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"The world is ruled by mad men, Alec."
- Cortex

Quadrant 9 is a science fiction series and at times a genre deconstruction of superheroism. The series follows the various exploits of a group of four (or a quadrant of) teenage 'professional defenders' who work for the Los Angeles branch of The Association. 'The team' consists of:

Alec Flint

The Protagonist. A priorly homeless sixteen year old ex con artist and Deadpan Snarker with a liking for complex chemistry and horror literature. He is also a mutant with the ability of 'Atomic-Molecular Shifting'. Or 'morphing/shifting' as he prefers to call it, which gives him the ability to change things (including himself) into any compound or element he likes. It also gives him unusual pigmentation and most people an excuse to be discriminatory towards him.


Lucy Connors

A sixteen year old time traveller who refuses to give away any information about her past for fear of destroying the space time continuum. As a result of her evolution she is able to fly, use telekinesis and shoot bolts of energy at people. Her answer to any and all problems is violence and she tends to dish out graphic and violent threats that sound dissonant compared to her physique and voice. She has trouble expressing her emotions.

Irina Sylva

An extreme Nice Girl with a love for animals, nature and pretty much everything else. She is an Erthan, a species reincarnated by Mother Nature to protect the Earth in exchange for the Earth protecting them. By way of nature powers. It is part of Erthan culture to be very, very nice to people, however, she is nice even by Erthan standards. She is also naive even by Erthan standards and a little too straight laced for the world she lives in.


F. AKA Fhugonphipadenbridansectorxailavian Briachtconta

F is an alien rebel from the planet Khoden, which is considered to be one of the most backwards planets in the Inter-Planetary League- mostly because no one knows anything about it thanks to the strict laws that prevent leaving. F, being the free spirit he is, decided to leave for Earth, having learnt English through radio broadcasts and some stolen dictionaries (very, very badly). He has a fairly good sense of humour. He is a bit of a tech whiz.

     Tropes Included In This Work: 

AcCENT upon the Wrong SylLABle: F does this. Orron also does, but it's less noticable.

Action Insurance Gag: When Lucy blows up a door with her powers, Alec asks if the insurance covers it.

Action Girl: It's easier to list the non action girls in the series: Flora, Nancy, Jennifer and Charlie.

Action Girlfriend: Most of the female characters in a relationship.

Added Alliterative Appeal: The League of Legitimate Evil.

Adult Fear: Oh, so much.

-Dr Taylor's son, Brett died in a science research accident, that he was heavily involved in, at fourteen. Also the rest of the children being tested on in general.

-During the same episode as the events above, three children are kidnapped from an airport when they get separated from their parents. They'd been gone for under twenty minutes. This doubles as Paranoia Fuel for families going on holiday.

- Violet's death, murdered by a serial killer at twelve.

- Alec's psychologist, Flora, working for Cortex and giving him his notes (which contain what he considers compromising details of his personal life). Doubles as Paranoia Fuel.

-Barry's wife was shot dead when she was pregnant with their first child.

-CRISIS took 200 children at an elementary school hostage, twelve of them escaped and the rest were believed dead for the greater part of the plot arc. It's not until it's nearly resolved that they're revealed to be alive and about to be sold to mutant traffickers.

-In the future, numbers are thin and Lucy at least was in the army from age four. She saw a close friend her age die at seven.

AI: Carl is one.

Alas, Poor Villain: You can't help but feel a little bit sorry for Alec's dad after he shows up at the door in season 2, clearly feeling very guilty about what happened six years ago, says he's been rehabillitated and tries to talk to Alec, and Alec slams the door in his face. Then again later on when we learn he shot himself and no one attended his funeral.

Amazing Technicolour Population: The mutants all have strangely coloured skin, eyes and hair due to whatever mutated them messing with their DNA.

Ambiguous Disorder: Webmaster, although he appears to be on the autistic spectrum.

An Ice Person: The Chillers.

Arch-Enemy: Cortex to Alec, Leta to Lucy, Hanza to F.

Anti-Hero: Lucy, Alec. Although far more notably Lucy.

Anti-Villain: Webmaster is a seventeen year old boy with a rather warped understanding who wants to help humanity get a clean slate. Unfortunately, his plan involves creating a Matrix-style virtual reality and enforcing mass amnesia for his 'good ends'.

