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Just a random troper. I try to be a Trope Editor, but the truth is that I frequently get distracted by something interesting and end up going on extended Wiki Walks that often last for hours. The result is that I'm not a very good editor. So I lurk, I read, and (when I'm not being side-tracked by shiny objects and fascinating tropes) I fix spelling/grammar mistakes and make sure things are up to date. That's about it.


I love lots of geeky things, animation (both western and anime) in particular. If I'm not watching cartoons, then I'm either drawing, online, or have my nose in a book. I also do some photography for fun; if you're interested, I have a Tumblr account here.

If you're wondering what in the world is with my name... it's actually supposed to be "Pszczoła", but I changed the "ł" to an "l" to avoid the headache (and garbled code) that results when using letters that are not present in English. It's also the Polish word for "honeybee" (according to the other wiki, that is). See, my RL name means "honeybee" and I'm part Polish by heritage, so... yeah. I have a hard time thinking up interesting usernames, in case you can't tell.

In general, I like things that play around with traditional gender roles and sexuality. I love Deconstruction and Mind Screw works, as well as series that find ways to subvert or avert tropes in clever ways. For whatever reason, I tend to fall in love with Trolling Creators and/or creators who are Cloudcuckoolanders.


My pet projects on this site at the moment are helping get the fanfiction recommendation pages converted to the new review style, and getting the Axis Powers Hetalia pages cleaned up, as there's a lot of fanon and misused tropes. I've got the main page more or less done, but I still need to tackle the character pages and other sub-pages.

I am a fan of:

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     Anime & Manga  

Series I haven't seen yet due to time/money, but based on what I've heard, I'm pretty sure I'll like them:

     Comic Books  


    Fan Works 




I've been meaning to read:

I actually read a lot, it's just that at least half of the stuff I read is nonfiction. Maybe I'll list my nonfiction favorites anyway at some point (the ones that don't have pages here, that is).

     Live Action Television 

I haven't actually watched TV since 2007. I keep up with Stewart and Colbert online, and if there's an ongoing series I like (which, at the moment, is limited to NCIS) I just wait until it comes out on DVD.


    Western Animation 

On my Need-To-Watch list:

This is by no means a complete list. The literature section in particular needs work, but I'm too tired to get it filled out. I'll add more when I get the time.