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I am that which is, which was, and is yet to come! And you will know my name is Megatron when I lay my vengeance upon you!

For best effect, read in the voice of the silky sweet tones of David Kaye...OR ELSE!

Truly, Starscream, you thought you would be the only Cybertronian whose presence would grace this unholy website? You'll find that I make for a far more interesting subject. Yeeeees.

And now, primitive lifeforms, perhaps it would be wise to indulge you as to my identity. All know me as Megatron. No, not that one, and not the professional sports player of your primitives who identifies himself as Megatron. Ironic as it would seem, I took the name after a far more ancient being. But much of my past will remain shrouded in mystery. It adds a nicer effect to it, wouldn't you say? What I will say is that I used to be a simple thief, until I ended up under the wing of a criminal named Cryotek. Like me, he took the Maximal rule of Cybertron following the Autobots' victory in the Great War to be an insult to the Predacons who were left struggling as second-class citizens. He had hoped to steal a device that contained a message from my namesake, planning to alter history by killing Optimus Prime as he lay in stasis onboard The Ark and change history in the Decepticons' favor. Naturally, I knew he would betray me, so I betrayed him first. With a small crew of Predacons who agreed my methods of eliminating the Maximals were far quicker and more efficient, I set out to prehistoric Earth, in the hopes I could fool all into thinking that I sought Energon deposits. Unfortunately, those Maximal scum followed me and caused us both to crash. The planet's high amount of radiation led us to adopt organic forms to survive, with myself becoming a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Maximals' leader Optimus Primal did the same to his troops, and thus began the Beast Wars!


For many months, I fought hard to ensure victory, but the Maximals always ended up with the upper hand (not to mention my minions constantly backstabbing me, and left me with a difficult path in the war. The constant betrayals of Terrosaur, the many manipulations of Tarantulas, the annoyance of being referred to as Queen by Inferno...far too much incompetence in my ranks. Perhaps I should try to employ more competent minions. But eventually, the battles forced me to enact my ultimate plan, for no other path was presented to me.

Oh? You thought I was going to kill Optimus Prime? Foolish organics. That was but a trick to lower your guard. The truth is, I was planning to force you pathetic lower life forms to worship me via this page. I don't intend to deliver any sort of sad tale of woe; no. Instead, I have fooled you into reading everything about me. Now, as I have you trapped in my grip, you are now required to take in the details of my glorious life. You cannot back out. You cannot escape. All you can do is suffer... yeeeeees.


  • 0% Approval Rating: Few of my Predacons bothered to show any loyalty to me (save for Scorponok and that loyal, yet annoying fire ant), and none of my brethren agreed with my more...aggressive stance towards the Maximals. Unfortunately for them, I was the one who came out victorious!

  • Adaptational Nice Guy: As much as at it pains me to admit, a version of me from an alternate dimension had a less god-like demeanor. And apparently, there happens to be a version of me who's noble. Noble...truly that accursed form was the worst of my days!

  • Admiring the Abomination: I consider myself amongst the most devious of beings, but I can't help but admire some of the more unique creations of the Vok. They would have made worthy allies. At least until I would have inevitably stolen their technology and used it for my own ends.

  • A God Am I: When one acquires ultimate power, you tend to think this of yourself. I was no exception. Yeeeeees.

  • Amplifier Artifact: Ravage once deemed me inferior to the Megatron of which he served. How ironic that it was the very spark of that Megatron that granted me far greater power!

  • And This Is for...: I delivered one to Optimus Prime himself when I unleashed my fury upon him. A shame he was in stasis; he would have quivered beneath my might.

  • The Antichrist: How appropriate a moniker. My powers over all of Cybertron have put Unicron to shame.

  • Arch-Enemy: Optimus Primal serves in this manner to me, much as our predecessors once did. It would seem that, throughout all of time and space, fate always pits us against one another. Good! I relish the chance!

  • Arm Cannon: I may not be as direct as my predecessor about it, but I still continue to maintain prominent firepower in this manner. Why else would my Tyrannosaurus Head be so well kept?

  • Ax-Crazy: My grip on sanity slipped further as my power grew. I cared not for it; after all, who needs sanity when power and godhood are all that are required?

