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What do you call a three-humped camel? Pregnant.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Funny Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked.

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    Teaser & Trailer Only Scenes 

June 11, 2015, Teaser

  • At the beginning of the trailer, Nick's only wearing his fur. But the moment the narrator mentions "They do not go to work nude", he covers up (even though he's not showing anything per normal Funny Animal rules). Clothing then appears on him.
    • The narrator then says "almost", to which Nick turns around and zips up his zipper.
  • When the narrator mentions that the animals use technology, Nick whips out a smartphone and takes a selfie.
  • During the initial showing of various animals in Zootopia as creatures big and small roam around Nick, a funny foreground event: a wildebeest eats some grass out of what humans would know as a french fry cup.
    • Nick closes his eyes and tenses as a bunch of other wildebeest start walking around him, as if he's scared of being trampled by them.
    • There's also a sloth walking absurdly slowly. Doubly funny once you watched the movie and recognize him as Flash.
  • The "Oh, Crap!" look Nick gets when he realizes that Judy Hopps, the rabbit he tripped, is a cop.
  • The three examples of the unique powers different animals can have as a result of their heritage: the ability to see in the dark, super-sharp hearing, and an air-powered elephant tranquilizer gun. <Judy shoots Nick without even looking at him and he drops to the floor in a boneless heap>
  • When Judy is writing a ticket to a half-conscious Nick for tripping her earlier, the wildebeest returns and eats the tranquilizer dart, which had a green tuft that looked like grass. He swallows it, takes three steps, then face-plants. Bonus point for Judy visibly cringing when said wildebeest crashes.

Second Trailer

  • This trailer — consisting entirely of the scene at the DMV with the sloths — played at the premiere of The Force Awakens, one of the most anticipated movies in decades. Best Meta Joke ever. However, some (that is, those that actually went to the premiere) weren't particularly amused...

    The Movie 
  • The play in the beginning of the movie has young Judy Hopps acting as the helpless prey getting mauled by the vicious predator, and then she overplays her death by using streamers and then later a bottle of ketchup as spraying blood.
    • Meanwhile, you can see Judy's parents in the audience visibly cringing at the amount of fake hemoglobin their daughter is spilling on stage (complete with Bonnie doing a facepalm).
    • Humorously, whilst everyone stares in shock during the death scene, one of the rabbits sitting beside Bonnie is enjoying it.
    • During the play, the scene gets brief cuts to a cougar kid serving as the play's one man (cougar?) orchestra... who then brings out a boombox and even starts conducting it.
    • The electronic keyboard the cougar cub uses for the final "da-da-da-DAAAH" chord to close the play is a "Catsio" — in the same font as Casio.
      • Also, the cub's completely straight face.
  • When Judy disappears during a lecture from her parents.
    Stu: long as you don't believe in them too much. (looks around) Where the heck'd she go?
  • Gideon saying that predators used to eat prey and that it's still in their 'duh-nah'. His fellow bully chimes in that it's pronounced "d-n-a".
    Gideon: *swats at him* Don't tell me what I know, Travis.
  • During Judy's time in the police academy, whenever Judy failed in her training courses, her drill instructor would proclaim to her "You're dead!" followed with some manner of bunny-specific slur. We then have a scene where Judy is in the restroom using a large toilet clearly not meant for mammals of her size, and falls into the toilet bowl. And the drill instructor just so happens to be using a toilet stall next to Judy.
  • The fox taser. Although admittedly, it becomes less funny later during the press conference.
    Bonnie: Oh, for goodness sake, she has no need for a fox taser, Stu!
    Stu: Oh, come on, when is there not a need for a fox taser?
  • When Judy leaves home to Zootopia, it shows Population: X, and Counting in bunny standards. It's as big as one can expect from a population where the majority is made of rabbits.note 
  • When Judy sets her MP3 player to play Gazelle's "Try Everything", we see some other artists listed, if you pause at just the right time. Kanine West, Hyena Gomez, Guns and Rodents, Ewe Too, Fleetwood Yak, Mick Jaguar, and Fur Fighters are among them. And Gazelle has done previous songs like "Part of Your Wool", "Ara-bunny Nights", and "Let It Goat".
