Dethroning Moment: Web Original

Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until thousands, if not millions, of dissatisfied viewers tell them otherwise. Unfortunately, by that time, the damage has already been dealt, and all those potential subscribers have turned away for good. These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to GIFT would exist.

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    The Blockbuster Buster 
  • fluffything: The Blockbuster Buster's review of Atlantis: The Lost Empire is pretty bad in and of itself (It's pretty much just him comparing scenes to the film to scenes from Stargate). But, that's not the DMOS. No, the DMOS is that throughout the "review", he does some of the most insulting and downright unfunny "impressions" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) of other internet reviewers. Some of his "jokes/impressions" include "Everything The Cinema Snob watches is porn!" and "Spoony's all about inside-jokes from older videos!" and "Let's make fun of Linkara's accent and how he pronounces "room"!". Why does he dow all these bad impressions? Because he couldn't get anyone to cameo in his video. This only elevates his impressions from being bland and unfunny to downright rude and it makes him sound butthurt as a result. Hey, Blockbuster Buster? If you want a popular internet critic to guest-star in your video, here's some advice: Don't make fun of them, especially not in the way you did.
    • Man With The Plan: In fact, this was not the first time he did this! He did these exact same unfunny impressions in his review of Eragon on Youtube about a year before his Atlantis review. And the Eragon review was mainly just comparing scenes to Star Wars just like with Atlantis and Stargate. So this makes him guilty of the same dethroning moment of suck twice! Quite an achievement.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: While I admit to be alright with the Blockbuster Buster, his review of Highlander: Endgame wanted me to slap him in the face for a huge research fail about the movie. He claims during the whole review that it took place before the first movie. Which couldn't be that bad except that in the beginning, we see Rachel being killed. You know, the same Rachel who was still alive in the end of the first movie. So when he arrives at the fight between Connor and Duncan and that Connor dies, his anger to this just makes me wanted to have Spoony to appear in a cameo just to say STFU. How a Highlander fan could make a huge fuckup like that?
  • Charleston Man: His review of The Dark Knight Rises. It's OK to criticize the film and not like it. But E-Rod then goes on to say that he wishes that a movie was made showcasing "the definitive Batman". What is that to him? A Batman like Kevin Conroy's in Batman: The Animated Series (and Batman: Arkham Asylum games.) Um, E-Rod? Newsflash: there is no definitive Batman. This has been stated multiple times by the creative forces behind Batman! The reason Batman has survived over the years is because there is no one definitive version, and he can evolve, be updated, and reinterpreted in countless ways. Just because one version is the one you grew up with and is the one you personally prefer, does not make it the definitive version. E-Rod even actually says at the end that the movie is bad because it's "another example of filmmakers just doing whatever they want with Batman rather than providing the definitive version." No, E-Rod. Just no. Filmmakers are under no obligation to "recreate that version in film", got that? Stop making yourself look like a total jackass. Also, stop making fun of Bane's silly voice. Your voice isn't all that serious itself.
  • Animeking1108: His Reaction to Megan Fox Playing April O'Neil video. Now, I respect his opinion that he doesn't want to see the movie, even if I think he's overreacting to one bad casting decision. My problem was that he kept blaming Michael Bay, despite only being the producer. Why is this a problem? Because in his Reaction to the Turtles Being Aliens video just a year prior, he gave Bay the benefit of the doubt since he was, in his words, just the producer. So the possibility of the origin story being rewritten was okay (though it was later changed), but the casting of one actress he didn't like was enough? I'm not defending Megan Fox or anything, but it's annoying how Erod contradicted himself.
  • Echtra: I had a strange relationship with Erod. I started watching him sometime last year, and while I originally liked him, he’s grown more and more annoying since then. His story lines are pretty much the same story retold over and over again, he latches onto one version of a character and insists that it’s the “definitive version” and calls nearly every other version inferior, and all his fight scenes are basically just power fantasies. But, for some reason, I kept watching him, but that changed after watching his Dracula 2000 review. Now, the review itself was okay, nothing great, but okay. So, what made me decide to quit watching? His pointless stab at Elementary. Now, I like the show, I won’t pretend that I don’t, but the comments came completely out of left field. The worst part, however, was him saying that Lucy Lui was only made Watson so they could bring in the “horny, dumb, booger eating crowd”. Never mind the fact that having a male and female lead who aren’t constantly shipped teased is rare, but does he not understand that she was added so they could have a bit of diversity in a series that has, typically, been predominately white British men? It was not just for sex appeal. Hell, if they wanted to do that they could have just made Watson’s wife into some bimbo. Oh, and his insistence that Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes, that damn “definitive version” thing again.
  • Gaymer: I admit that I had high hopes for him when he originally started on TGWTG. He did show some things that I liked. he had an angle that was reminiscent of Linkara and actually seemed relatively entertaining... to a degree. After a while, I began to notice some things that are worthy of this spot more and more. Let us forget about a moment where he made fun of a child's appearance, let us forget the earscratchingly annoying voice he uses for his character in Uatu the Watcher, and let us forget the fact that he's reused the same exact plot multiple times in his "storyline". In one of his later storylines, he shows off everything that makes his series oh so spectacular. In terms of editing, it's horrible. He reused the same shots over and over WELL beyond the point where they got annoying & he kept the same jokes going well beyond they retained any semblance of comedy. The special effects were awful. It's almost like he jerked off his effects program on the screen in one go, resulting in just a horrible mess & a clear show of the fact that less is more. In terms of the storyline, it was the same one he keeps repeating. Some villain shows up & gets him to review movies without destroying the box-covers, leading to him supposedly losing his powers. At the end, he gets them all destroyed, regains powers, curb stomps, etc. This one had his enemy possess a friend and threaten to basically blow his brains out. He countered later one by threatening to do the same. This was only a few months after the unfortunate events surrounding Justin Carmical. I wouldn't care as much, but they shared the same channel. I've even heard people claiming that the blow was somehow lessened because he wouldn't have been able to blow his own brains out with his gun, despite the fact that he's holding a gun to his head & the guy possessing his friend does the exact same, albeit with a different weapon. Overall, this moment was the reason why I just got utterly disgusted with his entire series.
  • Drummer Worm PHD: It kind of rubs me the wrong way when in the Dudley Do-Right vid Erod wants to put down the use of the damsel-in-distress cliché in defense of feminism and then that in the same video he has the female characters make the review stop dead in its tracks to gawk at Brendan Fraser multiple times for an overly long bit and to end the bit, he just remarks on it as a sort of "girls will be girls" attitude. It is also a little unnerving in this regard when he has within his league of trust (I can't remember the real name of the team), has a female member, who showed up in this vid along with others, being just a pair of breasts. I know this is suppose to be like Powerpuff Girls, and many other cartoons, where a character's face is not shown, but in that show the character was not wearing a flipping corset and did not flirt with the writer. It may seem nit-picky, but it just made me uncomfortable, even as a guy. This isn't the only reason what I don't watch most of his videos now, but I thought I was worth bringing up. If I am taking this out of context (all of this is mainly from memory), or if Erod has fixed this in later videos, feel free to let me know.
  • The Farmboy: ERod tackling The Phantom Menace. One would think it would involve actually deconstructing the film to point out the flaws, right? Well, for some reason he focused way too much on the sketch part way too much. If TPM was a catalyst on what he considers horrible (hell, the intro shows him just about the bust it), one would think he would go more in depth. Seriously I wish I could find a good review taking on the Star Wars prequels that wasn't a sleeping pill.

    Death Battle 
  • eCockpit89: For me, it was "Mario Vs. Sonic", and not just because Mario lost. It's because in the fight, Mario got Dizzy after using the Mega Mushroom, which doesn't happen in any of the games the Mega Mushroom is in. C'mon, if you're going to have Sonic win, at least have him win legitimately! To me, that just screams not wanting to piss off the Unpleasable Fanbase Sonic is known for. They've gotten better since, thankfully.
    • Bengson26: While I do enjoy the Death Battle videos, the hosts' response to Silvermania making a parody of them is very childish and just plain stupid. Here, the match-up is between Vegeta and Mewtwo. The two are about to fight when a picture of Silvermania appears and they obliterate it leaving a crater. Then, there's the hosts' dickish remarks on Silvermania. Oh and it doesn't stop there. A lot of Death Battle's oh-so wonderful fanbase started flocking to Silvermania's video and started posting some of the most idiotic fanboy comments I've ever seen, ranging from the standard "The Reason You Suck" Speech to death threats (and how fitting for fans of a series known for battles to the death). Wiz and Boomstick's response is so bad that it's a miracle I hasn't lost all respect for them.
    • Loekman3: During the ending of Bieber vs Black battle, the Jonas brothers and Miley Cyrus ended up getting killed in the crossfire. Okay, yes they are teen stars and they did some pretty ambiguous things but that is just a needless cruelty towards teen pop stars in general on Wiz and Boomstick's part. And in an unfunny way too.
    • Saltyoven: There's the Batman vs. Captain America Death Battle. Never mind that the whole thing felt like it was made to appease the angry Batman fans of the result of the previous Batman vs. Spiderman, this features an incredibly short battle, and well as a serious case of Critical Research Failure as well as hypocrisy. They don't allow Captain America any of his gear other than his shield, and yet give Batman explosive spray and shock Gloves? Are you kidding me? Not even a gun on CA? If you want to be iconic, lose batman's lesser known gear. If you want one that uses everything, give CA access to all of his equipment. I'm not saying this because I'm angry that CA lost, he probably would. But when you make such glaring errors, have a lackluster fight, as well as not doing full research, It is incredibly disrespectful to both franchises.
