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Dethroning Moment: Web Original
Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until thousands, if not millions, of dissatisfied viewers tell them otherwise. Unfortunately, by that time, the damage has already been dealt, and all those potential subscribers have turned away for good. These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to GIFT would exist.

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The following needed their own pages:

  • Silent Soundscape: Extra Credits. When they had a falling out with The Escapist, Extra Credits did videos on a separate Youtube channel...and one of them was this piece of crap: the Games Addiction episode. In the first part of the episode, Daniel stated that "Games are not addictive, they're a compulsion." Then in the second part, James would go on for 20 minutes ranting about how gaming ruined a good part of his late teenage years as a high school student, and how he suffered from game addiction. Not only is this hypocritical, but any outside viewer would then see that video like an Alcoholics Anonymous confession if they were to see it. As well, he had the balls in order to tell his viewers to bitch about their problems on the half-baked fan forum made by a 15 year old. Wait, removing the social stigma behind gaming? What's that?
    • The Tundra Terror: For me, it was the "Spectrum Crunch" episode that sent me over the bloody edge. Remember IPv4 and how we were running out of addresses? What could we do... other than more over to IPv6 that has been around for several years now with minimal effort. Here' the real deal with "Spectrum Crunch": Large amounts of spectrum actually sit unused in the marketplace today. It's held by companies that are not using it but would be willing to sell their stakes if they were certain the transaction would be approved in short order. Many spectrum holders are speculators seeking an investment gain, with no intent to build a mobile network. We should discourage speculation and do more to ensure that spectrum goes to companies with the experience and means to put it to work. Scientists have also been finding new ways to fit more data into the same spectrum. This isn't an issue. Stick to games, Extra Credits.
  • terraxsandra: Hellfire Comms's Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep playthrough was pretty enjoyable for the most part...except for Terra's playthrough. They made a lame joke about Terra (Stinky hand). I kept watching it, because I didn't think it would drag on, but guess what...they spent most of Terra's playthrough just making that Stinky hand joke. I never finished the whole thing. Shame, because that was the one I looked forward to the most.
  • Pwii: Trifecta's (A tea party oriented political commentary show) video on Bronies. Highlights include Scott Ott claiming that Bronies are "a sign of the apocalypse" and Bill Whittle saying "America needs to get in touch with it's inner adult."
  • Animeking1108: Now, I enjoy Fioriparty74's videos, but The True Death of Hinata was just terrible. Now, before you stamp this as a Die for Our Ship rant, hear me out. Basically, the video spoofed chapter 437 of the Naruto manga. Fair enough. But what really sucked was that not only did it call Hinata "an overrated pair of boobs," it also went on to insult Hinata and NaruHina fans. Making fun of a character you don't like is one thing, but to insult the people who actually do like the character is just mean. This video was pretty much a big reminder why I fucking hate Yaoi Fangirls. Seriously. Fuck you too Fioriparty.
  • Retsof Noraa: Rooster Teeth's Achievement Hunter has one in their video for the "Pay Your Respects" achievement in Batman: Arkham City. The achievement is - literally - paying your respects at the site where Bruce's parents were killed. Being Rooster Teeth, they try to lighten the situation with humor - claiming the chalk outlines make it look like Martha Wayne was giving a blowjob to Thomas when they died - but instead of crossing the line twice, it only crosses the line.
  • Tyler FG: Onision made fun of a 13-year-old girl in one of his videos because she got banned from his forums. The girl was deeply depressed and Onision was being a dick about it. He's made videos about standing up for bullies too, so, yeah. He deleted the video from the account it was uploaded on.
    • Kmega Guy: A 17-year old fan writes to Onision stating that their mother has been verbally and emotionally abusing them. They have blamed all the family's problem on that person and have even convinced other family members of this as well. Because of this, that person has been hospitalized twice for suicidal attempts. Another example that person gave was that they asked their mother could drive them to Walmart even offering gas money, she basically told them the money wasn't enough they take that money "and shove it". Onision pretty much goes into victim blaming, telling him that he should not blame his suicidal thoughts on their mother because if they said those same things to another person, a random stranger, they wouldn't try to kill themselves and they should be held accountable because they should have control of their emotions. It gets worse. After posting the video and seeing a lot people were upset with his response, he attempts to "explain" himself better in another video. Basically he belittles the fan's problems even further and making them sound like a whiny teenager. Stating they are only suicidal because their mother won't drive them to Walmart ignoring the rest of the letter which he read out loud. What the Hell, Onision?
    • RA 2: On his other channel, Uhohbro, a video simply called "Amanda Todd." You can probably guess how tasteful it was. He doesn't just blame & shame Todd, he goes on to say that bullies and abusers hold absolutely no accountability when a suicide happens, and that everyone who commits suicide is weak and cowardly - with a little holier-than-thou for good measure when he claims that he himself was once suicidal. Personally I think "weak and cowardly" describes a talentless hack who can only find self-worth by lording over a dead girl. I'd never wish suicide on anyone, but I will say that it would be a very karmic ending for him.
    • fluffything: On the subject of Onision's insanity, he once wrote a message to another youtuber named Mr.Repizon asking if he wanted to debate him. Bear in mind that Onision had said prior to the message that he wanted nothing to do with Repizon. Naturally, Repizon declined the offer saying he wasn't interested in debating with him causing Onision to call him a "coward". But, that's not the DMOS. No, no. The DMOS is what happens next. Onision then posted a video on July 4th in which he debates a sock. No, really. Onision put a wig on a sock, drew eyes onto it, and then called it "Repisock" and proceeded to have a "debate" with it. I'd like to remind everyone that his wife was 18 weeks pregnant at the time, but felt making said video was more important. Let me summarize it one more time. Onision decided to make a video where he debates a sock just because the person he wanted to debate with (IE: Repizon) said "no". It's one of the most childish things I've ever seen a grown man do.
    • ldelavina3: I'm speaking for NateTalksToYou for this one. Onision made a hater FAQ on his website. You heard that correctly, people criticized him so much that he dedicated a entire page to his haters. Reading through it, you'll notice that he always puts himself as the "victim" and that he has done nothing wrong. Greg, let's be realistic here, you are basically a controversy magnet, don't you think that you're partially responsible for all this? This is the reason why I think that Onision is the biggest crybaby I've seen and that's saying a hell of a lot.
  • Animeking1108: The dethroner of Youtube News was their video on Ninja Assassin. They were pretty much telling their viewers not to see this movie because of it's title. That is a very shallow reason not to see a movie.
  • sanfranman91: I expect three things from Epic Meal Time: cooking with Jack Daniels, eating ludicrously large meals, and bacon. Well, it's quite clear that these guys no longer give a damn about their show with the episode Drunken Mess. The crew truly showed arrogance with their growingly excessive advertisements and their put downs towards their own fans. Oh, and it didn't feature any sort of cooking or even any use of bacon. It ain't even about the bacon at this point"!? No, it ain't even about Epic Meal Time on Youtube at this point.
    • Crazyrabbits: The "Meat America" episode, which is a thinly-veiled advertisement for the then-upcoming Assassin's Creed III. The episode starts with a two-minute skit that is bereft of humor, and is punctuated by a promotional plug and gameplay footage of lead protagonist Connor hunting and killing a deer. The video has an embed for the game's trailer in its description (along with several mentions of it throughout), and the whole thing is full of long-winded jokes that go nowhere. It also marked the point where the skits started overtaking the meal itself, which was uninspired (basically, cook a bunch of meat over a grill and arrange it like a flag). Even the camerawork is lacking - the video goes in and out of focus several times throughout, and the frame shakes at several points. Promotional plugs from established Youtube celebrities are not uncommon (FPSRussia did something similar when he made a video plugging the then-upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2), but EMT had previously dialed back their Product Placement after getting complaints about it. Is this is the best they could come up with?
  • Jonn: anachronauts arc 3, fs03. The female elf Nel was rescued by and fell in love with space-girl Una, who is straight. Okay, plenty of healthy relationships have grown out of a Rescue Romance. She doesn't tell her. Okay, that's reasonable. Nel decides to devote her life to being Una's best friend. Um, what? Nel never gets any significant characterization, background, or personality traits other than being in love with Una. Hmm. Nel is tempted by a genie to kill one of the other Anachronauts in order to have Una. She refuses, saying that she'd rather have Una naturally. You go, girl. And then in fs03, Una gets her hands on the sense-recording earrings Nel has been wearing since the beginning of the arc, and is able to effectively be Nel as she talked to the Genie, including her declaration of love. She re-evaluates her interactions with Nel, and then instantly realizes she loves her. Please note that Una has been exclusively heterosexual up to this point, and realizing she likes girls in general and loves Nel in particular is portrayed as basically flipping a switch. Oh, and the author pretty clearly has a fetish for lesbians, as it popped up in his earlier Sailor Nothing, and in an aside in arc 2. Their friendship is written as exactly that; a friendship, with no romantic or sexual tension. Compared to the other romances in the series, which are written much more organically, it seems more like a Strangled by the Red String Romantic Plot Tumor than an actual romance. Nel and Una are given some "private time" at the end of that chapter, which would be ideal for showing their conversation before the inevitable sex and underlining the fact that they actually do have feelings for each other, except we never get to see it. Did I mention that there had been no other significant LGBT characters in the series up to that point? Yes, that's right, the only known homosexual is there for solely for the purpose of Fetish Fuel. It's kinda creepy, and I couldn't read the series after that.
  • JHN: I'm not really speaking for myself, but for The Escapist. Game Dogs, a Work Com about 3 dogs who work in a gaming company, had a Tonight Someone Dies event. In the episode, 2 side characters kill off the female lead, with jokes centered around where it was legal to kill her or not. The fanbase felt that playing death for laughs & the amount of gore featured felt unpleasant, even for those who enjoy Black Comedy. In The Stinger, Roger - The Smart Guy, kills himself because he felt unhappy being in company, no signs of it before, causing Fridge Logic. Note, that the characters were somewhat well liked, compared to the main character, Chet, who was condsidered The Scrappy (no pun intended). Saying it was Dude, Not Funny! would be a understatement, even offending those who liked the Good Troi Episode, "Knives-R-Us".
  • Tropers/ilovedededeAGAIN: If one DMOS had to come out in Super Mario Bros. Z, then that would be definitely the scene in Episode 7 where Mario and Sonic are warped to the Minus World. It starts fine enough until Kolorado and Goombella appear out of nowhere and sass up the scene. The icing on the cake though is when Goombella becomes very sassy about fighting Mecha Sonic. Alvin Earthworm would have known to do better if his fans complained.
  • Genki Man: ScrewAttack's D Mo S would be their Video Game Vault on Astérix & the Great Rescue, as it was blatantly poorly researched. He said that Asterix and Obelix were not just gay, but the gayest videogame characters in Videogame history. Sorry Craig, but if you don't know about something, which you explicitly said you didn't, don't make a a 3 minute video about it! Although he at least tried to make up for it in this video, keyword being "Try".
  • Oberyn: Tanime's Anime Reviews #46 - FMA & Brotherhood" Let's begin that the first minute of the twelve minute review is her glomping a plushie of a character from another anime. Introduces both animes, glomps plushies (again). She gives some details to the beginning dates and ending dates of the manga and animes, which is fine. She discusses the impact of Fullmetal Alchemist and how it introduced many people to anime, which again, is fine. It's when we get into the actual "review" (4:37 into the vid) that shit begins to crumble. It is where she identifies the villains as the "Seven Deadly Sins."note  And then, she shows pictures of homunculi from both original anime and manga, which, if you watch FMA are pretty big spoilers. She also declares that there isn't "much of a romance", unable to notice that the romance was subtle (yes it can be done), especially in the manga Brotherhood.
    • Radical Ed: Having watched the above to see if it's as bad as claimed, I'll have to add "#27 - Negima" as well. She makes several claims that make it clear she did no research, yet apparently she did do enough research to casually mention several details which are spoilers. Her claim that Asuna is the only character with any development completely ignores several other characters who the anime developed as well, as well as saying that the first series has no plot ignores, y'know, every arc that the anime covered. Plus, I just find her annoying.
