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Characters / The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

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The Wind in the Willows

    J. Thaddeus Toad
Voiced by: Eric Blore, Les Perkins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), Jeff Bennett (House of Mouse); Roger Carel (European French dub)

A fad-crazy, but well-meaning toad who is framed for theft.

  • Adaptational Heroism: He was framed for stealing the motorcar, while his literary counterpart was guilty of it.
  • Alliterative Name: Thaddeus Toad.
  • Asshole Victim: For all his charisma and misguided enthusiasm, he's such a maniacal, irresponsible wack-a-doo that even his close friends think he stole the motor car.
  • Bedsheet Ladder: Toad uses one to escape his bedroom. Also used later for lowering Mole to get the deed from Winky.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Toad is opportunistic, unruly and difficult, but he loves his friends.
  • Keet: An incredibly energetic, boisterous thrillseeker.
  • Lovable Rogue: A reckless, irresponsible sort, but very charismatic.
  • Manchild: He's very emotionally open and acts like a child sometimes. Rat and Mole even feel like they need to baby him.
  • Protagonist Title: Not of his segment, but of the whole movie along with Ichabod Crane.
  • Species Surname: His surname is Toad and he's a toad.

     Cyril Proudbottom 
Voiced by: J. Pat O'Malley; Francis Lax (European French dub)

Toad's horse and best friend.

  • Adaptation Expansion: His role is vastly expanded from the source material, even appearing as a witness at Toad's trial and helping him bust out of prison.
  • The Lancer: Toad's best friend and partner in crime.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The horse in the original novel didn't have a name.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

    Ichabod Crane
Voiced by: Bing Crosby; Daniel Beretta (European French dub)

Ichabod Crane is the new schoolmaster of Sleepy Hollow. His charming, suave personality made him a hit with the ladies, but the true object of his affection was Katrina, which put him at odds with Brom Bones. He is very superstitious and easily frightened, which Brom takes advantage of by spinning a tale about the Headless Horseman... a tale that Ichabod finds out is true.

  • The Alleged Steed: Ichabod Crane borrows a skin-and-bones, broken down plow horse to ride to Von Tassel's Halloween ball, traveling at a plodding pace. When faced with the Headless Horseman on the way home however, he panics and takes off like a champion racehorse, outrunning the Horseman's black steed.
  • Animal Motifs: Ichabod is given several bird-like qualities, including how his nose resembles a beak, his funny crane- or stork-like walk, and that his last name is "Crane".
  • Big Eater: And yet he still manages to stay skinny.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Ichabod at first comes off as a goofy, gentlemanly Nice Guy. But, the more he appears, the more his true self shines: A sly Gold Digger who only cares about food and money.
  • Character Tics: Licks his fingers after eating something.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Ichabod's first appearance has the narrator describing his unusual body type. And when he comes into Sleepy Hollow, we get a good look at his personality: He helps a woman with a tray of pies and slyly hides one in his hat before eating it, meaning getting the pie was his true objective. Also, when Ichabod comes into contact with a ladder and black cat, he moves around the former and turns the latter in a different direction by pulling its' tail with his cane. In short, he's a sly, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing with a huge appetite and even huger belief in superstitions.
  • Gag Nose: He has a very pointed beak-like nose.
  • Gold Digger: A male example. Ichabod mostly wants to marry Katrina so he can inherit her father's wealth.
  • Horror Struck: Averted, in that Ichabod fervently believes in all supernatural phenomena — even when (as it is strongly implied) the phenomena aren't supernatural. Later adaptations sometimes play the trope straight.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: He bares some resemblance to Bing Crosby, just slimmer and with a long hooked nose.
  • Jerkass: Ichabod gets less and less appealing as the story goes on. He calls Katrina's father "an old goat" and is particularly only interested in her cause of her money.
  • Kavorka Man: A gangly man with a Gag Nose and large feet...who becomes an instant Chick Magnet with most of the women in Sleepy Hollow.
  • Lean and Mean: He has a lanky body and turns out to be Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
  • Meaningful Name: "Ichabod" is traditionally translated as "Inglorious," while "Crane" hints at the schoolmaster's tall, thin frame and beaky nose.
    "He was tall, but exceedingly lank, with narrow shoulders, long arms and legs, hands that dangled a mile out of his sleeves, feet that might have served for shovels, and his whole frame most loosely hung together. His head was small, and flat at top, with huge ears, large green glassy eyes, and a long snipe nose, so that it looked like a weather-cock perched upon his spindle neck to tell which way the wind blew. To see him striding along the profile of a hill on a windy day, with his clothes bagging and fluttering about him, one might have mistaken him for the genius of famine descending upon the earth, or some scarecrow eloped from a cornfield."
  • Nice Hat: A mid-century, triangular-shaped cap.
  • Nominal Hero: Like you wouldn't believe. The Disney Fandom wiki officially lists him as "good", but if anything, he's a bit of a vice guy, to put it lightly, with his big problems being greed, gluttony, and lust.
  • Protagonist Title: Not of his segment, but of the whole movie along with Mr. Toad.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Ichabod may be a Big Eater, but the food he's seen eating the most is turkey.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: An important question at the end: Ichabod's last appearance has him crossing the bridge to escape the Headless Horseman, but the latter threw his flaming pumpkin head at Ichabod's. And the only thing left was Ichabod's hat and a smashed up pumpkin. It's debated on whether his spirit was carried away by the Horseman or if Ichabod left Sleepy Hollow and married a wealthy widow somewhere else as well as having numerous children with said widow.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Downplayed. As a school teacher, his brand of disciplining children was spanking them. And given the time period, this was considered acceptable.