  • As Judy reaches Zootopia proper, the hamsters pile into hamster tubes. One of them tarries at the bottom to check his phone, causing a pileup as hamsters land on each others' heads.
  • The parody of N-Word Privileges, also listed under Heartwarming Moments — Clawhauser accidentally offends Judy by calling her cute. The following exchange is hilariously awkward.
    • As Clawhauser is lamenting being stereotyped as the donut-eating cop, Judy awkwardly brings his attention to the donut stuck in his neck folds, which he eagerly eats up.
      • Does double duty as a Rewatch Bonus: That doughnut isn't in Clawhauser's collar at the beginning of the scene, when he's eating cereal. While that side of his neck is hidden from the camera from that point until The Reveal, the doughnut isn't seen until after Clawhauser puts both hands to his face as he says "Oh, I'm so sorry!". Adding in that the doughnut is frosting-side out, it looks like Clawhauser just trolled Judy!
    • After helping Judy to her destination, Clawhauser makes a hilariously matter-of-fact comment:
      Clawhauser: Awwww! That little bunny's gonna get eaten alive.
    • Later on, after Judy blackmails Nick into working for her, he calls her cute while warning her away from the "naturalist club". Annoyed, she tells him not to call her cute. The way she says it is so funny!
      Nick: It's not exactly a place for a cute little bunny.
      Judy: Don't call me cute!
  • Judy's first roll call:
    • Judy getting a fist-bump from a reluctant rhino officer, which causes her chair to slide back. There's the underlying implication that he's doing it on purpose to get her away from him.
    • When Chief Bogo tells everyone to sit down, Judy complies, having missed that she's too small for the chair and only her ears end up being visible from the desk.
    • Chief Bogo acknowledging the elephant in the room...Francine. It's her birthday. Cue fellow officers giving Francine side-hugs.
    • A tiger officer in the back row yawns and falls asleep for a while.
    • When Chief Bogo hands over the missing mammals assignment to Delgato's team, his shorter teammate Grizolli tries in vain to grab the assignment folder from Delgato as if saying "Hey, gimme that!"
  • The faces Judy makes like when she's smiling, angry, thumping her foot on the floor, or looks annoyed are so cute that you can't help but laugh.
  • Judy driving off to meter maid duty in a buggy with an absurdly low top speed. It probably would've been faster to just walk.
  • This line in and of itself, spoken by an indignant Judy to Nick upon their second meeting.
    Judy: I stood up for you, and you lied to me. You LIAR!
    Nick: It's called a hustle, sweetheart. And I'm not the liar. He is! (points offscreen)
    (Judy looks where he's pointing and sees no one. When she looks back, Nick is gone)
  • Nick continues to mock Judy:
    Nick Wilde: Everyone comes to Zootopia, thinking they could be anything they want. Well, you can't. You can only be what you are. Sly fox. Dumb bunny.
    Judy Hopps: I am NOT a dumb bunny!
    Nick Wilde: Right. And that is not wet cement. (Judy looks down to find herself knee-deep in gooey wet cement. She groans in disgust.) You’ll never be a real cop. You’re a cute meter maid, though. Maybe a supervisor one day. Hang in there!
    • Earlier, while delivering his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Judy, Nick casually steals a blueberry from a fruit stand, making Judy seethe; and then does a little booty-shake dance move while mentioning her "cute fuzzy-wuzzy little tail".
    • Later Judy returns to her apartment welcome mat, with her feet still covered in the now-powdery cement.
  • The constant bickering of Judy's neighbors, Bucky and Pronk.
    "Shut up!"
    "You shut up!"
  • While it's also a Tear Jerker moment, when Judy arrives back at her apartment after her less-than-pleasant first day at work, everything seems to try to make her life as miserable as possible. With her alarm clock/radio that only tunes to depressing songs, an instant carrots pack that turns out to has only a single tiny, seemingly unhealthy carrot inside it, prompting Judy to drop it in the bin in disgust, and her loud neighbors who overheard her conversation with her parents shouting to her about how her misery has only begun.
