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  • The 4400:
    • In "The New and Improved Carl Morrissey", the title character develops superhuman strength and enhanced reflexes. He uses them to clean up his neighborhood as he wants Bradley Park to be the nice, safe place that it was in his childhood instead of a hangout for junkies. Carl stops muggers and saves a young woman named Maureen from being raped in the park, becoming what Diana describes as a "sad sack supervigilante." However, his new abilities do not make him invulnerable as he thought they did. He is stabbed in the stomach while fighting three thugs in Bradley Park and dies from his wound with minutes.
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    • In "Fifty-Fifty", it becomes clear that Isabelle possesses super strength as she effortlessly throws Tom across the room.
  • Bill in Alphas can temporarily get this by boosting his fight-or-flight response. In the pilot, he moves a car that's blocking his driveway but clearly straining and sweating.
  • Buffyverse:
    • One of the basic abilities of a Slayer.
    • Vampires also have super strength. Joss also admitted in interviews and commentaries that he never set a definitive limit to the strength of either vampires or slayers as that could get in the way of writing the story. So for the sake of the plot, they're all Strong as They Need to Be.
    • Vampire strength varies greatly, with older vampires tending to be stronger. "Bloodline" seems to matter too; those turned by truly ancient vampires like the Master seem to be unusually strong even by vampire standards, from the moment they're turned. The most commonly seen vampires in the Buffyverse e.g Angel and Spike, benefit on both counts.
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    • Willow also gets this temporarily. After casting a spell on herself, she's able to take on Buffy and win.
    • Forrest has this pre- and post-transformation.
    • Pretty much all demons are stronger than humans. The strength of the demons varies, depending on the type of demon they belong to, but every demon is much stronger than a human being.
    • This also applies to half-demons. Any half-demon who has fought physically and not with magic has shown that he is superhuman strong. The only exception is Cordelia, but she is not a naturally born half-demon, but became one by magic.
    • The Judge and The Beast are strong they could not be beat in a regular fist fight, requiring pragmatism from the heroes.
    • The comics have created a new breed of vampires. Not only can they walk around in the daytime instead of burning in the sunlight, but they are also much stronger than the old breed of vampires.
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    • Adam, a strange mixture of demons, humans and machines, has also shown that he is superhuman strong.
    • In the Buffyverse there are also "higher beings", comparable to gods and angels (but not in the Christian sense), and they too are very strong:
      • Glorificus is absurdly strong able to smack Buffy so hard into a concrete wall it cracks and another time brought down a building by stamping her foot.
      • Jasmine has one of the most traditional displays of this lifting a entire car above her head and throwing it at Angel.
    • Illyria being a Eldritch Abomination trapped in human form was so goddamn strong she needed to be Brought Down to Badass before she destroyed the world.
    • Hamilton beat the crap of the aforementioned Illyria (albeit after her power was weakened) and could put his fist straight though a regular human being. Angel was no match for him... until Hamilton unwisely reveals his strength comes from the blood of Senior Partners running though his veins.
    • Werewolves are also superhuman in their transformed form, but by the standards of most demons, vampires and slayers, rather weak.
    • Even undead like zombies and mummies are still much stronger than ordinary humans.
    • There is a list that lists exactly how much strength each creature has. It seems that humans are by far the weakest beings in Buffyverse.
  • Done subtly in Doctor Who, where the Doctor is physically stronger than a human of his height, weight, build and apparent age should be, but not so much that it's relevant that often — the Doctor rarely physically fights people anyway, even though when he does he's usually extremely good at it — and it Depends on the Writer. At the absolute peak of his physical strength he's shown to be able to do things like punch down a sealed steel door, though this is only apparently possible in extreme biological circumstances. Generally, he's somewhat stronger and a lot more physically resilient than a human equivalent to his current body — he can lift middle-sized rocks without difficulty but wouldn't be able to lift a car. Other Time Lords also have this ability — even the small and slight second incarnation of Romana is able to easily carry a metal robot the size of a large dog.
  • The human/Gua husks in First Wave are normally designed to be stronger than humans. In the second episode, a Gua easily kills a guy with a Neck Snap. In a later episode, a special husk with a higher percentage of Gua DNA is made for an assassin sent to kill Cade. She can punch through metal containers like cardboard. It takes a heavy cargo container dropped on her to finally stop her.
  • Game of Thrones: Owing to his uncommonly large frame, Hodor is absurdly strong, easily capable of breaking a man's neck like a dry twig and throwing wights around like rag dolls. Given his nature, though, this mostly just translates to him merrily hauling Bran around.
  • On Gilligan's Island, in the episode where the castaways grew and ate radioactive vegetables, Gilligan gained super strength from eating a lot of spinach.
  • In Haven, Duke Crocker eventually learns that he (and the rest of the Crocker family) has super strength (enough to send a guy flying twenty feet with a shove or tear a car door off its hinges), but it only activates when the blood of a Troubled person makes skin contact with him (the blood absorbs into his skin), and it only lasts for a few minutes or seconds. While active, his eyes glow and he becomes semi-berserk.
  • In Helix this is exhibited by people and animals infected with The Virus NARVIK-B, called "Vectors".
