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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Sora is a Time Traveler from the time of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Well, he did say that, where he comes from, Fusion Summons are common. And he was being secretive about what just that is.
  • Unlikely. Sora knows a lot about Synchro and Xyz summon. Those way of summoning didn't exist in GX times.

Pendulum Monsters replicate by turning other Duelists' monsters into Pendulum Monsters
Let's face it. Nobody knows exactly what Pendulum Monsters are or how they work, aside from possibly Yuya. We saw in episode 3 and 4 that other people are also able to use Pendulum Summoning, so it's not restricted to the Pendulum. Who's to say that Pendulum Monsters don't turn random monsters in their user's deck into other Pendulum Cards to make the entire thing a bit more balanced?
  • If so, then Sawatari may now have Pendulum monsters of his own in his deck, if they got "infected" by Stargazer & Timegazer Magician.
  • Considering he changed decks to Monarchs, I'd say no on that.

The Mysterious Duelist/Yuto from Episode 7 is...
  • ...either Yuya's long lost brother/ half brother or an alternate-dimensional Yuya
    • I'd like to think they wouldn't do a Z-One thing again
      • It should be noted that Z-One wasn't actually a future Yusei. It was a completely different person that made himself look like Yusei.
      • What I meant was I hope they don't do something like that again, seeing as no one liked that twist as oppose to 'evil future Yusei'

  • ...a manifestation from Yuzu's subconscious that has taken a life of its own. She kept having intense heart pounding reactions to him, and her bracelet glowed around him, there's definitely some sort of connection between her and him.

  • ...Yuya and Yuzu's son from a ruined future. Hence why he resembles Yuya and also is protective of Yuzu.
    • And Sora is from the future to.
    • And Ruri isn't Yuto's girlfriend; she's his sister.
      • Actually, Ruri is Shun's sister.
    • Confirmed about the ruined part, "future" is unclear.

  • Someone who has watched the entirety of the other four Yu-Gi-Oh! series. His Deck has at least 1 Mystical Space Typhoon, which on it's own would win practically every important Duel in the entire Franchise by killing the Heel's primary Spell/Trap card, ruining the quote-unquote "unbeatable" combos the baddies rely on.
    • He also realizes (unlike Sawatari's minions) that Xyz Summoning is not some kind of Dangerous Forbidden Technique meant only for the highest level duelists, but something anyone can figure out relatively quickly, and should use if it fits their deck.

  • Female, and attracted to both Yuya and Yuzu.
    • That.....would be a bit hard to pull off. I'd give them props if they did....but somehow I don't think any gender shocks are in the future.
    • No, no, dude, this is definitely gonna happen.
      • Everyone, I have some bad news... As you all know, in the years note  that Arc-V has been airing- YEARS! That Arc-V has been airing, the exact identity and gender of the Dark Duelist has been a mystery. It is a mystery no more, and I am truly saddened to reveal to you all that... this theory has been Jossed... I know that this is troubling news, but we must simply... 'breaks down crying'...

  • ...planning the downfall of LDS. He took advantage of his resemblance to Yuya, who he saw on TV, and specifically targeted Sawatari due to his father being a high-ranking official in order to spark the war between You Show and LDS, confident that You Shou, especially Yuya, would win, possibly destroying the reputation of LDS. His motive is to punish LDS for keeping the strongest cards to themselves and treating them as only good enough for the elite. His ace's name hints to this (Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon), as does one translation of its summon chant containing the phrase "rebelling against the power of stupidity" (referring to LDS's overconfident elite).

  • An alternate version of Yuya that came from the pendulum he wears. Something happened to Yuzu in another timeline and that along with his daddy issues drove him to being more cynical. His Dark Rebellion dragon is an Xyz version of Odd-eyes dragon.
    • The 'alternate universe' idea seems to be getting more credence, as we've seen a ruined timeline where Yuto (Dark Duelist) was fighting a White Duelist on a D-Wheel, and Shun (the second guy) was there too. They also mentioned a 'Ruri' and she seems missing. So Yuto is alt-Yuuya, Ruri is alt-Yuzu (which is why he is caring about her) and... we have no idea about Shun.

  • A cynical and heartbroken future Yuya, who witnessed Yuzu's death at the hands of the Leo Corporation. He then tore up his Pendulum and Entermate cards, broke his necklace, and disowned his father, blaming them on the grounds that if he had never Pendulum summoned, Leo would have never come after him, thus avoiding Yuzu's death. He builds a new deck and enters a strained homosexual relationship with Shun Kurosaki in order to travel to the past to try to save Yuzu. However, Shun dies, and Yuya will find out that You Already Changed The Past, leading to him Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, so he goes back even further to orchestrate the Zero Reverse in Z-One's timeline, prompting Z-One, Antimony, Paradox, and Aporia to also go back in time, the four of which are stopped by Yusei. He travels back even further by thousands of years, losing his humanity and manifesting as Zorc Necrophades. After being defeated by Atem, he reincarnates himself as both Darkness and the Light of Destruction. Being defeated once again, he recollects his fragments and travels back to the creation of the universe, gathering the chaos ejected from the Astral World as they attempt to Rank-Up, and using its power to create the Barian World, claiming himself as its god, Don Thousand.
    • Wha?!?!
    • Alternatively, he goes to the Astral World and attempts to stage a bloody uprising using the power of Chaos, but is defeated by Eliphas and Astral. The Astral World, now paranoid because of Yuya/Don Thousand's abuse of Chaos, decides to banish it entirely from their realm, making him the sole reason for the segregation of the Astral and Barian Worlds, and the strife between their denizens.
    • In light of the possible connection of Marco's kidnapping with the Dark Duelist, this Troper has realized that Marco was the one specifically responsible for Yuzu's death, out of revenge for his kidnapping, which ties in to how Yuya Already Changed The Past.
    • If you're still following this particular WMG, you may now be wondering "How could Marco kill Yuzu if his soul was sealed into a card?" The answer is straightforward: ... He got better.
    • Belligerent Sexual Tension between Yuto/Shun confirmed!