    Judy: (muttering to herself) Tomorrow is another day.
    Neighbor: (shouting through the wall) YEAH, BUT IT MIGHT BE WORSE!
  • During Judy's second day on the job, when the complaints from adults come in, one real kicker:
    Seven-year-old hippo: *completely innocently while being dragged away* My mommy says she wishes you were dead.
    • Then later, as Judy gets back in her joke-mobile, she starts banging her head on the steering wheel.
  • Judy's unbridled enthusiasm, when she finally gets to do real police work.
    Officer Hopps is IN PUR-SUIT!!! WOO-HOO!!!
  • In the station after Judy catches Weaselton, Bogo yells "HOPPS!" and it's possible to hear someone say "Uh-oh" in the dead silence that follows.
  • While scolding Judy for her insubordination, Chief Bogo makes fun of most Disney films (and Frozen specifically) all in the same sentence.
    "Life isn't some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and your insipid dreams magically come true! So, let. It. go."
    • This is particularly hilarious when you realize that Frozen exists in Zootopia as Floatzen. Gruff, rough, tough-as-nails Chief Bogo was making an in-universe reference to Frozen.
  • After Clawhauser finds Mr. Otterton's case file for Judy, he does all of the following, in order:
    • He engages in Oblivious Mockery of Judy while accidentally knocking sprinkles into the case file from the donut in his hand.
    • He slurps the tail end of a soda very loudly until Judy steals the bottle, leaving the straw still hanging out of his mouth.
    • He comments on Judy's insights into the case, first by spontaneously calling the Pawpsicle Judy points out "the murder weapon!" in a tone like he just made a huge important discovery, and then by positively reacting to what Judy is saying before he has any idea what she's talking about.
  • The following scene where Judy approaches Nick for help in the case.
    • First, she gets him to brag about how lucrative his hustling is.
    • Then, once it becomes clear that he still doesn't respect her and isn't going to cooperate, she puts a boot on the stroller he's pushing (without moving from her position) and threatens to arrest him for felony tax evasion, pointing out that he just admitted to having a ton of undeclared income, which she's recorded.
      Judy: $200 a day, 365 days a year since you were twelve, that's two decades, so times twenty which is... $1,465,000, I think, I mean I am just a "dumb bunny," but we are good at multiplying. Anyway, according to your tax forms, you reported, let me see here, zero! Unfortunately, lying on a federal form is a punishable offense. Five years jail time.
    • Nick's face through all of this is the icing on the cake. He clearly can't believe she's pulling this off on him. Not so much a dumb bunny as you thought, eh Nick?
    • Then Finnick chimes in from the stroller to twist the metaphorical carrot a little deeper.
      Judy: It's called a hustle, sweetheart.
      Finnick: She hus-tled yoooou...! (hops out of the stroller and starts laughing) SHE HUSTLED YOU GOOD! You're a cop now, Nick! You're gonna need one of these. (puts the police badge sticker he got the previous day on Nick, then walks off still in his elephant suit) Have fun, workin' with the fuzz! (continues laughing)
    • Made even funnier in the French dub of the movie : "carotter" (literally, "to carrot") is a French slang verb for "to fool" or "to trick" somebody. Since Judy is a rabbit and given the In-Universe love bunnies have for carrots, it was a brilliant use of the word.
  • Whenever Finnick opens his mouth. Seeing what is possibly the cutest little fox in the entire movie speak in a gravelly tough-guy voice is just knee-slappingly hilarious. And who voices him in the French dub? None other than two-meter tall heavyweight judo world champion Teddy Riner. Yeah.
  • Judy's absolutely horrified expressions at the naturist club.
    • And Nick is clearly enjoying every moment of her reaction.
      Nick: Does this make you uncomfortable?
    • "In Zootopia, anybody can be anything. And these guys, they be naked." Judy's expression seems to concede that she walked into that one.
