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  • The Alteriens in Alterien all have a degree of superhuman strength on par with most enhanced human soldiers.
  • Animorphs has the Hork-Bajirs. They are a species of friendly, peace-loving, and repiloid aliens. And they have blades all over, and are physically strong. They are among the strongest known species, which is why the Yeerks enslaved them, and use them as soldiers.
  • In Astral Dawn, the Keepers and Defilers both endow the bodies they possess with above normal strength. This is a natural side-effect due to their intense energy.
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  • Golden Boy in the Wild Cards franchise had super strength that the authors tried to portray realistically. If a speeding car or tank slammed into him, for instance, his super strength did nothing to anchor him to the ground and he'd get tossed around like a ragdoll—he had to drop down to the ground and let the tank run part of the way over him, then lift it up and hurl it aside.
  • Earthcrafters in Codex Alera can give themselves super strength by using their furies. Particularly powerful ones tend to wade into battle wielding huge BFSs and warhammers to get the most out of this ability.
  • Eponymous character in Aatomik has super strength as his main power.
  • Most nonhuman creatures in The Dresden Files, especially when compared with puny humans.
  • Several characters in Devils Cape have this, including Behemoth, Argonaut and Scion, and Bedlam.
    • Magic practitioners can also use Kinetomancy, which results in this and limited Super Speed.
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    • Harry Dresden himself gains this after becoming the Winter Knight, at one point he mentions bench-pressing 400 kilos.
  • The titular Dracula has incredible strength with Professor Hellsing confirming that the count has strength of at least twenty men. At the start of the novel Jonathan describes Dracula's "grip of steel" and later on the count actually kills Renfield by throwing him to the ground so hard his bones shatter. Being the Trope Codifier for Vampires Drac likely set the standard for vampire's super strength in fiction.
  • Trapped on Draconica: All dragokin have this though it varies between them. Daniar may have the greatest but she's too honorable to use half of it on humans. Rana, however, is often stated as the strongest of the Dragonkin.
  • In Tales of an Mazing Girl Sarah can toss tanks around. But she also knows at least the rudements of Kung Fu.
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  • An interesting version shows up in the John Ridley books Those Who Walk In Darkness and What Fire Cannot Burn. People with superstrength tend to look scrawny and lack muscle tone because they are unable to strain their muscles enough to gain visible musculature.
  • John Carter had this in comparison to the Martians due to weaker gravity of Burroughs' Mars, along with an ability to leap incredible distances. Carter supposedly wound up being an inspiration for Superman's creators, as Earth's weaker gravity became one of the justifications for Superman's own great strength and invulnerability.
  • Pippi Longstocking is an example from children's literature. Actually there are a number of super-strong children in folklore.
  • Mr Strong has this as his defining trait. One example of his strength involves him lifting a barn house over with his arms as if it was a flower, even after filling it up with water.
    • One of Mr Impossible's feats involves kicking a football so high up that it is covered with snow by the time it comes back down to earth.
  • In Tales of MU Puddy is easily the strongest character in the series, though how is unclear. In her first appearance she pins Mack to the wall with ease, later on Mack (a half-demon) is shown to be strong enough to wrestle a half-ogre and dent concrete with her fists.
  • One of the more common gifts to be granted by the titular Bond Creatures of Spirit Animals.
  • Pewterarm Mistings in Mistborn: The Original Trilogy have this power, as do the titular Mistborn.
  • In Vampire Academy, Strigoi have super strength which increases with age and the consumption of Moroi and dhampir blood. Isaiah, an ancient Moroi, was observed giving a light push which packed the force of a small car.
  • Fearless plays with this: Gaia is technically super strong, but only in comparison to other humans (in a hypothetical battle against, say, Superman, she would get curb-stomped). This is because she doesn't feel fear and therefore isn't held back from unleashing everything she's got when she fights, like most people are.
  • Rumor's Block has Allspades, who has high muscle density.