    • Why Not Now: Goku versus Superman. Holy shit, this video is just AWFUL. Not only does it use serious Hand-Waving and Loophole Abuse to tweak the stats of both combatants to influence the outcome, not only does it treat it as if Goku is totally outclassed in every conceivable way against Superman and will absolutely never, EVER stand a chance against every version of the Man of Steel no matter how strong he gets in any Super Mode he has, but it is just a plain bad video, not helped by Goku's TFS voice actor. First Goku goes up to Superman intending to kill him because he's afraid he's going to destroy the Earth, which is so out-of-character that it's just plain shocking and insulting to any Dragon Ball Z fans watching, bordering on Character Derailment, but then they end it with Superman actually killing everyone on the Earth just to stop Goku, proving that Goku was right after all. *Facepalm* If they were looking to make a Death Battle where Superman won, then they completely, utterly, epically FAILED on all levels. The simplest option would have been to just grab the strongest form of Goku and Superman from each side, which would be Super Saiyan God Goku and Pre-Crisis Silver Age Superman, and then have them duke it out, with the entire universe being destroyed in the process. Instead, we have Post-Crisis Superman fighting... Super Saiyan 4 Goku. A blatant case of Fanon Discontinuity because GT isn't even viewed by many fans as an established part of the Dragon Ball storyline, and then to have him crushed so swiftly by one of the less powerful incarnations of Superman... it's a plain all-around Epic Fail, and not only that, it is plain disrespectful to the Dragon Ball Z franchise, with a clear case of fan bias considering Superman is American and, you know, this is being written by Americans. It was so bad for this troper that I can't watch anything new they created past that, and it almost killed Superman for me. Even if they made another Death Battle where Goku wins, it wouldn't erase the massive stain they have on their reputation now. Death Battle is dead to me.
      • Captain Lhurgoyf: The truly bad part about Goku vs. Superman is when they showed Goku transforming into Super Saiyan 4 directly from Super Saiyan 3. Anyone who watched GT would know that Super Saiyan 4 can only be accessed from the Golden Oozaru form; the series makes this very obvious. Yes, it was a stupid idea that doesn't make any sense, but that doesn't mean they get to completely ignore it, especially in a series that's supposed to make its decisions based on analysis of each fighter's respective canon. That moment confirmed to me that Death Battle can't be trusted to fairly represent the original lore it's supposed to be based on.
    • The Mageof Fire: The Ragna vs. Sol Death Battle was probably the worst Death Battle ever made. The overhyping of Sol's abilities leads to a moment at the end where he ONE-SHOTS THE BLACK BEAST. Not only does this moment show a complete lack of research on Boomstick and Wizard's part (The Black Beast cannot be killed by just hitting it really hard, plus the Black Beast has tanked far more powerful attacks [[AS BOOMSTICK AND WIZ CALCULATED IN THE ANALYSIS BEFOREHAND]] than Sol is capable of throwing out.) Even ignoring that part, the Backyard is NOT a soul-crushing realm like they say it is, but rather a place that overloads your mind with knowledge. Sol has no training in regards to strengthening his own soul, so this detail about the Backyard seems made-up just so Ragna couldn't instantly win with Black Onslaught once Sol's Dragon Install ran out. One last thing is that Boomstick and Wiz both stated that they wouldn't pit two characters against each other unless they could get them at their strongest, and with BlazBlue and Guilty Gear not yet over they'll likely end up having to re-do this battle THE RIGHT WAY once the final installment of BlazBlue comes out at the earliest. This battle has really convinced me to not bother watching these anymore, unless something really, REALLY interesting happens in a match-up.
      • Cerotech Omega: While I'm not as willing to just throw the series away like that, Ben and Chad (aka Wiz and Boomstick) made several oversights that soiled the quality of this match, which I recorded on the Death Battle Wallbangers page. What makes it even worse is that they kept saying "I/We Don't Know!" several times throughout Ragna's dossier, as if they couldn't be arsed to put in the research or visit various sites (like this one) to fill in gaps so big you could fit Take-Mikazuchi through them, and the fact that they have Sol burn a pastiche of the BlazBlue story script highly suggests that they skimped on Ragna out of spite. Even more baffling, they weren't nearly this disrespectful to the series back when they did Felicia vs Taokaka. Get the whip, Jocelyn; the boys have a lot of explaining to do.

    Little Kuriboh 

     The Mysterious Mr. Enter 
  • N8han11: While I find The Mysterious Mr. Enter to be a great reviewer overall, there was one moment I couldn't stand. During his Fairly OddPet review, he stopped at one point to pretend to call Nickelodeon themselves, making them out to be Satanists who don't care about children at all, complete with them narrating how much they hate kids. He wasn't even trying to make it funny or interesting, as he was just making Modern Nickelodeon look bad. Look, I hate modern Nickelodeon too, but you have to try to be funny.
  • Wayward Totodile: For me, it was when he tried the "totally discouraged and needs a reassuring speech from a friend/mentor to continue" cliche... and it falls flat on its face - it drags the episode it's in out for way too long and feels completely unnecessary.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: I love all his videos and can stand a majority of the "long" segments people tend to call him out for. Unfortunately, I can't defend the "When He Loved Me" segment in "To Love a Patty" due to it lasting what feels like an excruciating 3 minutes. Unlike the other longer segments it serves nothing to the review but Padding.
  • Captain Lhurgoyf: In his review of "Jeepers Creepers Where Is Peepers", he objects to the villain being drawn in an Animesque art style because "Dexter's Lab never had anything to do with anime." Uh...what? From the beginning, Dexter's Laboratory was strongly influenced by anime - not in terms of art style, granted, but certainly in terms of thematic and storytelling elements; hell, there was an episode where Dexter used a Humongous Mecha to fight a Kaiju! I love Mr. Enter, but for an expert on animation, no less one who happens to be a fan of Dexter's Lab, that mistake is unforgivable.

  • Tyler FG: Onision made fun of a 13-year-old girl in one of his videos because she got banned from his forums. The girl was deeply depressed and Onision was being a dick about it. He's made videos about standing up for bullies too, so, yeah. He deleted the video from the account it was uploaded on.
  • Kmega Guy: A 17-year old fan writes to Onision stating that their mother has been verbally and emotionally abusing them. They have blamed all the family's problem on that person and have even convinced other family members of this as well. Because of this, that person has been hospitalized twice for suicidal attempts. Another example that person gave was that they asked their mother could drive them to Walmart even offering gas money, she basically told them the money wasn't enough they take that money "and shove it". Onision pretty much goes into victim blaming, telling him that he should not blame his suicidal thoughts on their mother because if they said those same things to another person, a random stranger, they wouldn't try to kill themselves and they should be held accountable because they should have control of their emotions. It gets worse. After posting the video and seeing a lot people were upset with his response, he attempts to "explain" himself better in another video. Basically he belittles the fan's problems even further and making them sound like a whiny teenager. Stating they are only suicidal because their mother won't drive them to Walmart ignoring the rest of the letter which he read out loud. What the Hell, Onision?
  • fluffything: On the subject of Onision's insanity, he once wrote a message to another youtuber named Mr.Repizon asking if he wanted to debate him. Bear in mind that Onision had said prior to the message that he wanted nothing to do with Repizon. Naturally, Repizon declined the offer saying he wasn't interested in debating with him causing Onision to call him a "coward". But, that's not the DMOS. No, no. The DMOS is what happens next. Onision then posted a video on July 4th in which he debates a sock. No, really. Onision put a wig on a sock, drew eyes onto it, and then called it "Repisock" and proceeded to have a "debate" with it. I'd like to remind everyone that his wife was 18 weeks pregnant at the time, but felt making said video was more important. Let me summarize it one more time. Onision decided to make a video where he debates a sock just because the person he wanted to debate with (IE: Repizon) said "no". It's one of the most childish things I've ever seen a grown man do.
  • ldelavina3: I'm speaking for NateTalksToYou for this one. Onision made a hater FAQ on his website. You heard that correctly, people criticized him so much that he dedicated a entire page to his haters. Reading through it, you'll notice that he always puts himself as the "victim" and that he has done nothing wrong. Greg, let's be realistic here, you are basically a controversy magnet, don't you think that you're partially responsible for all this? This is the reason why I think that Onision is the biggest crybaby I've seen and that's saying a hell of a lot.
  • SWF Max: Onision is the biggest fucking douchebag I've ever seen on YouTube, and that says a lot. He said something along the lines of, "Well, if your husband touches you in your sleep, it's not really rape, because it's like, you're married, so aren't you supposed to be sexual?" That's fucking insane. Rape is rape, Greg, whether you're in a committed relationship with someone or not. Marriage doesn't have to be sexual. There's no magical law that says "Do whatever the hell you want to your spouse." You wouldn't want that done to you, Onision. Fuck you, Onision. That is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard said, with a few possible exceptions. If sex is not explicitly, clearly, unambiguously consensual between 2 people of legal age, then it's fucking rape. An average 11-year-old could figure that out, but apparently, a man in his 20s fucking can't.