    • Eventually even Nick starts getting Squick reactions while Nangi is doing yoga in the nude.
    • The Hippos vs. Giraffes volleyball game in the Mystic Springs Oasis. One of the hippos serve, and a giraffe abruptly spikes it back.
    • Yax, giving an amazingly detailed description of Mr. Otterton's last visit to the club before his disappearance while trying to jog Nangi the elephant's memory, who is otherwise entirely unhelpful. Then he marvels at how much she remembers, being an elephant.
  • Zootopia's DMV is staffed by sloths. Remember that next time you visit the DMV: It could be worse. You've probably never dealt with things like:
    • A sloth stamps a form so slowly that the paper comes up with the stamp before separating. And then the sloth shifts that paper aside for the one underneath, prompting the waiting cougar to Face Palm.
    • One of the sloths stapling some papers so slowly you can hear every single sound the stapler makes.
    • A pig is trying to get her license picture taken. However, the sloth manning the camera is so slow, the pig starts to get anxious. It's only when she turns her head to make sure he's actually taking the picture that the picture is taken, explaining why nobody ever looks good in their driver license pictures!
    • Flash does not bother in the slightest shortening his phrases.
    • Flash ripping the paper with the license information. One tooth at a time.note 
    • Judy being repeatedly interrupted due to the pauses that Flash puts in his sentences. Just seeing her get more and more annoyed (the drooping ears can't lie) is priceless.
    • The joke itself: "What do you call a three-humped camel? Pregnant."
    • Flash's expression as he slowly understands Nick's joke. He slowly opens his mouth and waits a few seconds before starting to laugh. And the audience is laughing with "Oh no!" as you realize that sloth is getting sidetracked.
    • He then turns to tell the joke to a co-worker — voiced by Kristen Bell, who has a serious Cuteness Proximity for sloths — getting even MORE off-track.
    • The end of the scene:
      Judy Hopps: Come on! We have to beat rush hour and—(she notices the parking lot and the sun's gone down) It's NIGHT?!
    • There's a subtle and funny hint to this for the observant: When Nick and Judy arrive, the line is just as stereotypically long as you might expect of the DMV. When they leave, the line is empty.
    • Of course the icing on the cake has to be Nick's attitude throughout the whole thing. He is just acting like a complete troll and it is glorious. Best example of this: He waits until Flash is about to input the last number in the license plate before telling him the joke.
    • Heck, the whole scene is a brilliant use of an Overly-Long Gag with the sloths being well... sloths, especially with Nick taking advantage of the whole situation much to Judy's annoyance.
  • Combines with Moment of Awesome when Nick demands the pen back from Judy after the trail runs cold at the Tundratown Limousine Company due to Judy not having a warrant. Judy throws the pen over the fence and when Nick climbs over to retrieve it, Judy's already on the other side and tells him that she doesn't need a warrant as she now has probable cause: she was pretty sure she saw a shifty lowlife climbing the fence.
  • Nick and Judy's entire encounter with "Mr. Big":
    • When the duo are caught by Mr. Big's polar bear goons, Nick tries to talk them out of it. Keyword being tried.
      Nick: Raymond! And is that Kevin? Long time no see! And speaking of no see, how about you forget seeing me? Eh? For old time's sake? (is immediately grabbed around the neck) That's a no.
    • During the drive, we see one of the polar bears chuckling as he looks at selfies in his Zoogle Photos album.
    • Nick telling Judy why Mr. Big has such a big beef with him.
      Nick: I may have sold him a very expensive wool rug...that was made from the fur of a skunk...'s butt.
      Judy: (With the expression of knowing how screwed they are) Oh sweet cheese and crackers...
    • Extra funny points for Judy's expression gradually sliding from "Uh-huh..." to "Dear God..." during Nick's explanation.
    • In the Norwegian dub, Judy says "Oh, kiss my carrot field!"
    • When Nick and Judy are pushed into Mr. Big's office:
      Judy: (whispering, as a polar bear enters the room) Is that Mr. Big?
      Nick: (also whispering) No.