  • Brokenshell44: In October 2010, Amid of Cartoon Brew gave us this which stated that animation was irreversibly doomed because Lauren Faust decided to "sellout" and direct a certain My Little Pony cartoon. This was bad enough on its own, especially now that the show has a devout Periphery Demographic, but Amid decided to make it all worse by throwing insults aimed at people with Aspergers syndrome into the mix... ...and trying to defend his actions: "The reason I chose the quote is because the guy said he learned more about life in a season of a toddler cartoon than he did in the previous three decades of his life. It’s too bad you can’t see the humor in that." So not only does Amid know jack about Aspergers, he's also making fun of someone because he's a grown man who watches cartoons. Let that sink in people. The grown man who runs a blog about cartoons is making fun of a mentally disabled grown man who watches cartoons.
    • Mr W: The man has always been one of the more unpleasant bloggers on the internet, but this takes the cake in how impossibly stupid it is. To quote a comment, "You are a blog about animation that just reviewed a plate. Negatively."
      • Warner14: Amid's article that's supposed to be neutral about the teaser trailer to the upcoming Peanuts movie not only feels hateful and repulsive but the writer himself represents a lot of what makes Cartoon Brew such an alienating blog that's supposed to be for people into animation. He at first goes into brief details about the film and who is animating it but then he nosedives into trashing the animation calling it "crushingly artless" and a "blandification" and he then says that one man (Charles Schulz) "poured his heart and soul" into the comic strip but what Amid fails to realize is that not only was Mr. Schulz also involved in most of the animated specials' productions but they were also group efforts that shaped what makes Peanuts so recognizable so in a way, the Peanuts franchise was (and still is) always a group effort. It doesn't help that not only is he basically complaining about a teaser trailer that won't even be a part of the movie and doesn't say anything about the film, but the comment section only makes him look worse by contradicting himself and using quotes out of context to make a point. He also tells people to get angry about the movie when it comes out simply because he said so. The truth behind the matter is that this is the closest a CG adaptation has ever been to capturing the look, spirit and charm of a famous cartoon property so far (things can improve over time, Amid) but the people who are working on it actually care about making sure that newer people will be able to experience the Peanuts and not a generic barely recognizable mess that happens to have the Peanuts name on it. There's a chance this movie could be a decent adaptation but nope, it's "bad" because CGI is considered terrible around Cartoon Brew and the creator isn't around to make it so they shouldn't. Amid also makes it clear that he is not a Peanuts fan nor even an aficionado of Peanuts in the comment section which only makes his article all the more baffling. It's simply embarrassing and he should learn how to make more neutral articles if he wants to write on a so-called "animation news site" and not a blog where he's nitpicking and acting like a jerk.
  • Regu14: The last episode of There Will Be Brawl. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved every episode before it, and re-watch them on occasion. But them, after setting up this epic story about Ganondorf taking over the city, and all the things surrounding it, it finally comes down to Luigi and Ganondorf, for the final struggle....and then Kirby walks right the fuck out of nowhere and kills him, and completely hijacks the plot from a much better villain. And then reveals that two characters who only showed up for four seconds in one episode where the killers that started the plot. And that Kirby tricked Ganondorf into training them. And then almost all the main characters die, making nearly every single subplot totally pointless. At the end, Luigi pulls some suicide attack to kill Kirby, and it looks like he's finally dead. But, then, near the end of the episode, we find out that Kirby's still alive,Thereby making all the struggle, death, and pain completely pointless. I was hoping for some epic final battle where the villain dies, and they can all just rest easy. But no, I got this irritating Karma Houdini.
    • deeman45 What really killed the final episode for me was the ridiculously poor special effects. The creators put so much effort into the effects for the whole rest of the show and it was amazing. Then episode 10 came out and it's like they weren't even trying. I'm not normally an effects guy and I can appreciate a show if it has poor effects...but such a nosedive in quality after 9 episodes of goodness just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, especially since episode 10 was supposed to be the Grand Finale.
    • Hyrin: I can appreciate a good Kill 'em All finale, but the way they went about it here, with the G Ws turning into a squid and randomly stabbing people from above? Unacceptable.
  • Lady-stardust: Blackbustercritic's rant/screamfest on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Personally I think his videos were OK at best. After this video though, I don't think I'm gonna watch anymore of his content. All he does in the video is scream to the point it would make Mariotehplumber blush.
  • The Tundra Terror: I used to have high regards for xRazorFistx's, a.k.a. The Rageaholic's, reviews, however, his latest review, a retrospective of the Star Fox series let a bad taste in my mouth. About three-quarters into the review, he basically seems to drop everything to rage on about how all "furverts" are animal rapists, because that joke isn't old, and how they are all scum of the earth. Not only is the whole thing awkward to sit through, like one of your grandfather's racist rambling, it was completely unneeded, came out of nowhere, and had nothing funny to say.
  • The Man With No Name: Words alone cannot describe how disgusted I was with Armake21’s Alone In The Dark review. Look, I don’t mind that he liked the game. I don’t mind that he felt it didn’t get the attention it deserved. It was his verbal lashing at the people who criticized the game that pissed me off. I know he tends to do this in his other videos, but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Marcus spends most, if not all, of the review complaining about what professional critics or other gamers said about AITD, calling them “[insert name of review site here]’s ‘sheep’”, using generic insults, or just playing the “biased” card on them. Not only does he paint detractors of the game in a crass way, what he does is just unprofessional and it makes him sound like an ass.
  • Crazyrabbits: During Retsupurae's commentary on The Nostalgia Critic's Let's Play of Bart's Nightmare, the last 13 minutes of the video are a protracted Reason You Suck Speech directed at the Nostalgia Critic's fanbase, advertisers and people who disagree with Retsupurae's comments. The quality and opinion of the source material is a matter for other pages, but telling someone's entire fanbase that they're in need of psychological and/or medical help, and that they should immediately unsubscribe from Retsupurae for being stupid and retarded, is unnecessarily mean-spirited and over the top, even for a group of people who make jokes about other internet LPers.
    • Charleston Man: And then they topped themselves with this. Fan Hater doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Mosquito Man: An entirely different one, the poor quality Star Fox 64 video. Proteus starts bragging about how he's willing to pick on the player even though they're very young. The quality of their LP is bad, but it's still a bit harsh. slowbeef even considers that video an Old Shame of sorts.
    • easytorememberhandle The incredibly blurry video of somebody playing Metal Slug where, with a lack of anything funny to say about it (as it's impossible to tell what's going on), the guys start cracking jokes about the LPer (who sounds about 12) and her brother being incestually involved. Of all the jokes to pull out of nowhere, why that?
  • cookieman: We have Nyan Cat as fanart, crossovers (With such series at Mario Kart, Robot Unicorn Attack, and shirts and such). However, when you start to crossover something with 9/11, then you know there's something wrong. (View at your own risk)
    • Bengson26: To put the icing on this vomit-inducing cake, the image was posted exactly on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. To think this was okay to post at the time is downright sickening. I know the purpose was to pay tribute to the victims of the attacks, but this is the wrong way to do it.
  • 45xxx: I'd like to nominate Hard News to this list, specifically their 09/19/11 episode. Now, at first glance it may seem like it's just a case of They Changed It, Now It Sucks, but compare that episode to the previous one. The transition from "fun" to " professional" is very jarring, like all the fun was sucked out. Every other fan of Hard News agrees, which also helps address the fact that it's the lowest rated episode.
  • Zero Brina Fan: When DeceasedCrab basically told a commenter on one of his videos to choke himself to death. What was the commenters crime? Mentioning a show DC didn't like. Up until I saw that comment, I was perfectly fine with the guy, even knowing all the Grammar Nazi crap he pulled, but after that I swore off his videos and only check his channel every few months to see if he's been banned yet. Honestly, Small Name, Big Ego doesn't even begin to cover him after that incident.
    • deeman45 I didn't even give him that far of a chance. You mentioned that he's a Grammar Nazi? That's putting it lightly—he has banned people for misplacing commas! Frequently in comments that show support for him! I mean, I enjoy proper grammar as much as the next person, but pull the stick OUT of your ass, DeceasedCrab.
    • ergeis: Oh boy, DeceasedCrab. I never liked him because he's like PewDiePie (who I'm sort of okay with, to be honest) but instead of the Pee Wee Herman personality, he has passive aggression. He even banned people for liking the Snake Eater theme. What is your problem, DeceasedCrab?
  • Lhipenwhe: Two incidents that soured me on the Whateley Universe; one incident where the rape of a villain was/could be seen by the protagonists and readers as 'just desserts', and the flat-out rape and forceful mutation by a story character. Rape can be a hard topic to cover, but in these instances it completely wrecked whatever enjoyment I took from the stories.
  • Animeking1108: I like Faulerro's NullMetal Alchemist, but his stabs at Naruto The Abridged Series are even less subtle than LittleKuriboh's. His version of Naruto: The Abridged Movie sounds like bitter fanboy rage. Then in his most recent video, "The Roast Of LittleKuriboh," there's an unfunny bit where Vegeta3986 takes over talking about him pissing on the source material and calling LittleKuriboh a hack, which is basically Seltzer and Friedberg level of parody. Thanks, Faulerro. I was starting to get over your immature nerd rage, but you ruin it again by acting like a douchebag. If you hate Naruto The Abridged Series that much, then ignore it. That's it, I'm done with his videos.
  • Raiku: No Right Answer's episode Who is Justice: Murderer Edition it was Death Note vs Dexter and was one of the biggest Bias Steamrollers I have ever seen. Chris is defending Death Note while Kyle is defending Dexter and everyone, even hardcore Death Note fans who have never seen Dexter said Dexter is the winner, but it was the way Dexter won that even made Kyle groan, 1 point for Chris and 4 for Kyle. Everything Chris said was debunked by Dan the judge because Death Note is an anime. It was basically "I think Light is more justified in his killings because-""No, you're defending an anime, your point is moot." Meanwhile Dan keeps on putting up images of the series, insulting it, then saying everyone in anime is stupid and so is everyone who watches it.
  • InTheGallbladder: I pretty much had a falling out with ''Your Dungeon, My Dragon" which, up until then, had been a pretty good series, when they decided, right out of nowhere, that the last third of episode four was going to be a lengthy advert for the Toyota Yaris (their most outspoken sponsor).note  Up until that point, I had no issue with the Yaris ads, (bonus points for them being embedded in the vids themselves and thus easy to skip) but this pretty much destroyed my respect for Adam de la Peńa.
  • Buscemi: Platypus Comix is normally a funny site but their "Peter Griffin's Philosophy For A Stress-Free Life" article is easily the worst-written article he's ever done. For one, it's basically the exact same thing as every other Family Guy hate rant. Two, the writer seems like he watched one episode, gave up and read said articles (the entire article parodies the cutaway gags and nothing else). Three, it's simply not funny and most of the humor comes from material the Family Guy writers would never touch (A joke on The Charmings without any self-aware humor? Really?). We get it, you hate Family Guy. Just be a bit stronger in your criticism instead of going to hack writing that makes Not All Dogs Go To Heaven look great in comparison.
    • Shining Armor 87: I too love Platypus Comix, but I was rubbed the wrong way by the article The First Cricket for the exact same reason: weak criticism. Basically, in honor of Peter Paltridge becoming the owner of a small publication, he reviewed the first issue of his influence, Cricket. However, the entire article can be boiled down to Peter gushing about how great Cricket was like a teenage girl, while harshly criticizing all other children's magazines. Special criticism was reserved to Highlights for Children, which he said was "about as much fun as getting a big box of cardboard strips in the mail every month", and Cicada, which he said is by no means an adult version of Cricket. As if this wasn't bad enough, at the end, he flat out insulted anyone annoyed by this (a.k.a. any sane person) by saying "If you can have My Little Pony, I can have this.". Really. A pointless and unfunny insult to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic in an article about completely unrelated subject matter. The worst part is, Peter already made it clear he hates Highlights and Friendship Is Magic in this earlier article and this banner, respectively.
  • Mr W: Busy Street has normally been quite despised, but the Crown Jewel of all of them was their(or his, as the founder fired all the staff and became his own Author Tract blog 24/7) opinion on SOPA. Basically, it boils down to saying that the bill should pass because all the Lets Plays, Abridged Series, reviewers and other things he hates about the internet would be illegal under copyright law. The problem is that he's saying that these are reason enough to revert the internet to Web 1.0 over copyright issues, not to mention that his site has an equal chance of running afoul of copyright law, and the bill would threaten most of the sites that Busy Street uses to provide content. But that's fine, because something he personally hates gets wiped out. Yep, not selfish at all. It makes you wonder if the former contributors are glad they were fired...