    • Patient Zero, Peter Farragut, can rip through restraints and 600 kV stun batons don't faze him.
    • Infected monkeys can rip off cage doors from the inside.
    • Infected rats can barrel through glass partitions, or topple the shelves on which they're caged with little trouble.
  • Heroes
    • Niki has super-strength. It's more easily accessed by her "Jessica" side, though.
    • Volume 3 introduces Knox, a villain who's Super Strength is powered by fear. While Niki has run-of-the-mill super strength, as long as Knox is surrounded by fear he can get stronger and stronger, kinda like The Hulk is with anger. On the other hand, he's powerless if nobody around is afraid.
    • There was also Mohinder, after he injected himself with a formula for super people. It started to kill him, but he got an improved formula that allows him to use without fear.
      • The writers seem to really hate this power, which is strange considering it's one of the cheapest effects to do. Volume four Mohinder is the first character with this power that wasn't either killed off in one episode, permanently insane from his power, or required some gimmick to make it work (such as fear).
  • Percival in Merlin. He's HUGE and his first scene in the show involves him saving the lives of Arthur and Co by causing a rock slide.
  • Calven from My Wife and Kids can throw refrigerators across the room and move factory trucks by pushing them.
  • In No Heroics She-Force is the world's third strongest person. And apparently sexually clumsy...
  • Jim Powell on No Ordinary Family is super-strong.
  • The Outer Limits (1995):
    • In "The Deprogrammers", the Torkor are considerably stronger than humans. With an angry sweep of his arm, Evan Cooper's master Koltok kills another of his slaves, throwing him across the room in the process, for breaking a valuable container of Seragon oil.
    • In "Unnatural Selection" and "Criminal Nature", the Genetic Rejection Syndrome sufferers, most of whom are children or teenagers, are several times stronger than an adult man.
    • In "Stranded", Tyr'Nar provides Kevin Buchanan with a neuromuscular enhancer (otherwise known as a strength patch) which significantly increases his strength. It is worn on the user's hand. After he finally stands up for himself after being once again bullied by the Jerk Jock Nelson Tyler, Kevin effortlessly throws him aside as if he were a pillow. Nelson hits his head against a wall and ends up in hospital with a concussion.
    • In "The Camp", the androids have this-the commandant grabs the sharrak's tentacle and holds it back easily, then actually rips one off with one hand.
  • Elliot Reid from Scrubs has it. What? She has the finger strength of a rock-climbing jazz pianist, once lifted J.D. off the ground by his neck, and is described to be "thick through the trunk"!
    • She also has powerful legs, demonstrated when she snapped a food tray in half and served as the bottom third of the World's Most Most Giant Doctor for about 15 seconds; Lonnie isn't as sturdy as she is.
  • Second Chance (2016): After he's resurrected and de-aged by the Goodwins, Jimmy's strength takes an inordinate leap even for a man in his physical prime. He almost punches through a steel door in the first episode.
  • An episode of Stargate SG-1 has the titular team (minus Teal'c) get special armbands that grant them Super Speed and Super Strength. When using a Tok'ra device to measure his strength (which involves squeezing a metal sphere), O'Neill accidentally crushes the device. He also casually makes a hole in the drywall of General Hammond's office to prove a point. Naturally, a whole army of Jaffa is not enough to stop them at that point. Daniel is even able to effortlessly carry an extremely-dense brick of weapons-grade naquadah that are shown to require two Jaffa (stronger than regular humans) to carry on a stretcher.
    • Speaking of which, the Jaffa themselves are a human offshoot with significantly increased strength. Not enough to make them impossible to beat in hand-to-hand combat, but enough to give significant trouble to characters trying to do so.
    • The Unas are very strong too. An Una can easily throw a person through the air. If a Una is the host for a symbiont, it becomes even stronger.
    • Humans who have symbionts are also physically stronger than ordinary people. However, that can vary.
    • The Wraith in Stargate Atlantis are also much stronger than humans.
  • In Star Trek, Vulcans, Klingons, Gorn, and the Jem'Hadar are all several times stronger than humans. And of course there is Data...
  • Many of the creatures of Supernatural including demons, werewolves, vampires, and djinn, are much stronger than humans.
  • Thumb Wrestling Federation: After winding up, the Big Time can slam his opponent to the mat so hard that he causes a nuclear explosion.
    • Gogochog has been shown moving a stone wheel and a boulder without even the slightest signs of exhaustion. Both objects were also bigger then he was.
  • Practically all Kyodai and Henshin Heroes from toku shows have this as an Informed Ability. It borders on All There in the Manual, since with every hero debut there are released statistics, like jumping height or punching powers. Those are mostly counted in tons. Then there are alternate forms whose main feature is to bestow even greater strength.
    • The many heroes of the Ultra Series have certainly demonstrated this, with all of them being able to pick up kaiju and toss them around like ragdolls with ease. Some of the monsters as well, notably Red King from Ultraman and his expies Black King from Return of Ultraman and Silvergon from Ultraman Tiga — both of whom take it Up to Eleven; Silvergon could punch through force fields with his bare hands.


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