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Characters / The 7th Stand User 2: Fate is Unbreakable

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All tropes here are exclusive to the game. Any tropes regarding the original manga should be directed to Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable.

Any spoiler regarding the original manga and the first game are unmarked.

     The Protagonist 
The protagonist of the game. The little cousin of the 7th Stand User who joined the Stardust Crusaders in their quest to Egypt, the protagonist is a new student who just arrived in Morioh with their family...

  • Bad Powers, Good People: Some Stands can be downright nasty (Ace of Spades, Maneater, Wrecking Crew) but will be used for good if playing as a Good character.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond: The ganguro variant of the female protagonist, overlapping with Gyaru Girl.
  • Playboy Bunny: Alternate costume for female main characters, coming back from the previous game.

     The 18 Possible PC Stands 
Like the first game, all of the PC’s Stands are based on a personality test the player does in the beginning. Each of them has their own abilities that can be used in game, both in battle and in interactions in the overworld.

  • Fighting Spirit: What most stands are.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: It wouldn’t be Jojo if this weren’t in play. Most of the Stands can do various attacks since either their abilities or powers cover it, as well as have different uses on the overworld.
  • Musical Theme Naming: Par for the course for a Jojo game. Unlike the manga focused mostly on classical rock and pop music, the game also delves into metal, hip-hop and rap names.
  • Personality Powers: Granted they’re given after doing a personality test at the start of the game, this trope is in full effect, and each of them goes with a specific personality type and has powers befitting that personality.
  • Player Personality Quiz: How they’re all determined. This time, it's Rohan Kishibe who delivers it by way of reading your life through Heaven's Door.

Ace Of Spades

Ace Of Spades can memorize the cause of death of a wandering soul it comes across and associate it to a poker hand. Once in battle, it's user draws cards from a poker deck (part of Ace Of Spades) and inflict the "death" corresponding to the drawn hand to it's target.

  • Fight Like a Card Player: Subverted in that it's in-game. Ace of Spades' power comes from whatever card combinations it gets, which it uses to replicate a death upon the target.
  • Glass Cannon: While possessing some of the most destructive elemental abilities in the game, Ace of Spades has fairly low defense.
  • Shout-Out: It does have a physical form, but the card holder looks exactly like a duel disk from Yugioh. Also, one to the Motörhead song.
  • Soul Power: Ace of Spades uses its ability to "learn" the deaths of the souls it encounters in the game. This allows it to force that death on others - for example, a drowning death can be applied to a person on land and they would start drowning even if no water was nearby.

Danger! High Voltage

Danger! High Voltage consists of a group of six electric jellyfish that boost the electric conductivity of their target, allowing it to charge batteries, short-circuit machines or electrocute targets.

Danger Zone

A control Stand, Danger Zone affects probabilities in any area it can surround, making potential hazards such as a car speeding, having a much higher chance of causing harm to it's targets.

Helter Skelter

A 3-ACT Stand, Helter Skelter works with heat. ACT 1 allows the user to create small quantities of fire by friction. ACT 2 can in addition reduce heat in it's target, causing ice to appear. ACT 3 goes back to heat creation, using a flamethrower to generate and fire super-heated plasma.

Hip To Be Square

A construction-based Stand, Hip To Be Square can create duplicates of objects and people on the fly. Anything that affects or damages the copy reflect the damage or effect to it's original.

Light Up The Night

A light-based Stand that amplifies artificial sources of light, turning them into powerful lasers, blinding strobes or holograms. As a last resort, Light Up The Night creates artificial light itself for self-defense.


A school of feral carnivorous fish that can swim through anyting, Maneater's appetite is only matched by it's lack of discernment, causing it to attack allies caught in it's range. The school of fish can fuse together, taking the form of a siren.


A full-body suit covering it's user and affecting momentum of people and items, including itself. In addition to be able to speed up or down things, Motörhead can turn itself into a motorcycle, allowing it to move to ludicrous speed.

  • Bullet Catch: Reducing the velocity of bullets allows them to be caught or avoided.
  • Cool Bike: In "Cycle Mode" Motorhead allows the user to speed around town, much like Howlin Wolf' and Wildhearts in the first game.
  • Easy Logistics: Averted. Motorhead requires oil and gasoline to use some of it's capacities as well as his Bike Mode.
  • My Suit Is Also Super: In its initial form, Motorhead appears as a suit around the user, like Oasis and White Album.
  • Shout-Out: To Motörhead.
  • Super Speed: Its power can affect velocity and momentum, allowing incredible speed boosts.
  • Transforming Vehicle: Motorhead can transform into a ride-able motorcycle.

