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Audi famam illius. (I’ve heard legends of that person)
Solus in hostes ruit (How he plunged into enemy territory)
et patriam servavit. (How he saved his homeland)
Audi famam illius. (I’ve heard legends of that person)
Cucurrit quaeque (How he traveled the breadth of the land)
tetigit destruens. (Reducing all he touched to rubble)
Audi famam illius. (I’ve heard legends of that person)
Audi famam illius. (I’ve heard legends of that person)
Spes omnibus, mihi quoque (Revered by many — I, too, revere him)
Terror omnibus, mihi quoque (Feared by many — I, too, fear him)
Ille (Now, that person)
iuxta me. (Stands at my side)
Ille iuxta me. (Now that person stands at my side)
Socii sunt mihi. (Now my friends are with me)
qui olim viri fortes rivalesque erant. (Some of them were once heroes some my mortal enemies)
Saeve certando pugnandoque (And as we face each other in battle, locked in combat)
splendor crescit. (We shine ever brighter)

In addition to its own music, the Super Smash Bros. series has a habit of taking older music tracks and making them awesome, whether they already were or not. The entirety of Brawl's soundtrack alone could count considering it featured the largest number of videogame composers to work together on a single game.

Note: If the music is unchanged from its original game, then put it in its relevant section of Awesome Music, not here.

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    Super Smash Bros. 64 



    3DS/Wii U 

  • The main theme of Ultimate, "Lifelight", is so awesome that it actually sounds more like an anime opening than a Super Smash Bros. theme. It's a hopeful, wonderfully sung melody that properly gets you hyped up for what's in store for the latest installment. It's also in both Japanese and English. The E3 version is no slouch either, being a triumphant, instrumental version of the above to celebrate the coming of the ultimate Smash Bros. game. And if you're in an emotional mood instead, the incredibly beautiful piano solo version that plays during the credits to World of Light has got you covered.
  • The menu theme is another, more light-hearted take on "Lifelight" - between kickass bassline, and epic choir, this song is guaranteed to pump you up for a friendly round of Smash.
  • Final Destination gets a suitably awesome remix of Ultimate's main theme that rivals Brawl's Final Destination in how epic it is. What's more, half of the song is actually the main theme played in reverse. You know a song is incredible when it even sounds good backwards. In "World of Light", this is the theme played when you take control of Master Hand to defeat 50 puppet fighters, instead of its own boss theme. It makes Ultimate's Final Destination theme even more epic in a sense.
  • The bonus stages in Classic Mode get a heart-pounding techno-dubstep remix of the main theme that just screams "get the hell out of here NOW".
  • Mob Smash has a really fun and energetic theme that's perfect for the game's Multi-Mook Melee.
  • "World of Light" may not have as much of a narrative focus as "Subspace Emissary" from Brawl, but the boss themes for its main antagonists — courtesy of Keisuke Ito and Hideki Sakamoto of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fame! — are nothing short of superb:
    • First we have Galeem's theme, an incredible orchestral piece that oscillates between uplifting and desperate modes to capture the stakes of the fight itself.
    • Dharkon's theme doubles down on the darkness by rearranging "Lifelight" in a minor key and piling on angsty guitars, an all-male choir, and bombastic horns.
    • Finally, the theme for the final battle with both Galeem and Dharkon incorporates elements from the previous two themes, building in unbearable anticipation until a violin solo cuts through the chaos and the latter half of the main theme gives our heroes an auditory second wind. Bonus points for that portion of the theme being present in the E3 reveal trailer as well, with the assumption that you rescued everyone, everyone truly is here for the final battle.
  • The Dark Realm gives two very awesome themes for the main area and one of its dungeons:
    • The main area's theme is somber to begin with before shifting to a slow-paced tune the drips with desperation. If you listen closely, you can even hear a masculine choir in the background as it changes to something more triumphant.
    • The theme of Mysterious Dimension, one of its dungeons, starts off tranquil with only the lightest touches of sinister as if you had entered just a normal area. Then it suddenly drops into a dark and dramatic tune seemingly right as you see just how messed up the dungeon really is.
  • The final area's theme is known as The Final Battle. It's an incredibly tense theme which brings to mind the last stand against two titanic beings and their most powerful warriors (which is precisely what it is).


