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Mikuni is Yoga's Father
Yoga never met his father, and only saw one picture of him. Mikuni and Yoga's dad both have little sisters, and Mikuni spends a little too much time defending Yoga's father's motives. And Yoga and Mikuni look similar, but that could be Only Six Faces at work.
  • Unless something really odd happens, this is Jossed; Kimimaro's father was an Entre, went bankrupt, and committed suicide.
  • The person giving that information could have been lying. But still almost certainly Jossed in episode 7, where we see Mikuni's backstory; unless he never knew his sister came out of the coma and glossed over the fact that he had a son, he's not Yoga's father. On the other hand, he still didn't explain why, precisely he is so interested in Yoga.
    • Yes he does, in the finale: He intended to groom Yoga to succeed him, although obviously that doesn't go as planned.

Mikuni is Yoga
He's either an alternate dimension Yoga or Future!Yoga. He's trying to show Current!Yoga that one should try to minimize the Reality Warping powers of the Financial district, becuase if Yoga doesn't, something will happen to Yoga's reality that will break him/the financial district. Evidence: Similar appeaerance. Q looks very similar to Msyu.
  • More evidence: When Yoga calls Msyu...well, Msyu, she mentions "that'll do for now," implying that giving nicknames to your Assets is common.
  • Mikuni explains that his motivations are exactly the same as Yoga's. He had the same reaction to the black money, he treats his Asset the same way, etc. Oh, and Mikuni and Q's colors are red/blue, respectively, while Yoga and Msyu's are flipped.
  • Jossed in episode 7, which deals with Mikuni's backstory.'
    • Mikuni as an Alternate Universe Yoga is possible with the reveal in the last episode, though. We know that there's some kind of Alternate Universe-related shenanigans involved in the Financial District, that Msyu is Yoga's Ret Goned sister and that Q is Mikuni's comatose sister.

The Higher-Ups in the Midas Bank know everything Mikuni is planning
Whatever that may be, we don't know at the moment, but it's safe to assume that the Midas Bank has an administrative staff like any other, of which we've only seen Masakaki so far (analogous to a front office representative). It's entirely conceivable, then, that they have lawyers too and the moment Mikuni violates whatever rules the bank is governed by, he is going down.
  • Well, don't know if they know what he's planning, but the "higher-ups" certainly have a plan of their own...

The Midas Bank and it's Financial District are nothing new, it's simply the modern incarnation of an ancient establishment
The Assets that serve Entres/Entrepreneurs don't just seem like like daemons/familiar spirits; they are daemons/familiar spirits; making Entres Sorcerers. The source of a Sorcerer's power is their ability to accumulate and manipulate mystic energy: known by a thousand names to a thousand different cultures. But most of us know this mystic-energy as mana. In addition to being currency Midas Money is the mystic-energy that enriches Entre and Asset alike; a power source for one and a food source for the other.
  • Specifically, it's the Court of Mammon, the Demon Prince of Avarice.
  • Episode 8 strongly hints (if not outright confirms) that something supernatural is at work. Although, it's looking less like Crowley and more like Lovecraft.

Assets are representations of former Entres' lost futures
Fairly self explanatory. Course, related to this is the question "where exactly do assets come from?"
  • Doubtable. They've mentioned multiple times that an Asset is a representation of an Entre's future (not necessarily lost future)
    • Money is never truly lost, merely shifted around. One Entre's lost future becomes another's potential.
  • In episode 9 it is revealed That all lost futures become transformed into Midas money.
    • Although Assets are made of money, and are also thus made of lost futures, as can be seen in the finale. Q will readily demonstrate how money-like Assets are if attacking them.

Financial Districts are the manifestation of humanity's collective desire for wealth
That's why they only appear when the economy of a region is experiencing a downturn and always at the heart of that region's financial world.

