs (Subaru) are just as vulnerable against Eclipse effects as purely organic mages.
    • To be fair Subaru succumbs to Thoma's Divide Zero, an ability that apparently neither of the Hückebein posesses and that is much more dangerous than the Hückebein's anti-magic capabilities(they also are affected by Dvide Zero much to their own surprise), also, if the theory about Isis being a cyborg results true, then cyborgs can stand against an Eclipse Driver not named Thoma(As of Ch. 11 preview all indicates that Isis will face Arnage, considering that she's a new character i really doubt that this will end in another Curb-Stomp Battle), also the information Regius have probably was inaccurately(like the info Signum had before facing Cypha). So, efective or not, it's plausible that they developed cyborgs with the Hückebein in mind.
    • Earlier in chapter 9 (I think), Subaru faces Veyron and is not much more effective against him than other members of the strike team against their respective opponents. And that's considering that she already has her AEC equipment on her.
    • That only counts if Subaru is fighting in Cyborg mode, we know that if she fights as a mage she's bound to the same handicaps as them, but we likely can't confirm this because we can't see if her eyes are golden or normal(i'm inclined to think she isn't because the cyborgs "circuit circle" and/or the "IS" patern around her attacks are nowhere to be seen). Still i don't think Arnage consider Isis dangerous only because of her amazing powder powers.

Sending the Wolkenritter against the Hückebein was the worst possible thing that could have been done.
They're made of condensed magic, just like Reinforce was. These are people who wield weapons capable of canceling magic with ease. Hayate, you lunatic, why didn't you think about what you were doing?!
  • Hayate never sent Wolkies against the Hückebein (in fact, she keeps Vita at long range fire support and Shamal, inside Wolfram). Signum was never supposed to even meet them before her AEC equipment was ready, she just was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Well yeah, they're made of magic but apparently they're more condensed than simple spells or Jackets, reacted Dividers cancel magic by cutting the links that allow the spell to take form and effect that's why any magical attack or barrier is useless against them, but i don't think that functions the same for magical living beings(specially if said beings are able to cast their own magic) if that were the truth, Signum and Agito would be erased of existence instead of sustaining critical injuries.
    • Even attaching them to the task force meant to the fight the Hückebein seems silly, though, considering what happened to Signum. Especially when Wolkenritter are accustomed to otherwise absorbing a killing blow as if nothing had happened. (Witness Vita aboard the Cradle.) Even arming the Wolkenritter with AEC weapons is dangerous; if you give them the tools to fight Hückebein, somebody's going to be tempted to use them to fight Hückebein. If the Wolkenritter are really as vulnerable as it appears from what happened to Signum then risking them is at best negligent. They are extremely powerful, capable mages, some of the best the Bureau has, and preserving them to fight other threats later would seem the wiser course of action.
      • So, wait, in your view the Wolkies will just let themselves be hit, thinking they'll survive it? That makes the trained warriors sound pretty damn incompetent.
      • And what the Wolkies themselves want is not an issue at all? Remember, they have sworn to protect Hayate as far back as A's, and that's not an oath you can break without compomising your very self. In one way or another, they had to be at her side during a crisis this big, and it's better to have them armed for this occasion. More than anything, what happened to Signum shows the dangers of splitting the team (in more ways than one).
      • Exactly, they definetly not the kind of people who retreats when they have something important to do, also i think Signum's demise is supossed to indicate the fate that awaits for ANY mage that attempts to confront(without the new toys) the Hückebein, not just the Wolkenritter. Also we must admit that despite all the claims over the matter, Signum put up a hell of a fight to an otherwise invincible opponent.
      • They've been deployed separately from Hayate before. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS did it quite a lot and the preceding manga actually had the Wolkenritter as part of different units from Hayate. For that matter, their personal feelings are irrelevant. Duty first is the air the Wolkenritter breathe and how they got through life before Hayate. The would have sworn an oath of service like any other Bureau member. If they're ordered, particularly by Hayate, not to do something, then they will not do it.
      • Let's just that we have different character interpretations. When the Wolkies were deployed separately, Hayate was never in particular danger. Now, the Hücks are a danger to every mage in the multiverse, so naturally, they want to be by her side. And as for their oath... I think your misunderstand something: they are with TSAB because Hayate is. It is true that they wanted to repent for their crimes after A's (see SS03), but their first and foremost desire is to spend the rest of their lives with Hayate (see StrikerS episode 18, I think, where her conversation with Shamal reveals that they are not longer immortal). Oh, and by the way, they also kinda have a record of ignoring Hayate's direct orders if they think it will save her life.
    • Arf mentions in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS manga and Sound Stage M2 that, apparently at Fate's suggestion, she retired from active duty and now does chores around the Harlaown house while looking after Chrono and Amy's kids (and apparently also has spent a fair amount of time around Erio and Caro), saying that Fate is strong enough to protect herself and is no longer alone. Similarly, while Hayate's magic is such that she's almost useless in single combat and only reaches her full potential in a group, her subordinates can provide support, which is why she can serve separate from the Wolkenritter if necessary, calling them together for major threats like Scaglietti and the Hückebein.

Erio is secretly the best card of Section Six in FORCE.
By Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid he's able to outclass Fate on both speed and skill(by catching up with her Sonic Form all by himself and nearly taking her down without breaking a sweat). Only God knows how much awesome the guy has become two years after, probably him receiving a Strike Cannon is an excuse to not let himself cut loose on the Hückebein at Mach 5.
  • After Fate had a power limiter put on herself, and was fighting 2-on-1, I should note. The Hücks have no such handicap.
    • It's noted that the power limiter is given out to the "adults", which is a somewhat vague term (it's unclear whether it includes just Nanoha and Fate, or the Forwards, Lutecia and Nove), but it could be of different strength, as while Nanoha and Fate's limiters reduce them two ranks in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Hayate's takes her down by four.
      • Potentially Jossed, at least so far; Curren takes him down almost effortlessly, along with Vita. Subaru seems poised to be the "best card," at least as far as dealing with Thoma goes.