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Ever question why no other Predacon has seized command? They never succeeded. And I would never let them. Yeeees.

  • Bad Boss: Do not assume my efficacious command style for anything less than what it truly is. I hold no respect for any of my underlings; they are just pawns in a larger scheme. Should they betray me, I put them in their place. So long as they have use to me, I will continue to maintain their presence in my army. And that is all they shall ever be. Though I will at least admit Inferno is the only one of my Predacons I feel less inclined to bring harm to. Until he calls me Queen.

  • Bastard Understudy: As I regaled in my tale, I studied under a bot named Cryotek, who intended to use the Golden Disk for his own ends. I simply took it from him, after he had intended to betray me. Thus began the first of many who would underestimate me.

  • Berserk Button:
    • Don't call me QUEEN. EVER!
    • Disobey my orders, and you will find me in a very unforgiving mood. Pray that you still have use to me. Yeeeees.
    • I do not want to hear ANYTHING about the H-word! By which I mean the ridiculous concept of "honor" that Dinobot and his clone were so obsessed with.

  • Big Bad: Naturally. If one bears the name "Megatron", this is bound to happen.

  • Big Bad Ensemble: With the Vok and the Tripredacus Council. Until they both failed. Then I became the sole villain the Maximals faced.

  • Big Bad Wannabe: The Tripedicus Council thought this of me. A fatal mistake on their part.

  • Big "NO!": Defeat is often a cruel mistress. My loss in the Beast Wars was one such unfortunate example. My defeat at the hands of Rhinox when I planted that Energon virus? Please, do not mention that moment. At least it beats being defeated by technicolored equine mammals!note 
  • Card-Carrying Villain: A tyrant if ever there was one, and quite proud of it, if I may add. Yeeees.

  • Came Back Strong: My Transmetal II form was the result of being betrayed by Tarantulas. How quickly he regretted it.

  • Came Back Wrong: Oh, Tarantulas. You surely made a terrible mistake in betraying me. Thanks to you, I was able to become a Transmetal II dragon. And to think, all of Cybertron's populace fell under my control.

  • Catchphrase: Yeeeeees. And don't you forget it! And also, exxcellent...

  • The Chessmaster: Even when the Maximals thought they had the upper hand, I still won. I had always planned for them to try and stop me, so I simply played them to my whims. Yeeeees.

  • Cold Ham: My demeanor became more serious upon taking Cybertron.

  • Companion Cube: My rubber ducky. Mock it at your own peril.

  • Complexity Addiction: Fine, but I will confess that I have a tendency for the dramatic. It tends to...harm me in the long run. Yeeeees.

  • Consummate Liar: Lying isn't just a habit for me; it's a tool. And it's come in handy many times.

  • Contrasting Sequel Antagonist: In contrast to my progenitor, I had little tolerance for failure and betrayal to the point that my troops were tools and nothing more. Punishment was severe, my goals were far loftier, and for my own well being. The original Megatron did care for his troops somewhat, and he somehow kept that wretched backstabber under his wing in spite of his betrayals, and he sought an empire where all Decepticon kind could flourish. And most importantly? I succeeded where he failed.

  • Control Freak: Of course. I don't trust anyone but myself. My minions would always try to betray me, so what choice did I have? It meant that all of Cybertron had to lose its free will, but it was a small price to pay.

  • Crazy-Prepared: A wise tyrant always designs his prisons so that he can escape from them. Likewise I always keep an eye on what my trecherous underlings on doing.

  • Dark Is Evil: Darker colors always did suit me best.

  • Darker and Edgier: With Cybertron in my grip, I became far more serious in my goals. And it worked in my favor, for fear made me a god.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Intolerance amongst my troops is simply because they fail to understand my genius. I simply have a penchant for "intelligent conversation".

  • Death by Irony: Trying to force Cybertron to my whims killed me in the end.

  • Decomposite Character: You organics thought I was the original Megatron when you made effigies in my honor. But I couldn't be further from him.

  • Diabolical Mastermind: Rightfully so. Yeeeees.

  • Divergent Character Evolution: As I was built to be similar to my progenitor, this was to be expected. All know him as ruthless conquerer with little patience for failure. I, however, am a cultured warrior who committed far grander schemes in the name of power for myself.