  • ...a split personality of Yuya's, one where his pessimism overrides his joy, that somehow exists separately from Yuya. As both are technically Yuya, they share certain qualities, one of which being their care for Yuzu. The difference is, while Yuya thinks Yuzu can handle herself, the Dark Duelist is not willing to take that chance and puts himself in her place on the battlefield. The Dark Duelist's Perpetual Frowner persona represents an inner doubt of Yuya's that, regardless of what he tries, even his own smile may vanish forever.

  • Like ZONE for Yuya. You know how ZONE traveled back in time to prevent his own dark future from happening, and he underwent plastic surgery to look like Yusei in order to drive him insane?
    • I... don't think they'll reuse a plot-line...

  • Not A Villain. Instead, he simply wants to start a band with Yuya/Yuma/Yusei/Jaden/Yugi/Yami, and wants every character, major and minor, from the past four series as his Roadies. Personally, I think that Akiza/Anna/Astral/Alexis/Duke would make especially awesome Roadies... The instrument that the D-D wants to play? The ukulele.

  • Actually Yuya himself from the present time. Either in the form of a Superpowered Dark Is Not Evil Side or that Yuya is just Obfuscating Stupidity. Before his father disappeared (thanks to the Leo Corporation), he gave Yuya another deck and instructions to Take Up My Sword.

  • A wandering shipper trying to make sure Yuya and and Yuzu have the sex.
    • Dude, that's even less likely than my Ukulele thing...
    • His ploy is that by looking like Yuya, he deliberately fools her into thinking he is Yuya, as well as conveniently timing his exits with his entrances. Thus, he will make Yuya as badass as possible while demonstrating protectiveness towards Yuzu, thus increasing her attraction towards him.
    • Furthermore, the D-Wheeler in his flashback shipped Yuzu with Masumi, and the duel between the Dark Duelist and him was actually Ship-to-Ship Combat.

  • A descendant of Mizael. A dragon tamer with supernatural powers and a competent Xyz duelist. Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon has a very similar color scheme to No. 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon and uses the same roar sound effect. Additionally, he has a motorcycle riding opponent clad in white, who wields what appears to be a Light Dragon monster that uses the same roar sound effect as Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

  • Yuzu's biological brother, who has come to look for her, and her actual name is Ruri. However, as Miami City is better than his home, he decides to stay and protect her from afar.

  • A reincarnation of Yuya, sent back in time through the Pendulum to get what he needs to save the world and pass on. Basically, Yami, from the opposite side of the timeline.

Because she gave off a serious Ragyo Kiryuin vibe in episode 8.

Yuzu will defect over to LDS and pull a Face-Heel Turn due to not being able to fully trust Yuya thanks to the Dark Duelist.
  • It's very unlikely, but you never know.

Yuzu is a Deuteragonist
We all know that all the Yugioh protagonists have the "Yu" Syllable in their names. By this logic, Arc-V is the first Yugioh series to have both a male and female protagonist; Yuya and Yuzu.
  • It should be noted that the "Yu" in Yuya (遊) and the "Yu" in Yuzu (柚) are actually two different Japanese characters, and though they sound similar in English, they have different meanings in Japanese.
  • She at least wants to be; she faced down Sawatari with every intention of beating him, and is similarly motivated to beat LDS. Time will tell how much she will get to duel, though.
  • Alternatively, she'll just be the other major duelist besides Yuya; essentially the Jounouchi to his Yugi.
  • In episode 8, Himika states the You Show vs. LDS duels will be 2 out of 3. Episode 9 has Yuya victorious. Episode 10's preview states that Yuzu misplays. Episode 11 states that Noboru duels. In other words, Yuzu is thrust out of her duel and loses her next, after just one victory. At worst, this may be premature Chickification the likes of which happened to Aki in 5Ds.
  • Her bracelet glowing the way it did in Episode 7 shows that it seems to have some kind of power, though what it is hasn't been explained - just like most of the previous protagonists having some kind of magical accessory, though not in the form of a pendant or necklace in her case.
    • Per ep. 18, it seems to force-teleport Yuto/Dark Duelist around. In 18, he was teleported to where the other Dark Duelist, Shun, was dueling Tio from LDS. WHY it teleports him is another matter entirely.

Someone will use Ritual Monsters against LDS
It's the only summon type, bar Pendulum, the LDS do not apparently have a monopoly on. A ritual Monster (Elemental Mistress doriado) also appeared on a advertisement, the only of the special summon type monsters to do so. Plus, Sawatari did throw Hungry Burger at Yuya as a 'trash common'.
  • An upcoming foe Yuya is to duel will be using them, though her allegiance is of yet unknown.

Reiji is a descendant of Seto Kaiba.
It would certainly explain their resemblance.
  • Doubtful; I think he'll use the Kaiba name in that case, just for the connotations.
    • But its possible his name may have changed as time goes on.

Sora is connected to the Dark Duelist/Yuto
  • Doubtful, considering they met face-to-face in episode 15 but Sora didn't recognize him at all, and vice versa.
  • They still might be somehow related. Sora mentions that the Dark Duelist isn't "from around here" and he retorts the same about Sora. Where exactly they are both from might be the same, explaining their Genere Savviness.