      Judy: (as another, taller one enters) What about him? Is that him?
      Nick: No!
      Judy: (as an even taller one enters, ducking to avoid hitting his head on the doorframe) That's gotta be him!
      Nick: Stop talking! Stop talking! Stop talking!
    • Not to mention when Mr. Big's chair turns around towards them, Judy actually tilts her head in puzzlement at the fact that Mr. Big is a SHREW.
    • The visual of one of Mr. Big's intimidating polar bear goons doing the Sign of the Cross and looking close to tears at the mention of Mr. Big's late grandmother.
    • The whole skunk's butt rug scene with Mr. Big Crosses the Line Twice when the shrew mob boss reveals that he buried his late grandmother wrapped in that carpet.
    • Mr. Big assuming that Judy is some kind of performer in a cop costume.
    • Fru Fru seeming more annoyed than truly angry when she finds her father ready to drop Nick and Judy into an icy river...implying that this isn't the first family gathering where Mr. Big lowered the tone of the party by having someone disposed of.
      Fru Fru (indignantly): Daddy! What did we say? No icing anyone at my wedding!
      Mr. Big (weakly): I have to, baby, Daddy has to.
    • Nick's slack-jawed look of incredulity as Mr. Big essentially welcomes Judy to the family (the, uh, shrew one, not the criminal one) and pledges his eager assistance and undying gratitude.
  • The wedding in Tundra Town is something else to see:
    • Nick gets a slice of cake meant for a shrew and proceeds to meticulously cut a tiny piece of it with a miniature fork. He eats it and takes a few seconds to savor it before showing great satisfaction at either the taste or the fact he successfully followed the proper table etiquette.
    • Listen carefully: apparently the cake is so moist you can hear the fork cut through it!
    • The sight of Fru Fru's wedding reception, which is a few dozen shrews dancing merrily in a bright and open gallery...surrounded by the very tall and very imposing polar bears. And the gallery itself is about the size of a dinner table. It honestly looks like Godzilla and five of his buddies showed up to the wedding.
  • Nick and Judy's exchange during their Vine Swing:
    Nick: "Do not let go!"
    Judy: "I'm gonna let go!"
    Nick: "WHAT?!"
  • Officer Clawhauser using an app that puts him in the role of Gazelle's back-up dancers, all while she gives praise to him. He is showing this app off to a random arrested criminal as if they are best friends and feels the need to explain that the dancer — a muscular tiger with his face pasted over — isn't really him.
    • The perp is just silently seething, as if desperately wanting to tell Clawhauser to shut up, but not doing so because that could make a bad situation worse. Moreover, if you look closely you'll notice that he's the same wolf that's being choked by Mr. Big's polar bears in the selfie, so at that point he's probably thinking "This is not my day".
    • It gets funnier when Chief Bogo is also revealed to be using the same app. A buffalo's head looks even more mismatched on a tiger's body than a cheetah's head. And when Clawhauser storms into his office to tell him something very important, Bogo tries to hide it only for the still playing audio to betray him. Clawhauser is ecstatic. Bogo's expressions as he tries to look serious, and his Implausible Deniability and Blatant Lies about what he's doing, make the moment even funnier.
      Clawhauser: "You have the app too?" *Cue fangirly scream* "Ooooooooohhhhhhh chieeeeeeeeeeeeef!"
  • The situation's tense, Nick and Judy are being chased by a savage jaguar and need backup. Cue Judy frantically calling back to the station for backup...while Clawhauser is doing the aforementioned showoff of the Gazelle app. When he finally reacts and answers the call...
    • Even if the situation on their end is not at all funny, Nick actually taking a second to correct Judy's pronunciation of "Tujunga" while running for their lives is worth a chuckle.
  • After Nick tells off Chief Bogo and saves Judy's job, she begins to follow him to the skybucket before turning to Bogo to say something. She realizes that anything she says would be Digging Yourself Deeper, so she just gives herself a hand signal to shut up and keep walking.
  • Nick had spent many years building a wall around his emotions, so when a tender and emotionally revealing moment occurs between himself and Judy, his immediate reaction is to put on a nasal newscaster voice and comment on the traffic.
