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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors: In his dreams, Kincaid is a superstrong bruiser who can bend steel with his bare hands. Not strong enough for Freddy, however...
  • The Adventures of Captain Marvel film serial of 1941 showcases one of the earliest film examples (which makes sense, given its the first superhero film of all time) with the titular Captain Marvel. Throughout the 12 episode serial, the Captain lifts enormous stone columns, large fallen trees, elevator cars, and other feats of strength, to the point where he ends some of his fist fights with criminals by casually slapping them.
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  • Smart Gun Operator Mark Drake in Aliens: The M-56 Smart Gun is already a hefty piece of equipment weighing-in at 18 kilograms (or 36 Pounds), and yet Drake was able to effectively and accurately operate said heavy-weapon and retreat at a brisk pace while wearing 4-kilograms (or 8 pounds) or chestplate armor, while also carrying a fully-loaded M-240-A Flame Unit, which adds yet another 2 Kilograms (or 4 pounds) to his already considerable encumbrance. Yes, Drake is able to briskly maneuver and effectively fight while weighed down by 24 Kilograms (or 48 pounds) of weapon and armor at all times; yup, Drake sure is one tough customer.
  • Blade Runner: Nexus-6 Replicants are built to be far more durable and stronger than human beings, at the cost of a reduced lifespan. In the climax, Roy Batty lifts up Deckard's entire body weight using only one hand to save Deckard's life.
    • Replicants' strength is shown in even greater detail in Blade Runner 2049 as Nexus-9 Replicant protagonist K at one point busts through a wall like Kool-Aid Man and the willowy Luv effectively overpowers the protagonist at several points. However while Nexus-9 Repiclants are strong, they’re still not that much more durable than normal humans and are still vulnerable to bleeding to death, getting shot and drowning, thus making them Glass Cannons in general.
  • The Chronicles of Riddick:
    • Riddick. The benefits of being a Human Alien from a high-gravity death world. Combined with the savagery and brutality that he displays in combat, he tends to shred through his opponents like they were made out of tinfoil. Of course, in retrospect, it makes you wonder how a simple locked door could stop Riddick in the first movie.
    • The Necromongers display prodigious levels of physical strength, especially when you start getting into the higher ranks, like Vaako and The Lord Marshall. Again, it's been pointed out that the Necromongers hail from a heavy gravity world and they make use of gravity-based energy weapons along with gravity engines and drives for their ships and vehicles.
  • DC Extended Universe:
    • The most prominent example are the Kryptonians and namely Clark Kent aka Superman and just like in the comics Supes's strength fluctuates wildly in the films leading a great amount Power Creep, Power Seep. In Man of Steel Clark is very strong being able to lift a school bus out of a lake as a teen and hold up a oil rig as an adult (though he definitely struggled with the latter). Once Supes fully realizes his powers he's much more effective with his strength able to smash straight through buildings and make Kung-Fu Sonic Boom with his fists, however interestingly other Kryptonians such as Faora, Nam-ek and Zod can easily match Clark in strength giving him a hard time throughout the movie. Though Superman is still a good deal stronger them (likely due to being exposed to Earth's sun for longer) as he could Neck Snap Zod despite the latter's Nigh-Invulnerability. In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Clark's strength is more erratic as he can pull an ocean liner through ice, but another time when Superman lifts a piece of a space shuttle (approximately 165000 pounds-75000 kg) it forces him down onto one knee though it can be argued Superman is likely being careful as to not hurt the astronauts inside. In the Final Battle Clark is again matched, this time by Doomsday who mostly overpowers him requiring Wonder Woman's help. In Justice League (2017) all bets are off and Supes is much stronger than he was presented as in the previous films, Superman is now able to effortlessly carry a huge building (that's likely much heavier than the oil rig and definitely heavier than the shuttle) and in his resurrection scene Supes easily overpowers Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg despite Wonder and Aquaman specifically being actually closer in strength to him in the comics. Diana being outmatched by Supes is even more head-scratching by the canon in the films given Wonder Woman was shown able hold her own against Doomsday Superman's killer in BvS, though it is possible Clark's resurrection boosted his strength significantly.
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    • Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman is very strong, near the start of her solo movie when she doesn't know her strength Diana accidentally smashes through stone with her barehands when climbing a tower. In the battle at the Western Front, Diana tosses a 7.75 tonne Ehrhardt E-V/4 (German armored car) around like a pillow and in Final Battle when she learns she's Semi-Divine she breaks free of the iron girders Ares put around her and lifts a much heaver tank. In BvS Diana's blows could make Doomsday stagger and in Justice League she's strong enough to knock Steppenwolf around and cut into his Super Toughness with her Cool Sword. While unfortunately, Diana falls short of Superman's might she's still the only other JL member who could somewhat hold her own against him, even hurting him with a headbutt.
    • Arthur Curry aka Aquaman due to being a Half-Human Hybrid has Atlantean strength meaning his body and physical capabilities are far greater than any normal human, he's shown able to lift a submarine (likely over 48,000 tons) from the ocean. Aquaman also has shown to able to smash extremely durable materials like NSA drone, Blank Manta's Powered Armour and even send Steppenwolf flying with his quindent.
    • Billy Baston aka Shazam is shown to be strong enough to punch through a concrete pillar and catch a bus later in the movie. However, Billy is matched in strength by Dr. Sivana (who given an Adaptational Badass from the comics). The rest of the kids get super strength when Billy shares the power of Shazam, Pedro in particular stops a ferris wheel (220 tons at the very least) from falling.