There will be a series of dragons named after the various Summons
We already have Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon.
  • Considering that in a flashback, the Dark Duelist faced a white dragon wielded by an apparent D-Wheeler, we might have a X Y Synchro Dragon, considering the connection between Synchro monsters and D-Wheels. As he summons it, there is the same beam of light from which Synchro monsters emerge present, albeit without the green rings.

Yuya will eventually duel his father, who will use the Odd-Eyes archetype. His ace monster is "Odd-Eyes Magician", which is the monster seen with him in the intro.
It's been heavily implied that Odd-Eyes Dragon was a gift from Yusho, and for once, the protagonist's father both duels and has a different deck from the protagonist. As well, the real-life effects of Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician specify any "Odd-Eyes" monster and not just Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, hinting at the existence of more Odd-Eyes monsters in the future. Yuya will probably go on a journey to find his father later in the series, who somehow got abducted by the Big Bad, and they will duel.
  • OR Yusho is the true Big Bad, and they will duel to end the series!
  • It'll probably be the very last duel, after the Big Bad has been defeated, similar to Yugi vs. Atem, Judai vs. Atem, Yusei vs. Jack, Yuma vs. Astral.

How Leo Duel School managed to get a monopoly on the Extra Deck:
First, these kinds of cards are rare to begin with, so it wouldn't be as hard as in real life. Then, if someone gets one, they get challenged to a duel. If they win, they get automatically enrolled into LDS, since they are good enough to qualify. If not, the card gets taken from them. If they are found before being played, then the holder may sell it to LDS; otherwise, it gets stolen. All of this is managed by a dedicated enforcement squad.

The show's setting up characters to represent the 4 summoning techniques.
Yuya obviously represents Pendulum Summoning. Sora represents Fusion, the Dark Duelist Xyz, and possibly Sawatari or Reiji (though the latter might get Pendulum, because he's The Rival) could represent Synchro. All four would have an important role because of their summons.
  • Do Ritual Monsters fit in here somehow?

Reiji will create his own Pendulum cards
Word of God has stated that Reiji is highly intelligent, and he has shown great interest in Pendulum summoning. The manga oneshot shows him using "DD" cards, a new Pendulum archetype. The episode 13 preview states that during Yuya and Reiji's duel, "Everyone, including Yuya, can't believe their eyes at what they see!" Looking back to Yugioh ZEXAL, episode 13 was wherein Yuma gets curb stomped by Kaito... and we may see a parallel here.
  • Confirmed, though they do malfunction due to changing level scales.
  • And the duel gets cancelled, too, for the benefit of the protagonist. Though in this case, Reiji's victory is only implied by his set card, rather than shown as imminent with Kaito's attack.
Evilswarm Monsters will be used by a future adversary.
Someone might get corrupted or the person using the Evilswarm will be connected to the Big Bad of the season. Also, three of the Duel Terminal archetypes note  are used by characters in the series.

Ms. Akaba and Shuzuo will eventually fall in love

Rather than giving us shippers a middle finger about character relationships, Yuya and Yuzu will become a couple before the series is over

The series takes place in an alternate world than the one in the previous canon, and Sora and The Dark Duelist/Yuto are both from the world of the previous series' timelines.
This would explain why they both have access to summoning types that supposedly LDS has a monopoly on, and there's been no word on whether or not Miami City is the future version of/related to any of the previous cities.

Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth will appear in the series
This series already has all 4 summoning types (Sophia requires a Ritual, Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monster as Tribute to Special Summon) required to summon her card. All 4 have been proven to at least, exist in this series.

There will be a Syncho user who is a descendant of Yusei and Akiza.
This series has done things a little differently from previous series. I'm hoping a significant appearance by previous protagonists or their descendants is yet another of those things they are doing different.

Yuzu's bracelet will...
  • Grant her Pendulum Monsters.
    • Seeing how it glowed and when Yuya's Pendant glowed, it granted him Pendulum Monsters. It will grant her the Monsters when she has a realization about Yuya and The Dark Duelist.
  • Grant her Xyz Monsters.
    • Alternatively, the bracelet resembles the Overlay Units of an Xyz Monster. So instead of Pendulum, it will grant her Xyz Monsters.
    • (going of of this and another theory) It was SUPPOSED too until the time traveling Sora interfered and made her want to Fusion summon, thus removing some future he didn't want to happen.
  • Give her a MASSIVE lady-crush on Akiza's tight ass.
  • Sora did give her Polymerization, but anything else remains to be seen
  • It does seem to be related to the Dark Duelist. Because it glows a second time in his presence, allowing him to escape from Masumi and Sora.
    • It force-teleports him when it glows (note how he was just GONE when it happened the first time, and in 18 it happens and then he's like 'Uh, where am I?')

Masumi will...
  • Make a Heel-Face Turn and join You Show as a protagonist.
    • End up being plot relevant in some way.
  • Somewhat confirmed in that she decided to find Professor Marco when he went missing. Which will likely put her into conflict with the Dark Duelist.
    • Confirmed in that she did interact briefly with the Dark Duelist, though he was able to escape.

The Dark Duelist/Yuto had something to do with whatever happened off-screen that required Reiji to cancel his duel with Yuya.
  • Confirmed. The Dark Duelist attacked Fusion Professor, Marco.
    • Not quite confirmed yet. It might have been Shun Kurosaki, a new character who is said to know the Dark Duelist and to have attacked LDS.
    • A flashback shows the Dark Duelist and Shun apparently working together, and Shun is shown to be able to seal souls into cards, which is shown to the fate of Marco as well as one of the main investigators in Marco's disappearance. Additionally, the claw marks Shun's monster makes are identical to the ones that were at the site of Marco's disappearance. So while the Dark Duelist is not directly responsible for the attack, he's involved in some way.

