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For the Super Smash Bros. remixes, see here. Smash Bros unite! Now, back to the awesome music! Unmarked spoilers below.

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Main series

    Pokémon Title Theme 


  • New Bark Town. Probably the best starter town music in the Pokémon games. As good as the HGSS version is, there's something about the original version that just can't be topped.
  • Professor Elm's Lab, a lighthearted song which tells you everything you need to know about the scatterbrained professor.
  • Your Johto adventure begins with Route 29 and Route 30.
  • The Johto Wild Pokémon Theme:
  • The Tour Music. A catchy little tune that fits so perfectly for tutorials that it was even reused in Black and White 2 and X and Y.

Themes that debuted in FireRed and LeafGreen are in those games' folder.

The SNES-like audio for the GBA did wonders for the music of Pokémon, and the whole soundtrack doesn't disappoint. Plus, you can experience those glorious trumpets!


  • The Bicycle Theme. Despite the drums giving some intensity, the tune remains light and bouncy.
  • Hearthome City is a happy-sounding show tune, which is appropriate for the home of Super Contests.
  • Route 209 is also a lovely theme: slower and triumphant-sounding with a large amount of changing harmony.
  • Route 210 is a speedy track which allows the guitars to cut loose.
  • Veilstone City. A slower track that shows unique blues chops.
  • The encounter themes are usually sped through after three seconds or so (barring Cynthia) but if you listen to them they're often extremely good. For example, the Fisherman/Sailor theme.
  • Canalave City. Nice, relaxing, and it's basically a slowed-up version of the credits music from Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal!
  • Route 216 starts out soft for a snowy area, until about 40 seconds in, where it decides it wants to be a funky snow area.
  • Challenging Cynthia. Given how she's got possibly the best temperament out of all the Champions (Steven Stone in Ruby/Sapphire a close second), the sheer difficulty in fighting her (with mostly exhausted Pokémon, mind you) and the what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do-what-do-I-do?! feel of the music makes for one epic Championship battle.
  • Do Diamond and Pearl have the best ending themes? Ehh, well, judge for yourself.
  • The theme for the other legendary Pokémon battles. Surprisingly simple, yet consistenly intense.
  • The Legendary Pokémon theme. Backwards.
  • The Regis' theme gets an upgrade in Platinum.
  • Route 225 is an epic way to kick off a post-Elite Four adventure. Route 225 at night sounds even better than it does during the day!
  • Route 228. A jazzy theme that wouldn't be out of place at the Game Corner to liven up your desert route. Listen to it. Love it.

  • Cianwood City and Ecruteak City have different but beautiful variations on the Game Boy Color original (originally the same track).
  • Ho-Oh and Lugia's arrival themes perfectly capture the awe and wonder of summoning and encountering the two most powerful of Johto's living myths.
  • The Battles with Lance and Red. An incredible remix that took the most epic song in the entire series and some how made even MORE EPIC. A song that is simply outstanding.
  • HG/SS has an incredible remix of the original wild Pokémon theme in Kanto. Encountering wild Pidgey will never be the same again...
  • The Kanto Trainer Battle Theme. HeartGold and SoulSilver's version combines the G/S/C mix with the FR/LG one.
  • Lavender Town starts out creepy, then segues into a calm, peaceful remix. As a Youtube comment said, "This is the antidote for Lavender Town Syndrome."
  • The music that plays in Cerulean City. Let's face it; this is awesome.
  • Despite the original Route 24 and 25 music not appearing in Gold or Silver, the DS remakes have their own version, and it's something else.

  • The Mystery Gift Theme from Platinum got an awesome remix.
  • The Unity Tower Theme is well-suited for a place where people of all nations come together.
  • Route 6's theme brings the Fire Emblem theme to mind with its majestic horns.
  • Alder's Battle Theme is triumphant, to convey the fact that you are facing the Champion of the Unova Region, properly.
  • The Critical Health music used during this generation is just fantastic, not only for being a song that makes you feel the tension of having a member of your team low on health, but also for turning Critical Annoyance into something that doesn't make the player immediately turn the volume off.

    Black 2/White 2 
  • Team Plasma, Again which in the beginning of the game even temporarily replaces the normal overworld music. The beat in the beginning makes it perfectly clear: Team Plasma means business.
  • Aspertia City. The new starting city gets some suprisingly quick beats and great piano work.
  • Hugh's Encounter and Battle theme are both exceptional pieces of music, even having a touch of Ken's bootstrapped stage theme from Street Fighter II.
  • Route 19. This early route comes with a soft, yet bouncy theme.
  • Floccesy Town, with calliope and bells working together to make a soothing melody.
  • Floccesy Ranch – a very bouncy, entertainingly goofy-sounding tune.
  • Revamp of the Unova Gym Battle. It adds instruments where none were there before, making for both a calmer and more intense battle.
  • Virbank City gets a downbeat city theme that mostly lets the guitars run the track.
  • Black 2 and White 2 have given the Gyms their own variations of the traditional Gym theme (save for Cheren's Gym in Aspertia City, which gets the standard theme carried over from the original Black and White), and that manages to make running through each Gym battling its Trainers and Leader all the more exciting. Here's Virbank Gym's take on the theme. DOGARS! Or in English, POKÉMON!
  • Brycen-Man/Full Metal Cop theme in Pokéstar Studios. A big movie needs a big battle song, and of course they delivered.
  • Team Plasma's aggressive and relentless battle theme. It really shows how much Team Plasma has diverged.
  • Castelia Gym's Theme is quite ambient for a Gym theme, but it does the original justice.
  • Nimbasa Gym's Theme is pretty awesome as well, carrying a fashion-show theme to fit its supermodel Gym Leader, especially when Elesa herself makes her ridiculously awesome entrance - at which point, the traditional Gym tune kicks in, only with part of the same soundfont heard in "Dancer In The Street"note  thrown in as a Shout-Out for good measure.
  • Driftveil Gym's theme has a distinct "underground" sound to it and fits the setting quite well.
  • Pokémon World Tournament. Entering this place fills you with a sense of welcoming and preparation.
  • Pokémon World Tournament features lots of older characters, and remixes a bunch of themes for that!
    • The Kanto Gym Leader battle theme. A bit calmer than in FireRed/LeafGreen/HG/SS, given you're fighting these people, Giovanni included, in a much friendlier environment. It can still get one's blood pumping.
    • Vs. Blue. Intense is one way to describe it, being more aggressive than in FireRed/LeafGreen.
    • The Johto Gym Leader battle theme. Kind of calm compared to HG/SS, but it illustrates you're only fighting them in a friendly environment.
    • Welcome back, Red (and Lance). More serious and triumphant when you're tying your hardest to overcome living legends.
    • Hoenn Gym Leader Battle. Serene and sweet, despite being more intense in RSE and their remakes. Perfect since you're not being tested and you're more fighting for fun and glory.
    • Hoenn Champion Battle. Two powerful trainers in Steven Stone and Wallace. It's more intense compared to RSE and makes a fine precursor to OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire's version.
    • Sinnoh Gym Leader Battle. Surprisingly faster-paced, and heart-pounding compared to DPPt.
    • Sinnoh Champion Battle. Welcome back, Cynthia! And your theme has become just that more aggressive as you try fighting the player on equal footing.
    • The Tournament Final Round theme sounds like something out of Super Smash Bros.. It illustrates jut how far you've come in the tournament, and this is your moment to shine! This does get overridden by the Champion Themes.
  • The theme of Mistralton Gym manages to sound both triumphant and whimsical, befitting the setup of the Gym as well as Gym Leader Skyla herself.
  • Lentimas Town, with a very Latin feel to it.
  • Both themes for Reversal Mountain, from Black 2 and White 2 are quite enthralling in their own ways, the latter possibly more so for its hammy, "Donkey Kong Country-meets-Sinnoh" vibe.
  • The theme of Opelucid Gym. The fact that you get to ride a mechanical dragon to the top of the other dragon where Drayden awaits, battling Trainers along the way, makes this particular piece of music all the more awesome.
  • Not only are the Shadow Triad promoted from being The Unfought, but they also have a pretty great encounter theme.
  • Marine Tube, an energetic, yet calming song that makes you feel as if you are really underwater.
  • Humilau City, with a tropical feel to fit the city’s sunny beach-side location.
  • Humilau Gym's theme is about as calm as Castelia Gym's, being akin to elevator music, and is a great contrast to Opelucid Gym's grand variation of the regular Gym theme, but that doesn't mean it's not good music at all.
  • Routes 21 and 22 (summer, fall, winter and spring). Very happy tracks that are also quite reminiscent of RSE's music.
  • The BGM which plays in the first part of the Plasma Frigate is a remix of the classic Plasma theme in the same vein of the Airship Theme from Mario. And it's awesome.
  • The Plasma Frigate Bridge BGM, on that note. Very reminiscent of Pokémon Ranger's music.
  • Colress' upbeat techno/electronica themes.
  • Black Kyurem / White Kyurem. A dark, menacing theme for a suped-up legendary that ain't going gently. Also, no Master Ball for you.
  • N's new Leitmotif starts off with the same creepy tune as his old one. Seventeen seconds in, it goes for a Bait-and-Switch and becomes much more joyful sounding, probably to emphasize his character development.
  • Ghetsis' Theme gives off the vibe of just what he's going through. Now with more DENNIS!
  • Route 23. A very fitting pre-Pokémon League theme, and it even features a Shout-Out to the theme in Professor Rowan's laboratory at the very beginning of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.
  • Iris' Battle Theme gives off a cheerfully high-energy vibe which gets serious about halfway in, capturing Iris' personality perfectly as well as letting the player know that they're in for one hell of a battle against her team, while also serving as an epic sendoff to the DS era of Pokémon games.
  • The ending theme, a wonderful song that concludes a wonderful adventure.
  • The Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf Battle Theme makes a comeback.
  • Black 2/White 2's take on the Regi Trio's Battle Theme. And it's more badass than ever! Bonus points for using it when catching Regigigas.
  • The Gen 4 Legendary Theme makes a comeback, but only for Heatran. Still no less awesome though.
  • White Treehollow Challenge is a beautiful theme, which may make you forget you're in Unova's Challenge.
  • Black Tower Challenge, a fast-pacing, happy-sounding theme, but with just enough minor chords to remind you that you are facing Unova's Challenge.
  • The already creepy music in N's Room gets even creepier as the castle falls into disrepair.
  • N's battle theme, a remixed version of his regular battle theme from Black and White.

