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Bob's Burgers packs a triple punch of two puns and one special ending (starting with season 2). The show literally comes and goes with a gag of this kind.

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     Season 1 

    Season 2 
  • S02E01 - The Belchies
    • Next Door Store: Uncle Marty's Breast Pumps
    • Exterminator: Stan Berman, King of Vermin
    • Burger of the Day: I'm Mad About Saffron Burger (Made With No Saffron)
    • Ending: The standard end credits turn into Jimmy Jr. and Tina dancing in various scenes to "Taffy Butt", a parody of "The Goonies R Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper.

  • S02E02 - Bob Day Afternoon
    • Next Door Store: Hannibal's Dead Animal Taxidermy
    • Exterminator: The Pest Pesterer
    • Burger of the Day: Chard To A Crisp Burger
    • Ending: No music plays in the kitchen, except for the sound of Gene's remote controlled car, which eventually drives to a room where a robot is masturbating

  • S02E03 - Synchronized Swimming
    • Next Door Store: Pookah Pagoda - Pookah Shell Warehouse
    • Exterminator: RattyShack
    • Burger of the Day:
    • Ending: To the tune of the Bob's ice cream fantasy song, Linda shows up wearing Gene's homework mask.

    Season 3 

     Season 4 
  • S04E01 - A River Runs Through Bob
    • Next Door Store: Tandemonium - All of your Tandem Bike needs
    • Exterminator: The Great Ratsby
    • Ending: Tina, in her scout uniform, sings a song about the Thundergirls in the kitchen. Bob is suddenly attacked by squirrels.

  • S04E02 - Fort Night
    • Next Door Store: Johnny's Razor's - Totally Normal Candy Store
    • Exterminator: Forgetta Bat It - Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day: Cauliflower's Cumin From Inside The House (comes with Cauliflower and Cumin)
    • Ending: Tina, Louise, Gene, the Pesto twins and Darryl eat candy as a song about Darryl's Candy Randy blog plays.

  • S04E05 - Turkey In A Can

  • S04E06 - Purple Rain-Union
    • Next Door Store: Betty's Machetes
    • Exterminator: If You Give A Mouse A Poison - Exterminators
    • Ending: The kids dance on stage with Linda and the Ta-Tas as Linda sings their song "Still Got Two of My Sexy Parts".

  • S04E08 - Christmas in the Car
    • Next Door Store: Nog Nog Who's There? Egg Nog
    • Exterminator: Supar & Spice and a Lot of Dead Mice - Pest Control
    • Ending: "Jingle in the Jungle" plays while Teddy, dressed as Santa, carries Louise around on his shoulders.

  • S04E10 - Presto Tina-O
    • Next Door Store: Cats A Rising Star - Pet Improve
    • Exterminator: The Pest of Times and the Worst of Times - Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day: Is This Your Chard Burger
    • Ending: As the song "Don't Mix Romance with Magic" plays, tricks happen in the kitchen.

    Season 5 
  • S05E01 - Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl
    • Ending: The kids sing the theme of their new play together with Carly Simon.

  • S05E13 - The Gayle Tales
    • Next Door Store: A Ton in the Oven - Big and Tall Baby Clothes
    • Exterminator: Ants Not In Your Pants - Pest Control
    • Burger of the Day: Curd-Fect Strangers Burger (Comes with cheese curds)
    • Ending: Gayle and her date dance in the kitchen. The song that plays switches back and forth between the style of each of the three stories.

    Season 6 
  • S06E02 - The Land Ship
    • Next Door Store: Resisting A Rest - Sleep Therapy
    • Exterminator: The MiceAnthrope
    • Burger of the Day:
      • The Yam Ship Burger (comes with yam)
      • You Can't Fight City Challah Burger (Comes on a Challah roll) note 
      • Snipwrecked Burger (comes with parsnips)
    • Ending: The re-enactors of the Land Ship parade dance in Bob's restaurant.

  • S06E03 - The Hauntening
    • Next Door Store: Blood, Bath and Beyond Red Bathroom Products
    • Exterminator: The Last Mouse on the Left
    • Jimmy Pesto's reflection in the window of the exterminator van is replaced by a skeleton.
    • Burger of the Day: Breaking Radish Burger
    • Ending: The Belcher family sings along to the music video for "I Luv You So Much (It's Scary)" by Boyz 4 Now.

    Season 7 
  • S07E01 - Flu-ouise
    • Next Door Store: That's What She Sawed - Toolf for Women
    • Exterminator: Insect-ual healing Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day: Endive Had The Time Of My Life
    • Ending: Standard credit sequence. Louise dances in the kitchen with the two Kuchi Kopis while her toys dance in the restaurant.

