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Trivia / Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon

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  • Bonus Episode
  • Bonus Material: Bonus episodes, art posts, character polls, and Q&As.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Christopher Lee as Eiender and Matt Dillon as the male Tachimany forms in the English dub.
  • Christmas Rushed: Episode 21 was on a Christmas Eve deadline because that was the fic's third-year anniversary. However, it's still the fourth-longest chapter, and it was accompanied by a few extras like the release.
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  • I Knew It!: Dawn's identity as Cure Dawn was guessed by the readers in advance.
  • Fan Nickname: Yoko is often called "Anti-Youko", due to cyanfox27's (and others') tendency to mistype her name.
  • Name's the Same: Small fandom, smaller OC fic community, therefore... everyone mixes up Blue Moon's Nakayama Yoko with Shining's Akiyama Youko. To make things more confusing, Youko's more like Asa than anything.
  • Schedule Slip: The story stood dead with one chapter for four months, but the author picked it back up again after scheduling constraints and lack of interest compelled her to drop her other Pretty Cure fandom project, the Weekly Dub Reports.
  • Technology Marches On: The story lampshades the case of this in the original Futari wa Pretty Cure, mentioning that the transformation phones look very outdated, as if they were from 2004. They're eventually updated to look like modern smartphones in episode 23 after the Cures discovered that two of the Moon Pieces were hidden inside the transformation phones.
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  • What Could Have Been: The series was originally slated to be split into two twenty-six episode installments entitled Blue Moon and Pink Sun. Instead, the former became the series title, the second half was called Futari wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon -solar eclipse-, and the story is slated to encompass about twenty-four episodes instead, having experienced a reduction in Filler. Also, Mia was supposed to be a Victim of the Week, not a major character.
  • Word of God: Some plot hints have been leaked in discussion, along with the Boss' name (Eiender, if you're wondering), some notes about Kazahana City, all the things that Could Have Been...
    • In the comments of the last episode, when a reader comments about Yoko's parents being upset and Yoko moving out of the house after she comes out to them, the author responds, "They'll get over it eventually."
    • Word of Gay: At first, though it becomes quite clear in-story later.

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