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  • Chow Yun-fat, before the Heroic Bloodshed roles that put him on the map of Hong Kong movie stardom, rose to fame as a man caught in several love dodecahedrons in the (appropriately named) Hong Kong drama series "The Man in the Net."
  • Game of Thrones:
    • Robert Baratheon was betrothed to Lyanna Stark, who was kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen, who was married to Elia Martell. After everyone else's death, Robert married Cersei Lannister, who was in a secret relationship with her twin brother Jaime.
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    • Lysa Tully married Jon Arryn but loved Petyr Baelish, who loved Catelyn Tully, who married Eddard Stark, who has a bastard son by another woman. However, it turns out that actually Eddard was faithful to Catelyn. His "bastard son" Jon Snow is actually his nephew by Ned's sister Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, with Jon's true heritage kept secret from everyone so he wouldn't be killed by his real father's enemies (who are his adopted father's friends).
    • Margaery Tyrell marries Renly Baratheon, who is in love with Loras Tyrell while being crushed on by Brienne of Tarth. Margaery and Renly have no romantic interest in each other, and Renly is only sexually interested in men. Margaery is perfectly fine with her husband and brother being a couple and even suggests that Loras could help Renly "get started" when they try to produce an heir for political reasons.
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  • Grey's Anatomy features a love dodecahedron in which George loves Meredith, who loves Derek, who can't decide if he loves Meredith or Addison, who also is still in love with Derek but at one point was in love with Mark, who slept with Callie, who is married to George, who slept with Izzie, who used to date Alex, who's lusted after by Addison (and that's before you get into the subtext). Coincidentally, the best-remembered episode of the first season featured a hospital-wide outbreak of syphilis.
  • The first season of Smallville, after setting up a Love Triangle with Clark and Whitney both wanting Lana, regularly increases its geometrical complexity by throwing others into the mix; the (Kryptonite meteor rock-influenced) Villain of the Week is sometimes romantically interested in Lana as well (and might even start to get somewhere until revealed to be hideously transformed when not masquerading as still human), and Lex Luthor will intervene to try to break up some of these pairings... but is this being done as friendly help for Clark's benefit, or because he too has secret designs on Lana? (Or even Clark?) It doesn't help that seemingly every man, woman, and child in Kansas has developed an unhealthy obsession with Lana Lang at some point, and Lex's relationship with Clark is staggeringly homoerotic until that little incident where Lex has Clark's family held hostage.
    • Like it ends there. Chloe is in love with Clark. Jimmy and Pete are in love with Chloe. Chloe dated Jimmy, but he dated Kara briefly when they were broken up. Jason and Lex later have relationships with Lana. Lois is destined to be with Clark, but has so far been with Aquaman and Oliver. Lionel Luthor has romantic designs on Martha Kent after Jonathan dies, while Lex's obsession with Lana moves briefly onto Kara. Lana and Lex get married, but that ends when Lana fakes her own death using a clone, frames Lex for the murder, then returns and gets a divorce. Only in Smallville, folks.
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    • And moving into season 8 adds Davis, who is in love with Chloe, and Tess, who manages Ho Yay and Foe Yay with every single member of the cast (Clark, Lois, Oliver, Chloe, Zod, potted plants, office furniture, etc.).
  • The combined Love Dodecahedron for Buffy and its spinoff Angel ends up being so complex that it's mathematically impossible to draw with non-crossing arrows:
    • Willow likes Xander, but Xander likes Buffy, but Buffy likes Angel. Xander also dates Cordelia, Willow winds up dating Oz, and the one time Xander reciprocates Willow's feelings it leads to breaking up Willow/Oz (temporarily), and Xander/Cordelia (permanently). Because of that break-up, Cordy invokes the wrath of the vengeance demon, Anya, who almost marries Xander, and Cordelia later gets involved with Angel. After Willow and Oz get back together, Oz sleeps with Veruca despite loving Willow, leading to Willow later having to choose between old flame Oz and new flame Tara. All the while, Dawn has a crush on Xander, and they eventually date, but not before Buffy confesses she now has feelings for Xander as well.
    • Then you add the vampires: Angel and Buffy wuv each other, but when Angel goes evil he starts being naughty towards Drusilla. Spike and Drusilla have been together for around a century, but he starts crushing on Buffy from the moment he sees her, and also hooks up with Anya in season 6. In the past, Spike and Angel had "that one time" together. Angel was in a relationship with Darla for a long time, but she left when he got cursed. Darla's relationship with the Master was creepy, and her relationship with Drusilla was subtexty.
    • And adding in the Spinoff characters: Angel develops feelings for Cordelia, who reciprocates. Cordy sleeps with Angel's teenaged son Connor. Wes and Cordelia liked each other on Buffy but have since decided they're Better as Friends. Wes has a destructive romance with Lilah but loves Fred, who has a crush on Angel and then dates Gunn before finally ending up with Wesley. And Lorne just sits back and watches it all.
    • Faith. Definite Foe Yay between her and Buffy, and she takes Xander's v-card. She is also seemingly obsessed with Buffy's sloppy seconds: in addition to Xander's long-standing crush, she tried to come on to Angel at least once, showed interest in Scott Hope, slept with Riley while she was in Buffy's body, and in season seven she slept with Robin Wood and seemed like she was going to take up with Spike.
    • The whole mess is even lampshaded in "Beneath You":
      Anya: Hey! Hands off the merchandise, Spike. You don't get to go there again.
      Spike: Please... I've already forgotten about our little time together.
      Nancy: I thought you were Xander's ex-girlfriend?
      Anya: I am.
      Nancy: But you and Spike?
      Anya: Had a thing.
      Spike: Didn't last.
      Nancy: But weren't you Buffy's...
