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Pantheon: Magic
Magic and Spells

The House of Magic really isn't all that different from the Houses of Knowledge and Narrative, as both Houses often find themselves having the same motivations. As a result, it is very common to see Deities from outside Houses confusing the House of Magic for Knowledge, Narrative and vice versa. Rumors persist that the three Houses are actually connected to each other via secret passage while others go even further to claim that all three Houses are in fact housed in the same building. However, there is much debate among those who believe these theories on whether Magic, Knowledge or Narrative is dominant, culminating in numerous magical duels in the halls.

Magical Girl Guardians

Madoka Kaname, Goddess of Magical Girls, Co-Founder to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Kriemhild Gretchen, Penitent Gretchen, Godoka, Madogod, Madokami)
  • Theme Song: "Connect", though "Magia" is heard when she's REALLY angry and "Hikari Furu" was heard when she'd ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Overdeity/Demigoddess with sealed powers post Upheaval
  • Symbol: A pink Soul Gem
  • Alignment: Good, of the Chaotic, Neutral, and Lawful varieties
  • Portfolio: Being a Friend to All Living Things, Magical Girls, Apocalypse Maidens, Archery, Saviors, Hope Bringers.
  • Domain: Magic, Redemption, Healing, Family, Forgiveness, Peace, Love, Kindness, Hope.
  • Followers: The Puella Magi were elevated as apostles to serve her cause and spread her gospel.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Allies/Friends: Shoutan Himei, Belldandy, Flonne, Doctor Wong Fei-Hong, Son Goku, Zero, Sayaka Miki, Sakura Kinomoto, Optimus Prime, Usagi Tsukino, Homura Akemi, Lord Kroak, Commander Farsight, Mami Tomoe, Yuji Sakai, The Emperor of Mankind, Kenshiro, Cosmos, Lamington, Mordos Kull, Toki, Kyouko Sakura, Asura, Beerus, Mithra, Miho, Haruto Sohma/Kamen Rider Wizard, Kota Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Talos, Mickey Mouse, Shadow the Hedgehog, Lucina, Yellow Heart, Amu Hinamori, Nepgear, Shirabe Tsukuyomi
  • Enemies: LUCIFER, YHVH, Darkseid, Terumi Yuuki, Kefka Palazzo, The Joker, Taria de Castillo, Lord Deimos, Quan Chi, Monokuma and His Mastermind, Sora Takigawa/Gremlin Phantom, Sou Fueki/The White Wizard, Zobek, VANITAS
  • Additional Relationship: Kyubey.
  • Madoka became a concept note  to end the suffering of Magical Girls. As such, she ascended to the pantheon to administer to the system of Magical Girls from within in. Should anything befall them, Homura Akemi is her herald to act on such matters unless it is something serious.
  • The names Kriemhild Gretchen and Penitent Gretchen are aspects of herself as a concept. It is rumoured that Kriemhild is a harbinger of the endnote  and that Penitent is the bringer of heaven. In either case, it is said that her power is so great at that point that she is said to rival Haruhi, Goddess of Tropes. Due to this, Madoka's name is spoken of in whispers by most others.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind is impressed by this newcomer, as her magical girls fight the good fight much like his followers do. They stand the line and die standing. They've even had tea parties from time to time.
  • The Chaos Gods of The Warp are a little worried, as she actually succeeded in making her multi-verse less Grim Dark. Despair Demonsnote  aren't that far removed from Warp Daemons, if they're not the same thing.
    • Less so with Tzeentch. The fact that witches still exist after her wish for the erasure of all witches and her accession is testament to that.note 
  • Similarly, she has earned the friendship and respect of Kenshiro's brother Toki, as she proves his belief that love and kindness can save the world, much to the incredulous disbelief of his Aloof Big Brother Raoh.
  • Sakura and Madoka are known to be friends, due to this Sakura doesn't wish to fight her; not to mention she finds the stories of her world(s) interesting and wants to have a daughter like Madoka.
  • One of the Old Spice Man's followers revealed a parody of his commercial starring Madoka. She giggled after watching it. Her friends had different reactions, though. Kyoko laughed raucously at the ridiculousness. Mami smiled at its silliness. Sayaka and Homura agreed that it was insulting to Madoka as it also promoted Kyubey. Said Incubator was amused and hoped to use this to lure girls into making Contracts but was…forcibly prevented. Charlotte…turned away in shame, as cake was why she ended up a Witch in the first place.
  • Though initially intimidated by his reputation, Madoka became fast friends with Beerus, the God of Destruction, who governs destruction and rebirth in the Seventh Universe. Aside from being able to relate to each other's common purpose of giving new life and hope by destroying decaying and decrepit concepts, Beerus becomes quickly accustomed to the affectionate chin-scratches that Madoka readily gives him, like the overgrown cat that he really is.
  • Rumors has it that there's always a bottle of Morning Rescue Drink in her house.
  • Being an Abstract Apotheosis and having been the Anthropomorphic Personification of Hope from her Universe, she found enmity within many evil Gods who promoted despair, such as Darkseid, Kefka Palazzo, Yuuki Terumi and the Joker.
  • Finding out that Tzeentch was the one who was the driving force behind the creation of witches from Magical Girls and the warping of their wishes has left an… impression on her. note 
    • Kyubey would just like to say that the Incubators had nothing to do with this, they had no idea that the system his race implemented was backed up by The Warp.
  • When Mars Maiden of Battles spotted Miho Nishizumi on the verge of exalting, it was Madoka who spoke on her behalf. When asked later she said the girl reminded her of herself as a mortal; desperately trying to bring hope to a hopeless situation.
  • The House of Prophecy has foreseen a time of "great upheaval" in the future of Madoka's world. What this entails remains a mystery even to Madoka herself, beyond a recurring word: Rebellion.
    • The Great Upheaval has unfolded. Madoka is currently awaiting her trial and reassignment. The Sisterhood is now under the dual control of Sakura and Usagi until things settle down.
  • Hates Lucifer. Hates his guts. Hates, hates, hates, hates, HATES him. Considering he manipulated her best friend's feelings and drove her to betrayal, ending in Madoka losing her powers, one can hardly blame her. His smug claims that "her overthrow of a corrupt, twisted system was done by the light of my luminous Morning Star!" only increased her hatred for him.
    • Her opinions on his followers varies: she has nothing but respect for Raidou Kuzunoha and Flynn, for example, as the two of them are kindred spirits, and feels a deep gratitude toward Yu Narukami after he helped her friend Sayaka conquer her witch. Naoki Kashima, on the other hand, intimidates the crap out of her, and the less said about Mara the Magnificent, the better.
    • Satan often appears to Madoka, trying to persuade her to reclaim her power through her newly found Hatred.
    "Hate can bring you back, give you strength. Embrace it!"
  • The White recently contacted her via dreams, casually asking her to explain the difference between the "salvation" she dispensed to Witches and their own attempts to annihilate reality, as both are in essence a liberation from the horrors of existence. She woke up in a cold sweat, trembling all over. While The White have been temporarily defeated by Flynn and a close eye is being kept on the Monochrome Forest in the event of it spreading, many fear the worst of the damage has already been done with that simple question: before the incident, Madoka pitied the White: even after the Reactor incident, she couldn't bring herself to hate them, as she knows what a terrible existence they lead. Now she's genuinely afraid of them.
  • Mickey Mouse has requested that she never be left unattended, or at the very least not let Vanitas anywhere near her.
  • She has a deep level of respect for Lucina due to the warrior's belief that hope will never die. Madoka proudly considers her a friend and ally.

