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Let's face it. Every Disney movie has its fair share of Funny Moments.

For funny moments found in Big Hero 6: The Series, go here.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

     Hiro Hamada 
  • Hiro's bot fighting scene. Both the pathetic first round, and the brutal beatdown in the second.
    • Once Hiro's bot has won the second round, it leaps off, sticks a Three-Point Landing...then switches back to the smiley face and bows.
    • And when he and Yama are preparing for the match: after they both sit down, Yama uses his hands to crack his neck. Hiro attempts to copy him by doing the same motion but making a totally-not-obvious "crrrrk" sound with his mouth.
    • Also during the second match, at the point where his bot voluntarily splits, he can be seen with what could be described as a bored expression.
  • After the visit to the labs, Hiro is inspired to come up with something great to present at the student expo so he can go to San Fransokyo Tech. He sharpens his pencil with a determined expression, and "Eye of the Tiger" starts playing... but then the music grinds to a halt when he realizes he doesn't have any ideas.
    Hiro: Nothing! No ideas! Useless, *bonk* empty *bonk* brain!
    Tadashi: Wow. Washed up at 14. So sad.
  • When Hiro is trying out Baymax's new fighting program:
    Hiro: Hammer fist!
    [Baymax destroys three boards of wood]
    Hiro: Side kick!
    [Baymax destroys a large wooden structure]
    Hiro: Knife hand!
    [Baymax destroys more wood]
    Hiro: Back kick!
    [More destroyed wood]
    Hiro: GUMMY BEARS!
    [Baymax simply presses a button on the vending machine to take out gummy bears]
    • It's the soft, subtle "yes!" complete with fist pump gesture that makes that bit extra hilarious.
  • When his friends ask him why he's at the pier, Hiro quickly lies that he went out for a walk to help with his "pubescent mood swings," making a What-the-heck-am-I-saying? face halfway through it.
  • When Hiro sees the tent inside the warehouse, with its menacing shadows, he steps backwards out of sight and emerges with a broom as a weapon. It's his never-changing facial expression of fear that sells it.
  • Hiro is pitiful at trying to act natural in front of Aunt Cass. Just look at the scene when he's trying to get a low-battery Baymax up to his room without her noticing.
    [a crash from upstairs]
    Cass: [confused] What was that...?
    Hiro: ...Mochi! Oooh, that daaarrrrrn cat!
    Mochi: Mw?
    • Then Hiro throws Mochi upstairs.
  • Meta example: in a motion test to get the feel for the characters, Hiro enters the cafe, pulls out a chair and kicks it into position before sitting down all without looking up from his video game. This was apparently based on the younger brother of an animator.