  • The superhumans in Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars all have enhanced strength, among many other improvements. One of the toddlers almost breaks Robertas fingers by accident.
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: Bronwyn Bruntley, and her brother Victor have the shared peculiarity of super strength.
  • One of the most common powers or side effects of powers in Super Powereds. A number of students at the Lander University Hero Certification Program have superhuman strength and endurance to varying degrees. For example, Roy is a typical strongman: tough, able to give and take a Megaton Punch. Chad is the top student in his class in terms of combat ability. Using his power of body control, he has been able to improve his muscles, bones, and brain to superhuman levels and even attain a small Healing Factor. Stella can turn her body into steel, which boosts her strength and endurance. Violet becomes superstrong when increasing her density. Later on, Vince learns to absorb and put out kinetic energy, allowing him to take any punch (it feels no worse than light tap) and then give it right back, which also allows him to survive falls. Sasha can deal increased damage thanks to her Super Speed. Outside the school, Roy's father Titan is widely believed to be the physically strongest man alive. In fact, he almost never uses his full strength in a fight for fear of collateral damage. He finally gets to show off his full strength in the Corpies spin-off. In Super Powereds: Year 3, Roy is demonstrated by a boosted strongman that there is Always Someone Better... who then gets the same lesson from Titan.
  • Nikita in The Girl from the Miracles District, when she goes berserk, has enough strength to tear men apart with her bare hands.
  • Harry Potter
    • Rubeus Hagrid Gentle Giant he may be Hagrid still twisted Uncle Vernon's gun like it was rubber, tamed several massive super beasts by hand, knocked out several Aurors by punching them and apparently as a boy wrestled trolls in the Forbidden Forest. Hagrid's strength is also a hassle for his loved ones too as Hagrid'a pats on the back and hugs can be incredibly painful.
      • Giants naturally have strength in abundance, Hagrid's brother Gwarp and the other giants wreck Hogwarts in the Final Battle.
    • Fenrir Greyback has this due to being a Werewolf and acting like a Werewolf even when not transformed, in his first appearance Greyback overpowered Harry and Bill effortlessly. Greyback can also walk off getting hit with a triple stunning spell from Harry.
    • Wormtail's aka Peter Pettigrew's sliver hand could reduce a twig to powder, Harry almost got choked out till he reminded Wormtail of the life debt the former owed him.
    • Wizards appear have some relative super strengh compared to Muggles e.g Dumbledore despite being in his 100s could lift a fourteen year old Harry off the ground easily and a book later swims the breast stoke in a storm. Quidditch players namely Beaters invoke this strongly given they have to knock back Bludgers which are made of iron and weigh approximately 149 pounds with clubs.
  • The Primarchs in Horus Heresy are superhumanly strong even if one takes under consideration that they're three metres tall. Roboute can easily punch a man's head off with his bare hands, and Vulkan once sends an entire tank flying through the air with a swing of a hammer.
  • The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps:
    • Captain, despite looking rather unimpressive, is the strongest man in the band. At one point he takes up a half-full barrel and hurls it upwards to a balcony just to show Suresh his displeasure.
    • Demane, though not as strong as Captain, is still a demigod. When he means to kick a jug of alcohol from Barkeem's hands in anger, he makes it explode instead.
  • In Please Don't Tell My Parents I'm a Supervillain, Ray gets this as one of his powers, after drinking Penny's Super Serum. The sequel has Remy's eldest brother, who insists that everyone calls him Chief Fawkes (or else he'll punch them), who has even greater strength, flight (including through space), and the ability to breathe in vacuum.
  • In The Magician's Nephew, Jadis is transported to London and discovers her magic doesn't work. After being mocked by people who think she is crazy for calling herself a witch, she demonstrates she is still strong enough to rip an iron rod off a lamppost and use it as a club, and throw people around like ragdolls.