  • Do Wrong, Right: If you're going to kill me, make sure to actually succeed - treachery requires no mistakes! Yeeeees.

  • Elemental Powers: My Transmetal II form gave me fire and ice powers. How delightful.

  • Embarrassing Nickname: DON'T call me Queen.

  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: My Tyrannosaurus form is demonstrative of this.

  • Even Evil Has Standards: Standards are necessary for a villain of my caliber. I would not attempt to kill Optimus Prime until it became a truly necessary tactic, nor would I allow my Predacons to suffer under Maximal rule. My rule, however...

  • Evil Brit: British? Hmmmmm. Perhaps. Evil? Most definitely.

  • Evil Counterpart: To Primal, obviously. We couldn't be any less different.

  • Evil Gloating: When victory is obtained, I will always ensure the world knows it was I who made it possible. Yeeeees.

  • Evil Is Hammy: Must I say it? I take great privilege in my cultured demeanor.

  • Evil Is Petty: Undoubtedly so. With all my power, I simply had to demonstrate it for my own amusement.

  • Evil Knockoff: For some reason, I couldn't help but clone Dinobot. Perhaps I missed his I missed his strength. Alas, they never seemed to work properly.

  • Evil Plan: My first goal was to destroy the Maximals and rule Cybertron. After accomplishing the latter goal, it was about ensuring I would rule forever.

  • Evil Laugh: Without a doubt. HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  • Evil Sounds Deep: Yeeeees.

  • The Evils of Free Will: My conquest of Cybertron led me to remove such pesky notions of free will from the populous, for I, the victor of the Beast Wars, had no intention of letting my inferiors continue to function.

  • Evil Gloating: Oh, how I loved to remind Primal of his failures. It was one of the more amusing anecdotes I allowed myself during my reign.

  • Expy: Of my progenitor.

  • Fantastic Racism: ORGANICS. Their death will be swift and absolute! And I will never stoop so low as to use organic technology again!

  • Faux Affably Evil: I will at least show some cordial respect towards my enemies and those I intend to destroy. It's hardly proper for a bot of my stature.

  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Once, I was but a small thief no one dared pay any mind to. Within months, I nearly wiped out humanity, destroyed the fabric of time itself, and conquered the entire planet with my sheer power and strength of will. Even beyond my time, none will dare to forget what I accomplished. A petty thief? No. A god.

  • Genius Bruiser: Strong though I may be, my cunning is my most dangerous weapon.

  • Godhood Seeker: All I sought was to become the only being who ruled Cybertron. And I did. Yeeeees.

  • Godzilla Threshold: Killing Optimus Prime was my intention, but I never enacted it out of fear of the consequences. But once Primal gained more victories, I killed the Autobot leader.

  • Hidden Agenda Villain: My goal was to kill Optimus Prime as he lay in stasis on The Ark, but I acted as if the "unknown planet's" Energon was my desire. When the war fell into the Maximals' favor, I took matters into my own hands and enacted the plan.

  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Perhaps absorbing all of Cybertron's sparks into my own was not the wisest of choices when one is being plunged into a dark pit.

  • Hypocrite: I cannot stand treachery... unless I am the one accomplishing it. Or if it's being done incompetently. Perhaps you'd care to take notes, Starscream?

  • An Ice Person: Ice attacks became part of my arsenal when I obtained my dragon form.

  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Dragons!: My final Transmetal form was a massive dragon. Few would deny its sheer might and strength. It's organic nature, however, leaves much to be desired.

  • It's All About Me: Little is beneath my care, unless I am directly involved in it. None would rule over Cybertron but myself.

  • Jerkass: How I love to make my enemies suffer! Yeeeees.

  • Karmic Death: Primal finally managed to end our rivalry with both of us dying in Cybertron's core. I hope that you only worshiped his demise.

  • Kill All Humans: Changing history wasn't my initial plan, but with the threat of the Maximals from Cybertron coming realizing what I was doing and traveling back to arrest me I had to step my game. After looking a landscape image on the Golden Disc of a mountain that my crazed crustacean Rampage blew up, changing the image on the disc, I found my solution. The aid of the wretched humans allowed the Autobots to defeat the Decepticons, so I resolved to exterminate the anthropoids before they could spread. I was SO CLOSE before Dinobot intervened. He perished thanks to his fatal wounds and the energy he expended, but by then the rest of the Maximals arrived and with the rest of underlings beaten I had to retreat.