  • When Nick and Judy go to Bellwether for aid in the investigation, Nick begins touching Bellwether's wool hairdo and whispers to Judy how fluffy it is, while Judy whispers back at him to stop touching it.
    • Judy's horrified reaction, especially her whispered remark to Nick "You can't just touch a sheep's wool!" is a Parental Bonus for those that see it as a more direct reference to the faux pas of asking to touch Afro-textured hair.
    • Becomes a Brick Joke by the end of the film where the jailed Bellwether is angrily watching Gazelle's concert through a TV set, and one of the inmates sitting beside her tries to touch her wool, only for her to swat his hand away in irritation.
  • Nick regarding Bellwether:
    Nick: Do you think when she goes to sleep, she counts herself?
    Judy: *smiling* Oh, shush.
  • During their infiltration into the Cliffside Asylum,
    • Nick and Judy run up next to a guard post, just out of sight. Nick proceeds to make a large number of apparently gibberish hand signals, while Judy looks at him in confusion, clearly not understanding what he's trying to say.
      • Even better, it's a Genius Bonus for anyone who knows sign American Sign Language. Nick's signs are (almost) perfectly comprehensible.
    • The scene quickly becomes tense when one of the wolf guards gets suspicious and almost finds Nick hiding around a corner — until Judy starts a howl. One of the guards freaking out and telling some poor sap to stop it is hilarious, before the entire squad of guards is rendered completely useless when they all start howling at the moon. How wolves still retain their jobs as night guards, we may never know.
      • Even funnier, when Judy starts the howl again after the other guard stops him, the guard starts howling again and the other guard gives a split-second Aside Glance as if to say, "Oh no" before he and the rest of the squad join in.
    • When Nick and Judy finally enter the building and find the missing mammals, they enter what looks like an operating room. Nick decides to be a huge coward and make Judy go first, then pokes his head through her ears and goes "All clear." Smooth, Nick.
    • Nick and Judy's sting operation being busted by Judy's parents calling at a really bad time. While it could also have gone very badly thanks to the established prejudice, one can also imagine how extremely awkward it would have been if she'd been able to take the call...and then had to explain why she was in what appeared to be a prison cell, in the dark, with a fox.
    • After the police storm the scene and act confused and suspicious about Nick's presence, he simply wordlessly flashes the toy badge that Finnick had slapped on him earlier with absolute confidence and walks past them. Somehow Nick acting all professional and serious is even funnier than his usual Deadpan Snarker antics.
  • After Clawhauser tells the information that Judy not only solved the case of Otterton but all of the missing predators, Bogo is suitably awed. Cue his Gazelle smartphone app chiming in with "Wow! I'm impressed!"
  • It's a very easy to miss Freeze-Frame Bonus in an intense scene, but Nick's police application form asks if the applicant has been involved in any crimes/arrests. The "yes" box is hastily crossed over with a check faintly underneath, with a clearer checked "no" box. Presumably, Nick had intitally checked "yes", before realizing admitting to a criminal background on a police officer application isn't the best move.
  • After moving back home out of guilt for the trouble she causes, Judy meets a now-adult Gideon Grey, who inadvertently gives her a clue about what the Night Howlers actually are. As she drives off in a rush, we get this exchange between Gideon and the Hopps parents:
    Stu: You catch any'a that, Bon?
    Bonnie: Not a bit.
    Gideon: Oh, that makes me feel a li'l bit better; I thought she was talkin' in tongues or somethin'.
  • In typical Disney fashion, we have a Tear Jerker, a Heartwarming Moment, and a Funny Moment all in one scene, when Judy finds Nick hanging out underneath a bridge and begs him to help her again. After they reconcile, she cries into his chest, which seems sweet until Nick sarcastically asks if she's trying to steal the pen back from him. Made even better when Judy plays along with his teasing remark and reaches half-heartedly for it while still laugh-crying into his chest.
    • This dialogue exchange makes the scene both funnier and more heartwarming:
      Judy: I really am just a dumb bunny.
