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This is a page for wild mass guesses from the series Lyrical Nanoha which have been Jossed by the series or Word of God. If a WMG on one of the open pages is Jossed, please move it here.

Please add new Jossed entries to the bottom of the page.

Lutecia is deaf.
Yes, it happens quite often that people talk to her, but all of those are mages, who seem to use their Psychic speech just as easily as they do regular speech. Her summons only communicate through gestures. Prime evidence is that she appears to be fully immume to Agito's Starengeheul, which seems to work more through sound bursts than light. Agito did tell Lutecia to close her eyes, but the sound doesn't seem to bother her at all. Also, there is a scene where Lutecia is captured, which we see from her viewpoint. Note that there's no sound at all (even though four characters are talking to her), until Sein talks to her with the aforementioned Psychic speech.
  • This makes a lot of sense. Not sure whether the sound stages have anything that contradicts it, though.
    • Potentially contradicted by Part 5 of Striker Sound Stage 3, where Agito notes that Lutecia initially didn't answer her unless she "call(ed) out a lot" (although it might have been via telepathy). In Sound Stage X, her phone beeping catches her attention, and she picks it up and has a conversation with Vivio (albeit presumably with video links). In Episode 22, she turns to look at the hologram screen when Quattro calls her.
      • On the other hand regarding Sound Stage 3, Lutecia not responding to Agito's calls despite Agito screaming her head off could be seen as another proof of this. After all, this is a sound drama. How are we sure that Lutecia responded because she heard Agito, instead of say... her seeing Agito apparently shouting something? Now, the video links are a little harder to fit. Maybe besides having audio and video transmission capabilities, they 're also capable of psychic transmissions?
        • The holographic consoles seem to be sound-based, as Erio and Caro can hear what Quattro's saying (Erio reacts angrily to her statement that she's using the Villain Override on Lutecia, and the two learn Lutecia's name despite Lutecia not introducing herself like Caro and Erio did), and Quattro is moving her mouth (while Lutecia could potentially read lips, her voice got her attention).
  • Chapter 8 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid has her react to Megane calling her verbally, so this one's jossed.

Nanoha and crew are the main antagonists in Force
Well, not much of a Wild Mass Guessing really. After all, Tohma and Lily are the main protagonists, and the last panels of chapter 1 were of Fate and Teana talking about getting Lily and the artifacts that Tohma got back at all costs.
  • It's entirely possible that Tohma will turn out to be unintentionally causing a lot of problems by having Lily come with him and is mainly concerned about protecting her, while Nanoha and the rest of the TSAB are pursuing him to stop the problems without knowing why he's so devoted to Lily (Basically, like if A's had the Wolkenritter as the main characters, but in this case, the scientists and the people behind them might turn out to be the real villains).
  • Jossed; a man with a gun like Tohma's shows up, demanding that Tohma hand over the Divider, and Tohma recognizes him as one of the people who destroyed his hometown. This doesn't mean that Tohma won't have to fight/run from Fate, Teana and/or Signum, though.

But she always carries Raising Heart in her left hand because doing so with her (actually dominant) right one generates so much sheer badass and awesome, it warps the time-space around her.
  • Jossed. She is also shown writing with her left hand. But it can also be that she is so powerful that a pen would blow up only for contact with the White Devil's right hand.
    • That must be it.

Linith died destroying the ship that carried the Jewel Seeds near Earth
She didn't simply expire meaninglessly, but was in fact lost in the destruction of the ship; her efforts to teleport herself out failed and she could only "upload" her soul into Bardiche and have that escape the ship's destruction. Fate and Arf were not yet ready to pursue the Jewel Seeds, however, accounting for the time delay in which they didn't do so.
  • Has anyone who knows Japanese seen the second sound stage? While I don't think it says anything about Linith's fate, Track 15, (I think its title means "Its Name is Bardiche") may shed light on Bardiche's origins and help discover whether the "Linith is Bardiche" theory is correct.
    • Jossed; Precia and Linith had a contract that stated Linith would remain a familiar until Fate was fully trained and Bardiche was complete; Precia didn't want to keep her around any longer than that because of the amount of mana it would take to maintain a familiar of her level. When the contract was fulfilled, Linith vanished.

Lutecia is not actually Megane's daughter, but a clone.
Lutecia has no memories of her mother and only knows who it is because Jail said that Megane was. Jail doesn't seem the type to get in contact with the very, very young daughter of someone who died attacking one of his bases, while he is entirely the type who would clone her as an artificial mage. However, shortly after she is cloned, she is taken away by the revived Zest, who sees her as his responsibility. After being revived, Megane decides to take her in anyway, because she's nice like that.
  • Directly contradicted by canon - as acquisition of Lutecia as test subject in flashback is discussed on screen.

There will be no A's movie but an alternate StrikerS continuity
The MOVIE 1st was alternate continuity of The Original Series. The Battle of Aces, ditto for A's. Ergo, an alternate continuity of StrikerS is on the way.
  • Jossed. The MOVIE 2nd has been announced soon after the first movie's DVD release.

Isis is a sleeper agent of the TSAB
She is just a little to secretive and a little too helpful.
  • If this is true, she's probably with Hayate's group, and wants to get more information on why Tohma is doing what he's doing. Alternatively, she could be with Hückebein, as evidenced by Veyron leaving a message to Tohma with her rather than killing her, helping keep Tohma away from the authorities and on whatever plan Hückebein has for him.
  • The most recent chapter has her contemplating cutting ties with Tohma out of fear of getting arrested and deported, so this is less likely.
  • Jossed in chapter 16: She is actually an AWOL member of Egret Security company.