  • The music that plays during the Character Customization screen is well worth playing through the entire game to hear again. Sycamore's Lab uses the same melody, and is almost as good.
  • While you're likely to only hear about 7 seconds of it because the path is so short, the Route 1 music is a great way to start your journey.
  • The Friend Encounter Theme plays whenever your friends show up. It's just so ridiculously upbeat, you can't help but smile. It definitely helps sell the friendship that forms between the five of you.
  • Friend Battle Theme is all of the above, except fiercer and more competitive.
  • Trainer Battle Theme. Starts out a bit friendly, but gets that "fierce" feeling within the middle of the song.
  • This piece of adorable music will give you the strangest urge to skip around merrily on Route 2.
  • Encounter! Youngster and Encounter! Lass all fit the relatively easy mood for the first few Trainers in the beginning of the game.
  • The Santalune City theme really gets you pumped up for your first gym battle.
  • When you face the new Gym Leaders in their awesome, unorthodox gyms, their theme is appropriately awe-inspiring. Heck, even the electronic instruments turn the volume Up to Eleven.
  • Encounter! Poké Fan does suit the cheerfulness of the Poké Fans.
  • The Gate music, which you would probably hear for about five seconds as you're passing by, is spectacularly tranquil and almost seems perfect to accompany a session of Pokémon-Amie.
  • Sina and Dexio, a friendly and cheerful theme for Sycamore’s friendly and cheerful assistants.
  • Professor Sycamore's theme has a very French vibe.
  • Super Training and Secret Super Training. Both tracks wouldn't sound out of place in medieval fantasy JRPGs.

    Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire 
  • The glorious trumpets have returned for The Title Screen, which will fill you with a surge of epicness, sense of adventure and nostalgia. Even the players who haven't played the original games will tear up just a bit before the end.
  • The Wild Pokémon Battle theme gets an energetic remix.
  • The Oldale / Lavaridge town theme has gotten even more soothing and heartwarming now.
  • The Trainer Battle theme gets updated with some string instruments.
  • The Rival Encounter themes reflect their friendliness and closeness towards the player character.
  • The Rival Battle theme gets an awesome remix brimming with energy.
  • Wally gets a very upbeat version of his theme that is played at Mauville City and in Victory Road, the tune sounding sweet and innocent to match the kind but shy boy Wally starts out as.
  • The best villainous trainer victory theme so far can be heard here.
  • The Gym Leader Battle theme is MUCH better than the original version.
  • Slateport City manages to sound even better than the original; the beautiful bell-chimes are dang-near entrancing to listen to.
  • Those who played Red and Blue years ago might shed a few tears when visiting the Oceanic Museum.
  • To fit with the expanded presence and characterization of the villains, a couple of new encounter themes were added, which set the mood for a confrontation perfectly. The admins have this, while the leaders get a calmer remix of their battle theme.
  • Lisia's theme is absolutely upbeat and energetic. Quite a fitting song for Hoenn's biggest Contest star.
  • The encounter theme for Delinquents and Street Thugs is just plain epic.
  • The Bicycle Theme will accompany you through your journeys whether you're on an Acro Bike or a Mach Bike, in the middle of a forest or a desert, rain or shine.
  • Route 113, like before, is a beautiful melody that plays as you stroll through the ash covered grass, but this time, it's accompanied by the lovely, down-to-earth strums of an acoustic guitar.
  • Behold Mt. Chimney and its funky rhythm guitar!
  • The desert is no slouch either, and is now even groovier.
  • It may not be what most would call bombastic or epic, but the Surfing theme is beautiful, equal parts "exploring" and "relaxing" with an aquatic-techno sound to it.
  • Listen to the new Crossing the Sea theme! Already lauded as one of the best songs in RSE, this version dials up the serene awesomeness to a whole new level.
  • Abandoned Ship gets two wonderful remixes, the first for the Abandoned Ship’s remake counterpart “Sea Mauville”, and the second playing for the Southern Island.
  • Another truly beautiful and relaxing theme is Soaring Illusions, which plays while Soaring at night; perfect for flying through a starlit sky on the back of a legendary Pokémon. Soaring Dreams, the daytime theme, is rather appropriate, too; really gives you the feeling of adventuring in the skies.
  • Mt. Pyre's exterior. Those acoustic guitars, man.
  • The Lilycove City theme is back and as beautiful as ever.
  • The Dive theme is incredibly relaxing and really makes you want to just stay underwater forever.
  • Encounter! Diver is likewise relaxing and almost ethereal; it's probably one of the series' best encounter themes.
  • Archie and Maxie's Battle theme initially sounds like a straight update of the original song with its menacing piano and trumpet, before suddenly dropping the bass and shifting into an intense song with multiple trumpets and electric guitar.
  • The Heavy Rain and Drought themes make their triumphant return, sounding just as creepy as ever. To quote a couple Youtube commenters:
    On "Drought": In the original Ruby I thought everything just got really bright and that Hoenn was only a bit hotter than normal. Now the fucking sky is on fire.
    On "Heavy Rainfall": Sounds like a DBZ stare down theme where the villain wastes 15 minutes of screen time just monologuing. I love it!
  • The remix of Groudon's, Kyogre's, and Rayquaza's battle theme certainly doesn't disappoint. Then there's the remix Primal Groudon and Kyogre get, which actually samples the theme from the original Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald fading in and out intermittently.
  • Coexistence, the song that plays during the scene after Groudon/Kyogre is defeated/captured, where Team Magma and Team Aqua decide to overcome their differences and coexist peacefully. An excellent new addition to the remakes.
  • The Regi Trio's battle theme gets another intense remix that also samples the original theme in the beginning.
  • Victory Road has never sounded this epic, and you feel like a badass facing a seemingly insurmountable task, but being the badass you are, you just plough through relentlessly.
  • Wally finally gets his own Battle theme when you face him at the end of Victory Road, and it sounds like it came straight out of Guilty Gear, BlazBlue or Ys. The best part is that the theme actually flows right into the battle!
  • Ever Grande City is just beautiful. You feel like you're about to finish your journey soon, which is sad, but you're also thinking about all the possibilities lying in front of you, once you accomplish your goals.
  • Elite Four Battle sounds just as good, if not better, than the original.
  • All of the amazing battle remixes get rounded out with the Champion Battle Theme, sounding even more frantic than before.
  • The music that plays in the post-credits scene is a beautiful remix of the rival encounter theme that really captures the bond between the player character and the rival.
  • Those who played Emerald may find that the Sky Pillar music gives them an odd sense of deja vu. And then it hits you - it's a remix of the same track that's played when Rayquaza comes down to quell Groudon and Kyogre's fight.
  • The many variations of The Heirs to Eternity (Zinnia's Theme), including her Battle theme and The Lament of Falling Stars, which plays when she tells how she would look up to the sky to stop her tears from falling.
  • The Delta Episode's climax offers a fantastic update of Deoxys' theme.
  • The Emerald Frontier Brain theme returns in all its glory, now used as the theme of the four Battle Chatelaines.
  • Hoenn Medley, the ending song which plays after your induction into the Hall of Fame. It's a beautiful combination of many familiar songs of the routes and cities you visited during your journey, and it also shows YOUR pokémon and key battles where you used them.

  • Welcome to the Alola Region takes the inspirational sound of previous introduction themes and adds in a Hawaiian sound that makes for one of the best intro themes in the series so far.
  • Lillie's Theme is a beautiful piece that is as soothing as it is haunting and mysterious, much like the girl herself and her companion. It undergoes a lively remix to showcase her Character Development, and will be guaranteed to bring a smile to listeners' faces. However, for those who miss her after she departs from Alola, the theme will instead bring a tinge of melancholy and nostalgia.
  • Hau's battle theme is as cheerful and energetic as the boy who aims to be stronger than Kahuna Hala. Its liveliness just screams "Pokemon battles can be fun, y'know!" and really captures Hau's overall attitude during his Pokemon journey.
  • The Pokémon Center theme takes the original melody and adds nice tropical sounds to it.
  • The Trainer Battle theme is an energetic theme with the tune at the beginning pulled straight out of Jurassic Park.
  • Hau'oli City's day theme is a happy tune with banjo/ukulele sounds to it, while the night theme is a smooth jazz piano version.
  • The salon theme is a smooth R&B number that makes you want to go back to the salon just to hear it, regardless of whether you're getting your hair done or not.
  • Team Skull's encounter theme, an insanely catchy hip-hop theme, complete with minor vocals! It gets two equally awesome battle remixes: one for the battles against regular grunts, and one for Plumeria. Guzma has his own battle and encounter theme, catchier and much more threatening than his Grunt's. One can hear a hint of Kanto's trainer music in those themes.
  • Ten Carat Hill's theme is a mysterious sounding tune with piano sounds to it which gives the feeling of going on an adventure in the lush Alola region.
  • The Totem Pokemon theme, an intimidating remix of the Wild Pokemon theme that does a good job of emphasizing the formidable nature of the foe you're facing.
  • The Kahunas' battle theme starts with badass and intimidating drums, before transitioning into a much happier theme signifying that they may be the strongest Trainers in the island, but they're only here to test your strength in a friendly match, and you have the power to beat them.
  • Gladion's battle theme is an amazing and catchy bass piece that pulls inspiration from the Unova and Sinnoh music styles and perfectly fits Gladion himself, with his encounter theme being a calmer and softer version, but equally awesome and catchy.
  • The Battle Royal Dome theme is very reminiscent of "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky.
  • The Dome's battle theme is an energetic theme that perfectly captures the atmosphere of a 4-player deathmatch arena.
  • Thrifty Megamart Theme is a very catchy and energetic song, and played as if it actually comes from Megamart's sound systems, hence the seemingly low quality of the sound. Not to mention the solo drum playing before the loop.
  • The Ultra Beasts' battle theme, an intense and otherworldly electronic theme that fits these unknown, otherworldly threats perfectly.
  • Malie City's theme has a very Japanese feel, fitting for a city founded and influenced by people from Johto. Its night theme almost sounds like something out of Ōkami.
  • Nanu has a very chilled out smooth jazz theme that is not only awesome, but perfectly reflects his laid-back personality. It is worth noting that he is the only Island Kahuna that has his own unique theme, while Hala, Olivia, and Hapu share a theme.
  • The battle music for the Aether Foundation went 180 to their peaceful theme, replacing violins and soft beats in favor of suspenseful piano and heavy beats. Giving you a heads up that you're not in Paradise anymore...
  • The music that plays while Lusamine lets the Ultra Beasts loose upon Alola sounds like a perfect alien invasion theme.
  • The battle theme for Aether President Lusamine. It is both a beautiful and menacing piece, which perfectly describes the opponent's ambitions behind their pleasant exterior. Then there is their initial encounter theme which brings to mind a soft lullaby, yet still sounds slightly off. Finally, the remix used for the rematch adds disturbing electronic warbles and hums along with a synthesized One-Woman Wail that completely removes any pretense of calm, when Lusamine completely reveals her psychotic personality by fusing with the Ultra Beast Nihilego and becoming the Motherbeast.
  • Poni Wilds, and the other Poni areas. Like Kalos Route 18 before it, an elegant track that gives off happy vibes and wouldn't be out of place in the closing credits of a movie about love. Or as wedding music.
  • The theme to the Vast Poni Canyon starts solemn, then grows into a upbeat and overall very heroic theme to serenade you whilst you go through what some consider the hardest dungeon in the main storyline. Bonus points for having serious Route 10 vibes.
  • The battle theme for Solgaleo and Lunala. It starts out with what sounds like a quiet, fast paced, heartbeat, before erupting in an intense techno beat that perfectly captures the mood that while they are otherworldly, benign beings, they are still powerful Legendary Pokémon.
  • Lonely Lillie, the music that plays during Lillie's farewell to Nebby.
  • The Victory Road theme of the game is a resounding triumphant piece, which fits the change of this game's Victory Road from a sprawling maze to a linear last stretch towards the League.
  • The Elite Four's battle theme, a fast-paced and badass theme that shows how they're not pulling any punches anymore. It suits the Difficulty Spike of this Gen's Elite Four compared to their Gen VI counterparts.
  • The Champion's theme (major spoilers). It starts off awesomely with the first few bars of the series' main theme, then transitions into a badass and triumphant theme that perfectly exemplifies how this time, YOU are the Champion; the tables have turned and you're the one who must defend your title from different challengers! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon give us an amazing remix of Hau's Battle Theme for the Champion Battle with him.
  • The theme of the Tapu Ruins has a very mysterious but calming feel, to the point that it could pass for a track from the first Metroid Prime.
  • The Tapu battle theme, upbeat, powerful and also very catching, fitting for the Guardians of Alola.
  • This remix of Red's battle theme is somewhat more laid-back than its predecessors, somewhat emphasizing the more hospitable environment Alola provides while mixing the intense nostalgia of the original two generations.
  • Someday... is soft and low-key, yet every bit as poignant as the moments in the story when it's used.
  • And there's the end credits. Upbeat yet heartachingly nostalgic, it makes you realize you never really wanted it all to end.
  • This song accompanies the "The End" screen. The sound of waves breaking on the shore is incredibly soothing. Even better, it's a remix of the song that plays inside your house, one of the first songs you heard when you started the game. Makes you want to just sit on the final screen for a minute or sixty...

    Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon 
  • The return of Team Rocket comes with this remix of the original Rocket Battle theme; it's incredible nostalgia for those who grew up with Red and Blue.
  • Giovanni now has his own battle theme; it begins with the opening notes of the Team Rainbow Rocket theme, but it quickly transitions into a medley of previous Team Rocket themes that's every bit as intense and dramatic as one would expect for a rematch twenty years in the making.
  • All of the villainous team members got their themes remixed, and they aren't half bad.
    • Ghetsis has returned, and with him, his theme. Remixed with less DENNIS and creepier than ever.
    • Maxie/Archie get grand, techno-ish remixes of their themes.
    • Cyrus gets a bombastic remix of his theme from Diamond/Pearl, which hasn't been heard from in a long, long time.
    • Lysandre gets a grand, more menacing version of his original theme, showing he means even more business than before.
  • Necrozma gets its own theme for this game, an organ-blasting, drum-heavy song that is equal parts awesome and menacing, playing when it challenges the player after assimilating Nebby.
  • The Ultra Recon Squad's battle theme, an alien, techno song that is perfect for the otherworldly trainers that are the Ultra Recon Squad.
  • Ultra Megalopolis. It's easy to tell something has gone terribly wrong here. It also serves as foreshadowing to Necrozma's true nature.
  • The song which plays during the final battle against Ultra Necrozma is pure undiluted awesome, being a glorious combination of Necrozma's theme, the Cover Legend's theme, and Ultra Megalopolis. The chillingly beautiful intro has an almost religious feel to it, before quickly transitioning into a battle theme worthy of the Pokémon which surpasses Arceus itself in raw power. The sheer power of the song really makes you realize how much has been leading up to this fight, and how much is on the line; it's a fitting song to mark the End of an Era as the franchise prepares to make the transition to consoles.
  • The theme for the Ultra Wormhole Ride is a high-energy remix of the Ultra Beast battle theme that perfectly conveys blitzing through time and space.
  • Each of the original Ultra Beasts gets a theme for their respective Ultra Spaces, along with one more for the other Ultra Spaces.
    • Nihilego has the unsettling Ultra Deep Sea, the original Ultra Space theme from Sun/Moon.
    • Buzzwole has Ultra Jungle, a bombastic Donkey Kong-like song. Never before has a song represented a buff flexing mosquito so well before.
    • Pheromosa has Ultra Desert, an eerily calm, ethereal piece.
    • Xurkitree has Ultra Plant, an energetic, techno-ish theme with various mechanical-sounding noises.
    • Celesteela brings us Ultra Crater, a bombastic and somewhat quirky theme.
    • On the other hand, Kartana has Ultra Forest, a gorgeous, Japanese-sounding theme that perfectly embodies the origami samurai.
    • Guzzlord boasts Ultra Ruin, which is a qualifier for most disturbing theme in the series, what with the constant interruptions, static, and creepy ambience. And it gets worse: It's a warped, backwards version the Hau'oli city theme, which in itself has several horrifying implications...
    • The theme for the Ultra Space Wilds is a strange, eerily tranquil piece. Reverse it and speed it up, and it's a remix of the Alola Region theme...

    Let's Go Pikachu!/Let's Go Eevee! 
  • There are two versions of the Trainer battle music from Red/Blue/Yellow in this game. One is the standard trainer battle theme and the other is the "Master" variant that plays in special battles during the post-game. Both are a more grandiose take on the classic theme, with the "Master" variation using more triumphant instruments that highlight how far you've come.