      Judy [through carrot pen]: "I really am just a dumb bunny." "I really am just a dumb bunny."
      Nick: Don't worry, Carrots. I'll let you erase it... in 48 hours.
    • There's also the end of the scene where somehow Judy has stomped Nick's tail.
      Nick: You are standing on my tail, though... Off, off-off-off!
  • Duke Weaselton sells bootleg copies of Zootopia's hottest movies, some of which are parodies of contemporary Disney hits like Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and Big Hero 6. He also has some movies that haven't been released yet, namely parodies of the then-forthcoming Moana and Frozen 2 and the sadly canned Gigantic.
  • Weaselton says nothing Judy can do will get him to talk. Nick and Judy exchange a glance, aaaaand...
    • Even better? While Weaselton's being held over the ice water, screaming at Mr. Big, Nick is idly sipping some tea, clearly enjoying being on the other side of an attempted icing, for once.
  • Duke Weaselton's certainly got his priorities straight:
    Weaselton: (while being interrogated about the Night Howlers) I stole those Night Howlers so I could sell 'em! They offered me what I couldn't refuse... money!
  • When Judy and Nick are driving the subway train containing Doug's lab and the Night Howler plants, Judy orders Nick to not stop the train, and one of the rams pursuing them (who was thrown to the front of the train and is now running for his life) begs them to stop the train.
    • Unlike so many other cartoons before, he does the logical thing and dives to the side of the train, pressing as flat as possible to keep from getting caught by it. It misses him, but not before shaving off a giant section of his belly wool and leaving a nasty friction burn.
    • Not to mention that before the chase sequence, Doug's two assistants show up to help him finish his latest batch of a blue-coloured narcotic in their rundown vehicular hideout. Their names are Woolter and Jesse.
    • When Judy and Nick get the subway car moving, Nick asks if it's okay for him to do a "little victory toot-toot". Judy assents, and Nick blows the train horn twice. "Well, I can cross that off my bucket list!"
      • Then the bad guys catch up. "I may have to rescind that victory toot-toot."
      • Then hearing ominous thumping from the roof: "Maybe that's just hail?" Whilst driving through a tunnel.
  • After a hectic chase on a train car, Nick and Judy are forced to jump off before it crashes. After a fiery crash, Judy has hope.
    • And then Nick reveals he has successfully salvaged the Night Howler gun case, immediately lifting Judy's mood and prompts her to give him a friendly punch. A little too hard.
      Nick: Ow.
  • At the climax, Judy and Nick combine a Funny Moment with a Moment of Awesome. Just when it seems that Nick has gone savage and killed Judy, they reveal that they were faking the whole thing. The funny parts are Judy's Call Backs to earlier scenes: she starts overacting just like she did at the school play, and then tells Bellwether "It's called a hustle, sweetheart. Boom!"
    • The revelation that Nick was faking it can elicit laughter as well, especially if you didn't see it coming. Nick chomps down on Judy's throat and she lets off a bloodcurdling scream before calling back to the start of the movie, complete with Nick chiding her for "milking it". Though not before smirking and shaking his head while clearly laughing a little.
      Judy: Blood! Blood! Blood! And... death!
      Nick: Alright, ya know, you're milking it.
  • A Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment in the finale is pretty hilarious: Chief Bogo sends three officers into undercover duty, so a hippo officer dons a fake mustache, a polar bear simply puts on a cap, while the wolf member of the team puts on a disturbingly convincing sheep costume.
  • The final morning meeting:
    Bogo: We have some new recruits with us this morning, including our first fox... Who cares?
    Nick: Ha! You should have your own line of inspirational greeting cards, sir.
    Bogo: Shut your mouth, Wilde!
    Other Cops: (snicker in the background.)
  • Nick somehow manages to appropriate a big pair of police sunglasses, which he likes to wear on-duty at the end of the movie.
  • Nick making the mistake of ribbing Judy about her driving skills while he's eating a Pawpsicle and she's at the wheel. Judy responds by hitting the brakes, at which point inertia takes over and Nick ends up with the Pawpsicle stuck to his eye.