  • This entire scene between Hiro and Baymax. Highlights include:
    • Hiro getting clobbered by a series of increasingly heavy figures while Baymax is just standing there saying, "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?" except he keeps restarting his question every time Hiro gets hit.
    • Even more hilarious for healthcare professionals: Baymax's chest screen displays a Wong-Baker "Faces" Scale every time he asks the question.
    • When Hiro insists that his pain is a zero, Baymax picks him up and cradles him like a baby, telling him, "It is alright to cry. Crying is a natural response to pain." Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • Baymax's very Overly Long entrance.
    • After Baymax scans Hiro and lists off some complex medical information, what does he diagnose Hiro with? Puberty. Then he talks about some of the effects of puberty, such as hair growing on Hiro's face, chest, armpits, and.... He gets interrupted by Hiro before he can reveal the last location.
    • Baymax furthers his analysis by saying that "you may experience strange and powerful new urges", but is interrupted again by Hiro. The censors were obviously dead at this point.
  • When Baymax sees the lone microbot is pulling in a specific direction, Hiro (who thinks the microbot is just malfunctioning) sarcastically tells Baymax to see where it's trying to go. Baymax walks off, we hear the café door open and shut, and it's not until Hiro hears honking horns as the robot blunders into traffic that he realizes Baymax was taking him seriously.
  • Baymax getting stuck in a window trying to access a warehouse:
    Baymax: Excuse me while I let out some air. [proceeds to loudly deflate ...for an extended period of time]
    • What's more, since we can see his head and upper torso, the only place the air could have come out of is his back or rear. In other words, he was farting.
  • Baymax's Epic Fail attempts to break down the warehouse doors. Exactly how much damage did Hiro expect an inflatable robot to do, even if they were in the middle of running?
    Hiro: Kick it down!
    Baymax: [taps with foot]
    Hiro: Punch it!
    Baymax: [taps with fist]
    Hiro: AAAAGGHH!
  • When Baymax startles Hiro, he says the robot gave him a heart attack, so Baymax reveals that he is equipped with defibrillators. He almost gets to use them before Hiro insists that it was just an expression.
  • Baymax's general response to any and all incoming danger:
    Baymax: ...oh no.
    • Similarly, his tendency to sound like a Public Service Announcement at the least appropriate of times.
      Baymax: [saves Hiro from falling out of a speeding car] Seatbelts save lives. Buckle up every time!
    • ...And his deactivation trigger ("I am satisfied with my care") will trigger instant giggles in anyone who's been subjected to the hells of a Press Ganey survey. (In many American healthcare organizations, healthcare personnel do not receive payment for care rendered unless the patient states that he/she was completely satisfied with all aspects of his/her care.)
  • Baymax winds up landing butt-first through the roof of Wasabi's car.
  • Baymax taping the holes on his body, the hissing noise getting higher and higher with each hole closed. Which is physically accurate. It's even funnier for averting Trailers Always Spoil; they might have shown the gag in the trailers, but first-time viewers didn't know Baymax would leak in his right arm, too.
  • Not-quite-drunk Baymax coming home with Hiro on low battery power. He can't even make it up the stairs, and loudly declares "We jumped out a window!!" Hiro shushes him to not tell his aunt, but Baymax misses the point and instead whispers "We jumped out a window...."
    • Sits on the floor and simply hiccups, "Healthcare."
    • When he first tries to walk up the stairs, he takes a long look at his foot, lifts it up in preparation to climb the stairs, lifts his leg up... then plants his head on the floor.
    • Then when he finally makes it to the top of the stairs, he wobbles and says "WEEEEEE-" before Hiro shushes him. (As in "WE JUMPED OUT A WINDOW!")
    • To add to the hilarity, Cass isn't paying attention and thinks that it's Hiro who made this noise and is excited for the hot wings. Which alternately could actually be the reason Baymax spoke up too (as in, he forgot he was a robot who cannot eat and got excited about the chicken wings.)
      Cass: Yeah, wiiiiings! Weeooooh!
    • "I am healthcare, your personal Baymax companion."
    • "Hairy baby!"
    • When Hiro finally gets Baymax upstairs, he comes back down to speak with Cass. Suddenly, a noise from upstairs can be heard and Cass wonders what it was. Hiro claims that it's the Hamada family cat, Mochi, but now, said cat just happens to be at Hiro's feet, rubbing against him. Before Cass can see what's going on, Hiro quickly tosses him upstairs.
  • Baymax petting Mochi, and calling him: "Hairy baby! Hairy babyyyy..." Also doubles as a Heartwarming moment.
    • It's easy to miss, but when Hiro finally arrives upstairs, Mochi looks over at Hiro and is clearly aggravated with his human for throwing him (big fan of Baymax, though) and quickly runs downstairs.
  • After Hiro teaches Baymax how to fist bump, Baymax interprets the exploding sound Hiro makes as "Bata-lata-lata-la!" He proceeds to do this every time he makes a fist bump.
  • When showing off Baymax's new armor for the first time to the rest of the team, he takes an impressive, superhero-like pose before he switches back to his normal stance and waves at them. And then a butterfly passes by and Baymax gets distracted by and starts following it.
  • A lot of Baymax moments in the warehouse:
    • He has to deflate in an Overly Long Gag in order to get through the window.
    • The aforementioned defibrillator scene and "Punch/kick the door!" scene.
    • Baymax apparently wasn't programmed to run. Throughout his and Hiro's escape, he can be seen fallen over while his short legs continue to move.
  • Hiro chasing Baymax through the streets. Baymax is obliviously causing havoc all around him, with cars swerving and couriers stumbling.
  • Hiro excitedly trying to get Baymax to demonstrate his brand new rocket-fist feature to the crew...only to get the fist bump sound instead.
  • When the team first come across Hiro and Baymax whilst wearing his first set of...ill-fitting armor, we get this—it's Baymax's delivery that seals it:
    GoGo: ...why is Baymax wearing carbon-fiber underpants?
    Baymax: I also know Karate. [waves arms around in Karate-action poses]
  • The aforementioned carbon fiber armor jiggles on his frame when Baymax is running... which he does nearly ramrod-straight.