  • The Title Screen. First used in the announcement trailer, this theme begins with a cool synth rendition of the Hall of Fame music, then suddenly transitions into an electric guitar version of the traditional Title Screen music, which also alludes to the fact that there is no Hall of Fame records like in the previous games, but you get to see the team members you used to beat the champion at the title screen.
  • Hop's Encounter Theme conveys his cheery, energetic, and sometimes impatient personality.
    • Rival Battle Theme with Hop also does this, but you also feel like he is more serious about winning compared to some of the happy-go-lucky rivals from past games.
    • Final Battle Theme with Hop at the Pokemon League semifinals sounds much more tense, and it tells you how he pulled himself together after a series of frustrating defeats and that he's going to take you on seriously. The chants also implies that he has made some fans.
  • Zacian and Zamazenta have a few different versions of their theme.
    • Slumbering Weald introduces both halves of their theme. The first part sounds regal and mystical, like it's from an older age. The second half calls in their distinct signature: the melodic howls.
    • The theme for the fight against their illusions takes the second half of their theme and amps up the bass tremendously. For a song that is, in essence, just their Encounter theme, it was put to good use as a battle theme.
    • Their actual Battle Theme is the culmination of every theme surrounding them. Ominous first half, clanking metal, the incredible bass, their melodious howls, even the regal feeling of the Slumbering Weald but made faster. All coming together to give the feeling that they won't be caught without a fight.
  • Wild Pokemon Battle sounds as energetic and hectic as ever.
  • Trainer Battle Theme is a mashup of various battle themes from previous games, and as a result it sounds like there is more at stake compared to previous trainer battles.
  • The long awaited Wild Area comes with two different themes.
    • Wild Area Theme of the northern part has piano lines that sounds straight out of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, followed by glorious bagpipes, making you feel the grand scale of the adventure that's about to take place.
    • Wild Area Theme of the southern part feels more calm and serene thanks to all the piano, but it still builds up to what sounds more adventurous.
  • Being one of the three rivals, Marnie has multiple themes associated with her, the first being her Encounter Theme.
    • Marnie's battle theme full stop. Despite the electric guitar riffs and punk rock inspired motifs, the theme lets you know that she isn't edgy as she was made out to be initially, and that she is just there because she cares for her hometown of Spikemuth.
    • Marnie's final battle theme sounds more dramatic thanks to all the enthusiastic chanting, and it makes you know that there is more at stake for her than just the semifinals.
  • Spikemuth's theme has a soft techno beat feel to it, along with the look of the town itself it wouldnt feel out of place in Streets of Rage.
  • Piers' Battle Theme is the only gym leader theme that is unique to a certain gym leader. There is a bit of Team Yell and Marnie's battle theme alongside some heavy punk and metal inspired build up, making this one of the most intense battle themes in the franchise.
  • Your jerk rival makes his return as Bede in this game, and his Encounter Theme exudes with his cockiness, arrogance and confidence.
  • Bede's Rival Battle Theme is heavy in bass and synth sounds similar to Gladion from the previous generation, and there are some Gen 5 themes mixed into it, making it noticeably fast paced and energetic.
  • Since the gyms have returned and now plays a role that is bigger than any of the previous generations, they naturally got more music.
    • The Gym Lobby Theme is a more relaxing synth version of the traditional gym music.
    • The Gym Theme makes a return, and it plays during the Gym Challenge.
    • Gym Trainer Victory is an extremely upbeat dubstep-esque remix of the trainer victory theme specific to the gyms, and it is a bop.
    • Gym Leader Battle sounds like it came from a rave party. The theme is also, for the second time in franchise history after the Virbank City Gym in Black and White 2, accompanied with human vocals. The enthusiastic crowd cheers and it gradually turns into a full-on chant by the last member, when the Gym Leader Gigantamaxes on their Pokemon. This awesome moment was obviously inspired by the football matches played in UK where the Galar region is based on.
    • Elite Gym Battle Theme, used during the tournament leading up to the Champion, takes the rave that was the Gym Battle Theme, and makes it more intense. After all, the winner of this tournament has the chance to become the Champion. No one is holding back.
  • The Wyndon Theme lets you know that you've finally reached the Shining City where your awesome showdown at the Pokemon League will be watched by millions of people around the world, and the theme really brings home the point that you're at the high-tech cultural and financial center of the region that is modern yet traditional at the same time, just like the real life city it was based on.
  • Oleana's battle theme, which is actually the "battle version" of Rose's normal theme, which she amps up to create a great combination of elegant and unhinged.
  • Chairman Rose's theme doesn't exactly fit him, but it's nonetheless hauntingly beautiful.
  • Eternatus has three different themes for each of its battles.
    • Its first phase serves as a good introduction. Starting off ominous, before breaking down into alien-sounding techno in the second half.
    • Its second phase, after it becomes Eternamax, is almost completely alien techno, making it feel like it's so strong, it even corrupted the music.
    • Finally, its third phase has Zacian and Zamazenta take back control of both the battle and the music. The melodic howls serve as the lead-in for the guitars to kick in and give enough strength to force Eternatus back, capture the monster, and end the darkest day.
  • Leon's Champion Battle theme begins with an almost regal fanfare, then transitions to an intimidating remix of the Hall of Fame music, as if to signify that you're finally fighting the most powerful Pokémon Trainer in Galar... Then it changes to a hopeful, triumphant tune, almost saying "You've come this far. Now give it one last push!" All capped off with the crowd cheering and chanting throughout the whole thing, urging both Galar's undefeated Champion and the Trainer who blasted through the Gym Challenge to give it everything they've got in one last historic battle that the entire game has been building up to.
  • Certain battles in the Battle Tower are accompanied by this banger of a battle theme, composed by none other than Toby Fox of Undertale fame.
  • The Isle of Armor DLC is out and with it is a host of new tracks.
  • Some awesome new tracks have come with the Crown Tundra DLC.
    • The battle theme for Calyrex is incredibly majestic and regal, the battle music against Spectrier and Glastrier is frenetic to the beat of galloping hooves, and finally the battle theme against full-power Calyrex combines the above two into something regal, foreboding, majestic, and awesome.
    • You might expect the Galarian versions of the legendary Kanto birds to have a remix of the original Red/Blue battle theme like in previous games but you'd be wrong! For each encounter with the original legendary trio, you are treated to brand new ORIGINAL battle theme and it is incredibly fitting for their darker, more vicious counterparts with plenty of fast/panic inducing beats and rocking guitar riffs that let you know they aren't messing around.
    • Peony's battle theme just oozes hilarity, jazz, and ham from every pore.

  • The Special Music Video, "Gotcha!", with the song "Acacia" sung by the band BUMP OF CHICKEN is a wonderful piece, with the music video itself being filled with many Mythology Gags in the music video shots and nostalgia galore. The song reflects on the point of view of the trainers who pick their first Pokemon and go through many things together with them as time goes by, just like the many players who choose their starter in the first game they play regardless of the generation and continue to play and stay with their favorite Pokemon for their next adventure.


    Pokémon Stadium 
Stadium 1 (North America/Europe)

Stadium 2 (North America/Europe)

  • Red's Battle Theme; after surviving the Johto and Kanto Gym Leader Castles, you're treated to this majestic theme for the battle against Red. It's as if Red himself is saying "You've made it this far, don't disappoint me."
  • After battling your way past the Elite Four, Lance awaits you at the end of Johto's League, and his theme, a remix of Silver's theme (given Red ends up taking Lance's original theme), has all the gravitas of a Champion battle.

    Pokémon Battle Revolution 
  • The first theme of the game, that of Gateway Colosseum, is a catchy, pounding techno beat.
  • This part of Colosseum Master Sashay's theme sounds extremely similar to part of the Cipher admin battle theme from Pokémon Colosseum. Justified, as the developer studio Genius Sonority worked on both games.
  • Stargazer Colosseum. Who would have thought horns and an odd undulating electronic bassline combines so well into something that fits a futuristic space-themed stadium?
  • Pokétopia Master Mysterial's battle theme is a bombastic remix of Gateway Colosseum's theme with blaring brass and an overall climactic, epic feeling that tells you that this is it, the final challenge.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 
Red and Blue Rescue Team

Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky

(Warning: Major Tear Jerker material here):

