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Characters / The Journey Down

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The main protagonist. A former street urchin, and now co-owner of Kaonandodo's Gas and Charter.
  • The Fool: Even among Adventure Game protagonists, he stands out for being happy-go-lucky to the point of being Too Dumb to Live. And yet, somehow, he never really gets hurt, and every crazy stunt he pulls somehow succeeds.

Bwana's brother.

The assistant to Professor Steepelganger Moorhead, a university teacher who was investigating The Underland, and a conspiracy involving Armando Electric.
  • Love Interest: One of the main reasons why Bwana goes on this adventure is to impress Lina and earn her affection.

    Bunga & Bozi 
A pair of goons working for Armando Electric, tasked with hunting down and killing Professor Moorhead, his assistant, and anyone else involved with their research of The Underland.

    The Boss 
The CEO of Armando Electric, a Mega-Corp attempting to eliminate all public access to, and knowledge of, The Underland. Has history with Kaonandodo.

An old boat captain that adopted Bwana and Kito after they attempted to rob his house. Has been missing for a long time when Episode 1 begins.
  • Disappeared Dad: Kaonandodo vanished ten years before the start of the game, for reasons unknown. Lina finds him in the Underland in Episode 3, and he ends up piloting one of the Sisulu Pirates' fighter planes straight up a mine shaft to St. Armando. He reunited with his sons, and they all fly off to a happy ending.

    Mama Makena 
The proprietor of a diner near Kaonandodo's Gas and Charter.

A fisherman with a fear of rats.

The chef of the yacht where Bwana obtains new engines for his plane.

Bwana's old friend. A rocker and a revolutionary.

  • The Power of Rock: His song ends up being the trigger to detonate the charges planted in the Armando Power Company tower. Since the tape is busted, Waasi has to get his mojo back and play again. He slides down the side of the skyscraper, rocking his heart out, while explosions are going off behind him, with the band's truck sliding behind him with their giant speakers blaring for all to hear. The song ends to a cheering crowd.

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