    Katrina Van Tassel
Voiced by: N/A

Katrina is the daughter of a wealthy farmer of Sleepy Hollow. Her beauty and wealth has a lot of men fighting for her affections, particularly Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones.

  • Everyone Loves Blondes: She's blonde, pretty, and pursued both by Ichabod and by Brom.
  • Expy: Because they wanted to save money, the animators used the same model sheet for Grace Martin from "The Martins and the Coys" segment of Make Mine Music! and Slew-Foot Sue from the "Pecos Bill" segment of Melody Time for Katrina.
  • Operation: Jealousy: Katrina (probably) uses Ichabod to pull this on Brom.
  • Parasol of Prettiness: Katrina is seen with an umbrella in her first appearance and is quite the Dude Magnet.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her main color scheme is pink and she's a picture of femininity.
  • Spoiled Sweet: She's rich and everyone dotes on her, but she is a genial person who doesn't like Ichabod getting bullied.
  • The Tease: She likes to lead men on using her sex appeal. Her song even describes her as a "coquette", meaning "a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men".
  • The Voiceless: Katrina is the only character in the movie without any lines, apart from one "Yoo-hoo!" that she calls from offscreen to Ichabod.

    Brom Bones
Voiced by: Bing Crosby

Brom Bones is one of the popular guys in Sleepy Hollow. He is Ichabod's primary rival for Katrina's affection. May or may not be the true identity of the Headless Horseman.

  • Alliterative Name: Brom Bones.
  • Anti-Villain: Sleepy Hollow goes out of its way to prove that Brom Bones, while he's not above terrorizing the local schoolmaster to drive him out of town or bullying Katrina's other suitors, isn't really bad, and may in fact be a better husband for Katrina (unlike Ichabod, who appears to care more about her money.) Also considering how much he had been through, its hard not to sympathize with him.
  • The Bully: He bullies Ichabod most likely out of jealousy, as they are both competing for Katrina's hands.
  • Butt-Monkey: The man would honestly not be all that out of place as the bad guy in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Its hard not to feel sorry for him, even though he's a bully.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Brom would intimidate any would-be suitors of Katrina's.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Brom Bones races like thunder through the village on a huge horse startling people, something that is greeted with laughs from his friends, carries in a big barrel of beer on his shoulders, pops it open to share with his buddies — then smashes open the top so the horses and dogs can drink too.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: While Brom may be a bully, he's also shown to be truly in love with Katrina.
  • Friend to All Living Things: His Pet the Dog moment, when he smashes open the beer barrel top for the dogs and his horse to share a drink, shows him to be this.
  • Foil: To Ichabod. Both are rivals for Katrina's love who aren't exactly nice guys. Body-wise, Ichabod has a comical appearance, but Brom's a stereotypical Hunk. Personality-wise, Ichabod proves to be a sly Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, while Brom (even with a Kick the Dog moment) is a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Also, Ichabod is only interested in Katrina's wealth and uses his gentlemanly facade to woo her, but Brom genuinely loves her and intimidates any of her would-be suitors.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Ichabod really pushed Brom Bones' buttons.
  • Hidden Depths: He’s a big brawler who turns out to have a good singing voice and a big enough vocabulary to know the word “elucidate.”
  • Hunk: Tall, muscular, and has chiseled features.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Brom Bones may be a bully and a bit of a jerk, but his Pet the Dog moment during his Establishing Character Moment and the fact that he cares more about Katrina herself than about her money (unlike Ichabod), nevertheless gave him some good redeeming qualities. He also seems to be well-liked among the townsfolk, and nobody ever reacts with any real fear towards him, as one would a bully.
    Narrator:Though Brom was given to madcap pranks and practical jokes, there was no malice in his mischief.
  • Knife Nut: He uses a Bowie knife as long and wide as his arm to intimidate Ichabod.
  • Lantern Jaw of Justice: He is a handsome, brawny man with an enormous jawline, and is seen as the town hero at Sleepy Hollow.
  • Nice Hat: Wears a squirrel hat.
  • Slasher Smile: Brom Bones grins this way as he sings "The Headless Horseman", mainly to get Ichabod worked up.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: He gets to marry Katrina following the disappearance of Ichabod Crane.
  • Villain Song: If you count him as an Anti-Villain, the Headless Horseman song is this for him since he does most of the singing.