     Tadashi Hamada 
  • Tadashi and Hiro spending the evening in jail may not be that funny, but Tadashi giving Hiro an amazing Death Glare while sharing a cell with so many other people he's squashed against the bars certainly is.
  • Tadashi instinctively knows when Hiro is lying to him.
  • After Hiro manages to successfully debut his invention, Tadashi takes him out for a one on one; Hiro tries to predict what he's going to say...which isn't quite what he was going to say.
    Tadashi: I was just going to tell you your fly was down for the whole show.
    • Even better: he wasn't joking either, and what clinches it is Hiro's panic, him zipping it up off-screen, and then elbowing Tadashi in the arm with a "why didn't you tell me earlier" face.
  • Baymax's Creation Sequence, with Tadashi's enthusiasm slowly turning to dead-toned exhaustion through numerous failures.
    Tadashi: This is the eighty-fourth... test.
    • Every time the recording stops for each test, the timing hits Tadashi in the middle of the most hilarious expressions.
    • Faults in early testing include Baymax pimp slapping Tadashi and in another one of his arms detaching and flying around the room like a pricked balloon.
    • During one of the tests he even appears to have the tiniest bit of stubble!
    • The last slate also has the numbers 82 and 83 crossed out, hinting that he'd run out of them. He then even has to look at it as if he lost count.
    • While on his "Baymax is working!" high, Tadashi kisses Baymax's camera, leaving a smudge.
  • This scene.
    Baymax: On a scale from one to ten, how would you rate your pain?
    Hiro: Physical? Or emotional? [glares at Tadashi]
    [Cue Puppy-Dog Eyes from Tadashi.]

     GoGo Tomago 
  • After Wasabi goes on a rant explaining how all of his tools are organized, GoGo suddenly walks by and messily snatches one of his tools while casually saying "Need this." If you look closely, you'll see she's smiling! She also thumped the bench hard enough to jar everything slightly outside of their chalk outlines.
  • GoGo's epic freakout during the car chase, during which Wasabi makes a point of following traffic laws.
  • GoGo's reaction to learning that Fred is Secretly Wealthy:
    GoGo: I thought you lived under a bridge!

  • If you look closely at Wasabi's tool bench you'll see his "system" includes a place for his keys and his coffee mug. The mug even has measurement lines for the proper amounts of coffee, milk, and sugar. That's a lot of sugar, too.
  • The origin of his nickname.
    Wasabi: I spilled wasabi on my shirt one time, people! One. Time!
  • Wasabi during car chases.
    Wasabi: The light's red!

    Wasabi: You have to indicate your turn! It's the law!
    • Also, Wasabi's horrified facial expression in response to GoGo's driving.
  • Wasabi is cutting a hole through the door of the quarantined island facility with his laser hand. Throughout the job, it's shown that he's making an extremely ragged, inaccurate circle, and at the end, realizes that he's going higher than the original end, doubles-back, makes two jagged slashes to try to make both ends meet, before making one extremely messy entrance. Anyone who has ever had to use a box cutter to cut cardboard or paper into specific, straight-lined shapes can relate.
  • His AMAZING Girly Scream when Yokai chucks a shipping container at the group, Baymax catching it just before it crushes them all.
  • While driving, Wasabi wonders out loud why the supervillain is trying to kill them. Then he rolls his window down and calls back to ask the supervillain.
    Wasabi: Why's he trying to kill us?! (sticks his head out the window) Uh, why are you trying to kill us?!
  • Wasabi hates flying with Baymax, while Fred spends the trip in different superhero poses.
    GoGo: Killer view.
    Wasabi: Yeah, if I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this! But I'm terrified of heights, so I don't love it!
  • Meta example: in a motion test to get the feel for the characters, Wasabi's movements give off a cool "Hey; how ya doin'?" personality, the exact opposite of the personality he has in the film proper.
    • In his introduction to Hiro, it comes back, as this is his natural state when his rules are followed and everything is in its proper place. The movie then spends the rest of its time viciously shoving him outside his comfort zone.