    Animal Crossing 
  • Go K.K. Rider! is high on many a player's favorites list.
  • The 2:00 AM remix in Brawl is a neat rock/pop remake of what was originally a very low-key, mellow jazzy piece.
  • Even if not very fit for fighting, the double remix of Tom Nook's Store and Town Hall is so catchy enough to make you come back to listening it. And if you don't, you're gonna whistle it on forever.
  • The Roost/Brewster's Roost is a beautiful arrangement of the original: it's like from your favourite romantic movie.
  • Title (Animal Crossing: Wild World) rains gentle chills of nostalgia down to your spine, reminding you of those times of playing Animal Crossing on DS so addictively. Such a cheerful tune. And for more dedicated Animal Crossing players, the composers hid in some recognisable tunes from the series in the tune:
    • Blather's Museum's theme can be heard (topped with clock sounds).
    • There are throwbacks to "3pm-4pm" and "6am-7am"'s tunes (which would play each corresponding to the real-life clock in your DS.)
    • And most of all, the Loan Paid Off-jingle is also included, just for the hard workers who spend their months paying their loan for Nook in order to get a bigger house. (Or days.)
  • Plaza & Title combines themes from City Folk and Wild World, and even sneaks in the 2:00 AM theme in there.
  • From Animal Crossing: New Leaf comes Kapp'n's Song, a catchy ska remix of an already catchy tune. As well as the Tortimer Island Medley! Ahhh, that steel guitar!
  • Bubblegum K.K., one of the best new K.K. songs in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, gets a special mention.
  • Outdoors at 7 PM (Sunny) / Main Street is serene, yet still manages to fit in the midst of a heated fight. There's even a snippet of the Item Get! theme from the original game.
  • Tour is a rather silly and somewhat offbeat mashup of themes from New Leaf.
  • Ultimate gives us a remix of the Title Theme from Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, with a metal style to it.
  • Animal Crossing gets lots of love in Ultimate with funky new remix of Wild World's title theme.
  • After 17 years of existence, the original Animal Crossing theme finally gets a remix in Ultimate, a faster-paced beat of nostalgia.

  • Banjo-Kazooie being introduced into Super Smash Bros. means that we get seven remixes, which is the most out of any of the DLC in the whole series. And all of them sound amazing.
    • Introducing Banjo and Kazooie back on a Nintendo console and onto the battlefield is a triumphant remix of "Spiral Mountain", composed by Grant Kirkhope! As a bonus, the song also includes some well-known melodies from both Kazooie and Tooie—particularly Treasure Trove Cove, Freezeezy Peak, Gruntilda's Lair, Mayahem Temple, and Rusty Bucket Bay.
    • And you can't have Banjo being in the game without a remix of the Main Theme from Kazooie, courtesy of Masafumi Takada, the composer of the Danganronpa franchise.
    • Treasure Trove Cove also gets a new remix, this time arranged by Yoko Shimomura, which makes it sound like it would fit in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
    • Mumbo's Mountain gets an upbeat jazz remix.
    • Gobi's Valley gets a remix courtesy of Yuji Masubuchi and Namco's sound team that reinvents the song as a surf guitar anthem, complete with a Gruntilda's Lair section.
    • Mad Monster Mansion gets an extremely upbeat orchestral/pop remix.
    • And finally, Vs. Klungo from Tooie gets a fast-paced, orchestra remix.

  • With Bayonetta's inclusion through the Smash Ballot, she doesn't bring just one, but two remixed songs for Smash Bros.! Said songs are instrumental remixes of Mysterious Destiny and Tomorrow Is Mine, the battle themes from the first and second Bayonetta games respectively, and both of them are just as Ear Wormy as the original versions. Even though the vocals are gone, they're replaced with a just as awesome saxophone and guitar, perfectly fitting with Bayonetta's seductive personality.

Honestly, every single new remix the music composed is absolutely godlike, which is to be expected since it's Castlevania.

    Donkey Kong (Country) 

    Duck Hunt 
  • The victory theme for the Duck Hunt universe is an incredibly nice remix of the Game A music from Duck Hunt, and it fits surprisingly well.
  • From the reveal trailer, we get the Duck Hunt Medley.
  • Ultimate gives us another Duck Hunt Medley that features a snazzy fast-paced rock theme.


    Final Fantasy 
  • While the Internet-explodingly popular Final Fantasy series got shafted in terms of remixed music (having only two of the fighting scenes in Final Fantasy VII around), there is one saving grace: Cloud has a remix of the obvious but still beloved Final Fantasy VII fanfare for his victory theme. It also overrides the post-results screen music; it's the first in the series to have done this.