      Spike: Briefly.
      Buffy: Never serious.
      Nancy: Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?
      [Xander and Spike glance at each other]
  • Lost Girl is a prime example of this. The series starts with a (bisexual) love triangle between Bo/Lauren and Bo/Dyson. Bo dates/sleeps with both of them throughout the first and second seasons. Then the show brings in Tamsin in S3 to give Bo a third love interest. This of course does not even count all the guest stars that Bo has kissed or slept with. Another example is Kenzi, Bo's platonic life partner/roomie though the two of them have kissed. Kenzi likes Dyson, but also Hale.
    So in short, Bo likes both Dyson and Lauren and Tamsin. Dyson hates Lauren, but is attracted to Tamsin. Kenzi has a minor crush on Dyson, hates both Lauren and Tamsin, but likes Hale, who likes her back. Kenzi has kissed both Dyson and Lauren, but also Hale, who's also kissed Bo. Through a weird bodyswap mindmeld, Dyson and Lauren have slept together, which Bo sees as herself and Lauren, even though it's really Dyson and a female guest character. To say things are complicated would be a dramatic understatement.
  • Teen Wolf has this in the first and (to a lesser degree) second season. Scott likes Allison. Jackson is dating Lydia. Stiles is single. However, Allison broke up with Scott, and Jackson seems to like flirting with Allison. Stiles has liked Lydia since the third grade, but Lydia doesn't care about Stiles. Lydia likes Scott and likes having her trophy boyfriend Jackson. Scott doesn't have any real feelings for Lydia, but the full moon and misinformation causes Scott to fulfill Lydia's affair and slap Stiles in the face.
    • Then in season 2 along comes Erica, who actively pursues Scott to push him into joining their pack and also had a crush on Stiles when they were younger, but he never notice her. Erica also shares a hot kiss with Derek and eventually begins a relationship with Boyd. Erica also made out with Jackson and Isaac in the infamous club three-way scene. Also, Jackson's best friend Danny begins flirting with Matt, who Jackson advices him to pursue, but it turns out that Matt was a Stalker with a Crush for Allison, who does not reciprocate in any way.
    • In season 3, Isaac starts a relationship with Allison, whereas Scott begins to date Kira Yukimura, the new girl in town. During the first half, Lydia has sex a couple of times with alpha werewolf Aiden, whose twin brother Ethan begins to date Danny. Stiles and Lydia share a kiss, but end up as just Platonic Life-Partners in the end and Stiles eventually hooks up with a girl called Caitlin, who later hints that Stiles may or may not be bisexual, and later loses his virginity to Malia Tate, a werecoyote and Peter Hale's daughter.
  • The Secret Life of the American Teenager had this in the first season: Ricky impregnated Amy, who fell in love with Ben. Even though Ben proposed to Amy, we also got a hint that he wanted Grace at first. Grace was dating Jack, but when she wouldn't have sex with him, he cheated on her with Adrian. She dumped him and started going out with Ricky, but he too was having sex with Adrian behind her back. Jack began a relationship with another girl, but it didn't last. Ricky dumped Grace when his dangerous father returned to town, hinting that he might've cared for her after all. Adrian started sleeping with her stepbrother, Max, but it too didn't last. The season ended with Grace and Jack getting back together and a hint that Adrian and Ricky really did love each other. The second and third seasons are too complicated and scatterbrained to even describe.
  • Battlestar Galactica perhaps takes the cake for this. Adama loved Carolanne before they fell out and now he loves Roslin, who was previously having an affair with President Adar. Apollo loves Starbuck and Starbuck loves Apollo, but he married Anastasia Dualla and she married Samuel Anders. Starbuck also once disastrously bedded Baltar, who loves Number Six, who is now pregnant with Colonel Tigh's child, even though the Colonel mourned the death of his promiscuous wife Ellen. Boomer and Tyrol were having an affair until Adama broke them up. Boomer died at the hands of Cally, who married Tyrol, who still loved Boomer. Athena married Helo, who used to have a crush on Boomer, who is the same person as Athena, except not really. Racetrack has a crush on Helo. Helena Cain had an affair with Gina, whom Baltar tried to seduce. Also, Baltar was the object of some affection early on from Felix Gaeta. Starbuck's tricky relationship with Leoben Conoy. Practically every major and secondary character has tricky relationship issues.
    • There is an Official Frak Chart.
  • Beverly Hills, 90210 has David longing for Kelly (resolved when they become step-siblings), who started the show as Steve's ex. During the first two seasons it seemed that they were to become a couple again, which never happened (except for once she got drunk and slept with him). As the show progressed, relationships and hook-ups multiplied: Kelly slept with her best friend's boyfriend, then with her boyfriend's best friend; Clare began virtually stalking Brandon and then having a relationship with David and then with Steve; Valerie slept with Dylan, Steve and David and almost with Brandon once; Gina was with Dylan and then David, who finally married her cousin who was also her half-sister.
  • 90210, in its short-lived run so far, has had a lot of that: Ethan left Naomi for Annie, then kissed Rhonda and finally, before leaving the show, fell in love with Silver, who was Dixon's girlfriend and in season two would become official with Teddy, who had been the reason why Adrianna broke up with Navid. Teddy also flirted with Naomi (but nothing ever happened once they discovered who he was).
  • Friends plays the trope a bit subtly, with most main characters having made out with each other (including same-gender pairs) although only Ross/Rachel and Chandler/Monica actually slept together. Rachel dated Joey but they broke up before having sex. It's also worth mentioning that several minor characters were with at least two of the main cast (Chip with Monica and Rachel, Janice with Chandler and Ross, Kathy with Chandler and Joey), resulting in short-lived triangles that sometimes could fade away quickly, sometimes added some weight to the storyline.