  • InTheGallbladder: I'll admit, I'd come to terms with the fact that Seth MacFarlane isn't the writer he used to be. That being said, I still wasn't prepared for this little gem from his Youtube account. It had already had a nail through the palm for basing its concept wholesale on a decades-old George Carlin routine, but it misses the point of even that. #1 is vaguely in line with the original's spirit... and #2-8 are all statements which contradict his beliefs. It's as this point I began to wonder: why's he still writing?
  • Animeking1108: The Reaction & Review of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Hellsing misses the point about the movie being intentionally bad. Not to mention his need to indicate that the music sucked. You do realize they've stated in the movie many times that the music sucked, right?
  • Alex Sora 89: same troper, another website - Dorkly Originals offers various, Robot Chicken-level flavors of videogame-related "Dude, Not Funny!", but a jarring example of such is what (supposedly) Professor Oak does to the starter Pokémon that aren't chosen in the end. Come on, guess. Hint: it starts with "lethal" and ends with "injection". Describing it as tasteless doesn't even begin to cover that clusterfuck of a video. As with other examples of DMOS I've described in other subpages, we have another example of Shallow Parody and how it does not justify Character Derailment, even less so deliberate instances of it (Oak euthanising a Bulbasaur? Really?!).
  • Robbie: Anime World Order, Episode 85. During Daryl's review of Violence Jack, Daryl mentions the explicit, grotesque rape sequences in the Evil Town OVA, and promptly suggests that these scenes are tailored to the Japanese libido. "Japanese men can't get it up unless you've got like a loaded pistol in the girl's mouth being like 'shut the fuck up and enjoy this bitch' as they plead for their life, and blood gushes forth from their crotch because it's more Moe when you get to bust the hymen..." He goes on to suggest that things like this is why Japanese women are supposedly more interested in foreigners than native Japanese. Even as a sarcastic joke, it is still horribly racist to paint the Japanese as a nation of rapists and freaks because of anime like Violence Jack, and it stains the reputation of the most prominent podcast on the subject of Japanese animation. Reviewing anime in a humourous fashion certainly works, but mocking Japanese culture because you don't like certain nasty anime slams the Dude, Not Funny! button so hard it cracks in half.
    • Danger Artist Nexus 60: Daryl's review of Mad Bull 34 Part 4: Cop Killer made me feel horrified to an extent when I was listening to it on my phone on August 3, 2012 while mowing my neighbor's lawn; before I go into detail, I will admit that I like Mad Bull 34 despite the fact that Sleepy killed a Scary Black Man or two amongst other criminals now and then but the real slap to the face was how Daryl jokes about the Virgin Mary and the church in general when he and the titual Cop Killer turns out to be a girl related to the disgraced Corrupt Cop Kevin Murphy. Hearing him do so made me wished that I could have vomited at that moment but alas I did not yet my disgust remained to this day; just goes to show that Everyone Has Standards, even me.
  • Mad Man 400096: Normally, I like Your Favorite Martian's videos, but "We Like Them Girls" was an utter disappointment, and the series' nadir. Basically, it's a generic rap song set to Legos. And that's it. They don't try to make the lyrics suited to Legos, even though they did the same with "Puppet Break Up", with well-done (if not potty mouthed) results. Way to waste a good idea, guys.
  • Picklelips: In this article, Maddox lambasts the supposed introduction an HIV-positive character into Sesame Street in what amounts to a caustic but essentially Think of the Children! style rant about unnecessarily exposing kids to life's hardships. It turned out that the character in question, Kami, was being introduced only to the South African version of the show, where stigma against HIV-postitive children is a much more immediate social issue. Refuge in Audacity be damned; this was a clear case where Maddox was very, very wrong and whatismore a bizarro instance of him becoming a part of the shrill Moral Guardian culture he disdains. Emails from his readers meant he eventually acknowledged the reality of the situation, but with a lame qualification that show producers hadn't ruled out introducing the character to the US series.
  • Roxas: Jack De Vries, an editor on IGN wrote an article titled "Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But It Doesn't Have To)". It's basically a rant against the series, saying things that are wrong, but never really evaluating on them. There is a blatant research mistake, claiming that there were cameos by Orlando Bloom. Yes, cameos, plural, even though it was all Crispin Freeman. But it gets worse, as he openly admitted on Twitter that he only wrote the article "to make nerds mad." Admittedly, many people agreed with the article, but that doesn't change the fact that the article is mostly just unprofessional criticism for the sake of being a jerk.
    • ldelavina3: While I hate that article for the fact that DeVries was acting like a complete dick, the follow-up video easily cements DeVries as my most hated editor on IGN, if not my most hated editor on any gaming website. DeVries, along with another editor Daemon Hatfield responds to the people calling Jack out on his bullshit. They proceed to call everyone who disagreed with them babies and calls the article "well-written and humorous" (which is complete B.S.) To quote a comment posted on the video on YouTube, "I get that some people overreact about someone's opinions about something they love, I do, but you don't have to explain that to us, the viewers. We know, we've been here."
  • Renelia: Ghost of True Capitalist's 10/13/2011 Radio Graffiti segment stuck out as the lowest point of the show. (Radio Graffiti is a segment where people can actually participate in the broadcast if they're phoned in) It started off promising, but it got much worse as it went on. Not one cans.wav, not one funny moment from the callers. The host was so disgusted that he played a random "fruitbowl" music that was never mentioned again for that episode. He ended up leaving early because of it and as a result, he didn't do another show for five days. It was that bad.
  • fluffything: Normally, I enjoy the Spill crew and their film reviews. Well, I decided to check out a spin-off series they had called "Happy Hour", which is basically an LP series. Fair enough. But, the DMOS came in when one of the commenters stated that Mario Party 9 was (paraphrased) "One of those games where you just have to push a button that you play while wearing a helmet that your mom makes you wear all the time so you don't get hurt". Let that sink in a moment. They were pretty much implying that only mentally challenged people enjoy MarioParty games. Not only is this an insult to people in general who like/play the Mario Party games (The Runaway Guys, anyone?), but it's also an insult to people of various mental disability as well.
    • Brokenshell44: I've been a fan of Spill since 07, and I really wasn't interested in their gaming podcasts, but I listened to them for a while because it was nice to have Jason back on a Podcast. But the point I gave up on them reviewing games wholesale was the review of the 3DS re-release of Ocarina. Their arguments for why it wasn't that good were that it was as simplistic as an arcade game and was a platformer. I can forgive them for having a different opinion of the game, but you have to try to not care when you can't even correctly describe what genre a game is.
  • King Cr Inu Yasha: Punk '77's view on rock history was too much of a Bias Steamroller for me, reeking of the tired arguments critics have been using since the late 1960s, but things went from biased to just plain stupid in the segment for the Beatles, specifically the last quarter. The writer, to borrow a quote from Linkara, "goes beyond the realm of good taste and into something that is just vile", where he basically concludes that the ultimate legacy of the Fab Four's psychedelic period was inspiring Charles Manson to mastermind the Tate-LaBianca murders and inspiring people to commit such crimes is all the music has going for it, even going as far as saying "That's reality and reality hurts!". To which I respond: "Punk '77, you are a fucking idiot!" There are people in this world who had no connection with the psychedelic movement and had no interest in fairy-tale flavored stuff at all, yet they still turned out to be as much of a murderous asshole as Manson. This is the kind of stunt Jack Thompson would have pulled whenever a person who liked video games went on a killing spree, and for the cherry on this shit sundae, the writer includes a brief epilogue about fan reactions, some of which included death threats. Granted, threatening to kill someone is the last thing you want to do in response to something you don't like, but I can't help but feel that the epilogue is the result of him knowing that the more idiotic section of the fanbase would respond to his article and using those responses to validate his claim that all Beatle fans are psychopaths; he even brings up the fuckhead who killed John Lennon just to nail the point home! To all the Punk '77s in the world, I say this: There's being a realist, and then there's being a self-righteous tight-ass, and if stuff like Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band really is the worst thing to happen in your life, then your life is probably much better than you're letting on.
  • fluffything: I can usually enjoy a good Sonic the Hedgehog parody and there are a few good ones out there. However, I cannot say the same about Sonic Generations: Intro (I don't remember who it's by, though). While the "parody" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) is bad enough with characters either being complete jerks or having the IQ of cheesecake, the real DMOS of the 'toon is the absolute horrible treatment of Tails. Ok, I get it, there are people who don't like Tails. But, the way he's treated in this toon is nothing short of dickish. Long story short, Past-Sonic meets Tails and complains about how annoying his voice is and how he never wants to meet anyone like that for as long as he lives. Cue Tails fading from existence while Past-Sonic and Present-Sonic talk about all the other side characters in the games completely ignoring Tails as he's essentially dying (Ok, actually, worse, he's literally ceasing to exist due to a time paradox.). Let's keep in mind that Tails is Sonic's best friend. He would never treat Tails in such a cruel manner.
    • ldelavina3: For those of you who are unaware, the person who made that short mentioned in the above example goes by the name AnimatedJames. With that said, I'd like to nominate his "Sonic Lost Cause" short. Not only does it have the same bad qualities as the above example, the ending really bugged me alot. Basically, Sonic is seen in Windy Hill Zone as he calls it "Green Hill Zone again". While I do admit that the theme of Green Hill has overused to death (i.e. Emerald Hill, Palmtree Panic, etc), this just comes off like the animator is saying all stages resembling Green Hill are the same. If this is what the animator actually thinks, then consider me sworn off from his videos.
  • fluffything: I'm somewhat indifferent towards Peanut Butter Gamer and I do find some of his videos to be relatively enjoyable. That being said, his To Kill An Avatar: Pokémon video just left me with a bitter taste in my mouth. It starts off decent enough with him talking about how Pokemon is not as "cute and fluffy" as one may think. Does this mean he's gonna tell the viewer about the less-than-kid-friendly aspects about the games (IE: The criminal organizations, the Eldritch Abomination monsters, the various horrific things certain Pokemon are based off of in Real Life)? Nope. Instead, he just goes on a tirade about how Pokemon is "forcing animals to fight" and how trainers use their Pokeballs to "brainwash Pokemon into obeying them". He even goes so far as to use Ash's Caterpie from the Anime claiming Caterpie had a completely different personality from before he was captured by Ash. Um, no, no he didn't. He didn't have an established personality yet. In fact, all he did was just sit there. Oh, and to make matters worse, he claims that the player character kills Pokemon in the games whenever they defeat them in battle. What a great thing to tell all the children who play Pokemon. As a huge Pokemon fan, I am nothing short of disgusted by this.
  • fluffything: HotDiggedyDemon seems to find new and exciting ways to piss me off. Originally, I had listed DRESS.MOV as a terrible MLP "Parody" (In the loosest sense of the word possible) due to a scene of Twilight Sparkle masturbating and figured nothing could be worse. I was wrong, horribly wrong. It turns out, the newest "parody" video SHED.MOV is a googolplex worse. Where do I start? How about the over use of profanity? How about turning Rainbow Dash into a complete asshole (and having her pour her own menstural blood onto Fluttershy as a poor spoof on Carrie)? Or, how about Discord humping a building? And, just to make it even more disgusting, they have Fluttershy as a deranged serial killer revealing that the shed is filled with the bloodied corpses of her victims hanging from the wall (Including Derpy being turned into a toaster cozy), and slicing Rainbow Dash in half while singing about eating her brains. Look, there's Black Comedy, there's Refuge in Audacity, and then there's abject revulsion(read: this).
    • CJ Croen 1393: Even not mentioning SHED.MOV (which I kinda liked), DRESS.MOV was pretty awful for two reasons; first off, the treatment of Rarity in the "story" (and I use "story" in the loosest possible sense of the word). Make no mistakes, it's pretty obvious from his art and the always awesome Jappleack blog that Max Gilardi hates Rarity. That I can forgive, even if Rarity is my second favorite character. However, if you're going to make fun of her make sure you put some dang effort into it. The episode paints Rarity as a lazy, greedy, racist slave-driver who forces illegal Mexican immigrants to make her dresses while she rakes in the profits, all while insisting that she's "the most generous pony in Ponyville". This would have been funny if it were handled well. But all we really get are a string of really bad jokes that basically just boil down to "Hey everyone, Rarity isn't generous! Let's make fun of that!" You could easily replace the whole episode with that sentence alone and nothing would change. Second is that all of the humor in this episode, while funny in certain places ("I AM YOUR GOD NOW! BRING ME YOUR VIRGINS!", "Hey, hey, hey! Quit poking me with your thing!" and "Stay out of my shed!" come to mind) was mostly just a random string of humor that had nothing to do with the plot. At least APPLE.MOV, SHED.MOV, MAGIC.MOV and even SPIKE.MOV had actual plotlines. DRESS.MOV, however, comes across almost entirely as a mean-spirited Take That at a character that Max personally doesn't like with some random gags added in.