    Find Mii/StreetPass Quest 

    Fire Emblem 
  • Along the same lines of the Brawl opening/ending, the popular Fire Emblem Main Theme was given the full Latin Opera treatment. Also there's the character encounter (known as "Together we Ride" in FE7) theme remixed from Melee.
  • There's also the incredibly catchy Attack, from the seventh game, and the Shadow Dragon Medley, from the original.
  • With Mila's Divine Protection, a Spanish-esque render of the theme fitting the continent in Fire Emblem Gaiden as it is named after a city in Spain.
  • A remix of Together We Ride returns for Wii U, but this time it isn't alone; it's accompanied in a medley of character recruitment themes from across the series, including Sacred Stones' Comrades, and both of the recruitment themes from the otherwise-neglected in Smash Jugdral saga.
  • Coliseum Series Medley brings together a slap bass-heavy remix of the arena themes from several games across the series.
  • Corrin's inclusion brought along a spectacular remix of the main theme of Fire Emblem Fates, Lost in Thoughts All Alone.
    • The second remix of the song that came with Corrin's return in Ultimate manages to be great in its own way. Whereas the first remix is more upbeat, this version has a more dramatic flair to it, even incorporating bits of "End of All" from Fates's final level maps.
  • Ultimate has brought us a remix of a track nobody was expecting: "Gear Up For..." from Fire Emblem Heroes, a mobile game. An unexpected choice, but a welcome one. It starts off seeming like a direct rip of the original song before speeding up into something more fitting for an action-packed battle, then segueing into "Map (Prologue)".
  • "End of Despair", from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, aka the theme that plays when Sigurd and his pals die at the hands of Arvis at the end of the first act of the game. This orchestrated remix takes the drama of the original song and cranks up the tempo, giving a strong sense of urgency and tension to any Smash battle it's set to.
  • On paper, this remix of "Destiny (Ablaze)" doesn't deviate too much from the original, save for the addition of a tin whistle/fiddle duet. But when said duet (and a live orchestra instead of a MIDI one) adds such soulful, Celtic vibes to an already amazing source, you've got one of the best tracks in the entire game.
  • After For Nintendo 3DS/Wii U directly ported the original song but drastically chopped it down to keep it less than two minutes (the original song was four minutes in one loop), Ultimate features a remix of "Id (Purpose)" that keeps all of the different acts of the original song while only being a minute shorter and still manages to be as amazing.

    Game & Watch 

    Ice Climber 
  • Ice Climber, a medley of the two main music tracks from said game. The harp-led transition from the energetic title screen theme music to the easygoing level music is a particular highlight. The Ice Climbers' first track from Melee's Icicle Mountain is also great.

    Kid Icarus 

  • While Gourmet Race is often the track used for Kirby in Smash, the closest thing to a main theme the series has is Green Greens.
  • Gourmet Race. As a thrasher-metal song. Several commenters mention that Kirby must've swallowed Guitar Hero at some point. note 
    • Fountain of Dreams' music, which is essentially an orchestrated "Gourmet Race" remix. One of the most beautiful pieces of music on the most visually stunning stage in the game. And both of them are from Kirby.
    • The Smashing! Live! version is pretty good too.
  • The reworking of the final battle music in Kirby Super Star.
  • Also: Meta Knight's Revenge.
  • And again, King Dedede's Theme was converted from 8-bit right up to an orchestra piece. Arranged by Yoko Shimomura.
  • More love for Kirby: Butter Building is just so unrelentingly happy.
    • Have you noticed that in that theme they used electronic accordion and bongos to emulate the feel of the NES soundbits from Kirby's Adventure tracks anyway? Try to listen for this for an example. You need to have very good ears for to hear the bongos similar to the remix, though.
    • It's the Title Theme from the first Kirby game! They didn't forget about Kirby's Dream Land after all!
    • Butter Building Ver. 2 is just as lighthearted, and includes snippets of Vegetable Valley and Ice Cream Island.
  • This remix of 0's theme from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is not as chillingly somber as the original tune, but it sounds even more dire, yet still upbeat enough to carry an epic fight.
  • Squeak Squad Theme is a needlessly underrated track.
  • Every hardcore Kirby-fans will easily love Boss Theme Medley, which takes all the best tunes throughout Kirby's history of battles and throws it into awesome medley fest. Particularly the first four (Adventure, Dream Land 2, Super Star and Kirby 64) is sure to give goosebumps of Kirby-gaming nostalgia.
  • "The Legendary Air Ride Machine". Holy crap.
  • The incredibly calm and peaceful All-Star Rest Area from Melee, which is originally from Super Star, which is itself based off Float Islands from Kirby's Dream Land.
  • In the fourth game, there's Green Greens Ver. 2, an upbeat orchestra remix of the traditional Kirby tune.
  • The Great Cave Offensive is an amazing medley of the two level themes from, well, The Great Cave Offensive.
  • Fans of Kirby & the Amazing Mirror were treated to the Forest/Nature Area theme in Brawl. In Wii U/3DS however, the song gets a full remix.
  • In the Wii U version of the fourth game, we are treated to a very interesting remix of King Dedede's theme done in the traditional Japanese musical style.
  • The 1.0.8 patch brings us a retro-inspired mix of Ice Cream Island, with the boss theme and the Kirby victory dance included.
  • Ultimate gives us a new remix of City Trial, courtesy of Ace Attorney composer Noriyuki Iwadare!
  • This remix of the Staff Credits theme is so upbeat and cheerful that you just can't help but smile whenever it comes on.