  • Gossip Girl: Let's see...there's the short-lived Serena/Nate/Blair, which then turns into Serena/Dan/Vanessa and Nate/Blair/Chuck, which coincides with Bart/Lily/Rufus/Allison. (This is just season 1, btw.) In season 2, it's briefly Marcus/Blair/Chuck and Vanessa/Nate/Catherine, and then finally Dan/Serena/Aaron, and Jenny/Nate/Vanessa. Bart/Lily/Rufus is still happening minus Allison and until Bart dies.It makes you wonder if these people even know anyone else in Manhattan. Then in season 3 we have Olivia/Dan/Vanessa they actually have a threesome together Nate/Serena/Tripp/Maureen, soon turns into Jenny/Nate/Serena and finally by the end of the season Nate/Serena/Dan/Vanessa. Dan and Serena are kind of step-siblings at this point. And you know who else is kind of step-siblings? Chuck and Jenny. But that doesn't stop Jenny from losing her virginity to a guy that nearly raped her once
    • By season 3, all the love triangles and hook-ups linked together just involving the core characters is: Chuck/Vanessa/Dan/Blair/Chuck/Blair/Nate/Serena/Dan/Vanessa/Nate/Jenny/Chuck. At least two of these pairings are step-siblings, one by marriage, and another by that same marriage + adoption. This doesn't include any of the minor characters or the adult characters.
      • By the middle of season 4 Chuck, Louis and Dan are involved in various stages of love with Blair.
  • That '70s Show had quite a bit of that among the main teenage characters. At times lampshaded by the adults.
    Kitty: You kids change partners more than square dancers!
  • Lost's irritating love dodecahedron was originally a simple triangle involving Jack and Sawyer, who both loved Kate, who couldn't decide between them. Then the introduction of Juliet in Season 3 threw a wrench in the triangle, as Jack cannot decide between either (though Juliet thinks he's just using her to make Kate jealous). Thanks to the show's time-travelling, Sawyer and Juliet ended up spending three happy years together, but as of early 2009, it appears that the dodecahedron is about to kick back into play.
    • The obvious fanservice moment when Kate and Juliet fall in the mud after being handcuffed together...
    • Ana-Lucia filled the same role in a love square during season 2.
    • And Ben is in love with Juliet, who hates him but was in love with Goodwin, who was married to Harper (until Ben got him killed). Juliet tells Jack she's worried what Ben would do to him if he found out she had feelings for Jack.
  • Pretty Little Liars: the romantic entanglements in this show are such, it's hard to keep track of who was with who at this point.
    • Season 1 starts with Ezra/Aria/Noel, Melissa/Wren/Spencer, Ben/Emily/Maya and Sean/Hanna/Lucas, as well as Jenna/Toby and Emily's trying to move on from her old crush on Alison. Early on, Ben/Emily break up after he tries to rape her and she's saved by Toby; then Emily comes out of the closet and begins to date Maya. Sean and Hanna eventually break-up, but then Caleb is introduced and she begins to date him, so it remains Caleb/Hanna/Lucas instead. Melissa breaks her engagement with Wren when she finds him making out with Spencer, and eventually gets together with her ex Ian, who she marries. Ian, by the way, had a secret affair with Spencer before the start of the story. And so did Alison. Oh, and towards the end of the season Spencer beings to date Toby while Emily is approached by Paige, who dates Sean as The Beard but decides she wants Emily. Maya's Put on a Bus to rehab, so Emily begins to date Paige, but because she doesn't want to go back living in the closet she breaks it off. She also briefly dates Samara (they break up early in season 2).
    • Season 2 introduces Jason/Aria/Ezra/Jackie and Toby/Spencer/Wren. Also, Mona and Noel suddenly began dating, but break up off-screen a couple of episodes before the finale. Maya returns to town and eventually begins dating Emily again, but is killed in the finale. Season 3 has Paige/Emily/Nathan, Wren/Hanna/Caleb, Wes/Aria/Ezra/Maggie, Noel/Jenna/Shana (and Jenna/Nathan) and Toby/Spencer/Andrew, and then we hit gold with season 4, which not only introduces Mike/Mona, Ezra/Aria/Jake and Travis/Hanna/Holbrook, but there's also the reveal of past relationships Mike/Hanna and Ezra/Alison, which happened prior to Ali's disappearance and just overall further complicate things. As if it wasn't complicated enough.
  • In an episode of My Name Is Earl, this trope was used. Earl was in love with Billie, but so were Stuart, Frank, and Catalina. Paco, Catalina's childhood lover, was in love with her — but she didn't believe him. Frank was also interested in Billie's cousin. And Kenny was in love with Stuart, too. In the end, it was turned into four neat couples, two of which were continued at least until the end of the season.
  • The Taiwanese Buddy Cop Show Black and White has a Love Dodecahedron that transcends the borders between police and outlaws. The mismatched buddies dandy Chen Zai Tian and straight-laced Wu Ying Xiong are at the center. They both like Mafia Princess Chen Lin who can't decide between the two. Chen Zai Tian also loves a girl from his past and Wu Ying Xiong rekindles an old flame which ends badly. Chen Lin has another admirer in runaway mercenary Ma Xiao Ming. Then there is Lan Xi Ying from the forensics who has a deep crush on Wu Ying Xiong but developes a nice connection with Chen Zai Tian also and she awakens long buried feelings in the hitman Cheng Nuo.
  • Glee has an extensive one. An excellent illustration of the current relationship "tree" can be found here. A slightly outdated "tree" from season 4 can be found here.