New York Minute

An ACT Stand able to manipulate time by affecting the vibration of molecules. New York Minute ACT 1 slows things down, ACT 2 speeds them up, ACT 3 goes on the offensive by causing said molecules to vibrate hard enough to damage the items (or person) they constitute.

  • Bishōnen Line: It gets steadily more humanoid the higher in ACT it gets.
  • Shockwave Clap: New York Minute ACT 3 can do this through any surface.
  • Time Master: ACT 1 and ACT 2 deal with speeding things up at the molecular level, or slowing them down.

Red Light Special

A group of five entities, numbered 1 to 5 and named respectively Ichi, Due, Drei, Quatre and Five, that affect one at a time the senses of their target, for good or bad. Ichi focuses on vision, Due on smell, Drei on hearing, Quatre on taste and Five on touch.

  • Battle Harem: Red Light Special takes the form of 5 female stands.
  • Bilingual Bonus: All of the stands are named in numbers, each one in a different language. In the same order RLS comes in, the languages are Japanese, Italian, German, French and English.
  • Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce: By controlling the sense of taste, RLS can impart extremely painful flavors on an enemy.
  • Brown Note: Inherently harmful sensory input is the hallmark of this stand.
  • Call-Back: To the previous game's Specials stand.
  • Innate Night Vision: One of several eye-based powers.
  • Pheromones: RLS can utilize these to confuse or bewilder enemies.
  • Sensory Overload: The end-tier combination attack where all five forms strike at once.
  • Shout-Out: To TLC.
  • Stink Bomb: A scent-based offensive technique.
  • Super Senses: Each form of RLS emphasizes abilities based on a different physical sense.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: Each stand in RLS has a particular accessory denoting which sense they control over.
    • RLS 1 - Ichi has goggles on her forehead, signifying sight.
    • RLS 2 - Due has a nose and mouthpiece somewhat like a gas mask, signifying smell.
    • RLS 3 - Drei has earphones, signifying sound.
    • RLS 4 - Quatre is the only one with a mouth, signifying taste.
    • RLS 5 - Five is the only one with muscular-looking arms, signifying touch.
  • X-Ray Vision: Also possible with Red Light Special.

Slim Shady

A shadow-based Stand, Slim Shady and his two acolytes, Stan and 8 Mile, can control shadows. In addition to inflict whatever they do to a person or an object's shadow to it's source, it can pull it's user in itself, turning it into a shadow to protect it.

  • Casting a Shadow: Anything Slim Shady does to a shadow affects the real object too - this includes being lifted or moved, and damaged or destroyed.
  • Living Shadow: Slim Shady appears as a shadow and can drag it's user into itself to protect them and become two dimensional.
  • Personal Mook: It has two mini-shadows underneath its control - Stan and 8 Mile.
  • Shadow Pin: One of Shadys signature moves, where it immobilizes an enemy by pinning their shadow to the ground with a knife.
  • Shout-Out: To Eminem.
  • Weakened by the Light: Subverted, as more light creates more shadows, making this stand stronger. If the whole room were dark, Slim Shady couldn't affect the shadows of individuals or objects.

Space Oddity

By injecting nano-machines into it's target, Space Oddity can take control of them and plague them with various effects. It's trump card is Major Tom, a small UFO accompanying it, and it's gravity-suppressing tractor beam, allowing him to render it's target helpless.

Take On Me

Take On Me can transfer damage and wounds from people to people and items to items, requiring healthy cells to be "paid" on organic targets to perform it's damage transfer.

  • Combat Medic: Both Josuke and MC with Take on Me can fill this role.
  • Destructive Teleportation: Take On Me has the ability to transfer wounds between people and damage between objects, allowing it to instantly heal an ally by swapping the damage over to an enemy.
  • Shout-Out: To aha.

Tenacious D

A "reconstructive" Stand that affects the properties of it's target, Tenacious D can reduce items to a primordial paste that he can sculpt and mold, turning an item into another more simple and of lesser quality item. On organic targets, it can warp them to either prevent them to hamper them or stretch it's user's body.

  • Item Crafting: Tenacious D can use its ability to warp and reshape an object into an object of lesser quality - it can turn a car into a table, but couldn't turn a broom into a television.
  • Made of Plasticine: Things affected by Tenacious D's ability take on this quality.
  • Rubber Man: By applying its power to the user, they can stretch and deform their bodies without injury, somewhat like how Hamon works on the Zoom Punch.
  • Shout-Out: To Tenacious D.

The Stand

A Stand without any special power of it's own, The Stand can copy other Stands and mimic their abilities and stats for a short period of time.