Yuzu will get her duel with Sawatari in the future.

Reiji's true ace will be an Expy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon
If it fits in with his DD/DDD archetype, it might even be a DDDD (Different Dimension Daemon Dragon).
  • All of his DDD monsters except for the last one are named after famous historical conquerors. Maybe the last one will be named Kaiba?
  • Reiji's ace and Arc-V's Blue-Eyes White Dragon Expy seems to be Hell Armageddon. He even has three copies of it, just like Kaiba owned three Blue-Eyes.
  • He might pull a Chazz and switch up his aces. Arc-V may well keep in line with the recurrence of aristocratic rivals using 3000 ATK dragons. Alternatively, the Dark Duelist may upgrade/rank up(!?) Dark Rebellion into a form that has 3000 original ATK.
  • Of the four DDD monsters, Hell Armageddon is the odd one out. It's the only one not named after a historical figure, the only one not associated with a classical element, and the only one without a humanoid appearance. It also has a purely defensive effect. Reiji will probably replace it when Leo Corp improves it's ability to manufacture Pendulum Monsters.

Yuya runs 2 or 3 copies of Timegazer, Stargazer, and Odd-Eyes
  • It may never show up, all 3 of them at once, but there is no way he's lucky enough to continually draw those same three every duel. It makes sense with Yusei always getting Stardust or Yuma always getting Utopia, but those are extra deck monsters that don't require specific monsters.
    • all of Yuya's Pendulum monsters are unique magically altered versions of non-Pendulum monsters Yuya already owned, he hasn't summoned non-Pendulum versions of any of those three since they were made Pendulum monster (suggesting that all his copies of each were changed at that time ), and he acted like he couldn't Pendulum summon after Timegazer and Stargazer were stolen by Sawatari (meaning he didn't have any Pendulum monsters other than one copy each of those two and Odd eyes) all of that adds up to Yuya only owning one of each and just being that lucky (unless he bought two new copies of each off-screen after his duel with Sawatari and they immediately became Pendulum monsters.)
  • That makes sense. As said previously, When he dueled Sawatari, Odd-Eyes, Stargazer & Timegazer were the only three Pendulum Monsters he had. Then, during his next duel, some of his Entermate Monsters were Pendulum Monsters without any explaination; that probably means he now knows how to make at least some of his monsters Pendulum now. And it would be nice if we had a protagonist that is good enough at deck building to have multiple copies of a card they need.
  • For what it's worth, when Yuya spreads out his cards in episode 16, he only had one copy of each. It's common deck-building practice to place duplicate cards atop each other or otherwise adjacent, and the fact he did not do this suggests that he may indeed only have one of each.
Sawatari will get Pendulum/Xyz/Synchro/Etc Monsters
He has that necklace of his, although it hasn't glowed like Yuya's pendulum or Yuzu's bracelet. He'll probably get something in relation to what Yuzu gets, if anything. (I'm still considering the chance that her bracelet glowed because it detected the Dark Duelis, or some shit like that.)
  • He may get ritual monsters. He has previously shown a preference towards main deck monsters, including having a Monarch deck (where all of their new support has the drawback of not using your extra deck).

The Dark Duelist/Yuto, will, at some point, get cornered in a duel where nobody thinks he can win...
  • ... Only to topdeck Mystical Space Typhoon and use it to destroy a Spell/Trap (or even Pendulum!) card that was integral to his opponent's combo, allowing him to secure victory.
    • Yuto and Michio both enter the tournament. They face each other. Yuto uses MST on Food Cemetery. Michio cries, his strategy totally ruined.
      • Oh for the love of God in heaven! When will these Mystical Space Typhoon guesses end?!
      • Never, because an anime character simply using the card is an instant level in Badass.
      • Did it make Shark from Zexal more badass because he used it once? Just asking not arguing.
      • Yes, it certainly helped enforce his badassery (Face Heel Revolving Door tendencies aside).

Yuzu was supposed to get Xyz, but Sora changed that
Her bracelet has been compared to Overlay Units, she has a connection towards the Xyz-using Dark Duelist, and her a few of her cards can special summon other monsters out to her field. The show was purposely trying to get viewers to assume that she'll get Xyz, so they could subvert it with Fusion.

And it we go by the theory that Sora is a time traveler: the reason why he was so hesitant to teach her was because he knew that she was destined to use Xyz in the future. He's teaching her Fusion so she can get stronger, because in the future, she's likely saving the world ala every main character (that duels) ever in the franchise.
  • It is not impossible she can do both.

Sora is Yuya's and Yuzu's Kid from the Future
In Sora's timeline, Yuya and Yuzu were at the center of a 'Dueling Revolution', brought about by their shared mastery of all known summoning mechanics and as such, viewed as their generation's Yugi Muto. Hence his extensive knowledge of Duel Monsters: His parents are ones who re-discover it, so of course their child would know.

Under the pressure of the King and Queen of Games and being in the pro-leagues, one thing led to another, and the little guy was a teenage pregnancy. His hair-color and eye-color supports it (have a chart for ease of reading): Yuya: Green (and red) Hair - Red Eyes | Yuzu: Red Hair - Blue Eyes | Sora: Blue Hair - Green Eyes

He was sent back in time to preserve their timeline; what would happen if he doesn't is unknown, but the possibilities are largely narrowed down to (A) harmless alterations of history or (B) a Reality-Breaking Paradox.