    The Runaway Guys 
  • fluffything: Although I am a fan of The Runaway Guys, I must admit their latest videos have been hit-n-miss in terms of quality. However, that's not my DMOS. No, my DMOS regarding them takes place in Part 1 of their Fortune Street Delfino Plaza video guest-starring Super Jeenius. In the video, Jon makes a reference to Game Grumps prompting Chugga to complain "But they suck!". Now, my issue isn't that Chugga doesn't like them. I get that not everyone is a fan. No, the reason why I consider this a DMOS is just how utterly whiny Chugga sounds when he says it. Rather than making a witty Take That towards them or simply choosing to ignore the reference, he opts to whine like a bratty teenager. It's just immature and annoying. Chugga has been abnormally obnoxious due to his loudness, over-use of puns (and Pokemon references), and increased Jerk Ass behavior. But, this utter whininess towards another popular YouTube Let's Play group is, in my opinion, the absolute lowest point for him on The Runaway Guys.
  • Doc Sharp: Chugga's impatience tends to be either hilarious or annoying. In part 5 of Deep Bloober Sea in Mario Party 3, it was exceedingly annoying when Chugga wouldn't take the time to slow down and allow Jon to read the rules of the minigame they were going to play, and proceeding to instantly knock out Jon in the minigame proper, causing Jon to rightfully, not the slightest bit hilariously, explode with anger. It was definitely sweet on both their parts to reconcile immediately after Jon's Freak Out!, sweeter still for Chugga to apologize in the comments section, but it is still a very painful part of the episode to watch.

    TV Trash 
  • RomanatorX: I personally find TV Trash to be very underrated, as I feel that Chris "Rowdy" Moore, at the very least, makes several honest points, and has a good sense of humor about himself. However, there is one moment that frustrated me. In his review of SWAT Kats, in which he complains why Ted Turner cancelled the show. He then goes off on a tangent, declaring the hypocrisy in cancelling Swat Kats for violence when, horror of all horrors, people allow their kids to play football. Now, if you read Moore's sports-focused twitter, he has made it clear that he detests the sport. I view this as a DMOS because it is kind of hypocritical, as he earlier criticized Family Guy, for... wait for it... being preachy and political. I just happened to find his take that toward Football to itself be preachy and political.
  • InTheGallbladder: Let me say this outright: TV Trash isn't a particularly novel series. It wouldn't have much of an audience were it not for this website, or the prevalence of internet reviewers as a whole. But the thing that really put me off, was "10 Most Screwed Over Shows," in which he works himself into a spiritless, uninspired "furor" over the existence of TMZ, followed by a Jump Cut to "Combine Harvester" playing over a We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties sign. It pretty much demonstrated his defining fault—he has no real voice of his own, instead looking to the big-name reviewers (who aren't necessarily the best themselves) in deciding what he should do.
  • Blue Guy: I do not like TV Trash at all, but the clincher for me was a moment in his "Top 10 Worst South Park Episodes". Sure, he at least admits he was going to face a large amount of backlash for hating on such a beloved series, and his numerous Nausea Fuel-based complaints, while a bit annoying, are pretty valid. No, the worst part of it for me was his entry for "The Losing Edge" (the one where the boys are forced to play baseball and deliberately try to lose, while Randy starts causing fights in the stalls). His main basis for its placement on the list? The show hated on something he liked. There's a bit more to it (like the rather lackluster ending), but that's his main complaint. Really? You don't like an episode just because you disagree with its point of view? That's just pathetic. (And I know he has Asperger's Syndrome - so do I, in fact - but it doesn't excuse his incredibly faulty reasoning.)

    Other Web Original 
  • Retsof Noraa: Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter has one in their video for the "Pay Your Respects" achievement in Batman: Arkham City. The achievement is - literally - paying your respects at the site where Bruce's parents were killed. Being Rooster Teeth, they try to lighten the situation with humor - claiming the chalk outlines make it look like Martha Wayne was giving a blowjob to Thomas when they died - but instead of crossing the line twice, it only crosses the line.
    • Zeta Ridge: And speaking of Achievement Hunter, their co-op let's play on Ghost Recon Future Solider is one of their weakest if not their worst so far. Gavin is especially cringeworthy on his playthrough when getting either consistently killed, getting caught, or "accidentally" killing civilians. I honestly wouldn't mind if they were goofing around but all in all, they were playing the game wrong not for comedy but rather obliviousness and sheer ignorance.
  • Jonn: anachronauts arc 3, fs03. The female elf Nel was rescued by and fell in love with space-girl Una, who is straight. Okay, plenty of healthy relationships have grown out of a Rescue Romance. She doesn't tell her. Okay, that's reasonable. Nel decides to devote her life to being Una's best friend. Um, what? Nel never gets any significant characterization, background, or personality traits other than being in love with Una. Hmm. Nel is tempted by a genie to kill one of the other Anachronauts in order to have Una. She refuses, saying that she'd rather have Una naturally. You go, girl. And then in fs03, Una gets her hands on the sense-recording earrings Nel has been wearing since the beginning of the arc, and is able to effectively be Nel as she talked to the Genie, including her declaration of love. She re-evaluates her interactions with Nel, and then instantly realizes she loves her. Please note that Una has been exclusively heterosexual up to this point, and realizing she likes girls in general and loves Nel in particular is portrayed as basically flipping a switch. Oh, and the author pretty clearly has a fetish for lesbians, as it popped up in his earlier Sailor Nothing, and in an aside in arc 2. Their friendship is written as exactly that; a friendship, with no romantic or sexual tension. Compared to the other romances in the series, which are written much more organically, it seems more like a Strangled by the Red String Romantic Plot Tumor than an actual romance. Nel and Una are given some "private time" at the end of that chapter, which would be ideal for showing their conversation before the inevitable sex and underlining the fact that they actually do have feelings for each other, except we never get to see it. Did I mention that there had been no other significant LGBT characters in the series up to that point? Yes, that's right, the only known homosexual is there for solely for the purpose of Fetish Fuel. It's kinda creepy, and I couldn't read the series after that.
  • Xaviorthe Savior: For Game Theory, this moment is an example of Critical Research Failure so bad, his own fans are calling bullshit. In his latest (at the time of writing this) episode discussing the real life physics behind the Wario Waft, he somehow determines that Wario is 10 feet tall. As if it were bad enough that simply looking at Wario could tell you that he is nowhere near that height, the top rated comment on that video also points out that this contradicts an earlier video of his where he stated that Peach is 5'10" and the height chart he provides in the video clearly shows Wario as being shorter than her.
  • JHN: I'm not really speaking for myself, but for The Escapist. Game Dogs, a Work Com about 3 dogs who work in a gaming company, had a Tonight Someone Dies event. In the episode, 2 side characters kill off the female lead, with jokes centered around where it was legal to kill her or not. The fanbase felt that playing death for laughs & the amount of gore featured felt unpleasant, even for those who enjoy Black Comedy. In The Stinger, Roger - The Smart Guy, kills himself because he felt unhappy being in company, no signs of it before, causing Fridge Logic. Note, that the characters were somewhat well liked, compared to the main character, Chet, who was condsidered The Scrappy (no pun intended). Saying it was Dude, Not Funny! would be a understatement, even offending those who liked the Good Troi Episode, "Knives-R-Us".
  • Tropers/ilovedededeAGAIN: If one DMOS had to come out in Super Mario Bros. Z, then that would be definitely the scene in Episode 7 where Mario and Sonic are warped to the Minus World. It starts fine enough until Kolorado and Goombella appear out of nowhere and sass up the scene. The icing on the cake though is when Goombella becomes very sassy about fighting Mecha Sonic. Alvin Earthworm would have known to do better if his fans complained.
  • The Tundra Terror: I used to have high regards for xRazorFistx's, a.k.a. The Rageaholic's, reviews, however, his retrospective of the Star Fox series let a bad taste in my mouth. About three-quarters into the review, he basically seems to drop everything to rage on about how all "furverts" are animal rapists, because that joke isn't old, and how they are all scum of the earth. Not only is the whole thing awkward to sit through, like one of your grandfather's racist rambling, it was completely unneeded, came out of nowhere, and had nothing funny to say.
  • cookieman: We have Nyan Cat as fanart, crossovers (with such series at Mario Kart, Robot Unicorn Attack, and shirts and such). However, when you start to crossover something with 9/11, then you know there's something wrong. (View at your own risk)
    • Bengson26: To put the icing on this vomit-inducing cake, the image was posted exactly on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. To think this was okay to post at the time is downright sickening. I know the purpose was to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks, but this is the wrong way to do it.
  • Zero Brina Fan: When DeceasedCrab basically told a commenter on one of his videos to choke himself to death. What was the commenter's crime? Mentioning a show DC didn't like. Up until I saw that comment, I was perfectly fine with the guy, even knowing all the Grammar Nazi crap he pulled, but after that I swore off his videos and only check his channel every few months to see if he's been banned yet. Honestly, Small Name, Big Ego doesn't even begin to cover him after that incident.
    • deeman45 I didn't even give him that far of a chance. You mentioned that he's a Grammar Nazi? That's putting it lightly—he has banned people for misplacing commas! Frequently in comments that show support for him! I mean, I enjoy proper grammar as much as the next person, but pull the stick OUT of your ass, DeceasedCrab.
    • ergeis: Oh boy, DeceasedCrab. I never liked him because he's like PewDiePie (who I'm sort of okay with, to be honest) but instead of the Pee Wee Herman personality, he has passive aggression. He even banned people for liking the Snake Eater theme. What is your problem, DeceasedCrab?