    • Season One: Will was married to Terri but has a crush on Emma. Emma returns the feelings but settles for marrying Ken. Once each of the couples break up, they kiss. They eventually decide to go out, but break up due to the divorce. In that time, Will also has feelings for rival glee club coach Shelby and Lady Drunk April Rhodes. Then in episode 21, he tried hooking up with Sue and it's indicated she has some feelings for him. Meanwhile with the students, Jacob is into Rachel who is in love with Finn, but she tried dating Jesse for a while until he broke her heart. Kurt also liked Finn until he dropped the f-bomb, and Finn was actually dating Quinn until he realized that she had slept with (and got pregnant by) Puck. Puck's somewhat interested in Quinn (and seems to be dating her) but has a sex-only relationship with Santana, who may or not be hooked up with Brittany (who might still have feelings for Kurt after they dated). Beta-ing are Tina and Artie, with some Ship Tease for Tina and Mike and Artie and Quinn. And all this is not including one-off crushes and relationships that were contained in the episode, such as Rachel and Puck trying to go out twice, Sue and Bryan Ryan sleeping together, Puck and Mercedes briefly dating, Rachel going Hot for Teacher on Will, Mercedes liking Kurt, Santana and Brittany dating Finn at the same time, Finn later having a one-night stand with Santana, and so on. And this is all only one season.
    • Season Two Emma is dating Carl and marries him in Vegas, though Will keeps chasing her and has post-divorce sex with Terri, once. Finn and Rachel become the closest the cast has to a Beta Couple (until they break up when Rachel finds out about his fling with Santana and promptly cheats on him with Puck...again), when Tina dumps Artie for Mike. Artie wants her back, but dates Brittany to make Tina jealous (though he seems to be over her now). Kurt tries to seduce the new kid, Sam, but Finn and Burt convince him to back off, leaving Sam open to date (sorta) Quinn, until she cheats on him with Finn after which he starts dating Santana, who is actually in love with Brittany but initially too scared and make it a real relationship, until she does and Brittany lets her down easy because she's still dating Artie. The one time Kurt stands up to Karofsky, he kisses Kurt, though the latter denies it. Kurt was currently crushing on Blaine (the only other openly gay character on the show, not counting Rachel's dads), And Puck has a one-night stand with Lauren in return for her joining Glee club, and still seems to have a crush on Quinn. Blaine and Rachel also made out, then went out on a date as well.
    • And that was up to mid-season. Kurt and Blaine are officially dating, but there was a (false) rumor that Kurt cheated on Blaine with Sam, who was also (wrongly) accused of hooking up with Quinn while she was still dating Finn, who broke up with her afterwards to try to get back with Rachel, and Rachel seemed on her way to getting back with Jesse. After being turned down by Brittany, Santana "convinces" (read forces) Karofsky to date her:to act as each others' beards, but when Brittany dumped Artie (who wants her back), Santana was on the move again. By now, Lauren and Puck as well as Mike and Tina are pretty stable couples with not much relationship drama for a change. Oh, and Sam and Mercedes get together in the last episode of the season.
    • Season Three: Will and Emma seem to be going steady, but Lauren broke up with Puck who is now Hot for Teacher with Shelby (who also happens to be the adoptive mother of Puck and Quinn's daughter), and Mercedes and Sam broke up over the summer and she's together with some huge football player who doesn't really have any purpose besides being Mercedes' boyfriend, but Sam is trying to get her back. Mercedes ends up cheating on her boyfriend with Sam. They break up, and Mercedes decides to just stay single. The new kid, Rory, had a crush on Brittany, much to her girlfriend Santana's displeasure. Later, both Rory and Artie developed feelings for Sugar, who chose Rory over Artie as her date for Valentine's Day.
    • Season four: Rachel has dumped Finn and has been dating Brody, who slept with Cassandra. Blaine cheated on Kurt while Santana broke up with Brittany. Sam then started dating Brittany while Sugar started dating Artie and Tina and Mike both became single. Tina also has a new crush on Blaine while Blaine had a short-lived crush on Sam. Quinn also started a relationship with a college professor but then slept with Santana. There are also new members Jake, who dated/ broke up with Kitty and is now battling Ryder for Marley.
    • It gets some Lampshade Hanging at the start of the third Season. Kurt and Rachel show up in Emma's office and she suggests they might be going out, as it's possibly the only Glee club relationship pairing that hasn't happened yet.
    • Lampshaded again in season four.
      Emma: You glee kids have dated so incestuously I can't even remember who can tolerate who anymore.
    • Season Five: Blaine and Kurt get back together and are engaged, Finn's death has left Rachel single, Will and Emma are Happily Married, Santana is dating a girl named Dani, Artie gets together with Kitty, Jake cheats on Marley with Bree and they break up.
  • In Season 1 of The Newsroom, Don and Maggie are dating, but she develops feelings for Jim, who likes her back. Then Don sets Jim up with Maggie's roommate Lisa, and they end up liking each other, but Jim continues to have feelings for Maggie. Meanwhile, Sloan has a crush on Don. Things get cleared up early in Season 2, when everyone involved finds out that Maggie and Jim like each other, and Don and Lisa, respectively, break up with them. The situation then gets downgraded to a Love Triangle between Maggie, Jim, and Jim's new girlfriend Hallie.
  • Ugly Betty had always had a few of these, but by season four things just got ridiculous.
  • In an episode of Frasier, Frasier and his family (including Daphne and her friend Annie) go to a ski lodge. Frasier lusts after Annie, who in turn desires Niles, who wants Daphne. Daphne wants Guy, the ski instructor, who (unbeknownst to her) is gay, and also wants Niles. When everything is finally revealed, Frasier is frustrated that no one wanted him.
