Dethroning Moment: The Irate Gamer

Third Rate Gamer: Billy, have you ever watched this guy called "Irate Gamer"?
Billy: I tried watching him, but his production values are too bad.
—The Third Rate Gamer's review of Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2

While he may be a Guilty Pleasure, depending on who you ask, Chris Bores is a notorious sort, as he isn't known for doing his research. But for some, it goes simply beyond that. Here are a few examples of such moments:

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  • Fox Trax: There was a multi-parter in which he...
    • Brütal Legend... after only playing an hour of it. He also uses the game's Hell level,note  to set up a subplot with Devil Bores. Afterwards, when he realizes he has nothing to bitch about, he whines that the sound effects feel out of place, and thinks that we can identify with his feelings on them. Sure...
    • the wrong game mode of Tekken 6. He reviewed the Scenario Mode, instead of the actual fighting game mode. This had to be pointed out to him in person. In the Youtube version, he (for once) admits his mistake, but adds that he's a Mortal Kombat fan, so he can't understand this game's appeal.
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time: Reshelled, by saying that he liked it better than the original. Most didn't like it at all. However, the kicker was when he compared the two side-by-side, and for the "original" game footage, he used the Super Nintendo version of Turtles in Time instead of the original arcade game, which came out first. This is the same mistake he made a fucking year ago.
  • Cliché: The Irate Gamer's Super Mario Bros. 2 review, in which he acts like the fact that it was a Dolled-Up Installment of Doki Doki Panic was a huge shocking revelation and not something every gamer at least half-heartedly versed in gaming history knows already. And if that wasn't bad enough, he goes on to attack the game for ridiculous, contrived reasons. Toad has a use in being the fastest and strongest character, it isn't that hard to chain attacks on enemies to gain hearts, and he was obviously using cut and paste editing to claim he could take a dump in the time the Star would touch the character, not to mention positioning it in the area where it would naturally take the most time to get. He's just bashing a classic game for the sake of bashing a classic game, and he doesn't even make good arguments for them either.
  • terlwyth: His review of The Odyssey, which was laden with plenty of errors. But the worst was his "joke" about the Simon Says game for it where he adds flash cards referencing probably the only date he'll ever get after this, one with rosie palms and other kind of junk like that.
  • Bat Dan: For me, it's from the first video I ever saw, his review of Zombies Ate My Neighbors. The moment he called it a bad game that "deserved to be chucked into the nearest meat grinder" I knew this guy was fake. It only got worse with pointless complaints (the weapons are stupid, you only get 3 lives and passwords), unfunny jokes, and complaining that the ending was an actual level instead of boring credits. Most of his complaints were aspects that gamers would find good.
  • Dr Zulu 2010: The Irate Gamer's review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Each game he reviews can be summed up like this. NES TMNT: when half of his complains are half assed versions of the The Angry Video Game Nerd, the other half of his complains are mainly him playing like an idiot while being Captain Obvious on our butts. TMNT 2 the arcade game: He basically called a good game something bad for no other reason than being a jackass who likes graphics and multiplayer, two thing even the most hardened gamer (including yours truly) called minor gripes outside of gameplay. TMNT 3 The Manhattan Project: he called the game good even if it has most, if not all, of the "flaws" the previous game has. TMNT Turtles In Time: He goes into more accomplishments in research-fail, ignoring that the SNES game was also an arcade port. Then, he goes into Fridge Logic by saying "too bad it's only two player but hey it's a good game so I can forget this." *Headbutts a wall* It was released before his infamous Zombies Ate My Neighbors review, but it was a good reason than anything that the next games he will review can be sums up in four words: This Is Gonna Suck.
    • Renelia: Seconded. Other than what was said above about TMNT 1, most of his "review" on TMNT 1 was him running into enemies to get hit and blames the game for his own actions. His trashing of TMNT 2 because of removing features that the NES can't even handle (and it's a Porting Distillation at that). What doesn't help is that he basically calls the two extra levels added "worthless and pointless." Chris also claims you have one life and if you lose, it's game over and back to the start. (although you can clearly see his lives counter as 4 from another part of the game just a few seconds prior). Then he goes on for TMNT 3, which he reviews for a few seconds, then he dismisses it to go to the previously mentioned TMNT 4. He claims it was the SNES' Killer App (when it was also a Porting Distillation of the Arcade game.) Worst part about it was that he still claims it's a Super NES exclusive in his TMNT: Turtles in Time ReShelled review.