The Wall

A defensive Stand, The Wall emerges from any man-made wall nearby it's user, copying it's material, and protects it from damage with his body. If no walls are around, he can form itself in any material the last wall he emerged from.

  • Elemental Armor: The Wall appears by emerging from the nearest man-made wall, and takes on physical characteristics of that structure.
  • Golem: The Wall takes on a roughly human shape, similar to a golem.
  • Rock Monster: Appears as a large humanoid composed of brick, stone, wood, or metal.
  • Shout-Out: To the Pink Floyd album. In case you doubt it, he has "ALL IN ALL" written all over itself.
  • Super Toughness: This stand has the highest defense in the game.

Velvet Revolver

A sentient and well-educated Stand, Velvet Revolver is a six-shooter that fire special bullets that affect the emotions and persona of it's targets depending of the will of it's user. In addition, it's bullets will only affect the targets the user wants to affect, being completely harmless in the other case.

  • Bottomless Magazines: The ammo which Velvet Revolver uses is part of itself, and replenishes automatically, though only six bullets at a time.
  • Cool Gun: This Stand talks and has a personality. He's quite a gentleman and fancies himself a pacifist.
  • Emotion Control: Velvet Revolver can manipulate the emotions of a person depending on what the user wants to make them feel.
  • Shout-Out: To Slash.
  • Smart Gun: Velvet Revolver, literally.
  • Talking Weapon: Velvet Revolver is a talkative gun which is fond of making puns.
  • Trick Bullet: The bullets fired by Velvet Revolver have psychological effects instead of doing physical damage.

Wrecking Crew

A small army of locust-like creatures, Wrecking Crew can devour the atomic bonds between atoms and separate items from their components, such as paint from a wall. However, things "destroyed" can't be rebuilt in any way.

  • Horde of Alien Locusts: This stand appears as a cloud of termite-like creatures, and they can chew their way through the atomic structure of objects.
  • The Swarm: Wrecking Crew and Maneater both come in swarms of small, biting things.

     Permanent party members 

Josuke Higashikata

The protagonist of Diamond Is Unbreakable but not of The 7th Stand User 2. The child of an affair between Joseph Joestar and Tomoko Higashikata, Josuke finds himself in the middle of the incidents of Part 4 after he meets his nephew Jotaro and his grandfather Ryohei is murdered by a Stand User. His Stand is Crazy Diamond.

Jotaro Kujo

The protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. A graduate student in marine biology and Stand expert for the Speedwagon Foundation, he came to Morioh to inform Josuke of his inclusion in Joseph's will and to investigate the appearance of Stand users. His Stand is Star Platinum: The World.

  • The Ace: Any Stand user worth it's salt knows about Jotaro and Star Platinum and fears them as a result.

Koichi Hirose

A young schoolmate of Josuke, Koichi gets involved with the Stand-related incidents when he gets pierced by the Stand Arrow, barely surviving in the process. His Stand is Echoes.

Okuyasu Nijimura

The younger brother of Keicho Nijimura, the current owner of the Stand Arrow, Okuyasu helped him create Stand users at first, but after the death of Keicho at the hands of Red Hot Chili Pepper, he strikes a quick and strong friendship with Josuke and Koichi. His Stand is The Hand.

Rohan Kishibe

A very successful manga author, Rohan is a very eccentric misanthrope with no sense of personal space. He throws his lot with Josuke when he discovers than the first victim of Yoshikage Kira was his childhood babysitter, who protected him with her life. His Stand is Heaven's Door.

     Guest party members 

Yukako Yamagishi

A classmate of Koichi, Yukako is madly in love with him, going as far as trying to murder other girls who interact with him or kidnap him. After being defeated by Echoes, she mellows out enough to start a real relationship with Koichi. Her Stand is Love Deluxe.

Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yanguu

A fat highschooler the same age as Koichi, Shigechi is an annoying dimwit who hides a cunning intellect and a mean greedy streak. His Stand is Harvest.

Yuya Fungami

A delinquent and member of a biker gang, Yuya is a womanizer who is never seen without his three girlfriends, even as he's hospitalized after a near-fatal bike crash. His Stand is Highway Star.

Mikitaka Hazekura / Nu Mikitakazo Nshi

A strange student, Mikitaka claims to be an alien from a faraway planet who wants to live a peaceful life incognito on Earth. While Josuke and team thinks he's just an eccentric or a madman, some of his pecularities leave reasonable doubt about his claims. His (maybe?) Stand is Earth Wind and Fire.

  • Equippable Ally: Mikitaka can turn into various items you can use, notably sneakers that you can wear, giving you a speed boost.