  • Two games into a subseries, and we're already starting to have recurring themes... not that that's a bad thing when the Boss Theme is so awesome.
  • Time Gear (Remix) (a.k.a. "Fogbound Lake"), the game's first iteration of the Time Gear theme. The calm beginning slowly rising to the determined ending... awesome.
  • The Outlaw/thieves battle music from Time and Darkness was truly awesome; if it plays because you just stole from Shopkeeper Kecleon, it's truly panic-inducing.
  • Mt. Horn, a rousing march that's perfect for mountain-climbing.
  • Steam Cave and Upper Steam Cave have a slow, heavy beat to match the cave's stifling heat.
  • Time Gear, an ethereal, mystical tune to accompany the mystical artifacts that stabilize all of time.
  • Time Restored is a beautiful tune for a beautiful sight.
  • Northern Desert has a swinging sound that is perfect for the sandy locale it goes with. Dig that flute!
  • Quicksand Cave boasts strings, brass, and an almost tribal drumbeat to fit well with the shifting sands.
  • Crystal Cave. Slow and gentle, with beautiful crystalline chimes.
  • The Darkness. Welcome to the Bad Future.
  • Chasm Cave is perfect for the environment of the Bad Future.
  • Dark Hill, a track for one of the dark future's dungeons, and very heavy on the (MIDI) brass.
  • The tear-inducing In the Hands of Fate, a solemn music-box tune (and, if you pay close attention, Primal Dialga's battle theme has bits of this in it).
  • Sealed Ruin. Trekking through the Bad Future, seeking a way out, not knowing who or what may lay ahead of you...
  • Dusk Forest. To some it might be a bit tacky, but to others, it's just awesome. Plus, Deep Dusk Forest.
  • Treeshroud Forest. Slow, mystical, and a little creepy - in other words, perfect for a cautious trek through a shadowed forest.
  • Brine Cave, a slightly bouncy song, with sounds like popping bubbles and glittering waters.
  • The Hidden Land, a slow, flute-dominated tune, soothing yet eerie, as you begin your trek towards the final battles.
  • Hidden Highland, slow and serious as you approach the Temporal Tower, knowing what lies ahead... It also plays in the Bad Future section of the game during the Darkest Hour, when Dusknoir reveals that you were in fact Grovyle's partner, and that your amnesia made it easy to manipulate and capture you.
  • "Battle against Dusknoir", the battle theme used for Dusknoir and Darkrai. Take a listen and get pumped and creeped out at the same time. Ooooh~!
  • Temporal Tower, the final level of the main story. And Temporal Spire, the end part of the level.
  • Through the Sea of Time, most famously played for Grovyle's Heroic Sacrifice against Dusknoir just before Temporal Tower. The tune's slow wistful and energetic use of flute and brass puts energy to a desperate scene, as if saying "don't go, please!" to Grovyle when you need him most.
  • Dialga's Fight to the Finish!, the final boss of both the main story and the fifth special episode. In the latter, it actually begins to play well before the battle actually begins, serving to make the prior scene even more epic. It even reappears for Super Mystery Dungeon!
  • Don't Ever Forget... Grab the tissues.
    • If you're not done crying, there's "Have to Get Home", which follows soon afterwards. Short and simple, but nevertheless beautiful.
    • Memories Returned plays over your partner's montage of memories of your adventures together, just before the end credits. Someone wrote lyrics.
    • And then the ending theme kicks in to remind you that you just did something great. It acknowledges that some difficult sacrifices were made that are still hard to accept, but man, you saved the world! What's not worth it about that?

Gates to Infinity

  • The opening theme provides a nice sense of the feat of "triumphing against adversaries in mysterious labyrinths".
  • Ragged Mountain is just a wonderful first dungeon theme.
  • This game's version of the boss battle music.
  • Despair, the game's obligatory tune used for sad and tragic moments. The light and super light arrangements convey sorrow in a pure, simple fashion. The aptly named heavy arrangement, however, is of a totally different tone from the previous versions, and is used to set the mood for what's easily one of the darkest moments in the entire series, if not the darkest, and is very befitting of its name.
  • Theme of Hope. Beautiful.
  • Hazy Pass (Highlands) is driving, tense, and an overall amazing piece.
  • The whole first half of the game builds towards going to the Great Glacier, and when you finally arrive, the music doesn't disappoint.
  • Withered Savannah is a catchy song with some wonderful vocal effects.
  • Holehills: A dungeon theme that's fitting for the situation of going against the odds to rescue a dear friend.
  • Kyurem Approaching! When you hear this, you know something bad is about to happen.
  • The final visit to the Glacier Palace has a total of three tracks to it, since it's such a giant level. The Eastern Spire starts it off on a mysterious note, then the Western Spire switches it to a suspenseful and ominous note. But then the Great Spire comes along, and the result is unbelievable. Ladies and gentlemen, the pinnacle of final level music.
  • Kyurem's battle theme, a heavy, pounding, frightening tone to accompany the battle against the mighty beast who seeks to preserve the fate he has foreseen, no matter who he has to kill to do so.
  • The final boss themes are both amazing, as one might expect from the rest of the soundtrack's quality. While the first theme has a dark and desperate tone to it, the second theme really gives you the feeling that you can and will save the world, no matter what.
  • The ending themes are incredible as always, A Home To Remember being the first in a sequence of tearjerking songs that convey a profound mixture of joy and sorrow.
  • One of the most rockin' Bonus Boss soundtracks ever, Bounty Board Challenge.
  • Illusory Holehills has a different composition together with the original Holehills' main melody, the main part of which somehow manages to make bagpipes sound epic.

Super Mystery Dungeon

  • The main theme is about as bombastically orchestral as you can get.
  • Lush Forest is one of the best songs in the game, and the perfect way to kick off your adventure.
  • The Children of Serene Village theme is a major ear worm. It perfectly illustrates not only the behavior of the kids of the village, but the partner's overly joyful attitude to first meeting you really well.
  • This epic remix of the boss theme re-orchestrates it and adds real instruments to make the boss fights feel even more grandiose. And then there's the Rock version.
  • The Partner's theme is sweet, beautiful, and an little sad at the same time. Also, an equally amazing, but more heartbreaking, music box remix.
  • Gentle Slope Cave turns out to have a really engaging and dynamic soundtrack.
  • Fire Island Volcano is absurdly epic, opening with a low-key didgeridoo before abruptly kicking into high-gear with strings and bagpipes.
  • The third boss theme, "Fiery Showdown with Entei", is even more awesome, perfectly carrying the mood of an intense showdown with the deity-tier Legendaries it plays for.
  • Reverse Mountain is an epic song for a point in the story where things are getting intense, and its presence in the final few floors of Destiny Tower is fitting for a time when your journey is finally coming to an end.
  • Submerged Cave's theme is mystical and crystalline, a perfect fit for the dungeon itself.
  • Road to Primeval Forest is a haunting and ethereal melody perfect for an endgame crawl through The Lost Woods.
  • "Make It!", the soundtrack's accompaniment to a climactic cutscene.
  • The two final dungeon themes, Tree of Life: Roots and Tree of Life: Trunk are both epic, with the former's church bells and catchy instrumentation that is bound to get rooted in your head, as well as the latter's more warped sounding instrumentation, which makes it sound more like the Tree of Life is being killed right in front of your eyes.
  • Both of the final boss themes are amazing, much like Gates to Infinity. The first theme really gives off the feeling of fighting an incredibly mysterious but dangerous foe, while the second theme just screams the fact that everyone's counting on you to save the world. It even has part of the Partner's theme mixed for good measure!
  • Sahra Town and Noe Town have wildly different but extremely pleasant themes that really sum up the character of each town. The latter even seems to have hints of the Time Gear theme from Explorers.
  • Some of the best themes from the previous games got remixes here: Sand Dune of Spirits is a remix of Great Canyon from Rescue Team, and Amp Plains from Explorers was remixed as Electric Wasteland.

Rescue Team DX

  • While most of the tracks in this game are remixes of those in the original game, albeit really good ones, Oddity Cave has an entirely new theme that's a medley of some of the most iconic music from Gates To Infinity, including Hazy Pass, Great Glacier, and Ragged Mountain.