    • Shining Armor 87: I actually enjoyed both of the above, mainly because I love both MLP:FIM and Ren and Stimpy type humor. That said, I could not stand what broke their streak for me: PARTY.MOV. The "plot" of this trainwreck was that Pinkie Pie (who used to be my favorite character) partied so much, she turned into a Hooker With A Heart Of Jerk. And I do mean jerk: she wrote a book of lies about her parents portraying them as Abusive Parents. When it's not focusing on this or terrible shout outs to The Room or Seinfeld, it throws every kind of squick it can at you until you want to gouge out your eyeballs. Viewers are treated to Pinkie spraying period blood on Spike and paparazzi, performing oral sex on Big Macintosh, puking on Spike, showing her tits, and Wolfor humping Discord. The only funny part was Spike and Pinkie's phone conversation. After watching this, I am questioning Hotdiggedydemon's sanity.
  • Telesam: Monkey And Apple's videos are usually good for a laugh (e.g. "The Joker Interrogation Scene"), but his Twilight video, make no mistake about it, is EXTREMELY homophobic. I just... there's just nothing else to say about, except that I can't watch it all the way through without searing with rage.
  • Gonzo Link: For the most part I love FilmCow's animations and sense of humor which all follow a similar theme: Happy and upbeat characters (preferably animals) given a silly and relatively bizarre premise that proceeds to quickly (or not so quickly) spiral downward into depravity and dead baby comedy. If you've got an open enough mind they're all pretty damn funny in their own right, but there's one animation of his that I refuse to watch under any circumstances ever again: That goddamn "Mr. Happy Face" short. If you're unfamiliar with it, it involves a kid watching a tv show about a sentient happy-face who suddenly manifests in the real word and immediately goes homicidal, all while maintaining his cheery disposition. All right, par for the course so far. So he starts chasing the kid around the house, runs into the family dog and proceeds to eviscerate it all while remaining happy and cheerful about it. OK, a little on the dark side, though I can't say I wouldn't expect it from the guy who gave us Carl. But then he finally catches up with the kid and... I can't even describe what happens without getting sick to my stomach. Suffice to say it's pretty much the same joke used for the dog stretched WAY past the point of being funny and which ultimately just ends up coming off sociopathic by the time it's over. I wouldn't necessarily consider this a DMOS for FilmCow since I still enjoy his work, but leave us say that I all but swore off of his videos for several weeks after I watched this... thing.
  • Thetundraterror: I used to be a big fan of Alpha Omega Sin until one of his recent videos. In it, he calls someone greedy for selling a old NES game for $50k, which would be fine... if said game was not the only existing copy of a beta for Final Fantasy II. People were quick to point out that since that game is, basically, a piece of gaming history and the only one of its kind, said seller can charge whatever he wants, and, unlike the Mother games, this is the only copy of a game that exists. Soon enough, AOS actually disabled that rating to said video because people were disagreeing with him. News flash! You do not disable rating because people start disagreeing with you! That is one of the most cowardly acts you can do! But it gets worse... When yours truly pointed out said act and how it petty it was, it resulted in me being blocked from commenting on his channel. Seriously. Well, good to know how much of a butthurt little cry baby you are, AOS.
  • Animeking1108: Now, I love Anime Abomination, but the Top 10 Most Hilariously Bad Dub Edits/Alterations had a cringeworthy scene. After ranting about a dumb edit, he compared it to a long, drawn-out Author Filibuster on the Gainax Ending to Total Drama World Tour. Don, if you wanted to rant about TDWT, did you consider actually doing a video on it than a distracting rant that had nothing to do with the video?
  • fluffything: I like raocow. I find his videos, for the most part, to be very amusing to watch. But, and I may be in the minority here, I find the whole "Raocow dies a lot and gets angry" segment of The Second Reality Project (the 48th part of the LP to be specific) to be a DMOS. Maybe it's just me, but, I don't like seeing "Frustrated and angry Raocow". To me, it's just not funny or entertaining. Sure, it may work for other Let's Players. But, Raocow's appeal is that he says hilariously nonsensical things while playing video games. Not that he gets angry while playing a very difficult part of a rom hack.
  • fluffything: I'll admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the Two Best Friends Play series (though I did find their Portal 2 video to be rather funny). That being said, I found their Pokémon Snap video to be just horrible. In fact, I couldn't even sit through any longer than the first two minutes of it. That's how bad it is. Why? It's just so mean-spirited and insulting. Every other joke was a mean spirited Take That towards the Pokemon franchise. Wait, I take that back. They weren't even jokes. It was essentially just "Stupid (insert Pokemon here)!" and "Dur, I hit (insert Pokemon here) with an apple! LOL!" repeated ad nauseum. Good Arceus almighty, I know Pokémon Snap is not exactly the most thrilling game in the world, but would it be too much to ask for some actual humor instead of several minutes of immature jerkassery?
    • Some New Guy: While their The Walking Dead LP was overall pretty good (giving us such gems like the Shame Car), I have to take issue with their treatment of Kenny, specifically how their hate for him ends up being due to Larry's death. Look, I'll be the first to admit that there are many reasons not to like Kenny, but Larry was the epitome of Asshole Victim and was clearly already dead anyway, so seeing this as the main reason for them hating Kenny just came off as silly to me.
  • Mad Man 400096: The short Pig Me looked to be a great cartoon, with great animation and a likeable protagonist, but when we were about to get a fun Happy Ending, it just had to take a gigantic shit on it by having the pig get killed and eaten by his new owner. Are you fucking kidding me!? You set up what could have been a great short, then pull a dick move by putting in an incredibly heartless and completely bullshit twist!? Sure, I eat pork all the time, but I sure as hell wouldn't openly slaughter a pet pig! Bite me!
  • Lady Stardust: I'm gonna have to go with the "prison rape" joke in Jeremy Jahns' review of Breaking Dawn Part 2. First off saying that "It will be over faster if you lie there and take it" is very insensitive. 2nd, comparing a film experience to something as degrading and life-destroying as rape is incredibly facepalm-worthy and makes you sound like a jerk trying to sound edgy. As bad as the Twilight films are they are not comparable to such a horrific act. I never watched this man's reviews but hearing about this, he has lost a potential fan.
  • fluffything: I am a fan of Delicious Cinnamon. I enjoy watching their Let's Play videos, and find them to be hilarious (for the most part). Due to this, I'm somewhat saddened to have to list a DMOS regarding them on this page. See, their Mario Party 2 playthrough is, erm, how can I put it? Not very good. The commentary was lacking, the main game screen was shrunken down to make room for both a screen showing the actual members playing and commentary from a chatroom (Rarely is that a good idea since it's rather distracting), and that's not even the worst of it. No, the actual DMOS about this lackluster LP is that one of the members (I cannot remember his name) kept making Peach go "Yeah!" constantly. It wasn't funny, it was just annoying as all hell. In fact, it was so obnoxious that I couldn't even sit through more than eleven minutes of the hour-long video. It was that bad. Delicious Cinnamon? I like you guys. I love your Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal LP. But, please, pleeeaaassseee stay away from Mario Party games until you can provide better video commentary for it....and when you can get Peach to shut up.
  • InTheGallbladder: Feminist Frequency Tropes Vs. Women: Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I tried to side with her in the past, but this is where I begun to realize it wasn't worth it. She spent four and a half minutes grasping at straws before shaming the art world over the concept of the muse.
  • fluffything: If there's one thing I've noticed doing these DMOS entries, it's that (at least in my opinion) laziness is often one of the worst offenders out there. Say what you will about offensive humor, Unfortunate Implications, and the like. I'd rather have a terrible sketch done with effort than a mediocre sketch tossed together out of lethargy. Which brings me to the DMOS in question. Namely, the "Game Grumps Cats" animated sketch from Animeme. Now, I enjoy Animeme's earlier stuff, but, this, this is just lazy. The sketch, is, and I kid you not, just cat versions of Jon Tron and Ego Raptor playing games and then Jon looking over at Arin and going "Hey, Arin? We're cats!". That's it. I mean, kudos for recreating a cat-style version of the Theme Song and doing a decent job on the artwork for Cat Jon and Cat Arin. But, the sketch itself is just so poorly done. It's not funny, it has little (if anything) to do with Game Grumps (or even Grumpy Cat for that matter), and feels like an unfinished scrapped idea rathr than a full-blown animated short. Not only that, but the voice acting is horrible. The people voicing the cats sound absolutely nothing (Heck, they weren't even trying) like Arin or Jon.
  • cookieman: Sonic For Hire is one of my favorite webseries to watch, but one episode that really irked me a lot was the "Angry Birds" episode in Season 2 (Which involves Mafia Mario telling Sonic to kill the Angry Birds because "they're getting too popular"). Sure, some people may find the series addicting or overrated, but I felt like it was just there as a giant middle finger to Angry Birds and didn't really have a purpose there.
    • cookieman: Also, Tails (From Season 4) was a major Jerkass. He tried pissing Sonic off and shoved his richness in his face, but the episode I felt like was tasteless was "Movie Magic", where Tails humiliated Sonic hardcore. I didn't really find it funny (Especially the part where Tails tells Sonic to go in a donkey suit and light himself on fire). Glad that Tails turned into a Butt Monkey in Season 5.
  • fluffything: Although I am a fan of The Runaway Guys, I must admit their latest videos have been hit-n-miss in terms of quality. However, that's not my DMOS. No, my DMOS regarding them takes place in Part 1 of their Fortune Street Delfino Plaza video guest-starring Super Jeenius. In the video, Jon makes a reference to Game Grumps prompting Chugga to complain "But they suck!". Now, my issue isn't that Chugga doesn't like them. I get that not everyone is a fan. No, the reason why I consider this a DMOS is just how utterly whiny Chugga sounds when he says it. Rather than making a witty Take That towards them or simply choosing to ignore the reference, he opts to whine like a bratty teenager. It's just immature and annoying. Chugga has been abnormally obnoxious due to his loudness, over-use of puns (and Pokemon references), and increased Jerk Ass behavior. But, this utter whininess towards another popular YouTube Let's Play group is, in my opinion, the absolute lowest point for him on The Runaway Guys.
    • Doc Sharp: Chugga's impatience tends to be either hilarious or annoying. In part 5 of Deep Bloober Sea in Mario Party 3, it was exceedingly annoying when Chugga wouldn't take the time to slow down and allow Jon to read the rules of the minigame they were going to play, and proceeding to instantly knock out Jon in the minigame proper, causing Jon to rightfully, not the slightest bit hilariously, explode with anger. It was definitely sweet on both their parts to reconcile immediately after Jon's Freak Out, sweeter still for Chugga to apologise in the comments section, but it is still a very painful part of the episode to watch.
    • ilovedededeAGAIN: My DMOS for the Runaway Guys would have to be at the end of Bowser's Magma Mountain during their first collab, Mario Party. While I do admit the game changing Chance Time was pretty amazing (The AI (Wario) & Chugga swapping stars, which ultimately granted Chugga the win), that isn't my DMOS. It's at the very end, when they look at the stats for the board (how many spaces they land on, how many coins they collected, etc.). Still not my DMOS. They proceed to look at the most coins they've all held at one time, and obviously Chugga got the most, as he got the Coin Star. Again, still my DMOS. They find out that Chugga beat the AI in terms of most coins held at one time by one coin. One. Measly. Coin. This is where my DMOS kicks in. Chugga, happy about this, immediately gets up to close to the microphone and says "Suck it, Slim" (he's referring to SlimKirby), because in Slim's Mario Party 5 LP, he lost by one coin. While I don't watch SlimKirby's videos, I don't think Slim really deserved that, and I'm surprised pretty few fans of Slim have raised an uproar about this. I'm surprised even more that is even considered funny, because, well in my opinion... it isn't. It's a low for the guys. There was absolutely no need for Chugga to insult a fellow popular Let's Player.