Usagi "Serena" Tsukino, Goddess of Magical Girl Warriors, Co-Founder & Mother-Saint to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Sailor Moon, "The Messiah of Purity", Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Cosmos (maybe?), Bun-head, Meatball-head, Odango-atama)
  • Theme Song: "Moonlight Densetsu".
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Silver Crystal embedded in a moon shaped wand.
  • Alingnment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ditzies, Action Girls, Messianic Archetypes, Magical Girl Warriors, Purity Personified, Hope Bringers.
  • Domain: Magic, Determinator, Healing, Heroic Willpower, Pluckiness, Purity, Love, Friendship, Compassion
  • Followers: Too many non-ascended Magical Girls.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Dark Kingdom, Death Phantom, a good majority of the House of Hatred, Akio Ohtori, Drosselmeyer, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne and Slaanesh, Lucifer, VANITAS
  • Currently she is stated to be an Intermediate Goddess, but her power is known to fluctuate greatly. In the rare times when her Silver Crystal is working at full power, she may even be more powerful than Madoka....
  • Between herself, Sakura and Madoka, they form the Magical Girl Sisterhood and are it's founding members. They are currently gathering like minded allies in "a place among the stars".
  • She has a striking pair of Innocent Blue Eyes, so much so that it's said to be magical. They are not, but what they lack for in magic they make up for in seeing the truth. Anyone that seeks darkness can't help but be unnerved at her penetrating pitiful gaze.
  • If you care to have a playful joke, be a friend to her, call her "dumpling-head" or "meatball-head" and watch the reaction. Note this also happens to be a term of endearment between her and Mamoru Chiba.
  • Mami Tomoe looks up to Usagi greatly, and considers Sailor Moon her hero. Should the two be in the same room, Mami will always refer to her as sempai. Also, Mami penchant for calling out her attacks is something that she picked up from watching Usagi work.
  • She and Sayaka disagree over The Power of Love... Usagi believes fully that love has no limits, Sayaka would agree but is confused to why it limits her. Sayaka also resents Usagi because Usagi has something that Sayaka never could obtain.
  • The Warhammer Chaos Gods are actually scared of her. The fact that she managed to destroy the 4 personifications of Chaos of her universe and then defeated the very concept of it is a very worrying fact to them. Tzeentch even lost his usual smug Just as Planned attitude upon hearing news of her return.
  • She tends to 'spy' on Yuri Tsukikage on her 'spare/naughty' time. Usagi made up an excuse that she's thinking that Yuri could be a harbinger of the arrival of the whole Pretty Cure armada to the Pantheon, but the real reason was because she reminded her of a great friend of hers, who happens to sound the same, just far more stoic.
    • Lately, she has also noticed that the aforementioned friend no longer sounded like Yuri... but more like Yayoi Kise.
  • Currently has a weird take on The Nostalgia Critic. While she's glad that he still respects her despite not exactly being a fan of her, she's a bit miffed when he shot down Setsuna/Sailor Pluto for laughs. Yeah, sure, it might not be a planet anymore, but for Usagi, mocking a good friend of hers like that is a no-go.
  • Is desperately trying to maintain order in the Sisterhood with Sakura's help after the "Great Upheaval". Poor Usagi is running on coffee and willpower trying to keep together.
    • Recently, she received an offer of help from the seraph Metatron and his master's legions. However, considering said master's pedigree, she's doing her best to ignore the offer until the situation becomes untenable. She has asked Sakura to stop her by any means necessary if that time ever comes.
    • Fortunately, she has had less need for the offer after Flonne's induction into the Sisterhood. Her boss, Seraph Lamington is a known Chess Master with a reputable pedigree. Lamington made it very clear he's fighting tooth and nail to stonewall Metatron's advances, knowing full well that for all his bluster, the crazed seraph does not have the authority to wake up the really nasty archangels by himself. That being said, he's also hoping their boss didn't get the memo Metatron sent him. He does however, have three different back up plans in case the worst happens, co-developed by Cosmos, Philemon, and Batman.
  • Rumors have it she may get a power-up in the coming days. The word hint? Crystal.
  • She has sworn to never let Vanitas lay a hand on Madoka. Along with everyone else, she is completely unaware that she is his true target. The thought of what Vanitas could do with even the incomplete X-Blade, and Sailor Moon's body and power, is rather terrifying.

