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The introductory page dedicated to character pages written in the first person as if by the person they describe. They can add a new layer of characterization for the character in question but can be opaque or hard to read. So we have third-person accounts in the Main/ namespace and first-person accounts here. Due to the large size of the page, we are dividing it based on which media the characters appear in, just like examples on a trope page. Note that they are organized based on what media they first appeared in.


Before you want to create a character page, it needs to fulfill either of the two conditions:

  1. Does it have an interesting speech pattern?
  2. Does a specific quirk of that character transition well within an article?

If it does, then you can try your best to create a page for that specific character, maintaining their personality as much as you can.

Not to be confused with Character Sheets, which are lists of all the characters in a particular work, along with tropes applying specifically to each character.

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