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Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt may be one of the weirdest shows in Gainax's repertoire, but one of the reasons why it has amassed such a huge cult following is its extraordinary soundtrack - a maelstrom of various genres of Electronic Music, ranging from electroclash, techno and house to alternative dance, dubstep and synthpop courtesy of artists like Hoshina Anniversary, Taku Takahashi of m-flo, and Teddyloid. It is in fact so good that it has been made available worldwide on digital music stores and streaming services alike in all its glory. It would be easier to say that the entire soundtrack qualifies, but that would defeat the purpose of this page, now does it?


  • "Fly Away", Panty and Stocking's transformation theme, has become the show's Signature Song and reached Memetic Mutation status for a damn good reason. It's an extremely catchy house banger that rightfully plays when the two heroines are about to send a Ghost to the afterlife. And the 2013 remix of it is so awesome it was put in a CD bundled in the Forever Bitch Edition.
  • "Fallen Angel", the ending theme. Surprisingly Good English combined with a calming R&B beat in great contrast to the usual chaos of the show.
  • "Theme for Scanty and Kneesocks", cementing their places as the Ensemble Darkhorses of the series. Just listen to it IN REVERSE.
  • "Beverly Hills Cock" aka the music that plays whenever the girls are about to do something insanely badass.
  • All three character themes are wild, catchy electronic dance beats and were—for good reason—the only songs fans were bothering to remix before the OST was released.
    • Panty has "Champion", an eurodance/acid house song that could easily pass for a forgotten record from the Nineties repurposed for the New Tens.
    • Stocking has "Milky Way", a sprightly alternative dance song. And then, we have "CHOCOLAT", which is downright glorious. Because, come on, it's Mariya Ise singing, what else do you want?
    • Garterbelt takes the crown, however, with "Jumping Mole (Nerdcore Switch)", an ungodly catchy drum and bass/happy hardcore banger which is played in his through-the-ages montage.
  • "EPTM (Booty Bronx Remix)", Chuck's leitmotif, is an appropriately hyper-energetic big beat song.
  • "Corset Theme", a bass-heavy, crazy, styling-on-you, Industrial Metal villain song if there ever was one.
  • "Yesline Dub", a Skream-esque dubstep song and the closest thing this soundtrack has to a "you're so screwed" song.
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  • "Dancefloor Orgy" is one of the best songs on the OST. It's just fun and makes you want to dance to the beat.
  • Also from the intentionally poorly named "Worst Album" is "S Trip", fondly remembered as the Panty courtroom transformation theme. Truly a brilliant example of a Sexophone put to equally titilating and humorous use.
  • "Ghost Town" from the "Worst Album" sounds like it fit could an insane fight scene and the buildup to it.
  • "D-City Rock", probably the other song most people would recognize from the soundtrack. Debra Zeer killed it with her vocals: she manages to mix-in a soft, emotional ballad in an otherwise heavily dance-punk track!
    "I know you know, those wings inside of you. I know you know, they do get naughty too. Before I go, there's something I wanna say: your sleeping anarchy... wake it up, wake it up!!"
  • "Fighting", also used as Chuck's theme song, which tends to play whenever he's about to Chuck-it-up.
  • "DEATH METAL!!!" plays during Death Race 2010. Perhaps the crown-winner of the entire soundtrack of pure, unadulterated, badass.