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We all like James Rolfe a lot, but every once in a while, he puts out something that makes us all wonder: What was he thinking?

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The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • bobdrant: I'm a fan of The Angry Video Game Nerd and I can usually look past whenever he uses toilet humor and just enjoy his reviews. However, that was not the case for his review of various Star Wars games for different systems. Long story short, towards the end of the review, James begins talking about all the Star Wars games he didn't review (mostly because there's so many of them), and, for no reason whatsoever, a buffalo just takes a crap and breaks his window. I consider it to be the DMOS for the AVGN, because, well, it's pretty much the laziest writing I've seen from him. The joke makes no sense, there's no buildup to it, and it has nothing to do with the subject matter he's reviewing. It's like he just randomly threw in over-the-top toilet humor just for the sake of having over-the-top toilet humor. C'mon, James, you're better than this. You're The Angry Video Game Nerd, not the "Random Jokes About Poop Nerd".
  • Johnnytherock: The Schwarzenegger Games review in one scene, James flatly delivers three of his catchphrases in succession and takes a swig of Rolling Rock, all in about five seconds. The quality has declined since the old days, and previous reviews had parts that dragged, but this seemed all too perfunctory to be entertaining.
  • Purple Shirt: For me, it was the last half of his Castlevania reviews. The main reason was he made a huge Critical Research Failure twice. Castlevania 64 has its share of flaws, but what he calls a "Fatal Flaw" is in fact his own inability to press the "interact" button. What makes this even more crazy is that he somehow never thought of trying that button, given that he made it that far in the game. Maybe he's saying it's what happened when he was a kid, but even then, he never states it, nor does he try to correct this flaw when he's an adult. What's also bad is he's shown using the "interact" button earlier on, so he clearly knows it's there. His second one was where he says "... In Dawn of Sorrow, Dracula's Castle appears over Japan." That's Aria of Sorrow. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue, but he kind of shows he didn't really bother to play Dawn of Sorrow much. He's normally pretty good about doing his reading, but honestly James, I'm disappointed.
    • darkrage6: Agreed, you'd expect this kind of blatant error from The Irate Gamer, not from James of all people (the joke at the end of the Star Wars review is also the kind of random pointless joke you'd expect from the IG).
  • Fofa: Those weren't the only instances of Critical Research Failure those videos had, though those examples do stick out like a sore thumb. Castlevania 64 doesn't have any music when it actually does (which you can actually hear in the video) and the majority of the games mostly happened inside the castle since the beginning, when he said that the games started doing it after Symphony of the Night.
  • Kuuenbu: In his "Super NES vs. Sega Genesis" video, he lets his bias get the better of him and says that, unlike with the SNES controller, you can only press one Genesis gamepad button at a time. Anyone who has ever held a Genesis/Mega Drive controller for 10 seconds knows you can press two (or even three, though it's difficult and counter-intuitive) buttons simultaneously by adjusting the angle of your palm. Given how much he seems to be attempting a fair analysis, this egregious offense makes his self-admitted bias just plain facepalm-inducing. You'd think this would be something so obvious that no one could possibly fall for it, but if James Rolfe could be this ignorant, it wouldn't be that big a stretch to see pre-teen Nintendo fanboys watching that video and saying "You see, you can't press more than one button on Sega like you can on Nintendo! I told you Nintendo is what Genesisn'tnote !"
  • bisonx: Kind of a minor one, but he never calls the Konami Code as the "Konami Code", just as the "Code", or the "Contra Code" or the "30 Lives Code".
  • awdur: In his Seaman review, after the Seaman start mating, the Nerd says "I didn't know one of them was female!". The problem is, he does. During the evolutionary proccess of the Seaman, at one point they will pick a gender and inform the player. The Nerd blatantly ignored an important part of the gameplay just so he could make a joke.
  • Bauglir 100: The AVGN's Superman 64 review, on its own, is fairly satisfying... if you didn't actually know how the game was played. First, he complains that the game doesn't have the Superman theme from the movies. Well, of course it doesn't have the movie theme: It's not based on the movie! It's based on the animated series. If anything, he should've been complaining about the game not using the show's theme.

