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Alright, let's do this.

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     The Main Characters 

Ashley Ketchum

Introduced in the second chapter and it is shown that she is very passionate about everything. She is the oldest child of Ash and Misty, and she is a Tsundere (Type A), just like her mother. She is sixteen years old. It has been heavily hinted by her friends and sister that she has strong feelings for Jason Hayden, but she is often angered by him, causing her to react violently. She cares deeply for her friends and family, acting very protective of her twin sister Maria, threatening her childhood friend, Drake, when Maria and he started dating. Even though she fiercely denies it, her best friend is Alex.

Maria Ketchum

Calm and kind, Maria is definitely the softer side of the Ketchum twins. It is unknown where Maria gets her patience, as it is well known that Ash and Misty are not very patient. She's stubborn as a mule, on the other hand, and can be quite unforgiving, as poor Drake can testify. Despite this, Drake and Maria confess to each other quite early in the story, because they've both acknowledged feelings for each other a couple years ago, and they become a couple. On her sixteenth birthday, she comes into Misty's side of the family's powers. As of Chapter 28, she and Ashley are MIA.

Alexandra 'Alex' Shinji

Aloof and sarcastic, Alex Shinji is the snarker of the group. She is the oldest (and only) daughter of Paul and Dawn. She is sixteen. Even though she acts a lot like Paul, (cold, sarcastic, and callous), she has some of her mother's compassion. Despite this, she loves her friends and family, and has a strong relationship with all of her friends, but especially with Drake, her younger twin brother and Ashley, who she has known since they were very young. Even though she is calm 95% of the time, she has a violent temper when angered. She develops a rivalry with Cobalt Oak, who she loathes with a passion. It has been commented a couple of times, to her irritation, that her relationship with Cobalt mirrors her parents' relationship.

Drake Shinji

Appearing in the second chapter, along with the rest of his friends, Drake Shinji is the Nice Guy of the group. Drake is the younger twin brother of Alex and the son of Paul and Dawn. He may look like his father a lot, but his temperament is nothing like Paul's. He is in love with Maria, and was very heartbroken when she and Ashley disappeared. He seems to have an inferiority complex and compares himself with Alex often. Despite this, he has a pretty close relationship with her, and acts as her rock when she's moody. He is currently sixteen years old.

Jason 'Jay' Hayden

The Jerkass With A Heartof Gold of the gang. He is the oldest child and son of Drew and May. He is now seventeen, almost eighteen. He is a lot like his father, down to his personality and looks, only have inherited May's sapphire blue eyes. He may seem like a jerk, but he cares greatly about his friends and family. Even though he doesn't show it, he's fiercely protective of his younger sister, Lizzie, especially during the second arc. He often acts jealous of Jonah, due to his close friendship with Ashley, and constantly fights with Ashley, egging her on until she loses her temper.

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Hayden

The hyper and cheerful girl of the group, Lizzie could be considered the weak link of the group since she is the sole female Coordinator. Is it true? HECK NO. She can be badass when she feels like it. She is the only daughter of Drew and May, and literally one of the nicest characters in the group. She is no push-over though, and is very capable of kicking your butt. She is the shipper of the group and she is often looked on as crazy but lovable by her friends. She is currently sixteen years old.

Citrine Fawkes.

Sweet and kind, Citrine is the somewhat reluctant leader of her friends. She is the only daughter of Red and Yellow, and their youngest child. She is currently fifteen years old. She is a Viridian Forest child and one of the most powerful shown, as her mother and grandmother were both Viridian Forest children. She is quite compassionate and patient as shown when dealing with her crazy friends. She seems to hold no grudge toward the anime group, and appears to dislike that her friends are fighting with them. Her best friend is Amethyst, the daughter of Ruby and Sapphire, but she is very close to all of her friends.

Cobalt Oak

Shown as cocky and arrogant, Cobalt quickly earns the intense dislike of Alex Shinji. He is portrayed as being proud of the fact of being the son of Green and Blue. This is shown early in the story, angering Alex enough to challenge him and the latter beating him. Despite this, he remains quite arrogant, but he seems to care for his friends. He enjoys pestering Alex, causing the latter to act violently to this, and she even calls him Sergeant Sexist at times. Despite his boasts, he loathes being compared to his father, Green, and the other Oaks. He seems to find Alex's reactions to him amusing, something that is mirror of his parents' relationship when they were teens.

Jet Rocket

Appears in the first chapter, along with his friends. He is a lot like his father, Silver, but he is not really a stoic. Early on the story, it is established that he harbors a very obvious crush on Citrine Fawkes, but she is quite oblivious to it, to his chagrin. He is currently sixteen years old. His first Pokemon was his Houndour, now a Houndoom, and his starter is a Feraligatr.