     Honey Lemon 
  • Honey snapping a cell phone cam picture of Yokai while otherwise frozen in terror.
  • As they're being chased by Yokai:
    Wasabi: Why is he trying to kill us? [looks back toward Yokai] Uh, why are you trying to kill us?
    Fred: He's classic villain. We've seen too much!
    Honey: Let's not jump to conclusions! We don't know he's trying to kill us!
    [Microbots launch a car at them]
    Fred: Car!
  • Her introduction in the lab. She comes in rolling a massive ball of tungsten carbide, and when she sees Hiro, she ends up yelling over her earphones.
  • Honey's Genki Girl nature leads to many funny moments, honestly. Another good one is when she glomps Heathcliff during the Training Montage (doubles a little as Heartwarming, since you can see him smile at that part).
  • During the final battle, Honey's breathless "Now that's a chemical reaction!" after she sets off her battle purse is worth a few chuckles.

  • Fred's underwear method.
    Fred: I go front, I go back, I go inside-out, then I go front and back.
    • Tadashi's reaction.
      Tadashi: Wow. That is both disgusting and awesome.
      GoGo: Don't encourage him.
      Fred: It's called recycling.
    • Wasabi gags.
    • The irony is that it's not laziness, because Fred doesn't even need to do his own laundry, and he can't be low on underpants.
    • And it's not recycling, it's re-use.
  • Among the power to become a fire-breathing lizard and/or a shrink ray, Fred wants science to give him an invisible sandwich... with the purpose of looking crazy in front of others. As if he's been having trouble achieving that.
  • When Baymax asks who would like to share their feelings first (to help Hiro emotionally), Fred readily volunteers. He sounds like it's an AA group.
    Fred: My name is Fred, and it has been thirty days since my last— holy MOTHER OF MEGAZON!
    • Not to mention Fred asks if he's the only one seeing Yokai. And he doesn't say what he's seeing. It's like he wants somebody to say "Seeing what?"
    • And all of this is consistent with his backstory of charity and volunteer work, which somehow just makes it funnier!
  • Fred introducing his home:
    Fred: Welcome to mi casa. That's French for "front door".
    Honey Lemon: It's really... not.note 
    • Made funnier by the fact that Honey Lemon is Hispanic.
  • "It's like spooning a warm marshmallow!"
  • Hiro draws a picture of the sparrow symbol on Yokai's machine, and asks the gang if they know what it is:
    Fred: Yes! It's a bird!
  • Fred's reaction to the rocket fist.
    Fred: Rocket fist make Freddy so happy!///////////////////
  • Fred's reaction to the video footage of the portal's test, where he completely misses the point:
    Fred: Whoa! Magic hat!
  • When the team is flying to the island to find Yokai, Hiro is looking stoic, Honey and Gogo are admiring the view, and Wasabi is hanging on for dear life. Fred, on the other hand, is contorting his body into various superhero flight poses.
  • Fred decides to sing an improvised theme song during a stealth scene.
    Fred: Six intrepid friends led by Fred, their leader, Fred. Fred's Angels. Mm-mm-mm. Fred's Angels. Mm-mm-mm. Harnessing the power of the sun with the ancient amulet they found in the attic. Mm-mm-mm. The amulet is green. Mm-mm-mm. It's probably an emerald. Mm-mm-mm.
    • Wasabi's response makes it even better: "Fred, I will laser-hand you in the face!"
  • When Wasabi asks what the plan is to defeat Yokai, Fred responds by leaping into action. Doesn't that sound like the "plan of attack" scene from The Avengers?
    • Once he tries to attack Yokai, he begins calling his attacks until the microbots knock him away from Yokai and he begins falling and shouts, "FALLING HARD!"
  • Fred's response (after the initial terror) to Yokai.
    Fred: We're under attack from a supervillain, people! How awesome is that? I mean, it's scary obviously, but how cool?!
    • He's saying this while peering out the ear window of the car while said supervillain is chasing them all with Hiro's nanobots.

     Aunt Cass 
  • Her first onscreen moment going from being overjoyed to see her nephews safe, to doing an immediate 180 and dragging the both of her boys by the ears into her car.
    • Tadashi does nearly the exact same thing when coming to Hiro's rescue. He obviously comes by it honestly.
  • Her rant when they get home is pretty hilarious:
    Cass: For ten years, I have done the best I could to raise you. Have I been perfect? No. Do I know anything about children? No! Should I have picked up a book on parenting?! PROBABLY! Where was I going with this? I had a point...
    • Which continues being hilarious as she chews them out and doesn't change her angry tone as she complains about losing her train of thought. And then responding to Hiro's nervous "We love you, Aunt Cass" with "Well, I love you, too!" in the same angry tone.
  • She had to close the café to get them out... It was beat poetry night!
    Cass: [angrily eating a donut] Stress eating! Because of you! Mm, this is really good!
  • Later on, she is shown watching Frankenstein (1931) and is utterly transfixed.
    • During this part, you can see Baymax trying to stop and watch the movie, too... only to have Hiro impatiently yank him down the stairs.

