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Japanese writers all speak English fluently

In fact, they can write perfect English if they want to.

Most anime are filled to the brim with Gratuitous English, containing references and terms that are clearly better understood in English than in Japanese.

The writers of anime use Engrish 99% of the time because it sells to Japanese fans who don't speak English and also to arrogant Western fans who expect the Japanese to speak Engrish. Engrish has become a signature export good, just like anime itself, and the Japanese keep pandering the otakus around the world with it.

Errors create a false sense of superiority in customers.
  • This is not true for Spanish, but Kubo Tite either thinks it is or is trying to sadden Latin-Americans.
  • Related theory:

All the anime-dubbing companies even 4Kids are Japanese.

Anime has taken over TV Tropes.
About time somebody said it.
  • Search your feelings...you know it to be true.
    • Bakageta!
    • Just As Planned. Someone had to say that too.
    • Quick, what's the power level reading on Anime's hold over TV Tropes?!
    • It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great, now we're permanently in an endless recursion of time.
    • Since when were you under the impression that we weren't already in one?
    • I'm in despair! Anime invading TV Tropes has left me in despair!
  • ...with the help of Kyoji!!!

Anime really is part of an Evil Plan by the tv networks to make hikikomori of us all.
That's why it's always on at stupid times, the viewer figures are feedback so they know it's working!
  • And there always seems to be one or two more series to watch than you can in a season. Hamsters running on the treadmill...
  • But only one station.
  • Well, I do remember reading a report that some in Middle Eastern countries some Islamic religious figures have accused anime of, or to be more precise, Pokemon , being secretly created by Jewish organizations aimed at brainwashing Islamic youth to denounce their faith, Hilarity Ensures. Christians are no less guilty at this, as there are at least 2 webpages dedicated at convincing people that Pokemon in specific has been created by the devil. I'm dead serious.

All characters with solid black eyes have severe Aniridia
In Anime, like in real life, most people have irises when they aren't chibi. So, those who don't must have underdeveloped irises!

Any animation produced in North America, especially in the United States, have always secretly been actually animated in Japan!
Why else would American cartoons have been outsourced for so long? Americans produce basically anything in a show except for the animation itself, which is ironic, considering the word 'animation' is usually in the title of the studios and is still highly regarded as an art form. Cheaper labor? Is it because only the Japanese can draw as meticulously and carefully as you see in the best projects?! Will we rely on them to the point where NO ONE in the US drawings anything anymore??

The anime art style is completely realistic.
All anime takes place several million years into the future after a major cataclysm destroys all life forms larger than a cat (basically, the extinction of dinosaurs, but with humans). Another sentient species evolves from the aye-aye, and develops a society quite similar to our own. What we think is a stylistic rendering of homo sapiens is actually a realistic rendering of humans' successors. Anime producers and mangaka are actually a society of time travellers who have seen this new species for themselves.
  • Soooooo... THEIR animated shows consist of completely naturalistic characters?
  • No. Their animated shows consist of realistic renderings of their successors.
  • OP here. Define "they."
    • Redefined
  • Not so sure about that. It wouldn't make sense, we evolve from Apes, and then we evolve from Aye-Aye the when we're destroyed? Creating the rather large eyes, I guess. But then everyone would be Japanese - correct?

Alteratively, anime art is a realistic rendering of homo sapiens. All other TV shows, even Real Life, are stylistic.

It was based on this article. Seriously, anime are so beautiful, they are even loved and had sex to like how we have sex with real life humans in this world, even to the extent of romance and interactive emotions. That plain cuteness and lack of free will is so arousing......
  • In a less reality-grounding and more imaginative WMG, people will have such advanced technology such as cloning vats and artificial intelligence that people will abolish the need for sex with real females (maybe for dealing with overpopulation, STD and straw feminism), with the need for orgasm being fulfilled by AI-simulated anime instead. This results in Brave New World.
    • All who love anime will live in comfort within the World State, and all who still had sex with real females will be put in low-tech tribal savage reservations.
  • See this article for more details.
  • Actually, that was more due to the fact that nerds around the world are losing interest in free-willed women (perhaps because Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male, and they stink) and are looking for companionship in technology instead where their own fetish can be modelled by them In Their Own Image. They are the Real-Life Pygmalion and Galatea.
  • You are forgetting that real females are also humans with needs. What would they do, then? Get anime characters of their own? Be secluded as second-class citizens once again? Not to mention that not all guys dig girls, preferring, you know guys. That whole WMG is filled to the brim with Double Standard and Unfortunate Implications...

