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mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#1: Jul 4th 2020 at 5:20:43 PM

UPDATE: Subpage review sandboxes, please contribute with your own notes on what to keep and cut!

The pages for The Nostalgia Critic are not up-to-date with modern wiki standards. While the previous, now-locked TGWTG cleanup thread did address some of these concerns, the page is still incredibly bloated, full of opinion-based editing, fan speculation (not just on the show but on the creators' personal lives), taking one-off jokes as canon in a low-continuity series, and treating obscure trivia like common knowledge to the casual fanbase. The page also has not been as consistently updated as it was in the early 2010s, leaving a lot of outdated examples. There's also the usual review-show issue with In Universe YMMV tropes being listed on the YMMV rather than invoked on the main page, and of course we need to keep a lookout for ROCEJ regarding the controversy.

I mainly wish to address shoehorned, obscure, and/or complainy examples, including cutting down and removing subpages if necessary, so it can be updated to include recent episodes without further bloating. While the show does have more continuity than other shows of its ilk, a lot of entries rely on hard-to-confirm information and/or speculation, or are based in complaint, especially regarding episodes from the first post-reboot season.

Some specific recurring issues:

  • Subjectivity, usually in the form of complaining about the 2013 season's Seasonal Rot, the cancellation of Demo Reel, hate against some infamous reviews like Sailor Moon and The Wall, complaining about Unfortunate Implications, and the backlash against the show from 2018 onward. On the flip side, there can be gushing problems too, which leads into our next point...
  • Lewdness and related creepiness. For some reason, the tropers who frequented these pages had a thing for Doug, so a lot of entries fetishize his appearance. Many entries focus way too much on people's bodies, especially focusing on Doug being "too skinny." There's a lot of overly personal speculation regarding Doug in general, and some of it speculates on his fetishes and it's just really nasty.
  • Never Live It Down moments. This plays into the subjectivity issue but doesn't always manifest as complaining, but just reading too much into things. There's two main examples that crop up every now and then: Critic hitting Evilina and making her cry in The Cat in the Hat, which was done in response to her hitting him and it's implied her crying was fake as she stopped as soon as Critic told her to do so, so examples using this to vilify him as a child abuser are off-base; and the speculation of Domestic Abuse in The Shining which is based entirely off an homage to The Shining where Critic screams at Rachel, despite the rest of the episode showing that Rachel's really not threatened by Critic and just finds him annoying, and the screaming moment was comically over-the-top and implied to be Bad "Bad Acting" even in-universe (Rachel locks Critic in a room without much fear immediately after).
  • Reading way too much into the series. While there are some continuity and character arcs, many examples interpret the show to have much more meaning than it probably does.
  • Material relating to other Channel Awesome projects ending up here instead of elsewhere like Creator.Doug Walker.

For a good start, inspired by a Tumblr post on the pagenote , let's look over Fanservice.The Nostalgia Critic. A lot of entries aren't about deliberate fanservice, but rather using sexuality as a joke, or things like "I saw his butt in one shot!" which feels kind of creepy. Of course, a lot of this is based in the early 2010s when the TGWTG fandom was...a bit different, so it may be more valid than I realize as someone who wasn't in the fandom then.


