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These are Wild Mass Guesses for the series Lyrical Nanoha which have been confirmed by the series or by Word of God. If a WMG on one of the open pages is confirmed, please move it here.

Please add new confirmed entries to the bottom of the page.

Eclipse is some form of Unison
When Tohma taps into his Superpowered Evil Side immediately after making receiving the engagement bracelet from Lily, three things happen:
  1. his outfit changes to something unreasonably skimpy and his hair becomes white and pointy;
  2. a massively overpowered weapon appears in his hand;
  3. he loses control of his own body and later apparently has no recollection that he just killed a few dozens of human beings.
Now, the first part of it is a telltale sign of Unison, just think of Rein's and Agito's Unisons with pretty much anyone. The second part is non-indicative in itself, but it implies a massive power boost, which is, again, associated with Unison Devices, which amplify power by efficiently controlling its output. Finally, the last part is suspiciously similar to the so-called "Unison accidents", where the Device owner completely loses control of their body to the Unison Device, like Hayate did in the second season. She, however, had time to regain consciousness and, later, control over her own body. Tohma's blackout lasted for a few seconds, tops, meaning that he probably didn't even realize he was gone.

My theory is therefore that the Book of the Silver Cross is some kind of "delegated" Unison technology, which takes over human bodies, boosts their powers, and makes them do things. What's more, it's not a single Book but rather, a whole network of them, operating in several dimensions (Tohma's encounter with Lily and the attack on the village in another world that Teana investigates happen around the same time but have obvious similarities).

  • More evidence - Reinforce Zwei, a Unison Device, has the same voice actress as C.C. Lily was encountered in a manner similar to C.C., and Tohma's left eye started bleeding just before he got that power. Plus his attack was called "Divide Zero". The Nanoha series loves its Shout Outs.

  • Partially Jossed in chapter 3: Nobody was killed by Tohma back then, he remembers actually shooting the Divider, and he can summon the Divider at will without losing consciousness.
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  • Partically confirmed in chapters 6 through 8: While Eclipse isn't exactly Unison, the EC React is very much like it, except that it only works for Eclipse Drivers. Also, the Stroseks, humanoid EC Reactors, are apparently Unison Devices for EC-infected.

Tohma personally knows Subaru
In chapter 2, he says that he was helped by "another kind person" long ago. In the prologue chapter, we see someone looking like Subaru (at least, she's the only character from the ending collage that I haven't found anywhere else in the prologue) and young Tohma talking on a beach. Heck, Tohma may even be that little boy whom Subaru saves in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers epilogue (though that guy was blond), and "Suu-chan", his elder sister.
  • It's a bit of a long shot, but Subaru could be "Su-chan" (The similarities between the nickname and her name don't seem entirely coincidental, and Subaru is not the type to demand formality). It might be interesting if Subaru knows Tohma, as it could potentially create a dilemma for her between turning him in to help her best friend's investigation or helping him even while Teana is pursuing him. She could find a middle ground, telling Teana that he must have some reason for what he's doing- this might convince her and Fate, and they could work to find out the truth.
    • Indirectly supported by Tohma in chapter 3: he says that Su-chan works for the Bureau.
  • I Knew It!! Confirmed as of chapter 4.
  • Was this ever even supposed to be ambiguous?

Signum is not dead
She is just far too awesome for that. That's the only argumentation that is really needed.
I believe it's pretty much obvious. This is MLGN after all.
  • Keep in mind that this WMG was written shortly after the first scans of Force ch.7 emerged.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid will have Vivio as either the lead or co-lead
ViVid, Vivio, they're too close to each other for this to not be true!

Reinforce's continued presence in The Battle of Aces can be thanked for Hayate's improved fighting ability.
In StrikerS and the All There in the Manual material built on the main continuity, it is said that Hayate is a Unskilled, but Strong Glass Cannon/Squishy Wizard who's next-to-useless in close combat. In The Battle of Aces, though, she can throw up barriers and use quick-casting close range spells. This can probably be waved off as Competitive Balance, but the in-universe reason is probably having Rein around to teach her to use the Tome's power properly.
  • Confirmed by fan-translations of Hayate's route.

