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The Crew


A toad with magical abilities. He is the newest member of The Chainless crew. He spends his time fixing the ship or just hanging out when nothing's going on. He first appears in the first comic.

Tropes associated with Go:

Sasha Martello

A koopa who is the captin of the chainless. She is first seen in the fifth comic.
Tropes associated with Martello:


A raven who is Martello's second in command. He first appears in the fourth comic.
Tropes associated with McCoy:


A teenaged Pianta, who is the youngest member of the Chainless Crew. Her first appearence is in the third comic.
Tropes associated with Palma:


A shyguy who helps out on the Chainless. He doesn't talk much, and doesn't like robots. He is first seen in the sixth comic.
Tropes associated with Guy

The Chainless

The crew's sandship. So far, it seems to be the only one of it's kind.



A piranha plant that has been created in a secret facility in the desert. Unlike most piranha plants he is intellegent. The government was trying to create him so that he could follow orders and rely those orders to other plants.

King Bob-omb/ Shrapnel

A high ranking bob-omb in Bowser's army. He was sent to take care of whoever the pink bob-ombs got to help them negotiate their freedom. Once he becomes Shrapnel, he seems to be more conserned with revenge.

Detective Jack Fabes

A Beanish who appears in comic 111. He is hunting the Chainless with the help of Fungus, Shrapnel, and a yet to be shown character.
Tropes related to Fabes:
  • Chess Master: instead of taking out the whole crew at the same time, he waited until they split into groups at the go-kart races. McCoy and Guy went to the betting booths, He called Martello away, and had Shrapnel attack Go and Palma.


Fungus first appears in comic 112. He is working with Fabes to find the Chainless.
Tropes related to Fungus:
  • I Shall Taunt You: he tries to do this to Guy, likely trying to make Guy mad enough to hit him.


The plumber we all know from the Mario Bros. games.
  • Eldritch Abomination: He is seen as this by the Koopas.
    Martello: Any crazy stories you've heard about him are probably true. He breaks bricks with his bare hands. He can leap 30 feet into the air if he chooses not to fly. Some even claim he's not a toad at all- that he's somthin' else. Somethin' from beyond.
  • One-Man Army


A pink bob-omb who makes friends with the crew.


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