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This is the character sheet for Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon. All voice actors listed under Hypothetical Casting are imagine-cast by Ryan and Bia. Beware of spoilers, although big ones are all marked with spoiler text; all information only covers story material that has already been released.

The Cures

Kawada Asa (Kinou Asa, Cure Sunday)

"On behalf of the light, I am Cure Sunday!"

"What is it? A store that appeared and became really popular overnight? Or an idol who's having her shows sabotaged?"

Kawada Asa has just been able to move from her crumbling old school in the poor end of town to the nicer Clair Academy, with her mother's hopes that it will be better for her. She quickly becomes an outcast thanks to her unapologetic confidence and her interest in shows that are supposed to be for boys half her age, and she does notice and feels bad about it. It doesn't stop her from dreaming of being just like DaiFighter, and though becoming a Cure wasn't quite what she wanted, she quickly decides that it'll do.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: Asa was never very well liked because of her obsession with Tokusatsu hero shows. Thankfully, she still has Hoshi and gains new friends once she transfers to Clair Academy.

Nakayama Yoko (Cure Night)

"In the name of the shadows, I am Cure Night!"

"You monsters don't have any respect for the library! First of all, you made too much noise! Even normal levels of noise aren't acceptable in here! Nobody needs to hear 'hidoiiiiiiinaaaaaaa' when they're trying to study! What if someone had entrance exams? What then?"

Ice Queen Nakayama, as Yoko's classmates call her, doesn't mean to come off so standoffish or scary. At her core, she's just afraid. Her family has always taught her to keep up appearances, and seeing how Asa and people like her are treated makes her reluctant to reveal her secret affinity for working on cars. She can't understand Asa one bit, but thaws to her as time goes on.

Their Allies


"...We might be in trouble ~susu."

Starry, the girls' sidekick and companion, escaped from the Garden of Days with the scattered pieces of the Moon Dial. He's very naive about the ways of the human world, and he raises a lot of questions about why things are the way they are. As much as he learns from Asa, Yoko and the world around them, they begin to learn from him and question the things he points out that they took for granted.

??? ("Dawn", Ogata Kirei, Akatoki Kirei, Cure Dawn)

"Well, now, what are you doing following innocent people?"

Though her story is unfolding slowly to the Cures, the one known as Dawn is still largely a mystery. Dawn isn't even her real name, but rather, a name she used a long time ago. What we do know is that she's a mysterious middle-aged woman with red hair and a pearlescent heart necklace. She's familiar with both the Etherium and the legend of Pretty Cure, and the very act of her stepping in has caused Etherium members to hesitate enough for Night and Sunday to get the advantage. She usually takes a noncombatant role and leaves fighting to the Cures, but she sometimes wonders if this is really wise.

  • Action Mom
  • Adults Are Useless: In the beginning, Dawn is seen struggling with the idea and wondering whether or not it's true. She knows she "should" leave things to Night and Sunday, but she's still doing what she can for now, despite her doubts. She seems to have come to a conclusion now; in the Garden of Rings arc, the Elder sends Sunbi and Moonla to Earth, and Dawn and Dusk resume active duty.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Once it's revealed that she was a Cure in the past, this is assumed of her. However, when Sunbi and Moonla come back to Earth, Dawn and Dusk get their powers back.
  • Happily Married
  • Hypothetical Casting: Sumi Shimamoto (Japanese); Melanie MacQueen (English).
  • Iconic Item: Her necklace
  • Mysterious Watcher: She, her husband, and her old friend/partner
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Look at who she married
  • Retired Badass: Cure Dawn, thank you very much.

??? (Mr. Dawn, Ogata Tomokazu, Devance, the Flawless Marksman)

"I knew it couldn't be over, but seeing the Etherium actually come back to this world..."

Dawn's husband similarly takes a long time to be named in the story, and the mysteries of his past are intertwined with hers. Asa and Yoko haven't spoken too much with him, but he is most often seen discussing the movement of the Etherium with Dawn in their apartment. Like Dawn, he had a key role in the events twenty-five years prior to the story.

Kondou Hoshi

"What would you do without me?"

Asa's childhood friend Hoshi is a brash, willful girl who sees fit to protect her friend from the world. On the one hand, the bullying and ostracism she sees Asa go through because she won't stop being herself gives Hoshi a good reason for this, but on the other, she feels guilty every time she tells Asa to just act normal for once for her own protection. Hoshi underestimates Asa, though, and eventually swallows her pride and joins the group of friends despite not having wanted Asa to have anything to do with Yoko, Yukari or Mia.

Okamoto Yukari

"Why don't you come shopping with us, Kawada-san? More people always means more fun."