  • In the premium area outtakes for Ferngully, when they're dancing, Doug starts giving giving blowjob motions and Lindsay starts rubbing her chest.
  • Giving a victory blowjob to his joystick after the battle with Angry Joe. The gesture is appreciated, Doug.
  • He does like showing off his chest, especially that often-shown scene of when he quits his job.
  • This commercial, with the suffering factor set on deliciously high.
    • Likewise, "Spooning With Spoony II" had him shirtless, traumatized and shamelessly objectified.
  • In the first Care Bears movie, he thinks that the villain is getting eaten out while she does her lines. He then demonstrates by giving us a series of quite lovely orgasm noises.
    • In his Jaws 3-D review, he simulates an offscreen sex scene by himself, providing the orgasmic-sounding voices for both the man and the woman. Goodness.
  • The DVD menus seem to be made for this: the first consists of him wearing an air hostess uniform and the second has Rob barging in on him while he's in the shower.
  • When you don't see Marobot's title card, the screenshot he used for his Duck Tales episode is the Panty Shot in Suburban Knights. (This one may have been more Blip TV's doing since they often go to stills within a video for screenshots, but it's still appreciated by many.)
  • He's been soaked through at least three times. Doug even said he had to sell his old jacket partly because of it.
  • Done in an equal-opportunity way for the Moulin Rouge! review. Girls get pregnant from Critic singing while guys get the Chick, Elisa and Nella in boob-enhancing corsets. (Behind the scenes, apparently Team NChick had to strongarm Doug into allowing the corsets, as he was worried about them perved over by the creepier parts of the fandom.)
  • Other than it being funny, the only reason why Doug's naked and playing a Depraved Bisexual in this advertisement.
  • In-universe, this is his belief as to why Catherine Zeta Jones plays up her character's bisexuality in the remake of The Haunting (1999).
  • His right nipple in his Jurassic Park review.
  • Doug knows that fangirls like seeing him in pain and he's a lot more sexualised now than he was back when he first started. (Goes for Critic, Ask That Guy and Doug himself.)
  • It probably wasn't a coincidence that Critic getting date-raped by Spoony and Ask That Guy getting terrified/dominated by Sage happened at the exact same time.
  • There's even a joke amongst the other contributors that if their video includes Doug or his characters suffering, the views will usually be pretty high.
  • In Film Brain's livestream of reading the Fetish Fuel Wiki, someone asked if Doug was okay with his rather extreme "yay suffering" page. Film Brain's response was that Doug wasn't just okay with it, he loves that kinda thing and feeds off it. So there's that.
  • While “Are Video Games Art” was less confident than Kyle's version on the subject in regards to the subject matter, Doug beat Kyle in terms of showing skin.
  • Both forms in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie ("it's pandering time", with Power Rangers fans getting sucked up to note  with "Nostalgia Ranger", and the female audience getting Doug in skintight latex. The man has amazing legs.
  • As lampshaded by Critic himself in The Wicker Man (2006), Tamara's characters hurting and insulting him are what will keep his viewcounts up because fandom likes seeing him squirm (though he still humiliates her, shoves the camera right on her cleavage and puts her in sexy little girl costumes for the portion of the audience who enjoy women getting treated like that.) Also Doug laughed later in Fan World that Critic being tortured was partly an excuse to show off his crotch.
  • For Small Soldiers, Tamara wearing a dress that proves Buxom Is Better, Doug in a lot of leather and make-up as Devil Boner, and Doug's legs as he gets into bed at the end.
  • His cameo in The Last Angry Geek's Future's End episode, where he's a broken Sex Slave for the Snob and actually kneels down while unzipping sounds are heard. Intentionally exploited by Brian to make the fangirls happy, as he confirmed on twitter.
  • Defied with Doug's Ice Bucket Challenge. He knows full well that everyone wants to see him get soaked, but it's just a Cool as Ice DVD falling on his head before he stalks off.
  • Proving himself a lot more up for it than Doug was, Malcolm shows off some serious muscles in his ice bucket challenge video.
  • Subverted in the promo to see editorials early. When the audience waits out the timer, he feels duty-bound to show a nipple, but the video cuts out as soon as he lifts his shirt.
  • In the “Princess Diaries 2” behind the scenes video, Jim does some pull-ups and Rob jokes about his invoked Estrogen Brigade loving it. Dayna (Doug's ex girlfriend) also shows why he liked her in the first place by dead lifting him off the floor.
  • His Sixth Day crossover with Sci-Fi Guy is particularly homoerotic, starting with Critic landing on Guy's lap, making giving blowjob motions after saying “a mouth is a mouth”, and ending with present Critic wanting a clone of himself as a Sex Slave.
  • Doug posing prettily in a cheerleading outfit. Bless his heart. Gets even better in behind the scenes, as Rob is so uncomfortable at Doug's flirty posing that he jokes he can't watch schoolgirl anime anymore. He also teases fans that he's collecting all of Doug's drag moments in a folder that he'll sell to the highest bidder.
  • In “Rise Of The Commercials”, for the “skip it” parody, there's a cut to Doug suddenly losing his clothes and having a Naked Freak-Out.
  • The Purge has a shot of Doug!Walter White in his underwear (parodying the show's Signature Scene). Aside from the nice legs we already knew he had, he has an... impressive bulge.
  • Tamara in Daredevil is wearing a tank top that pushes her breasts right up and is really low cut.
  • While doing a Cards Against Humanity panel at a con, when a card read out “-enjoying a striptease from the Nostalgia Critic”, Doug instantly gave the audience a show.
  • In The Legend of Zorro review, bending over his desk and noisily pretending to get spanked.
  • In-universe, Malcolm's powers in Fantastic Four (2005) creates Chun-Li for him and Critic to enjoy, but Critic tells him “the lady” (Tamara) should also have something and he gives her Zangief. She's appreciative.
  • Literally the first shot of him in the Critic Tank Shark Jumping episode is giving a blowjob to his pen.
  • Much like how Tom Hardy in the same position got appreciation from his fangirls (who get in-universe mocking later on in the episode), Critic muzzled and in iron handcuffs at the start of the Mad Max: Fury Road review.
  • In the Event Horizon behind the scenes, Doug is in some interesting positions for the “fire coming out of his ass” bit, and when Malcolm says he doesn't know what to make of it, Doug jokes “I'm going in the direction you thought I was going in, I'm going into porn”.
  • Played for laughs in Hocus Pocus with Beth's "Come Little Children", as she's overly sexual with her broom and creeps the other witches out.
  • In Spawn, while it's not treated as such in-universe, Tamara in latex and a lot of belts is pretty appealing, as she pointed out herself.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera (2004) behind the scenes, Tamara and Beth zoom in on Doug's ass and he shakes it for them.
    Beth: Happy International Women's Day!
  • While Jason is horrified, Doug lifting his shirt at the end of The Mountain and wiggling.
  • In Jem, both Critic and Malcolm are in drag, with the former in a pink top that falls right off his shoulder and Malcolm in a cut off shirt that shows his muscled arms. The music video at the beginning also alternates between intentional awkward and moves/poses where Doug totally knows what he's doing.
  • Much like how Holtzmann in the movie licking the gun is a favorite of queer girls, Aiyanna in the Ghostbusters review doing the same was instantly loved.
  • Even before the review came out, there was intense thirst for Critic in chains and a kinky caption by Tamara.
  • In the review of Fant4stic, she's not in it very long and he goes back to normal clothes after five minutes, but the episode features Tamara in a low-cut tank and Doug in leather pants.
  • The opening of Wonder Woman (2017) starts off with Doug shaking his booty, and Tamara as Wonder Woman whipping him.
  • During the commercial break in the A Goofy Movie review, Doug models jeans by shoving his ass right into the camera.
  • Parodied in Dragonball Evolution where Critic imitates Bulma showing some leg by twirling his non existent hair and rubbing his chest.
  • Doug feeling himself up while covered in blood is a special kind of pandering.
  • Malcolm as Finn gets some rare fanservice when he licks his weapon in The Last Jedi. Of course Doug was the one who suggested he do it.
  • Lampshaded in the 2017 livestream, where Doug's excited that flirting with Brad gets the donations going up and the others tell him to rub his nipple for more.
  • The Batman Forever promo pictures had a lot of Doug's Critic shirt being cut open to show off his nipples. In the actual review beginning, he's annoyed and Tamara keeps groping him. The advert also has Doug in a tuxedo and modelling it to advertise.
  • Chipwrecked is a wedding episode, so Doug and Malcolm are in handsome tuxes, even Devil Boner is in a shirt tux, and Tamara looks amazing in a bridal version of Hyper's costume.
  • Sleepwalkers being so batshit seems to give Doug an orgasm in the first viewing, moaning "you do me good" and rubbing himself.
  • The Wall has Tamara in a maid costume and Critic tormented/felt up by Body Horror creatures and shoved in a CGI cage for a few minutes. Plenty of people found Doug’s singing voice and said creatures sexy too.