  • Ian: "Teens React to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic." They show the kids nothing but the theme song and expect them to make a fair judgement on the quality of the show and the mental health of its fanbase. Surprise surprise, the teens all instantly assume the worst and conclude that bronies are sick in the head. The episode was by far the most hurtful and mean-spirited (we're the cancer of the internet apparently), and their comments on the Twilight movie weren't anywhere near that vile. Not to mention how hypocritical it was of them after several of the boys said "Give it a chance" to fucking Twilight. This episode was sickening to watch, making fun of internet content and its creators is one thing, but never before have they insulted the fanbase, again, not even Twilight's. Now, I'll offer the kids some leeway that Kids Are Cruel, but The Fine Bros should really be held accountable for putting the teens into that position. The 'bros were either too stupid to realize that the appeal of the show is in the content and not the theme song, or so horrible and shameless that they'd knowingly trick the teens into looking like tools. I'm leaning towards the latter, because one of the questions they ask the girls "Would you date a guy who was a brony?" The worst part? Guess who they ask for likes? The fucking bronies! note  Think about that for a minute, they're expecting people to like being told "If you're guy and you watch My Little Pony... you shouldn't be allowed to be called a man."
    • Gonzo Link: While I had issues with what some of the teens had to say, I didn't think too negatively of them because (quite frankly) had I been their age and in their position I would probably be saying something somewhat similar, especially if I had a camera in my face and I knew millions of people would be not-so-silently judging me. But there is absolutely no excuse for how poorly the Fine Bros. represented the fandom. It's one thing to just show the teens the intro to the show and then expect them to make a fair assessment and it's another thing to not cast doubt on the belief that all bronies are gay (which could certainly be considered a DMOS in and of itself), but it's a completely different thing to simplify a fandom that's as wildly diverse as this one to them just creating LO Lcats but with ponies. With the sheer ammount of original art, music, animation and everything else done in tribute to the show that this fan community produces, to focus on nothing but the image macros (which are to fandom what hide is to mammals.) shows that either They Just Didn't Care and were sloppy in their work, or they went into it with an agenda and deliberately misrepresented the fandom... and I'm personally leaning towards the latter.
  • Darkton: So I was watching the third episode of My Little Pony: Camaraderie is Supernatural. It was a parody of Call of the Cutie, and was going pretty fine before, then Applejack said "You can't just go around harassing the customers? Who do you think we are, Capcom?" I stopped watching the video immediately after that. Wasn't the premise built on the Elements of Parody? Which one of them was the "Element of Attack Humor", exactly? That's why I call this one of the lowest of the low in terms of humor.
  • Dorado Max: I like AniMat, I think he's a decent reviewer. However, his video where he watched an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic left a sour taste in my mouth. It wasn't the fact that he didn't like it, it was the fact that his only reason for not liking it basically boiled down to "It's for girls so I don't like it because I'm a guy". Even this alone, wouldn't of bothered me, but the fact that he said their were parts in it that he did like, but just immediately dismissed them because the main demographic is girls and that it wasn't action-based like Batman and just generally didn't give it a fair chance... I'm sorry Mat, but when you say you don't like something purely because it's prime demographic is female, that makes you sound sexist and someone who wants gender roles in media enforced rather than avoided.
    • Jetpack Percy: For me, it was Ani Mat's Top Ten Best and Worst Animated Films of 2013. The video was decent at best (Epic, the 3rd Best Film on his list, was one of my worst for 2013), up until he got up to the part where it cost him a subscriber, when he gets to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, the worst movie in 2013 on the list. Now I don't mind if you don't like the film, but what killed any chance of me watching any more of his videos in the future was when he said that if anyone actually liked this film, then they would need to reconsider their life. Okay, as stated, if you don't like a film, that's okay, but you said in the review of the film itself that you wouldn't try to change anyone's opinion of the film, so why force them to change here? Hypocrite much? Honestly, that one line alone cost you your subscriber, and potentially more of them because of that. By the way, try telling that to people who actually liked the film, and see how many friends/subscribers you get.
  • Nin 10 Doh shorts:
    • The Farmboy: I found these quite humorous, however there was one short that I strongly detest. It was part of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon parody where Pikachu (or whoever he was in real life) starts beating that Pichu they were rescueing. Who thought this was funny?!. I don't care what the context was, that is just plain horrible. But what it all boils down to is that I want to give that Pikachu the Gordon Freeman Treatment.
    • Meta Falcario: My DMOS would have to be the Bomberman section, it just wasn't funny whatsoever.
  • fluffything: I like Game Grumps. I find their videos to be either funny, engaging, or both. But, sometimes, their commentary just isn't good. But, until now, I never found it to be insulting. That's changed in "Part 15" of their Banjo-Kazooie LP. To put it bluntly, at one point in the video, Jon and Ego (Mostly Jon, though, as far as I can tell) start making jokes about Asperger's Syndrome (Even using the cliched "Ass Burgers" joke) and Jon saying how Asperger's is (paraphrased) "The new ADD for parents to explain why their kids are socially awkward". As someone with Asperger's, I can utterly say that I'm absolutely disgusted by this.
    • Calamity2007: I would like to replace my previous example with Danny's video announcing the new sub show, Steam Train. Now, the quality of the new show itself is up to debate, especially since it doesn't feature Jon or Arin but what really makes this an example is that it was posted on the same day Jon left, which is already a sore spot for fans. It just really comes off as very untactful on both Danny's and arguably Arin's part.
    • InTheGallbladder: Super Mario Sunshine, part 43. They misinterpret an obvious suggestion to do something very simple, then spend a good chunk of the episode helplessly scurrying about as though the answer weren't right in front of them. In the end, they resort to consulting an online walkthrough, over something the game made all but completely unambiguous.
  • InTheGallbladder: I used to love Red Letter Media, especially Plinkett Reviews. Hovever, one bit was just plain awful—Early in his review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, he mentions he masturbates to Mary Kate and Ashley cassettes, which is followed by a needlessly graphic simulation of such. I stopped watching at that point, and haven't watched Mr. Plinkett since.
  • countotaku: I used to enjoy Gigguk's The Anime Zone reviews until he made his Fate/Zero Anime Review,where 3/4 into his review, he brings up several negative points about the show based solely on his opinions which I find incredibly stupid most of the time, thus, making it his biggest DMOS. First,he mentions that the first episode is nothing except 40 minutes of exposition when in fact, it serves mostly as character introduction with only 30 percent of exposition. Second, he laments the fact that Fate/Zero is a prequel to the 2005 Fate/Stay Night anime adaptation, which is the equivalent of saying Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins is the prequel to Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin, thus having to set up a Downer Ending that leads to Fate/Stay Night or as he calls it "a retarded half-brother". I find his reasoning completely wrong because the downer ending was foreshadowed pretty early in the show itself and not anti-climatic as he believes it is, also, his disrespect for Fate/Stay Night is solely based on seeing the anime adaptation making this a good example of Complainingabout Shows You Dont Watch. Third, I know this is one his random jokes but his "NO HOMO" comment comes across as really incredibly lame and just plain unfunny. While I'm aware that he gave a reasonably high score to the series, nothing can hide the fact that the review had plenty of DMOS.
  • Midna: The Annotated Series was, and admittedly still is, one of my favorite YouTube past times (I'm an annotator myself), but some things are kind of hard to forgive; at some point during their simultaneous riffs of Sonic Underground and The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, they brought in someone - or maybe multiple people - who can best be described as the epitome of the Revenge Troll, constantly wishing death, suicide, and all manner of nasty things on the writers. A bit uncomfortable to read (treating them like absolute scum that "doesn't deserve sentience" because they wrote a shitty episode of a kiddie cartoon show?), but nothing that overtly offended my sensibilities. Until one of them said that the writers should be "doing the Jailhouse Rock" during an episode of TSMBSS. Granted, it fit with the whole Elvis theme of that episode's live action segment, but either A. they picked an Elvis song title that worked with their desires to see the writers in prison without considering the implications, or B. they just made a tasteless Prison Rape joke, and either way it left a bad taste in my mouth. I still go to, annotate on, and enjoy their channel, but I don't really watch or annotate either of the above the series anymore.
  • RomanatorX: I personally find TV Trash to be very underrated, as I feel that Chris "Rowdy" Moore, at the very least, makes several honest points, and has a good sense of humor about himself. However, there is one moment that frustrated me. In his review of SWAT Kats, in which he complains why Ted Turner cancelled the show. He then goes off on a tangent, declaring the hypocrisy in cancelling Swat Kats for violence when, horror of all horrors, people allow their kids to play football. Now, if you read Moore's sports-focused twitter, he has made it clear that he detests the sport. I view this as a DMOS because it is kind of hypocritical, as he earlier criticized Family Guy, for.... wait for it... being preachy and political. I just happened to find his take that toward Football to itself be preachy and political.
    • InTheGallbladder Let me say this outright: TV Trash isn't a particularly novel series. It wouldn't have much of an audience were it not for this website, or the prevalence of internet reviewers as a whole. But the thing that really put me off, was "10 Most Screwed Over Shows," in which he works himself into a spiritless, uninspired "furor" over the existence of TMZ, followed by a Jump Cut to "Combine Harvester" playing over a We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties sign. It pretty much demonstrated his defining fault—he has no real voice of his own, instead looking to the big-name reviewers (who aren't necessarily the best themselves) in deciding what he should do.
    • Blue Guy: I do not like TV Trash at all, but the clincher for me was his "Top 10 Worst South Park Episodes". Sure, he at least admits he was going to face a large amount of backlash for hating on such a beloved series, and his numerous Nausea Fuel-based complaints, while a bit annoying, are pretty valid. No, the worst part of it for me was his entry for "The Losing Edge" (the one where the boys are forced to play baseball and deliberately try to lose, while Randy starts causing fights in the stalls). His main basis for its placement on the list? The show hated on something he liked. There's a bit more to it (like the rather lackluster ending), but that's his main complaint. Really? You don't like an episode just because you disagree with its point of view? That's just pathetic. (And I know he has Asperger's Syndrome - so do I, in fact - but it doesn't excuse his incredibly faulty reasoning.)
  • fluffything: I'm not a big fan of Game Theory, mostly because it's a badly-done series where a guy tries to justify his WMG with bad deduction skills. But, the worst of it is the Why Mario Is Mental two-parter which claims that Mario is a heartless psychopath and not the lovable video game hero. However, the so-called "evidence" Matpat has for these claims is laughable at best. In fact, they're so poor they can be refuted instantly by using a bit of logic. What are the claims that Mario is evil and insane? First, he claims that Mario abuses animals using Donkey Kong and Yoshi as examples. Never mind the fact that Donkey Kong is a case of Early-Installment Weirdness and Mario's character hadn't developed yet. Likewise, Mario and Yoshi are shown to be good friends with one another and often Mario sacrificing Yoshi isn't out of cruelty, but rather Yoshi willingly performing a Heroic Sacrifice so Mario can escape plummeting to his death. Second, he claims that Mario cares nothing about Luigi and is even abusive using a Mario Tennis game (I cannot remember which one) as "proof". Excuse me, but aren't the spin-off Mario games considered non-canon to the main games? Plus, if Mario cared nothing for Luigi, why would he go through so much trouble to save him from being possessed by Dimentio at the climax of Super Paper Mario? The third claim he makes is that Mario cheats on Princess Peach because he rescued both Pauline and Daisy multiple times and says that it's him being adulterous. Yes, saving someone because you care for them (and because it's the right thing to do) automatically means you're cheating on your girlfriend. But, the worst of it is when he claims Mario is a remorseless murderer for stomping on Goombas and smashing blocks (which are said to be the transformed mushroom kingdom citizens). First off, the Goombas are supposed to be generic mooks with no personality so that players would have no problem stomping them. Second, as far as I know, the whole "transformed into blocks" thing is no longer considered canon. And, even if it still is, the fact remains it's the individual bricks that were transformed and not the whole blocks themselves. Plus, like Yoshi, it's made quite clear that the mushroom kingdom's citizens are willing to sacrifice themselves by providing Mario with power ups so he can save Princess Peach. Any so-called evidence Game Theory may claim to have regarding Mario being a supposed "evil psychopath" is just pathetic to say the least.