Kimimaro's ultimate significance will be figuring out a way to conduct a Deal such that both participants gain.
So far, the Financial District doesn't appear to have caused much actual good, but there's no reason it has to be that way — economics isn't necessarily zero-sum. Kimimaro will figure this out and gain a better understanding of what Assets are and can do along the way, culminating in a Deal with someone he trusts (Mikuni? Hanabi?) that benefits both parties. This will attract widespread attention (and be seen as especially surprising due to Msyu's prior use of destructive scorched-earth techniques) and will result in a prisoner's dilemma scenario across the Financial District, as such techniques will leave one vulnerable to one's opposite number.
  • Interesting theory, but jossed.

Msyu is made to resemble Kimimaro's possible future daughter
Hair color is similar enough, has Kimimaru's scrawny build, and - notwithstand Only Six Faces - looks pretty close to him. Not to mention she's one of the few very human-like Assets we've seen so far. Now to wonder who the mother might be...
  • If you take a better look at Yoga's card, you'll see MS.YU .... I'm not really sure, but if the name of his daughter is going to be Yu... that will explain a lot.
    • A dream segment in episode 8 is leaning towards this...

Msyu is Mimimaro's future with Hanabi.
In Japanese, "Hanabi" means "Fire Blossoms." Msyu wears a red flower in her hair...
  • Literally, that is. It's almost always used to mean "fireworks", and as her name hasn't been written as of yet, it's safe to assume that the "fire blossoms" thing is a bit of a stretch. Though, it's not entirely impossible.
  • Hanabi's name is written as 羽奈日 rather than 花火 (the second one meaning "fireworks"), but the symbolism isn't entirely eliminated. So, semi-Jossed?

The initial loan that binds Entres to the Financial District (and enables the bank to seize their "future" upon bankruptcy) can be paid back...
...but you have to do it with cash. Specifically, Midas money. Once this is discovered, Entres will start collecting Midas money wherever they can find it and selling it to one another at a premium over the face value. A means for non-Entres to identify it may be determined as well to save on labor costs. It may even be possible to buy back the "futures" of bankrupt Entres such as Ebara and return them to their rightful "owners."
  • Jossed in episode 8. The information broker tells Kimimaro that people tried but never succeeded in doing so. An answer like that usually means no.
    • Maybe, maybe not. Masakaki says "there is no system in place for that," and refuses to let Yoga try harder. That may mean it's possible, just more complicated than transferring money.

The part of Mikuni's future that was taken to create Q was a life with his little sister

They look very much alike and maybe Q is the reason why his sister will never wake up from her coma. If he goes bankrupt, of course, she'll disappear along with everything else.
  • Confirmed in the final episode.

When Entres die naturally in the physical world, everything bought with Midas Money is repossessed.
Because they miss their Deal per week quota as part of the Loan. Nothing was in the Loan that stated death negated one's obligations. The House always wins in the end.
  • That could explain why that counter at the top of the city always goes up.

The Financial Districts are a bubble.

From what I can tell, Financial Districts often loan out money in exchange for futures and get back interest. The more Entres there are, the higher the money goes. But, when Entres get bankrupt, other people get affected and the potential future Entres stopped existing. So, the money goes all the way up but when people start losing faith in the economy, money drops.

This series takes place early in the Matrix universe
Think about all the voxel/pixel-style graphics around everything. The use of numbers and data. This series takes place in the universe of The Matrix, shortly after the machines won the war. They're now running experiments on the human's minds in their simulation-world to understand the responses humans would have to certain events. This is why things can disappear so easily (and a lot like how you'd imagine data being erased).

Msyu represents Kimimaro's sister
The information broker made a comment that he seems to have seen Msyu before. Now, who else has a big enough connection to Kimimaro to share their future? Why its probably his dad. His dad went bankrupt and in turn took his daughter. Thats why Kimimaro doesn't have memories of Msyu until current events where he sees a baby in his dream. Also makes him more similar to Mikuni. Hey, at least less gross than Msyu being his daughter.
  • Explained in chapter 9 that Kimimaro doesn't see Msyu as love interest, but Kimimaro's father's Msyu could have been Kimimaro's sister, very acceptable.
  • Honestly, it's only gross at all if you've been wearing some heavy-duty Shipping Goggles.
  • They do kiss in the last episode, but Msyu, even if she says she loves him 40 times more, doesn't not seem to be aware of this theory, or if she's aware, she doesn't understand the concept. If the series would be longer, they would reach a point like the one in End of Evangelion.