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I do some cleanup and then I enjoy shows you probably think are cringe.
ATricksterArtist kiby :] from in your house (Not-So-Newbie) Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
kiby :]
#2: Jul 4th 2020 at 6:31:03 PM

...Yikes. This definitely needs a cleanup. Heck, I'd even say a lot of the examples belong on Fan Disservice more if anything.

Especially the Jurassic Park example. A right nipple? Seriously??

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jandn2014 Very Spooky from somewhere in Connecticut Since: Aug, 2017 Relationship Status: Hiding
Very Spooky
#3: Jul 4th 2020 at 6:50:13 PM

Honesty, I’d be surprised if anything on the Fanservice subpage is salvageable. Just from a quick scroll though, basically all of the examples seem like either joke fanservice or the result of fans weirdly horny for Doug.

back lol
mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#4: Jul 4th 2020 at 6:54:32 PM

^ Yeah, a lot of these examples may be attractive if people find the subject attractive, but Fanservice is not subjective. If the intention is to be comedic or disturbing, then it's not fanservice. It has to be done to pander to the audience. If there's indication that a review has Critic get abused just because there's an audience with that fetish, that's fair (because yes, factually, there is an audience of fans attracted to Doug and company, and there may be times when the show chooses to pander to them); if it's just a dark joke that happened to get fetishized, that's misuse.

For the record, the Jurassic Park example is ZCE, but the context is implied sexuality, albeit as a joke. Context 

There is a Fan Disservice subpage as well...which is also full of misuse (and body shaming).