Anime, and Japan in general, is the next step of human evolution
The next step of human evolution will be marked by: Cyber Punk (Modern Japan simply was cyberpunk), cute-but-badass Magical Girls and Action Girls, Rule of Cool, Mind Screw, and depressing-yet-philosophically relevant scenes.

Anime is a tool for an Evil Plan where Japan Takes Over the World in the future
At first glance, many elements of Anime, such as Magical Girls, Humongous Mecha and Moe seem too unrealistic. In reality, however, the Japanese actually put a brilliant plan where they did develop Anime technologies, which is lampshaded by their supernerdiness. For Western fans, Anime may seem unrealistic, but in the near future Japan actually had the technologies needed to bring Anime to life (such as constructing actual Humongous Mecha and cute-looking Artificial Human Magical Action Girls) and take over the world.
  • This is scarily close the events of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.
  • In fact, Japan has already taken over as the secret Shadow Rulers of the world, however they're just letting everyone think that the US is still the super power of the world. Ha. Those fools will never see it coming when we bring out the giant Mechas driven by inexperienced, angsty, teenaged Bishishonen and Bishishoujo.

Anime contains subliminal propaganda, and that is why those are so popular.

The worst part: the subliminal propaganda is derived from Kabbalistic magic. The anime industry is beginning to flop (either most of them just suck or it is because Osamu Tezuka died) before the advent of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hideaki Anno, who wants to express his depression using complex Mind Screw, put Kabbalistic mysticism into a seemingly ordinary mix of Humongous Mecha and Sentai battles. Another true part, however, is that Evangelion is originally intended as a Springtime for Hitler: to deliberately flop. This way, the executives can take advantage of a loophole in Japanese tax law. However, beneath this ordinary Humongous Mecha show the Kabbalah messages finally activated and hypnotized the masses, causing Evangelion to be one of the most popular anime on Earth.

There is a Pokemon episode called "Electric Soldier Porygon" which is infamous for causing seizures in a substantial number of Japanese viewers. This Conspiracy Theorist troper thinks, however, that it is just a deliberate attempt to experiment with lights to induce subliminal messaging through shows inside the Animation Age Ghetto, and therefore be more suitable for children than Evangelion. (However, it is a massive failure, because it caused seizures instead of Pokemon merchandise addiction, and was never shown to the West).

For now, we have Moe, philosophical dialogues and religious symbolism which would have to serve as the subliminal messaging.

The peace treaty ending WWII stipulated that all works made in Japan must have a certain number of words spoken in English in them.
Hence the rampant use of Gratuitous English in Anime.
Anime is real and the animated shows are part of a conspiracy to hide that fact.
Basically Tokyo is built over a huge rift in time and space where both aliens and magical villains regularly destroy the city (via very rational explanations). To prevent the whole population from going crazy, the Japanese government drugs drinking water supplies and hypnotizes the whole population- the population remembers when Godzilla destroys the city and being fought by magical girls, robots and humungous mecha- and all think they are remembering something they saw on TV instead of something that happened earlier. Deaths and damage from these battles are explained away as earthquakes and such.

The creation of Anime was also caused by Perverse Sexual Lust!
That would explain the Over Nine Thousand quantities of erotic 'Hentai' from Japan (that includes Moe and Naughty Tentacles), and why Anime looks too Uncanny Valley. During the time of the Empire of Japan Anime wasn't so much popular. In fact, the Japanese instead raped massive numbers of Chinese people during WW2. After Japan lost the war the US stripped them off their imperial military, meaning they cannot rape foreigners anymore. Meanwhile, Geishas were expensive, and the middle-class don't want to spend so much money after Japan was nuked. The solution: make idealized portrayals of foreigners and Rape 'Em!!!!
  • Oh! That also explains all the But Not Too Foreign characters. First, idealize foreign characters. Second, rape them. Third, they get preagnent. Fourth, rape them while preagnant. Fifth, they give birth to half Japanese children. Sixth, rape them too (this step is Lolicon and Shotacon. Seventh, they grow to childbearing age. Eight, rape them again. Ninth, they get pregnant... All while still raping more idealized foreigners on the side.

