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We have a challenge to EIDOS. In Tomb Raider III, create a storyline in which Lara gets breast cancer. Imagine the drama of a vulnerable Lara Croft still persisting on her worldly adventures despite her illness. It needs fleshing out, no pun intended, but we guarantee the gaming world would be shocked, stunned, and moved by the effort to make Lara's character more meaningful.

In the mid-1990s, a man named George Wood created a TV show dedicated to video games on a Maryland public-access channel, called Flights of Fantasy, much to the uproar of the gaming community. The show gained quite a few detractors; Wood was not known for his playing skills, research or good taste, was something of a poor man's Adam Sessler, and the production was rather cheap. He would also tend to go off-topic, sometimes markedly so, in a very fervent manner.

It had a small following, being a local public-access show, but would have been lost, had Wood not joined a video gaming association called NAViGaTR,note  who archived the entire series, edited each episode and put it onto YouTube as renamed Gaming in the Clinton Years. This is how most people know of Wood.

It can be seen either here, or in its original unedited format here. Some of his videos have also been the targets of Retsupurae as well.

He is, shall we say, a polarizing sort, and something of an easy target, so please follow the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement.

This cable show has examples of:

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