Apologizes a Lot: Alec as a child. He apologizes just about every two seconds in the episode concerning his Dark and Troubled Past. He apologizes a fair bit as a teen too.

Ate His Gun: Alec's dad does this off screen at some point between seasons two and three.

Badass: Lucy most notably. Alec, F, Barry and Louise also fall under this trope.

Badass Bookworm: Shift can recite the periodic table. Forwards, backwards and in alphabetical order. He also reads a lot. This does not stop him from single handedly destroying a building in order to save his friend. Cortex is also this along with Wicked Cultured.

Badass in Distress: Happens on occasion. Most notably in Home Court Advantage where Alec almost dies and in Inaccurate Pegging where F is nearly executed.

Battle Couple: Lucy and Alec, F and Zip on occasion.

Beauty Mark: Louise and Casper have matching ones to show their siblinghood.

Beware the Nice Ones: When possessed by Mother Nature, Irina nearly takes down a paper factory single-handedly. Keeping in mind the possession wasn't giving her any special abilities besides her normal powers, she could have done that normally if she'd have wanted to. She also quickly disposes of an illusion in the maze and several other non-living things.

Berserk Button: Most characters have one or two.

Don't hurt children in front of Alec, particularly if said child is Raz Blythe. On a lesser note, don't call him a child/immature/imply he is anything other than an adult.

Don't steal Irina's sarong or nearly kill pandas (or any other endangered species) (or any animal at all.)

Don't threaten F's friends or freedom.

Don't lie to or betray Lucy. Also, don't threaten her friends. DON'T call her cute (or short. Or flatchested).

Don't call Raz a wimp.

Don't touch Casper or Louise unless you want the other to beat you up.

Bitter Almonds: One of Alec's warnings to the team before eating anything the opposition gives you.

Blunt "Yes":

Man: Are you talking back to me?!
Zip: Yes.

Braids of Action: Lucy has one sometimes.

Brother–Sister Team: Casper and Louise.

Butt-Monkey: Badman, of the entire supervillain/hero community. The League of Legitimate Evil, too.

Card-Carrying Villain: Bad Man.


  • F:
"Xanthias bleerdischt!"
  • Mr Cool:
"ICE to see you!"
"Geddit? X as in Y?"

Casanova Wannabe: Orron. In spades.

Casual Kink: Orron and his girlfriend Sophie are rather casually into a bit of BDSM.

Cerebus Rollercoaster: The series has a habit of going from light hearted slice of life-esque episodes to completely and utterly depressing pretty quickly.

Character Development: Lucy changes from being an Emotionless Girl to letting her true personality show and comes to terms with showing emotions and having real relationships with people. Raz also undergoes a fair bit of character development as he learns to be more independent. These are the more notable examples, but others will be in the characters section.

Character Tics: Orron's "eyebrows", Alec faceplams quite regularly and also scratches his wrists when he's anxious, Lucy pinches the bridge of her nose when she's annoyed, Zip teleports around rapidly when excited and clicks her fingers repeatedly whilst going "ummmmmm..." when remembering something, usually followed by "AHA! Yes,[...]" and Irina twirls/plays with her hair a lot, particularly when worried.

Color-Coded for Your Convenience: The Association is typically blue whereas The Utopia League is usually white in colour scheme.

Color-Coded Characters: Alec (Green), Lucy (Blue), Irina (Orange), F (Red).

Cuteness Proximity: Irina every time she sees an animal. Lucy and Alec with cats and dogs respectively.

Dead Guy Puppet: Leta's charming arsenal.

Deadpan Snarker: Lots of people- most notably Alec, Carl, and Louise.

Death by Origin Story: Alec's mum, Barry's wife, Brett Taylor and F's granddad. Also every Erthan, considering they are all magical reincarnates.

Defensive "What?":

Lucy: I don't really agree with [animal testing] either. I mean, there are plenty of murderers and rapists. (beat) ... What?

Drowning My Sorrows: Alec's father, Kendall Flint, does this continuously for at least a decade after his wife dies, becoming an alcoholic living in a Mess of Woe consisting of bottles all over the floor of the house. Played for Laughs when Alec attempts this during season 1.

Shift: I'm sixteen, what's the strongest thing you can sell me?
Barman: Coffee.