Cypha is the second-weakest Hückebein, after Veyron.
Think back to her fight with Signum. She wasn't fast enough to lay a hand on her, and in fact was taken completely by surprise at her speed on two separate occasions. The one hit that decided the duel was obtained through surprise. In the brief boarding battle, she showed no signs of being a particularly difficult opponent for Fate, indicating her bark is a bit worse than her bite.
  • This will be probably jossed soon(and i hope for it), when it's true that Cypha didn't demonstrate to be able to keep on par with Signum's skill before reacting, she also proves how dangerous her Eclipse powers are, her profile also states that she's a founder member of the group and also an Ace, wich she demonstrates by apparently having a higher chain in command than Arnage ans leading the welcome team(Veyron and Deville) during said boarding battle, she apparently is the kind of villain that enjoys torturing his foes, so probably she was measuring Fate's capabilities until Thoma interrupts her(and everyone), she doesen't look specially worried while fighting Fate(wich is demonstrated by contrast with her reaction to Thoma's attack wich is much more surprised and dramatic). As much as i hate her, it will be a shame if she results to be a weak opponent(just adding more hulliation to Signum's defeat).
    • As much as I hoped it won't happen, it can happen to further the similarity with Lamia. Cypha being a weaker member of the Hückebein would be mirroring how Juergen was basically a nobody-class villain who got lucky shot in humiliating Lamia.
    • It's still soon to determine that, while it's true Signum's situation mirror Lamia's somewhat, the similarities ends in both being defeated by a newcomer. Again as much as i hate Cypha i must admit that she fight a one-on-one battle(with an unfair advantage but is still one on one) while Juergen just take Lamia by surprise(still the situation is metaphorically the same, Lamia was out of her mecha while Signum have her powers nullified and her weapon rendered useless by Cypha's Game-Breaker powers), Still Cypha is able to hold an upgraded Fate with ease during the ship assault and the battle is short lived thanks to Thoma, unlike Juergen who gets offed quite easily right on his next fight. We still didn't see her fight a fair battle yet(that is, against an opponent whose powers she can't negate, thus needing to truly use her combat skills), when that happens we're finally going to see if her bite is as strong as her bark.
    • Well, to be honest, Juergen did put up quite the massive fight against the EFA, if comparisons are to be taken how Cypha held off an upgraded Fate... We're just probably waiting for the 'Duminuss' of Force to show its head and then off Cypha and maybe the rest of the Hückebeins (or, failing that, one of the Hückebeins stabbed her in the back, killing her)

Signum will never get the chance to use her AEC upgrade...
...because she doesn't need it. What will happen instead is that Signum will show up to face Cypha in their last fight with damaged equipment, maybe even without Levantine. When Cypha goes in for the kill, Signum will demonstrate just how vast the gulf in skill between them is by channeling Lamia's other expy complete with an appropriate Phantasm Phoenix-like Overdrive that powers up her fire magic until the heat alone can overwhelm Cypha's Hückebein haxx, thus demonstrating once and for all why Signum is called The Blazing General. This will also be how the SIGNUM PUNCH becomes an official attack.
  • Other possibility is because of the release of the new product from Caledfwich Techniques, there are now theories of the security company being the real Big Bad of FORCE. Planning to supply the heroes with faulty prototypes on purpose to make their real product to look good by comparission. If that turns out to be the case at the moment Signum awakes I really doubt she think of going to battle with the AEC equipment designed for her. Probably causing Laevatein to undergo the 5th Gen Upgrade or simply go hardcore and rushing to the battle with her normal devices and a dangerous strategy.

Mid-Childa is communist
Not Stalinist or Maoist, but idealistically communist. Think about it:

  • Society: The Mid is basically a clean, scientifically advanced Utopia that the communists of early 20th century believed themselves to be able to achieve.
  • Economy: The topic of money is thoroughly neglected throughout the series, but everyone keeps working to their fullest, and there are no homeless or poverty.
    • Thats EXTREMELY dubious. Just because YOU dont see it doesnt mean its not there. The series just doesnt focus on such possible elements. For all the Loadsand Loadsof Characters How many were not already working within the military?
  • Politics: There are no politics, instead, the entire government on the Mid consists of the Bureau, read: the Communist Party.
  • Religion: Religion is not abandoned altogether, but put into service of the state, with only one ideology propagated across the worlds, even where TSAB is not present yet.

The Saint Church would disagree with the statement that there is no religion on Mid-Childa and as for Politics—the show deals primarily wtih military and police matters, so a lack of focus on elections or other leaders is not surprising. Hell, there are the brains in the jars controlling things from behind the scenes to worry about too.

Fate's Original outfit Speculation
Some Fridge Brilliance about it, actually. At first her outfit appears unrealistically fetishized and an obvious sign of pandering to the demographic. Then we meet the mother she is always striving to please and make happy. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all...

There's going to be a bronze or platinum cross Belkan book.
The Night Sky's cross was gold. The Silver Cross is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Therefore, to keep the pattern of precious metal-coloured crosses going, I think you can see what will have to come.

Nanoha will develop reverse Adult Mode magic
And use it to compete in the same tournament as Vivio as her A's self.
  • They won't let her. She would wipe the floor with pretty much everyone thanks to her vast real combat experience—just like she did with Einhart during their training. Plus, she made a career wiping the floor with cooling the heads of wannabe mages for their own good. Even the reduced mana output of a child's body won't do much to diminish her power, since she was already a AAA ranked mage in A's. Face it: not even Vivio can beat Loli!Nanoha.

The SCP Foundation, its derivatives, and or Expy's of it, exist in Nanoha's Universe
  • This is why theres "little to no magic at all" on Earth.
    • Remember that the only time we hear an explanation, it's an adult talking to a child. Both Nanoha and Graham had contact with the TSAB SHORTLY into their respective exposures to magic. Graham did not not want Nanoha to be aware of the grim organizations residing on Earth, and the implications.
  • The only reason Nanoha and her friends are not currently dead, imprisoned, or worse, is because the TSAB was able to get there first; and also establish "first dibs" on claim to the Jewel Seeds. The SCP Foundation(or its resident expy) fears the far larger TSAB and so did not go to arms over the matter.