    • Dan The Enigma: I got another one for (Should-Be)Deceased Crab. About 5 years ago, 14-year-old me made a comment on one of his videos because, me being only 14, I figure I'd ask him an honest question about what he said because it sounded familiar to me and I didn't remember what it was originally from. Instead of giving me a straight answer like you'd expect, he absolutely snaps and tells me to kill myself for not knowing what he originally quoted came from. (For those wondering, it was the "But thou must" line from Dragon Warrior that I know now but not back then). But no, he decided to be a complete Jerkass for no reason. DeceasedCrab? More like DouchebagCrab.
  • Lhipenwhe: Two incidents that soured me on the Whateley Universe; one incident where the rape of a villain was/could be seen by the protagonists and readers as 'just desserts', and the flat-out rape and forceful mutation by a story character. Rape can be a hard topic to cover, but in these instances it completely wrecked whatever enjoyment I took from the stories.
  • Animeking1108: I like Faulerro's NullMetal Alchemist, but his stabs at Naruto The Abridged Series are even less subtle than LittleKuriboh's. His version of Naruto: The Abridged Movie sounds like bitter fanboy rage. Then in his most recent video, "The Roast Of LittleKuriboh," there's an unfunny bit where Vegeta3986 takes over talking about him pissing on the source material and calling LittleKuriboh a hack, which is basically Seltzer and Friedberg level of parody. Thanks, Faulerro. I was starting to get over your immature nerd rage, but you ruin it again by acting like a douchebag. If you hate Naruto The Abridged Series that much, then ignore it. That's it, I'm done with his videos.
  • InTheGallbladder: I pretty much had a falling out with ''Your Dungeon, My Dragon" which, up until then, had been a pretty good series, when they decided, right out of nowhere, that the last third of episode four was going to be a lengthy advert for the Toyota Yaris (their most outspoken sponsor).note  Up until that point, I had no issue with the Yaris ads, (bonus points for them being embedded in the videoss themselves and thus easy to skip) but this pretty much destroyed my respect for Adam de la Peña.
  • Robbie: Anime World Order, Episode 85. During Daryl's review of Violence Jack, Daryl mentions the explicit, grotesque rape sequences in the Evil Town OVA, and promptly suggests that these scenes are tailored to the Japanese libido. "Japanese men can't get it up unless you've got like a loaded pistol in the girl's mouth being like 'shut the fuck up and enjoy this bitch' as they plead for their life, and blood gushes forth from their crotch because it's more Moe when you get to bust the hymen..." He goes on to suggest that things like this is why Japanese women are supposedly more interested in foreigners than native Japanese. Even as a sarcastic joke, it is still horribly racist to paint the Japanese as a nation of rapists and freaks because of anime like Violence Jack, and it stains the reputation of the most prominent podcast on the subject of Japanese animation. Reviewing anime in a humorous fashion certainly works, but mocking Japanese culture because you don't like certain nasty anime slams the Dude, Not Funny! button so hard it cracks in half.
  • Renelia: Ghost of True Capitalist's 10/13/2011 Radio Graffiti segment stuck out as the lowest point of the show. (Radio Graffiti is a segment where people can actually participate in the broadcast if they're phoned in) It started off promising, but it got much worse as it went on. Not one cans.wav, not one funny moment from the callers. The host was so disgusted that he played a random "fruitbowl" music that was never mentioned again for that episode. He ended up leaving early because of it and as a result, he didn't do another show for five days. It was that bad.
  • fluffything: Normally, I enjoy the Spill crew and their film reviews. Well, I decided to check out a spin-off series they had called "Happy Hour", which is basically an LP series. Fair enough. But, the DMOS came in when one of the commenters stated that Mario Party 9 was (paraphrased) "One of those games where you just have to push a button that you play while wearing a helmet that your mom makes you wear all the time so you don't get hurt". Let that sink in a moment. They were pretty much implying that only mentally challenged people enjoy ''Mario Party'' games. Not only is this an insult to people in general who like/play the Mario Party games (The Runaway Guys, anyone?), but it's also an insult to people of various mental disability as well.
  • King Cr Inu Yasha: Punk '77's view on rock history was too much of a Bias Steamroller for me, reeking of the tired arguments critics have been using since the late 1960s, but things went from biased to just plain stupid in the segment for the Beatles, specifically the last quarter. The writer, to borrow a quote from Linkara, "goes beyond the realm of good taste and into something that is just vile", where he basically concludes that the ultimate legacy of the Fab Four's psychedelic period was inspiring Charles Manson to mastermind the Tate-LaBianca murders and inspiring people to commit such crimes is all the music has going for it, even going as far as saying "That's reality and reality hurts!". To which I respond: "Punk '77, you are a fucking idiot!" There are people in this world who had no connection with the psychedelic movement and had no interest in fairy-tale flavored stuff at all, yet they still turned out to be as much of a murderous asshole as Manson. This is the kind of stunt Jack Thompson would have pulled whenever a person who liked video games went on a killing spree, and for the cherry on this shit sundae, the writer includes a brief epilogue about fan reactions, some of which included death threats. Granted, threatening to kill someone is the last thing you want to do in response to something you don't like, but I can't help but feel that the epilogue is the result of him knowing that the more idiotic section of the fanbase would respond to his article and using those responses to validate his claim that all Beatle fans are psychopaths; he even brings up the fuckhead who killed John Lennon just to nail the point home! To all the Punk '77s in the world, I say this: There's being a realist, and then there's being a self-righteous tight-ass, and if stuff like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band really is the worst thing to happen in your life, then your life is probably much better than you're letting on.
  • Thetundraterror: I used to be a big fan of Alpha Omega Sin until one of his recent videos. In it, he calls someone greedy for selling a old NES game for $50k, which would be fine... if said game was not the only existing copy of a beta for Final Fantasy II. People were quick to point out that since that game is, basically, a piece of gaming history and the only one of its kind, said seller can charge whatever he wants, and, unlike the Mother games, this is the only copy of a game that exists. Soon enough, AOS actually disabled that rating to said video because people were disagreeing with him. News flash! You do not disable rating because people start disagreeing with you! That is one of the most cowardly acts you can do! But it gets worse... When yours truly pointed out said act and how it petty it was, it resulted in me being blocked from commenting on his channel. Seriously. Well, good to know how much of a butthurt little cry baby you are, AOS.
  • Animeking1108: Now, I love Anime Abomination, but the "Top 10 Most Hilariously Bad Dub Edits/Alterations" had a cringeworthy scene. After ranting about a dumb edit, he compared it to a long, drawn-out Author Filibuster on the Gainax Ending to Total Drama World Tour. Don, if you wanted to rant about TDWT, did you consider actually doing a video on it than a distracting rant that had nothing to do with the video?
  • fluffything: I like raocow. I find his videos, for the most part, to be very amusing to watch. But, and I may be in the minority here, I find the whole "Raocow dies a lot and gets angry" segment of The Second Reality Project (the 48th part of the LP to be specific) to be a DMOS. Maybe it's just me, but, I don't like seeing "Frustrated and angry Raocow". To me, it's just not funny or entertaining. Sure, it may work for other Let's Players. But, Raocow's appeal is that he says hilariously nonsensical things while playing video games. Not that he gets angry while playing a very difficult part of a rom hack.
  • Some New Guy: While the Two Best Friends Play The Walking Dead LP was overall pretty good (giving us such gems like the Shame Car), I have to take issue with their treatment of Kenny, specifically how their hate for him ends up being due to Larry's death. Look, I'll be the first to admit that there are many reasons not to like Kenny, but Larry was the epitome of Asshole Victim and was clearly already dead anyway, so seeing this as the main reason for them hating Kenny just came off as silly to me.
  • Lady Stardust: I'm gonna have to go with the "prison rape" joke in Jeremy Jahns' review of Breaking Dawn Part 2. First off saying that "It will be over faster if you lie there and take it" is very insensitive. 2nd, comparing a film experience to something as degrading and life-destroying as rape is incredibly facepalm-worthy and makes you sound like a jerk trying to sound edgy. As bad as the Twilight films are they are not comparable to such a horrific act. I never watched this man's reviews but hearing about this, he has lost a potential fan.
  • Darkton: So I was watching the third episode of My Little Pony: Camaraderie Is Supernatural. It was a parody of Call of the Cutie, and was going pretty fine before, then Applejack said "You can't just go around harassing the customers? Who do you think we are, Capcom?" I stopped watching the video immediately after that. Wasn't the premise built on the Elements of Parody? Which one of them was the "Element of Attack Humor", exactly? That's why I call this one of the lowest of the low in terms of humor.
  • Jetpack Percy: For me, it was Ani Mat's Top Ten Best and Worst Animated Films of 2013. The video was decent at best (Epic, the 3rd Best Film on his list, was one of my worst for 2013), up until he got up to the part where it cost him a subscriber, when he gets to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the worst movie in 2013 on the list. Now I don't mind if you don't like the film, but what killed any chance of me watching any more of his videos in the future was when he said that if anyone actually liked this film, then they would need to reconsider their life. Okay, as stated, if you don't like a film, that's okay, but you said in the review of the film itself that you wouldn't try to change anyone's opinion of the film, so why force them to change here? Hypocrite much? Honestly, that one line alone cost you your subscriber, and potentially more of them because of that. By the way, try telling that to people who actually liked the film, and see how many friends/subscribers you get.