Dumb Muscle: Brute isn't the most intelligent of people, though he has accomplished some rather notable feats of strength.

Brute: When I was a kid I fell into the lion cage at the zoo. You know what happened? I mauled IT!
Alec: Woah.
Irina: Poor lion...
Alec: That's not the issue here!

Dysfunction Junction: If they have more than three minutes of screen time and they're not traumatized or dead at the start, expect them to be so by the end of the series.

Emotionless Girl: Lucy starts off as one until she realizes she no longer needs to repress her emotions like in the army.

Evil Brit: Subverted with Cortex- his accent is fake, he pulls it to 'avoid recognition in public' (or to sound smart, as Alec believes).

Evil Is Petty: Bad Man, the League of Legitimate Evil. Cortex doesn't shy away from doing this on top of his sadistic tenancies.

Exact Words: Happens on occasion. Cortex enjoys this trope and insists he never lies. For example, he promises Shift he didn't drug the tea he gave him and agrees to drink from the same pot. Only after Alec gets a sudden dizzy spell does he mention he never said anything about the two saches of 'sugar' he gave to him.

Alec: You said you didn't put anything in it!
Cortex: I didn't. I suppose it did look quite a lot like sugar, so I can see where the misunderstanding happened.

Fake Brit: In-Universe example with Cortex.

False Friend: Flora to Alec, a psychologist he sees who gives all his notes and sensitive information about his mental state to Cortex.

Five-Man Band:

Alec- The Leader (a type 2) / The Smart Guy

Lucy- The Big Gal

F- The Lancer

Irina- The Heart / The Chick

Carl- Team Pet

Orron- The Sixth Ranger

Four-Philosophy Ensemble:

Lucy- The Cynic

Alec- The Realist

Irina- The Optimist

F- The Apathetic

Flat "What": Happens a few times.

Flipping the Bird: On multiple occasions. F sometimes rotates his open palms around one and other before sticking his index finger out, which is apparently the Khodanian equivalent. He also uses the original after mistaking it as a driving signal a la indicating, etc.

Friendless Background: Irina and Alec. Alec's justifies his nerdiness in that he never had anything else to do other than read all the books in the house as a child. By the age of eleven, he had already far surpassed the other students his age. Irina's justifies her tendancy to push herself on people sometimes.

Genki Girl: Zip.

Get a Room!: Orron tells Alec and Lucy to get a room because they're having a somewhat romantic conversation. Alec complains that he didn't even touch her.

Go-Karting with Bowser: Irina and Razor have coffee afternoons and sleepovers, which Lucy also gets involved in sometimes. To be fair, Razor isn't the most formidable of villainesses.

Green Thumb: Irina and the Erthans.

Gun Fu: Zip's preferred fighting style.

Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Louise and Lucy.

Hold My Glasses:

Alec: Hold my textbooks.

I Need a Freaking Drink: Louise has a tenancy to do this despite being underage in America.

Louise: It's legal where I come from! *Downs a shot*

I Resemble That Remark!: During the tourist shop scene in Crescent Skies, Irina tells Alec he's tight and this happens:

Lucy: I wouldn't call the way you "fixed", in truly massive quotation marks, the shower very responsible.
Alec: ... You just stole my line. Also, I am not paying that much for some guy to come in and fix stuff for me. I'll just follow the manual. It's just reading. I can do reading.
Lucy: You didn't buy a manual.
Alec: It was like ten dollars!

Kid Amid the Chaos: Lucy tells one to annihilate his enemies during an alien invasion. Irina steps in shortly afterwards.

Killed Offscreen: Kendall Flint.

Killer Rabbit: One of the animals on Khoden is an extremely cute animal that turns into a giant beast with huge teeth upon Irina cooing over it and fussing it. She carries on stroking it anyway.

Kubrick Stare: Lucy uses this just before she breaks all the glass windows in the museum and starts throwing katakanas among other things. Also used by Alec and accompanied by folded arms and finger drumming after he immediately escapes the operating table he was strapped to using his powers because Quiver didn't realise he could use his ability to turn into air to escape.

Lack of Empathy: Lee and Cortex. Lucy to a much lesser extent, although at least she has a Freudian Excuse.