Agito's original intended user was Signum in ancient Belka
Or at least the person that the Signum Program installed in the Tome of the Night Sky/Book of Darkness was based on. Think about it, Agito's title is Sword Spirit of Blazing Flame, and she mentions in StrikerS Sound Stage 03 that her original "lord" was probably a sword fighter. Now, Signum is a sword fighter, and the first special move we see her do in the series is power up her sword with fire. Also, they go well together, Zest mentions that after the first time they fight. And Signums origins are certainly old enough, and Agito is apparently so old that everyone she doesn't remember have been dead for hundreds of years (at least that's the impression she gives.

Caledfwlch Techniques or someone within the company is the true villain of Force
Think back to the first few chapters, back when Thoma first met Lily and the whole mess with the Hückebein got started. Remember the scientist guys, the guards armed with assault rifles, and most importantly the head scientist's line "Such a thing is what we were about to create" (referring to Thoma's reaction with Lily)? Call me crazy, but I think those guys were deliberately trying to create an Eclipse Driver.

Now why on Earth would anyone want to create an absurdly powerful living weapon that's immune to magic and needs to kill to live? Well for starters, if the Eclipse virus is able to spread beyond the handful of individuals currently infected with it, the bureau could be facing an epidemic of super-powered mass murderers that their magic is useless against. In such a situation, there would be a sudden and immense demand for mass weapons capable of hurting an Eclipse Driver. And isn't it a curious coincidence that Caledfwlch Techniques just so happens to have a line of magic-driven weapons armed and ready for testing just in time for the bureau's hunt for the Book of the Silver Cross?

Fate has her own soul, but Alicia's Heart
...Can't think of how to elaborate, but it's a nice theory.

Curren of Hückebein is Isis' big sister
I mean, have you seen how alike they look? Just compare Isis' introductory shot and Curren's.

Fortis is The Starscream
Come on, look at him and tell me he's not a sketchy motherfucker. The fact that Curren seems to leave often would be useful for him if this was the case, too.

Veyron is to Curren as Lily is to Thoma
They didn't say anything about these Human Reactors all needing to be girls, did they?
  • Except that Fortis says that they need to find Veyron's Divider soon and Reactors are not supposed to have Dividers, logically. Unless... Curren deliberately didn't tell him of Veyron's true nature, knowing that he is The Starscream! Which leads us to...

The Hücks are a Big, Screwed-Up Family
See above.

The Al-Hazredians were temporally-displaced Terrans
Humans from an Earth-based multi-stellar civilization in the future (2500s, 2600s, etc.) were sucked up by a dimensional distortion and spat out in the Hazred System in the distant past. They colonized the world, started a new civilization there with their advanced tech and/or magic and/or Magitek, and their civilization eventually gave rise to the Belkans, who in turn gave rise to the Midchildans. That may also explain why Fate's last name sounds kinda Italian - maybe Precia Testarossa's distant ancestors were Italian or some other Terran nationality, and they were among those who got tossed through time to Al-Hazred, and the lineage continued down through the centuries/millennia to Precia, Alicia, & Fate.
  • This could also explain how the official language of the TSAB is literally English.

The Hückebein are not intended to be the Wolkenritter's Evil counterparts, but their replacement instead
According to a theory recently commented. Given the not so subtle similarities between the two groups and the results of the direct confrontation between it's members(specially Hayate and Signum's battles) It's more or less stablished that the Hückebein is an improved version of the Wolkenritter on their debut(crueler and stronger). The amount of attention and screentime Tsuzuki is giving them, and the fact that they stablished their superiority by utterly trouncing mostly Yagami family members(effectively putting Signum on a bus for example), makes the sentsation that the plot ir riding of them on purpouse to cement their dethroning as a Badass Family at the hands of the Hückebein.

Subaru will Befriend Stella.
Stella is named for a make of Subaru car, after all.
  • Looking at Subaru's trend of being "the friend of all children" this seems to be plausible.
  • Teana is gonna be sooo happy about yet another loli rival.

Stella has an Older Alter Ego that will be one of the strongest fighters in the Hückebein.
Blonde loli who controls/powers a ship... Nope, doesn't ring a bell at all.

Unison devices were once mages.
Unison devices are the pinnacle of artificial intelligence and so much human-like because they are created from a critically injured (or not) human mage, using their linker core as a base. In this manner they function similarly to Dreadnoughts. It was a great honor to be considered worthy of being turned into a unison device to be able to continue serving one's lord.
  • Rein was created using the linker core of Reinforce (and possibly part of Hayate's?).
  • Agito is ancient. It's very probable, though not outright stated, that she was Signum's unison device before she got absorbed into the Book. Although we don't know how she was created, it might stand to reason that a unison device is created optimized for a specific master, and that this assignment can't be changed after the act.
  • Considering that part of the Book of Darkness in the PSP game Gears of Destiny was actually human before becoming Unlimited Darkness, it's very probable.

Reinforce Eins is going to be Centered Character again in the PSP game Gears of Destiny
In the Battle of Aces there were talks about Reinforce doesn't have much time left before she disappear. The Materials reappearing in the game most likely indicate that she and the Defense program are still around. It is most likely that the time of Reinforce's disappearance is going to happen soon during the Gears of Destiny story.
  • And also The Florian Sisters, who are guardians of time, are causing trouble with the main cast because of the split timeline caused when Reinforce didn't perform her "Heroic Sacrifice" at the end of A's like her Main Counterpart.