    • In an episode in Season 2 called "An Affair to Forget, we have a doozy: there's Niles' default attraction to Daphne, who doesn't perceive it; he's married to Maris, who is suspected of having an affair with Gunnar, her German fencing instructor, who is also married to a woman named Gretchen. When Niles and Frasier confront Gunnar about it, due to a Poor Communication Kills, Gunnar thinks Frasier is having an affair with Gretchen, and to complicate it, Roz is trying to set Frasier and his dad up with a woman in her building. Admittedly half of this love tangle is only perceived, but it's still impressive.
  • Let's talk about some of the Alias relationships between seasons 1 and 3. We have Sydney, who loves Vaughn, who's married to Lauren, who's boning Sark, who loves Allison as Francie, who loves Will, who loves Sydney.
  • Skins loves this trope.
    • Generation 1: Tony and Michelle were dating when the series started. But Tony's best friend Sid was in love with Michelle. And Tony cheated on Michelle with Abigail and Maxxie. Then Cassie fell for Sid, and by the end of the series Sid returned her feelings and they became a couple, while Tony and Michelle broke up. Michelle hooked up with Abigail's brother, Josh, leading Tony to frame Josh as having slept with Abigail - Josh retaliates by drugging Tony's sister Effy and demand that Tony has sex with her if he wants Josh to call an ambulance (he doesn't, but Effy survives). Then in S2, Cassie moved away and Sid and Michelle hooked up, with Abigail claiming Tony as her own. Cassie returned and rejected Sid for his infidelity, suggesting to Tony that the two of them should hook up. A few episodes later, Sid and Michelle break up and they get back together with Cassie and Tony respectively.
      • Meanwhile, Chris is in love with his professor, Angie, but she's torn between him and her ex. She eventually leaves him brokenhearted, and he eventually falls in love with Jal. Then Angie returns and he briefly reunites to her, before realizing that it's Jal who he really wants.
    • Generation 2: In the first episode, best friends Freddie, Cook and JJ all meet Effy and all immediately fall for her. Cook and Effy sleep together and continue to for much of the series, while Freddie continues to pine for Effy. Effy's best friend Pandora gets together with Thomas, but after he leaves the country, she starts an affair with Cook, which she continues after her boyfriend returns. While all this is going on, Naomi and Emily start up a heartfelt but unofficial romance behind closed doors. Naomi tells Cook that she'll sleep with him if he wins the student election, which she almost goes through with when he does. Emily gives JJ a sympathy shag for him to lose his virginity. Effy falls for Freddie, but he has started a relationship with Emily's twin, Katie. While high on shrooms, Effy gets into a fight with Katie and hits her with a rock, and then sleeps with Freddie. After Katie is taken into hospital, Effy shamefully skips town with Cook. The next episode, despite Katie's interference, Emily and Naomi resolve their issues and become an offical couple. Meanwile, Pandora apologizes for her affair and makes up with Thomas. In the series finale, JJ and Freddie track down Cook and Effy. JJ demands that Effy choose between the three of them right there and then; she picks Freddie. In series 4, Freddie and Effy are a couple but Cook still holds feelings for Effy. Naomi cheats on Emily with Sophia (who kills herself when Naomi begins ignoring her) and the two all but break up. Emily falls to pieces and starts punishing Naomi by having affairs with other girls. Thomas, still angry at Pandora for sleeping with Cook, cheats on her with Andrea. Naomi kisses Cook but rejects him because she's in love with Emily. JJ finds a girlfriend in Lara. Katie kisses and develops feelings for Thomas. Effy goes crazy and almost kills herself, and gets a psychologist, John Foster. Foster falls in love with Effy and so beats Freddie to death with a baseball bat. The series ends with both Naomi and Emily and Thomas and Pandora reuniting, while Cook ambigulously fights Foster to avenge Freddie.
    • Generation Three: Nick and Mini started the series as a couple. Franky met and apparently developed feelings for Matty. Rich and Grace became a couple. After Mini was reluctant to sleep with Nick, he cheated on her with her best friend, Liv. The next episode, Liv hooked up with Nick's brother Matty in a drug-fuelled night of passion, and then they became a couple, but Nick seemingly held a torch for Liv. Matty eventually admitted he was in love with Franky. But Mini too was falling in love with an oblivious Franky. In the finale, Liv, desperate to keep Matty, made romantic advances on Franky, but they stopped before it went too far. She finally just broke up with him and he proceeded to go after Franky. They nearly had sex, but she stopped it, likely due to Rape as Backstory. Mini comforted her and the episode ended with no real answer as to whether Franky was still pursuing Matty or if she was moving on.
    • US: Following the pattern of UK's Gen 1, Tony and Michelle are a couple, while Stanley loves Michelle and Cadie loves Stanley. But Tony loves Tea, as does Abbud, while Tea, a lesbian, strikes up a relationship with Betty, but sleeps with Tony. Abbud then sleeps with Daisy.
  • Community descends into this group rapidly.
    • The bare-bone relationships in the first season: Jeff wants to sleep with Britta so he starts a study group to get close to her. Britta thinks he is manipulative and wants to be just friends with Jeff so instead dates Vaughn for a short while. Annie has had a crush on Troy since high school. Troy not knowing this starts to date Randy (Randy can be a girl's name!). Realizing Troy won't reciprocate her feelings, Annie dates Vaughn. Jeff and Britta unsuccessfully try to sabotage Annie's relationship with Vaughn by getting Troy interested in Annie. Jeff starts a committed relationship with Prof. Slater, his statistic professor. Jeff and Annie share a kiss while participating in debate. Britta drunk dials Jeff. Jeff drunk dials both Britta and Slater. During the last dance of the year Annie breaks up with Vaughn when he moves to a new college. At the same dance Britta and Slater make public professions of love towards Jeff. Jeff runs away from both and moments later makes out with Annie.