  • Killed Off for Real: After all I had done, to meet my demise at Primal's hands was nothing short of the ultimate humiliation. For now, at least...

  • Large Ham: Yeeeees. And I revel in it.

  • Large and in Charge: The largest of the Predacons ruled them all. And I was the largest. Well, until Rampage came along, but I had a means of controlling him. Then I evolved into a Transmetal II form, and became even larger than him.

  • Legacy Character: I bear the name of the one who led the Decepticons, for I am his descendant.

  • Look What I Can Do Now!: Tarantulus attempted to end my life when I absorbed my progenitor's spark. I quickly demonstrated to him and his cohort the fatality of their mistake. Yeeees.

  • Mad Scientist: I can't help but indulge myself in this from time to time. Creating Dinobot II was quite a fruitful experience.

  • Make Wrong What Once Went Right: By the time of my creation, the Autobots' victory in the Great War had given them and their descendants, those accursed Maximals, control of Cybertron. So I attempted to kill Optimus Prime as he lay in stasis, thereby ensuring my kind ruled over the planet instead.
    • Before that I attempted to wipe out the early humans. The Autobots wouldn't have defeated the Decepticons without their help so the extermination of humanity would have ensure the Decepticons' victory. After Dinobot thwarted my first attempt the humans began to spread out from their initial home, making it impossible to hum them all down.

  • Manipulative Bastard: I suppose I should thank my minions for their constant betrayal. It made it all too easy to use them for my own ends.

  • Narcissist: Of course. After all, the universe belongs under my thumb alone. And unlike a certain second-in-command, I could back up my greatness with victories many times over.

  • Multiple Head Case: Hardly. My Tyrannosaurus head was merely a decoration I used for my own personal amusement.

  • Near-Villain Victory: Ohh, how close have I come to winning, only to have victory snatched from me? Killing Primal? Undone. Killing Optimus Prime? Undone. Wiping out the human race and all the Transformers that lay aboard The Ark? Thwarted. Annihilating all organic life? Please, indulge me with how you believe the outcome turned out.

  • Never My Fault: Nothing is ever my own fault! The Maximals, my traitorous minions, and all organic life ruined everything! EVERYTHING!

  • No Name Given: Who was I before I became "Megatron"? You will never know. Although one series chose to call me "Gnashteeth" and another "Galavar." Whether either of these were my true self in my past life, I will not reveal. Megatron is the only relevant name I choose. Yeeees.

  • No One Could Survive That!: I was inside a mountain of raw energon in robot mode, as it exploded. Some of the Maximals thought I was dead, but Primal knew better. Indeed I returned again as though nothing happened.

  • Not So Similar: Ravage once thought me as nothing but a pale imitator of the bot who bore the name before me. He found how wrong he was when I accomplished what that Megatron could not.

  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: Those foolish Maximals thought of me as nothing but an egomaniac with delusions of grandeur. Yet I was the one who brought their forces to their knees many times, and it was I who nearly destroyed time and space, conquered Cybertron, and nearly wiped out humanity. Harmless? I think not. Wouldn't you agree?

  • Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist: I certainly think of myself as doing this for the well-being of Cybertron and the Predacon race, but you organics tend to view my mistreatment of my troops and the multiple instances of genocide I committed to prove I only cared about power above all us. Truly your opinion is lacking in my mind. I simply made the universe better; it just so happens all others were ill-suited to handle such a daunting task.

  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Curious as to how my minions have failed to betray me? I simply act as if I know nothing of their plans. All it does is allow me to defeat them at their most vulnerable. Yeeees.

  • Omnicidal Maniac: My decision to destroy The Ark with all onboard constitutes as this, though not nearly as much as when my conquest of Cybertron led me to steal the sparks of all its denizens. And all organic life would have perished beneath my heel!

  • One-Winged Angel: My Transmetal II form. Such GLORIOUS POWER!

  • OOC Is Serious Business: A crisis of great distress led me to call for a ceasefire with Primal and his Maximals. Even I have times where it becomes necessary to work with your foes to achieve victory against a greater threat. Yeeeees.