    Pokémon Ranger 

Shadows of Almia

Guardian Signs

  • Arceus' battle theme. An ominous and foreboding song that gives the impression that you've already lost.

    Pokémon Colosseum 
  • The friendly battle theme. To quote the comments section, "never before has a one-sided battle against two extremely common Pokémon been so epic." To wit, the song (and its associated Trainer, Rider Willie) was so popular that it (and Rider Willie) returned in all its (and his) splendor for XD.
  • The normal battle theme. Quirky yet energetic, matching perfectly with the bizarrely named trainers of Orre.
  • The Cipher Peon battle theme, with its heavy emphasis on electric guitars and a synth matches well with the sci-fi looking uniforms worn by the Cipher Peons.
  • Pre Gym theme, an awesomely catchy and upbeat song that just makes you wanna dance.
  • Pyrite Town, so insanely catchy you'll start finger-snapping along.
  • Miror B.'s theme. Let the music play!
  • The peaceful Agate Village.
  • The beautiful Relic Forest perfectly fits the kind of area where you would go to heal the closed hearts of poor, tortured, and corrupted souls.
  • As if to contrast the previous two themes, the very next area is the imposing Mount Battle.
  • The Semifinals theme. Despite it being rarely used throughout the game it is perfect for building up the finals of both a Colosseum and Mt. Battle.
  • The Cipher Admin battle theme. A wonderfully bombastic take on the main leitmotif reserved for the difficult battles against the Cipher Admins.
  • "The Under" is an awesome, slightly sinister theme that really emphasizes the feeling that you're blending in undetected in a corrupt town well behind enemy lines.
  • The Shadow Pokemon Lab theme makes surprisingly effective use of the piano and harmonica to produce a tune that doesn't sound like it should fit a secret criminal research lab, yet it somehow does.

    Pokémon XD 
  • The Phenac City takeover music, officially named "Cipher Command." At first you just think, "Hmm, the music is a little different." It's certainly not worse than the original, but something about it just doesn't feel right... and then the theme suddenly gets progressively more sinister until it comes to a positively demonic crescendo... and then it loops back and goes back to the pretty, serene theme that it was at first. This theme plays when, unknown to the player, Cipher has taken over the city with its members disguised as the various characters who are normally in the city.
  • "Citadark Isle", a heavy, bombastic theme that perfectly fits The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of the game.
  • You probably used the Master Ball instantly on Shadow Lugia... but if you did, you missed out on his awesome battle theme.
  • The final battle theme is even better than the previous game's.

    Pokémon Snap 

    Pokémon Trading Card Game 
First game

Second game

    Other spin-offs 
  • Pokémon Puzzle League ends in the most appropriate way ever; accompanying the credits is an N64 remix of the Pokérap
  • Pokkén Tournament
    • The game has some great songs for the arenas, but the one that takes the cake is the Magikarp Festival stage theme, which mixes traditional Japanese instruments and modern dubstep to create one kickass beat that will now be forever associated with Magikarp.
    • Tellur Town has a great "setting out on an adventure" feel to it.
    • Mystery Carnival serves as Chandelure's theme, and radiates a nice spooky and upbeat atmosphere.
    • Dark Colosseum Final is tense and climactic, especially when the organs and piano come in towards the end.
    • Neos City at Night takes the overly techno Neos City theme and tones it down while toning up the class.
  • Pokémon GO
    • The Gym Battle Theme feels like a combination of Gym Battle Themes of the past.
    • The Raid Battle Theme is perfect for taking on larger-than-life Pokémon, whether it's a simple Magikarp or a Legendary. Especially the latter when a dozen or so trainers team up at once.
    • After a Raid is cleared, the Raid Capture Theme kicks in. The heightened tone of the song emphasizes the limited time you have to catch the Pokémon in question. This theme is reused for special encounters as rewards for completing Research Missions.
    • The Mew Encounter Theme ramps up the Raid Capture Theme to 11. Whether it's exclusive to Mew or used for all Mythical Pokémon in general remains to be seen.

  • This track note  was composed by Junichi Masuda of Game Freak (who is a part of the music group MTM and helps compose music for a lot of the handheld Pokémon games) at the request of Shokotan (Shoko Nakagawa) of the television show Pokémon Sunday. It was apparently played in a live performance by MTM on September 4th, 2011. As of now, it does not seem to be a "Generation 6" Pokémon game music track; it was likely just composed in the style of such game music. Nevertheless, it sounds awesome, perhaps fitting for a wild Pokémon or Trainer battle theme. There's also a terrific "triumphant" remix of this theme.
  • In commemoration of the release of Pokémon Black and White, The Presidents of the United States of America (the band) performed "Can't Stop (Catchin' 'Em All)", an awesome List Song about all... er, most of the Generation 5 Pokémon (essentially the closest thing that exists to an "Unova Pokérap").


    Image Songs 

  • As its lyrics say, the anime's ninth opening theme, Battle Frontier, certainly does overflow with rising power. Full version given for maximum awesome.
  • "Spurt". There's nothing better than an intro with Rica Matsumoto going Hot-Blooded.

  • This XY ending, Peace Smile, is just so freaking adorable. The full version is also extremely fun to listen to.
  • The fourth XY ending, "Gao Gao All Stars", is extremely catchy and cute. It also manages to remain intact for the dub of one of that region's Pikachu shorts (which has a Pokemon acapella version).
  • The Journeys ending is also extremely catchy, being a wordplay game of 'shiritori' - starting with Pikachu and then using the subsequent ending syllable of each Pokemon to move to another one with the aim of reaching Mew. Like the opening theme, it pulls on nostalgia trip with rapid-fire naming of older generation Pokemon since the new series features all previous regions, and gets bonus points for including the Pokemon Centre healing jingle. The second version of the song, Mew -> Zamazenta, switches out the healing jingle for another classic sound, the item get jingle.

    Pokémon Live! 
For those who aren't aware, there was a very short lived Pokemon Musical! And they did broadway versions of some of the songs from the anime while adding a few of their own. And it was awesome!
  • My Best Friends a three part harmony between Ash, Misty, and Brock. For those who love the original anime, this is an awesome version of the song!
  • The Time Has Come. Remember the sad song about Pikachu leaving forever? Yeah, they remade it... and it is sung by Ash himself. And his voice is ACTUALLY GOOD!
  • Everything Changes. Instead of it being about Pokemon like in the original show, this version is a duet between Professor Oak and Delia about how Ash is growing up. So, it really hits home for any parents out there.
  • The fact that "Everything Changes" gets an EVIL REPRISE sung by GIOVANNI HIMSELF!
  • Giovanni has HIS VERY OWN VILLAIN SONG! He is voiced by Darren Dunstan, who later voiced Maximillion Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh! You can really hear hints of Pegasus when he sings.
  • For those who didn't like the somewhat strange vocals in the original version of Misty's Song, they changed it to a power ballad.
  • The song I Got A Secret, a duet between Ash's mother about her previous relations with Giovanni and Misty's secret feelings for Ash. It's especially good when Ash joins in about wanting to be the best man he can be.
  • Double Trouble may not be as cool as its original counterpart... until ya find out that James was played by a younger version of Tony Award Nominee Andrew Rannells!
  • This version of Two Perfect Girls is what the original version should have been!
  • Team Rocket gets a song about how they fail at their job... and then to precede to get on board with the idea that they are the Best At Being the Worst. If ya like the idea of Team Rocket doing a Tango, then there ya go.
  • Take the final confrontation between Ash and Giovanni... have them in a fist fight... during a kickin' finale song!
  • Let's just say that The Whole Soundtrack is awesome. The Stage Director has even uploaded the Instrumentals to all the songs. So now even you can sing them!