The Meklord Genocide will occur.
So, as shown in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, the planet itself seems to have an issue with Synchro Monsters. And, at some point in the future, the Meklord Emporers will arise, during a time when Duel Disks are made of hard light. This will be very bad for humanity. The Genocide was seemingly averted when Yusei and friends were told about it, but it may still occur as long as people use Synchro Monsters.
  • Ehhh, doubtful.
  • Or they will try to destroy humanity and fail because they were not prepared for a world where Xyz and Fusion monsters are used just as often as Synchro monsters.
  • It's not Synchro monsters that are problematic, the problem arises from when people use Synchro summoning for selfish or destructive ends. Momentum is basically Life Energy that can be influenced by Synchro summoning. When people Synchro summon with selfish emotions and desires, this negatively charges the Momentum, which in Z-One's timeline caused it to become uncontrollable and spawn the Machine Emperors and ultimately explode outright. Yusei designed a program known as Fortune to monitor the Momentum to prevent control loss. Thus, barring a Failsafe Failure coupled with ObstructiveBureaucrats, the possibility of a Zero Reverse or creation of Machine Emperors is nil. Again, Synchro monsters themselves aren't bad; it's the combination of negative emotion + Momentum + Synchro summons. We don't even know that the Duel Disk/Action Duel systems even operate on Momentum.

LDS is the reason we haven't seen anything about Yugi, Judai, Yusei, Yuma or their pals in a while
  • I doubt that: Look at it like this.
    • DM (1996) - GX (2006) - 5Ds (2026) - Zexal (2036) - Arc-V (2046). The point of all this? Simply that most of the previous series characters are now considerably older than last time we saw them by Arc-V: There's been too much time, and while it would be a novelty, this troper has his doubts that a sixty-something Joey Wheeler or a fifty-something Alexis Rhodes would appear.
    • So, Reji didn't organize their murders?
    • While DM, GX, and 5Ds are set in the same universe, we don't know if Ze Xal and Arc-V are as well.
    • I'd say 5Ds is at least 50 years past GX. Kaiba Corp. still exists, but there's no mention of either Seto or Mokuba.
      • Actually, I think we can safely assume that the GX-5Ds timeskip was 20 years, give or take a few; Tetsu Trudge was still alive by the time of 5Ds, and given how he appears or is alluded to in both DM (the Penalty Game) and GX (Trueman's list), it can be put down as canon fairly conclusively.
      • Wasn't he a descendant, rather than the original character, though?
      • I believe that he was hinted by that anniversary guide book and the Duel Terminal game be Yugi's contemporary.
      • Bonds Beyond Time suggested otherwise. That or he's a lot Older Than He Looks. Whether or not it's the same Ushio in DM and 5Ds is a WMG in and of itself. If the timeskip is only about 20 years or so, that spawns a whole lot of WMGs about the other characters... unless they were all killed in the Zero Reverse...
      • Correction: The above timeline does not account for elapsed time within each series. The correct timeline is DM: 1996-1998, GX: 2008-2010, 5Ds: 2030-2031, Ze Xal: 2041-2042, placing Arc-V's beginning in 2052.
      • I'll admit to be proven wrong in regards to the YGO-verse timeline; however, the 2052 estimate really just proves my point further.

Core (Yuya's cat) is...
  • Actually an embodiment of the spirit of Odd-Eyes! As How to Train Your Dragon taught us, dragons are giant fire-breathing cats. The fact that Core also has heterochromia iridium is irrefutable evidence of this fact!
    • Core will grant Yuya a fusion card to summon the newly leaked Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
      • ... After he returns Yuzu's Polymerization to her.

Reji and either the Dark Duelist/Yuto or Shun will duel for the duel at the end of the first arc

Yuzu will enter the Junior Youth Championship and debut a fusion monster

Arc-V will retcon the endings of Duel Monsters, GX, 5Ds and Zexal
It will be revealed that some of the vampires from GX survived the vampire genocide, and sticked around in the background, only emerging infrequently to turn certain individuals. note  They walk amongst humanity still, and reign over the YGO-verse equivalent of Denmark with iron fists.

A Wyrm user will appear in the show at some point
Wyrm's not only work well with Synchro and Xyz monsters, but they are a new type, like Psychic in 5D's. And as we saw, Psychic types got a major focus as the monsters of Divine/Sayer's choice.
  • Probably. It'd be cool if he/she were like, Yuya's Synchro Summon mentor or something like that.
  • My money's on Yugo using Yang Zings.
  • Though people are predicting that he'll use a monster called Xyz Synchro Dragon.

Reiji will pull a Heel-Face Turn
  • It's Yu-Gi-Oh!, so here's another reasonable WMG. The Rival invariably is befriended by The Hero or at least tones down in the Jerkass quotient.
    • Seems to have done this ALREADY.
    • He's probably not done with his questionable methodology, but he at least has much more respect for The Hero as opposed to previous Rivals such as Kaiba or Kaito.

On Pendulum Monsters....
Pendulum Monsters can only be truly created by Yuya's Pendulum. This pendulum, a gift from his father, is an artifact that opposes the grand goal of LDS in a magical sort of way, and part of the way it does so is creating Pendulum Monsters. Without contact with the Pendulum, you cannot create true Pendulum Monsters, hence Reji's monsters malfunctioning slash looking, well odd and unnatural.

If conflict starts between the LDS and You Show Duel Schools, Pendulum Monsters will be the main weapon used by the students to protect themselves. This will mean that the Pendulum will give the other students Pendulum Monsters.