  • Renelia: The Irate Gamer's review on Contra. His tirade about instruction manuals, saying "I can’t waste my time reading about a game, I just gotta play it!" pretty much solidifies himself as a non-gamer. Despite he's "claimed" he's played games for about 20 years, he acts completely surprised when he finds the third stage boss is indeed, an alien. He could have avoided it by just reading the manual. Then he claims the laser is useless, when in fact, it's extremely useful to clear a line of enemies in your way. Super C has him basically saying It's Hard, so It Sucks and resorts to cheating to get him past the game. Contra Force has him latching on the idea it's an official Contra game (as in, part of the official Contra canon), yet it's a Dolled-Up Installment of a Japanese game called Arc Hound. Contra 3 has him running about acting surprised when he chose the easy mode and got mocked by the game. Even more ridiculous is how he ranted he had to beat the game on hard just to get the game's best ending. What.
    • Sponge Pore: I get the feeling the whole instruction manual "joke" is based on his interpretation of gamers. It's like he's saying "Man, who reads the instruction manual? Nobody cares about those, am I right guys???" Um, no. In fact, one of my fondest childhood memories is sitting up at night reading various instruction manuals, and a lot of gamers share that memory. It just further proves he's not a real gamer and assumes what gamers are like.
    • sebek: My favourite moment is when he complains about the laser upgrade: "This laser gun will only travel a few inches from your player [sic], if you keep pressing the fire button way too fast. [...] Avoid it like the fucking plague, because if you touch it you're as good as dead!" Really? "If you keep using it wrong, it will be useless"? Maybe... stop hammering the fire button? He then immediately goes on to complain that all guns except the machine gun require you to keep tapping the fire button in order to keep shooting. The laser is another one of those weapons you don't need to constantly keep firing! Think, aim and shoot! Not that any of this actually matters, since he's just holding down the turbo button anyway.
  • terlwyth: His review of The Odyssey, which was laden with plenty of errors. But the worst was his "joke" about the Simon Says game for it where he adds flash cards referencing probably the only date he'll ever get after this, one with rosie palms and other kind of junk like that..
  • Dynaboyj: Another Irate Gamer moment. His Aladdin review is generally considered one of his worst, but the real DMOS is the joke "Someone call 911, because I've been ROBbed" while holding up R.O.B. It's completely out of context to the review.
  • philipthepatsy: At E3 2010, Bores interviewed Sega representatives about Sonic Colors. He said, "Sonic Unleashed sucked, so this better be an improvement." Not only is that unprofessional, it's just being a dick, especially to the representatives!
  • legoking831: His usual E3 footage amounts to the same questions and everything that you could easily find elsewhere, but there was one real moment in his 2011 E3 coverage that stuck out compared to all else. He was mad about being unable to get into the UbiSoft press conference. So how does he react to this? He pretends to blow up the UbiSoft office. Just because he was one of many who couldn't get in. And he thought this was funny too.
    • SunriseWarrior: What I love about that video is how pompous he makes himself look. The way he proclaims "You cannot do this to the Irate Gamer!" makes it sound like he considers himself so much more important and special than all the other people who couldn't get in.
  • Tommy X: His review of Sonic Unleashed. He played the first two Sonic levels and said they were good. Then said the Adventure Fields, Werehog and plane levels suck and don't belong in a Sonic game, saying stuff like "Since when has Sonic been this?" YMMV on the Werehog, but Adventure fields were in the fanbases previous Sonic Adventure, and Sonic has been riding on Tails' plane since Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and there are only two of these levels in the whole game. If you're going to criticise a main part of the game, play more than the first level and do basic research.
    • Bengson26: Also, note on how this review has a three month gap between his previous review (the already-mentioned Aladdin review). So, he had maybe about a month or two, give or take, to play the game but all he completed is the first portion of the game. Talk about not caring.