  • fluffything: I like Game Grumps. I find their videos to be either funny, engaging, or both. But, sometimes, their commentary just isn't good. But, until now, I never found it to be insulting. That's changed in "Part 15" of their Banjo-Kazooie LP. To put it bluntly, at one point in the video, Jon and Ego (Mostly Jon, though, as far as I can tell) start making jokes about Asperger's Syndrome (Even using the cliched "Ass Burgers" joke) and Jon saying how Asperger's is (paraphrased) "The new ADD for parents to explain why their kids are socially awkward". As someone with Asperger's, I can utterly say that I'm absolutely disgusted by this.
    • InTheGallbladder: Super Mario Sunshine, part 43. They misinterpret an obvious suggestion to do something very simple, then spend a good chunk of the episode helplessly scurrying about as though the answer weren't right in front of them. In the end, they resort to consulting an online walkthrough, over something the game made all but completely unambiguous.
    • The Farmboy: I enjoy Game Grumps too. However their Rogue Sqaudron video just reeked of They Just Didn't Care. Like there was little effort in actually accomplishing the first level and instead farted around shooting the ground. A shame since I was looking forward to them tackling it.
  • InTheGallbladder: I used to love Red Letter Media, especially Plinkett Reviews. However, one bit was just plain awful—Early in his review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he mentions he masturbates to Mary Kate and Ashley cassettes, which is followed by a needlessly graphic simulation of such. I stopped watching at that point, and haven't watched Mr. Plinkett since.
  • countotaku: I used to enjoy Gigguk's The Anime Zone reviews until he made his Fate/Zero Anime Review, where 3/4 into his review, he brings up several negative points about the show based solely on his opinions which I find incredibly stupid most of the time, thus, making it his biggest DMOS. First, he mentions that the first episode is nothing except 40 minutes of exposition when in fact, it serves mostly as character introduction with only 30 percent of exposition. Second, he laments the fact that Fate/Zero is a prequel to the 2005 Fate/Stay Night anime adaptation, which is the equivalent of saying Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins is the prequel to Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, thus having to set up a Downer Ending that leads to Fate/Stay Night or as he calls it "a retarded half-brother". I find his reasoning completely wrong because the downer ending was foreshadowed pretty early in the show itself and not anti-climatic as he believes it is; also, his disrespect for Fate/Stay Night is solely based on seeing the anime adaptation, which makes this a good example of passing judgment on works he hasn't seen. Third, I know this is one his random jokes but his "NO HOMO" comment comes across as really incredibly lame and just plain unfunny. While I'm aware that he gave a reasonably high score to the series, nothing can hide the fact that the review had plenty of DMOS.
  • Midna: The Annotated Series was, and admittedly still is, one of my favorite YouTube past times (I'm an annotator myself), but some things are kind of hard to forgive; at some point during their simultaneous riffs of Sonic Underground and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, they brought in someone - or maybe multiple people - who can best be described as the epitome of the Revenge Troll, constantly wishing death, suicide, and all manner of nasty things on the writers. A bit uncomfortable to read (treating them like absolute scum that "doesn't deserve sentience" because they wrote a shitty episode of a kiddie cartoon show?), but nothing that overtly offended my sensibilities. Until one of them said that the writers should be "doing the Jailhouse Rock" during an episode of TSMBSS. Granted, it fit with the whole Elvis theme of that episode's live action segment, but either A. they picked an Elvis song title that worked with their desires to see the writers in prison without considering the implications, or B. they just made a tasteless Prison Rape joke, and either way it left a bad taste in my mouth. I still go to, annotate on, and enjoy their channel, but I don't really watch or annotate either of the above series anymore.
    • Man Called True: In the annotated version of the MLP Canadian live show, one of the annotators doesn't even make jokes - they just bash bronies every time they comment. Whoever let that guy onto the staff should be ashamed.
  • Animeking1108: While I enjoy Beyond The Black Rims by MarzGurl, Episode 5 was a waste of potential when they got to the part about the Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Collection. They talked about the collection itself for about 30 seconds before going on a 20 minute rant everyone and their mothers has heard about Kingdom Hearts 3 not being made yet. I can pretty much watch the entire segment by going on a forum. They completely ignore the fact that it will contain the Final Mix, which fans have been waiting eleven years for. They even admit that they don't care how much the side games will clear any potential plot holes out. I expected better from you, Kaylyn.
  • taylorkerekes: I enjoy watching The Cartoon Hero, as lot of his videos are rather interesting and informative, but his absolute worst moment in my book deals with his Top 20 Most Hated Characters video, particularly Lucy Van Pelt's entry. Now while I can be perfectly understand this character being on anybody's list of characters they despise, even though she is one of my favorite Peanuts characters, the Hero really goes over the line when he gets to at least two comeuppances that Lucy has received over the years, from Charlie Brown turning invisible on her so he can kick the football (which to me is up for a moral debate) to Peter Griffin beating her up, the latter of which the Hero declares in a rather devious-sounding tone: "That is so satisfying!" Hold on a goddamn second—You actually enjoyed that? You actually think that even children should receive such harsh punishments from grown adults?!! I don't care if it's just a cartoon! Seeing Lucy getting beat up by a grown man, no matter how bitchy others say she is, is just as bad as seeing Judge William Adams mercilessly beat his daughter with a belt!
    • fluffything: For me, the DMOS was the beginning of his review of Equestria Girls. Why? Two reasons. First off, he calls people who complained about Alicorn Twilight (and Hasbro's marketing practices in general) "Insane Bronies". That's just immature. Even if he doesn't agree with their opinions, that doesn't give them the right to call them insane. The second reason is even worse. When he explains that the movie got a limited theatrical release, he explains that many Bronies chose to instead watch pirated online downloads of the movie. He then makes the claim that said Bronies did so because they didn't want to be viewed as pedophiles for wanting to see a movie geared towards children. ... What? Are you kidding me? That's just ridiculous. There are so many other and far more legitimate reasons why someone would be unable to see the movie in theaters. Maybe the movie wasn't playing near where they lived, maybe they couldn't see it due to scheduling conflicts, or maybe they were simply broke at the time and couldn't afford going to the movies. But, no, instead, The Cartoon Hero decides to make a Mistaken for Pedophile joke. Again, that's just immature.
  • Xavior The Savior: While BrainScratch Commentaries is a great LP group, there is a moment in their videos that I despise, and it involves The Scrappy herself, Amanda. In Part 11 of their Pokemon Leaf Green playthrough, Johnny cancels his Charmeleon's evolution into a Charizard just to see how the others would react. This is listed on their Crowning Moment of Funny page and would be one for me, except it is immediately ruined by Amanda repeatedly shouting "WHY?!" in an increasingly shrill voice despite the fact that Johnny just told them why he did it. It's so unfunny and annoying, it sucks the funny out of what would otherwise be one of Johnny's most glorious moments.
  • thenameisbean: I was never a huge fan of DarkSydePhil, but one incident in particular permanently cemented me as a member of his hatedom: his rant on Nintendo's taking cuts of ad revenue from Lets Plays of their games. Let me explain something, Phil. If the 'big evil corporations' you're ranting about stopped making video games, or set a policy of 'no LPs of our games ever' (which they could probably do), then you would be out of a job. So, in a way, they can and do own you. If this bothers you so much, maybe it's time to branch out or find another job. Throwing a tantrum on Twitch just makes you look like a fucking baby.
    • Bengson26: While Phil comes off as one of the most egotistical persons I've seen, his Christmas special cemented me as a permanent member of his deservingly enormous hatedom. It's a "parody" of The Grinch and I used quotations because it's basically Phil response to the haters disguised as a parody. And my god, what a big ego-strokefest that was. This just shows how much a crybaby Phil is.
    • Ben Mitchell 90: Phil has had countless moments proving just how big an asshole he is, but a recent standout example for me is the little "epilogue" tacked on at the end of his Five Nights at Freddy's "playthrough". Now Phil really disliked the game, but that's fine (well, aside from the fact that he seemed ready to bash it from the start, anyway), not liking that game is something I can totally understand. But then he goes on this tirade about how other Let's Players who are scared by the game are "idiots", and that people who like the game, including everyone who requested he play it, are "sheep" who need to "wise up and be smarter". It really sums up the main problem with Phil, in that it's not necessarily that he's bad at games or dislikes popular ones like this and MGS, but more that he acts like a complete arrogant prick about it and clearly thinks his opinion is fact, and looks down upon anyone who dares disagree with him.
  • Sam Max: Are DeviantArt text based examples allowed? If so, I'd like to nominate this abomination of a complaint. Basically, it's him complaining about the Mega Man comics from Archie, and doing a terrible job at it. Now, I can accept opinions different from mine... as long as they are at least factually correct. He complains about it being similar to Archie's Sonic. There are similarities in there, true, but the differences outweigh the similarities, but one can see the similarities, so it's not the worst. However, he seems to think that the O Cs in the comic steal focus away from the game characters. Now, it's true that there are stories that have focus on the O Cs, but the game characters get a lot of focus as well. In fact, the stories with the game characters as the main focus outweigh the stories that focus on the O Cs. Plus, he claims blatant disregard for the source material. If he bothered to read the comic like he claimed to have, he'd find that the comic is, for the most part, actually pretty faithful to the games. Sure, not 100% so, but still. Not to mention that he seems to think anyone who likes the comics are idiots. I never heard of this fellow before this, but let's just say that he lost a potential watcher.