    • Down the road, Britta and Jeff have a Secret Relationship, which Annie takes too personally. Later, it becomes clear that Annie and Jeff are very much into each other and in at least one alternate timeline they make out again. Meanwhile, Britta has fallen for Troy who likes her back, but really she'll only ever be second to Abed. Speaking of whom, Abed's curious ability to adopt movie identities once led Annie to make out with his Han Solo persona.
  • iCarly: Carly once dated Freddie, who is in love with her, only for them to break up because Sam told Freddie that Carly's feelings for Freddie were hero worship (he saved her life). Sam has a crush on Spencer, and then later has full blown feelings for Freddie, who enters a relationship with Sam. Gibby has shown interest in Carly and Sam, and had a girlfriend named Tasha, who had an episode where it looked like she cheated on Gibby with Freddie. Melanie, who is Sam's twin sister, had an obvious crush on Freddie, and has kissed him as well. After Freddie rekindles his crush on Carly, the series finale has Carly go up to Freddie and kiss him.
  • Degrassi: The Next Generation has so many examples of this, that listing them here would take up the whole page. There was even a commercial on The N (now known as TeenNick) which parodied this. Spinner walked into a
South of Nowhere love triangles therapy session, only to be told to go next door. He then walked into a room for love hexagons therapy and sees the cast of Degrassi fighting about who's supposed to be involved with who that week.
  • The season 13 and 14 tenners take it Up to Eleven. There are only 8 people involved in the romantic drama, but nine relationships that were either serious crushes or that actually happened: Maya/Cam, Tristan/Cam, Zig/Tori, Maya/Zig, Maya/Miles, Miles/Zoe, Zoe/Zig, Zoe/Grace, Miles/Tristan and seven love triangles Cam/Maya/Zig, Tori/Zig/Maya, Miles/Maya/Zig, Maya/Miles/Zoe, Zoe/Zig/Maya, Maya/Miles/Tristan, and Miles/Zoe/Grace
  • The ABC show Pushing Daisies has Olive who's in love with Ned, to the point where she's completely oblivious to the affections of Alfredo, It's only after he gets Put on a Bus and leaves (at least partially due to said obliviousness from Olive) that she realizes she might have actually had feelings for him. Olive later begins dating Randy Mann, although her feelings for Ned are still somewhat prevalant. This is shown to make Ned at least a little jealous even though he's deeply in love with Chuck, who, in turn, loves him back. That would all be fine and good except, due to Ned being Blessed with Suck (Or Cursed with Awesome, depending on your interpretation of his abilities) they can't touch. Ever. Then there's Chuck's Aunts, One of whom, Lily, is actually Chuck's mother because she slept with her sister, Vivian's, fiance and Chuck's dad Charles Charles. Also, she tries to kill Vivian's new beau Dwight Dixon. Although that's mostly becuase he turns out to be a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's only using Vivian to get to Her supposed-to-be dead neice, Chuck's, pocket watch, which he later tries to get anyway by robbing her grave.
  • Torchwood: Jack is in a relationship with Ianto but also has feelings for Gwen at times. Gwen loves Jack (at least in the earlier seasons) and is married to Rhys, and had an affair with Owen which ended after Owen had a thing with Diane, whose thing for planes overrode her thing for Owen. Andy is in love with Gwen. Tosh was in love with Owen unrequitedly.
    • Around the same time Ianto was clearly involved with Jack, Jack was involved with his namesake in the episode "Captain Jack Harkness".
    • Tosh was also mata hari'ed by an alien dissident terrorist by the name of Mary, and had a fling with Tommy Brockless, a cryo'ed babyfaced soldier from World War One. Once Owen was zombified their relationship seemed to kick up a notch. As usual for Tosh, it ended with heroics and tragedy.
  • Doctor Who:
    • In series 1, Rose is dating Mickey, but then runs off with and falls in love with the Doctor, who loves her back, though nothing really happens. While they're on their travels, Jack turns up, having a crush on both Rose and the Doctor. The Doctor falls in love with Madame du Pompadour while his and Rose's relationship remained unresolved until the end of Series 4 when Rose ends up with a Meta-Crisis, half human Doctor in an alternative universe.
    • In series 3, Jack (who at the time had recently kissed Ianto in Torchwood) and Martha both have unrequited crushes on the Doctor, while the Doctor (in the guise of John Smith) romances Joan Redfern. Martha eventually gets over this and marries Mickey Smith, who also seems to be over his hangups with Rose.
    • And then there's Amy, who likes the Doctor, and Rory, who's in love with Amy. Though Amy and Rory end up getting married and having a child Then there's River, who's in love with the Doctor, who likes her back; and as if that, along with the above, isn't bad enough, Clara comes along into the mix. Word of God says that the Doctor is romantically interested in her as well, and is 'smitten'. Clara, amongst her teasing and playful flirting, has been hinted at loving him back as well ( in the prequel to the episode where she scatters herself into a million pieces across time and space, knowing that she would die, to save the Doctor, no less ), the fact that their relationship is generally that of a domestic, married couple doesn't help the Love Dodecahedron ( Or the shippers )at all.
  • Fringe has steadily been progressing into a rather convoluted dodecahedron: Peter loves Olivia who liked John at first but he died and she liked Peter back but she doesn't remember him as of season 4 and now has a thing for Lincoln who is quite smitten back but is friends with Peter who seems to ship them as well for some reason but Olivia remembered Peter again and now Lincoln is brokenhearted but back in the alternate time line Peter thought that Fauxlivia was Olivia and spent seven episodes enamoured with her even though she was dating Frank but Alternate Lincoln liked her too and seemed to be fond of our Olivia as well when Walternate mind raped her into thinking she was Fauxlivia but in the amber timeline Fauxlivia has broken up with Frank and Lincoln was her "shoulder to cry on" but then he died but the other Lincoln said he'd stay and help and Seth Gabel (who plays Lincoln) ships them so perhaps that will go somewhere. Whew.