The midas bank is a representation of credit and the stock market
  • One trades ones future for gains in the present, in the same sense that when given a loan, you promise to pay back not only the money received, but interest for it in the future, effectively trading your future for the present. The deals represent the stock market, how to gain on one thing another must lose just as much. And when you go bankrupt, you must give back all which you got on credit, often ruining the persons life in the process.

All futures are connected like an web or an ecosystem.
  • Now, whenever an Entre goes bankrupt, he loses his future. Now, all people that he will have that future with will lose a piece of that future. Like, the Professor's kids won't exist to meet others. Now, the other futures will compensate for this. But, the more Entres go bankrupt, the more futures are taken and the more the other futures are affected. That is why that the more futures are lost, the remaining people get depressed and lost because they lost more of their futures. Now, if enough futures are taken, the whole society will collapse due to the lack of future possibilities.

Yoga's father's sacrifice is indirectly responsible for the creation of C

Kimimaro will take a third option in the final duel.
  • The final duel in episode 11 has two outcomes. If Mikumi loses, he loses his future when he becomes bankrupt. The shock from the loss of his future will cause Japan to lose its future as well. If Kiminaro loses, then Mikumi will still lose his future. However, if Kiminaro could figure out a way to win without Mikumi losing his future, then there will be a happy ending. The way that his father made sure that Kiminaro still exists after becoming bankrupt could be the key.

The North American Version of Masakaki's name is 'Don'.
  • He could be named after 'Donald Trump'. Get it?
    • If there's an Anglophone equivalent to Masakaki, his name could/should be Maynard. Or Adam.

Kimimaro's father is brought back.
  • At the end, Kimimaro had altered the world and got everyone's futures back and somehow undid at least Nabara's death. Maybe, it extended to everyone who had died as a result of the bankruptcy. Okay, since Kimimaro's father never got bankrupt, he probably never committed suicide. Since, Kimimaro's father never died, Kimimaro didn't have to work two part time jobs and is probably dedicated to school or have some other dream.

Q's apparent autonomy has a simple reason.

The Darkness Card is given to any Entre with more than one Asset
  • We only see two Entres with multiple Assets: Mikuni and Kimimaro. And Kimimaro is revealed to have a Darkness Card right after he gets his second Asset.

The European Financial District is about to be devoured
  • And Monsieurkaki is going to be standing there, laughing [note: not speaking of anyone in particular, that just happens to make a good pun].
    • Maybe not laughing. District collapse is actually bad because it means no futures for revenue, and not all the Reps act alike. Masasaki dislikes his US counterpart and the US is smug when it throws around the economic might of its District.

The Incubators are behind the Midas bank

Warning, major spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica below.

Compare how the two systems work.

Puella Magi: Make a wish, get magic powers, fight witches, become witch, Incubators harvest energy.

C control: Put you future up as a stake, get money, and in case of bankruptcy Midas Bank repossesses anything bought with said money. Which included retroactively altering the timeline. If we presume that energy is being formed somehow from the constent alteration of the time stream, same as the Magical girl to witch situation, then we have a explanation for why the bank exists at all.

Rather then harvest wishes and witches, this system works on a more universal emotion: greed, and it's open to any one who wants money rather then just girls.

There are three options as to how this works.

1: The two stories take place in the same universe.

2: The two take place in alternate universes where for some reason there was a want of a nail that made the Incubators choose this methoid rather then the magical girl options.

3: The two take place in parallel universes, and the Incubators can somehow access both of them (and maybe even more) from there own universe.

That third options is the most likely, given that steller entropy is a big enough problem to motivate cross-universal travel, we can infact glean some details on their home reality based on the big freeze hypothesis for the fate of the universe.