  • Orcus on His Throne: My conquest of Cybertron was done entirely at the discretion of my Vehicon generals. Only when it came time to face Primal himself did I deal with the matter personally.

  • Our Dragons Are Different: Merging the original Megatron's spark with my own transformed me into a towering Transmetal II dragon, complete with the strengths and abilities they came with. The power was quite satisfying, but the organic part eventually was too much to deal with.

  • Playing with Fire: Becoming a Transmetal II Dragon gave me this great power. And I used it quite well. Yeeees.

  • Pragmatic Villainy: I didn't initially wish to destroy Prime as he slept in stasis, for there were other ways to conquer Cybertron without resorting to such measures. I ultimately chose to do so anyway. Certainly the consequences wouldn't have been that drastic.[[note]]And now I am being told that doing so would have led Unicron to consuming the planet without Prime's intervention. So perhaps I was a bit hasty...

  • Purple Is Powerful: Following in the footsteps of my predecessor's faction, my entire paint job is based around this color. And unlike some of the more treacherous members of my crew, my power is ABSOLUTE!

  • Ret-Gone: My ultimate goal was to do this to the entire Maximal race by executing Optimus Prime where he slept onboard The Ark, ensuring Decepticon and Predacon domination of Cybertron!.

  • Riddle for the Ages: What occurred between my escape from the Maximals and my conquest of Cybertron? You will never know. At least until someone decides to tell this tale. Or perhaps they would have had a few moronic leaders chose to deny the scribes permission to make references to our previous conflict.

  • Right-Hand Cat: The head of my alternate mode made for an excellent companion. At least it never attempted to betray me.

  • Rogue Agent: The Tripredicus Council was, to say the least, disappointed in my actions. And yet they weren't the ones who would take over Cybertron, now were they?

  • Rollerblade Good: My Transmetal evolution gave my alternate form these. A shame that Earth was lacking in some of its more modern amenities; it would have made for a glorious hobby. Yeeees.

  • Sadist: Nothing brings me great pleasure than to watch as Primal and his Maximals suffer beneath my feat. I take such great pleasure in it, at least until such tendencies led to my downfall.

  • Sanity Slippage: Upon absorbing the spark of my predecessor, my mind lost its grip on reality as I unleashed my new power on the universe! And then, I took over all of Cybertron and lost it entirely. Such is the price for godhood.

  • Satanic Archetype: Some of you believe me to be no worse than Unicron in this regard. I find it appropriate, for my powers dwarf that of the harshest of underworlds. Yeeees.

  • She Is the King: No, this is not in employ. Inferno would always refer to me as a "Queen", much to my displeasure. "Royalty", however, was more acceptable.

  • Shout-Out to Shakespeare: A frequent tendency of mine is to quote one of the more notable organics on your planet, though not to the extent of that traitor, Dinobot. And yes, I have more of a tolerance of him than all of you combined. So please, attempt to test my patience over this matter, for these violent delights have violent ends.

  • The Sociopath: My egotism knows no bounds, I hold no regards for my underlings, and I consider all beneath me. All in testament to my power. Yesssss.

  • Surrounded by Idiots: One of the main things that held me back. My underlings were either holding me back with their blundering or the attempts to undermine my authority in some in-vain attempt to overthrow me. If you wonder why I talk out so much, it's because there is nobody else around to have an intelligent conversation with.

  • Taking You with Me: In my first one on one duel with Primal, after we both sustained heavy damage in a mountain of Energon that kept us from entering robot mode, I braved the danger regardless and transformed to kill him with a missile. If I was going to die, I would take him with me!

  • Tin Tyrant: Not so much at first (that scheming spider Tarantulas once referred to me as such), but upon my evolution into more powerful forms, I fully embodied this. And it was truly the most glorious days of my life-cycle.

  • Tyrannosaurus rex: It's primarily the reason you remember me so fondly, thanks to my rather appropriate alternate mode.note 

  • Took a Level in Cynic: In Beast Machines, I did sport a more sedate, cold attitude, although hints of my old fondness for melodrama bleed through every now and again. Towards the end of the series, I did start to regain my old, hammier persona. Yeeeees.