    Second, the bulk of the review is spent complaining about how hard it is to fly through the rings. However, it's possible to switch the rings off by changing the difficulty setting to "Easy" so that you just need to follow the compass. If he did that, he could've gotten to the rest of the game without losing his cool. Yes, there is more to the game than just "flying through rings and picking up cars". In fact, you actually do start fighting enemies once the third ring/compass stage is cleared, which is where the Nerd gave up. And what we saw was just the first level; there's still a LOT more to the game that he could've commented on.
  • Space Hunter Drake Redcrest: I'm not a huge AVGN fan, though I'll occasionally watch his reviews out of interest or nostalgia. One of his most recent reviews caught my interest: a review of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). I was quite interested in it, since the game is so infamous for a number of reasons. I wanted to hear his opinion on all the bad things, from how glitchy and unfinished the game was to the romance between Elise and Sonic note . Suffice to say, I was let down. It seems to me that he only played the first level and based his entire review off that. It just feels incomplete. No mention of the Shadow or Silver levels, the story at large, etc... Rather, he ends it after the boss fight with Silver, gives it a So Okay, It's Average review statement, and ends the review there. I suppose with an 11 minute review, I shouldn't have expected an in-depth review, but I'd expect something more than what he gave us. He wasted a perfectly good review.
    • Trialman: Sometime later, he made a follow-up review of the game. I wasn't too bothered by the first review, but the follow-up was the real disappointment for me. He continues the game, and he does go a bit more in-depth on some things, but not enough to make me satisfied, personally. The real nadir though, is when he gets to the last story. He briefly mentions the infamous scene where Sonic dies, and then basically goes straight to the even more infamous Elise kissing Sonic scene. He just notes how dumb that moment is, and then stops the review there. He barely even implies that there is a certain Disappointing Last Level between those cutscenes. Considering that infamy of End of The World, you'd think the Nerd would have something to say about it, but the most we got was a throw-away line about collecting the Chaos Emeralds, which was so vague, someone unaware could easily think that they were collected in a cutscene. Quite frankly, the scarred Sonic 06 box seemed to have more effort put into it than the review itself.
  • Peridonyx: During his review of Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, he mocks the Lightsabers being Nerfed — by having a skit about Darth Vader's Lightsaber failing to behead Chewbacca, which leads to the former's Curb-Stomp Battle death via Neck Snap. However, even without said Lightsaber, isn't Vader still a deadly Cyborg and Kung-Fu Wizard? After James's history of fanboyism toward the franchise, you'd think he wouldn't make such a Critical Research Failure. It's not too bad, given how the overall review is nevertheless funny, but still...
  • multibrawlr: Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie was this for me. Overall, it just came across as excessively self-congratulatory and egotistical, as if James was flaunting his success and popularity; the Nerd is depicted as a worshipped deity of sorts, to the point where a fan excitedly buys a game because he spat on it. Granted, perhaps this was all Played for Laughs, but to me the portrayal of James’s fans as mindless sheep backing him up religiously went too far. There was also another moment where the main villain cringes at the Nerd’s friend Cooper doing an online game review of his own, which came across as a middle finger to those doing online gaming reviews out of inspiration of the original AVGN show.

    There’s also the fact that fans who supported the film’s crowdfunding campaign weren't entitled to getting a free copy of the movie, and moreover had to buy one in the end, which is ridiculous considering how generous James' fanbase was to him in the campaign. And at the end of the day, the movie itself didn’t live up to the hype for me. The plot was convoluted (despite sounding interesting), some of the characters felt tacked-on, and many of the jokes and gags failed to hit the mark. This was quite the disappointment for me, because I was hopeful the movie would turn out great. Instead it just seemed too egocentric and demeaning to fans.
  • Psychic Slayer Natrium: Now I'm a big fan of the Nerd, and while there are episodes I prefer over others, I like almost all of his reviews. While he doesn't upload frequently, I always look forward to watching a new video of his and I'm usually not disappointed. That is until I saw his review of the Sega Activator Interactor Menacer, for a simple reason, I can barely call this a review. For one, while it was kinda funny to see the Nerd break everything in the room, it was one of only two jokes in the actual video! Second, at least with other skit-heavy reviews like the Spiderman and Atari episodes, there was some form of analysis going on and those videos didn't repeat the same joke over and over again (or if they did, then it at least they provided a spin on the joke) Thirdly, the co-host. Look, I'm sure Keith is a nice guy (Haven't seen his stuff, but I can tell he's having fun with this video) and I'm pretty sure he can be pretty comedic, but I just didn't him all that funny in this video. I get what he was going with the whole commercial gimmick, and while I'm pretty sure this isn't entirely his fault (It's possible he was just born with it), his voice was rather obnoxious, which really didn't help the commercial gimmick. Overall, this is probably the first video of the AVGN's I can say that I wasn't a huge fan of, and I'm thankful that he's since improved (Especially with all the rapid fire reviews he's been doing.) Again, wouldn't call it horrible, just disappointing.
Other Cinemassacre productions:
  • Midna: Since I can't just say "all of 'Minecraft with Gadget'", I'll just point to Gadget's "I love building brown bricks with Minecrap" spiel. It would have been mildly amusing, if infantile, if it was only said once... but then he just keeps saying it over and over for almost half a minute. One gets the impression that Matei thought the scene was comedy gold and wanted to milk it for all it was worth.
    • SenorCornholio: Agreed on this video; it was so bad that it makes you wonder of this is seriously the same guy who plays most of the characters in the Nerd's videos. But I wish to put a different moment from the video: Gadget looks at a user's hard work and calls it "stealing" and when Mike tries to argue against it, Gadget kills him and is implied to steal his i-pad. This isn't funny, it's just jerkish. But yeah, the Minecrap thing was pretty bad too.
  • PutYaGunsOn: The sexual jokes in Mike Matei's review of Elmo in Grouchland all sound like something written by an attention-starved 14-year-old. The fact that he actually went out of his way to draw a cartoon picture of Cookie Monster walking in on Gordon and Susan having sex purely for the sake of a cheap contrived gag is the cherry on top of all of this.