  • In J.R.R Tolkien's works:
    • The Valar, Ainur and Maiar have ridiculous super strength compared to the other races e.g Melkor aka Morgoth in his fight with Fingolfin, at one point puts his foot the on the elf's throat: "Morgoth set his foot upon his neck, and the weight of it was like a fallen hill". In the same fight Melkor makes craters in the ground by slamming his hammer down trying to hit Fingolfin.
      • Gandalf despite his frail build still has super strength being one of the Maiar, best seen when he destroyed a Balrog's conjured fire sword with his Cool Sword Glamdring.
    • The Ents are likely the strongest race after the aforementioned divine ones, given they can crush steel and rock with just their fists and can flatten almost everything in their stride (and they have a very fast stride). Isengard was reduced to a dismal ruin after the Ents went on a Unstoppable Rage.
    • Dwarves appear to have this as they make light of heavy burdens and can travel for for miles wearing full amour no problem. Gimli is the foremost example as seen in the second movie where Gimli could lift two wargs and orc off himself while trapped as well as Neck Snap the orc who tried to kill him.
    • Men in Middle Earth have super strength compared to real life standards, Boromir for example in The Lord of the Rings plows though a good mile of snow with a Hobbit on his back using nothing but his arms and legs.
    • Elves may have this too though it's not as apparent as previous examples, the most blatant showcasing was in the third Hobbit movie where the willowy Galadriel does the Bridal Carry to Gandalf.
    • Can't forget Hobbits sure they're much lesser compared the rest but they still have a surprising amount of hidden strength. Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin have brought down foes much larger than themselves but the winner is Bandobras Took who knocked an orc's head clean off with his club, sending it flying into a rabbit hole and invented golf in Middle Earth.
  • The demigods in The Heroes of Olympus also qualify for it. They are different in strength, depending on who their divine parent is. The children of the "big three" (Poseidon and Zeus and Hades) and the children of Ares are usually much stronger than the other demigods. In general, demigods who have the same divine parent, about the same strenght as their siblings, but sometimes there are exceptions. However, every demigod is still stronger than an ordinary human.
  • The German SF series Maddrax also has several examples.
    • The taratzes, a race of humanoid giant rats, are also much stronger than humans. In the unarmed duel an average human is far inferior to a taratze.
    • There is also the daa'mures, a race of humanoid lizards. They too are much stronger than humans.
    • And then there are the cyborgs and androids who repeatedly show that they are much stronger than humans. One of them, Miki Takeo, is even a One-Man Army.
    • However, it is inverted with the hydrides. Humans are much stronger and more resilient than hydrites. However, the common descendants, called mendrites, are stronger than hydrites. Mendrites are very strong for a hydrite, but only averagely strong for a human.
  • This is also common in The Mortal Instruments. The shadowhunters are nephilim, and their purpose is to hunt down evil downwolders and demons. Each of them has superhuman physical abilities.
    • Jace Herondale and Jonathan Morgenstern are two nephilim even stronger than the other shadowhunters because they were experimenting with angel blood and demon blood.
    • Fairies are also considered strong. The true extent of their physical strength is never shown, but they are considered stronger than ordinary humans.
    • The vampires are very strong too. They are on the same level as the nephilim, if not higher. In addition, they become stronger with age. Simon Lewis was the strongest fighter in the group after being transformed into a vampire, and the smartest at the same time.
    • Particularly strong are the werewolves. They are said to be as strong as demons, and are usually really tough opponents in combat.
    • The demons also show that they are superhumanly strong. The true magnitude of the power varies from demon to demon, depending on the type of demon. The demon princes, however, are considered particularly strong. However, every demon is stronger than a human.
    • However, it is inverted by the warlocks and witches. They are half-demons, but they are not much stronger than ordinary humans, but they often have magical powers.
    • In the prequel trilogy The Infernal Devices one also sees robots called automatons, which are very strong. They were built to kill the shadowhunters, but they were eventually destroyed.
  • In Renegades, a lot of prodigies have Super Strength as their secondary power, either explicitly (like Captain Chromium) or implicitly (like Sentinel, who uses a suit of armour).


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