Voiced by: Billy Bletcher

A Sleepy Hollow resident who becomes attracted to Ichabod, and later, Brom.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Downplayed. Tilda is actually fairly tame for this trope, but Brom sees her as this.
  • Acrofatic: She's an incredibly energetic dancer.
  • Big Beautiful Woman: Subverted. She's the shortest character in her segment, and while not exactly beautiful in the same way as Katrina, she's certainly very cute.
  • Canon Foreigner: She has no counterpart in the original Sleepy Hollow story.
  • Good Is Dumb: She's not the sharpest nail in the box, and she's oblivious to the fact that Brom was only using her to get to Katrina, but thankfully she's not the one who ends up getting embarrassed. She still comes across as very friendly and knows how to have fun at parties.
  • Nice Girl: She's one of the few characters who could unquestionably be considered good in the "Sleepy Hollow" segment, having no manipulative tendencies and seeking only to enjoy her time with either Ichabod or Brom Bones.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: She wears her hair this way, a look more fitting, it must be said, for the contemporary 1940s than the late 18th century.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: While it's true Brom was using her, Tilda still ends up having the time of her life once she gets to dance with someone.

    The Headless Horseman
Voiced by: Billy Bletcher

The true antagonist of Sleepy Hollow, he apparently rides around Sleepy Hollow every Halloween at Midnight, looking to take someone else's head for his own. He chases Ichabod during the climax, but it's never confirmed whether he "spirited Ichabod away" or just ran him out of town.

