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Mushroom Go is a drawn comic based loosely on the Super Mario Bros. series.

A Toad named Go wakes up in the desert alone. He’s suffering from sunstroke and exhaustion, he can’t remember a thing, and he’s lost his hat. Just when he thinks this is the end (and on the first page, no less), he is picked up by the crew of the Chainless, the world’s only sand ship.


The Team consists of

Has unfortunately been put on permanent hiatus. However, an outline on how the plot would probably played out is on the main page and a group of commenters will be collaborating on a comic that takes place in the same universe.


This Web Comic provides examples of:

Boarding the Chainless contains examples of:

Piranha Plant Laboratory contains examples of:

At Twisters Borough contains examples of:

Bob-omb Battlefield contains examples of:

Battle at Pokeyhead contains examples of:

The final notes contain examples of:


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