Lethal Chef: Lucy once cooked dinner. It involved raw meat and she made it without the knowledge that they hadn't evolved to the point where they could eat raw meat, thus making everyone ill.

Like a Son to Me: Barry and the quadrant have this relationship with each other on account of Punch's wife being shot dead while pregnant and none of them having any real parental figures available.

Little Miss Badass: Lucy is considered to be this by many other people. Much to her dismay.

Loveable Rogue: Casper, Louise, Zip, Jackie and Raz. Formerly Alec.

Manipulative Bastard: Cortex is a sadistic man who enjoys psychologically torturing people For the Evulz. In his own words, 'I simply enjoy watching people snap'.

Maternal Death? Blame the Child!: This messed Alec up royally, considering his dad never told him his mum died in childbirth, he just continually told him he killed her and refused to explain how, leading him to believe he'd somehow murdered his mother as a child and didn't remember.

Men Can't Keep House: Averted and played straight. Alec did all of the housework as a child since his dad was too busy being drunk and mentally unstable, so he knows how to cook. He has a habit of putting drinks on coasters, etc, which Lucy teases him about. Barry also seems to manage fine living by himself, however, Orron is allegedly terrible at anything domestic.

Morality Kitchen Sink

Morally Ambiguous Doctorate: Cortex has one in psychology. Alec lampshades this while talking to Irina about why he doesn't like therapists/counsellors/psychologists.

Nerd Glasses: Averted and inverted. Lucy, one of the least intellectual characters in the show needs reading glasses for her dyslexia. Neither Alec nor Webmaster wear glasses.

Nice Girl: Irina is one, as is Violet.

No Social Skills: Lucy, due to her past as a Child Soldier in the Dystopia.

Not Wearing Tights: Webmaster refuses to because he thinks it's silly. The Association don't because this as a whole is associated with criminals and disguises in universe.

N-Word Privileges: Only mutants are allowed to say "mut", apparently.- Alec: It's called a double standard.

Older Than They Look: Lucy is sixteen. Being five foot two and having a somewhat infantile face has a tenancy to make people think she's twelve or so. And get Alec accused of having a lolita fetish. Neither take kindly to those thoughts.

Origins Episode: Everyone on the team and the Mirage.

Poke the Poodle: Bad Man lives this trope. The League of Legitimate evil are no strangers to it. Irina's threats to the mech in the zoo consist of this- she threatens to key his car, rip the tag off his mattress and leave his taps running.

Bad Man: But... But I stole complimentary mints from a restaurant and tipped the waitress five dollars in cents! Why don't you think I'm evil?!

Power Incontinence: Raz has this so badly he can't actually use his powers unless it's by accident, thus accidentally sapping all of the electricity out of the area and having random electricity shooting out of his hands whenever he gets scared until he calms down. Until later on in the series, where he gets control of them, much to Sterilant's surprise.

Public Execution: Basically all the capital punishment on Khoden.

Pungeon Master: All of The Chillers, most notably Mr Cool, much to the annoyance of everyone else.

Quirky Curls: Zip.

Rapid-Fire "No!": On several occasions.

Rapunzel Hair: Irina and most of the female Erthans have this, as it is considered a symbol of self discipline in their culture (since it takes longer to maintain.)

Reality Ensues: It takes a fairly long time for sedatives administered through food or drink to work. Also, a few hours after coming back from the dead, Alec starts prodding his torso, stating that he signed an organ donor card. Luckily, his organs are not compatible due to his mutation.

Robot Buddy: Carl.

Slashed Throat: Violet

Smart People Wear Glasses: Played straight with Evan, averted with Alec, Webmaster, Cortex and basically any other "intellegent type" characters in the show.

Stepford Snarker: Alec snarks mostly because he just is that way but also to cover up his emotional instability.

Strange-Syntax Speaker: F.

Shock and Awe: Raz's powers.

Shout-Out: Alec makes many to various Stephen King novels, which nobody else understands. The more obvious ones are his numerous references to Carrie when prom comes around (since Lucy is a telekinetic) and when talking about Lucy's powers in general and when he starts talking about Misery when Dr Phillips recommends reading something more uplifting. Irina makes references to a few musicals from time to time. F also makes a Dracula reference when he puts on a cape in a gift shop.

Speedbuzz: Look! I am vampire! Ah-ah-ah-ah!