Force and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid are the start of two separate continuities.
Nanoha's fanbase can essentially be split into two groups; the original fans who got hooked on the premise of "Magical Girls with Firepower" way back in the first season, and the massive influx of viewers brought in when StrikerS got the franchise mainstream attention by giving the genre a more militant bent. With two groups of fans to please, rather than cater to one side or try to please both sides with a single series, Seven Arcs has created two separate manga, each one catering to half of the fanbase. Fans of the Original Flavor get to see Vivio and Einheart do the Befriending dance with each other in ViVid while fans who want more serious military-esque action get Force. The two shows are focusing on two separate groups of people; the "next generation" and the Cyborgs are getting the focus of ViVid while Force focuses on the old crowd, which incidentally is a great way of splitting up the show's Loads and Loads of Characters into a more managable Cast Herd.

The reason why the series is being split into two continuities (as opposed to two series in one timeline) is so the viewers can freely ignore whatever elements from the other show they don't want to pay attention to. For instance the Hückebein and the weapon upgrades in Force are apparently shoehorning the heroes into either ditching their magic (which most likely means no more non-lethal attacks since they're using physical energy) or get Curb Stomped like poor Signum, but a magical girl series where magic is effectively useless is kinda... well... yeah. Hence the title change; the Mahou Senki Lyrical Nanoha Force continuity is completing the Genre Shift from magical girl to sci-fi action, but ViVid and all future installments of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is still there to satisfy the fans of the Original Flavor, and since they take place in separate timelines there's no need to write around little things like character deaths.

  • So, an Alternate Timeline for Force then, with the divergence point somewhere after StrikerS? That actually makes sense, since judging by Thoma's flashbacks, he was already around during by time of ViVid, yet he is nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, there is no mention of Einhart in Force, either (but then again, she had no reason to appear yet).
  • But the new weapons ARE magic-based, just through a different kind of Device meant to get past the Hückebein's defenses. We haven't even gotten a clear visual on what they do yet, or if they can actually kill someone. And how is Force military-based, exactly, when all the main character has done so far is walk around by himself?
  • It's military-based the same way ''StrikerS'' is, i.e. the main characters (apart from Tohma so far) are part of a military unit, as opposed to ViVid where Vivio and the crew are superpowered civilians who aren't working for the bureau (yet). And the translations of the weapon design images seem to indicate that they get around the Hückebein's magic immunity by converting magic into physical energy (or so I've heard. I'll be somewhat less disgusted with this series if I'm wrong) as part of the author's wonderfully well-thought out plan to kill off the last of Nanoha's magical girl influences and turn it into a generic sci-fi action series.
  • Jossed, both Vivio and Einhart appeared on a preview image of FORCE CH. 17 confirming the canon existence of the latter in the FORCE universe.

The world inside the Book of Darkness was originally created to allow its master to practice spells without damaging the surrounding area
Possible. In the Movie, Raising Heart is shown building a daydream practice field around Nanoha while she was(n't paying attention) in class.
  • Jossed. The A's DVD 5 Booklet contains an entry on Unison Devices, stating that they can create "Internal Space" in order protect their masters if they fall unconscious.

Signum's comeback on FORCE will be delayed until the release date of The MOVIE 2nd A's
Because we know that will be a good marketing trick(we alreade have the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vi Vid: Memory EX which appears around the date when the confirmation of the 2nd movie is announced) and also as the story goes very slowly, Signum's return looks far from coming for now(suggesting that the release of the movie is gonna be on January 2012). Instead we get to probably watch some Hayate and Vita awesomeness for the rest of 2011.
  • Jossed as of chapter 20. Signum is back in the fight (at least, partially), while A's movie has been slated for Summer 2012 about the same time.
  • At least, to this WMG's credit, i can point that Signum's return in Ch. 20 comes just a couple of weeks before the realease of the first teaser trailer of The MOVIE 2nd A's.

Rein Eins's Starlight Breaker will be even more ginormous(ly powerful) in MOVIE 2nd A's.
In The Original Series, Nanoha's SLB was, at best, the size of a city block. When A's came, many went HOLY SHIT to see Rein's SLB engulf most if not all of Uminari. Now that MOVIE 1st has raised the bar by making Movie!Nanoha!SLB engulf a city too, the only way to bring about the same "Shitshitshitshit Nanoha's fucking out of her league" feeling would be to give Movie!Rein's SLB a proportional boost. Maybe all of Japan?
  • I think "all" of Japan would feel a bit unrealistic(for the level we're accustomed at least) but i do agree on that Rein Ein's SLB must top Nanoha's, it's one of the crucial moments when we get a shot of how godly powerful Reinforce Eins really is(she's not called the "Female Broly" for nothing). In The MOVIE 1st Nanoha blew and area the size of a small-to-average city, Reinforce can top that one by casting a SLB big enough to engulf a city the size of Tokyo along with some of it's surrounding districts or even an area the scale of a small state.
  • Jossed. She never used it in The Movie 2nd A's.

In Innocent; Alicia is Fate's older twin sister; whose growth was arrested due to an accident.
She's older in the sense that she was born first. She was in an accident and possibly in a coma for a while that arrested her aging (like in Please Teacher!). Precia's sanity due to the incident was tenuous for while; but it didn't snap thanks to Fate and Lindy being there for her. After she recovered, Precia was a beloved smother but this is tolerated because it could be worse. (They have no idea how worse it could be.)
  • Jossed. Alicia is two years older than Fate.


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