  • Spanish cop show Los Hombres De Paco. To make it easy, everyone in the San Antonio Predicate Really Gets Around with each other. There's plenty of office sex to go around since they are all related one way or another. It was nicely lampshaded by Lola in one episode when Silvia was talking to Pepa. Rough English translation:
    Silvia: It's just that between your magnum and your "hot blood", you'd be a good match for Lucas.
    Lola: Don't even start with that. Our family is already complicated enough.
  • The downstairs characters on Downton Abbey- In the first two seasons, footman William loved kitchen maid Daisy, but Daisy was infatuated with first footman Thomas, not realizing that he was, also in Mrs. Patmore's words, "not a lady's man" who had recently been rejected by the duke who was courting Lady Mary. By the third season, Daisy had fallen for new footman Alfred, who was smitten with new housemaid Ivy, who had her eye on the other footman Jimmy, who (probably) cared for no one but himself but was also the object of Thomas's affections.
  • The characters in Wizards of Waverly Place. Alex and Justin have a complicated relationship, meanwhile Alex is going out with Mason, who in turn confessed his undying love for Juliet, who is also the current girlfriend of Justin, who Harper is a Stalker with a Crush for but who may also love Zeke, and...
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. developed one over the course of Season 1 involving all six (later seven) leads. It started fairly simple: Simmons maybe has a crush on Fitz, who has an unrequited crush on Skye, who has a crush on Ward, who's pursuing May, who might have some lingering feelings over an implied history with Coulson, who's pining for his lost love Audrey (and devoted to his Companion Cube car Lola). Then it starts to break down: Fitz forgets all about Skye a few episodes in after realising he's in love with Simmons, who unfortunately has apparently forgotten that she maybe felt the same way about him at the start since meeting the new guy, Triplett. Meanwhile, Ward and May start sleeping together, but neither is really romantically interested in the other, and Ward admits to romantic feelings for Skye, and the two start tentatively dating. The whole thing resolves neatly into two basic Love Triangles by the last few episodes: May/Ward/Skye in one, Fitz/Simmons/Triplett in the other (Coulson, by now, more or less resigned to loving Audrey from afar while still Faking the Dead). But there's a couple of twists left before the big finale: Ward is revealed as The Mole, effectively ending his relationships with both May and Skye, who now both despise him, while Fitz-Simmons seem finally about to get it together at last, until Fitz ends up in a coma right before the season break. Quite complex for the show's first 22-episode run, isn't it?
  • Pretty much the whole cast of Night and Day is embroiled in an especially large, crazy and frequently intergenerational one.
  • Preacher (2016): Jesse and Tulip were clearly quite seriously involved for a long time, and Tulip still retains a strong hope that they'll be together again, even ignoring the fact that they broke up and still referring to him as her "boyfriend" rather than her "ex" most of her time. Emily has a rather obvious crush on Jesse, too, and clearly has hopes that they'll eventually settle down together. Jesse, on his part, seems basically oblivious to Emily and determined to resist Tulip. However, what would be a regular love triangle gets complicated when it turns out that both Tulip and Emily have other prospective paramours: Emily is in a Friends with Benefits arrangement with Miles, while Tulip seems to be developing a similar relationship with Cassidy - and both Miles and Cassidy are clearly quite smitten with their respective lady friends, adding a whole extra layer of complication when both women would much rather be with Jesse, who seems content to remain a Celibate Hero. This ends in the season 1 finale when everyone in Annville (except the three leads) are killed, and Jesse and Tulip get back together, thus leaving a traditional Love Triangle between them and Cassidy.
  • Choujin Sentai Jetman is generally known for it's Love Triangle between Gai/Kaori/Ryu, but it is way more complicated that that. Gai and Raita like Kaori, who likes Ryu, who is still pining over his late-fiance Rie. Kaori and Ryu both have arranged weddings early in the series that they eventually get out of. In a trip to the past, a woman who looks identical to Kaori falls for Raita. At around the mid-season mark, Kaori starts having feelings for Gai and they begin dating, but Gai is also still very much The Casanova. Maria is really Rie, and therefore Ryu's fiance, but both Grey and Radiguet have some sort of feelings for her. Then, between the final battle and the epilogue, Kaori and Ryu start dating and Raita marries his childhood sweetheart. And that's not even getting into any of the Ho Yay!
  • Hannibal: Will likes Alana, who likes both him and Hannibal, while Hannibal kinda likes Will and shares a surrogate daughter with him, but also has some Ship Tease with his psychiatrist Bedelia and with Alana. Will and Alana make out once, but decide they would be bad for each other. Then Hannibal and Alana become lovers, while Will engages in a cat-and-mouse "seduction" play with Hannibal. Margot Verger once sleeps with Will to conceive a baby. After Hannibal realises that Will wants to bring him to justice, he violently breaks up with him, and runs away with Bedelia to become fake married, even though he continues to openly pine for Will. Will pines for Hannibal too, and searches for him across Europe, but then breaks up with him a second time and marries Molly Foster for three years. Alana and Margot become a couple, marry and have a son. In the series finale, Will and Hannibal finally become an item. No, this show isn't a romcom.
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend gets pretty complicated by the time the first season ends. Rebecca is still in love with Josh after their fling at summer camp as teens, but Josh is dating his high school sweetheart Valencia, and he's completely oblivious to Rebecca's feelings. It's also hinted that Rebecca has a crush on Valencia. Meanwhile, Josh's friend Greg has been pining after Rebecca ever since she moved to town, but even though they have good chemistry together, she's too fixated on Josh to even realize that Greg might be a possibility. Then, partway through the season, Greg starts dating Rebecca's neighbor Heather while trying to deny his feelings for Rebecca. Oh, and middle-aged women find Greg ridiculously attractive for some reason.