Precia was every bit as abusive towards Alicia as she was towards Fate, albeit with moments of apparently genuine kindness.
During her rant about how she despises Fate for being so completely different from Alicia, she also — quite strangely — goes off on a tangent about how Alicia could occasionally be disobedient. This could be read as simply another way that Fate (who is loyal beyond reason) is different from Alicia, or it could be an indication that no matter what Alicia or Fate were like, Precia wouldn't have been satisfied with anything less than her idea of perfection. Objections that Fate's inherited memories from Alicia show her being kind can be overruled by suggesting that Alicia received occasional kindness because Precia's emotional state wasn't quite as deterioriated yet. Objections based on Fate's vision of a kind Precia in the Book of Darkness and the illusory Alicia's statements about her mother's character ignore the fact that those visions are based on Fate's own beliefs ... and she has a desperate need to believe that Precia really was a good person underneath it all.

The Forwards never entered an Inter-Middle
Because they would pretty much slaughter every non-Forward participant there if they did. Teana, the magically-weakest member of the four, "killed" three combat cyborgs who were using lethal force against her, while crippled. The kids who participate in these tournaments do it just for fun and challenge. Sure, they may win on technical points but if it really comes to taking the opponent down, very few things can top Nanoha and Vita's Training from Hell and actual combat experience.
  • This is debatable as Einhart is able to defeat Nove and there are other even more powerfull fighters there like Micaiah who is able to beat Einhart in a practice and slice buses with barely any effort. There's also Sieglinde who is strong enough to curbstomp Micaiah herself and is an undefeated champion.
  • Nove didn't even use her IS against Heidi IIRC, yet she managed to plant a bug on her and make her collapse a minute later. In other words, Nove was in control of the fight the whole time. As for Sieglinde and Micaiah, sure, they have nice techniques and it may bring them victory, but they are not kicking ass for a living like the Forwards.

Curren is Veyron's reactor
Think about it a little. She never use a proper divider in battle, she seems to be very proficient with the Book she have and before her onscreen debut Veyron was the one who gives more hints about her existence. Coupled with the fact that Veyron use a borrowed Divider and he said he's ok with that there must be reasons for why things are like that.

Strosek the First will be used by (IS?!) The Man Behind the Man.
It makes too much sense for Lily to have to eventually fight her Super Prototype, who may be a Psycho Prototype too.

Signum is actually scared of Cypha
Think about it, she was very shocked when Laevateinn got destroyed, enough to let Cypha cross-slashing her, then she allowed herself getting impaled even when she's supposedly a determinated Blood Knight. But the real kicker came with her reaction upon recovering counciousness: She completely ignored what just happened and act without a bit of motivation in pursuing a rematch with an opponent strong enough to almost kill her. She instead becomes all smiles, a notorious change for someone who is cannonly described as someone who really enjoy battles. Considering how easily Cypha trounced her and how Signum described herself as being nothing more than an old fashioned knight, it's not strange for her to feel afraid of the Hückebein top swordswoman.
  • She probably recognized that if she even showed fear and regret about the loss, it would severely demoralize the whole team. She recognized the defeat, but she'll not let her emotions and fear get the best of her, so she's been hiding it. Or not, considering on how she instantly sparred with Thoma to get some idea on how to fight Mage Killer weapon. In other words, she might not ignore what just happened, but she'd rather not let the others know her worry or else it demoralizes the whole squad.
  • At least that can be interpreted as a confirmation of this WMG. Signum is pretty councsious she's at horrible disadvantage in front of Cypha and basically any fully reacted EC Driver. Her usual combat style that credited her as a Lightning Bruiser got totally destroyed by the new rules of the setting, she can fight but isn't able to deal lasting damage to a Hückebein and she can't stand even one hit from almost any of them, her trusty companion is repaired but hasn't received any upgrades so she more likely will receive a totally different AEC-weapon that she's not used to fight with(and if we go by the showed quality of blades on AEC-equips, i'll say it won't be as trusty as Laevatein xDU). Plus, she's fully councsious that she's now even weaker than when she confronted Cypha the first time, her body wasn't able to fully recover and is even implied that she may suffer permanent sequels because of that last impalement that go directly through her guts injuring her spine. Her fangs are broke and she know it, that's why she's suddenly modest and calm. It could be very justified for her to feel afraid of the Eye-Patched monster that puts her on that situation.

Egret SS are secretly the shady sort of Private Military Contractors. Secretly enough that Isis doesn't know.
Does anyone honestly expect otherwise?
  • Goes hand in hand with the "Evil Mega-Corp" theory about Caledwlch and Vandein.
  • Alternate theory: She does know what is going on, and that is why she is distancing herself. It's why she packs a device that uses chemicals rather than magic.

Yuuno is involved in black ops. Being head of the Infinity Library is merely a front, something like official cover.
This is the real reason why he's being shunted out of the limelight. After all, no black operative should be in the news. What does he really do now anyway?

Al Hazard will be featured sometime in the future
The mysterious country (or planet) said to contain secret and forbidden magical arts and technologies mentioned early in the series will, at some point, be a setting of a Nanoha story arc. If you think about it, Precia's claims about it existing may have certain truths to it, as she was a researcher before her Start of Darkness and after losing her only child, devoted much of her time and effort to finding the forbidden city, even theorizing that she will be able to get there with a bare minimum of 14 jewel seeds. I think it's also mentioned somewhere that Jail's combat cyborg technology was derived from Al Hazardian concepts.
  • Let's not forget that Al Hazard was already a lost civilization even in the times of Ancient Belka so probably also the Belkan technology has some of it's roots on that.

Raising Heart is the Super Prototype for modern Mid-Childian weaponry
Nanoha's device, who's history is still left unknown could very well be Mid-Childa's version of a powerful prototype weapon. To elaborate...
  • It was first seen and used by Yuuno, an archaeologist, who couldn't even use it properly, despite knowing the incantation on how to activate it. He may have read the specs of the device through some kind of decryption magic but is unable to use it because he lacks certain qualities.
  • Raising Heart only works properly when somebody possessing high magical powers (in this case, Nanoha) uses it, making this a rather specific criteria for it's usage. It can be said that Raising Heart requires a lot of magical energy for it to work, thus any mage below a certain rank (possibly AAA, since Nanoha registers at that rank on the TSAB scale in the first season) wouldn't be able to handle it.
  • Tuning up and/or upgrading Raising Heart as stated by Nanoha herself is quite difficult as the necessary parts needed for it are either rare, or is already out of production. If upgrades are possible (such is the case with the cartridge system), there are other parts that may need tuning up or reinforcement.
  • Raising Heart functions mostly as a high powered beam cannon/shotgun/rifle, putting emphasis on power and range. This characteristics coincide with the Mid-Childian magical philosophy of long distance combat.