    • Technology can boost strength in the DCEU see Batman's Powered Armour which helped him fight Superman and Cyborg whose tech gave him to strength to knock back a humvee and even help Superman pry apart 3 Mother Boxes.
  • Elysium: Aside from being able to rip off the heads from droids and throw people around like dolls, the Exosuits increase the user's physical performance dramatically. They move more quickly than the average combatant, and Kruger was able to leap a great distance and height using his Exosuit. Max was able to rip himself from a gurney, and pretty much pulverize Crowe into the floor of the Armoury before throwing him like a shotput.
  • Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series has this ability from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives and onwards after he becomes an undead zombie, some of his feats of strength include ripping a man's arm off just by slightly pulling it, and decapitating someone with one punch.
  • Game of Death. Jabbar's character shows supernatural strength and can lift James Tien with ease. That is, as long as he is not blinded by the light.
  • Ghost Rider gives an impressive visual example of super strength violating the laws of physics, as the Rider snares a helicopter with his chain and pulls it down. Unless he's heavier than a helicopter, tugging on the chain should have launched him toward it. Whatever demonic powers were at work somehow knew which he was trying to achieve.
  • Godzilla gives two examples; Godzilla himself, able to throw kaiju of equal proportions over his head, and Titanosaurus, the only kaiju in the entire series to lift Godzilla by the head using only his own head and neck.
  • The Golem in the silent movie classic The Golem is arguably super-strong, single-handedly supporting the ceiling of the Emperor's palace at one point.
  • It Runs in the Family: Big Dicky of the redneck gang that makes conflict with the old man can tear the porch right off of a house.
  • Obviously the larger dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park franchise are much stronger than people, but they are also shown to be much stronger than their real life counterparts as well. This is most noticeable for Rexie, the Spinosaurus, and especially the Indominus.
  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Mr. Hyde is a hulking monstrosity with super strength, unlike his book version.
  • Les Misérables has Valjean (fittingly played by Hugh Jackman) who just like the book is able to lift stuff e.g ship mast and horse cart that realistically no person could lift in that era. While it's more of a metaphor for Valjean’s labor in life it does also in hindsight make Javert an Adaptational Badass since he is able to match and drive off the superhuman Valjean in this movie, while Javert was easily physically beaten by Valjean in the Broadway Musical.
    Valjean: I am warning you Javert I'm a stronger man by far, there is power in me yet, my race is not yet run.
  • Usually averted in the Mad Max movies which mostly played off the human characters as realistic in terms of ability, until Mad Max: Fury Road where The Brute Rictus rips the tunnel ram out of the War Rig engine with his barehands which is not physically possible for anyone other than a superhuman to do. This does raise the question as to how the hell Max could beat Rictus in a fist fight earlier in the same scene, but then again Max isn't exactly a normal person himself.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • Almost everyone in The Matrix with the Agents being the most blatant being able to punch through concrete and crush cars underneath their feet. The heroes have this too, in the training room Morpheus could send Neo flying with a kick so strong he snapped a wooden pillar, speaking of Neo he gets even greater strength as a Flying Brick and so does Smith.
  • Jet Li's characters in The One get this thanks to the in-universe Conservation of Ninjutsu. At one point, Yulaw uses a pair of police motorcycles as boxing gloves.
  • Fezzik in The Princess Bride. Most noted during Westley's first encounter with the giant, as Fezzik holds an enormous boulder in one hand, and nonchalantly chucks it over his shoulder when they decide to fight hand-to-hand combat.
  • Robocop 1987 being you know, a Cyborg has enhanced strength being able to punch through walls, send dudes flying with simple blows and Neck Lift Boddicker. In the 2014 Reboot Robocop is presented as even stronger and faster too.
  • Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man demonstrates super strength far beyond his expected capabilities, stopping a subway train with two web lines and his own back.
  • In Star Wars several characters and aliens have enhanced strength namely The Rancor, Wampas, Wookies such as Chewbacca, and of course Darth Vader. Jedi can also draw strength from the Force when they're not being merely super athletic, see Force Rapid Fisticuffs from Mace Windu.
  • Augments from Star Trek tend to have this as standard, but it's most apparent with John Harrison/ Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness, who can swing around a beam cannon like it weighs nothing (one-handed no less), send men flying with a single blow, and crush peoples' skulls with his bare hands. The only one who can fight him evenly is Spock, since Vulcans (including a Half-Human Hybrid like him) are much stronger than humans and even then Khan can still No-Sell the infamous Nerve Pinch which gives a clue to just how strong he is.
  • The 1975 Disney film The Strongest Man in the World revolves around Medfield College student Dexter Reilly inadvertently gaining super strength from a strength formula that landed in the cereal of his best friend, Richard Shuyler.
  • Terminator
  • The Turtles have this in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). Donnie is able to throw Raph with enough force to bash in a Humvee and send it rolling down a hill, and flip another truck over with only his bo staff himself. Earlier when hyped up on adrenaline they all broke through their unbreakable glass cages.
  • Yello Dyno from Tricky People can rip locked safes open with little to no effort.
  • David in Unbreakable can rip car doors off and lift over five hundred pounds. It's unclear what his maximum potential is, as lifting anything heavy requires great effort, and he never fails at lifting anything.
    • In Glass David finds an equal in strength with The Beast from Split, in the same movie The Beast even flips a car.
  • In Underworld: Evolution, Marcus pulls a helicopter out of the air by pulling a chain hanging from it. It's possible that Marcus is gripping the cave floor with his clawed feet, but it's not shown.
  • X-Men Film Series


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