Heidi E.S. Ingvalt is actually one of Vivio's classmates
...maybe even Corona or Lio. Think about it: Vivio is 10, she just got her own Device, and a mysterious Dark Magical Girl is now after her and Ixpellia (who may just as well not be counted, since she's comatose). Does that remind you of The Original Series? Obviously, there are differences, the main one being: Vivio is the Older Alter Ego-type Magical Girl, rather than the usual Magical Girl Warrior variety. Ergo, her rival in the manga may just as well be a Older Alter Ego-type Dark Magical Girl. Bonus points for them both transforming into Ancient Belkan rulers in their adult forms. And what better twist can you apply to that than Living with the Villain? Especially if you consider the general tendency in Nanoha to properly pair rivals according to their size. OK, I admit that asking Nove where to find Vivio if you already know Vivio from school is a bit pointless, but maybe "Ingvalt" is just someone from a different class. The main idea is: "Ingvalt" is, in fact, someone of Vivio's age who also mastered the adult form, and now aims to achieve... something. Judging by her "Weakness can't protect anyone" line, said something probably has to do with losing a loved one. But she is gonna get befriended, anyway, that much is as certain as an amen in the church.
  • Rio and Corona don't fit the Dark Magical Girl image at all, but promotional materials mention a character in Vivio's school (in a higher grade than Vivio) named Einheart Stratos (cue Mobile Suit Gundam 00 references) who seems a pretty good candidate for Heidi's real identity.
  • Ingvalt seems to have somewhat longer and darker hair than Einhart(although it could be transformation magic or some other magical effect), so I'm curious as to how Einhart fits into all this, as she has yet to make an actual appearance.
    • ...wait a second. "Heidi E. S. Ingvalt". "Einhart Stratos". Really, can it be more obvious than that??
      • Nice catch. I'm betting on the reveal happening in the next two chapters :P
      • It was revealed in chapter 5, however it's shown that Einhart and Heidi are two different entities who can't remember each other similar to how Vivio was when she first transformed into 'saint kaiser mode' meaning that even if Einhart knew vivio, Heidi wouldn't be able to find her because she dosn't have any of Einhart's memories.
      • To clarify, Einhart isn't actually an ancient Belkan ruler like Ix. She is merely using the title "Hegemon Ingvalt". What her connection with the title is has not yet been revealed.
      • To clarify even further, both Einhart and Vivio have perfect recollection of their actions in their adult forms (Vivio, for example, flashbacks her fight with Nanoha in the first chapter). Vivio didn't have control over her actions in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers, true, but that had to do with the Relic lodged in her body rather than with her adult form, per se. And the most likely reason why Einhart/Heidi didn't know Vivio personally is simply because Vivio is her underclassman and St. Hilde Academy is pretty huge, so you can't reasonably expect everyone to know everyone else. Though the question still remains how Einhart learned about a Saint King clone and the Dark Ruler of Galea residing on Mid-Childa... I'd imagine that being a closely guarded state secret.
      • Whether Fate or Vivio is narrating the flashbacks at the start of the chapter depends on the translation, since it segues into Fate asking how Vivio ended up in Adult Mode.
      • I don't know, that secret doesn't seem to be guarded at all. "Hi, your highness!" "Stop calling me your highness, I'm just an ordinary schoolgirl!" anyone?
      • Well, IIRC only the Numbers at the Church HQ address her as Majesty by now, which is a pretty secure location IMO.
      • They also did it in the Infinity Library in Sound Stage X. Don't know how secure a location that one is. Vivio needed to get pass a security check which required her ID Card and voice sample, but that seems to be normal security for large public libraries.
      • Maybe her being the Sankt Kaiser is a bit like Naruto being the host of the nine-tailed fox; a fair amount of people know (In Vivio's case, Section 6, Lutecia and the Numbers; In Naruto's case all the people who were old enough to remember the attack), but it's officially treated as a secret and they can't talk about it with others, (one possibility is for Vivio to live a normal life), but that doesn't stop Otto and Deed from calling that when no people who don't know are in earshot. Einhart also doesn't seem to know who or where exactly Ixpellia is, and may just know about her and Vivio from the legends, making the assumptions that they're also around in this time period (If she had more information, she might have suspected that Nove knew something).
      • They are elementary students going to fairly large private school. They can't really be expected to know everyone else who goes there by name and sight, as well as any interesting tidbits about their family history.

Hayate's mad magical powers aren't natural
...unlike Nanoha's. When Graham selected Hayate to become the mistress of the Book of Darkness, she didn't have any magic potential at all, but a prolonged contact with the Book gave her what is currently the highest power level among all canon characters. It makes sense to assume that had he seen such power within her from the onset (keep in mind that he is a TSAB official with 50 years of experience and enough magic power to sustain two familiars at once, so he could not have missed such potential), he would have selected someone else to play that part and took Hayate directly to Mid-Childa.

It may be further theorized that the gradual increase of the Master/Mistress' power is also a function of the Book: since they are bound to each other, filling the Book's pages with Linker Cores likely transfers some power to its master. It may also be possible that Hayate's poor health was a side effect of her body being forcefully transformed from a Jane Normal into a Physical God (also note the irony of Wolkenritter trying to save Hayate by unknowingly forcing her transformation). This function was, of course, poorly documented since the Masters of the Book usually died violently right after the Book was completed (and they reached the peak of their power, respectively).