  • Took a Level in Jerkass: What level was there to take? I was always a villain of excellent tastes. I just so happened to embrace my newfound powers and use them to commit genocide on a planetary scale.

  • TV Genius: I don't consider myself the sociable type. It matters little to me, in spite of my Predacons constantly attempting to replace me as leader. I hold a far greater dominance over them than they do of me. And I always remind them of that every time their betrayal inevitably fails. Yeeeees.

  • Underestimating Badassery: Oh, Cybertron. You thought of me as nothing but a petty thief. With my conquest over you, and with time having nearly been unraveled thanks to me, would you agree that it was a mistake?

  • The Unfettered: Truly you expect me to be in shock of what I bear witness to? My plans for all life in the universe are far beyond any comprehension, hence I have no need to be so easily wowed of what I bear witness to.

  • Unskilled, but Strong: One weakness I do unfortunately posses is a lack of proper combat skills. Hence, whenever it comes time to battle against my enemies, I usually rely on strategy and brute force to obtain victory. Rarely has it failed me. Then once I became far more powerful... Yeeeees.

  • Verbal Tic: "Yeeeees". The documentation of this was well recorded, I assure you.

  • Vetinari Job Security: Though I am considered abusive and manipulative to my subordinates, I have proven to be the most suitable in leading my nearly-psychotic crew of Predacons. I have proven this to Terrorsaur once by granting the fool command during a crisis... and watching him fail spectacularly. Yeeeeees.

  • Villain Ball: My downfall in the Beast Wars was my inability to avoid gloating about my superiority. But truly when one obtains godhood, you can't help but revel in it, correct? Especially seeing as that proved to be a minor setback.

  • Villainous Valor: Deliver unto me great difficulty, and I will show you why I bear the name "Megatron." Nothing will stop my plans!

  • Villainous Friendship: There was only one Predacon I valued, for his loyalty if nothing else. That insufferable fire ant, Inferno, for all his faults, was the only one of my troops I could value. That was, until he no longer served his purpose, and met his end at my demise. A shame really, but a god has no need for such weakness in his underlings.

  • Vocal Evolution: By the time of my conquest of Cybertron, I lost much of my jovial nature to become far more serious, and my vocal processor changed to match. Godhood requires no room for such privileges.

  • We Have Reserves: I have no care for the well being of my underlings. So long as they serve their purpose, I will remain content. And should they be destroyed, I will always find more to recruit into my army. Primal's mistake of jettisoning those stasis pods gave me plenty of possibilities to work with.

  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Though you organics seem to think otherwise, my goal was to change history for the well-being of the Predacons. Under Maximal rule, we were treated as scrap piles. Had I succeeded, it would have been us in charge, treated as rightful rulers of Cybertron! But, my conquest of the planet changed all that. With my power, only one could rule: ME! Yeeeees.

  • Wicked Cultured: Evil though I may be, I am rather fond of the works of Cybertron's great literary works. I often enjoy rereading them in the confines of my hot tub.

  • Would Hit a Girl: Gender is irrelevant if you attempt to betray me. Blackarachnia was not immune to my punishment despite her charms.

  • Xanatos Gambit: When Terrorsaur tried to take over with Rattrap as his lieutenant, after I escaped my capture, I let the fool remain in command when the Maximals attacked. I didn't know if Rattrap had actually switched sides or not so I decided to test it by ordering him to shoot Dinobot. Either he really had defected or I could show the rest of the Predacons that Terrorsaur had let a spy into our ranks. Rattrap did indeed prove to a spy, shooting off Terrorsaur's head, which gave Dinobot the chance to free himself and knock out one of my teeth. That hurt, but it was no matter, I ensured nobody would follow that fool's lead.

  • You Are What You Hate: Uhhhh... organics. How I loathe them. And to think, upon my successful conquest of Cybertron, I was stuck in such an unfortunate state. Looking back, perhaps I should have been more grateful, for the Maximals ended up trapping me in a completely organic body! For a time anyway. My newer bodies were much more as I desired.

So, you did manage to read me entire page? It would seem I underestimated you. But no matter. Soon, the Beast Wars will be over, and I will have destroyed all of the pathetic Maximals beneath my heel! Now onward my troops... to victory!

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