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Recap / Bobs Burgers S 10 E 2 Boys Just Wanna Have Fungus

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Bob and Gene discover just how cut-throat mushroom hunting can be when they try to find a rare ingredient for Bob's new Burger of the Day. Meanwhile, Tina is convinced her new glasses have given her super-powers.


  • All There in the Script: The mushroom hunters are never referred to by name, but their names are listed in the end credits (the two guys are Mitchell and Jason, while the lady is Delilah).
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  • Bad Liar: Teddy's attempt to hide his fondness for Jimmy Pesto's pizza balls is not very convincing.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: The mushroom hunters Mitchell and Jason seem friendly, but they deliberately give Bob and Gene bad directions to distract them. Delilah, the friendly lady hiker, turns out to be another mushroom hunter, who teams up with the first two to steal Bob's mushrooms.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The Woolly Neptune mushrooms get run over as Bob and the mushroom hunters fight over them, but Bob managed to hang on to half of one, and Gene sneaked a few more into his socks, so even if they didn't get all the mushrooms they wanted, they do have enough to cook a family meal.
  • Brick Joke: At the farmer's market, Bob and Gene discuss their survival chances in the apocalypse, and admit that they'd probably only last a day or two together. Near the end of the episode, after Gene reveals he managed to snag a few Woolly Neptune mushrooms for his dad, Bob remarks that they might be able to last at least three days in the apocalypse.
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  • Chekhov's Gag: Gene hiding cheese and crackers in his socks seems like a one-off gag, but he later manages to stash some Woolly Neptunes in his socks.
  • Fence Painting: Louise baits Tina into doing her chores by flattering Tina about her new and improved eyesight.
  • Friendly Tickle Torture: Linda tickles Tina for a few seconds to cheer her up when she laments she really doesn't have superpowers.
  • MacGuffin: The Woolly Neptunes, rare mushrooms that Bob wants as an ingredient for a Burger of The Day and is almost conned out of by mushroom hunters.
  • Noodle Incident: According to Linda and Louise, Tina's sub-plot isn't the first time an article of clothing made Tina think she had gotten superpowers:
    Linda: Remember when you went up a bra size?
    Louise: Superboobs. The streets did feel a little safer that week.
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  • Power Perversion Potential: With her newfound "super-vision", Tina mostly uses it to ogle at boys' butts.
  • Pull the Thread: The mushroom hunters try to convince Bob that he doesn't have real Woolly Neptunes, but Bob calls their bluff and stomps on one. He's able to tell by their shocked reactions that the mushrooms he's got are the real deal.
  • Reading Lips: Tina tests her newly-enhanced vision by attempting to read the lips of a couple across the street. It's when Linda joins in and proves to be better at it than Tina realizes her vision is not as super as she thought.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Subverted; the basket of Woolly Neptune mushrooms Bob found gets destroyed in the struggle, but Gene managed to hide a few in his socks.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Snipe Hunt: Mitchell and Jason send Bob and Gene on a path that would have them running around in circles. Ironically, getting lost along said path is what leads Bob and Gene to the Woolly Neptunes.
  • Super Senses: Spoofed with Tina's new prescription glasses. She's so amazed at how better her vision has become that she's convinced - with encouragement by Louise - that the glasses have given her super-vision.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Bob and Gene manage to save a few of their mushrooms for themselves.
  • Trail Of Breadcrumbs: Gene accidentally provides a marker back to where he and Bob parked the car from wiping melted cheese off his hands onto the rocks on the trail.

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