Miura is a guy
As of the latest chapter we learn that Miura also has a teenage mode... and still is flat as a board.
  • Or maybe she's just gonna be a flat-chested teenager. Specially considering that there are other examples of flat-chested grown girls like Otto and Sein.
    • Otto isn't really a good example, since it's never stated what hir gender actually is (and even hir sisters don't know).
      • It's improbable that Scaglietti would put a clone into a boy's stomach, and the birth of the clone would be difficult. So, Otto is indeed female. She's also included in the all-female-beach-poster in ViVid.
      • She wears a miniskirt once in ViVid, top that!
    • Is that really an Adult/Teenager Mode? Furthermore, Rio has also a flat-chested Adult Mode.

Cypha wears an eye-patch for reasons different than a damaged/missing eye
Seeing at how high she thinks of her abilites and how much she enjoys having a good battle, she probably considered using the eye-patch to give herself a handicap and thus having more challenging fights(plus, it makes her look more menacing). Another theory is that the eye-patch have special features that enhace her sight or aid her in battle. There's even the possibility that the patch actually conceals a hidden weapon meant to be used on an emergency and Cypha is yet to face a truly dangerous opponent.

Unison Devices are fragments of a Mage's linker core's elemental affinity

Though this series show Elemental Magic less often than others, there are mages capable of using one or two forms of elemental based spells (Fate & Erio's magic are lightning based, Signum uses a flaming sword etc...). Then there are Unison Devices, small magical beings capable of fusing with a mage and enhance their magic with a certain element. They can also use magic by themselves and is also shown to be capable of handling their own Device. N Ow since one of them is explicitly stated to be born from the linker core of a mage (Rein), this theory makes a lot of sense.

  • Except canon stated that Rein's ice-based magic isn't an "Elemental Affinity" and the original Reinforce didn't displayed any preference for an element. It's a mistery how Unison Devices are created but if Rein Zwei is any indication they can born from the fuse of a linker core(if this is the real process or is a special event is left to guess). Still, their elemental powers seems to be only something that comes with some of them. So far the only two elements officially classified as MCA(Mana Conversion Affinity) are Lightning and Fire(the latter barely).
  • It's not the original Reinforce's Linker core that makes Rein's magic lean towards Ice, It's Hayate's Linker core that possible gave Rein her elemental affinity since canon also states that Rein was born from Hayate's linker core.
  • Reinforce Zwei was born from the fusion of Hayate's Linker Core with the original Reinforce's. And, as stated above, canon dismissed the idea of "ice" as an elemental affinity.

Signum never properly learned how to dodge
Only that could explain why she stays still in front of Cypha waiting to be cross-slashed. Signum had plenty of time to avoid cut-range while Cypha was giving her a small smug speech about desperation. Another evidence is how Signum always prefer to tank or parry instead of dodging. Possibly a bad habit acquired after centuries of being a Nigh-Invulnerable super strong knight.

The Dimensional Sea is the Warp
This would explain a number of things, including: why there is a range limit on interdimensional travel, why it takes time measured in hours or days, and why it looks like it does.

The people of El Hazard seem to have a form of Sufficiently Advanced Technology, including two weapons of mass destruction (a Death Star expy and an artificial-mage-slash-android wielding what's basically an ion cannon in staff form). The drill-tipped buildings in the TOS imagery are reminiscent of the "Arabian Nights" Days-style architecture.

Curren's abilities are similar to UBW
She uses a katana(or a shorter version, possibly a wakizashi) to shank Hayate in the back and dispatch Vita and Erio before commenting that the blade was not as tough as the opponent's weapons after it breaks. later, we see her wielding a different kind of sword (a rapier) without any mention of why she prefers wielding different swords. Since she is one of the few members of Hückebein who's abilities have not been revealed, it can be guessed that her primary offensive ability is to create replicas of swords. It could also be theorized that she can replicate her allies' unreacted dividers if she so pleases.

Yuuno is actually a Memetic Badass who's only pretending to be weak
Just look at what he can do with barriers and stuff in A's. Huge, multiple multi-layered barriers and sealing spells without a device. The theory is that he actually has a device, and given his skill, he'd be a total Game-Breaker with it. However, he's an Actual Pacifist, hence why he keeps out of the action so often.

Lily is Unbreakable Dark
UD's real name is "Yuri Eberwein"; "yuri" means "lily" in Japanese. Also, Lily's Barrier Jacket is suspiciously similar to Reinforce Eins'.

The form of the magic circle is a consequence of the form of the basic shield magic, not vice versa
The Belkan "circle" is a triangle, while the Mid-Childan circle is, indeed, a circle. The basic Belkan shield spell is the triangular Panzerschild, while the Mid-Childan counterpart is the Round Shield. The Belkan energy shield probably evolved from purely a physical kite shield, designed to protect the user's torso and foreleg in melee, which was the specialty of Ancient Belkan magic system. The Mid-Childan energy shield possibly evolved from the spherical barriers that protect against ranged attacks from any direction, and is therefore circular.

Eltria is Filgaia.
"Eltria" is the name in their version of Latin; "Fil gaia" is the closest "Earth" translation; it roughly means "Love of the Planet." (Most planets tend to call themselves "The World", "Land", or "Home" in their own language.) Being in the Nanoha-verse meant that the planet was eventually discovered by the TSAB and Administrated because of the ARMs. Ironically this lead to the most critical depopulation event than any of the previous Wild ARMs games because most of the natives are now able to leave the planet.
  • The reason the Materials are able to create water purifiers and land restorers in the ending is because they can easily read the Genetic Memory "Legacy Ruins" written in the DNA of the people. (And even Levi is programmed to be proficient with technical knowledge, as her conversation with Fate in the game shows.)