  • S07E02 - Sea Me Now
    • Next Door Store: Pair of Dice City Dice Outlet
    • Exterminator: Mouse Hunters, International
    • Burger of the Day:
      • You Spinach Me Right Round Spinach Burger
      • Wasabi My Guest Burger
    • Ending: Teddy sings Bobby Darrin's "Beyond the Sea" while the Belchers provide various props to create a sea setting.

  • S07E06 - The Quirkducers
    • Next Door Store: Let's Give 'Em Stuffing to Talk About - Stuffing Emporium
    • Exterminator: From My Cold Dead Ants
    • Burger of the Day: Jagged Little Dill
    • Ending: Tina and the rest of the production sing her musical again, this time a more polished version.

  • S07E15 - Ain't Miss Debatin'

    Season 8 

    Season 9 

    Season 10 
  • S10E01 - The Ring (But Not Scary)
    • Next Door Store: Fromage-inary Friends Cheese Shop
    • Exterminator: Working on My Mite Moves Pest Control
    • Burger of the Day: The Olive Me, Why Not Take Olive Me? Burger
    • End Credits Sequence: The Belcher family, along with Nat and her friends, float down the lazy river at Wetty, Set, Go while Nat sings a parody of "Mona Lisa" by Nat King Cole.

  • S10E02 - Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus
    • Next Door Store: Whine Country Marriage Counseling
    • Exterminator: Mice Try Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day: The Hunt for Red Onion-tober Burger
    • End Credits Sequence: Linda sings an extended version of her "Super-Tina" song over clips of Tina in a superhero costume.

  • S10E03 - Motor, She Boat

  • S10E04 - Pig Trouble in Little Tina
    • Next Door Store: Drag Me To Gel Hair Supplies
    • Exterminator: The Exor-Pest Pest Control
    • Burger of the Day:
    • End Credits Sequence: Tina, Gene, Louise, Jimmy Jr., and the Ghost Pig dance next to the skeletal banjo player from the haunted hayride, to Fiona Apple singing a parody of the theme song to Big Trouble in Little China.

  • S10E05 - Legends of the Mall
    • Next Door Store: Chi's Gotta Have It Tai Chi Studio
    • Exterminator: Crawl of Duty Exterminators
    • End Credits Sequence: The music from the shopping montage plays as Bob works the grill while wearing the purple corduroys, Gene and Louise ride around the restaurant on their Ani-Malls carts, and Linda sips wine while reading her book.

  • S10E06 - The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now
    • Next Door Store: Penny For Your Tots Daycare
    • Exterminator: Boehmian Rat-Squishy Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day:
      • The Thousand-Chard Stare Burger (comes with Thousand Island dressing and Swiss chard)
      • The Hawk and Chickpeas Burger
    • End Credits Sequence: Bob does a mock-commercial for the director's cut of Hawk & Chick vs. the Cephalopod Monster.

  • S10E07 - Land of the Loft
    • Next Door Store: Hankercheeks Machine Washable Toilet Paper
    • Exterminator: Gnat On My Watch Pest Control
    • Burger of the Day: The Twisted Swiss-ster Burger
    • End Credits Sequence: The Belchers work in the kitchen while Dave and his stripper friends from Pickles dance in the restaurant.

  • S10E08 - Now We're Not Cooking With Gas
    • Next Door Store: With Great Whisk Comes Great Reward Culinary Classes
    • Exterminator: It Must Be Mice Exterminators
    • End Credits Sequence: Bob and the farmer from the Riverbrook Lake Farms logo sing a song about Bob's turkey.

  • S10E09 - All That Gene
    • Next Door Store: Stop in the Name of Gloves
    • Exterminator: Dead Mice Say What Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day:
    • End Credits Sequence: Tina and Louise poke their father in the love handles, while Gene does the worm to the tune of a song about "The Gene Show".

  • S10E10 - Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas
    • Next Door Store: Hey Big Suspender Plus-Sized Suspenders
    • Exterminator: Bye, Flea-Cia! Exterminators
    • End Credits Sequence: Tina and her family sing "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses, while Mike provides the saxophone solo.

  • S10E11 - Drumforgiven
    • Next Door Store: The Bloom is Off the Nose Wart Removal
    • Exterminator: Flea Willy Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day:
    • End Credits Sequence: The Belcher Kids, the Pesto brothers, and Teddy dance to a "Space Cowbell" song performed by Gene.

  • S10E12 - A Fish Called Tina
    • Next Door Store: Pumpin' Patch Fitness
    • Exterminator: The Rodent Less Traveled Exterminators
    • Burger of the Day:
      • The Random Jacks of Chive-ness Burger (with Monterrey Jack cheese and chives)
      • The If It's Yellow Let It Portobello (with yellow peppers and portobello mushrooms)
      • The Thin Red Pepper Burger
    • End Credits Sequence: Rick sings as he works out, Louise shots video of Tammy pretending to swim, Bob and Linda struggle to work while sore from working out, Tina still has chili on her shirt, and Gene eats cafeteria pizza while wearing his tie.

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