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The introductory page for character pages written in the first person as if by the character they describe. They can add a new layer of characterization for the character in question, but can be opaque or hard to read, so we have third-person accounts in the Main/ namespace and first-person accounts here. Due to the large size of the page, we are dividing it based on which media the characters appear in, just like examples on a trope page. Note that they are organized based on what media in which they first appeared.

Before you create a self-demonstrating character page, it needs to fulfill these conditions:

  1. Does the character have an interesting speech pattern?
  2. Does a specific quirk of that character translate well to an article?
  3. Does the character have a unique personality, not a stock character type, that can be maintained for the entirety of the page?

If it does, then you can try your best to create a page for that specific character, maintaining the character’s personality throughout the page. Please note: self-demonstrating character pages that do not fulfill these conditions are subject to deletion. Don't link these pages into their official character pages. Focus on the tropes as if written by the character, not on the autobiography— there are first-person fanfics and other wikis for that.

Not to be confused with Character Sheets, which are lists of all the characters in a particular work, along with tropes applying specifically to each character. It's also not to be confused with Character-Specific Pages, when characters have so many tropes that they have their own separate pages.


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