  • Critic half-naked should be a cause for celebration, but in Jurassic Park when there's visible rib showing, and his arm is skinnier than a teenage girl's, you're just left wanting to force-feed him that pizza.
  • The "What's With All The Princess Hate?" title card. Critic in Tacoma's Belle costume should have been fanservice like the stripperific Link cosplay and the air hostess outfit in the first DVD menu, but instead he's miserable and so skinny that a woman's outfit is slipping off him.
  • The TGWTG 4 DVD menu. The first one had Doug in a skimpy dress, the second was an incesty shower scene, the third advertisement was him shirtless and Depraved Bisexual, but while this involves uniforms and leather jackets, he intentionally makes himself look sicker than normal by smearing on eyeliner under his eyes.
  • He went so above and beyond in the Sailor Moon “talking dick” scene that it was actually discussed in a real article:
    Anne Lee: In the flashback, the hypersexual 14 year old Nostalgia Critic with a metaphorical penis gun wears a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Remember when Nostalgia Critic showed us pictures of real 14 year old girls? You know, the ones wearing t-shirts and blue jeans? The ones who were decidedly not sexy? Again, it’s perfect example of how we as a society view male sexuality and female sexuality–dudes are hypersexual beings no matter how they dress, but female sexuality only exists when a woman or girl wears something sexy.
  • Less physical and more mental, but he says in the Bridge to Terabithia review that he's lost all feeling in his balls since the Groin Attacks from the Brawl and Suburban Knights. Which means the vast amount of sex he's had never gave him that kind of pleasure.
  • He has “empty, hollow and not nearly over fast enough” offscreen sex with Eight Crazy Nights that sounds more like he ended up raping it than anything else. Ask That Guy had violent sounding sex before, but at least both participants kept sounding they were enjoying it.
  • Hard to enjoy the two attractive guys on the bed in "The Top 11 Strangest And Best Couples" when one wants to throw up at getting touched and unlike the millions of examples on TGWTG (from Doug even) of the same where they're at least enjoying the queer tease, the whole joke here is just gay panic.
  • Ever thought “oh hey we miss Doug getting Sexy Soaked Shirt scenes”? Well Ghost Dad gives that, just with the slight... twist... that he's committing suicide by soaking himself with gasoline and lighting a match.
  • Son of the Mask gives us a long view of Critic's ass. This would be great if he weren't weeping brokenly about not being allowed to die. Same goes for Pearl Harbor and his version of Michael Bay when he's having a Heroic BSoD on the stairs. Demo Reel had done the same thing, objectified Donnie when he was sad to make a Male Gaze point, but it wasn't so jarring.
  • Played for Laughs in Ghost Rider 2, as Doug (in a wife-beater!) starts to masturbate, but his dick disintegrates and he's horrified for good reason. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • The title card for the American Beauty editorial puts Doug's sad tired face on Mena Suvari's skinny under-age naked body.
  • The “Is Eyes Wide Shut Artsy Porn” title card with shirtless Critic. It's not that he looks scared or is trying to cover himself, a lot of people like that, it's the masks behind him and how in the episode he talks about nightmares where he's broken down and exposed that makes it more invasive.
  • Tamara is in cleavage-enhancing leather during Matrix Month, but she can't move her body or her face, and as she's been brainwashed, isn't wearing it of her own free will.
  • Mr. Fanservice Zod is doing porn in The Haunted Mansion, but only because his castration from the Man of Steel is so bad he gets money from Bile Fascination viewers.
  • Doug's costume in the Fantastic Four (2005) review. It's tight and there's not much of it, but it's also eye-searingly orange and gets covered with dorito bits. In the making of, Doug is enjoying the hell out of it and tells Rob to quote Dune because he knows he wants to. At first Rob laughs “gay pride and loving it”. Tamara also says he looks like a gay Big Bird, and Doug corrects that he makes Big Bird look straight.
  • In Event Horizon, Critic bent over a table showing his ass and asking people to look up there would be heavy Ship Tease if his asshole wasn't the place of hell.
  • Rob really wants to troll with a clipless 50 Shades review, promising that Doug, Tamara and Malcolm will take clothes off… and then it turns out that the re-enacting is done by sock puppets.
  • In Suicide Squad (2016), Rob as the Chart Guy starts to masturbate. Lampshaded by Critic who never wants to see that.
  • In the Bay parody of what he'd be like currently doing the Got Milk commercial, Tamara is a prize, but she's giant grotesque boobs and huge lips.

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I do some cleanup and then I enjoy shows you probably think are cringe.
ATricksterArtist kiby :] from in your house (Not-So-Newbie) Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
kiby :]
#5: Jul 4th 2020 at 6:56:32 PM

[up][up]Yep. Even a small glance at the examples is giving me a bad case of Squick fever. Should we just cut the page entirely?

Edited by ATricksterArtist on Jul 4th 2020 at 9:56:53 AM

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mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#6: Jul 4th 2020 at 7:05:56 PM

Are any examples salvageable? There are examples where he acknowledges and jokes about having fangirls and showing off for them, which would count. I'm wary to cut the page entirely before trimming it down, especially without mod approval, but the way these pages are used is fetishistic and creepy.

Do non-sexual examples of pandering count for Fanservice as a trope, or is that just Pandering to the Base (which is YMMV)? Because that is something the show does a lot in reviews like Ghost Rider 2 and The Squeakquel (albeit in jest).

Edited by mightymewtron on Jul 4th 2020 at 10:13:29 AM

I do some cleanup and then I enjoy shows you probably think are cringe.
ATricksterArtist kiby :] from in your house (Not-So-Newbie) Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
kiby :]
#7: Jul 4th 2020 at 7:17:48 PM

Perhaps we can do a review of both Fanservice and Fan Disservice pages (maybe in a Sandbox)?

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mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#8: Jul 4th 2020 at 7:22:39 PM

That sounds good. Might not be the last subpages we have to cover, but they're the first things that stuck out as unnecessary.