  • Graham didn't choose Hayate to be the Book's mistress, he had no control over it whatsover, the book chose its own mistress. Thus, your entire theory is based around a false premise.
    • Ah, is that so? Dang. Then screw the Graham premise, let's go with the stochastic likelihood of two incredibly strong mages born in the same year in the same city in a world normally devoid of magic. The last confirmed case of a mage spontaneously born on Earth was Graham, and that was some 50 years before Nanoha and Hayate's birth in Great Britain.
    • Objection! Graham clearly set the thing up, and it's even stated in the manga that he delibrately chose Hayate to be sealed with the book so few people would need to mourn her! He delibrately created a situation in which the book could only choose Hayate as she was the only person it came into contact with.
      • Which chapter was that in?
      • None of them. He actually said that when he found that master of BoD is along without friends and family it was something like sign to go with plan which he doubted at moment.
      • It was in Episode 10. ("Her parents had died and her body was broken, so it really tore my heart apart, but... I thought it was her destiny. Even if she had to be lonely, many other people wouldn't have to grieve because of her").
  • Isn't this canon? Hayate is explicitly stated to have fused with the core of the Book of Darkness. It's also the reason why Hayate suffers from the Squishy Wizard and Does Not Know Her Own Strength tropes - she didn't learn magic normally, she just has access to the ultimate spells of doom contained within the book.
    • And where is it "explicitly stated"?
      • In Track 8 of StrikerS Sound Stage 3, Hayate says "My linker core is melded with the original Reinforce, and Rein's linker core is born from my own core so...", to explain why Reinforce Zwei is having dreams of the original Reinforce's memories.
      • Some officer in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers also mentions it (something like "You only got this position because that Lost Logia fused with you!").
      • It would be very hard to watch A's without concluding Hayate is all but unaware of magic, or who and what the Wolkenritter really are, until about the 11th episode. She demonstrates no aptitude before the completion of the book and the manga even makes it clear the Wolkenritter devised "cover stories" for their frequently being out of the house.
      • She does seem to know that the Wolkenritter have magic and, to some degree, what their abilities are; in the first A's Sound Stage, Vita casually mentions using Levantine to heat the water, and Hayate suggests using some of the Book's magic. Hayate can also use telepathy and even overhear telepathic conversations (like when Shamal complains to Zafira about Signum and Vita criticizing her cooking). The Wolkenritter probably informed them of their abilities and offered to show her how to use the Book, but Hayate never intended to go into battle; in Episode 6, Signum suggests that if she fills the book, she can become very powerful and heal her legs, but Hayate refuses because gathering linker cores would hurt people. While she probably had the potential to use magic before then, she never had any cause to do so.
      • The manga mentions how after A's, Hayate's soul gained the memories and aspects of the Book among other things; hence she started being more maternal then....sexually curious.

The Saint Church venerates only one Saint King
Well, this may be obvious to some but I haven't seen this stated explicitly anywhere, so here goes... The Saint Church only venerates the last Sankt Kaiser Olivie Segbrecht as its main Saint (see Jesus) for her Messianic Archetype role in the Saint King Unification War, when she sacrificed herself to end it. All other "Saints" of the Saint Church (St. Hilde, after who Vivio's school is named; St. Valerie, mentioned in Force; etc.) are virtuous personalities from the Ancient Belkan era rather than every single example of the Saint King bloodline. That would make more sense than to revere a royal family best known for waging a centuries long interdimensional War for Fun and Profit.
  • Confirmed in the StrikerS DVD 2 booklet.

Heidi Ingvalt is not the real Big Bad of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
She somehow learned that Ixpellia and a clone of Sankt Kaiser Olivie are on Mid-Childa (which is supposed to be a state secret) and pals with Nove Nakajima (which is really none of an elementary schoolgirl's business). On the other hand, she does not know that Ixpellia is kept at Saint Church HQ or that the Sankt Kaiser clone is her own kohai. She also apparently does not know the details of Ixpellia's current state, clearly expressing the wish to fight her. The final picture is of someone who has a number of presumably classified information pieces but with large gaps — in other words, it appears as if someone were feeding her limited information, trying to make her do their dirty work of locating Vivio and Ixpellia for them. Seeing how ViVid parallels The Original Series in many aspects, I'd suppose that there is a Precia-type Big Bad still lurking somewhere in the shadows.
  • Take a close look at the visor Einheart is wearing prior to her confrontation with Nove. Looks an awful lot like the visors the Mariage used to wear, doesn't it? And she's looking for Vivio and Ixpellia? Hmm...
  • It seems as though Einhart never had any malicious intentions toward the two of them, and Vivio's main goals seem to be becoming closer friends with Einhart improving herself to her level, and possibly finding out how to solve her issues with Ingvalt's memories.
  • As good as confirmed by now. Looks like ViVid is not gonna have any Bads, big or small, any time soon.

