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  • Despite being major characters who give directions to the main characters so they could return home, Marcel and Paddy from Alpha and Omega are not really that popular with the fandom. Go ahead and check out any fanbase on DeviantArt or YouTube, and you'll be surprised that those two have barely to any mention with the rest of the characters, a majority being wolf fans.
  • Fill, the comic relief of Delgo, is generally the most hated character, being seen as an even more annoying Jar Jar Binks. Allow YouTube to demonstrate.
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  • While none of the characters in The Emoji Movie were really considered to be very interesting characters in the first place, the local comic relief character Hi-5 the High Five emoji is often singled out by critics as one of the worst characters in the movie, thanks to his character failing to actually be funny most of the time, adding nothing new to the table as far as comic relief characters go, and being completely useless most of the time. It doesn't help that the main characters go out of their way to rescue him when he faces certain doom, but not the more sympathetic character he was trapped with.
  • Sunflower from the centaur segment in Fantasia is hated by many, especially actual black people, due to her being a blatant blackface character, to the point that Disney has removed her from the movie starting in the 70's. Compare several other racial stereotypes from other Disney films such as Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, and Peter Pan that keep their roles in the original movies (albeit largely for plot reasons).
  • One would have a difficult time finding someone who likes Nozemkemph (The "wild breed" cat) from Felidae. Fans were not thrilled that Francis ended up choosing her as his mate and not Felicity, ignoring the fact that one, Felicity is murdered not too long after Francis meets her and, two, cats aren't known for romance. It doesn't help that Nozemkemph is never mentioned by name in the movie, only appears for a brief time to provide some exposistion, has sex with Francis, and then just leaves until showing up at the end of the film.
    • While several characters have their share of fans, including Bluebeard and Pascal AKA Claudandus, Kong's lackeys "Hermann" and "Hermann" (Or Herman 1 and Herman 2) are often overlooked by the fandom due to their lack of plot significance or any real distinctive personality.
  • Gulliver's Travels: You won't find many fans of Gabby. He's an attempt to mix the comic relief of the Seven Dwarfs (his design looks like a bargain basement knockoff of them, and he's even voiced by one of their actors, Pinto Colvig) with the temper of Donald Duck into one character, but he has none of the likable qualities of either. He's a self-important and whiny nuisance who contributes almost nothing to the story (beyond leading the Lilliputians to Gulliver and warning them of Bombo's surprise attack) and he just comes off as an annoying and unpleasant person in general (although in fairness, he's not all that well liked in-universe either). And to say nothing of his shrill "nails on chalkboard" voice. His follow up short cartoons, which put him in the center of focus, only made it even more obvious how unappealing of a character he is.
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  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame II: Sarousch is considered an obnoxious disgrace to the Disney Villains brand, especially by the (numerous) fans of Claude Frollo, the first film's Knight Templar villain. He also shares the same problem as Governor Ratcliffe below in that he pales in comparison to other, cooler sequel villains like the creepy, Tim Curry-voiced Forte, insane cult leader Zira, and Evil Former Friend Buster. Even Morgana, herself considered a Replacement Scrappy for Ursula, at least had a more established backstory and fleshed-out personality, and could be threatening when she wanted to. In other words, Sarousch is even lame by Disney sequel standards.
  • Ice Age:
    • Crash and Eddie are considered annoying, and if you remove them from the third and fourth film, the story will be completely the same. Even in the second they are not very useful, as all they do is making Ellie, a mammoth, believe she's a possum (whether because they are stupid, or because they want to keep her as a sister, which is no better). They are reduced to background characters in the fourth film, and appear only to give some gags.
    • Shira from the fourth movie, much like Lola Bunny, is a boring "tough girl" clone of one of the main characters who only exists to serve as a love interest. Not only that, her pretty white fur and flawless face sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the more ugly pirates (which also makes it painfully obvious, even to the target audience, which one will pull a Heel–Face Turn), with the only part of her that's even remotely asymmetric being that she only has earrings on one ear.
    • Teenaged Peaches in the 4th movie also gets this for her plot of that movie being pretty much a cut and paste of a million teen sitcom cliches.
  • Mushu in Mulan II; all the traits that made him likable in the first film are gone in favor of this selfish, spiteful, and downright unpleasant character. He tries to break up Mulan and Shang because if they wed, it would rid him of his guardianship, and pretty much succeeds until his guilt gets the better of him, knowingly and happily committing said atrocities. Even though he does the right thing by the end, it's still not enough to salvage him as he still gets to keep his job due to a loophole, thus not only making that aesop he learned pointless, but also proved that there was no conflict to begin with and that all of Mushu's actions could have been easily avoided.
