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  • In the premium area outtakes for Ferngully, when they're dancing, Doug starts giving giving blowjob motions and Lindsay starts rubbing her chest.
  • Giving a victory blowjob to his joystick after the battle with Angry Joe. The gesture is appreciated, Doug.
  • He does like showing off his chest, especially that often-shown scene of when he quits his job.
  • In the first Care Bears movie, he thinks that the villain is getting eaten out while she does her lines. He then demonstrates by giving us a series of quite lovely orgasm noises.
    • In his Jaws 3D review, he simulates an offscreen sex scene by himself, providing the orgasmic-sounding voices for both the man and the woman. Goodness.
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  • The DVD menus seem to be made for this: the first consists of him wearing an air hostess uniform and the second has Rob barging in on him while he's in the shower.
  • Done in an equal-opportunity way for the Moulin Rouge! review. Girls get pregnant from Critic singing while guys get the Chick, Elisa and Nella in boob-enhancing corsets. (Behind the scenes, apparently Team NChick had to strongarm Doug into allowing the corsets, as he was worried about them perved over by the creepier parts of the fandom.)
  • Other than it being funny, the only reason why Doug's naked and playing a Depraved Bisexual in this advertisement.
  • In-universe, this is his belief as to why Catherine Zeta Jones plays up her character's bisexuality in the remake of The Haunting (1999).
  • There's even a joke amongst the other contributors that if their video includes Doug or his characters suffering, the views will usually be pretty high.
  • Both forms in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie ("it's pandering time", with Power Rangers fans getting sucked up to note  with "Nostalgia Ranger", and the female audience getting Doug in skintight latex.
  • As lampshaded by Critic himself in The Wicker Man (2006), Tamara's characters hurting and insulting him are what will keep his viewcounts up because fandom likes seeing him squirm (though he still humiliates her, shoves the camera right on her cleavage and puts her in sexy little girl costumes for the portion of the audience who enjoy women getting treated like that.) Also Doug laughed later in Fan World that Critic being tortured was partly an excuse to show off his crotch.
  • For Small Soldiers, Doug in a lot of leather and make-up as Devil Boner.
  • His cameo in The Last Angry Geek's Future's End episode, where he's a broken Sex Slave for the Snob and actually kneels down while unzipping sounds are heard. Intentionally exploited by Brian to make the fangirls happy, as he confirmed on twitter.
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  • Defied with Doug's Ice Bucket Challenge. He knows full well that everyone wants to see him get soaked, but it's just a Cool as Ice DVD falling on his head before he stalks off.
  • Proving himself a lot more up for it than Doug was, Malcolm shows off some serious muscles in his ice bucket challenge video.
  • Subverted in the promo to see editorials early. When the audience waits out the timer, he feels duty-bound to show a nipple, but the video cuts out as soon as he lifts his shirt.
  • In the “Princess Diaries 2” behind the scenes video, Jim does some pull-ups and Rob jokes about his invoked Estrogen Brigade loving it. Dayna (Doug's ex girlfriend) also shows why he liked her in the first place by dead lifting him off the floor.
  • His Sixth Day crossover with Sci-Fi Guy is particularly homoerotic, starting with Critic landing on Guy's lap, making giving blowjob motions after saying “a mouth is a mouth”, and ending with present Critic wanting a clone of himself as a Sex Slave.
  • Doug posing prettily in a cheerleading outfit. Gets even better in behind the scenes, as Rob is so uncomfortable at Doug's flirty posing that he jokes he can't watch schoolgirl anime anymore. He also teases fans that he's collecting all of Doug's drag moments in a folder that he'll sell to the highest bidder.
  • Tamara in Daredevil is wearing a tank top that pushes her breasts right up and is really low cut.
  • While doing a Cards Against Humanity panel at a con, when a card read out “-enjoying a striptease from the Nostalgia Critic”, Doug instantly gave the audience a show.
  • In The Legend of Zorro review, bending over his desk and noisily pretending to get spanked.
  • In-universe, Malcolm's powers in Fantastic Four (2005) creates Chun-Li for him and Critic to enjoy, but Critic tells him “the lady” (Tamara) should also have something and he gives her Zangief. She's appreciative.
  • Literally the first shot of him in the Critic Tank Shark Jumping episode is giving a blowjob to his pen.
  • In the Event Horizon behind the scenes, Doug is in some interesting positions for the “fire coming out of his ass” bit, and when Malcolm says he doesn't know what to make of it, Doug jokes “I'm going in the direction you thought I was going in, I'm going into porn”.
  • Played for laughs in Hocus Pocus with Beth's "Come Little Children", as she's overly sexual with her broom and creeps the other witches out.
  • In Spawn, while it's not treated as such in-universe, Tamara in latex and a lot of belts is pretty appealing, as she pointed out herself.
  • In The Phantom of the Opera (2004) behind the scenes, Tamara and Beth zoom in on Doug's ass and he shakes it for them.
    Beth: Happy International Women's Day!
  • While Jason is horrified, Doug lifting his shirt at the end of The Mountain and wiggling.
  • In Jem, both Critic and Malcolm are in drag, with the former in a pink top that falls right off his shoulder and Malcolm in a cut off shirt that shows his muscled arms. The music video at the beginning also alternates between intentional awkward and moves/poses where Doug totally knows what he's doing.
  • Much like how Holtzmann in the movie licking the gun is a favorite of queer girls, Aiyanna in the Ghostbusters review doing the same was instantly loved.
  • Even before the review came out, there was intense thirst for Critic in chains and a kinky caption by Tamara.
  • In the review of Fant4stic, she's not in it very long and he goes back to normal clothes after five minutes, but the episode features Tamara in a low-cut tank and Doug in leather pants.
  • During the commercial break in the A Goofy Movie review, Doug models jeans by shoving his ass right into the camera.
  • Parodied in Dragonball Evolution where Critic imitates Bulma showing some leg by twirling his non existent hair and rubbing his chest.
  • Malcolm as Finn gets some rare fanservice when he licks his weapon in The Last Jedi.
  • Lampshaded in the 2017 livestream, where Doug's excited that flirting with Brad gets the donations going up and the others tell him to rub his nipple for more.
  • The Batman Forever commercial break also has Doug in a tuxedo and modelling it to advertise.
  • Sleepwalkers being so batshit seems to give Doug an orgasm in the first viewing, moaning "you do me good" and rubbing himself.
  • The Wall has Tamara in a maid costume.


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