    The Legend of Zelda 

    Mega Man 
  • What else could we start with but the fan-favorite Mega Man 2 medley?
  • ACE, who composed some of the famous music from Xenoblade, give us their own take of Spark Man Stage.
  • You cannot beat the lighthearted mellow guitars used in Air Man Stage.
  • Shadow Man Stage.
  • Quick Man Stage, which also includes Heat Man's theme and the classic "boss defeated" jingle!
  • Cut Man Stage. Doesn't matter if you remember it here or as the equally-popular The Flutter vs the Gesellschaft, it's still just as awesome.
  • Introduced in Ultimate is the Mega Man 4 Medley, which contains epic rock remixes of Dive Man's and Skull Man's themes! With Jun Senoue on lead guitar!
  • Introduced in Ultimate is a techno/rock remix of Flash Man's stage, courtesy of none other than Keiichi Okabe.
  • "We're the Robots" from Mega Man 9 was given a jazzy remix in Ultimate.
  • The Ultimate remix of Snake Man Stage is extremely catchy with some amazing violin parts.
  • Dark Man Stage feels like a love letter to Mega Man 5. It starts with the off-key Proto Man whistle and the weapon get theme, and even includes the intro and title screen themes at the end!
  • Mega Man X finally gets some much-needed love in this installment with this head-bangingly awesome remix of the Central Highway's theme, which appropriately accompanied Zero's reveal as an Assist Trophy in the August 2018 Nintendo Direct.
  • Ultimate has Motoi Sakuraba's epic take on Wood Man's Stage, featuring all of his trademarks.

    Metal Gear 
  • The SSBB version of Metal Gear Solid 4's Theme of Love.
  • Also Encounter, the, um, encounter theme from the first MGS.
  • The Brawl version of Theme Of Tara from Metal Gear.
  • If Snake returning for Ultimate didn't convince you that Konami is completely on-board with this game, we now have a fast-paced rearrangement of "Snake Eater" that sounds even more like it belongs in a James Bond movie, courtesy of long-time series composer Nobuko Toda.
  • Ultimate also brings a synth/rock remix of the Theme of Solid Snake from Metal Gear 2 that augments the original track quite well, especially with the blistering electric guitar solo at the end.

  • The Main Theme (Brinstar). Melee's version is a huge fan favorite. Brawl's [1] (or at least the one without the opening monologue) is equally loved — it even includes the Famicom Disk System Startup sound, which is a nice little detail.
  • Vs Ridley is nothing short of raw, unmitigated badassery in musical form. The new remix for Ultimate, by the same composer as the previous, somehow upgrades that badassness to absolute HARDCORE badassery with kickass synths, a pinch of Dream Theater, and insane shredding. It's got an impressively dark and menacing tone, even compared to Ridley's other themes.
  • The remastering of the original Metroid's ending theme. Especially epic because it plays when you beat the final boss in Classic or Boss Battle mode as Samus. Delicious chills shooting straight into your soul, man.
  • Melee's version of Brinstar Depths is just amazing. Especially when the melody hits the second repeat and the drum track kicks in.
  • The Theme of Samus Aran, SPACE WARRIOR. Bonus points for playing the part of Theme Music Power-Up during "The Subspace Emissary" when Samus gets her power suit back.
  • Norfair is a fine bit of electronic music, really suited for the bubbling lava found on the Norfair stage.
  • 3DS/Wii U's remix of the Title theme from the original Metroid manages to be dark, menacing, and strangely serene all at once.
  • Escape may at first sound like they just slapped the 8-bit tune into the game. However, stick around and it turns into an epic orchestration that sends chills down your spine.
  • Ultimate gives us the Brinstar Depths theme remixed with heavy guitars and violins, which sounds as awesome in practice as it does on paper.
  • Ultimate gives us a new remix of the Vs. Parasite Queen boss theme from Metroid Prime by Motoi Sakuraba, and it sounds even more intense and ominous than the original version.