The Florian sisters changed their memories prior to going back in time.
Just like how the present day cast changed their memories of Vivio and Thoma. Either the Nanoha cast (or at least a historical record of them because they logged the "Gears of Destiny Incident") told the sisters that the Materials and U-D would be coming back with them; and the records indicated the Sisters didn't indicate any knowledge of this. To prevent Time Paradox, the Sisters changed their memories to match the records, one sister coming back to take the Examia, and one coming back to stop her. (Neither of them were good enough at acting to pretend.)

Nanoha Innocent is an attempt by the Examia to use the original Book of Darkness's defense program to nullify everyone via Lotus-Eater Machine.
There's a level even deeper than Yuri/U-D; the original Outer Circle. There's still a few glitches in the Matrix. Despite this being "normal" Earth (except for Virtual Reality), Alicia is still Fate's OLDER sister. Hayate is the "owner" of the Yagami Bookstore; with Reinforce, Sigum and Shamal being "employees" yet they have the surname "Yagami." However; the Examia learned from the Book of Darkness's mistake and this time included everyone emotionally connected to each other. (The reason Fate broke the previous temptation is because she didn't want to abandon anyone, especially Nanoha; now they're all there.)
  • "Brave Duel" was created to store memories and images that didn't fit into the constructed setting. So if anyone had a dream about their magic powers or barrier jackets; it could be explained away by the card game.

Nanoha Innocent is an actual world created by the Jewel Seeds and the Book of Darkness/Purple Sky/Eternal Circle/Examia to accommodate Alicia.
  • When Precia and Alicia fell into the Void Between the Worlds via the Jewel Seeds; their bodies dissolved and their minds were essentially locked into stasis in the Akashic Records. The Book of Darkness/Tome of the Purple Sky/Examia is a multidimensional entity that exists partly in this domain. When it created the Lotus-Eater Machine dream for Fate's last temptation, it actually pulled Alicia's mind into this. (Being in a coma to begin with, she was shielded from the initial entry trauma.) It really was her talking to Fate.
  • During the "Material" incident in the PSP games, the Examia's scanning of everyone involved (how it created Materials) etched their existence in to the Akashic Records. (Rynith's data was in the original Jewel Seeds that Precia had; however the contract was not.) The Florian Sister's Time Travel; and the Professor's handling of the Time Machine (he had to teach the Sisters about it, which meant he at least operated the interface) meant their information was recorded as well.
  • Moving U-D forward in time in the PSP game did not erase the Examia in the present timeline. The Examia exists throughout space-time, this is why the Book of Darkness could regenerate despite total destruction via Arc N Ciel. Moving U-D out of the present merely initialized the sentience required to operate. Without either U-D or Reinforce to use; the Examia found the most convenient sentience floating around the Akashic Records. Alicia's. It used a person's data as a core before, it did so again; making Alicia the new sentience controlling the core.
  • However, this time, the "darkness" was gone as was the Defense Program. Hunting for a command to follow; it examined Alicia's memories and created a "happy life" for her and her mother; thus created a world filled with Pieces created from the data the Jewel Seeds, the Materials, and the Time Machine had collected. Precia's memories were modified in order to repair her; copies of Nanoha and company were created to give Alicia company. Everyone's memories were formatted to fit this "happy life." What was left over became the Collectible Card Game.

Most of the Wolfenritter in Innocent are a branch family of the Yagamis.
Hayate's part of a very old family, and when her and Vita's parents died; an old tradition was invoked and the branch family moved in. Hence both obeying her and sharing her last name.

The true name of Nanoha's device is Razing/Raizing Heart.
Yuuno and Nanoha are too innocent to think of this and gave the goodhearted "Raising".Also 8ing/Raizing is known for having made Shoot 'Em Up games.
  • Knowing Tsuzuki's inability to stick to a consistent English spelling, a Flip-Flop of God like this may very well happen.

Stella's original family Irvine is going to be important somewhere down the line.
Fortis scolding her for giving it away seems to be a Chekhov's Gun.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 3rd Reflection will feature the film debut of the Materials.
Firstly, the Materials have been showing up everywhere after The Gears of Destiny, from commercials for the 2nd Movie, to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT, to the Material Girls Yon Koma gag-comic in Comic Ace, so the people behind the franchise have definitely been trying to raise awareness of their existence. Secondly, the Gears of Destiny Sound Stage had the Materials meeting the movie-verse Nanoha and Fate, with the question being raised on whether the movie-verse characters will meet the Materials or not, which could work as foreshadowing. Finally, the title of the 3rd movie is titled Reflection, which would fit perfectly for a movie where the three Aces meet their (not-so) Evil Twins, especially if it turns out to be a pseudo-adaptation of the Nanoha As Portable games (with a few tweaks to fit the movie timeline) rather than a completely new story, what with all of the Dark Pieces floating around.
  • The problem will be the story of The Gears of Destiny, because it's forbidden to report Time Travel. And The Battle of Aces have only a few story routes that work canonically in the Portable continuity, Nanoha, Hayate, Chrono, Signum's being the most plausible with a few minor changes. The Dark Piece Incident happens in December, the U-D Incident three months later, while the epilogue of the movie happens two years after A's. I guess the story will be about...