Snark-to-Snark Combat: Cortex and Alec. Every. Time. They see each other. Occasionally Alec and Carl when left alone long enough.

Sophisticated as Hell: Carl and occasionally Alec. Some of Cortex's dialogue falls into this and F's can when he mixes different levels of formality without knowing.

Sorry I Fell on Your Fist: Alec as a child on numerous occasions.

Sorry That I'm Dying: Alec.

Status Quo Is God: Lucy's ressurection due to the time loop, and a more minor example with Alec cutting the blond streak out of his hair after Home Court Advantage after eight hours or so of exposure to metar.

Superhero School: There is one in the Association which anyone under eighteen must attend.

Alec: Why don't we just go to public school?

Supervisor: Why don't we just send hormonal teenagers with super powers to public school?

Swiss Army Super Power: Alec's powers would be useless if he weren't an extreme chemistry nerd.

Team Mom: Irina and to an extent Louise.

Team Spirit: Discussed and downplayed. Played for laughs/exaggerated in a manner of speaking when Alec mentions it in his failing speech and everyone starts cheering/hugging/fist bumping/ hi fiving before he can explain that not everything depends on teamwork and they all ignore him when he tries. He leaves the room shortly afterwards.

Teeth Clenched Team Work: Cortex offers to open doors for Alec with his Utopia League card, Alec begrugingly accepts and Cortex gladly takes the opportunity to spend the rest of the episode being a prick towards Alec.

Terms of Endangerment: Plenty of characters use the "buddy" variant. Cortex uses various forms of "child" towards younger people, but tends towards inappropriate First-Name Basis with older teens or adults.

The Chains of Commanding: A major conflict in the CRISIS plot arc.

There Are No Psychologists: Averted. Alec sees two, one of which is working for Cortex, the other which isn't the most helpful but at least legitimate.

The Power of Friendship: Deconstructed, played for laughs, conversed, discussed and lampshaded.

The Runaway: Alec is a type 2. Louise was trying to get a better life for her and her brother, since their mum was a neglective deadbeat.

Took a Level in Badass: Raz takes a rather drastic one in "Social Science". He was a somewhat cowardly child who couldn't use his powers unless it was by accident. By the end of the episode, he completely pwns an entire anti mutant movement. Irina also takes one after Violet is killed.

Utopia Justifies the Means: The Utopia League want to create a 'utopia' which involves removing all law, order and money. Essentially, a world of every man for himself. Webmaster also wants to create a utopia, his being slightly more orthodox in that he believes erasing everyone's memories of the past would eradicate grudges and mean everyone would get along- however, it would never work in reality.

West Coast Team: The Association has lots of branches. Including, but not limited to, a Tokyo division filled with ninjas, mechs and magical girls.

Who Wears Short Shorts?: Zip and Lucy.

Wicked Cultured: Cortex.

Wise Beyond Their Years: Louise in the past. Although she is eighteen during the series in the flashback episode she is seen at 13 basically being Casper's guardian.

With Due Respect: A few people say it, mostly directed at Supervisor.

Wouldn't Hurt a Child: Averted and completely kicked to the kerb. Probably because there are quite a few cast members still in their preteens or children.

Youthful Freckles: Zip has them. This makes sense since she was raised on a farm in California- lots of sun.


Spoilers are unmarked since the backstories of the characters are frequently plot points but obviously are a very big part of the character themselves.


    Alec Flint 

Abusive Parents: Kendall Flint is not a good parent. At all.

Apologises a Lot: As a child, but still apologises a fair bit as a six/seventeen year old, often about things that aren't his fault. Like most of the things he was apologising about before.

Badass: He is force to reckon with when properly provoked.

Badass Bookworm: He is frequently seen reading, speaks fluent nerd and can recite the periodic table in three different ways. His first attempt at small talk in the series has him asking Lucy if she likes atomic theory.

Badass Teacher: Becomes one at the Association, teaching Biology and Chemistry (no surprises there.)

Broken Smile: Accompanied by a small, hollow fake laugh when he breaks down.

Calling the Old Man Out: When his dad shows up uninvited having not spoken to him in six years and Alec now knows what actually happened to his mum, he is not impressed.