    MOTHER (Earthbound) 
  • The theme for the Onett stage from Melee begins with a remix of Mother 1's "Bein' Friends", followed by Eight Melodies. The alternate song, "Pollyanna (I Believe In You)", is also great. There aren't even any vocals in there, but you want to sing along anyway.
  • Melee had the theme for Fourside, which is also notable for being one of few tracks that originate from Earthbound/Mother 2, rather than Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings. For some reason, this theme not only didn't return for Brawl, but a handful of Earthbound tunes were considered for Brawl but not put in! It eventually returned in Ultimate, along with an even more upbeat remix (plus the stage it was attached to).
  • Porky's Theme just sounds huge and imposing, much like New Pork City itself.
  • Humoresque of a Little Dog, AKA the shop theme. A little out-of-place for a heated free-for-all, but awesome nonetheless.
  • Brawl also gives us the haunting-yet-pretty remix of "Snowman" from the original Mother/Beginnings and "Unfounded Revenge/Smashing Song of Praise" from MOTHER 3.
  • The Mother 3 Love Theme, like other entries on this list, is a little out-of-place for a brawl, but it's still beautiful.
  • 3DS gives us a quirky, yet wonderful remix of the Mother 1/Earthbound Beginnings Magicant theme, with the game's Eight Melodies snuck in right at the end. Likewise, Smiles and Tears is a breathtaking remix of Mother 2's ending theme; bonus points for sneaking in part of the first game's Eight Melodies as well.
  • After two games straight of having just Earthbound Beginnings music, Onett finally gets a remix of its theme proper in the game, before segueing into a remix of Winters, which sounds like it was taken straight from the Snowman remix above.

  • PAC-MAN. Words cannot express how much they have outdone themselves with this piece. It is a huge blast from the past with authentic arcade game sounds and will remind many Pac-Man and arcade game fans of the hours spent playing all of their favorite games at the local arcade!
  • Pac-Man's Park / Block Town, a medley from Pac-Man's oft-forgotten foray into isometric gameplay, Pac-Mania.
  • Arranged by Nintendo legend Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka, here's PAC-MAN (Club Remix).

  • Alongside Joker's reveal trailer comes a remix of "Beneath the Mask" from Persona 5. Originally a slow, relaxing song, the remix speeds up the track while retaining its deliciously jazzy and funky elements, as well as its smooth vocals, making it a perfect fit for a fast-paced brawl.
  • Also from Ultimate is the recurring Velvet Room theme, Aria of the Soul. An incredibly funky and groovy yet orchestral piece, with some electric guitar thrown in for good measure, this arrangement turns what was once a slow, soulful ballad into an incredibly dance-worthy song.
  • The final remix comes from Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself. It blends elements from the softer main version, the powerful version used in boss battles, and the ending song "Never More", blending them into a rocking tribute to Persona 4 that is a joy to fight to.
  • Similarly to Cloud from Final Fantasy, Joker's win screen overrides the post-results screen music with his own songs. That's right, it's not just one song that can play, but three different choices (depending on what Persona song is playing in Mementos) that can play whenever Joker wins a match.

  • Pikmin has an absurdly underrated soundtrack, so it's awesome to hear two great remixes of its music in Brawl with Pikmin 2's World Map theme and Stage Clear/Night Comes.
  • 3DS/Wii U gives us another remix of Pikmin 2's Stage Select theme.
  • Pikmin 3's Mission Mode gets a remix featuring a Pikmin chorus.
  • Ultimate gives us an amazing orchestral arrangement of Pikmin 3's Garden of Hope (with parts of the Bingo Battle theme thrown in for good measure), with a mix of the unpredictable quirkiness that Pikmin's music is known for and an epic sense of scale and grandeur. It feels exactly how an adventure on an alien planet should feel.
  • Ultimate gives us a flourished remix of Pikmin 1's main theme, making it truly sound like the beginning of an adventure.


  • Jogging / Countdown. Two of the most iconic songs from the NES game, they go into quite epic proportions here. Sadly, the 'Eye Of The Tiger' version from the reveal trailer is nowhere to be found.
  • Minor Circuit also gets a remix just for good measure.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 

  • Ultimate gets a new ska/2-tone remix of "Splattack!" which sounds more like it belongs in a Mario game. And that's a good thing, because it sounds amazing.
  • The E3 2018 Nintendo Direct confirmed that the Squid Sisters will be performing "Calamari Inkantation" as part of their assist trophy.
  • "Bomb Rush Blush", Callie's solo song, gets a happy hardcore/dubstep remix for Ultimate, courtesy of TOMOYA OHTANI. To any Callie fans disappointed with her smaller role in Splatoon 2's Hero Mode, this remix alone definitely makes up for it.
  • "Seaskape" brings a synth-like remix to the list of Splatoon songs in the game.
  • "Now or Never" is very Mario Party-esque in sound and composition.