Do we have a Fanservice cleanup? I'd be surprised if this kind of misuse wasn't present in other pages.

The Characters pages also need review. The page for the Critic himself is broken into three subpages, and as long-running as the show is I don't believe all of them would fit.

Edited by mightymewtron on Jul 4th 2020 at 10:26:37 AM

I do some cleanup and then I enjoy shows you probably think are cringe.
ATricksterArtist kiby :] from in your house (Not-So-Newbie) Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
kiby :]
#9: Jul 4th 2020 at 7:33:39 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if Fanservice had a cleanup. Tropes like that can be prone to misuse and gushing.

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mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#10: Jul 4th 2020 at 7:49:30 PM

Looking over Irony.The Nostalgia Critic and IronicEcho.The Nostalgia Critic and we definitely have another contender for cleanup. A lot of Irony is just talking about meta contradictions to the show, which is more like Trivia, while most of the Ironic Echo examples are just generic statements that are extremely unlikely to be deliberate, or a misuse that would better fit Call-Back if anything.

(Honestly there is an issue with this page troping real people, since it lumps in a lot of examples from out-of-character spinoffs like the Real Thoughts series, or other Doug projects under CA that don't have works pages. I almost feel like those meta examples should be put on another subpage if not cut entirely. There are also some examples on these pages that fit Tamara's personal channel, which should probably be moved to Tamara's Never Seen if anything.)


  • The Critic making fun of the pretentious goth chick from Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 is pretty funny considering Doug Walker himself had posted video evidence that he had a pretentious pseudo-goth phase once. Not In-Universe irony.
  • The Take That, Audience! tone of "The Top 11 South Park Episodes" considering Doug had made a Facebook post a week earlier asking commenters to pick a subject for his next top 11. Not sure.
  • Out of God knows how many, Pearl Harbor is the one rant where he says he's not fucking around, but ended up completely wrong (not only did soldiers not have to learn to swim in those days, but the ship also had other workers) and came off like Eagleland when the movie is desperately trying to glorify America. Complainy.
  • Real world example. In an interview, Malcolm talked about how he's been watching since the Critic/Nerd videos and that in the beginning he thought that Doug was ripping James off. Now he's working for Doug. Troping meta.
  • Noted by Doug in “The Ice King's Glasses Issue”, the editorial for “When Is A Movie Just A Movie” came out only a couple of days later after people sent him death threats for having Skewed Priorities on Holly Jolly Secrets. Maybe?
  • Critic does part of his “Top 11 Best Avatar Episodes” under the “Self Improvement” section in the book shop, something he really needs after his latest awful moment; subjecting Malcolm to Dante's firebending. At least this might be an actual in-universe example.
  • In Old vs New: Spider-Man, right after Hyper literally does a I Just Want to Be You by putting on his clothes and deciding to stalk him, Critic complains about imposter accounts who “wanna be [him] so bad they can taste it, and [he tastes] good”. That might be more Dramatic Irony.
  • Complaining about perceived Political Correctness Gone Mad on the internet in the Demolition Man review, when even just his mocking Chuck Norris's homophobia and Bay's sexism gets his fandom calling him too PC (as Lindsay has noted), which should show how low the bar is. Rob also mocked this in the real review for “Mortal Kombat”, complaining sarcastically in Take That, Audience! voice that Doug was a social justice warrior just for pointing out how badly Sonja was treated. Complaining About People Not Liking the Show.
  • His The Lorax review states that the film will be forgotten because it provides nothing of substance for audiences to think about. Years later, people still remember it because of the Memetic Mutation, mostly because of the songs. That's Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • At the end of Jurassic World, Tamara says no to recreating 50 Shades (being Ana) and the men still stare hopefully at her until she screeches it loud enough and for a third time. The book is famous for ignoring consent so Malcolm and Critic thinking she would break even when she's refused twice is fitting. Not ironic. Maybe Fridge Brilliance.
  • As Doug pointed out after “Are You Sick of Let It Go”, the whole point of that video was that Critic's an asshole trying to ruin fun while Doug himself can't stop singing the OST. Slightly more seriously, he talked about pushing down his own anxiety with advice very Elsa-like.
    Doug: -there's some kind of urgency back-up that clicks in and says “okay, fear later, you can worry about it later, you're performing, you're having fun, don't let them see you're actually terrified”. I think the actual irony in that video is complaining about "Let It Go" to the tune of "Let It Go." The stuff about Doug's real-life thoughts doesn't feel necessary.
  • In the real thoughts on Sonic shows vlog, Rob's “dirty little secret” is that he never owned a Sega Genesis, despite Santa Christ giving them away. It is ironic, but seems more like trivia.
  • The Osmosis Jones review was done when Doug was feeling like death from con plague. He says in behind the scenes that he hopes people don't give him a load of credit for looking ill considering the film he's doing, because all he wants to do is pass out. This seems more like trivia.
  • In Mad Max: Fury Road, self-aware or not, he complains at fangirls who act like pretty men are a feminist's second coming and ignore everyone else who are more active, when he's enjoyed that same privilege quite a bit. Doug isn't notable for being a male feminist, so this doesn't really add up.
  • The Foodfight! review assumes that this same review would get few views because of "the Hipster effect." In actuality, it has over 1,500,000 views due to the film's notoriety. Might be Hilarious in Hindsight / It Will Never Catch On.
  • It didn't happen, but in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice behind the scenes, Doug fears that because he's talked about how good the new boom mike has been for sound, he'll have done something wrong and it'll turn out awful. Tempting Fate discussed.
  • Cinderella Old vs New implies that Benny was pining for Hyper while she was too busy stalking Critic to notice. Maybe. It's ambiguous.
  • In Ghostbusters, Tamara's cast in the "how dare you see the reboot" role, when she really enjoyed it in real life note . So is Aiyanna, and she loved it too. Meta troping.