  • Ambiguously Evil: We don't really know whether he's actually evil or if he's just doing what he's supposed to do as a ghost. Either way, he's undeniably creepy, and he really seems to enjoy chasing Ichabod down and swinging a sword at him.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Is the legend true, or is this just Brom in disguise trying to scare Ichabod out of town? Or is Ichabod just seeing things in his terror (unlikely, given that Gunpowder can see him, too)? We'll never know for sure.
  • Ax-Crazy: Given how intently he runs Ichabod down, swinging his sword hard enough to hear it and laughing like a crazy person, it's safe to say he fits this pretty well.
  • Badass Cape: A massive, billowing red one.
  • Bad People Abuse Animals: At one point, he swings his sword at Ichabod's horse rather than Ichabod himself.
  • Big Bad: He's the main villain of the "Sleepy Hollow" segment and, unlike Brom, is a genuine threat.
  • Cannot Cross Running Water: "Once you cross that bridge, my friends, the ghost is through. His power ends." He can still chuck that flaming pumpkin head at you, though.
  • Cool Horse: It may be just as intimidating as its rider, but it's definetly cool looking.
  • Cool Sword: Wields an impressively terrifying saber.
  • Dark Is Evil: He dresses almost entirely in black and is definitely not friendly. Same goes for his horse.
  • Determinator: Aside from crossing the bridge, nothing will stop him in pursuit of his targets.
  • The Dreaded: He's the most feared ghost in all of Sleepy Hollow. According to Brom Bones' song, even demons are terrified of him.
  • Evil Is Not Well-Lit: Aside from being dressed almost entirely in black, he's always at least partially shadowed and his hunting grounds seem to be in the darker part of the forest.
  • Evil Laugh: A deep and hollow one.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: He doesn't actually talk, but his laugh is pretty deep and gravely.
  • Generic Doomsday Villain: Just like his book counterpart, he only appears at the climax to chase Ichabod. Any personality or motivations he might have are never fully explained, aside from a few clues in Brom's song.
  • HA HA HA—No: Invokes this with his arrival. Ichabod and Gunpowder are laughing because the "galloping" Ichabod heard turned out to be weeds hitting a log. As they continue to laugh, he joins them with his own laughter. Evil laughter. Which makes them realize he's there for real now.
  • Halloween Episode: He only rides at midnight on Halloween, according to Brom.
  • Headless Horseman: Yup.
  • Hellish Horse: His massive, red-eyed black steed. It is extremely mean looking, always seen with a massive scowl on its face.
  • Heroic Ambidexterity: Inverted. He seems to be ambidextrous, as he swings his sword with his right hand and throws his pumpkin head with his left, but he's anything but heroic.
  • The Hyena: Voice-wise, all he does is laugh.
  • Improbable Weapon User / Use Your Head: That pumpkin head he carries can apparently be used as a devastating throwing weapon.
  • Karma Houdini: If he did in fact catch Ichabod and make off with his head, he'd be one of the few Disney villains to actually get away with his crimes.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Ichabod and Gunpowder's reactions may be somewhat comical, but any humor about the situation goes right out the window when this guy shows up.
  • Lean and Mean: His waist looks about as wide as his neck. He's certainly bulkier than Ichabod, though.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: There are some hints suggesting that the Headless Horseman is real, namely Ichabod's horrified reaction when he sees what's under the horseman's collar and horseman's horse acting in supernatural ways, but there's also several hints suggesting that it's really Brom Bones in disguise; Namely that Brom is well-built hunk who owns a black horse, is seen at one point wielding an old cavalry sabre, has access to flaming pumpkins at the party, is known to be a prankster, and would be more than happy to see his old rival disappear from Sleepy Hollow.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: A tall, headless ghost dressed completely in black and riding a matching red-eyed horse. The constant laughing certainly doesn't help, either...
  • Pumpkin Person: He carries around a flaming jack-o-lantern as a replacement for his own lost head.
  • Real After All: It's never confirmed whether this is the real Horseman or just Brom Bones in disguise, but there are a few hints that he might be the real thing. His horse can apparently jump heights and distances that would shatter a real horse's legs, - and possibly more - he pulls his sword and flaming pumpkin from seemingly out of nowhere, and whatever Ichabod sees when he looks down the guy's collar is obviously horrific.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: He wears a black suit and a long red cape. We're not really sure if he's evil, but he's definitely hostile. Same goes for his black horse with red eyes. While it's unclear if the horse itself is evil either, it certainly looks mean and angry.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: His mean looking horse has red eyes.
  • "Scooby-Doo" Hoax: We never get an answer to whether this is the real Horseman, or just Brom Bones in disguise scaring Ichabod Crane away from Sleepy Hollow.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Despite only appearing for a few minutes at the climax, he's still remembered as one of the darkest and scariest Disney villains to date.
  • Sore Loser: A possible example: After Ichabod crosses the bridge, thus preventing the Horseman from chasing him any further, the latter throws his flaming pumpkin head at him, possibly in anger at being denied his catch.
  • Stalker Without a Crush: He relentlessly pursues Ichabod around the forest in order to behead him.
  • The Spook: Puns aside, we really don't know anything about this guy: Who he was when he was alive, why he does what he does now, whether he does it out of malice or compulsion, anything.note 
  • Villainous Breakdown: Possibly. After Ichabod sees whatever's down his neck, he laughs a bit louder and swings his sword harder than before. When Ichabod then outsmarts him by crossing the bridge, he throws his Jack-O-Lantern head at him, possibly in rage over losing a potential victim.
  • "The Villain Sucks" Song: "The Headless Horseman" sung by Brom Bones during the Halloween party, which describes his MO and the only (supposed) way to escape him.


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