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 3rd Reflection will feature the events between A's and StrikerS
There is a lot of information to make a movie. First, the prologue of the movie could happen two years before the 2nd A's epilogue. What happened at this time beside the Precia Testarossa Incident and the Book of Darkness Incident. The Number Due stole Olivie's DNA, the basis to create Vivio. It could also start with Quint saving Ginga and Subaru, which happened a year before Due succeeded her mission. The rest of the movie could introduce the StrikerS characters, especially the four main characters and the Numbers. At the time of the 2nd A's epilogue, Zest's team was killed by Scaglietti's team. A year after that, Nanoha lost against the Type IV Gadget Drones. There is a lot of material for the other characters' past. Tiida's death and his influece on Teana which happened a year after Nanoha's incident, in the same year, Vice shot his sister's eye, and Vivio's birth, Erio discovering the truth of his origin and Fate was taking care of him. Then the scenario at the time of the original A's epilogue: the beginning of the Relic Incident, the cause of the Airport Fire Incident could be exploit, since it looks like Scaglietti has something to do with, regarding Quattro's reaction about Nanoha's Divine Buster Extension. Subaru and Ginga being saved by Nanoha and Fate, Hayate's decision to found the Riot Force 6, and Caro being banned by her tribe and being taken care by Fate. The next years: Subaru and Teana meeting in the Ground Force Acedemy, Zest and Lutecia saving Agito. The movie could also cover a bit from the beginning of StrikerS like Subaru and Teana's B-rank exam, and the foundation of the Riot Force 6.
  • Regarding to this, it's very likely that the High Council and Regius would be cut out of the movie.
    • Regius is an important character for the StrikerS story. Not only he's one of Scaglietti's sponsor, but also the target of Zest and Due. If Regius won't appear, Zest would lose his motivation, and Due would lose her last target and any opportunity to appear in the StrikerS story, not to mention her death scene, unless she would get a new one. The High Council mustn't appear in any movie, but maybe Regius' crimes were public, and he was "punished" by death anyway and didn't got a Karma Houdini like Graham.
  • Nanoha vs Signum during the Combat Tactics Exhibition, which would prove how strong Nanoha became after her rehabilitation.

Thoma's friendly behavior towards the Hückebein and forgetting revenge is the fault of the Eclipse virus tampering with his morality.

He is well aware the Hückebein have killed hundreds of people and believes one of them may have been involved in the destruction of the Vaizen Mines, but doesn't seem to bother in later chapters. This might be hinting that the virus has begun affecting his mind and already made him somewhat amoral in spite of Shamal providing treatment. In future chapters, it will get worse to where he will be put off duty due to it.

Adding to a previous theory, Curren is a Reactor Plug and no longer is able to react with Veyron.

She has mostly used ordinary swords instead of a Divider, uses a book like Lily, and seems to be paired up with Veyron in flashbacks. To add to this, Veyron has a divider and doesn't have a means to react, yet Curren has a high opinion of him. Personally, I think Curren and Veyron are actually a Book/Gunblade duo that could react, but the only reasons we haven't seen it is because they lost that ability to preform it out incompatibility. In addition to this theory...

Curren's has a personal motive for wanting Thoma in the family. Specifically, she wants to react with him.

She wants Thoma, but seems to ignore any significance Lily has. While it mostly seems to be because of Lily being seen as "damaged" by the family, it can also been seen that Curren wants Thoma personally so she can react with him and make use of the "Zero Gene" she has been seeking. This will lead to her special ability "Force React".

Arnage is trying to come off as Cool Big Sis to the younger members and will also be the first (or only) Hückebein who will have their backstory revealed.

If you pay attention to the chapters where the two groups were battling, her dialogue sounded very sincere compared to the other Hückebein, who came off as having ulterior motives. In reality, it's because she feels she has to come off as a cool older sibling to the younger Hückebein members, such as the possibility of Thoma joining. In Chapter 26, Sonica notes she has an "embarrassing secret" that she utilizes as blackmail. This "secret" will be the first bit of her backstory, in which the first people she killed was her own younger brother, who was dying to the virus. Long story short: Arnage is a Stepford Smiler and sees a person she loved in Thoma and hangs out with Stella mostly due to seeing her as a little sister she never had.

Thoma is hopelessly trying to become a Morality Pet to the Hückebein.

The reason he is acting friendly towards them and trying to disapprove of their behavior is because he is trying to grow in as a Morality Pet. Chapter 23, he actually managed to influence Cypha from killing Quinn, in which her excuse is that she was in a good mood that day. Unfortunately, he has no idea it's a mostly doomed endeavor given the situation.

The Hückebein and other Eclipse infectees are Technically Living Zombies

Thoma is an Unreliable Narrator whose memories were faked and implanted.

Curren is first younger villain to commit crimes in Nanoha series, since she has Superpowered Alter Ego
  • It looks more like a reverse example. Arnage didn't know her Teenage Mode, and Curren mentions that it's a long time since she's in that mode.

All Eclipse infectees die temporarily before waking up infected
The Eclipse virus actually kills everyone that is infected with it. The only difference is that those who are walking around show they reacted well with the virus, but Came Back Wrong. As a result, all of the attacks on the towns involve the assailants sticking around long enough just to check if any possible revivals occur.

The Eclipse was a flawed attempt at creating quick and easy Super Soldiers

Those with Linker Cores when getting infected by the Eclipse permanently lose their ability to use magic, as well as being in horrible pain

More of the EC virus' faults will show up, showing it is a Fate Worse than Death
From what it is seen, most of the infectees see the required killing bit (the only real fault) as a minor nuisance at the worst. As a result to make it seem more of a suck-ish ability, the virus' other faults will begin to surface such as a ridiculously short lifespan, eventual loss of powers, and other symptoms that throw those who find out over the Despair Event Horizon

Thoma will encounter an infectee who hunts other infectees and receive a What the Hell, Hero? moment or "The Reason You Suck" Speech
The hunter will call out Thoma on his behavior towards the Hückebein and inability to be a reliable ally all while trying to kill him. And it will send Thoma into a Heroic BSoD.

Thoma is subtly suffering a Death of Personality as the story moves on.

The events of Force are being narrated as if they already happened
The chapters are named "Records" after all.