    Ironic Echo 

  • In the Simon Sez review, the breakdown violin music from the commercials special is playing again when he's so overjoyed that someone (Lupa) actually listened to him for once he's got a whole new perspective on life. What makes it this trope and not Triumphant Reprise is that it's a Yank the Dog's Chain. Pretty sure it's just stock music.
  • His psychotic breakdown in "fuck-ups part three" starts off being a repeat of his Battlefield Earth tantrum, but then goes into screeching about how stupid and awful everyone is. Is it an actual word-for-word repeat? I haven't seen the episodes in a while.
  • In The Blues Brothers game review over on the DVD, his getting up in the morning is a forcedly happy version of his morning routine in his look on sports movies. Haven't seen either video.
  • In The Review Must Go On, the Critic reminds Doug of when he talked about a character taking on a life of their own in To Boldly Flee, and uses that to scare the shit out of him. I don't think this needs a spoiler tag anymore since Critic returning is old news now. Also not sure if this counts unless it's word for word.
  • Son Of The Mask mockingly plays Santa Christ's “we all love Santa Christ” theme song after he takes a level in jerkass and tells Critic he's meant to suffer. Isn't that more Soundtrack Dissonance?
  • The first two reboot opening themes have a clip of a scene conclusion that involved Doug talking to Critic, but while the first was Critic exploding Peaceful in Death after Doug told him how proud he was, the second is Critic leaving after Doug tells him he hates him. It's not a repeat of the same scene.
  • In “Are You Sick Of Let It Go”, Tamara innocently asks if Critic wants to build a snowman and he punches her. In Hyper's Midwest Media Expo vlog, the titular fangirl asks the same thing, only not so innocently as Critic looks like he's going to cry-slash-throw up and Rob makes rape jokes. Maybe? But it's an already existing meme used in two different contexts.
  • In Alaska, he mentioned his abusive dad, saying “I remember the last time I said "this is the nineties, old man" to my dad... i-it really was the last time.” in a twitchy, sad and traumatized tone. In The Uncanny Valley review a few years later, with the exact same facial expressions and tone of voice, he says “I remember the last time I snuck into a woman's room and watched her sleep... let's just say it really was the last time”. Same punchline, not that rare a sentence, and not ironic.
  • At the end of "Old vs New: Amazing Spider-Man", the Hyper Fangirl puts on Critic's hat and jacket (with same camera shots) like he did in "The Review Must Go On", adding a possible Take That! to the girls who only got into him from there and don't care about anything previous. Even bleeds into real life. “Uh oh” was the only thing he said in regards to linking “The Review Must Go On” too. Could be an example, but it's also super complainy.
  • The “pathway to knowledge” scene in The Matrix Reloaded meshes a few scenes from To Boldly Flee together; the shot of Critic in front of the door, punching the Plot Hole/opening the fridge with a determined look on his face (and being taken over by light), and seeing both a “creator” and a script of the movie/episode he's in. Haven't seen the Matrix review. Is this a clear parallel?
  • In The Matrix Revolutions, there's more To Boldly Flee homaging,note  this time the film talk between Kyle and Luke, with Critic in Luke's position and Chester in Kyle's. There's also the door scene again, where he actually goes outside this time, because as Schmuck said, he's got no reason to stay unlike before. The example outright says it's a Shout-Out to Dark City, not a callback to TBF.
  • Until it turns into Joker/Alfred Homoerotic Subtext, The Legend of Zorro review has Malcolm in Joker make-up, Doug as Batman and all in the exact same position as they were when Demo Reel did their Batman parody. Again I haven't seen it but this isn't Ironic Echo, it's just a Call-Back.
  • In ATG 15 and Critic's “Review Must Go On” review, both hope whoever created them doesn't get his decency back (ATG not wanting to die, Critic not wanting to admit that his comeback kinda sucked) and then they get immediately smacked down by Doug. Not sure.
  • Critic at the start of Mad Max: Fury Road, in both words and way he's standing, echoes the Lorax review. The invoked Fandom Heresy shtick doesn't last though, as Curiosa isn't at all a Straw Character and steers him to the conclusion that Fury Road is genuinely as amazing as everyone says it is. Different scenes. His speech is an homage to Lorax in its review, while it's an homage to Mad Max in its review. Again, more of a Call-Back than anything.
  • In Christmas With The Kranks, young Critic is heartbroken about people not liking him and thinking reviewing would fix that, echoing a similar sentiment (and delivery) from To Boldly Flee where Critic is upset about everything he does having a negative impact on someone and wanting to fix it. Maybe, if the delivery really is the exact same?
  • In an Ask That Guy episode, Ask That Guy and his marriage to the GPS (played by Doug's wife) fails, they say “can we still be friends/only if we're the best” and then he shoots her. At the end of The Phantom of the Opera, Critic (who sounds miserable about it and has just called her out again) and Hyper have the same interaction, and then he finds out she's dating someone else and gets angry that he was still being stalked even with that. It might just be a coincidentally repeated Shout-Out.
  • While stopped by Rob, and much like what he does in PQH, the Speed Racer crossover has him kidnap Sage and want to keep him, like what Hyper did to him in Princess Diaries II. Seemingly not a direct parallel.
  • Hyper's "my life is hell" and "you're a whiny pathetic loser" are a repeat of Critic's angstiest moments from the commercials and the Scooby Doo review. Not a direct, verbatim parallel. Common self-loathing phrases.

