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  • The Critic says he never gets sick of the "OF COURSE!" joke in the Street Fighter movie, but in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog review, he said he's sick of it... and Bison didn't let that be. Hilarity Ensues.
  • "This ripping off of classic comedians has got to stop! Enough is enough. This is the final, the - the very, very last straw!"
  • In the SNICK segment, he complained that yelling doesn't make anything funny and that anyone who does that must get shot. Guess what happened.
    • As he puts it... "SCREAMING IN EVERY OTHER SENTENCE IS NOT FUNNY! IT IS LOUD AND ANNOYING! AND ANYONE WHO DOES IT SHOULD BE SHOT! *gets shot in the forehead* UNSHOT! *the wound disappears* AND GIVEN A BAG OF MONEY! *a bag of money appears in his hands to his surprise, a beat...* about some lounge music? *lounge music plays* Yeah!"
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  • And in the Critic's Captain N: The Game Master review:
    Critic: (With a plain white background behind him) "I mean seriously, what moron would just have a plain white background the whole entire time? (beat) He'd be a fucking idiot."
  • While calling the Nostalgia Critic, "Christopher Walken" objects to painting him the way he did while doing those exact things (pausing and whispering mid-sentence and reading and adjusting cue-cards).
  • In The Nostalgia Critic's Mortal Kombat: Annihilation video, he criticizes the special effects, saying that even The Angry Video Game Nerd could pull them off. The Nostalgia Critic doesn't exactly utilize great special effects either.
  • Street Fighter / Mortal Kombat:
    Critic: But luckily all that violence and gore had no disturbing side effects on our decent childhoods! [Drinks from a skull, fires a pistol in the air.] Sorry, I have to do that every twelve minutes.
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  • In his review of Last Action Hero, he criticizes the live-action movie for having a cartoon cat as one of the minor characters. He says the cartoon character in the movie makes no sense, like most of the movie. It gets hypocritical when you remember that the Critic himself has met or spoken to cartoon characters (Casper being the most prominent example).
  • From the Zeus and Roxanne review:
    Critic: Next you're going to be telling me internet reviewers can make lives making fun of movies.
  • Any case where he criticizes anyone for overacting their anger, preferably with a "I am acting!" scene. Of course, those actors generally don't intend it to be funny.
    • Given what a Large Ham the critic is, criticizing other people's overacting in general qualifies as this.
  • He mocks the concept of a Dark and Troubled Past in his Top Eleven Cliches. He himself has a fair amount of Break the Cutie backstory.
  • He says in his "Top Eleven Saddest Nostalgic Moments" list that a guy can't cry because that makes him a pussy and calls "The Little Match Girl" one of the few things he's got teary-eyed at. But we all know NC has broken down sometimes.
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  • Parodied in his Little Monsters review:
    Glen: What the hell is going on? Look at this mess. The hell am I stepping in? Doritos? Jesus!
    Critic: (as Glen) This is worse than that fucking time I caught you goddamn swearing!
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture: "It's like watching clips of a movie and then watching someone comment on it! *beat* Who the hell would want to see that?"
  • In a line that doubles as foreshadowing, he says “if only more people were accepting of death” in Star Trek III, the irony being at this point he's hurting badly over Ma-Ti's sacrifice and will seethe a few episodes later (Patch Adams) about the lead essentially saying the same thing.
  • Calls the Ba'ku out for their smug superiority complex and anti-technological rants in his review of Star Trek: Insurrection;
    Baku: Hey! Thanks for saving us with your technology, by the way, we hate all technology!
  • In the Digimon film: "Come on, is there anything more wasteful or useless than just looking at your computer screen for almost half an hour?"
  • In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom he complains about Short Round screaming too much while shrieking himself.
  • In Jack, he remarks that a ten year old wouldn't have dolls or go to his parents after a bad dream. This coming from a childish coward who snuggles a large monkey toy later in the episode.
  • He tells the bad guy in Congo that the answer to everything isn't yelling at TV screens.
  • "The Top 11 Dumbasses In Distress" becomes quite a bit funnier after remembering the many, many times he's been a distressed dude.
  • In his Son of the Mask review, it's revealed that Twitter was created by the Devil to make people dumber and Take Over the World. Channel Awesome and numerous contributors, past and present, have Twitter accounts. This includes Malcolm, who played The Devil. Doug and Rob however have claimed that Twitter is evil, Doug elaborating at the drive that he's an emotional animal and everyone who asked him to get one would regret getting so much access to what he's thinking.
  • Might not be intentional because Doug admitted it had been too cruel, but he talks a lot about "representing someone unfairly" in AI. Like them or not, the TMZ characters are based on real people and what happened in reality to create the episode wasn't quite what Critic said happened.
  • In The Shining, he defends mocking children's looks but gets upset when an adorkable picture of him as a five year old is shown. Also serves as a Not Himself moment, given his strong Papa Wolf inclinations from before.
  • Mocking Mythbusters for apparent sexist use of their sole female when Doug's even admitted he just shoehorns Rachel into Cute and Psycho roles.
  • While it's an unintentional use of the trope because Doug has complained about being so overweight he needs a stomach pump, the Paranoia review has a lot of trashing Brad Jones for getting very skinny very quickly when most sane people could accuse Doug of doing the exact same thing.
  • In his review of Tom and Jerry: The Movie, the Critic is appalled that the main titles of the movie actually shows blood when Jerry slices Tom up like cheese with his sword (to be fair, it's not as if blood just gushes out of Tom's body, but rather, the insides of his comically-slided-up body is red), though later in the movie, when Tom and Jerry have another encounter with Pugsly, the Critic quickly whips out his pistol in a fit of rage, and blasts Pugsly's head off (complete with cartoon blood).