    ... and Everyone Else 
  • The Hamada family snark. Cass remarks on her stress-eating, Tadashi comments on Hiro being "washed up at fourteen", and Hiro is full of snark.
  • After Mr. Yama's bot destroys its opponent, its owner asks who will be next to challenge him. A random guy rips the head off his own bot.
  • While Hiro and Tadashi ride away on Tadashi's motorcycle, Yama holds up Hiro's robot (with its yellow happy face showing) and says "Aha!" The robot then changes its face to the red angry one, causing Yama to scream as it attacks him.
  • After delivering a beatdown to Yama's robot, Hiro's robot stands up, changes its face to the yellow happy one, and bows.
  • The cop's office is full of a few humorous Easter eggs: Prince Hans is wanted, and what's on the computer screen looks like solitaire, and surprisingly, Archive of Our Own!
  • When the gang goes to Fred's home and they see his room, one of his monster statues has a note that reads, "Fred, do not touch! —Fred".
    • Even funnier when you consider, aside from the extra arms that's pretty close to the design of his Kaiju aura in the original comics.
    • For that matter, the group's collective reactions when they enter it.
      Wasabi: [sees a hilarious Frazetta-style painting of Fred] If I wasn’t just attacked by a guy in a kabuki mask, I think this would be the weirdest thing I’ve seen today.
    • "My brain hates my eyes for seeing this."
    • Fred fist bumping the totally nonchalant butler, followed by Baymax also doing it, "Bata-lata-la" and all, which actually elicits a half smile out of him.
      • Also, the butler leaving his hand up as everyone goes inside, as if he was expecting the rest of the group to fist-bump him too.
  • Fred's dad? Just seeing the family portrait of it being Stan Lee was enough to get the adults and Marvel Universe film-goers laughing.
  • Fred's butler enduring the Training Montage with stoic aplomb. Complete with mild-mannered 'bring it' gesture.
    • At least the team is nice about abusing him during their tests.
  • When the group arrive on Yokai's island base, they hear a sudden sound and proceed to unleash their arsenal at the source. Turns out it was just a pigeon, who is in the center of their assault completely untouched before nonchalantly flying away.
    Honey Lemon: Well... at least we know our gear works.
    • Note, during this time, whereas everyone whips back in lightning speed to attack, Baymax takes his sweet time turning around and is finally facing the bird by the time the above line is spoken.
  • It's only for a split-second, but when Yokai catches his first glance of the group now in full superhero attire (while climbing out of the rubble after his 2nd attempt to kill them), his head bobs as if with a silent sigh of "Really?"
  • The Stinger: Fred's dad is Stan Lee (or at least, he looks like him and is voiced by him), and he shares his son's method of underwear use.
  • It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it, but anyone who owns a cat can relate and find this funny. During the montage of Hiro making his microbots, we end with a sped-up montage of the garage being filled with plastic bins full of the bots—and in one shot, Mochi is napping right on top of one of them, smiling as if he knows how inconvenient it could be.
  • Krei's little fanboy moment as he watches Baymax be awesome in the climax. Callaghan's reaction is almost better.
    Krei: I love that robot!
    Callaghan: [nonchalantly tosses him at a wall]
  • A Deleted Scene shows Yokai robbing a specific jewel from a museum with a Quirky Miniboss Squad that went unused in the film. After getting the jewel, he has a trio with jetpacks lift him and his team out of the museum to their getaway truck. Yokai and his female minion are lifted no problem, but the Sumo minion is giving the jetpacker trouble, you see him sputtering and straining terribly to keep up with the others while lifting all that weight. The getaway driver doesn't get much better either, since their truck is disguised as selling fish tacos with two hungry guys pestering her if they're still open.
    Minion: We need a better ride.
  • During the credits a number of scenes of the group's continuing adventures is seen. Among them we see that they gave the cop at the police station a new tape dispenser. Even better, the tape dispenser has a big bow tied on it... and the cop has a little smile on his usually deadpan face.


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