Sora is evil

Sora is actually an agent of the big bad behind the big bad.

Yuya will Synchro Summon

The rings, to me at least, feel as though they suit him. Plus, Synchro is the least used summoning method yet, only be used by two duelists so far, while Fusion has been used by 3 and Xyz by 4. Considering his aversion to Sora and the amount of problems Xyz summons brought him, it is the logical call
  • If there is a monster that is both a Tuner and a Pendulum, then that would mean free infinite Synchro summons (as everything needed for it would go back to the extra deck, letting you do it again). Alternately, Yuya will get a level 8 Synchro Monster that needs Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as a material.
    • And it will be called Chaos Shooting Odd-Eyes Ultimate Beyond the Pendulum Quasar Synchro Dragon Victory and it will have the most broken effect ever.
  • That sounds like a fast lane to the ban/limited list, but cool. (And C.S.OE.U.B.P.Q.S.D.V guy, let's try to be realistic here)
  • I for one propose "Future Imaginary Chaos Numbers -∞ 0 ∞: Elemental Masked Vision Destiny Contrast Neo-Space Black and White Magician Girl Hero Soldier King of Darkness and Light Wishes VWXYZ Jet Catapult Cannon Tank Formula Silent Honors Blue-Red-Galaxy-Odd-Eyes Shooting Ultimate Armed Shining Ancient Power Life Abyss Prime Cyber Chimeratech Ojama Ultimate Spirit Titan Photon Tachyon Storm Judge Burning Gagaga Gogogo Dododo Zubaba Over Fortress Etheric Flame Ninja Wing Tech Genus Comet Quasar Noble Sin Earthbound Sky Puppet Sphere Atlantal Killer Medallion Savior Machine Emperor Yubel Armityle Obelisk Osiris Ra Horakthy Zushin Numerronia Holy and Unholy Sacred Wicked Funerary Temporal Blade Metal Crystal Shark Rainbow God Beast Strings Macchu Mech Disaster Caestus Sandayu Stardust Daemons Rose Fairy Tool Stream Feather Resonator Fortune Synchron Junk Different Dimension Rebellion Entermate Infernity Oreichalcos Splash Ragna Hand Umbral Lightning Ragna Masquerade Attack Top Carrier Guard Core Supra Gluon Heart-eartH Coat of Arms Mist Knuckler Tanuki Polar Pegasus Devil Delusion Gunner Beyond the Victory Roots Ray Dyson Gimmick Superheavy Samurai OOPArts New Orders Lion Roid Gadget Vice Master Legendary Ark Halberd Leviathan Fantasia Hope MAXXX the Lady Dragon Knight Ruler, Envoy of the Beginning, Twilight, and End of Heaven, Earth, and Hell LV12/Buster."
    • ... I think I had this for lunch once.
  • ... Somewhat more reasonably, there may be a level 1 Pendulum Tuner monster that can only be used as a material for an Odd-Eyes Syncrho Monster. And there will be multiple Odd-Eyes synchro monsters, all requiring Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon as a material (and all being level 8). That would mitigate the problem of a Pendulum Tuner. Finally, they would all have effects tha would destroy themselves at the end of the opponent's turn, forcing Yuya to go back to the base form each turn.
  • Problem, Level 1 monsters cannot be Pendulum Summoned. They have to be in between a scale, and there are no scale 0 monsters.
    • Yet.
  • At the very least, it seems that Yuya will Fusion Summon, if Beast-Eyes is anything to go by.
    • Or that means it will be used in a Tag Duel that Yuya fights in.

More duelists with older but popular archtypes will appear

Like the LDS rep trio and Mobius Sawatari, there will be more duelists using old archtypes. Wind-Up, Hero and Scrap being my personal guess
  • There could be a Geargia user, who will be a Sho Expy. Much like the Roids, Geargias look like toys, but they don't need the Magic Poker Equation to be a threat.

The Yu has power

Think about it. Yuya, Yusho, Yuzu, Yuto (The Dark Duelist), Yugo......It's like The middle D in Luffy's, Ace's and other's names.

Yuzu is adopted

When Yuzu questions her father about her bracelet, he says that she's always had it; she says that makes no sense, what baby is born with a bracelet on their wrist, and while Shuzou admits that that's true, he still doesn't answer the question. During all this, Yuzu's mother is nowhere to be found. Therefore, Shuzou found Yuzu when she was a little baby and she already had her bracelet at that time, thus explaining Shuzou's answer on where the bracelet came from.
The Mysterious D-Wheeler/Yugo is...
  • Someone who deliberately orchestrated an isolated Zero Reverse incident to destroy Heartland City.
    • and he is a hero for precluding any possible suffering of Yuma's dub voice.
    • That, or that's what caused him to be Driven to Villainy and vengeful, which makes him a reasonably sympathetic Anti-Villain.
    • Going to show up in the main.....timeline? Dimension? Whatever it ends up being as one of the main antagonists.

An older Yuma or a descendant of his will make a cameo at some point.

During the "final boss duel" Yuya will use all 5 dragons (if the rumors are true, Ritual, Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum) and at some point all of them will be on his field at once.

Yuya will become the strongest protagonist yet

He already has a 'Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon' fusion monster in the waiting (If the Shohen Jump promo is any indication), whose to say that he won't find himself with more upgraded forms for a Synchro and Xyz Pendulum Dragon.
  • It will take a lot to top the likes of the Egyptian Gods and Shooting Quasar Dragon, though.
  • Being able to match Reji and use all summoning methods might be a good step towards it.
  • Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon has appeared. Beast-Eyes is not in sight yet.

