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Fan Works / Zootopia

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Fan-made works based on the Zootopia movie by Disney.

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    Fan Fiction 

    Fan Fiction — Crossovers 

    Fan Songs 

    Web Animation 

    Web Comics 
  • I Will Survive — A short comic where Nick and Judy debate whether to keep a baby after Judy gets pregnant.
    • Born To Be Alive — A short comic that's the sequel to ''I Will Survive" and picks up one year later.
  • The Lastingness — a translated comic set some time after the events of Zootopia, featuring some amazing illustrations.
  • Leverage — A fox named Richard Vulpes uses Judy as leverage to force Nick to join his predator supremacy group and do his bidding.
  • Nick Wilde — A translated Japanese Manga detailing the events of the movie as they unfold from Nick's point of view. Fantastic art style and writing.
  • Savage Company — An ongoing webcomic taking place after the movie with darker and more mature themes.
  • Zootopia Fan Comic — Untranslated but well-done web comic about Zootopia characters.
  • Old School Meets New School/Beastars Envy — Humorous parody fan comic by Nauyaco, that crosses over with Manga/Beastars, Franchise/Digimon and a few others (such as Sly Cooper)''.
  • Night Terrors — A short fan comic created by Rick Griffin, also known as the creator of Housepets!''.

    Web Videos 
  • Zistopia Audio Dub — an audio dub series that is intended to provide voices for the racial animal hell AU.