Bronze Elm

The Only Sane Man of his friends, Bronze is one of the most brainy person among the gang. He is the son of Gold and Crystal, and apparently takes after a lot like his mother in personality, but looks just like his father except for his hair color. He grows to dislike Lizzie Hayden and finds her odd. To his dismay, he has inherited his father's perverted side.

Amethyst Maple

Rational and Hotblooded at the same time, Amethyst is a strange combination of her parents. She is the older daughter of Ruby and Sapphire. At the beginning of the story, it seemed to the readers that she was just a shallow and female version of Ruby. But as the story continued, it is revealed that she is caring and passionate, two traits from Sapphire. Unfortunately, she also inherited Sapphire's temper. It is very obvious that Mercury has feelings for her, but she is quite clueless about it. She is the: The Coordinator.

  • Action Girl: DO YOU REALLY THINK SO?
  • Childhood Romance: With Mercury.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Tanzy.
  • Genki Girl: Less of an example than Lizzie, but she has her moments.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: She has the family legacy.
  • Lightning Bruiser: She beat up people and is pretty fast...
  • Multicolored Hair: Justified since the narration states that she uses highlights.
  • Oblivious to Love: To Mercury's disappointment.
    • Pretty ironic, considering she's more than once ranted about how painful it is to see Jet obviously crushing on Citrine, and she's completely clueless to the fact that Merc has liked her for a while...
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: To show off her badassery and temper, even though she's nice usually.
  • Shipper on Deck: For Jet/Citrine.
  • Ship Tease: With Mercury.
    • The authoress loves driving the fans nuts with Ship Tease.
  • Tsundere: She has her mother's temper; she just controls it better.
    • She's Type B.
  • Wild Child: She may like Contests and girly things, but she can be pretty wild.
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: When she does get pissed at you, you better pray for your life.
    • Ame also gave Merc a black eye when she was PO'd at him.

Mercury Nakamura "Merc"

The eldest son and child of Diamond and Platinum. He is very kind and soft spoken, though he is prone to emotional reactions.


     The (Minor) Main Characters 

Lewis Oak-Ketchum

The younger cousin of the Ketchum twins and the second cousin of Cobalt Oak, Lewis plays a smaller role than his cousins, but still plays a major role. He is the son of Gary and Leaf Oak, but he has only known his father for two years. Lewis acts like an annoying twerp at times, but he is very capable about being mature. He is also a strong trainer for his age, due to the early exposure he has, because his uncle (Ash), was an Elite Four, his mother was a Gym Leader, and his honorary godfather was a Frontier Brain.

Copper Nakamura

Calm and intelligent, Copper Nakamura is wise beyond his years. He is the younger brother of Mercury and the youngest child of Diamond and Platina. He is only seen briefly at the beginning of the story but he later returns, along with Lewis Oak and Tanzanite Maple. He is then seen during the battles against Ghetsis and later sacrifices his soul and spirit in order for Kyurem to be subdued. He then is seen speaking to his parents in spirit form when Giratina and Arceus bring them. He returns again when he talks to his older brother in a dream, reprimanding Mercury about being so upset over his death.

  • Badass Bookworm: He wasn't seen often before he died, but he could kick butt from what was seen.
  • Child Prodigy
  • Preteen Genius: Well, he's twelve.
    • And he's pretty darn smart.
  • The Unfavorite: The Berlitz elders view him as a spare, even though his parents disagree with them.
    • He has long accepted it, to Mercury's horror.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He does to Mercury when he was being depressed.

Tanzanite "Tanzy" Maple

Aurora "Rory" Kouhei (Shinji)

She is introduced in the second arc and Chapter 29. She is found hurt near the Resistance HQ, but she recovers after a few days in the infirmary. She then reveals to Jade that she is the adoptive daughter of a government scientist, who is soon revealed to be Conway Kouhei. She is shy and has a low self esteem.

Tony Jun

The son of Barry and really takes after him; He is very hyperactive and energetic, being very enthusiastic during battle. Barry's admiration for Paul had rubbed off of him and Tony harbors a very obvious crush on Alex Shinji, much to her annoyance.

Opal Elm

Bronze's younger sister. She makes a brief appearance in the second chapter before returning in the second arc in the distant future. She is quite like her father, Gold, being a foil to her older brother. Despite this, she is a bit jealous of her brother, and believes that he is the favorite of their mother. Her title is The Capturer. Her first pokemon is a Seel, now Dewgong, named Mari and her starter is a female Typhlosion named Pele.

Kyle Hibiki

The cousin of Bronze and Opal Elm, the nephew of both Gold and Crystal, and the son of Jimmy and Marina.

Jasper Fawkes

The middle child of Red and Yellow.


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