The incredibly lame-ass dub names will be...
  • Yuzu Hiragi - Susie Harrison
  • Reiji Akaba - Ronald Akers
  • Sora Shiun'in - Sunny Sheldon
  • Noburo Gongenzaka - Gerald Norris
    • Bob Gerald
  • Shingo Sawatari - Soren Smith
  • Himika Akaba - Helen Akers
  • Masumi Kotsu - Julie Belle
  • Hokuto Shijima - Astro North
  • Yaiba Todo - Blade Torrence
  • Shuzou Hiragi - Samuel Harrison
  • Ruri - Lily
  • Shun Kurosaki - Sean/Shawn Blackhawk
    • Do we need to assume the worst? They only slightly changed the names of several 5D's characters (and some for the better if you ask me) and if the Yu in Yuzu's name is significant, they might try to keep it in. It's too early to say though. So we will see.
    • Yes, because this troper is The Cynic. And 5D's had a lot of English or otherwise non-Japanese names, like Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, Rex Goodwin, etc. Aki's name change was stupid, several others were just blatant Americanization. Even Duel Monsters and GX had a field day with Americanization, and as for ZEXAL... Reginald Kastle. Enough said, really.
      • Or Adrian Gecko (lampshaded by Manjoume/Chazz). Or Anna Kaboom.
    • This troper sees "Soren" as an improvement over "Shingo".
      • This troper was too tired to come up with another S-name that was noticeably Americanized at the time.
      • He's always called by his last name, anyway.
    • If you ask me, the names of Yuzu, Sora and Reiji are probably safe from being altered too badly: the others have a decent chance of being altered though.

Reiji's true motivation behind the Leo Corporation's actions is...
  • To prevent children's trading cards from destroying the world. He has watched the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and has realized that such card games are extremely dangerous, what with all the Shadow Games, gods, demons, cosmic powers, Zero Reverses, and even aliens involved with them. So, by monopolizing Duel Monsters using the Leo Corporation, he can minimize threats to society. Furthermore, by assimilating all Duel Schools under LDS, he can easily identify Duelists capable of wielding powerful cards, so that he can appoint them to be safekeepers of such cards and guardians of society. He will eventually explain his plans to Yuya, offering him a prestigious position in LDS as well as appointing him to be the guardian of powerful Pendulum Cards, however Yuya will refuse and turn the whole thing into an Aesop about individual choices and free will prompting Reiji to Heel-Face Turn and rectify his actions.
    • Considering his comments about the "Lancers Selection," this may have some truth to it.
The LDS Duelist trio will return during the Junior Youth Tournament as direct opponents
Yuya will end up dueling at least one of the two he didn't duel before: either Yaiba or Masumi.

A new Crossover with the other series will soon debut.
Reiji got his DDD cards at a cost of his soul, which he eventually has to pay
His DDD cards reflect his character already (see Fridge page) the Covenant cards do not reflect him yet. With this in mind, it is possible that he got his Deck from some unknown party that requires him to pay (whether he knows it or not). The "Pay 1000 LP each of your Standby Phase" part of the Covenants could reflect at the cards eating away at his soul slowly. Alternatively, the cards eat away at his sanity and mind, which is why he was laughing maniacally even though he is a Stoic type of character.
  • Additionally, they're the cause of his megalomaniacal desire to monopolize Duel Monsters, thus he is Slowly Slipping Into Evil. Eventually, Yuya will save him, resulting in his obligatory Heel-Face Turn.

Yuya will eventually get an upgraded, 3-headed Dragon called something along the lines of "Odd-Eyes Ultimate Dragon."
His ace follows the XXXX-Eyes XXXX-Dragon naming format that eventually got powerful, upgraded forms (in more famous cases with Kaiba and Kite). This will be Yuya's Ace Monsters Final and most powerful form (Essentially his equivalent of Shooting Quasar Dragon or Beyond the Hope).
  • Considering that Ritual Monsters are the only monster type other than Pendulum without a 3-headed dragon, this is fairly likely.

Gongenzaka will eventually have a You Shall Not Pass moment
His Deck was built for this.

At some point, there will be a three-way duel between Yuya, Yuto and Yugo to decide who the main character of the show should be.
It will turn out that Yuto and Yugo both want to be the main characters of the show, and of course, Yuya would have to defend his main character position. Yuzu may or may not get in on it too.
  • Probably nothing so meta, but I do support a three way duel between those three.
    • But if this duel happens and someone makes an Abridged Series of Arc-V then the abridged version will probably be to decide the main character.

Yuto's deck is...
Based around the "Dark Rebellion" archetype, which has synergy with "Phantom" Magic cards. For example, one "Dark Rebellion" monster may allow him to send a "Phantom" Magic card from his deck to the graveyard, allowing use of the sent card's effect, to perform a search, while another may allow banished "Phantom" Magic cards to be activated onto the field, adding a recycling aspect. Additionally, he will obtain "Rank-Up-Magic Phantom Force" to evolve his ace. "Dark Rebellion Chaos Dragon" could be a likely name.

Yugo will eventually Accel Synchro
To keep up with other characters' evolving aces, he must discover Clear Mind. Masaaki Endoh may assist with this.

Each universe's/time period's counterparts only have similar faces
  • The thing that disturbs Yuzu the most about Yuto is the fact that he looks like Yuya ... by his face. While he was masked, she saw no similarity to Yuya. Similarly, Shun only starts thinking of Yuzu as Ruri after he sees her face. Neither her hairstyle nor voice reminded him of Ruri. Yuto realizes this fact, although he doesn't know that he has his own lookalike. However, it seems as though people can't distinguish them by all their other features that are different.
  • Shun and Reiji are counterparts. Both of their faces are somewhat elongated compared to other characters, and they have taller statures.