  • The Affair: It starts out as a fairly straightforward Your Cheating Heart with two members of different married couples cheating on their spouses with each other, but the entanglement of relationships gets increasingly complex over the following seasons, including multiple instances of break-ups and make-ups with the same two people.
  • Drop Dead Diva: Nowhere near as bad as others, but still the main character is the soul of someone in another person's body, and she can't recall her body's past, and she can't tell anyone from her past who she really is which makes navigating romantic waters complicated.
    • Deb was engaged to Grayson, she ends up dying and her soul ends up in Jane, who was married to Ethan who just used her for the health insurance and left and was kind of dating Hank. Grayson joins the firm Jane works at and starts dating Kim, after they break up she starts dating their boss Parker who has slept with nearly every woman who works or has ever worked in the building. He used to have a thing with his partner Claire and that end when she met her husband. He also slept with Elisa and had a son he didn't know about, he eventually gets back together with her to be a family leaving a heartbroken and pregnant Kim. Jane starts dating Tony, but breaks up with him after he moves to D.C. Her affections transfer back to Grayson who begins dating Vanessa, who leaves him at the altar and shows up a while later pregnant and married. Jane's dates Grayson's neurologist but breaks up with him after finding out he's casually dating several other women, Grayson begins a causal relationship with Cassie that ends quickly and then kisses Stacy, Jane's best friend who was seriously dating Fred but cheated on him with her costar. Jane then falls in love with Owen, whose sister doesn't like her because before being possessed by Deb, she broke her best friend's heart. Luke begins dating Kim but she ends it after discovering she's pregnant. She then finds love with Dave a temp. Jane and Grayson kiss on her wedding day, ending Jane and Owen's relationship and he ends up with Stacy after agreeing to be her sperm donor. After being rejected by Jane , Grayson dates Nicole, but breaks up with her and ends up with Jane.
  • Scandal: Officially the series is a political drama, but calling it a soap opera would not be inaccurate. As of Season Six: Olivia Pope is in love with President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant and in love with Jake Ballard, and had a romantic past with Senate Majority Leader Edison Davis. Fitz is in love with Olivia and used to be Happily Married to Mellie Grant until her rape at the hands of his father killed all intimacy in their relationship. He eventually divorces Mellie to be with Olivia, but he and Olivia break up because, like Mellie, she can't stand being caged in the White House as First Lady. He then settles for a string of flings until he and Olivia get back together again. Jake is in love with Olivia but got married to Vanessa Moss to appease his "father" Eli Pope, and was previously married to another B613 agent. Mellie was in love with Fitz's best friend and eventual running mate Andrew Nichols, until he kidnapped Olivia to force Fitz into declaring war on West Angola, and is now in love with one of Olivia's employees, Marcus Walker. Andrew, after Fitz forced him to break off his affair with Mellie, started sleeping with Elizabeth North. After he was taken down, she started sleeping with David Rosen. David used to date Abby Whelan, who remained his on-and-off girlfriend for a season or two before she finally settled on Leo Bergen, while David entered a Love Triangle with Elizabeth and Vice-President Susan Ross. Quinn has it easy: she dated a reporter in the first season who was eventually killed by Billy Chambers, had Unresolved Sexual Tension with her best friend Huck before finally getting together with Charlie. Not even Cyrus Beene, the sole LGBTQ member of the main cast, is immune — he was Happily Married to reporter James Novak (who was allegedly "a bit of slut" before getting together with Cyrus), but their relationship hit a rough patch and James eventually cheated on him with then-Vice-President Sally Langston's husband Daniel before getting Killed Off for Real. Cyrus married Michael, a prostitute he slept with while he was grieving for James, in the following season, but then started having an affair with minion and former Secret Service agent Tom Larsen.
  • Runaways (2017) has developed one by about halfway through the first season. Gert is crushing on Chase, who's crushing on Karolina, who's crushing on Nico, who's with Alex. Molly just wants to punch people and take naps. Things are simplified in episode 9: Chase realizes that Karolina isn't interested in him and starts a relationship with Gert. Nico breaks up with Alex, and when Karolina kisses her Nico kisses her back. Molly still just wants to punch people.
  • Ally McBeal: Ally works in an office where her ex and big love Billy works as well, along with his wife Georgia. Ally once dated father and son at the same time, but broke up with both because it got weird she was more interested in Larry, and she was irritated when she finds out he has a(n estranged) wife and also more irritated when Larry dates Nelle, another colleague. When she dated Larry, it turned out he also has an ex-wife with a kid who tried to get together wit him again.
  • In the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy, there's almost literally a Love Dodecahedron, with 11 students linked by various love triangles.
  • Dear White People has a small one. Sam and Gabe are secretly dating, however Reggie fell in Love at First Sight with her, all the while Sam's best friend Joelle has a huge crush on Reggie which goes unrequited until the end of season 2. Additionally, Reggie's good friend Troy used to date Sam, and Sam's former roommate/best friend Coco briefly dates him as well, but Troy's closeted gay roommate Lionel also has a crush on him.
  • The Outer Limits (1995): In "What Will the Neighbors Think?", after gaining telepathic powers, Mona Bailey discovers that Delia Pendergast and Esme O'Brien both want Beck Sanders, who wants Tory Beth Walters who wants Mona's husband Ned. She also learns that Delia, who is married to Miles, and Shirley Baxter, who is married to Vince, have both recently had affairs with Dom Pardo. The only resident of the Clackson Arms who is not involved in the love dodecahedron is Leona Fletcher.


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