Cannot Spit It Out: He spends about twenty seconds repeating "I- do you- would you- uh- heh- would you like to um...- you know, uh- uh. Uh. Like-" when attempting to ask Lucy out.

Can't Hold His Liquor: Manages to get a hangover after drinking half a cider. Keeping in mind Lucy had nearly a whole crate of beer, is younger than him, is smaller than him, is female, and is completely fine, he questions how this is biologically possible.

Claustrophobia: Justified, since his father locked him in the hall closet on multiple occasions. Alec mentions he was locked in there for nearly three days straight at least once

Crush Blush: Gets one after Orron notices that he likes Lucy.

Enraged by Idiocy: Mostly when people ignore blatant evidence. He gets incredibly frustrated with Mary and Isaac, two classmates who still don't believe in evolution, spend two seasons arguing with him about it, then, when it's scientifically proven, claim it was God's plan all along. A similar scenario happens when he listens to a Texan mayor laugh at the idea of evolution and give lots of false evidence against it. He bites his tongue, but the look on his face says it all.

Mary: But evolution's just a theory, right?
Alec: Gravity's just a theory! Are you afraid we're all going to fall off the Earth?!

Dark and Troubled Past: Oh, boy. Kendall Flint was always mentally unstable until one December night in Alaska the house was completely snowed in and his wife, Diane was giving birth with no one who knew how to deliver a baby and no way of getting to the hospital. She died giving birth, and Kendall named the child the first name he saw upon opening a phone directory, Alec. He "raised" the kid blaming him for Diane's death, and thus Shift's childhood was filled with ambiguous accusations of killing his mother which he remembered nothing of and his father's violent refusal to give details about the event. (Literally violent.) His dad was typically drunk, out of it on pills, or both. Alec reports him taking his sleeping pills with vodka and rationing the heating to pay for his drinking habit. The whole house was always filled with broken glass and empty bottles that Kendall couldn't be bothered to clean up, which Alec accidentally stepped on. Then purposely stepped on. Then cut himself with whatever sharp objects he could find in order to try and take away some of the guilt. Considering his father would beat him if he had done something "wrong", this was the only way he knew how to deal with guilt. Shift also says that he was often locked in the hall closet, once for nearly three days. He also briefly looked after a stray dog, which he named Hawking. His dad shot it when he talked to a teacher about the situation at home and threatened to shoot him if he did it again. He ran away when he was eleven, lived on the streets for a few months and got picked up by some people who were testing genetic engineering program (they were targeting runaways and airports because their was less risk of being caught.) After this, he stayed with the other children, who later became The Mirage. After spending two years with The Mirage, a con goes wrong and he ends up being thrown out onto a road in the middle of Los Anglese because his captors thought he was dead. He healed himself with his powers and spent the next two years homeless until the story takes place. He has a guilt complex until he finds out what actually happened to his mum. Then he gets even more angry with his dad.

Deadpan Snarker: Is he ever. Especially when faced with an enemy or captured.

Friend to All Children: He believes children should be innocent, and gets extremely irritated with people who try to do them harm.

Heroic BSoD: When Lucy dies.

Hurting Hero

Jade-Colored Glasses: Alec is rather cynical, although he becomes less so over the course of the series. He never goes full wide-eyed idealist again, he just becomes less suspicous of people being nice to him, etc.

Kryptonite Factor: Metar or Metar Digroveide. (Mtr / Mtr 2 Gr). All mutants have this. It is gaseous at room temperature but when mixed with Groveium it becomes liquid at room temperature. It is rather expensive due to coming from a different planet. The explanation behind it is that it turns the mutant's antibodies against their mutated cells, then to their actual cells. Eventually, they die from their antibodies destorying their lungs, heart or brain. Depending on how old/heavy you are, how long this takes varies. The average adult male's body weight would take 9 hours for this process to complete, and Alec states it feels like burning from the inside. The entire time. Ouch. The effects are essentially temporary power loss and gradually other side effects like the inablity to walk and loss of consciousness. It can remove powers completely just before a person dies. When Shift is exposed to it during "Home Court Advantage" by eight hours a lock of his hair has turned blond again, he's shaking violently, hallucinating and he isn't forming coherent sentences. (Considering he would take about eight and a half hours to die from it because of his smaller build, this isn't surprising.)

Kryptonite Is Everywhere: Lots of people seem to have metar in some way shape or form. Alec even lampshades this.