    Star Fox 

    Street Fighter 

    Super Mario Bros. 
This includes Dr. Mario, Mario Kart and Luigi's Mansion.
  • Of course, there's always the most famous video game theme of all time. Koji Kondo himself made this remix of the Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme.
  • The Underwater Theme, which takes a classic, and gives it two remixes along with the original all in one track!
  • Title/Ending (Super Mario World) is a tearjerkingly happy overture for ones who owned Super Mario World as their first Mario-game, composed of catchy beginning, and is carried onto bittersweetingly composed fast-tempoed ending theme.
  • Mario Kart DS has the already kickass Waluigi Pinball. The Brawl remix gives it a techno-speedup overhaul, along with mixing in themes that would later be used in Wario Land: Shake It.
  • Luigi's Mansion is given a perfectly fitting haunting track for its stage in Brawl. Wii U/3DS's Luigi's Mansion Series Medley by comparison is more upbeat and energetic. It includes the "Catching Ghost" and "Mission Complete" themes from Dark Moon.
  • For most surprising Mario tune in Brawl we have the Easton Kingdom theme from Super Mario Land.
  • Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros.) is very catchy to listen to, and if that wasn't enough, the Stage Clear Theme at the end of the theme makes it more worthwhile for NSMB-players.
  • Melee's Dr. Mario!
    • And if you are more of a fan of Chill than Fever, Brawl has this for you!
    • Now with Version 2 sounding closer to the original.
  • Princess Peach's Castle. The best way to kick off Melee's Adventure Mode. Perhaps the coolest thing about this song is how it so clearly introduces itself as the main theme, but uses the underground theme as the bass line, essentially combining the two most recognizable Mario songs into one, and rounding off each repetition with the breakdown from the underground theme.
  • Rainbow Cruise.
    • To round off our Melee songs, we have Super Mario Bros. 3.
    • The fourth game has an entire Super Mario Bros. 3 medley, which includes the Hammer Bros. and World 4 themes in addition to the iconic Athletic theme.
  • Gritzy Desert from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It's like Lawrence of Arabia with techno!
  • The series' perennial Airship theme gets a downright badass arrangement that would befit an all-out war.
  • Castle/Boss Fortress from Super Mario Bros. 3 is one of the more ominous and foreboding Mario songs that Smash has to offer.
  • Try, Try Again, one of the best songs from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, is even better in the fourth game!
  • And then there's Super Mario 3D Land Theme / Beach Theme, a terrific and upbeat medley.
  • Paper Mario Medley! There's not much difference from the original songs, but they were already awesome in their own right, and the added beats just make them even better.
  • Rosalina in the Observatory, which is mixed with Luma's Theme, makes for an outstanding remix of an already amazing song.
  • Egg Planet (Remix) is somewhat controversial among fans due to its use of motifs from Super Mario Bros. such as the Ground theme, Underground theme, Starman theme, and the "speed up" music to loop back to the beginning.
  • Athletic Theme / Ground Theme of New Super Mario Bros. 2 is even catchier without the constant "bah" sounds!
  • The Mario Sports series gets shown a little love with Mario Tennis/Mario Golf.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Medley is the first of several Mario series medleys in Wii U/3DS.
  • This incredible remix of the Super Mario World Koopaling/Reznor boss theme, done with a very Spanish Flamenco musical style. The part beginning at 0:50 seconds in is especially good.
  • The Rainbow Road Medley consists of Mario Kart 7, DS, and even Super Circuit! It tends to be the most forgotten in the Mario Kart series.
  • The main "Circuit" themes from Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart 64 both get remixes for Brawl. The latter even gets a sweet guitar solo!
  • The Circuit theme from Mario Kart 7 gets an awesome, Mario Kart 8-styled arrangement.
  • Cloudtop Cruise from Mario Kart 8 received a remix, featuring both orchestration and electric guitars.
  • The Lost Levels Medley from what we know as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Players are already considering it the national anthem of the Mushroom Kingdom!
  • A pleasant and unexpected surprise comes in the form of a Mario Paint Medley! They even used Mario Paint's composer mode for a portion of it! It was previously unused, but later (after appearing on the game's soundtrack) became part of the Miiverse stage, where you can listen and fight to it to your heart's content!
  • Super Mario World Medley is possibly the catchiest and most upbeat song in the game. It combines the overworld theme with the Star World theme for a tune that's just plain fun.
  • A remix of the main theme from Super Mario 64 plays in the N64 Peach's Castle DLC stage.
  • The Super Mario Maker stage has a flourished remix of the original game's title screen theme. It even mixes in classic 8-bit instruments.
  • King Bowser, which is Bowser's theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, recomposed by the original composer Koji Kondo. The song is reimagined as a full-blown classic rock track, even incorporating a snippet of the original 8-bit track near the beginning; and also segues into the Dark Land map music. It's immensely satisfying too, given that Bowser has never had a remix of one of his definite themes in Smash Bros. (apart from airship and castle remixes) until now.
  • The overworld theme for Super Mario Bros. 2 gets a new remix in Ultimate and it sounds fantastic, like it belongs in a 3D remake of the game. And what makes it better is that none other than Keiichi Obake, the composer for the Nier games, arranged this.