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kiby :]
#11: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:06:59 PM

Seems good. I suppose both Fanservice pages will get a review as well.

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costanton11 Since: Mar, 2016
#12: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:10:19 PM

The Nightmare Fuel page might need some looking at as well.

mightymewtron Angry babby from New New York Since: Oct, 2012 Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Angry babby
#13: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:18:19 PM

Yeah, that got attention in the original TGWTG cleanup thread too, but it's still pretty bloated with what's essentially Fridge Horror. This one definitely needs to be sandboxed because it's too long to go through every example in one go.

The other YMMV pages will probably require the same, though they at least have the benefit of being organized by year (though the examples still have issues with gushing about Critic or even Doug as a person). If the Nightmare Fuel page is still lengthy even after cutting misuse, then it should probably be organized the same way.

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Angry babby
#14: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:28:38 PM

I made the Fan (Dis)service sandbox. We can make other sandboxes for likewise lengthy pages.

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kiby :]
#15: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:32:14 PM

[up][up]There is a Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread, but that's in Long Term Projects. Do we move Nightmare Fuel-related content there or stick to here?

(Also, can anyone make edits on the cleanup sandbox? I'm still somewhat new to this.)

Edited by ATricksterArtist on Jul 4th 2020 at 11:34:39 AM

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Angry babby
#16: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:41:19 PM

Don't worry, I'm also new at this- this is my first cleanup and my first sandbox. But yes, this is able to be edited by anyone working in this cleanup thread. Comment next to an example whether it should stay or go. Bold the text so it stands out among the example.

I don't think the NC page has made it to that cleanup thread yet, surprisingly. Let's start working on the page here, especially since there are some issues common among all the NC pages including the NF one, and if we struggle to decide on whether an example is objectively wrong, we can take it to the NF cleanup. As that cleanup says:

  • Once you've fixed the objective issues with the page, bring it here so we can look at the more subjective problems, such as examples that may not be scary enough to qualify. If a consensus is reached that a certain entry does not qualify, it can be removed.

Edited by mightymewtron on Jul 4th 2020 at 11:42:05 AM

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#17: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:49:05 PM

Okay! I'll get to work on the main Fanservice page cleanup.

Edit: Hm...seems like the cleanup sandbox for that is locked. I'll check again later.

Edited by ATricksterArtist on Jul 4th 2020 at 11:56:22 AM

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#18: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:52:21 PM

I never realized how many entries shame Doug for being "too skinny" and speculating that he looks malnourished. That's just...really creepy. Especially when that's treated like the only thing that keeps him from being fanservice.

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#19: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:53:48 PM

I'd say bring the Nightmare Fuel page to the LT/P cleanup thread. It's one of the more active ones and we're used up these pages. It'll get done faster over there than over here and have more discussion as well.

Unfortunately I haven't watched the NC in years and I only really remember his pre-TBF videos so I'm not sure I can really help. I don't know anything about the new characters and plotlines because I lost interest when they were introduced.

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#20: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:56:59 PM

Will do!

And I can give context on the new characters and plotlines since a lot of people understandably lost interest around that point, but I genuinely kept up on those plots. (Part of why I made this thread is so I can comfortably update the page with examples from new episodes without having to dig through all the bloated misuse.) However, a lot of bad examples also apply to the show pre-TBF, especially because they were added prior to our upped standards. Plus there are some instances of blatant misuse that don't always require show context, like the Fanservice examples.

Edited by mightymewtron on Jul 4th 2020 at 12:00:58 PM

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#21: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:59:24 PM

I can help doing the Nightmare Fuel cleanup thread, if you'd like.

