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Shout Out / Zootopia

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All your favorite movies! I've got movies that haven't even been released, or will never be released!
  • Averted. Although Judy Hopps' name is similar to Judy Hoffs, a detective from 21 Jump Street, the creative team has said that they were unaware of the Jump Street character when naming Judy. According to them, it was just a happy coincidence and was never intended as a shout-out.
  • Disney owns a warehouse area on Tujunga Ave that has been used to house various departments when their buildings are undergoing renovations. It turns out Zootopia was moved to the "Tujunga Campus" during its production while the main Animation Studios building was being remodeled. Manchas living at Tujunga and Vine is a confirmed shout-out to this.
  • At the end of Judy's school play, the organ chord played on a Catsio electronic keyboard by a grinning Bobby Catmull is a nod to the Nude Organist of Monty Python fame.
  • Judy standing up to Gideon at the beginning of the film is very reminiscent of a similar scene in Captain America: The First Avenger, right down to the dialogue. Gideon asks "You don't know when to quit, do ya?" which Judy later turns into her motto: "He was right about one thing. I don't know when to quit."
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  • Judy's iPod contains albums by the Beagles, Black Sable, Catty Perry, Destiny's Cub, Ewe 2, Fleetwood Yak, Fur Fighters, Gazelle (name reference to Adele though played by Shakira), Guns'N'Rodents, Hyena Gomez, Kanine West, and Mick Jaguar. In addition to movie theme "Try Everything", Gazelle's album includes "Part of Your Wool", "Ara-bunny Nights", "Let it Goat", and "Can you Feel the Fluff Tonight".
  • The horn on the train Judy Hopps takes from her hometown to Zootopia has the Disneyland Monorail horn, a stock sound effect that's popped up in other Disney shows like Mickey Mouse.
  • Mr. Big's scene is a Homage to The Godfather right down to his accent; his daughter has an updo like Snooki. His daughter's wedding reception, meanwhile, is this to the Sicilian wedding in The Godfather, including the tarantella dance moves.
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  • Duke Weaselton sells bootleg DVDs like Wranglednote , Wreck-It Rhino note  and Pig Hero 6 as well as movies that haven't come out yet like Meowana, Girafficnote , and Floatzen 2. Also, his name is a Shout-Out to the Duke of Weselton from Frozen note .
  • Emmitt Otterton is an homage to the title character of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas . Becomes Hilarious in Hindsight as the Disney-owned ABC Family/Freeform channel got the broadcast rights to that special mere months before Zootopia hit theaters.
  • One of the tie-in books is called Big Trouble in Little Rodentia.
  • In the Little Rodentia sequence, Judy apprehends Duke Weaselton using a sign from "The Big Donut" which is modeled after the iconic "Randy's Donuts" drive-through.
  • Kevin and Raymond, Mr. Big's bear minions, are a rather subtle version; their names are a reference to Real Life gangsters Kevin Hanrahan and Raymond Vecchio, both part of the Patriarca crime family.
  • During Judy's initial train ride through Sahara Square, some camels are shown going jogging, and they animate strikingly similarly to the camel marathon runner in Animalympics.
  • One of the Pig citizens wears a shirt that features a cat version of Sailor Moon.
  • In the Polish dub of the movie, in the scene with Nick and Judy sneaking past the wolves, the white wolf who starts howling was renamed from Gary to Geralt, who is nicknamed the White Wolf.
  • Doug wears a yellow hazmat suit, works in a lab set up inside a vehicle and refines the Night Howlers through an intricate chemical process, which yields a blue-colored drug. As an added bonus, he ends his phone conversation with "Woolter and Jesse are here," which refers to the two rams who shortly thereafter enter his lab.
  • At one point Nick thanks Bellwether for volunteering more information than she intended and calls her "Yakety Yak."
  • Look closely as Judy follows Nick during his Breaking Speech and you'll see a poster for WalloW.
  • Judy's neighbours, Bucky and Pronk, were inspired by the infamous "Shut up, little man" recordings made in 1987 of two San Francisco apartment dwellers who were constantly and loudly fighting.
  • When Judy starts to chase Weaselton, she rips off her hi-vis safety vest in a manner that is quite obviously a homage to Superman. In addition, the soundtrack plays a short musical riff at the exact moment the vest comes off reminiscent of the 1960s Batman show.
  • Just like in The Addams Family, child Judy is in a school play intended to be harmless but she takes the theatrical violence and gore to levels that leaves the audience horrified. And it's hilarious.
  • One of the missing predators is a wolf whose photo seems to have a rather familiar pose.
  • Nick and Judy's civilian outfits are a similar color to the outfits of another animated Disney fox-rabbit duo.
  • Gazelle having tiger backup dancers is a reference to how Shakira often uses feline motifs and this line from her song "Loca". (Which also makes this a Parental Bonus):
    "Yo soy loca con mi tigre, loca, loca, loca." (I'm crazy with my tiger, crazy, crazy, crazy.)
  • In Little Rodentia, there is a shop called the Lucky Cat Cafe, which is also the name of the cafe that Cass owns in Big Hero 6. There is also a shop called "Hans's Pastry Shop", likely referring to the Frozen character.
  • The scene at the DMV with Flash the sloth is a shout out to the classic skit "Slow Talkers of America" of comedy team Bob & Ray.
  • Chief Bogo wears the same type of glasses as Stringer Bell.
  • In Chief Bogo's office, the wall calendar shows a picture of San Fransokyo.
  • According his tax return, Nick lives at 1955 Cypress Grove Lane. Disneyland opened in 1955.
  • The chem-lab scene on the subway car is pretty much one big shout-out to Breaking Bad. The night-howler pellets are even a shade of blue and when the chemist's friends knock on the door, he even says "Walter and Jesse are here."
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit can be seen as graffiti in the subway station.