  • In one episode he explains how annoying and tiresome covers and parodies of "Let It Go" are... in a cover/parody of that very song.
  • After all his high-horse speeches to the executives in The Lorax, he lets slip to Black Willy Wonka that he just wants his money-making secrets.
    • He calls out the film for having a Straw Character corrupt executive who has no redeeming features... while talking to Straw Character corrupt executives who have no redeeming features. Rob actually mentioned this in the commentary. Critic also complains to them that “laughing about the bad things you do doesn't make them any less bad”, which he knows has been said about the reboot plenty.
  • In Jurassic Park III, he complains about sequels splitting up or making miserable heartwarming couples at the end of the first movie. Doug would know all about retconning heartwarming endings.
  • In the After Earth Malcolm!Will Smith notes he has two more kids to promote. The Critic looks off screen.
    Critic: Nepotism.
    Rob: Right.
  • He complains about superheroes partaking in too much Jesus symbolism in "Are Superheroes Whiny Little Bitches?", but even Chester lampshaded the Crucified Hero Shot when Critic himself died.
  • In The Purge, he seethes that he doesn't want to do another crossover because he has an issue with being redundant, before smacking Casper away.
  • In the Princess Diaries 2 review, he's well aware he's trashing a invoked Girl-Show Ghetto movie while having a fanboy boner for Testosterone Poisoning comics. And whenever he asks who would be stupid enough to fall for gender manipulation, Hyper Fangirl side-eyes and caters to his Playboy/violent video game “needs”.
  • Most likely unintentional because he's on his high horse, but he complains in “Nostalgia Critic Talks Transformers 4” about how explosions mean nothing anymore, but his theme song is full of them for no reason.
  • In "Why Is Tom and Jerry Genius", he asks what sick fuck would enjoy a real life cat getting hurt. He might, considering he ripped apart a kitty in Timothy Green.
  • In the Sailor Moon review, he complains about fourteen year old girls being oversexualized, but then sexualizes his own fourteen year old self even more. Usagi and the others didn't exactly have whole scenes dedicated to their crotches.
  • In the Blockbuster Buster crossover of Transformers 4, Critic complains that Erod is too overly dramatic. He's hardly one to talk.
  • In his review of the Nerd movie, Mandy complains that she didn't want to objectify herself with a Cat Fight but is going to have to. Critic tells her that just because she lampshades something doesn't mean it's okay to do. Reboot especially is well-known for lampshading stuff that doesn't work but still doing it anyway. He also complains at Nerd for having a “quirky black sidekick”, when Malcolm's status as invoked Token Minority has been lampshaded more than once.
  • In Demolition Man, he scoffs at Sandra Bullock's character surrounding herself in 20th century nostalgia.
  • In the same link that mocks CA flogging Critic like a cash cow, there's an advertisement for Critic t-shirts, and there's a Best Of Critic DVD (the last one being when he died) coming soon.
  • He complains about Hocus Pocus being “virgin-shaming” (though Doug admits in a re-review that it's not as bad as he remembers), despite taking part in a ton of “virgins have something wrong with them” jokes himself.
  • Critic getting annoyed at Chris doing catface in Rogue One, when Doug is basically a Cat Girl in real life.
  • In the review of Captain N, the Critic makes a joke about the creators leaving out a background in a few scenes, saying "I mean seriously, what moron would just have a Plain. White. Background. The whole entire time? [Beat]. He'd be a fucking idiot." No points for guessing what the background of his show is.
  • Later on he reviews a Nickelodeon sketch with the basis of its humor based entirely on random shouting.
    Critic: SCREAMING IN EVERY OTHER SENTENCE IS NOT FUNNY! IT IS LOUD AND ANNOYING! AND ANYONE WHO DOES IT SHOULD BE SHOT! [gets shot in the forehead] UNSHOT! [the wound disappears] AND GIVEN A BAG OF MONEY! [a bag of money appears in his hands to his surprise. A beat...] about some lounge music? [lounge music plays] Yeah!
  • He does this again in his Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom review.
    Critic: And is there anything more annoying than someone that just screams every other line they say? I MEAN THAT'S REALLY OBNOXIOUS!
  • During one of the infamous padding sequences in Star Trek The Motionless Picture, NC comments that this is just "watching a bunch of footage and seeing someone comment on it! Who would want to watch that?"
  • In the crossover review of Les Misérables (2012) with Oancitizen and Paw Dugan, the three condemn the Love at First Sight trope is ridiculous — at which point Maven bursts and and, sure enough, she and Paw immediately fall in love, and do a montage of their love while singing about how stupid the trope is.
  • In his The Last Airbender review he mentions the race lifting amongst the cast of the film and says that there's nothing worse than misrepresenting characters by getting their skin colors wrong, which is immediately agreed upon by "Katara" and "Sokka"... who are being played by a white girl and a black man.
  • In regards to Frozen, the "Are you sick of 'Let It Go'?" editorial is a complaint about the flood of "Let It Go" remakes... in the form of a "Let It Go" remake.
  • In the Wild Wild West review, the Critic complains about the number of close-up shots of Dr. Loveless' monologue, even counting the occurrences. Then the review also does a tally of how many times the Critic has done the same.
  • In the Suicide Squad (2016) behind the scenes, Tamara jokes that she needs to apologize for giving Scar Jo some crap for Ghost in the Shell when she's playing Katana.
    • Meta when Rob as Chart Guy 1 starts masturbating to portals and a disgusted Critic cuts that scene. Doug has rode Rosie Palms many times onscreen.
  • In Alice In Wonderland 2, he's annoyed that the entire plot is centered around Carrot Juice being sad. He's not exactly a bundle of sunshine himself.
  • When the Nutcracker insists on being called "NC" in The Nutcracker in 3D, Critic scoffs and calls the intials dumb.


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