Tropers / Gaucelm

Gaucelm (which is also his real name) is a troper on TV Tropes. His nationality: French (with some South-Korean ancestry). Wants to be a cartoonist and studies and practices for it.

Gaucelm has created the following pages:
  • Les Messagers du Temps : a French gamebook series. Good thing there is no such thing as notability on this website, since this baby is obscure even in its home country! But hey, everyone has his own Ensemble Dark Horse!
  • Moi Renart : a French animated series. Yes, French stuff is going to be Gaucelm's specialization.
  • No Koreans in Japan : a Trope that has long annoyed this troper when reading manga or watching anime. Everyone complains that not enough "minorities" are shown in American and other Western productions, but no one does with Japanese stuff! Gaucelm shall bring justice! The fact that he has Korean ancestry may also be a reason.
  • Everythings Better With Eggplants : this was mostly inspired by Sydlexia's page about eggplants on the NES. Gaucelm wonders if this was such a good idea...