    • Xaviorthe Savior: While not quite as offensive as the above example, this moment is an example of Critical Research Failure so bad, his own fans are calling bullshit. In his latest (at the time of writing this) episode discussing the real life physics behind the Wario Waft, he somehow determines that Wario is 10 feet tall. As if it were bad enough that simply looking at Wario could tell you that he is nowhere near that height, the top rated comment on that video also points out that this contradicts an earlier video of his where he stated that Peach is 5'10" and the height chart he provides in the video clearly shows Wario as being shorter than her.
  • Animeking1108: While I enjoy Beyond The Black Rims by MarzGurl, Episode 5 was a waste of potential when they got to the part about the Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Collection. They talked about the collection itself for about 30 seconds before going on a 20 minute rant everyone and their mothers has heard about Kingdom Hearts 3 not being made yet. I can pretty much watch the entire segment by going on a forum. They completely ignore the fact that it will contain the Final Mix, which fans have been waiting eleven years for. They even admit that they don't care how much the side games will clear any potential plot holes out. I expected better from you, Kaylyn.
  • ading: Normally, I'm a big fan of Epic Rap Battles of History. However, the season 2 finale was just plain awful. It starts with a ridiculously unfunny verse by Rasputin, in which he does little more than repeatedly say that Stalin is evil. Then, Stalin comes in, and he is an insane, horrifying, totally humourless lunatic. I might be willing to pass this off as uncertainty with how to handle dark subject matter, were they not able to do an excellent Hitler performance and a decent-ish Kim Jong-Il as well. And then, surprise! Vladimir Lenin appeared! Now, I never liked the way this series handled third-party rappers, because in both real and fanmade battles, they always do the same thing: show up, diss both sides, and leave, and this one is no different. Then, Mikhail Gorbachev appears. Turns out, Lenin summoned him by bringing up Karl Marx (which is in no way a suitable explanation) and then Vladimir Putin finishes off the season with the most forced, emotionless, lazy performance I have ever seen in my entire life. Overall, the whole thing feels like they had planned something else, then at the last minute realized they hadn't had a Russian yet and quickly hashed this together.
    • jmay27: For me, the DMOS for ERB would be Adam vs. Eve. First of all, the match-up is just ridiculous. They basically had these two as representatives for Man vs. Woman, and it definitely showed; Almost the entire battle consisted of stereotypical arguing couple attacks and barely made any reference to the characters themselves. And then in the end, after Eve makes all sorts of vicious, profane attacks at Adam, he finally closes the battle by calling Eve a "colossal bitch"...And that was just too far! Yeah, it's okay that Eve called Adam a dick, said he fucks up all the time and implies that he has a tiny penis, but when Adam calls her a bitch, she is clearly offended and he has to apologize...Granted, Eve apologized as well, but then when Adam tried to make up with her, we get the typical woman denying the man's love, ordering him not to touch her and the man just being a submissive wuss toward her. (Lloyd saved it a little with his funny "Okay, that's fine, we can eat" line, but still...) This battle is advertised as the fight to settle the oldest conflict and decide which gender is superior, and despite the equal efforts of the two participants, it still gives in to practically every stereotype that makes up the Double Standard tropes (mostly against men). The lyrics for the scrapped appearance of God certainly don't help in that regard...You'd think that a third party rapper like him would attack both of the opponents (and his first few lines might suggest that...) But nope, he concentrates all of his attacks on Adam, calling him whiny (when Eve had him beat by a long shot in that regard), telling him to stop telling her what to do (when it was the other way around), continuing the tiny penis joke and pretty much shilling Eve for being willing to go through the pain of giving birth (Wow, God is the ultimate White Knight...) Perhaps they just scrapped the idea before coming up with any attacks against Eve, but assuming it was all they intended to write (which wouldn't surprise me in the least), it makes the message loud and clear that Woman is superior...As said by God himself! (And they say he created us equally...)
    • InTheGallbladder: I love this series a lot, even if it had a really bad case of Early-Installment Weirdness. Season 3 is turning out to be pretty damn good—except for the Christmas special, "Donald Trump vs. Ebeneezer Scrooge." I know the series is notorious for its giant schedule slips, but frankly, I'd prefer that to a rigidly defined schedule if it meant we didn't get videos like this. It had an awesome premise; a Whole Plot Reference to A Christmas Carol with wealthy but compassionate celebrities as the ghosts. But it goes south partway through. The video doesn't make clear who The Ghost Of Christmas Present was supposed to be—I had to watch the behind-the-scenes video to learn it was Kanye West. Worse, in lieu of an a celebrity stand-in, The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come gets an unimaginative, unconvincing portrayal. Unlike the other characters, he doesn't even get his own beat. It feels like they had to cobble this together while they were still partway through—maybe they shouldn't have given themselves so little time.
  • taylorkerekes: I enjoy watching The Cartoon Hero, as lot of his videos are rather interesting and informative, but his absolute worst moment in my book deals with his Top 20 Most Hated Characters video, particularly Lucy Van Pelt's entry. Now while I can be perfectly understand this character being on anybody's list of characters they despise, even though she is one of my favorite Peanuts characters, the Hero really goes over the line when he gets to at least two comeuppances that Lucy has received over the years, from Charlie Brown turning invisible on her so he can kick the football (which to me is up for a moral debate) to Peter Griffin beating her up, the latter of which the Hero declares in a rather devious-sounding tone: "That is so satisfying!" Hold on a goddamn second—You actually enjoyed that? You actually think that even children should receive such harsh punishments from grown adults?!! I don't care if it's just a cartoon! Seeing Lucy getting beat up by a grown man, no matter how bitchy others say she is, is just as bad as seeing Judge William Adams mercilessly beat his daughter with a belt!
    • fluffything: For me, the DMOS was the beginning of his review of Equestria Girls. Why? Two reasons. First off, he calls people who complained about Alicorn Twilight (and Hasbro's marketing practices in general) "Insane Bronies". That's just immature. Even if he doesn't agree with their opinions, that doesn't give them the right to call them insane. The second reason is even worse. When he explains that the movie got a limited theatrical release, he explains that many Bronies chose to instead watch pirated online downloads of the movie. He then makes the claim that said Bronies did so because they didn't want to be viewed as pedophiles for wanting to see a movie geared towards children. ... What? Are you kidding me? That's just ridiculous. There are so many other and far more legitimate reasons why someone would be unable to see the movie in theaters. Maybe the movie wasn't playing near where they lived, maybe they couldn't see it due to scheduling conflicts, or maybe they were simply broke at the time and couldn't afford going to the movies. But, no, instead, The Cartoon Hero decides to make a Mistaken for Pedophile joke. Again, that's just immature.
    • supernintendo128: This troper wasn't fond of his review of Yellow Submarine. So he doesn't like the film, big whoop. But saying that it should be locked up where nobody can see it and calling the movie a waste of time and questioning it's existence? This film is a classic to Beatles fans and cartoon fans alike for it's awesome soundtrack and beautiful animation, so calling it a waste of time and only recommending it to stoners is questionable. And earlier in the review, he said that it wasn't a terrible film, yet he doesn't think anyone should see it.
  • TheLemsterPju: I understand why most people would hate the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, so it came to my surprise when we got a negative review done by The Agony Booth of all places. I hoped for insightful and mature analysis of the show, but the two reviewers they chose to review it were absolutely annoying with their unfunny over-acting and constant screaming. They start off the review bashing the new The Amazing Spider-Man film and the recent run on comic series for no other reason than for the sake of ranting. That's not to say they didn't make any decent points about some of the flaws that Ultimate Spider-Man had, but those were drowned out by the constant Critical Research Failure and obsessive whining. They failed to mention that The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was not cancelled to make way for Ultimate Spider-Man, when the two were airing alongside each other for quite some time, or any mention of it's actual replacement Avengers Assemble. The moment that literally made me facepalm was when they cut together scenes from two completely different episodes in order to prove their point about how the cutaway gags interrupt the serious moments. In my opinion, that's completely unprofessional reviewing and gives the impression that they couldn't find an actual moment in the show where the drama was interrupted. I had little faith for The Agony Booth before, now I have even less because of these two.
  • Supernintendo128: I like Colhon's rants but this one just pisses me off. Her response to timewarp1'snote  The Angry Video Game Nerd rant. From what I can gather acording to this video, timewarp1 claims that James is a jerk, has an ego, and ignores his subscribers. The DMoS? Colhan agrees with him! What!? James is not a jerk, he doesn't have an ego, and he certainly does not ignore his subscribers. He pays tribute back to his fans by including fan covers of his theme song at the beginning of a few of his episodes, occasionally takes requests(Superman 64 to name one), and even let his fans suggest what he should write into his Deadly Towers review. Have you even watched an episode of AVGN!? And do you just expect him to search for every tribute for him and comment to them!? He has a life outside the internet. I'm sorry but your arguement is severely flawed. Before you rant on something, Do. Your. Research.
  • fluffything: The YouTube series Urban Legends Of Video Gaming is a bad series all-around, mostly due to the host pretty much unapologetically flaming everyone who doesn't agree with his opinions. But, the worst of the series has to be Urban Legends Of Video Gaming #11 in which he talks about Pokémon. Now, it's bad enough he quite crudely bashes the games (and Anime), and goes on a pointless tirade about how Pokémon doesn't use the term "evolution" correctly (You know, despite it being a fantasy series and therefore not grounded in real-world biology). But, that's not the DMOS. No, the DMOS lies in the subject of the so-called "Urban Legend" this episode decided to tackle. What might that be? The infamous Electric Soldier Porygon incident. Excuse me? That's not an urban legend! That actually happened! Plus, that's an incident involving the Anime and not the games themselves! Out of all the classic urban legends surrounding the Pokémon games, and he chooses a real-life event from the Anime? What about the "Mew Truck" rumor? What about the numerous urban myths surrounding Missingno? What about the infamous Lavender Town Syndrome story (I know he doesn't do Creepypasta, but I digress)? This is just lazy writing at its finest.
  • Xavior The Savior: While BrainScratch Commentaries is a great LP group, there is a moment in their videos that I despise, and it involves The Scrappy herself, Amanda. In Part 11 of their Pokemon Leaf Green playthrough, Johnny cancels his Charmeleon's evolution into a Charizard just to see how the others would react. This is listed on their Crowning Moment of Funny page and would be one for me, except it is immediately ruined by Amanda repeatedly shouting "WHY?!" in an increasingly shrill voice despite the fact that Johnny just told them why he did it. It's so unfunny and annoying, it sucks the funny out of what would otherwise be one of Johnny's most glorious moments.
  • Animeking1108: Honest Trailers is a funny series, but I take issue with their video on The Hunger Games. First, there's the fact that the narrator talks about how Katniss and Peeta have no chemistry, which is a pure example of Completely Missing the Point. Their relationship was intentionally forced to get support. Their relationship didn't develop until the sequels. Then we have them talking about how Jennifer Lawrence is has a Dull Surprise, which makes me wonder if they watched Rue's death. Then it ends with a Battle Royale comparison. Gee, how original. While I can agree that they have their similarities, Battle Royale isn't exactly original either. There's also the fact that Koshun Takami, the writer of BR, said that people shouldn't be bothered by the similarities.
    • troper/legomaniac90: I like Honest Trailers, but their take on Man of Steel made me quit watching them. It wasn't the thuddingly unfunny "ships that look like wangs" joke or the pointless jab at Zach Snyder or even the part where they misrepresented Pa Kent's advice to Superman as him being a monster. It was the end, where they said Superman murdered General Zod, and if that wasn't enough, called everyone who liked it a psycho.. First off, Zod was about to remorselessly kill a family with his heat vision (which you can see in the clip they showed) and wasn't about to surrender peacefully. Second, Superman clearly didn't want to do it, and crosses the Despair Event Horizon after it happens, with the implication that his no killing policy began because of it. Third, Superman has killed people in other continuities (Injustice, A Better World) and those actually were murders, while this was clearly a last resort.Finally, calling anyone who liked the movie psychos is childish and immature.
  • Superidiotman00: As Smosh's production values rose, they started to lose some of their original charm, but were still generaly funny. Then came "I Heart Burgers". No humor, just an uncharacteristically straight advertisement for Carl's, Jr. It was at that point that I found they had gone from charming amateurs to sell-outs.
  • thenameisbean: I was never a huge fan of DarkSydePhil, but one incident in particular permanently cemented me as a member of his hatedom: his rant on Nintendo's taking cuts of ad revenue from Lets Plays of their games. Let me explain something, Phil. If the 'big evil corporations' you're ranting about stopped making video games, or set a policy of 'no LPs of our games ever' (which they could probably do), then you would be out of a job. So, in a way, they can and do own you. If this bothers you so much, maybe it's time to branch out or find another job. Throwing a tantrum on Twitch just makes you look like a fucking baby.