While Hoshi is an overprotective friend, Yukari actively pushes Yoko to get out more, no matter how much she resists. She's fairly smart, a girly-girl who adores shopping, and an outgoing bundle of friendliness, which is why she's fairly popular at the beginning of the series. Though she seems like a normal person, Yukari is surprisingly insightful and very kind. Trying to help Yoko make more friends results in Yukari befriending Asa, and from then on, she works to draw people together no matter how strange or outcast they may be.

Ogata Mia

"I don't know what's going on, but no one's talking about it even if they've seen it themselves. Everyone thinks it'll all go away if they ignore it, like a little kid who's breaking things and whining so people will pay attention."

When we first see Mia, she seems to be nothing but a Victim of the Week. Terrified of being made fun of, she lashes out at Asa for trying to talk to her and insists that she wants a normal life. Then she's unfortunate enough to run into Kainatrol and is rescued by the Cures. This experience causes a major shift in her personality as she realizes that the stories people are denying are real, and she apologizes and shyly befriends Asa, Yoko and company. Mia is the odd one out of the group, maybe in more ways than one.

Nakata Ami (Cure Dusk)

"Absolutely! The two of you, fighting for justice against the terrible vandals and saboteurs who make this society corrupt and painful! It's like something out of a dream! You may go at once!"

Ami-sensei, the Lily Class' homeroom and science teacher, is best known for being overemotional and going on tangents about nothing in particular. She considers herself an inventor and likes to share her works with the class, but sometimes what she does backfires. She gives more speeches about love and justice than Asa does, and goodness knows that's a feat.

Omemi Emiru (Millusion, the Vicious Whisper)

"Do we have a deal?"

Emiru isn't your average Libby. She's a short-haired glasses-wearer who looks more like she'd be the one picked on instead. Her affinity for staying in the shadows — up until she feels the need to remind people of the status quo — is what gives her power over her classmates, all of whom are very aware that she knows all their secrets. It also serves as the source of a different kind of power later on...

The Etherium

Mekuramast, the Master Magician (Kairos)

"A magician never tells what he knows."

The magician Mekuramast is the first Etherium miniboss to appear. It's clear that he wants the Moon Pieces badly, but other than that, his motives are questionable; he follows the Boss' orders but keeps knowledge that would help his teammates to himself. A few times, he's secretly helped the Cures out, but only when it's Kainatrol's success and reputation on the line; for reasons dating back to the world they both came from and destroyed 150 years ago, the two of them despise each other.

Kainatrol, the Feared Tamer (Thera)

"Well, people of Kazahana City, I'd like for you to do something for me."

Kainatrol scares people. She tends to speak for the Boss when he doesn't feel like talking himself, and she takes it upon herself to punish the weak and take over other people's jobs if she thinks she can do them better. Eiender flips between seeing her ambition as good or bad, but it's there, and she'll do anything for the Etherium's cause. Her abilities as an animal tamer translate into Mind Control, and while she doesn't have the power to brainwash the Cures, Dawn, or her fellow Etherium members, anyone else had better watch out.

Binbeat, the Youthful Musician (Allegro)

"Hey, you losers, I'm trying to fight you!"

Binbeat, a nine-year-old boy whose organ playing creates explosions, tends to be the series' comic relief villain. He whines, gets bored easily, and just wants to have fun, whether that means stealing panties or eating science projects. Even the Cures don't take him seriously, and Mireyes tends to be sent out after him simply because she knows how to deal with him. It seems that, though he's been in the Etherium for ninety-five years, he still doesn't understand the implication of destroying worlds, either his own or others — though his world is still around, because the Etherium was driven back from it.

Mireyes, the Mystical Seer (Andante)

"You're still too young to understand."

Mireyes is an old woman who sees the future, but she's far from the weakest member of the Quirky Miniboss Squad. Responsible and bitter, she hates being called old and will only tolerate it from Binbeat. She's the only member of the Etherium who doesn't wear a mask; in fact, her eyes are completely hidden by a head covering. Her origin is unknown, but she was picked up by the Etherium after their defeat by the previous Pretty Cure, so her world is still alive.

Tachimany, the Shifting Multitudes

"You always give everything such strict definitions. We're more... changeable."

The Etherium's actors, Tachimany, are hard to classify. They're a number of different people in one body by default, but when they change forms, they also change the number of bodies they inhabit. They take great pride in their ability, as much as it annoys people like Kainatrol, and though they rarely see battle action, they're very good at tricking people and talking them around.

Eiender, the Ruler of Time (The Boss)

"Luring out Pretty Cure and determining their strength is all well and good, but we need to focus first on the objective at hand: obtaining the thirteen Moon Pieces."

This guy is... who? The Boss of the Etherium never even uses his own name. He takes form as a ripple in the air if he must show himself to exist, but otherwise, you usually don't even know if he's there. He doesn't seem to define himself very much at all. Of course, it could be that he prefers it that way...


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