    Judy: Oops. Sorry.
    Nick: [pulls Pawpsicle off his face] Heh heh... sly bunny.
    Judy: Dumb fox.
  • At the end, Chief Bogo again assigns for Judy and new rookie police officer/her partner Nick last, and says "parking duty". Then he says he's joking, and tasks them with investigating street racers. It's funny, but it's also equally heartwarming to see how much he has come to accept them both.
    • They stop a fancy-looking vehicle that's traveling waaaay over the speed limit. The driver is Flash the sloth! Nick did say he was the fastest sloth at the DMV. He never said "fastest-moving", now did he?
      • It's made even funnier by Flash's reaction to being caught.
        Judy: Sir, you were going 115 miles per hour, I hope you have a good explanation-
        (Flash rolls down the window with a textbook Oh, Crap! expression)
        Nick: Flash, Flash, hundred-yard-dash?!
        Flash: (expression very slowly switches to a colossal smile) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
    • The plate number of the speeding car is FST NML.
  • During Gazelle's concert, some characters have some unique dance moves such as Duke Weaselton and Clawhauser. Flash and Priscilla are dancing so slowly they might as well be standing still.
    • The concert also features Judy's parents gleefully square-dancing to a pop song.
    • Bellwether's reaction when her cellmates start slapping to the beat.

    Deleted Scenes 
  • "Homesick Hopps": When Judy calls her family, we meet the seemingly senile grandfather "Pop-Pop," who thinks Judy's name is Trudy, asks if she has been eaten yet, and shouts that "Foxes are red because they were made by the devil!" Then, upon picking up that Judy is sad, Bonnie starts panicking and hollers for Stu to pack the car.
  • The entirety of the scene where Judy brings Nick to her apartment to rest after the rainforest incident, only to find her entire family has shown up to surprise her. Her dad, once Judy makes him realize she knowingly and willingly brought a fox over, instantly jumps to the wrong conclusion: "Sweet cheese and crackers, he's your BOYFRIEND?!" When they leave at the end, he stops to ask Judy again if Nick's her boyfriend or not as she closes the door on him. Although that's clearly not the case in context, it should be noted that what makes the scene even funnier is that neither Nick nor Judy ever correct him!
    • Nick points out that Judy's appartment doesn't look a lot like a safehouse. Judy explains that it's a Safe House. A house that is safe.
    • Judy's mom notices Nick.
      You were supposed to call every day, and in the city there are all sorts of unsavory [notices Nick] animaaaaaals...
    • Stu shows remarkable lack of social knowhow.
      Stu [whispering]: Judy. Pass me the fox tazer
      Nick: You have a fox tazer?
  • The alternate Jumbo Pop scene focused more on Nick's ability to deceive other animals, and has him piling on increasingly implausible claims regarding Finnick to garner sympathy from Judy. Finnick is apparently an orphan, suffering from "pachydermeopathy", hoping to celebrate his birthday, wasn't going to make it past 3, and blind.
    "If there's one thing that I wanna teach him aside from the ability to speak is that in Zootopia, there are no free handouts, even for this sweet, helpless orphan... who is blind."
  • One B-Roll has Jason Bateman ad-libbing during the infamous "sloth" scene that he [Nick] hadn't seen Flash "since track meet."
  • Judy tries to use an elephant-sized computer keyboard to access the Otterton data file.
    • In the same scene, Clawhauser mentions that Bob, the elephant officer, is on "paid migration".
    • Clawhauser also flinches and drops his donut when Judy squeals and then misunderstands what she means when she says she got a case, asking her "a case of what?"
  • In the scenes where Nick tries to borrow money, every time he puts his foot in his mouth.
  • Nick gets rejected for a loan for his "Wilder Times" amusement park by various banks, with a montage of workers of various species stamping "REJECTED" on his application. The last one is a sloth, who is lowering the stamp very slowly until a impatient Nick grabs the stamp and stamps the papers himself. Multiple times.