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Unbuilt Casting Type

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An Unbuilt Trope is where the Trope Codifier contains elements that its imitators did not — and actually reads like a deconstruction of the trope it would eventually be. The same thing can happen for acting, with regards to Typecasting.

Let's take a look at Alice — a famous actress who is well and truly typecast as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Everyone goes to see her movies to watch her liven up a brooding guy's life. Except what about her Star-Making Role? She's a Manic Pixie there — but she doesn't get the guy, she has baggage of her own, and the movie is about making her grow up. So she was Playing with Character Type before it even was her type.

Note that this differs from Playing Against Type in that the role has to be a) an early performance from the actor and b) is still within their type — just with a lot of elements that make it seem like they're deconstructing or subverting the character they'd later be typecast as.