Alec: I thought it was supposed to be expensive.

Leave Me Alone!: Said word for word and implied multiple times.

Luminescent Blush: Gets one when talking about romance or embarrassed.

Madness Mantra: "I'mfineI'mfineI'mfineI'mfine..."

Omnidisciplinary Scientist: Averted. His field of expertise is chemistry. Although he is in top set for the other two as well, this is only top set in high school and by no means "expert level". He eventually majors in chemistry and minors in biology at college.

Only Sane Man: He considers himself this within the Quadrant, because Lucy thinks every problem in the world can be solved with violence, F is eccentric and doesn't really understand Earth and Irina seems to believe she lives in a Disney film. He's probably right.

Overprotective Dad: Becomes one in his attempts to be a better parent than his dad.

Science Hero: His powers are called molecular-compoundual-atomic manipulation for a reason. The periodic table is like a list of his arsenal.

Socially Awkward Hero: A vast quantity of his diaglogue is peppered with "uh" "um" "heh", etc and he becomes very awkward when talking to large groups of people or people he's recently met. Unless they're antagonising, in which case his sarcasm levels rise significantly.

Super Serum: One of many organisations trying to get this on the black market tested this on him.

The Cynic: Downplayed. He grows out of this.

They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: Said word for word by him on a number of occassions.

Thinking Out Loud: Does this frequently due to spending two years prior to the series with no one to talk to. This is frequently lampshaded by other characters.

Tricked-Out Gloves: His right one has a lighter-type mechanism installed in it by F so he doesn't have to carry his lighter around in a pocket somewhere, since it was a bit of an issue in combat because A- it takes time, B- everyone knew when he was going to set fire to something, usually something explosive, and knew to move out of the way. He can trigger it by pressing his index finger to his thumb and pushing an interior button.

YouGottaHavePurpleHair: As a result of his mutation. He used to be blond.

10-Minute Retirement: He quits The Association briefly during the CRISIS arc while he thinks that 188 children got killed as a result of Supervisor giving them orders to infiltrate the base without rescuing them since it would risk comprimising the mission. He comes back after he realizes he can't do anything to help anyone while he's not in the Quadrant, by leaving he's only leaving Supervisor even more unopposed, and that Supervisor was right when he said the job would follow him until he died. Because in the space of just under a week about four different organisations try to recruit him, all of which are evil, insane, or a combination of the two. Basically, The Association was the lesser of two evils in his opinion.

    Irina Sylval 

All-Loving Hero: Understanding and tolerance are her peoples' core values.

Lucy: [...] and she'll understand and tolerate the crap out of you. Trust me. It gets really annoying after a while.

Apologetic Attacker: Literally every time she hits someone she apologises.

Beware the Nice Ones: Despite being a sweet teenage girl who likes cuddly things and giggles, she will not take kindly to people hurting her friends and/or innocents.

Cuddle Bug: Much to many other characters' annoyance.

Good Is Not Dumb

Rapunzel Hair

Silly Rabbit, Cynicism Is for Losers!: Is a very happy go lucky person and basically pulls this on any cynical character in an eight mile radius. It doesn't always work, but she tries.

Wide-Eyed Idealist: Probably the most idealistic character in the series.

    "F" Briachtconta 

Amusing Alien: Has his moments.

Must Have Caffeine: Apparently drinks a LOT of energy drinks. Partially to do with running, partially to do with all nighters spent on the computer. The most notable instance of this is when he tries hacking into CRISIS. They have 5 different firewalls.

Irina: Uh, F? Are you sure it's healthy to have that much caffeine in your system at once?
F: No one can tell me it isn't!

Determinator: Never gives up on anything, no matter how trivial. This is to do with his culture. Where he comes from...

F: Not finishing a meal is sign of WEAKNESS!


Glowing Eyes of Doom: Invoked. She states that she doesn't have to do this to use her powers, she's just doing it to scare her enemies when it happens.

Badass Adorable: Much to her chargrin.

    Carolin "Zip" Hunt 

Action Girl: The biggest one in the Mirage with her love of guns.

Genki Girl

Gun Fu: Her preferred fighting style.

Quirky Curls

Who Wears Short Shots

You Gotta Have Green Hair

Youthful Freckles


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