    • RAZ: I'm a bit more familiar with this artist due to some webcomics he's made in the past, and he just so happened to recently put up a "poll" regarding Disney's upcoming film Frozen and I say "poll" because the options are more or less an excuse for him to complain about 1, how the film "looks like utter shit" and 2, that anyone who does want to see it should be punched in the face. Look, I understand that not everything is going to look appeasing to everyone, but in his mouthing off on how horrible it'll be this guy comes off as nothing but a whiny little obnoxious Man Child. Count me in for someone who's definitely not going to be watching this jerk.
  • Hyrin: Watch Mojo's list of Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices in Movies. I could accept their caveat at the beginning that they wouldn't include "non-sentient acts of courage" such as the T-800 (they even disqualify him by name). That's fair enough, since they need to establish some limits on their lists. However, they completely depth-charged their own point when they hit #8. Who was it? The Iron Giant. Somehow, one robotic weapon of mass destruction that kills itself to save the lives of the people it had once been sent to kill is more sentient than another.
    • FromtheWordsofBR: I used to be a big fan of WatchMojo.com, right up until "Top 10 Hated Disney Animated Shows". I could go on and on about them listing some shows that are for the most part well-liked (Gravity Falls? Are you kidding me?), but, to me, it's the Critical Research Failure of adding, of all things, Monster High(!) to the list. Look, I'm not saying I like it, but I just want to point out something: Monster High has only aired on Nickelodeon in America, not Disney Channel. Thanks, WatchMojo, you've just lost a loyal fan and a subscriber, and I won't be watching your videos ever again. You suck.
  • ldelavina3: It's no secret that every web animation series has its rough times, small or big. Sonic Shorts is no exception, which brings us to their DMoS to me. The "How To Create Your Own Sonic Fan Character" bit from Volume 6. It pretty much implies that everyone who has made a fan character as lazy, unoriginal people. I know that there are a lot of poorly-made fan characters, but this just feels like a giant middle finger to fan character creators and an unfunny one at that.
  • Psycho Gecko: Mr. Deity and the Magic Hat was a major DMoS for me. I enjoyed the main portion, but Mr. Deity has what he calls a "Begging Segment" after the main video where he normally asks for money or for people to subscribe. This time around, he commented on recent allegations that his close friend Michael Shermer had taken advantage of women without their consent, which included mention of him constantly refilling a woman's wine glass and making it difficult for her to realize just how much she's drunk. If he'd just said that the man was his friend and he didn't personally believe the charges and all that, it would have been fine. Instead, he claims that it's all a woman's fault if she gets drunk and that anonymous claims of rape are the equivalent to Joseph Smith's ridiculous story about the golden plates. This is a guy who'll fully support looking into rape claims about the Roman Catholic Church by people protecting their anonymity from an important, rich, international church, but the moment someone accuses his buddy of it, suddenly those are completely unbelievable. Oh, and while he's at it, he wants you to please subscribe and/or send money, so all this rape stuff is a good way for him to make money while we're at it. I was already iffy about him because of how he'd made fun of efforts to combat sexism that lead to a woman receiving rape threats, but this was just too much.
  • Model Omega: ProJared's Nuzlocke Challenge is definitely full of drama, but in his Pokemon Y Blind Nuzlocke he seemed to literally fall asleep at the wheel while battling Grant's Tyrunt. He literally let Chinlo the Quilladin die while fighting, even after he saw that his speed was lowered to the point that the Tyrunt was outspeeding him, even after he had 22 Hp left, even after outright stating that Weplus the Cubone could beat the Tyrunt no problem. But kept Chinlo in regardless and surprise! He died!! And the worst part was that he didn't seem to care at all, the sombre music that typically accompanies deaths was gone, and he has never mentioned Chinlo since. Which leads this troper and many others to wonder if he did that just for drama.
  • Samuel: I am never a fan of Creepy Pasta in my honest opinion. It either never appeals to me or certain stories are Nightmare Retardant. The only fiction I actually did find enjoyable is Marble Hornets due to its realism. However, and I might get some flak for this, the one pasta that really rubbed me the wrong way is Jeff The Killer, which I find his image quite amusing. Anyway, I'd like to go ahead and add a certain moment. Young Jeff is now horribly disfigured, but he thinks that his "new image" fits his personality. When acting strange, his mother asks the doctor if he is crazy. The doctor says that it's only natural for patients to act that way as a result of painkillers. Excuse me? Baking powder? A patient acts very morbid, and yet the doctor suggests that's okay. For the sake of safety, when a patient like Jeff acts as such, leave him in the hospital! That is one of the worst moments I have ever read.
  • Animeking1108: College Humor really did it with Sh*t Flix when they put "Anime with nothing remotely sexual." Not only does this imply that the writers think anime is only good if it's hentai, but putting Dragon Ball and InuYasha is a complete Critical Research Failure since they both have Fanservice in them.
  • fluffything: I can sometimes look past unpopular opinions on things so long as said opinions have valid arguments to back them up and the person making said opinion doesn't sound like a whiny pompous child. Confused Matthew failed at both miserably during what I consider to be the DMOS of his web series. That, of course, being his "Mel Brooks sucks" rant in his The Producers review. The problem isn't that he doesn't like Mel Brooks (That's his opinion). The problem is his reasoning why he doesn't like Mel Brooks. Basically, it's a several minute-long tirade about how it's all "fart and dick jokes" and how all it's "exactly like a Seltzer and Friedberg film". Um, no, no it's not. Yes, Mr. Brooks' jokes are low-brow, but he put effort into them rather than just making pointless references or having someone shout "You get the sexual humor now!?". Not to mention Confused Matthew rambling about how the only reason why Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein were so good was because they were the brainchild of other people (IE: Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor) rather than Brooks. It was so mean spirited that I pretty much stopped watching the video after that. Matthew, if you're going to criticize someone's comedic talents (or lack therof), why not criticize how they tell the joke, how well they can make a humorous observation, the timing, how well the actors can carry a joke, and every other thing that matters in making a comedy film rather than unfairly compare a critically acclaimed comedic director to the guys who made Disaster Movie. Not to mention the major Critical Research Failure when he states that the remake (which is the version he's reviewing) is a bastardization of the original film. Hey, Matthew? You know who directed the original version of the film? Mel Brooks!
  • Electrum Zephyr: The Amazing Atheist, from day one, has been a controversy magnet, if not an outright source thereof. I have been a fan of his for years, and even through the Don Exodus and Coughlan fiascoes, I stuck around for future videos, and ultimately, things more or less became water under the bridge for all parties involved. But cue February 8th, 2012, wherein his reddit page about "Men's Rights" had a feminist rape victim on it. Does TJ choose to pick his battles carefully? On the contrary; when she talks about her experience and how it triggers a PTSD episode, he just throws it right back in her face, and makes her relive the experience in graphic detail. After all's said and done, he made a video expressing his regret at what he did, regretting the fact that he argued with someone on the internet, rather than what he was saying to her. An open bit of advice for TJ: 1) Pick your fucking battles; 2) If you want your views on anti-female-supremacy to be taken seriously by non-fantards, this was the worst possible move you could have made. Peace the fuck out. Even Encyclopedia Dramatica was extremely disgusted.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: Speaking of Spoony, there is a part in his Final Fantasy X review who makes me stop watching them and most of his videos after his statement to kill everyone who likes the game. I'm sorry but... no. It's okay that you don't like the game, but to inflict bodily harm on people who really likes it (myself included) is as funny as being hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Between this and his statement on Final Fantasy XIII (another game in the series I liked) that "If you like this game you're lying to yourself" leads me to believe that he only does this not for fun but to spite everyone who likes the series despite the flaws they contain.
    • Door Hating Cat: In relation to the above it seems that Noah is not proud of it and while it was intended to be taken in jest, he understands why people took issue with it. Which is more than can be said for many moments on this page. Unfortunately, this seemed almost immediately counter-acted by his spiel on the Mass Effect fanbase. Let's not get into the ending right now, but we can now add Noah to the LONG list of people who have embarrassed themselves over the affair by deciding to just write off an entire side as immature dimwits. We could probably include an entire list on this page simply for reactions to said game but let's not add more fuel to the fire.
    • Man Called True: Near the start of his Ultima IX review, Spoony explicitly compares professional video game reviewers to prostitutes, and then has the gall to declare, "I give it to you straight". Um... no. No, you do not, Noah (and remember, part of the point of the Ultima Retrospective was that, in most ways, this was Noah, not the Spoony One character). You are an Internet-based Caustic Critic who is paid to Accentuate the Negative. You do not "give it to us straight". You are paid to mock and insult games regardless of actual quality. Pull your head out of your ass and deflate your ego. This is the point at which Noah Antwiller lost any and all credibility.