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Bonnie's Artistic Cousin
#22: Jul 4th 2020 at 8:59:36 PM

This is true.

Well I'll hang around and see what I can help with.

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#23: Jul 4th 2020 at 9:01:13 PM

I just posted the NF query in the main NF cleanup thread.

I do some cleanup and then I enjoy shows you probably think are cringe.
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kiby :]
#24: Jul 4th 2020 at 9:13:15 PM

Added a single review to the Fanservice cleanup sandbox. As said, I'm new to reviewing so I could be wrong or making false assumptions.

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#25: Jul 4th 2020 at 9:16:45 PM

[up]You're right that the Spoony examples don't count if it's focusing so much on the suffering. However, that does fit Fan Disservice. A lot of these examples would be valid under that trope, while several of the examples actually under Fan Disservice can just be cut entirely. Now that's irony.

There is a snag though, in that there was a huge portion of fandom back in the day who specifically fetishized Critic suffering. So some examples are confirmed to be fanservice by the creators, even though suffering usually qualifies as Fan Disservice. I'm going to assume anything involving suffering that's not specifically stated as fanservice is disservice, but it's an unfortunately grey area.

Looking over HypocriticalHumor.The Nostalgia Critic now. Lots of unintentional meta examples, which aren't allowed under the trope.

  • Any case where he criticizes anyone for overacting their anger, preferably with a "I am acting!" scene. Of course, those actors generally don't intend it to be funny.
    • Given what a Large Ham the critic is, criticizing other people's overacting in general qualifies as this. The entry itself says the actors are not overacting for comedy's purpose, so no, it's not accurate. Plus, I don't believe they ever pointed this out In-Universe.
  • He mocks the concept of a Dark and Troubled Past in his Top Eleven Cliches. He himself has a fair amount of Break the Cutie backstory. It's Played for Laughs and subjective canon.
  • In a line that doubles as foreshadowing, he says “if only more people were accepting of death” in Star Trek III, the irony being at this point he's hurting badly over Ma-Ti's sacrifice and will seethe a few episodes later (Patch Adams) about the lead essentially saying the same thing. Haven't seen the episode yet, so I don't know if this is played deliberately?
  • In his Son of the Mask review, it's revealed that Twitter was created by the Devil to make people dumber and Take Over the World. Channel Awesome and numerous contributors, past and present, have Twitter accounts. This includes Malcolm, who played The Devil. Doug and Rob however have claimed that Twitter is evil, Doug elaborating at the drive that he's an emotional animal and everyone who asked him to get one would regret getting so much access to what he's thinking. The entry kind of argues with itself, and the Devil as a character doesn't have a Twitter so this doesn't even count. If anything it might be Self-Deprecation.
  • In his review of Tom and Jerry: The Movie, the Critic is appalled that the main titles of the movie actually shows blood when Jerry slices Tom up like cheese with his sword (to be fair, it's not as if blood just gushes out of Tom's body, but rather, the insides of his comically-slided-up body is red), though later in the movie, when Tom and Jerry have another encounter with Pugsly, the Critic quickly whips out his pistol in a fit of rage, and blasts Pugsly's head off (complete with cartoon blood). Uncertain.
  • While it's an unintentional use of the trope because Doug has complained about being so overweight he needs a stomach pump, the Paranoia review has a lot of trashing Brad Jones for getting very skinny very quickly when most sane people could accuse Doug of doing the exact same thing. More skinny-shaming. It's genuinely uncomfortable how much this pops up.
  • He complains about superheroes partaking in too much Jesus symbolism in "Are Superheroes Whiny Little Bitches?", but even Chester lampshaded the Crucified Hero Shot when Critic himself died. Not sure if this was deliberate.
  • Most likely unintentional because he's on his high horse, but he complains in “Nostalgia Critic Talks Transformers 4” about how explosions mean nothing anymore, but his theme song is full of them for no reason. Argues with itself. Not deliberate.
  • He complains about Hocus Pocus being “virgin-shaming” (though Doug admits in a re-review that it's not as bad as he remembers), despite taking part in a ton of “virgins have something wrong with them” jokes himself. Not deliberate.
  • In regards to Frozen, the "Are you sick of 'Let It Go'?" editorial is a complaint about the flood of "Let It Go" remakes... in the form of a "Let It Go" remake. Valid, but a duplicate entry.
  • Critic getting annoyed at Chris doing catface in Rogue One, when Doug is basically a Cat Girl in real life. What?
    • Meta when Rob as Chart Guy 1 starts masturbating to portals and a disgusted Critic cuts that scene. Doug has rode Rosie Palms many times onscreen. Not deliberate.
  • While it's worth calling out Tom Cruise for producing a movie where a woman's on top of him and he gets to act all dominated, dominating women who hurt him onscreen is a giant Author Appeal of Doug's. Not deliberate, kind of creepy.

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