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Recap / Bob's Burgers S9E14 "Every Which Way But Goose"

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"Pa parara Pa parara"

"I don't wanna be around anyone! Except Bruce!"

When Jimmy Jr. cancels their school dance plans, Tina gets attached to a goose at the park. A little too attached. Back at the restaurant, Linda tries getting Gretchen a plus-one that her family approves of for her sister's wedding.

  • Footsie Under the Table: How Gretchen scares away her first date who's a pediatrist, aiming her foot at his crotch while calling herself an urologist.
  • Forgotten First Meeting: Despite meeting him several times, Gretchen has completely forgotten who Teddy is.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar:
    • The storefront in the opening reads "Big Old Kitties".
    • Teddy is taking his mother to an Australian stage show named Diggery Dudes, which from the context is clearly a male stripper show, but Teddy has no idea.
      Teddy: Must be some kind of animal show. They warn about swinging dingoes.
  • High-School Dance: Tina's story revolves around her theme "Dance of the Living Dead" being chosen for the school dance. She goes berserk when Jimmy Jr. won't ask her to the dance (which was due to an embarrassing injury) and ends up forming a bond with a goose at the local park. This leads to the goose disrupting the dance when it followed her to school.
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  • Interspecies Romance: Tina develops a thing with Bruce the goose. The family even come across a story she's been writing about her and Bruce having babies.
  • Jerkass Has a Point:
    • Gretchen is pretty abrasive at the best of times, but she had every right to be pissed off when Linda logged onto her online dating account behind her back and invited one of the guys she didn't like to her sister's wedding.
      Bob: Lin, Gretchen is really scary right now, but you also kind of pushed her to this point.
    • When Bruce crashes the dance and gets tangled at the top of the bleachers, Tina tries to climb up to free him. Mr. Frond prevents her from doing so because Bruce is still a wild animal and the on-the-way Animal Control would be better equipt to handle the situation. Sure enough, when Jimmy Jr. climbs up to free Bruce himself, the goose bites his hand hard enough to draw blood and he has to get medical attention afterwards.
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  • Love Makes You Crazy: Getting rejected by Jimmy Jr. makes Tina go a little batty.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Louise worries about Tina when she doesn't react to Jimmy Jr. talking about his butt.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Jimmy Jr. seemed reluctant but willing to tell Tina about why he couldn't go to the dance, but Tina's too hurt to let him get a word in.
  • Take a Third Option: At the end of the episode, Linda offers herself up as Gretchen's plus-one, as she's somebody who's nice, but not boring, and likes to drink. Gretchen accepts.

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