Anime is not Anime
It's true. (As well as a Mind Screw Logic Bomb)

Japan won WWII- by default
It only pretended to lose so that the Westerns would stay arrogant and become willing to spend millions on both their deceptively cute cartoons and comics. And now Japan forces its secret colonies to watch cheap cartoons they make, to continuously keep the rest of the world dirt poor. Godzilla, samurai movies, most JRPGs and Hello Kitty merchandice are part of this imperialism too.

Anime was created by Cthulhu in an attempt to drive us all insane
That explains the Naughty Tentacles and introverted Otaku, and now he's turning it Up to Eleven through endless recursions of time and other Freudian psychological horrors.....

Anime are a race of Eldritch Abominations who came here in the form of animation

There was a secret contest for anime directors- to see who can make the weirdest anime series!
Seriously, what else could explain Lucky Star, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Mawaru Penguin Drum, Axis Power Hentalia, FLCL and blatantly random Christian symbolism...? It seems like more comedic anime series seem to get weirder'' and weirder over the previous years. I also think that Sayonara Zentsubou Sensei has won the contest for now...
  • If you think those are weird then you really have to see more anime. There's plenty of series weirder than those.
    • Seconded. If you would like to decide who really won the contest, you could start by checking out the list on this page.
    • The above are wrong, the winner is Cat Soup.
  • YMMV and Value Dissociance on those cases, usage of such might appear as being weird from our point of view, but think of how we depict Asia in general, as in Animeland and Wutai in general, compare to if you ask any Asian, they'll tell you that their country is as normal as yours, then you realize that the above do apply.

Japan is exactly how it is depicted in anime.
Tentacle monsters, buxom schoolgirls, giant robots, everything. Also, in Japan, anime is more popular than football, baseball, rock & roll, and sex combined. The tired old joke about clueless American otaku not knowing anything about the "real" Japan is just propaganda.
  • I second that notion! Japan is tricking us American Otaku into thinking it's not like it is in anime, but, in actuallity, it is~ just to prevent the country from being flooded with us! Reverse Psychology anyone?!

My Girlfriend Is the President will get the Bleached Underpants treatment and set off a series of political parody anime series.
Unfortunately, My Girlfriend is the President will not be available in America until 2013 at the earliest due to campaign finance laws.

Tropers will make an anime/manga for Trope-tan.
Someone had to say it.

all Anime exists on the same 'plane' of dimension- and anime artists are like Hive Mind
The character designs all look similar, for the most part- see this example, and the brunt of these anime show sexual experiences like nothing else

Most anime created after the 2000's meant to enslave minds of children by mass merchandising

Naughty Tentacle jokes will be soon discredited
It's been referenced by Family Guy and due to Family Guy, it's no longer funny.

They will make an anime series based on Vocaloid eventually
You just wait... (Evil Laugh)

All green haired girls wear glasses
Those, that don't wear them on the screen, used contact lenses at the time.

Evidence: Shonen Jump exists in all Shonen Jump series set in anything resembling the modern world. Yugi knows what Dragon Balls are. Death Note exists in Bakuman。.

The Abusive Tsun Dere trend in Anime is related to the Japanese decline in population.
The submissive Moe Yamato Nadeshiko trend started by Rei Ayanami has Gone Horribly Right to the point that modern Japanese have become perfectionists that detested Feminist Real Girls for being "abusive evil disgusting Bitches who stink" and would rather prefer submissive and selfless Moe Robot Maids. Eventually, the religious devotion to the virtuous superiority of Moe will result in the utter extinction of the Yamato Race, replaced by a Hive of selfless robots, because nobody would want to have families anymore. Anime companies, having realised this, had no other choice but to take the most despicable traits in Feminism, and turn them Up to Eleven under the guise of Tsundere, hoping to make these Otakus disgusted with Anime and seek the comparatively-nicer Real Girls once again. The Tsundere trope did prove to be popular in America, but at least that never interfered with Americans' preference to have sex with Real girls.