Tropers / Sick Brit Kid

Possibly the driest, most sarcastic conservative troper one will ever meet, Sick Brit Kid is neither sick(he is, in fact, near-immune to common illnesses), British(born in Connecticut, moved to Texas when he was 2 and lived there since), or a kid(20 years-old and counting). Despite being a young, ambitious, and intelligent college student, Sick Brit Kid is often characterized for his staunch center-right combination of Libertarian, constitutionalist, and Republican ideology. The paramount of his political philosophy, however, is to not hate those you disagree with because you disagree with them. Respect is the key to his philosophy, as everyone of every stripe and ideology deserves a respectful debate(contrary to one of his biggest influences) and it is only amorality and disgraceful practices that deserve the ire of the human race. Tries to be as kind and as polite as he can, the exact opposite of himself during his Teen years, because he believes that the world has enough hate in it as it is for him to contribute to all of it.

Sick Brit Kid provides examples of:

  • Asperger Syndrome: Was diagnosed at the age of ten, and it has very much-so colored his upbringing and philosophy.
  • Berserk Button: Those who live in America yet continue to espouse hatred and disgust for everything America's done despite the many good things America's done in its long history.
  • Deadpan Snarker: His general sense of humor, with a bit of absurdist and Self-Deprecation thrown in for good measure.
  • Eagle Land: Highly loyal and patriotic American citizen. Acknowledges that modern America leans toward the Mixed Flavor variety but despises those whom live in America but preach that America is nothing but Flavor 2. Very much believes that there's far more of Flavor 1 than most would acknowledge, though.
  • Neurotically Yours: Big fan of the site and Anchovie, Germaine's stalker, served as the inspiration for his username.