  • fluffything: I will admit, I don't watch much Screen Junkies as it is. Though, from what I've seen, it's pretty run-of-the-mill as far as web series goes. That being said, I found their WTF is Doctor Who video to just be absolutely deplorable. Why? Because the host just acts like a deplorable obnoxious douche throughout the entire thing. Not only does he act like a complete jerk throughout the entire video while his guests are trying to explain the series to him, but he also belittles them at every opportunity. I get that not everyone is going to like Doctor Who. But, when you bring guests onto your program who are specifically there because they are fans of the series, and when you create a video with said guests on your show to explain the series to you and to people unfamiliar with it, it's probably not a good idea to act like a total snob about it.
  • Super King 93: A Dose Of Buckley is usually an excellent ranter, but his video on the death of Glee star Cory Monteith made me stop watching him. He tries to explain his terrible jokes about news reports on the death by saying that it was Monteith's own fault that he died of a heroin overdose. That may be true, but it does not change the fact that the jokes were in very poor taste. Buckley claims that no one should be shocked when a junkie dies, but the death was definitely shocking, as absolutely no one knew how he died when the news reports came in; even the cause of death was shocking to many, as Monteith was in a rehab program just before he died and many were hoping that his addiction would finally disappear. He also attacks those who believed Monteith was a role model to them by claiming that celebrities shouldn't be role models just because they are famous. By trying to insult all responses by people who had sympathy for Monteith, Buckley just comes off as a jerk.
    • Warner14: Agreed. The video screams of Dude, Not Funny! and overall feels like an insult to anyone who actually likes Buckley's content. To me, the video was cringe-inducing and I'm not even going to bother with his content if he's going to make jokes about someone's death like a Jerkass.
  • Animeking1108: Neurotically Yours is a series I enjoy, but Medicated Baby Heads was just terrible. The episode was about Pillz-E babysitting infants, which ends with him killing them from feeding them some kind of medication. There's also the fact that Germaine is just so casual about seeing dead infants scattered across the room. There's Crossing the Line Twice, and then there's Dude, Not Funny!. There was no rhyme or reason to it. It was just Dead Baby Humor just for the sake of Dead Baby Humor.
  • Warner14: Port Center's review of Dragon's Lair was painful to watch because of the fact he makes the assumption that because he doesn't like it no-one else should by telling his viewers they're wrong for having a positive opinion of the game, he assumes that because the game offers a challenge and can be difficult to play at times, that it automatically makes this game shit. He also makes the assumption that because it was one big quick time event game, that it's automatically terrible. It at least has effort put into it to allow a challenge so it won't be insultingly easy, I'll give them that. Also, the Game Boy Color port isn't very good to begin with, considering the smaller screen and the pixelated graphics which make it difficult to play at times. The original didn't have these problems and was an arcade game which would explain why it's a big QTE. His reasons for not liking the game come off as lazy. For example, he says that because it's Dragon's Lair, it's automatically awful; that's a horrible reason to hate a game that has a big fanbase and is quite respected in the gaming community. Overall, the review was awful and I'm not going to bother with him if this is what he thinks of his viewers: people who should be told what to think when in reality, just no.
  • fluffything: I really enjoy the Rainbow Dash Presents videos. Fimflamfilosophy has created some rather hilarious parodies of (in)famous MLP fanfics like Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory. But, alas, I cannot say the same for his parody of Bittersweet. It's so bad that I have no choice but to make it my DMOS regarding his videos. For one thing, the plot is a jumbled mess. One moment it's a parody of Pinkie having "Diabeetus" and Rainbow Dash's over-the-top guilt over her demise (Granted, Pinkie did have her push her over a bridge). But, then it gets into some sort of story about Scootaloo not allowed to visit Applebloom anymore because they were looking at porn? What? It's just this jarring shift from one plot to another. Yes, the previous parodies had nonsensical aspects to them, but at least they stuck to a central storyline of sorts. Oh, but there's more that makes this toon a DMOS. There's also the painfully unfunny scene where Fluttershy admits she had a crush on her uncle. Wait, wasn't Applejack supposed to be the one with incest problems in this parody series (IE: The Running Gag of why she never wants to visit Braeburn). It just felt like yet another mean spirited Take That towards Fluttershy for no other reason than to make her a Butt Monkey. Also, Pinkie comes back as a ghost for no explainable reason other than a poor attempt to poke fun at when stories end with no real closure. Also, Thrackerzod was just wasted here. She is normally one of the most hilarious parts of the parody videos ("I want to be an Oompa Loompa! Take me to them so the deed may be done."), but, all she does in this video is her normal "Do normal ponies do this?" routine, magically appear out of nowhere with Scootaloo, and complain. I know this is supposed to be the last Rainbow Dash Presents video, but it's just such an utter disappointment. Please, Fimflamfilosophy, if you make any more parody videos, try to make them better than this one.
  • Sam Max: Are deviantART text based examples allowed? If so, I'd like to nominate this abomination of a complaint. Basically, it's him complaining about the Mega Man comics from Archie, and doing a terrible job at it. Now, I can accept opinions different from long as they are at least factually correct. But no, it comes off as Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch because, among other things, he complains about it being similar to Archie's Sonic. There are similarities in there, true, but the differences outweigh the similarities, but one can see the similarities, so it's not the worst. However, he seems to think that the O Cs in the comic steal focus away from the game characters. Now, it's true that there are stories that have focus on the O Cs, but the game characters get a lot of focus as well. In fact, the stories with the game characters as the main focus outweigh the stories that focus on the O Cs. Plus, he claims blatant disregard for the source material. If he bothered to read the comic like he claimed to have, he'd find that the comic is, for the most part, actually pretty faithful to the games. Sure, not 100% so, but still. Not to mention that he seems to think anyone who likes the comics are idiots. I never heard of this fellow before this, but let's just say that he lost a potential watcher.
    • RAZ: I'm a bit more familiar with this artist due to some webcomics he's made in the past, and he just so happened to recently put up a "poll" regarding Disney's upcoming film Frozen and I say "poll" because the options are more or less an excuse for him to complain about 1, how the film "looks like utter shit" and 2, that anyone who does want to see it should be punched in the face. Look, I understand that not everything is going to look appeasing to everyone, but in his mouthing off on how horrible it'll be this guy comes off as nothing but a whiny little obnoxious Man Child. Count me in for someone who's definitely not going to be watching this jerk.
  • Austin DR: Normally, I enjoy watching but their top ten episode of misheard lyrics really was unsatisfactory to me. They were claiming that some words to some songs were commonly misheard by their listeners. While this is understandable, some examples they brought up were obviously able to make out and it seemed they just had to tell you that it was misheard even though most of the songs had words that could easily be heard right.
    • fluffythng: For me, their recent Top Ten Mythological Creatures video is just terrible. Mostly due to pure laziness. For one thing, they lazily lump creatures like Minotaurs, Chimeras, and Centaurs into one group calling them "composite creatures". Uh, no. Apart from being Mix-and-Match Critters, they have almost nothing else in common. That would be like someone lumping bats, birds, and butterflies into one group saying they're "flying creatures". They also do the same thing to Mermaids, Sirens, Incubi, and Succubi claiming they were all seducers. Anyone who spends five minutes researching mythology can tell you how innacurate this is (Mermaid myths regarding human interactions vary and Sirens were only interested in luring sailors to their doom,not seducing them). Second, they include creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and El Chupacabra despite these three creatures being considered "Cryptids" (IE: Creatures that have been sighted by people but no real physical evidence has been discovered) rather than "Mythological". Finally, the number one choice they had were Vampires (And El Chupacabra despite them having nothing in common apart from feeding on blood). About the only reason they had Vampires at the top spot is due to the "vampire craze" of the 2010s. Even more insulting is that Dragons only made #4 on the list despite the fact that Dragons have a far greater impact on human society than any other mythological creature on the list (Nearly every culture has their own Dragon myths, Dragons are used to symbolize various beliefs to this day, etc.). WatchMojo, I don't know where you get your so-called "research" for your top ten lists, but, next time, how about putting a little more effort into them instead of making something as half-assed as this.
    • ldelavina3: There are good lists and there are bad lists, then there's fifty feet of crap and then there's "Top 10 Most Overrated Video Game Franchises". I may have stated this before but I'm not someone that hates someone just because they hate the things I like, but this list is crap no matter who you are. They could have replaced the video with "These franchises suck and everyone who likes them are idiots." and it wouldn't make a difference. They add these franchises for the most illogical reasons (calling Kingdom Hearts a "giant Disney-Final Fantasy emo circle-jerk", Halo for having "identity crisis", etc.). This is one video I never want to revisit.
    • Hyrin: Their list of Top 10 Heroic Sacrifices in Movies. I could accept their caveat at the beginning that they wouldn't include "non-sentient acts of courage" such as the T-800 (they even disqualify him by name). That's fair enough, since they need to establish some limits on their lists. However, they completely depth-charged their own point when they hit #8. Who was it? The Iron Giant. Somehow, one robotic weapon of mass destruction that kills itself to save the lives of the people it had once been sent to kill is more sentient than another.
    • FromtheWordsofBR: Don't take this the wrong way, I really enjoy's series of top 10 videos, but the addition of The English frickin' Patient on "Top 10 Bad Movies That Were Successful" really ticked me off. The list revolves around movies that were negatively reviewed by critics or viewers but were successful at the box office. The English Patient, on the other hand, was critically acclaimed, getting an 83% Rotten Tomatoes rating and generally having positive public reception overall. There's Critical Research Failure, and then there's placing a movie on a list you made simply because you don't like it (seriously, even the comments they make on the movie sound mean; their question of "How could a film like this get an Academy Award?" sound like a failed attempt to try and hide they're a bunch of Fan Haters). The worst part? They responded to people complaining about this in the comments by calling them "butthurt" in the comments (they removed it now, I think, but I will never forget it). What. The. Crap.
  • ldelavina3: Gligar 13 Vids is just a bad reviewer overall, mainly because he treats his opinion on games as facts and calls people who like the games he hates as wrong. However, his rant/review on Team Fortress 2 is probably his worst video yet. He claims that all nine classes are generic and don't need a "Meet The (insert class here)" video when all the classes have unique personalities. He then starts bashing on hats in the game for being "a waste of money" when they are completeply optional. To put the cherry on top, he claims that Team Fortress Classic is superior to TF2. Being a TF2 player myself, I am really disgusted by this. Watch it here, if you dare.
  • FromtheWordsofBR: I remember when I went into my second Daft Punk phase around the time Random Access Memories was getting released, I was desperately searching for a high-quality upload of Interstella 5555 (I found one on Dailymotion and it quickly became one of my favorite movies). I came across this review of the film by a reviewer named "Quality Control", and was initially surprised that it gained such a hatred from YouTube users. But once I actually watched it, it became incredibly clear. It's not just because the reviewer calls Daft Punk "retarded" (but it certainly doesn't help), it's because of his insane amounts of Cowboy Bebop at His Computer. First of all, he says that Daft Punk is a "techno-pop" band, despite them performing house music (although their music certainly draws upon techno and pop at times), and them being just a duo. Second, he says that Discovery was their first album, despite the fact that it was actually Homework that was their first album. The video's Critical Research Failure was just so horrible I couldn't last over 1 minute and 21 seconds into it. No wonder it's literally the only review on this guy's YouTube channel.