  • Elliot, the one-antlered mule deer from Open Season, is not only extremely annoying and unintelligent, he was also responsible for coaxing Boog into a drunken eating binge throughout the town and sabotaging one of his nature shows by panicking the audience when they thought Boog was gorily dismembering the deer through a curtain covered Shadow Discretion Shot, leading his owner to tearfully relocate him in the middle of the forest hundreds of miles away. Even though he's been living in the forest his entire life, Elliot's attempts to get him back home results in complete disaster for Boog and those around him. Even the leader of Eliot's former herd, Ian, seemed to have the right idea to banish him despite being a Jerk Jock. Fortunately, he undergoes a personality change in the second movie when trying to marry his sweetheart, Gizelle, becoming somewhat less annoying and more reliable, which may have rescued him for some.
  • Pocahontas:
  • In Don Bluth's Rock-A-Doodle, there's Edmond. Most people dislike him, probably due to his voice and lisp. Made even worse by the fact he's a friend of the lead character, Chanticleer. The Nostalgia Critic probably put it best in his review of this movie:
    "This kid makes Jake Lloyd look like Haley Joel Osment!"
  • Gary from the 2017 Netflix film Sahara is very hated for his lack of concern for his kidnapped sister, annoying Totally Radical talk, and deliberately being The Load to main protagonist Ajar. Ajar and his scorpion friend Pit even tell him how annoying he is right to his face, and to some, his Character Development at the end of the movie seemed to be too little, too late.
  • While none of the characters in Shark Tale are particularly well-liked aside from Lenny, in particular you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who actually likes the film's main character, Oscar. This mainly stems from the fact that he has an incredibly ugly design (Will Smith's face on a CGI fish's body does not an appealing character design make) and on top of that, acts like an incredibly stupid Jerkass throughout much of the movie, near-constantly lying to get himself out of his problems and getting himself into trouble. For instance, one scene has his friend Angie give him a pearl that her grandmother gave her so that he can get out of his debt. Oscar then decides to, instead of paying off his debt, bet the pearl at the seahorse races. Many have said that Lenny should've been the main character instead of Oscar.
  • Quite a few of the characters in Shrek the Third fall into this due to the lower-quality writing compared to the first two Shrek movies:
    • Donkey, usually one of the most well-liked characters in these films, is at his most annoying here due to flanderization, and is a Flat Character who lacks many of the sympathetic and heartwarming moments that defined him in the first two movies. He also has a rather forced Those Two Guys dynamic with Puss, which undermines their individuality and doesn't give them much of a role beyond "Shrek's two sidekicks".
    • Artie is disliked for being yet another Celebrity Voice Actor shoehorn (in this case, Justin Timberlake), and for being an uninteresting character in his own right. This isn't helped by the fact that Artie is essentially the deuteragonist of the movie, getting more focus than Donkey, Fiona or Puss while not having enough unique or likable traits of his own to make up for it. Despite his large role in Third, Artie didn't reappear in Forever After and subsequent specials, and wasn't missed in the least.
    • Prince Charming also qualifies in this movie. While he is well liked as the self-centered Royal Brat from 2, his role as Big Bad of the third movie is incredibly lacking. His goals of taking over Far Far Away are incredibly shallow and only motivated by revenge, and by the end of it he mainly just becomes a generic Card-Carrying Villain. When compared to Lord Farquaad, Rumpelstiltskin, and his own mother, Charming just didn't cut it as a villain.
  • All of the new characters created for Tom and Jerry: The Movie are scrappies, Pugsy, Frankie, Aunt Figg, Lickboot, Captain Kiddie, Squawk, Dr. Applecheeks... and especially Robyn Starling, the girl that Tom and Jerry help to find her lost father, and the one responsible for making Tom and Jerry stay Out of Focus and making the movie being about Tom & Jerry In Name Only. The few that aren't universally reviled (Lickboot, Applecheeks to name a few) are only liked because of YouTube Poop remixes and memes.
    • Pugsy deserves a special mention, as he is the one who got Tom and Jerry to talk and sing about how they are best friends, despite Tom and Jerry being, you know, mortal enemies... sometimes. Really, Tom and Jerry's actual relationship is very difficult to define, with them being enemies one minute and allies the next, and their reason for battling likewise being very difficult to define. Still, Tom and Jerry aren't supposed to talk all that often.
  • Juniper from Walking with Dinosaurs 3D is an odd Gender Scrappy for being a Flat Character and evident of the gratuitous sexism in the movie.


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