Sakura Kinomoto, Goddess of Magic Card Collecting, Mistress of the Clow Cards, Co-Founder & Mother-Saint to the Magical Girl Sisterhood (Sakura Avalon)

The Three Magicians

These are the Three Gods that are currently guarding the House of Magic.

Stephen Strange, God of Pure Sorcery, The Wizard Who Did It (Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts, Dumb Magician (only Hulk can get away calling him this))
  • Greater God
  • His UMVC3 theme
  • Symbol: Ankh, the Eye of Agamotto
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Floating Power, Glowing Power, Tomes of Eldritch Lore, Not Having To Explain How He Did That, Weird Curse Words, "Tantric Magic", Martial Artist While Spellcasting
  • Domain: Magic, Knowledge, Healing
  • Followers: Sarda (Final Fantasy I, 8-Bit Theater)
  • Allies: Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Goku, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Black Bolt, Namor (uneasily)
  • Enemies: Dormammu, The Anti-Monitor, Nyarlathotep, Perfectio
  • Was once a wealthy and highly prominent neurosurgeon, albeit cold and unsympathetic to his patients. When a dreadful accident damaged the nerves of his hands he searched long and hard for a cure, eventually coming to the Ancient One. When he became aware of demons, interdimensional conquerors, and unspeakable things, he learned to think of people other than himself and took up the study of the mystic arts so that he could defend the world.
  • Over the course of forty years developed an unparalleled mastery of magic. Knew something of the Pantheon and the gods therein long before attaining godhood himself. He is rarely seen within the Pantheon.
  • Was briefly a very standard super hero. Sometimes he gets teased about that. He's also very good at Scrabble.
  • There's a joke going around the pantheon that he only shows up when it's important due to his high sorcery rendering most conflict pointless. Stephen admits that his constant battles with monsters keeps him very busy indeed, but he tries to show up whenever he can.
  • Part of the Illuminati of Marvel which includes Iron Man, Mr Fantastic, Black Panther, Black Bolt, Namor and Professor X.
  • He has learned The Dread Lord ascended into the Pantheon and is getting ready to send him back into The Dark Dimension.

Edward Elric, God of Alchemy (Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed)

Harry Potter, God of Functional Magic and Assistant God of Mary Sue Hunters (The Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One)

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