  • fluffything: Anime Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary Special may just beat Seltzer and Friedberg in the category of worst parody video ever. The so-called "parodies" of Anime shows is bad enough with it being nothing but references to over-done memes (including the "It's over 9000!" joke) without even trying to be clever about it. But, the absolute worst of it is the Doctor Who aspect of the parody. It's like the creators of the toon had merely skimmed a Wikipedia article on the show, took footnotes, and hastily put together a poor attempt at a spoof. For one thing, why are Madame Vastra, Jenny (Vastra's wife, not The Doctor's Daughter), and Strax helping the Tenth Doctor when they are allies of the Eleventh Doctor? Also, seeing Sarah Jane Smith dressed up as what I can only describe as a "sexy granny ninja" seems more disrespectful than an homage considering Liz Sladen's tragic death only a few years ago. There's also the problem of Rassilon teaming up with The Daleks completely ignoring the fact that Daleks and Time Lords were mortal enemies (hence the whole "Time War" thing). Oh, and The Master shows up for no reason other than to get run over by the Delorean so Doc Brown can be a deus ex machina. But, the icing on this cake in the shape of a giant middle finger to the fandom would be when The Tenth and Eleventh Doctor abandon their companions and The TARDIS so they can hang out with Doc Brown. Excuse me for a moment... The! Doctor! Would! Never! Do! That! One major aspect of The Doctor is that he is extremely protective of both his companions and The TARDIS. He would never abandon them for such selfish, childish, and utterly dickish reasons as what was shown in this god-awful toon. And, it also makes Doc Brown look like nothing more than a smug douche as well. This isn't a funny spoof of Anime, Doctor Who, or even Back to the Future. It's nothing but a poorly-done attempt at "humor" by someone who clearly doesn't get either franchise or its fandoms.
  • ldelavina3: It's no secret that every web animation series has its rough times, small or big. Sonic Shorts is no exception, which brings us to their DMoS to me. The "How To Create Your Own Sonic Fan Character" bit from Volume 6. It pretty much implies that everyone who has made a fan character as lazy, unoriginal people. I know that there are a lot of poorly-made fan characters, but this just feels like a giant middle finger to fan character creators and an unfunny one at that.
  • Psycho Gecko: Mr. Deity and the Magic Hat was a major D Mo S for me. I enjoyed the main portion, but Mr. Deity has what he calls a "Begging Segment" after the main video where he normally asks for money or for people to subscribe. This time around, he commented on recent allegations that his close friend Michael Shermer had taken advantage of women without their consent, which included mention of him constantly refilling a woman's wine glass and making it difficult for her to realize just how much she's drunk. If he'd just said that the man was his friend and he didn't personally believe the charges and all that, it would have been fine. Instead, he claims that it's all a woman's fault if she gets drunk and that anonymous claims of rape are the equivalent to Joseph Smith's ridiculous story about the golden plates. This is a guy who'll fully support looking into rape claims about the Roman Catholic Church by people protecting their anonymity from an important, rich, international church, but the moment someone accuses his buddy of it, suddenly those are completely unbelievable. Oh, and while he's at it, he wants you to please subscribe and/or send money, so all this rape stuff is a good way for him to make money while we're at it. I was already iffy about him because of how he'd made fun of efforts to combat sexism that lead to a woman receiving rape threats, but this was just too much.
  • ldelavina3: I was never a big fan of PsychicPebbles, I don't find his shorts to be interesting in the slightest. But that doesn't excuse the idiocy that was the "Fine Bros: React" shorts. It all can be summed up as: "The Fine Bros are unoriginal and sick people who use other people to make money off current trends." I'm ok with someone not liking a certain channel, but this feels more like a double middle finger directed at not only the Fine Bros but their fanbase as well. Never mind the fact that the Fine Bros make other series other than React videos (My Music, anyone?), no let's just put down two people who just interviewed a few people on their opinions on current trends. Also, it ends with a scene where Benny gives Rafi a blowjob. Need I say more?
  • FromtheWordsofBR: A YouTube user called "logoboy95returns" decided to make a video proudly showing why he hates Family Guy. You'd expect that he gives good, unbiased reasons as to why he does, but, to put it bluntly.....he doesn't. Instead, he opts for reasons that will simply crush your cranium into smithereens. Throughout the "video", he calls the show "a rip-off of the Ice Age franchise and most popular TV series and even movies" and criticizes it for its target audience being adults and for being "poisonous". I already dislike logoboy95returns for making stupid videos (such as clips of characters doing a Big "NO!" and the like retitled as "My reaction to (insert topic here)"—a trend I used to follow until I realized how stupid it was) and having biased reasons to hate shows meant for adults, but this video is what ruined any like I had for him even before. Even ProFan2011, a widely-criticized hater of Family Guy who was formerly mentioned on This Very Wiki, was annoyed by the video!
  • Model Omega: ProJared's Nuzlocke Challenge is definitely full of drama, but in his Pokemon Y Blind Nuzlocke he seemed to literally fall asleep at the wheel while battling Grant's Tyrunt. He literally let Chinlo the Quilladin die while fighting, even after he saw that his speed was lowered to the point that the Tyrunt was outspeeding him, even after he had 22 Hp left, even after outright stating that Weplus the Cubone could beat the Tyrunt no problem. But kept Chinlo in regardless and surprise! He died!! And the worst part was that he didn't seem to care at all, the sombre music that typically accompanies deaths was gone, and he has never mentioned Chinlo since. Which leads this troper and many others to wonder if he did that just for drama.
  • Candy Cane 14: Most of Ben The Looney's reviews(even ones I didn't agree with) were pretty fair. I would complain about his bad message, in one review he saids, "Don't follow your dreams.", but instead, I'm going to complain about his review that pissed me off. His review on Sailor Moon. I'm a Sailor Moon fan, but I found like say NostalgicCritic's review on Sailor Moon to be fair. Ben's review however was very unjustified and has Critical Research Failure! He only watched episodes 2 and 3 in the dub(episodes 3 and 4 in the Japanese version), was too lazy to watch the rest of the series and just judge it on the early episodes. You can't always judge a series just by watching the early episodes! The rest of the series gets more exciting and sometimes scarier(There's more blood and rotting corpses in the manga version). I can understand if he doesn't like the dub but he won't watch the Sub because, "Screw that! I'll be too busy reading the dialogue, instead of watching the show! TV shows are meant to be watched!".....That is the most stupidest, invalid, biased and lazy thing I ever heard any critic say! Without subtitles we wouldn't know what the hell the foreign shows are saying, if we aren't fluent in their language. So if say the 2003 Teen Titans show that Ben loves was only a Japanese subtitled show that was never dubbed English, he would hate it?? I barely ever have any problems reading and watching a subtitled show and I barely know anybody who can't read subtitles and watch a show at the same time. All it takes is intelligence, coordination and attention span,note  which apparently Ben lacks the latter two, and I've been questioning his intelligence ever since this poor review. It's not fair to make a half-ass review of this show without checking out the sub as well. Either just review the dub only or don't review it at all! And it's really hypocritical that he doesn't like it because "it's girly",(Yeah, showing violence, blood and rotting corpses is really girly and lame) yet he watches some shows that are way more sweet and girly in comparison. Fail. Now if you excuse me, I'm getting my pitchfork as well.
  • Samuel: I am never a fan of Creepy Pasta in my honest opinion. It either never appeals to me or certain stories are Nightmare Retardant. The only fiction I actually did find enjoyable is Marble Hornets due to its realism. However, and I might get some flak for this, the one pasta that really rubbed me the wrong way is Jeff The Killer, which I find his image quite amusing. Anyway, I'd like to go ahead and add a certain moment. Young Jeff is now horribly disfigured, but he thinks that his "new image" fits his personality. When acting strange, his mother asks the doctor if he is crazy. The doctor says that it's only natural for patients to act that way as a result of painkillers. Excuse me? Baking powder? A patient acts very morbid, and yet the doctor suggests that's okay. For the sake of safety, when a patient like Jeff acts as such, leave him in the hospital! That is one of the worst moments I have ever read.
  • ldelavina3: A user by the name of "Mr. Treat Your Nose" posted a video showing the top 10 reasons why Team Fortress 2 sucks. Instead of giving logical reasons, he puts reasons that will make you want to split your head open with an axe. Reasons include the game having no aimdown sights, no kill streaks and that it supports child obesity.
    • Supernintendo128: In addition, his grammar is awful and thinks if the game doesn't have realistic graphics, the game sucks. Not only that, but he also thinks TF2 players are obese lazy couch potatos. Wow. He also has an attitude which makes you wonder if he's 7 years old. This troper posted a counter-argument to his list in the comments and what does he do? He calls me autistic and says that reading is for nerds. He also made this video on why Paper Mario sucks that makes me want to slit my throat. He criticizes the fact that there's no swearing, there's dialog, no guns, and no challenge. That last statement is false because you need to solve puzzles and strategize battles. Kids like him should be banned from youtube.
  • fluffything: The Blockbuster Buster's review of Atlantis: The Lost Empire is pretty bad in and of itself (It's pretty much just him comparing scenes to the film to scenes from Stargate). But, that's not the DMOS. No, the DMOS is that throughout the "review", he does some of the most insulting and downright unfunny "impressions" (in the loosest sense of the word possible) of other internet reviewers. Some of his "jokes/impressions" include "Everything The Cinema Snob watches is porn!" and "Spoony's all about inside-jokes from older videos!" and "Let's make fun of Linkara's accent and how he pronounces "room"!". Why does he dow all these bad impressions? Because he couldn't get anyone to cameo in his video. This only elevates his impressions from being bland and unfunny to downright rude and it makes him sound butthurt as a result. Hey, Blockbuster Buster? If you want a popular internet critic to guest-star in your video, here's some advice: Don't make fun of them, especially not in the way you did.
    • Man With The Plan: In fact, this was not the first time he did this! He did these exact same unfunny impressions in his review of Eragon on Youtube about a year before his Atlantis review. And the Eragon review was mainly just comparing scenes to Star Wars just like with Atlantis and Stargate. So this makes him guilty of the same dethroning moment of suck twice! Quite an achievement.
    • Dr Zulu 2010: While I admit to be alright with the Blockbuster Buster, his review of Highlanger: Endgame wanted me to slap him in the face for a huge research fail about the movie. He claims during the whole review that it took place before the first movie. Which couldn't be that bad except that in the beginning, we see Rachel being killed. You know, the same Rachel who was still alive in the end of the first movie. So when he arrives at the fight between Connor and Duncan and that Connor dies, his anger to this just makes me wanted to have Spoony to appear in a cameo just to say STFU. How a Highlander fan could make a huge fuckup like that?
    • Charleston Man: His review of The Dark Knight Rises. It's OK to criticize the film and not like it. But E-Rod then goes on to say that he wishes that a movie was made showcasing "the definitive Batman". What is that to him? A Batman like Kevin Conroy's in Batman: The Animated Series (and Batman: Arkham Asylum games.) Um, E-Rod? Newsflash: there is no definitive Batman. This has been stated multiple times by the creative forces behind Batman! The reason Batman has survived over the years is because there is no one definitve version, and he can evolve, be updated, and reinterpreted in countless ways. Just because one version is the one you grew up with and is the one you personally prefer, does not make it the definitive version. E-Rod even actually says at the end that the movie is bad because it's "another example of filmmakers just doing whatever they want with Batman rather than providing the definitive version." No, E-Rod. Just no. Filmmakers are under no obligation to "recreate that version in film", got that? Stop making yourself look like a total jackass. Also, stop making fun of Bane's silly voice. Your voice isn't all that serious itself.
  • Animeking1108: Comicbookgirl19's review of The Amazing Spider-Man did not make a good first impression with this troper. It's not a dethroning moment because she panned it. It's because of how much of a blatant Fan Hater she came across as. A running gag through out the video was of her dealing with trolls whenever she got to the movie, basically saying that if you don't agree with her, you're automatically a troll. Then there was when she brought up the movie's decent Tomato Meter, believing that the critics were bribed. Because somebody can't legitimately enjoy the movie. Finally, the video's description: If you had been in a coma since 2002 then your allowed to say the Amazing Spiderman was pretty good. Basically, you can't like both the Marc Webb and Sam Raimi movies. It's either one or the other. With how many subscribers she has, I wonder if they were under the same effect as the people at Rotten Tomatoes?
  • ldelavina3: An user by the name of "OblivionHero" (or "Beany" as he calls himself) made this ''review" of Left 4 Dead 2. It's not a DMOS because he panned it because I'm personally fine with different points-of-view, it's because of the massive Critical Research Failure. First, he calls the characters "retarded", because that's how you start a review, right? Second, he says all the Special Infected look the same. Here's a picture of all the Special Infected (Warning: Link contains potential Nightmare Fuel)and tell me they look the same. He then says that the AI is mentally deficient. While there are a few minor problems, I didn't really have a problem with it (but YMMV). Finally, he says that the grenade launcher is the only new weapon in the game and that all the other weapons and equipment are variants of existing weapons from the first game. This bothers me the most because there is new equipment like melee weapons and ammunition upgrades. This video feels like he just browsed thought the game's Wikipedia page without playing the game and then made it.

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