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Danganronpa: Camp Unity or Danganronpa: Camp of Unity and High School Students of Betrayal is an unofficial fanmade story based on the popular franchise of the same forename, and is also a closed roleplay group consisting of nine players with multiple characters.

The story takes place at the new program instated by Hope's Peak a few years ago, in a universe where the events of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc never happened. Thirty-two students across the many year groups of the academy attend a summer-long (3 month) extra credit camp, all so they can focus on building strong relationships with their peers, as well as earning their grades by collecting a large array of badges, completing challenges and showing they are trying to get along. The entire purpose is to create strong links for their professional lives when they are older.


Focus of the camp is Unity, all working together as one to achieve a common goal: earning points. Various activities earn certain amounts of points, which relate to certain grades. The higher the points, the higher the grade at the end of the term.

The students all work together in the beginning, but the entire situation changes when the camp councillor (who happens to be a small bear) reveals that Scouting Survival Skills will no longer just be a handy help... but nessecary to escape the grounds.


Tomohisa Sakurai

SHSL Skiptracer

"You've got that wrong!"

Tomohisa is the protagonist of DR:CU, and one of the only few who doesn't have something crazy about them. Well, maybe except for his dumb hair.


Akira Honda

SHSL Racer

"*elaborate miming*"

Anzu QQ Jirou

SHSL Beekeeper


Ayumu Hanari

SHSL Ghost Hunter


Chuichi Zen

SHSL Saxophonist

"Means the sax, you know."

Francoise Matsuda

SHSL Opera Singer

"How radiant your hair looks in this light, mon amie!"

Hideyoshi Yoshida

SHSL Physiotherapist

"It's alright!~~"

Himeko Kuroki

SHSL Weather Girl

[muffled 'Why Can't We Be Friends' playing in the distance]

Iori Rinbayashi

SHSL Roboticist

"I see."

Juri Komatsu

SHSL Carpenter

"It has nothing to do with carpets, ah-heh."

Kaori Haino

SHSL Cleaner

"[muffled squeak of terror]"

Karin Hikita

SHSL Beautician

"Tch! Tch!"

Keiichiro Chiba

SHSL Skateboarder

"Man, that's sick, yo. Ain't meanin' sick as in good sick; sick like barf sick, dude."

Konjo Oogoe

SHSL Oendan

"We're just friends, right?"


SHSL Golden Tongue

"My, but this won't do at all. Oh no, no, no it won't."

Mayumi Hanezuka

SHSL Class Rep

"Hmph! Are you that much of an idiot? Of course I can't let you do such things! I'm a class rep, after all!"

Minori Miyagi

SHSL Kodona Model

"I'm the cutest!"

  • trope


SHSL Light Bender

"Oh, oh, do you want a lollipop??"

Nori Fan

SHSL Agony Aunt SHSL Forger


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SHSL Rikishi


Ryuu Aoba

SHSL Psychologist

"My, such a shame. No wonder you run away at the first mention of danger."

  • A Protagonist Is Ryu: Downplayed. Some small elements of this trope are used (Male, teenager, hot-blooded), but the rest are completely ignored or inverted.

Sachiko Nakahara

SHSL Astrologer

"Pffft! Like that's gonna help anything, dummy! I guess it doesn't matter; nobody can help somebody that ugly. Not even Hikita-chan!"

Saiya Saiga

SHSL Hostess

"My King, how may I serve you?"

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Shion Fukumatsu

SHSL Enviromentalist

"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."

Suiro Jishin

SHSL Philosopher

"[endless talking]"

Xtreme Kool Letterz Supoki Bonezu

SHSL Good Samaritan

"I am a skeleton!"

Takahiro Tsukimori

SHSL Personal Assistant

"When it comes to running after people, I'm the best of the best... At least, I think."

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Toreba Makkurado

SHSL Pilot


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Umeko Nitta

SHSL Sukeban

"Do not call me Umeko. Ume is fine."

Yogi Enomoto

SHSL Good Luck


Yumiko Kimura

SHSL Archer


Yuna Kuroki

SHSL Acrobat

"Ah-haha-haha! *pulls a rat out of cleavage*"


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