  • WarioWare gives us three Ear Worms in the forms of Ashley's Song, Mona Pizza, and Mike's Song. If you're one of those people who can't stand English lyrics for some reason, there's also the Japanese versions: Ashley, Mona, and Mike.
  • There's Wario Ware, Inc., the menu screen from the first game, and Wario Ware, Inc. Medley, a hilarious medley of sound clips from various microgames and features also from the first game.
  • In the Japanese version of the fourth game, there's an exclusive remix: Ashley's Song, Ver. 2. Thankfully, this remix was included in all international versions of Ultimate.

    Wii Series 
  • The Wii Sports Series medley is bound to make anyone who has ever owned a Wii nostalgic.
  • The Wii Sports Resort remix sounds like it could be in an arcade racer complete with a funky bassline.
  • Another previously unused song from the fourth game is Wii Shop Channel, which is combined with the Mii Channel theme. Like the Mario Paint medley, it was eventually added to the Miiverse stage.
  • A highly catchy Mii Plaza remix appears on the Tomodachi Life stage in 3DS. It eventually surfaced on the Miiverse stage in Wii U.
  • The Wii Fit Plus Medley is a quirky mix of the Obstacle Course, Rhythm Parade, Perfect 10, and Snowball Fight themes from Wii Fit.
    • The main theme for the Wii Fit Studio stage in 3DS/WiiU is an incredibly catchy remix of Super Hoop.
    • Not to mention a rock remix of the Skateboard Arena theme.

  • The Xenoblade Chronicles Medley is the only song remixed for the Smash Bros. series, and the only original parts about it are the short rock remixes of "Gaur Plains" and "Engage the Enemy" at the start and end, sandwiching original clips from "Mechanical Rhythm" and "You Will Know Our Names". It's still face-meltingly awesome, though.

    Yoshi's Island 
This includes Yoshi's Story and Yoshi's Woolly World.

    Stage-Represented Series 

Music from games that have no fighters but have a respective stage at the most.


Wrecking Crew

  • There's also the Wrecking Crew Medley which starts industrial-like, then switches to an upbeat groove then finally techno with a bit of wobble bass thrown in.
    • Another Wrecking Crew Medley has been delivered in Ultimate and it has a lively band performance feeling to it now!


  • Electroplankton of all games was given a remix in Ultimate that uses sounds from the game itself.


  • They can even make epic tunes from sound effects, as shown from PictoChat.

Balloon Fight

Tomodachi Life


  • You might not think that Nintendogs would have awesome music, but Bath Time Theme (Vocal Mix) is a surprisingly fun and bouncy tune. Or, if you prefer, the non-vocal version.
  • Still not a fan? Then have this rockin' version of the song from Ultimate, which sounds more like music you'd listen to while surfing.