The reason Thoma is borderline useless on the battlefield is because he is held back bureaucratically
Unlike the other devices, Thoma's Divider has the double annoyance of being extremely dangerous the environment and that it cannot be set to stun easily, restricting the guy to resort to mostly melee. He has to get permission by his superiors to use his more destructive Beam Spam based attacks, which falls under the same conditions as Hayate's magic. For example, he never used his energy-based attacks at all during the Grendel incident, and he was in the middle of a city where it is easy to cause damage.

Switching vision modes and creating mini energy blasts will be a Chekhov's Skill for Thoma
Cypha briefly showed Thoma firing miniature sword beams from her fingertips as well as stressing the importance of being used to switching energy modes at a moment's notice during their encounter with the Grendel. Thoma's next battle will involve invoking them to put up a better fight without losing horribly like with Kurt.

Thoma is a clone or related to Hades Vandein
They have rather similar looks, the former lives on the same world Vandein's company resides on, and they are notable figures in the Eclipse case. Also supporting is that Thoma has no memory of having a family at all when he recalled his life at the mines and has several other holes about those origins.

Thoma is a Sociopathic Hero who pretending to be nice and innocent
As seen in Chapter 24, Thoma says to Signum and Cypha "take care yourself". Sounds foolish, considering what kind of people the Hückebein are. However, one could imagine that behind his Nice Guy personality, he has bigger sociopath than Hückebein (if not all of Eclipse infected), who wants to see both of them fighting just for lulz, fun, and profit.

At some point, the backstory and some Freudian Excuse of Hückebein will exploited in the next few chapters

The origin of Stern's fire powers
Possible theories:
  • Nanoha's Out of the Inferno scene inspired the makers to give Stern devilish treats like Nanoha herself.
  • Stern got Signum's personality and fire powers, but Levi got her weapon finesse.
  • Destruction is usually associated with fire. Nanoha was the most destructive of the three Aces next to Hayate, and Stern later got fire as a form of destruction.
  • Due to an overdevelopment of Vita's Flammeschlag, the attack that caused the Out of the Inferno scene. Then, the fire powers became her main element besides stars.
  • They are based of the arianote  of Luciferion Breaker.

Curren is Hades Vandein's daughter
  • This is unlikely, since Curren and Hades already met face to face and neither has shown any signs of recognition, even though he had a "date" with his daughter just a few chapters prior.

Nanoha will get a rival or an own enemy in FORCE
She is the only one of the three Aces who doesn't have something like a rival. Hayate has Curren, Fate has apparently Deville, Isis has Arnage, Signum has Cypha, Thoma has Veyron, Lily will have Rosalia. Nanoha just obliterated the Grendel family, but they don't really count as a proper enemy. So her rival/enemy will be:
  • Fortis, whose abilities have yet to be revealed.
  • Stella, whose Reactor is the fortress. So, Wave-Motion Gun vs Cool Spaceship. Also, Nanoha has the tendency to fight children. And Stella looks really similar to Vivio.
    • In that case, Vita could also have a rival in Stella. It's not the first time Vita would fight a spaceship. It also helps that both of them are lolis.
  • Hades, the other Big Bad.

Erio is either a lolicon or he just likes Caro's body like it is

Seiyuus for the ViVid cast will be...

Force Erio will get another Seiyuu
He is a year older and One Head Taller than Thoma who is voiced by Yūki Kaji. Erio is the manliest guy after Zafira among the good guys. It would be weird if he's still voiced by a woman. And Marina Inoue wouldn't disappear from the franchise, thanks to Cinque and Wendi.

Stern is secretely in love with Yuuno
Stern shows somekind of affection to Yuuno in G.o.A. Her hair looks similar to him, she's very intelligent, she's more feminine than Nanoha, and it wouldn't be surprising if she got all of Nanoha's heterosexual preferences.
  • She calls him even "shishou/master". Maybe because of respect. Or maybe something else.

The Grendel Family will pull a Heel–Face Turn
They attempted to escape their prison, but failed. Guess who is the one who shot them down? That's right. The White Devil herself.

Garyu is overpowered for the Inter-Middle Championship
Lutecia "carries" him within her Asclepius, which makes him very easy to summon and doesn't need to be controlled, thanks to his relative high intelligence. He is as powerful as a TSAB officer, and is a Lightning Bruiser. Very strong, very fast, and tough as hell. Even though, Lutecia curb-stomps every opponent by herself, Garyu would make her one of the most overpowered participants alongside Sieglinde. The only way to "defeat" Garyu is simply defeating him or defeating his mistress, that would disqualify her from the match and Garyu would lose his purpose. He can fight even if she lose her consciousness, but as long as there are the DSAA rules, he cannot win her battle if she's KO or has 0 LP.

Arf wasn't really going to eat Nanoha
In the original canon, Arf threatened to swallow Nanoha whole if she got in their way too much while she and Fate were looking for the Jewel Seeds. That aside, we never see Arf really carry out her threat, and there have been dozens of times in other battles taking place in later seasons where Arf had ample opportunity to eat her enemies, yet she never did. No, the threat was a simple bluff to try and scare Nanoha into going away.
  • That much is pretty obvious. Fate is still Arf's master and even in her emotionally dead state at the time, she would have never allowed such excessive cruelty.

Thoma will appear in ViVid
It's mentioned in The Gears of Destiny that Vivio knows him in the ViVid timeline, and she already appeared in Force. So why not showing Thoma there?

There's a genetic connection between homosexuality in girls and excelling in magical combat
Nanoha, Fate, Subaru, Vita, Vivio, Einhart. Most of the other characters earned their power (either by training or through artificial means) or have talents that lie in support (like Caro). This is most noticeable with "She Who Rainbows Are Straighter Than" (who was genetically modified to kick major amounts of ass), and Vivio (who's the clone of the strongest fighter in history). It's obviously not a direct connection (since Tea is Weak, but Skilled), but there's got to be some sort of relation between the two.

They're gonna pull a copout and declare Force non-canon via Proscenium Reveal.
Basically, they're going to reveal it was a simulation for a 'what if' scenario and please the people that hated Force and the direction it was going. Or make them even more salty. Either's possible.

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