  • Jetpack Percy: I saw a few reviews from this text-based web reviewer on Deviant ART, called Media Man, and one part was just so cruel, and so infuriating, I vowed not to watch him? What was it? Well, it was his Top 10 Worst Simpsons Episode List, specifically, his entry for "Boys of Bummer". Now, it wasn't a DMOS because he bashed an episode, a character, or the series as a whole. It was the entry where he says that Bart deserved the abuse, and It makes this episode worth watching, claiming because that Bart was an ass in other episodes, he deserved to be rightfully bullied in this episode. As indicated by the DMOS page for The Simpsons, Bart was constantly bullied by the entire town, including encouragement to commit suicide near the end. All he did wrong in the episode was miss a fly ball. He didn't deserved to be bullied, no matter what Media Man says. He also says that the town helping Bart to regain his confidence, and not lock the entire city of Springfield into Complete Monster territory, was selfish, mean-spirited and cruel to the other team (What, are they going to commit suicide for making a child you don't like feel better), and that Marge was in the wrong for chewing out the town. Well, if he thinks that 10-year-olds he doesn't like should be ''rightfully'' tortured to the point of committing suicide for screwing up only ONCE, then consider me out for watching him in the foreseen future.
  • hydrix: I was and am still a fan of the Jimquisition, but there is one moment in the episode "you're playing the game wrong" that I do not like. For the most part the episode is pretty good actually. He spends talking about the fact that it is realy stupid of a game creator to force you play the game like how he feels like it and it is pretty nice for the most part... until he starts countering the potential argument that the creators might have that is: "I put 4 or 5 years into this game. It's my baby.". To which he replied: "But like the mother of a down syndrome kid only you are finding it beautiful and you can't expect everyone else to applaud and clap because it can't put its fingers out of its asshole.". Not only is a massive Critical Research Failure, but it's also one of the most racist things I ever heard on the internet.
  • Bengson26: ScrewAttack's Top 5 Free-To-Play Game has this moment. Here, Nick says that in Team Fortress 2 (I'm really talking about TF2 a lot here, huh?), weapons with real advantages are locked behind a paywall. This just reeks with Critical Research Failure. First off, while admittedly there is a massive market for weapons in TF2, you could get weapons at random via a drop system. Second, none of the weapons have real advantages since they're sidegrades. Screwattack, there's a rule whenever you make Top 10 lists. It's called do your fucking research!
  • Bengson26: Being a free-to-play Team Fortress 2 player, there's this part of an already terrible list on why the game sucks. Here, the author proceeds to tell F2Ps to go play on a modded server and (the following is quoted exactly as written) "leave to good servers up and running for the people who doesn't wear gibuses or mercenary badge". Maybe it's just me, but I fucking hate people who stereotype F2Ps as always being equipped with said items. Also, are you assuming that all F2Ps are unskilled? I've seen many free-to-plays do very well against other players. Also, as a side note, the author isn't that fond of criticism.
  • Bengson26: Despite my previous entries on this page, I can at least stomach them, but the following is one that is so bad, I literally felt the bile rising from my stomach at this moment. This fucking guy going by the name of VeryInvalid, while in the middle of his Mega Man 9 "review", he throws an insult to the people fighting in Iraq saying he doesn't care about them and that they can't punch their way through a wet paper bag. That's was it. That's where I actually felt genuinely pissed off. You are going to bring up the thousands of lives lost in the War Of Terror just to try to get a laugh? Despite being Filipino-Singaporean, I can at least appreciate what the soldiers are doing for their country. Hell, this commentator mentions he lost friends in not just Iraq, but in Afghanistan. Get your head out of your ass, VeryInvalid!
    • hydrix: I was the one who put the Megaman9 review of veryinvalid on the (now defunct) Web Video section of the So Bad Its Horrible page but I did it with a completely different main moment in mind. What I found to be the suckiest thing he has done in the review is the fact that he said at the near end that he hated Rockman and Megaman2 and only had "nogilistic" (he meant nostalgic) memories of it. This is because he said that he was a huge fan of Rockman and Megaman2 at the beginning of the video and thus therefore comes out as a complete Hypocrite.
    • Dinner101: I agree, what this guy said about the soldiers fighting in Iraq is not funny! Those soldiers are risking their lives fighting for freedom, plus many of those soldiers have families that they might never see again if they die. Throwing an insult to those brave fellows just to get a laugh is an absolutely cruel thing to do and anybody thinking that it would be okay should really think about the consequences before doing it.
  • Bengson26: Despite the inane nature of his videos, I actually see makemebad35 as a rather hilarious YouTuber. That said, there's a line that needs to be drawn, which bring us to the ending of "The Pants Monster". Here, after telling the story, a woman appears and asks Damian and Kyle to help her with something. Seems normal, doesn't it? Well, that changed when the pair realises that she's out of the kitchen and that they should burn her. Now, jokes about women being in the kitchen is nothing new, but suggesting they should burn her for being anywhere outside the kitchen sends the wrong message.
  • Rondomi: Tipping a Sacred Cow here. Chuggaaconroy is a good Let's player in my opinion, but from a critical perspective, when one takes into account what a Let's Play is, his Okami finale was horrible. I understand the prospect of silence during serious and/or awesome moments, but, with the exception of a subjectively narmy line, he was silent during the final phase of the final boss, ergo gameplay. No opinions on the design, no tips on how to beat him, just emptyness. The nail in the coffin, however, is that when one goes to YouTube and types in "Okami Final Boss and Ending", they are likely to get virtually the exact same video: a man recording footage of said final boss and ending and nothing more. For what is considered by many to be the definitive Let's Player, this kind of crap should not be the kind he can get away with.
    • TomPhanto: Chuggaaconroy is one of the most iconic Let's Players. I won't deny that, since he's the one who made me like the genre. But I hate when he pads out the episode with him trying to figure something out, or with multiple failed attempts at a boss or minigame. I especially didn't like Episode 29 of his Majora's Mask playthrough. Why? It's just 12 minutes of him doing the dog race minigame. He just shows all his failed attempts instead of showing his winning attempt and maybe one failed attempt. In my opinion, it just stalls the playthrough to the point where it's just boring. Nobody wants to see someone doing the same thing over and over for a whole video, unless it's relevant to the game.
  • Bengson26: I'm stepping into unknown territory for this. Ranter undertakerfreak1127 is a little cranky recently. Fellow ranter PMRants (aka Phil Mason) has posted a video criticising Professional Wrestling. UTF, being a huge-ass wrestling fan, responded back at Phil: "Eh. Typical "wrestling sucks" video. You watch maybe two minutes of pro wrestling a week, if that, and you make the determination that the theatrics are poor. Just because some guys are worse on the mic than others doesn't mean the theatrics suck as a whole." Maybe it's just me, but this sounds less like a respectable ranter and more of a fanboy. What's worse (from what I can tell), he removed some replies calling out for this. To quote myself replying to him: "Typical UTF. You know, for a person with a channel that has a large amount of bashing of wrestling (the irony), video games, music and society as a whole, he can't take what he dishes out."
  • Heavy Metal Snail: I never was a big fan of Anthony Fantano's The Needle Drop videos but what really caused my opinion of him to completely sour was his "Anthony Fantano Is a Regular Guy" video. The video begins with him reading an email from someone who insults him saying that he doesn't take his opinion seriously because he's "just a regular guy." What follows is straight up ego stroking where Fantano rattles off how his "opinion is respected by musicians and critics" and rattling off so much impressive statistics in the most arrogant manner possible. While some may call it him defending himself, the fact that he made a five minute video responding to hate mail (something that every online reviewer ever has probably had to deal with) and decided to "defend himself" in such a self congratulatory makes him come across as incredibly vain. Even worse is, later in the video, he passive aggressively rails on the person who sent him the mail, and by extension anybody else who doesn't take his opinion seriously, sarcastically referring to him as a "unique little snowflake who can see everything that my fans don't see" essentially condescendingly talking down anybody who dislikes his reviews. Considering that I don't take him all that seriously as a reviewer, I found this video to be one of the worst videos posted by any reviewer simply for the sheer amount of blatant ego stroking passing as a defense.
  • Co Cage: I would like to present Review Tech USA’s response to If You're Over 30 And You Still Love Nintendo, You're Weird. Basically, the "controversy" is about a YouTube user named Yoshiller at E3, whom was interviewed by a news crew. The big deal was that he wore a Yoshi hat while interviewed, and other gamers grew a big fuss that he was invoking a bad stereotype. The problem is Rich goes on this rant about projecting stereotypes and being exclusive is wrong, while going on to call Yoshiller man-child and singled him out based on exaggerated rumors and speculations. Okay Rich, screw you on this, because you don’t know dick about the guy. I saw the guy’s E3 videos, and he looked and acted fine; perfectly composed. He was just doing his thing and showing support for a company he likes. He never acted like a jerk or an immature brat. So let me get this straight: gamers can’t wear or show any support to a video game/video game company they love publicly, but it’s okay for people who like TV shows or movies to do the same. Congratulations dumb-ass, you now just became the thing you hated and jumped on the bandwagon like most news sites. Also, Yoshiller responded in the comments section of the video, and makes a comment not meaning to offend anyone and says that he [[Yoshiller]] still supports his own actions, and rightfully calls out on Rich and others for being ousted. What’s worse is that Rich never responds back nor apologizes about his big research failure (which he usually does when wrong or mistaken). I never agreed with everything Rich said, but I at least respected him, and gave his views food for thought. After an incident like this, I can say he lost a subscriber.