  • Shin Onigashima. Really, if the original song would have qualified (several more are cited below under their original games), it got put into Brawl and made even more awesome.
  • Lip's Theme of Panel de Pon-fame is very technoish and catchy rendition of the original, with more clapping and beat than ever before.
  • If you ever wondered how to make Tetris music more awesome, Yoko Shimomura did it with Type A. And did you ever wonder how a Mariachi remix of a Tetris tune might sound? Well, now you know.
  • There's only one Golden Sun track, but it's possibly one of the most epic battles themes ever, being a medley of Felix's theme and the Doom Dragon's battle theme.
  • Clu Clu Land is just addictive.
  • When you finish a great match, you know you love to hear your favorite character's arranged victory theme. Especially if you know where it came from, and can reminisce about how great it felt to win back in the day too.
  • Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi might be the most unknown theme of all in the whole of Brawl's library, note  from a electronic cookbook application for DS, released only in Japan (back then), but you can't help admitting it's also the one of most magical tracks in the game.
  • X Tunnel Scene from Brawl again. A little-known shooter game from the Game Boy gets a kickass techno remix.
  • Gyromite is a great song, especially for R.O.B.
  • The Mysterious Murasame Castle has had a handful of worthy themes to represent it in Smash, one being the original version of the Castle Town theme in Brawl, and the other being this medley of themes in 3DS/WiiU.
  • Rather unexpectedly, we have Baten Kaitos Origins' battle theme, The Valedictory Elegy. It scraps the sparse instrumentation of the original for something far grander and epic.
  • An even more unexpected track is this remix from a rather unknown DS game called Culdcept.
  • Glory of Heracles may be an obscure RPG series with most of its titles being Japan-exclusive, but its ominous and powerful theme makes it perfect for the Coliseum stage.
  • A delightful medley of various themes from Nintendo Land was found in the game's files, but it took the release of the Miiverse Stage to finally make officially available.
  • One of the more out-of-left-field tunes in the Wii U/3DS soundtrack is a medley from Style Savvy: Trendsetters, an obscure RPG fashion-sim for the 3DS. And wouldn't you know it? It sounds amazing.
  • Ultimate introduces the Galaga Medley. It mixes together the 8-bit tunes from the game with more techno.
  • Not only did Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. get representation via Henry as a Spirit, but they produced a pumping new remix of "Trouble Brewing II" for the occasion.
  • The Mappy Medley is bouncy and energetic, perfectly capturing the feeling of the original arcade game.
  • Area 1 - Dragon Spirit is an arrangement of the music that plays in the first area, aka "The Paleozoic Era", from Dragon Spirit, a vertical shooter arcade game developed by Namco. What stands out about this rockin' remix is that it sounds like a battle theme from a Pokémon game.
  • Ultimate goes to the Style Savvy well again with "Ring A Ding" from Styling Star. This is actually a mash-up of the Japanese and English versions, with the lyrics first sung in Japanese, and then repeated in English, transitioning perfectly. It's upbeat, energetic, and frenetic, and it WORKS.
  • Introduced in Ultimate alongside a Mii Gunner costume DLC based on Sans from Undertale is a remix of Megalovania! Remixed by Toby Fox as well! The additions of the guitar, piano and several other new instruments mixed with the orginal sounds create a heart-racing and awesome track. And in true Undertale fashion, the themes of other boss battles in the game are snuck in. It truly will make anyone feel determined.


  • The orchestral live album Smashing...Live! is chock full of fantastic arrangements of melodies from Melee. One such piece is the "Smash Bros. Great Medley," especially the Big Blue section.
  • The Nintendo Special Big Band, which has many members who have previously worked on Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8's music, performed a Smash Medley with main themes from all games and it is glorious.
  • The guys at Balanced Brawl chose a really fitting soundtrack to showcase the improved cast with.
  • Project M gets accidental Awesome Music; if you try to play through the Subspace Emissary, it's easy to get lost in the adventure and forget you're playing a mod. And then you get to the Rayquaza battle… Bam. You get Nostalgia Bombed by the Saffron City 64 theme. It really helps you wind up and truly get into a Pokémon battle.note  And now with version 3.5, Project M actually has its own unique theme!
  • At almost the last moment before the release of Ultimate, a beautiful orchestral rendition of "Lifelight" was performed at the Game Awards 2018.


Though mashups (usually playing several versions of a song together in audio software, like Audacity) has been a staple of videogame music in the last decade, it was only with the datamined leak of several songs from Ultimate that they have started to gain more traction than before with the fanbase. Castlevania in particular has received a considerable mashup treatment.
  • "Divine Bloodlines". Presumably, the Portrait of Ruin version was used as a base when composing this tune. This tune actually resembles Portrait of Ruin a lot more than Symphony of the Night and its Dark Reprise - the mashup does a great job demonstrating this.
  • "Lost Painting" becomes more haunting with the original added in. It's mostly the strings of the original.
  • This arrangement of "Vampire Killer" mixes in seven versions of the tune. The author tried to add in others, like Circle of the Moon's version, but they were not happy with the end result.
  • "Gangplank Galleon" received an immediate combination of the Super Nintendo original and Ultimate version. The end result just works well.
  • "Crocodile Cacophony". The original actually "reincorporates" one instrument or two not present in the Ultimate version.
  • "Brinstar Depths". The violin works surprisingly well for a scifi videogame tune.
  • "Fortress Boss" with both versions from Super Mario All-Stars and Mario Advance 4!
  • Who could have ever thought that "Vega Stage" would be amazing when rendered by Yoko Shimomura? The original blends in appropriately. Someone followed up on this song and dared to include "Kamen no Narcissist" and the Super Nintendo and Arcade versions. The end result is basically a vocal version of Shimomura's mix. The final product benefits from additional percussion found by the other versions!
  • And of course, "Lifelight", where the tune becomes considerably more triumphant and urgent with the menu arrangement added. Someone has now mashed up "Lifelight" with "Welcome to the Black Parade", and it is GLORIOUS.


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