  • Fofa: His review of Castlevania: Harmony of Despair bothered me for several reasons: One, he seemed to have no clue how to really play the game (as usual), he mostly stood around and shot fireballs in the air. Two, he nitpicked on the game not having Simon Belmont be playable (especially ridiculous when Simon and a retro stage based on the first game was eventually released), and he also seemed to ignore the released DLC that added stages and characters. Third, he complained that the game was too easy with other players and how they had fully leveled up their characters, when he makes a routine out of complaining about hard difficulties. But those were the icing on a vile cake. The main thing I have against this review is how he only really played with Shanoa and Charlotte in the footage (Jonathan was used too, but the footage with him was only really there for a few seconds). Besides the fact that it's unprofessional, but it gives the implication that he plays the girls only because they're hot. Further squick is added when one considers that Charlotte is about half his age and Shanoa is basically an avatar of the producer's wife. By far one of my least favourite reviews from the guy, which says a lot.
  • Nicholas Onimura: There's so many moments to pick from, but for me, it'd have to be the Video Game Roundup/Rundown (he can't seem to decide). It's much like the 3-in-1 review that he did, except much worse since he reviews four games in less than three minutes, giving only vague details about the games (Lego Star Wars III is awesome because it has new content, but he won't say what that content is). It only proves just how lazy Chris Bores is.
  • Matt Fisher NL: I would say the Dethroning Moment of Suck for the Irate Gamer has to be his review of Yo! Noid. Granted, there are all kinds of possible moments for me to choose from, and I could agree with what any of you guys have suggested here so far, but I chose this one because it just wasn't that funny in my opinion. The joke about Product Placement was drawn out and was not needed, in which Chris Bores pretends to endorse numerous products (A&W, Doritos, and Dr Pepper), and even shows on screen a ticker promoting Dancing with the Stars. It's as padded as Seltzer and Friedberg. The cutaway at the end with the lemmings following "Evil Bores" in Hell was not funny, either. Not to mention, this is notorious as the first Irate Gamer episode where Chris Bores says "fustrating".
  • 1upmushroom: His review of Ghosts 'n Goblins anyone? I can handle the poor grammar ("Most hardest game"), I can handle the pointless characters like Devil Bores and Cousin Joey, I can even handle the fact that he claims the game is too hard when the gameplay footage shows that he isn't even trying (that last one is to expected by now), I mean these aspects make the review bad but in a entertaining way. However there are two problems that make this review worse than usual. One, the fact that he covers both the Arcade and NES version while claiming he's only doing the NES version. Now this wouldn't be a bad thing, if not for the fact that he says he's only reviewing the NES version and puts in footage of the arcade version hoping people wouldn't notice. He's reason for doing so (that being summed up as "The NES version was too hard for me to beat, so I used the Arcade version while activating the God mode cheat to show the rest of the game") makes it even worse! Really Chris? You included both versions because one was too hard? Well why did you make it seem like both versions were just one? Why didn't you transition from one version to another? Why didn't you just pick the easier version to begin with?!
    • Secondly, even with the cheat on he still sucks at the game! Seriously, this proves he's not even trying! He's just going onward while blasting the game for his own faults! I'm normally conditioned to accept that he doesn't try playing the games he reviews, but not trying even when you have an invincibility cheat activated?!
  • cdmnumber1fan: He criticizes the gameplay of Tetris 2, when it is EXACTLY the same as the gameplay of "Dr. Mario", a game that he supposedly enjoys.
  • Tropers/newborncolt: I'm ashamed to even admit that I used to like the Irategamer before I matured to the point where I began to notice him for the scum that he is, mainly due to all his research errors, scams, and all-around being a total douche. However, the DMOS for me has to be this particular post concerning the death of JewWario who, admittedly, I never even watched, eventhough I do share my condolences. Bottom line is, from what I understand, what Chris outright stated in his post there was really uncalled for. Being that I, myself, am a Christian, I cannot grasp how Chris' remark there implies that Jew Wario is gonna suffer in the afterlife when, clearly, we don't know whether he lived a good life or a sinful life. Not only is it outright ignorant, it makes us Christians look bad. And the worst part of all: some people actually LIKED that comment! Of all the crap related to the Irategamer, this is about as sick and as low they can get!
  • William Radar Storm: The Dethroning moment for me was not in his main show, but in Haunted Investigators. In one scene, he claims that a woman saying "Thank You" is an abnormal moment, despite having a female investigator that sounds virtually identical. Furthermore, he puts a graphic on the screen that says "it must have come from this close a distance," with part of where the female investigator was standing in the circle, pretty much proving that it was the woman. "Could this be the sound of a woman saying Thank you?" Yes. The one you're standing behind. Can't you figure that out?!