When she returns, Signum...
Won't care at all that she was defeated and nearly killed, brushing it off like it doesn't matter - because it doesn't. Given the era the Wolkenritter lived in, it's natural to assume they died in battle a number of times, only to be resurrected by the book. And the time between a new master getting hold of the book and the time she has to recuperate in the hospital probably aren't too far apart. Why should Cypha defeating her matter at all if she's not dead? For extra points, have the knowledge that there's someone who isn't scared of her no matter what drive her into a rage once it's pointed out.
  • That depends on how their memory works, even if it where true that Signum or any of the Wolks were killed in the past we don't know if they have any memories about that. Vita mentions on ViVid Chapter Ex. that they live on a time where victory is all that matters and defeat means losing everything such philosophy will be inadequate if they were aware of their immortality and thus not having to worry for "defeats".
    • Debatable. The Wolkenritter's commitment to their duty is such that failing in it could well be regarded as worse than dying or any mere physical injury. To fail could literally be worse than to die in their minds.
    • Good point. Signum can't simply shrug off her defeat as it didn't matter because she effectively fail at her duty, letting a dangerous criminal who already confessed horrible crimes getting away with her objetive and kidnapp two young civilians who are also very important witnesses on this case. Also her failure results in more injuries and critical conditions for her master and comrades. She definetely won't take this as a mere nuisance. It will be OOC for her.
  • Confirmed in Ch. 18. She awakes, tease Agito and Rein, and exchange words with Hayate with a smile on her face. Not really the behavior of someone thinking seriously about a rematch.
    • And as of Ch. 20, she already requested a spar with Tohma to get an idea about how to fight Mage Killer weapon. The spar did get interrupted, but when you realize Signum requested that while she's just ordered to 'change hospital', she probably is thinking of a rematch that ahead and is trying to come up with a strategy to come out victorious that early.
The reason why The Movie is often angstier than the original Nanoha series is related to its being an in-universe production
In-universe, the movie would be essentially a biopic for Nanoha and Fate, and thus subject to dramatization and embellishment. While Nanoha and Fate may have been called in to review the facts, their memory of how they felt is not necessarily perfect, and Nanoha and Fate may have overestimated their respective doubts about the likelihood of their becoming friends.

For this reason...

If there's an A's movie, Graham's going renegade to seal away the Book of Darkness his way will be edited out

The idea of an admiral of the TSAB who was held in high esteem disrupting an investigation in order to seal away an innocent girl forever is highly disturbing to many people in the Nanohaverse, and as such, the only characters who demonstrate knowledge about the case apart from Chrono (who arrested Aria and Lotte) and maybe the two guards posted at the door to Graham's office, Admiral Lindy, Admiral Letty, Regius and Auris, the latter of whom notes that the incident was "overlooked." It's also possible that the movie will never come out in the Nanohaverse, though, since it would essentially involve revealing the non-human nature of the Wolkenritter, which is officially a secret in the TSAB.

  • Confirmed! Graham's betrayal is totally removed, and Reinforce Eins' autodefence program is falsely changed into a sentient Device-like entity. This allows them to rid Eins' name of any wrongdoing, as well as making her and the Knights more relatable.

Ixpellia will wake up sometime during Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
If Vivio is Irui, then Ixpellia is probably Alfimi, both of them being high-placed units of great importance in their respective armies of darkness, but not being fully in control of their minions. Using this comparison and taking it to its logical conclusion, there are two possible outcomes: either Ixpellia follows the Impact route and stays comatose for the rest of the story, or she takes the Original Generations Gaiden route and wakes up after a brief absence from the plot. Either of these routes could work for the story, and yet the artists keep cutting back to characters taking care of Ixy, talking about visiting her, etc... as if to make sure we don't forget she's there...
  • Don't forget that ViVid is essentially a fighting story, and Ixy has never been a good fighter, as far as we know.
  • "As far as we know" is not very far at all, considering that she's had all of about two scenes or so, neither of them animated. She definitely doesn't like to fight, but that doesn't mean she can't, or that she wouldn't be averse to recreational combat that doesn't involve all-out warfare and armies of cyborg zombies killing everything in their path. It's a moot point anyways, since Ixpellia could just as easily be a spectator as a participant and still be involved in the plot.
  • Confirmed in chapter 63. Ixpellia has awakened, but not in the usual way. However, now she's part of the story. Then she full awakes in Chapter 90.


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