  • Maths Angelic Version: You might know that I don't think too highly of Tangled, so it might not surprise you that I'm not thrilled about What Culture's article "10 Reasons Frozen Is Definitely NOT Disney’s Best Animated Movie This Decade", which should've had the more honest title "10 Reasons I Think Tangled Kicks Frozen's Ass". Actually, most of the reasons aren't bad and the author has some good points even though I disagree with them. However, reason #2, "Elsa Is Kind Of A B*TCH" just stinks. It uses Blatant Lies and deliberately misleading half-truths to make Elsa look bad. Well, either that or we have a case of Critical Research Failure. The author claims that Elsa "was so wrapped up in her own problem she didn’t even notice she was damning an entire kingdom", even though Elsa at that point has no reason to believe her powers can have such devastating effects. He claims that Elsa doesn't bother to try to thaw the kingdom, but fails to take into account that she has no idea how to do it and that returning to the kingdom would probably just make everything worse. He claims that Elsa shuts Anna out because she doesn't give a damn about her. The film clearly shows that Elsa cares for Anna and shuts her out to protect her. He makes it sound like Elsa intentionally freezes Anna's heart, even though Elsa doesn't and is clearly horrified when she sees what has happened. He also complains about the snow monster that Elsa creates to throw Anna and Kristoff out in the snow "where it's very likely they could freeze to death", but Elsa thinks letting them stay in the castle is dangerous. If Anna and Kristoff are to reach a safe place in time, they had better hurry. Anna refuses to leave, so Elsa needs to pressure her. Seriously, what else could Elsa have done? Let Anna stay in the ice castle until she dies? Escort Anna and Kristoff to the kingdom and have her powers cause even more problems? Maybe Elsa could have made them leave in some other way, but she was in distress and not thinking clearly. We should keep in mind that Elsa's decisions are suboptimal, but they're understandable because the trauma she's been through influenced them. The author is basically bashing Elsa for daring to be affected by her troubled past, as opposed to his beloved Rapunzel, who behaves like a sheltered kid who fears the unknown, and not the abuse victim she's supposed to be. Rapunzel does make some idiotic decisions too note , but they 1: can't be explained by Gothel's abusenote  and 2: are usually portrayed positively.note  Elsa's bad decisions are portrayed as bad. See my DMoS entry for Tangled for the worst example of Rapunzel's stupidity.
    Seriously, Pete Thornton? You've already used one reason to gush about Rapunzel and complain about Anna. We get it. You think Tangled has better main characters. You don't need to lie and daemonize Elsa.
  • The Farmboy: Arin's more recent Sequelitis where he criticizes Ocarina of Time as he favoured A Link to the Past. Much of the points were pretty weak (the text's speed in Ocarina is "slow" despite you could press A to just display the full text for one.) The moment I wish to bring up is his rant against Skyward Sword. I like the game, but I could understand why people dislike it. However the reason I hate that moment is because it's irrelevant and unnecessary to what the video was about. And ironic since he claimed that everything is handed to you in Skyward Sword, however when he brought up A Link Between Worlds, he said it's alright even though you can purchase all of the dungeon items if you grind for rupees (limitation aside.) To put it bluntly, it's bloody weak.
  • Bengson26: I try my best not to be a Bias Steamroller on this page (I'm already accused of one in my now-deleted entry for Gametrailers.com as ldelavina3. God, I'm an idiot). With that said, YouTube user CJ Storm has this lovely gem of a video on why PC Gaming sucks. There are many moments that could be put on here: The lack of elaboration. The obvious bias-ridden claims in the favor of Sony and Microsoft. The terrible Un Evil Laugh filled with Narm. The list goes on. But the fatal DMOS comes from the Critical Research Failure in the part about the deals of games claiming that PC gaming does not have any deals making the games free. This can proven false as the PC version of Left 4 Dead 2, which is usually $20 SGD, was offered for free on December 25/26 2013 (this video was posted after that deal). Fuck. This. Video.
  • SWF Max: I respect Matthew Santoro and I like his videos, with the exception of 1 moment in his video 20 Haunting Halloween Facts: Matthew says, "Costumes were started by the ancient Celts that believed that spirits roamed the Earth on Halloween night, and began wearing them to avoid being recognized as a man or a woman. In fact, these people still exist today and are better known as Rocky Horror Picture Show fans." Then, a photo of a fan of that dressed androgynously shows up on the screen, with the word "Tranny" next to it. That's really disrespectful to transgenders, as it is a slur. I didn't mind him criticizing the way those fans dress, but making a transphobic comment is where Matthew crossed the line for me.
    • CJ Croen 1393: It's kind of hard to top that, but I'll throw my hat in; in Matthew's "Top 10 Weirdest Dinosaurs You Never Knew Existed", he gets to Jeholopterus, which he mistakenly refers to as a dinosaur (I gave that a pass, since it's a common mistake), but then he calls it a "prehistoric equivalent to the vampire bat" that bit into bigger dinosaurs to suck their blood. That's right, he cited David Peters and his so-called "research". Come on, Matt! All the other prehistoric animals there were relatively accurate! And there are plenty of weird underrated pterosaurs you could have picked for that! What about Nyctosaurus and its freaky head-crest and nigh-inability to walk? Or Hatzegopteryx, the largest animal to ever fly that ate small animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Or Tupandactylus which...well, just look at it!
  • Bengson26: Going into Sacred Cow territory, Sohinki of Smosh Games has this moment in the "Game We Hate" episode of "Why We're Single". Here, while talking about the WWE Video Games, he says the only good thing about them is the "Create A Character" because you can "make characters as derpy as the fans of the games". You know, because there's no better way to get your opinion across than to call the fans of the games retarded.
    • Animeking1108: I generally love their Honest Game Trailers, but their video on Kingdom Hearts was poorly done. It's clear that whoever wrote that video didn't play an entire KH game, as it was filled with Critical Research Failures. Since I'm not allowed to put in more than one dethroner in the same episode (because I definitely have more than one), I'm going to have to complain about how the narrator said that they repeat the same worlds over and over again, complete with a montage of repeated worlds that include Deep Jungle (which only appeared once) and Space Paranoids (which only appeared once, twice if you count The Grid). Clearly, the only amount of research that went into this video was what you read on forum arguments.
  • eneuman96: Maddox's article "Math doesn't suck, you do." Though I'm not normally a fan of Maddox's writing, I can at least respect his more intelligent arguments. This, on the other hand, is pure garbage. Firstly, he says that math is "exactly like cooking: just follow the recipe." Uh, no. If that were the case, famous chefs everywhere would have aced calculus. Even if both are based on following instructions, it's very possible that one may find one of those things less interesting than the other. He then goes on to imply that textbooks teach you everything about math you need to know for your classes, ergo it should be easy. Clearly he didn't go to the schools I or a large number of other students went to. After rambling some factoids that have little to do with his argument, he uses a strawman point of view which happens to be easy for him to deride: "When will I ever use math in life?" Firstly, nobody says that; people specifically refer to algebra, geometry, calculus and the like, because it's a hugely valid observation that many jobs do not require such advanced concepts. He patronizingly points out that every job DOES involve using math...forgetting to mention that it's simple arithmetic a good deal of the time, which nobody doubts in the first place. Finally, he continues rambling about how math has been important to the advancement of civilization, which is once again something we already have been fully aware of since elementary school. Maddox, sucking at math doesn't automatically make you an idiot, because not everyone's brain is as skilled in problem solving as they are in other methods of thinking, and there's only so much that education can do to remedy that. Long story short, it's one of Maddox's shittiest and most misguided arguments for anything ever. It's possible that in some places he's exaggerating the reader's stupidity for the purpose of his Viewers Are Morons schtick, but a lot of the article comes off as the actual man behind the Maddox personality talking, and thus there's no excuse for how poorly the article is thought out.
  • fluffything: For those unfamiliar, there is a Web Animation series called Scientifically Accurate that "parodies" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) classic cartoons, video games, and so forth using "science" (again, loosest sense of the word possible). It only took me one viewing of their Scientifically Accurate Sonic the Hedgehog video to realize just how terrible their attempts at humor are (And, considering they're associated with Fox's "Animation Domination", that should come as no surprise). The DMOS is basically how utterly lazy and juvenile it is. Rather than come up with something clever and witty, the short instead tells such great jokes such as "Hedgehogs eat poop!" and the classic "Echidnas have a four-headed penis!". Heck, they don't even try with the Toilet Humor. It's basically just the same "it's gross so it's instantly funny" mentality you'd expect from a twelve year-old boy than what I can only assume is a professional writer and/or animator.
  • eneuman96 Since I can't just call Racist Mario a Dethroning Animated Short of Suck and call it a day, I'll try to break down the points as to why it's utterly terrible. Let's see...the unfunny shoehorned reference to The Phantom Menace and the shoehorned Pokemon rape joke...thing that both come right the fuck out of nowhere. The unfunny random disgusting violence that has no point at all (it doesn't even manage to be Bloody Hilarious either; it's just more gross and a bad attempt to shock than anything). The unfunny lack of any real jokes. It certainly doesn't help that making a violent Mario spoof in this day and age is like beating a dead horse. Oh, and the fact that it blatantly displays censored nudity in its thumbnail as a cheap clickbait tactic, which is almost certainly the reason it got so many views. One last thing: how is Mario racist anyway? Given that he tries to kill literally everyone on the track and not just the non-Nintendo characters, Genocidal Mario would be a far more fitting title. Hell, the title sounds like it could have been about Mario becoming bitter and prejudiced towards non-Nintendo characters over the years for stealing his thunder instead of just a batshit insane psychopath in a kart, which would have made a far better short than this abomination.