Kyohei and Tomoko Higashikata

Josuke's grandfather and mother, respectively a police officer near retirement and an office worker. Kyohei acts as Josuke's father figure since Joseph returned to the USA, but Tomoko still loves him after the years. Not Stand users.

Reimi Sugimoto

Kira's first victim, as well as Rohan Kishibe's childhood babysitter, Reimi haunts the Ghost Alley of Morioh with her dog Arnold (also killed by Kira), waiting for someone to finally bring Kira to justice. Not a Stand user.

Tamami Kobayashi

A petty thief and con man who shakes down people by making up scenarios where they end up in his debt or guilt-tripping them. His Stand is The Lock.

Toshimazu Hazamada

A small-time bully and creep in the same class than Koichi, Hazamada is a ball of mental issues and vice in the form of a human being. His Stand is Surface.

Antonio Trussardi

A Napolitan chef who traveled all over the world to improve his cuisine, Antonio settled down in Morioh where he opened a small restaurant. His Stand is Pearl Jam.

Aya Tsuji

The owner of the Cinderella beauty salon, Aya fancies herself a "fairy godmother" whose job is to help her customers find the love of their life. Her Stand is Cinderella.

Joseph Joestar

The protagonist of Battle Tendency and secondary character of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro's grandfather and Josuke's father, Joseph, now a very old man past his prime, travels to Morioh to help Jotaro with his investigations and to try and make up with his bastard son Josuke. His Stand is Hermit Purple.

     Original Characters to 7th Stand User 2 

Jun Hogo

A Morioh policewoman, Jun investigates Josuke and the protagonist following the death of Ryohei Higashikata, believing them to be linked to it. Her Stand is Canned Heat.

Joe Harper

An American office worker who recently arrived in Morioh, who seems to suffer from chronic fatigue. His Stand is Creeping Death.

Chiisaki Daieki-kun

A pre-schooler who wages war on the MC after they accidentaly steal his lunch. His Stand is Big In Japan.

  • Kaiju: Big In Japan, being a radiation-breathing dinosaur, is Godzilla in all but name.
  • Lost Food Grievance: The kid unleashes a miniature Godzilla against the person who took his lunch by accident. Justified as he's a small kid and thus doesn't have much restraint or self-control.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Big In Japan can fire lethal radioactive blasts from it's mouth.

Kim Pai Chu

A Korean exchange student who currently lives and studies in Morioh.

Malcolm Bluemarine

The former husband of Ms. Bluemarine, AKA Vins from the first game and the adoptive mother of Weather Report.

Oingo and Boingo

Two Egyptian brothers and minor villains of Part 3. Originally servants of DIO, Oingo and Boingo turned a new leaf after the victory of the Stardust Crusaders and recently opened a private investigation agency specialized in Stand-related cases in Morioh. Their respective Stands are Khnum and Thoth.

  • Clueless Detective: Despite having Thoth as a Stand, they suck at their job and let the MC handle the legwork.
  • Heel–Face Turn: After taking a beating in Egypt courtesy of Thoth's hazy predictions and Iggy, they decide to use their skills for a good cause.

     Villains original to Diamond Is Unbreakable 

Anjuro "Angelo" Kataragi

A serial killer and rapist sentenced to death, Angelo survived his execution by developing a Stand and escaped prison, now intent to get revenge on Kyohei Higashikata for putting him behind bars. His Stand is Aqua Necklace.

Keicho Nijimura

Okuyasu's older brother, Keicho uses the Stand Arrow and Bow to create Stand users all over Morioh in the hope of finding one powerful enough to put his mutant father out of his misery, circumstances be damned. His Stand is Bad Company.

Akira Otoishi

A wannabe rock star, Akira is the new owner of the Stand Arrow following Keicho's death and aims to become a legendary guitarist and kick Jotaro out of Morioh to create more Stand users to prove his superiority. His Stand is Red Hot Chili Pepper.

Yoshikage Kira

The main antagonist of Part 4. In appearance a regular office worker and regular Joe, Kira is a serial killer active since 1984 who targets young women for their hands, which he keeps as his "girlfriends" until they start rotting, causing him to pursue another victim. His Stand is Killer Queen.

Yoshihiro Kira

Yoshikage Kira's father and accomplice. He faked his death years ago and helps his son commit his murders, by guarding his house against people trying to investigate him and later by creating Stand users using the Arrow. His Stand is Atom Heart Father.


A vagrant cat that was accidentaly killed by Shinobu Kawajiri, Gatta was pierced by the Stand Arrow shortly before it's death. Gatta came back to life as a sentient plant and is used by Yoshikage as an ally of Killer Queen. It's Stand is Stray Cat.


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