    Series BGM 

  • For starters, all of the title themes. They give you a taste of the epicness that is to come from the movie you are about to watch.
  • The remix of the original title theme from Pokémon: The First Movie. GAH.
  • Japanese Mewtwo carries a terrifying organ motif that lets that the audience know that it means business. One can get a sense of how powerful Mewtwo is just by the music alone.
  • "Three on Three" from Mewtwo Strikes Back includes a horrifyingly awesome Curb-Stomp Battle Dark Reprise of the Kanto battle theme.
  • Tears of Life from the first movie. Perhaps the most well-done instrumental piece in Pokémon history. That music was only in the dub version of the movie, and apparently it actually made the original Japanese developers of the film tear up. You know you've made dub music history if that happens!
  • That Which Has Life from the Japanese first movie. The sadness of the Pokémon killing each other, the epicness of Mewtwo vs. Mew, and the drama of Ash climbing into the stadium while Pikachu is being beaten by its clone is demonstrated perfectly. Even fans of the dub soundtrack admit that they wish that this wasn't cut out.
  • "Brother My Brother", another great dub-song-change/Tear Jerker. Some people think it's unfitting since it plays during a fight to the death, but one has to actually listen to the lyrics. It's not a song about brotherly love, it's a song about how there should be brotherly love instead of what's actually happening: a war in which brothers kill each other. In that light, it is very fitting for the moment, particularly when it comes to Pikachu's train of thought. From the Japanese version, there's Kaze to Issho ni, sung by well known enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi. It's one of the loveliest theme songs ever.
  • Chiisaki Mono. Made even more awesome when you factor in that Asuca Hayashi was 14 years old at the time the song was released. They even adapted it into English as Make a Wish, including transitioning in and out of the original seamlessly. Wow. We seriously need more bilingual songs like that.
  • "We Will Meet Again" is the ultimate tribute to the friendship of Lucario and Sir Aaron from Movie 8.
  • "Together We'll Make A Promise" from Temple of the Sea, a bittersweet song that perfectly suits a film which shows how hard saying goodbye is.
  • This Is A Beautiful World from Giratina and the Sky Warrior gives a beautiful uplifting message of the simple beauty in the world that many miss.
  • The Japanese version of the Volcanion movie comes with an updated version of XY&Z, with an extra brass section making it even more epic. The English Dub gives us the series' counterpart 'Stand Tall' as a full remixed song, and it is awesome!
  • Oracìon Theme ~Let's Walk Together~, the ending theme to I Choose You. They brought back Asuca Hayashi, singer of "Chiisaki Mono", and wrote a song for her based off "Oracíon" from The Rise of Darkrai, basically making the song 100% musical fanservice. And it is glorious. The English variant is just as beautiful, but for different reasons. It's sung by Haven Paschall, Serena's dub actress, and it even sounds like the song is saying how special Ash is. Because of these factors, it's hard not to hear it as a declaration of love to him. With the phrasing of some of the lines, and the reappearance of all of Ash's previous travelling companions during the credits, it sounds less like a song about romance, and more like the strong bond between Ash and Pikachu, where, despite how different their story is, they are still the closest friends imaginable, and how, eventually, they might meet their other friends in this different universe.

    Pokémon Origins 
  • Pokémon Origins doesn't have a large soundtrack, but it possesses a number of great remixes from the past gen along with a few new pieces to coincide with Mega Evolution.
  • Their take on the classic title screen, for starters. It is a breath of fresh air that does the original justice. That is, unless oyu aren't too fond of dubstep.
  • Welcome to the world of Pokemon. It's just as welcoming as the original game, and the appearance of Professor Oak drove many an old school fan to nostalgic tears.
  • Lavender Town got a tranquil and serene piano remix. Just mind the creepiness that still pervades to tune.
  • The Wild Pokemon Battle. For the nostalgic, this remix really sells it and drives the epicness home and makes one want to go and battle wild pokemon.
  • The trainer battle theme remixes the original anime version and makes it more badass. It's more serious, and it keeps people on their toes more while battling difficult opponents.
  • The Gym Leader Battle theme. Much more serene compared to game's version at first before going into a more triumphant tune. Bonus points for playing during the battle against Brock and in the montage where Red defeats Koga, Sabrina, and Blaine.
  • Gym Leader Last Pokemon. Better known as "Charmander vs. Onix", it plays in the Moment of Awesome where Charmander, who has barely any health left, is the last thing standing between Red and defeat. Listening to this after watching the battle itself can cause one to suddenly relive the Moment of Awesome.
  • Giovanni's Theme. You know something bad is going on when this theme plays. The second part is more sinister since Giovanni is getting ready to hand you your ass.
  • Rival Encounter. Not quite as smug sounding as the games, per se, but a lot more subdued and serene. As the song progresses, however, it starts to sound like Gary Motherf**king Oak's just grinning and getting ready to wreck your team.
  • Champion Battle. The final battle against Gary has never sounded so epic since the original games.
  • Mewtwo Battle. A more heart-pounding remix of the Wild Pokemon battle. It starts off ominous as the battle against Mewtwo draws near, and keeps up the intensity going from there.
  • Mega Charizard X Theme. Also known as the Mega Evolution theme, it is perfect for when your most powerful Pokémon gets his Heroic Second Wind and uses his Super Mode for the first time against a previously invincible opponent, proving they're Not So Invincible After All.
  • Gionvanni Final Battle. Not only does it play right when Giovanni begins his Heel–Face Turn, but it also does an incredible job of showcasing the epic conflict between Red's Charizard and Giovanni's Rhydon.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon specials 
  • The opening for the first anime special is short but sweet.
  • The opening for the second anime special is pretty epic, and about five times as long as that of the first.

  • In honor of Pokémon X and Y, Pogo produced the song "Catchatronic". It was also made in commemoration of the 2013 return of the "Gotta catch 'em all!" slogan to U.S. advertising for the Pokémon franchise. The song uses numerous audio samplings from various episodes of the Pokémon anime, notably the "Gotta catch 'em all!" voice clip(s) from NOT the first dub theme song, but actually the freaking ORIGINAL POKERAP (compare the 'Gotta Catch 'Em All!' from the remix to the said Pokerap). The mix sounds simply phenomenal. GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL- POK-E-MON!
  • The "Ash pulling an awesome win" music from the first season.
  • "What Kind of Pokémon are You?" is the type of song that never loses its relevance, no matter how much the franchise expands.

Live-Action Films

    Detective Pikachu 
  • Henry Jackman's arrangement of the iconic Red & Blue Theme is mind-blowing in how amazing it is, as it combines the awesome symphonic melody with a backing 8-bit melody, all while being played over a stunning credit sequence. Perhaps the movie's biggest sin is that this arrangement wasn't included on the film's soundtrack.


    Official remixes 

    Fan Games/ROM Hacks 

Alternative Title(s): Pokemon Anime, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon


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