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Um, HEY! My name, (as far as you know) is CJ Croen 1393. Iím here to make a name for myself!

About me? Well, I have Aspergerís Syndrome. My hobbies include drawing, being on the computer, reading, brainstorming and talking to myself.

I have many Troper Works that are stuck in a continuous Development Hell loop:

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    Troper Works that I HAVE PUBLISHED 
NOTE: My published Fan Works and other works will only be given their own pages when they exceed past two chapters.

    Troper Works I DEFINITELY WANT TO write 

    Troper Works I might work on, BUT HAVEN'T DECIDED YET: 

  • Experiment 65 Mil: An elite group of scientists in an underground laboratory conducts a frightful experiment: Bringing dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures to life, turning them into humans and forcing them to fight for their lives against each other for amusement. A heroic Tyrannosaurus rex, a motherly Oviraptor, an intelligent Troodon, a cocky Pteranodon, and several others are put into the fray. Will they survive? Will they excape?

  • Love On Feathered Wings: A one-shot love novel between two boys. Icarus Sterling is a rich teenager who was isolated from the world because of the fact that he has large white feathered wings on his back, and grows up with almost no friends except for a young man named Joshua, the son of a neighboring family. After the deaths of Icarus' parents, his uncle, Tantalus, is left to care for him. On his sixteenth birthday, Icarus had promised to tell Joshua his secret, but breaks the promise out of fear. Unfortunately, this leads to an argument and he reveals his wings by accident. Icarus flees the mansion in fear and Joshua sets out to find him.

  • Being The Bad Guy: A half-Adventure, half-Slice of Life story...from the point of view of the villains. Count Dracula, Snow Queen, Dorian Gray, Sinbad the Sailor and Long John Silver deal with their lives of fighting the heroes against them and dealing with their lives as well. Everyone knows that Evil Is Cool, but no one ever said it was easy...

    Troper Works put ON HOLD: 

    Troper Works I've ABANDONED: 

    Fan Fic ideas: 

  • The Rin and Len Plushie Show!: A webvideo series starring plushies of Rin and Len Kagamine. A fun little webcast in which the twins answer fanmail, introduce various segments, interview guest stars, etc. Segments include:
    • Fanmail: The most hated segment on the show. Where Rin and Len answer fanmail.
    • How Will Len Die This Time?: (Ep. 2 onward) A game in which Rin shows the viewers a song that Len shows up in and asks the viewers to figure out how he dies.
    • Meiko's Vital Information for your Everyday Life: (Ep. 3 onward), inspired by All That, Meiko gives the viewers advice that will be valuable to them in every mundane situation!
    • Kaito's Pick-Up Lines: (TBA) Kaito tries to use pick-up lines on Meiko. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Miku's Guide to Stardom: (TBA) Miku gives the viewers tips on how to be famous. If only she'd remember that the viewers aren't robots.
    • Luka's "What the Heck, Fandom!?": (TBA) Luka shows us what the Vocaloid fandom is like. She's not pleased with what she sees.
    • Prank Calling Shizuo: (Ep. 3 onward) The twins prank call Shizuo Heiwajima.
    • Guest Stars: The twins (and by "the twins" we mean Rin) interview guest stars who are either other Vocaloids or anime characters.
A Spin-Off (and by "spin off" I mean "cheap imitation made out of spite") called The Neru and Haku Figurine Show! that depends on whether or not I'll be able to get a Neru and Haku figurine might also be made. NOTE: I already have some episodes filmed but I don't currently have them edited or uploaded. Regardless, since I plan to upload them, I will not be calling them "Unpublished" just yet.

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    Tropes that apply to me (ALPHABETIZING IS FOR THE WEAK! And when I started on the wiki I wasn't very good at it; I'm getting better now, though): 

    Main Interests: 
  • Drawing
  • Writing
  • Creative stuff
  • Brainstorming
  • Cartoons/animation/comics
  • Prehistoric animals, mostly pterosaurs and maniraptors
  • Animals, mostly ones that fly
  • Romance of any kind, though as stated above, my interests in romantic works tend to lean more towards fluffy, non-tragic stuff and same-sex pairings

    Fandoms I'm in 

    Creators, Authors and Internet People I like: 
  • J. K. Rowling: No explanation needed.
  • KHF McAwesome: He's funny, cool, smart and turned me on to some great anime.
  • JesuOtaku: I found out about Baccano! through her. Nuff said.
  • mothy: The Evillious Chronicles are excellent, and I'm surprised they aren't more popular.
  • Lauren Faust: A great person, an inspiration to cartoon fans there anything you can't like about her?
  • The Former Fan Fiction Critic: Her reviews were awesome and hilarious and I laughed through her entire critique of Back to the Frollo. Too bad she's retired from reviewing.
  • Girl Writes What: She makes a lot of valid points about the bad side of feminism, and I love watching videos where she goes all "evolutionary psychologist".
  • Andrew Hussie: He's a great storyteller, even if he confuses everyone. The Gigapause, in my humble opinion, proves this because he decided to do it to make writing the whole thing go more smoothly.
  • Ryohgo Narita: The author of Baccano! He's a crazy genius.
  • Lewis Carroll: The undisputed King of Nonsense.
  • Bruno Mars: Great singer, though I can't get behind that afro of his...
  • Lea Salonga: Voice of a Goddess.
  • Idina Menzel: YES.
  • LittleKuriboh: The Abridged Series started with him. This is a man who made an entire genre. Give him a round of applause, guys!

    Music I like: 

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