Yuto wants to mold Yuzu into his Ruri
  • Even though Yuto recognizes that Yuzu isn't Ruri, he initially takes the Polymerization card from her because he wants her to use Xyz like Ruri (possibly) did. He wants her to be a replacement for Ruri, even if he knows that they're not the same person.
    • He didn't actually take the Polymerization. He seems to have dropped it or put it back, since Yuya picks it up at the end of the episode, it having been missed when he put Yuzu's deck back in her duel disk for her.
    • Sora gave her two copies (if not three). We see a second copy as she looks through her deck in episode 18.
  • On the flip side, he said it didn't "suit her" because Ruri used it, and something happened to her as a result.
  • From what I saw so far, while Yuto does seem to be stalking her, I don't think he'd go that far. Mr Shun 'I will steal people's souls' Kurosaki, on the other hand.....
  • Jossed. He mentioned Fusion as being their enemies' summon, but he's glad to see that she is using it to protect her own friends and secure her own future. He's actively trying to rescue Ruri from, according to Shun, the captivity of Leo Akaba.

Arc-V stands for Arc of Five, namely, the five who bear the "Yu" Sound in their name.

There are multiple versions/counterparts of Odd-Eyes
Yuya has Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon. Yuto has Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. Yugo's Synchro monster might be "(X) Synchro Dragon". So maybe there will a "Fusion Dragon", a "Ritual Dragon" and maybe even a "Normal Dragon". And Yuya will get all of them. It wouldn't be surprising if even a "Tuner Dragon", "Toon Dragon", "Union Dragon" and "Spirit Dragon" will appear, but I doubt that.
  • Oddly enough, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon retains the "Pendulum" despite being an EARTH fusion version of Odd-Eyes.

Yuya will travel through time and will meet the other protagonists
Pendulum Summon is a hint that something like time travel might exist. Also, his pendant is basically a pendulum.

Kurosaki Shun is Haruto Tenjo
Both have psychic abilities. Eyes and hair same color. Xyz monsters and this city [1] is Heartland...
  • As much as I'd like to jump on this one, Haruto's hair is much lighter in coloration, and his supernatural powers disappeared after he was released from Vector's Demonic Possession. He's also really not the angry, bitter type, unless Kaito died. But in that case, he probably would be using Galaxy/Photon as opposed to Raid Raptors. On the other hand, a small part of this troper would be perfectly okay with him suddenly summoning any of the Galaxy-Eyes, Continuity Snarl aside.
    • Well, Kaito did have a heart condition.
      • That was a result of overuse of Photon Change when hunting Numbers. Haruto was the one with Soap Opera Disease, but apparently Demonic Possession and then being relieved of it cured him.
Odd-Eyes will get a three headed version of itself sooner or later.
  • The only "Eyes" dragon to not get a three headed version was Red-Eyes, other than that, Galaxy-Eyes and Blue-Eyes all have one. It only makes sense to me.
  • Someone already WMG'd the same thing above.

Yuzu will at some point try to track down Yuto while leaving her bracelet at home/with another character to see if she can get any answers without being interrupted that way.

Yuya and Reiji's duel in the One-Shot Manga will be recreated in the Anime
  • Maybe as their final duel together (though maybe not the last duel in the series).

Yuzu will be disqualified from the Junior Youth Championship
  • For using a 39 card deck, as a result of her not realizing Yuya took one of her Polymerizations. Thus, a whole clusterfuck of events is set off which could have been easily avoided if the writers were not so hellbent on screwing over the female characters.
    • Can we just assume for a moment the writers are not that bad. 5D's issues with Aki were not as much their fault as the guys in change saying 'Blackwings are selling like ramen at a Naruto convention, make Crow a major character'. Plus deck counts aren't really something that comes up in the show outside of Battle City's final and duels with deck out strategies.
    • The writers have a repeated tendency to shaft the supporting cast, but the females generally have it worse than the males, Executive Meddling aside. The last 20 or so episodes of Zexal, despite being a decent series up until then, went to crap because of the poor execution of the plot and undramatic slaughter of nearly the entire supporting cast. Granted, the duels were great, and even some of the character development was decent as well, but it was largely disappointing. Rio gets hit especially hard by this, even before the arc starts. Anna and Droite also are subject to this. Furthermore, even if they wanted to promote Crow to the forefront in the case of the 5Ds anime, they didn't have to in a manner that completely and absolutely undermined Aki's role in Team 5Ds. And the 40-60 card deck rule has been long established in the OCG/TCG. It's not unrealistic to assume that this would carry over to the anime.
  • In episode 22, she's seen looking for her card back at the docks, so she's aware of losing it. Plus, in episode 23's preview Yuya realizes he put Polymerization in his deck by accident and realizes his mistake. So chances of her card being returned are high. Plus, she should have extra cards. What replaces her field spell cards (When her cards were dropped, "Sanctuary in the Sky" can be seen. Action Duels require a a special Field for players to move around and actually use action cards) when she's in an Action Duel?
    • This troper doesn't understand Japanese, so it was assumed she was looking for Yuto or something like that. And the reason she had Sanctuary in the Sky was because she wasn't dueling in Action Fields— she was purposefully avoiding You Show Duel School in favor of training at the docks with Sora. Granted, this WMG came about on the basis that she'd be too shaken up by her repeated incursions with Yuto to realize her deck was below the limit when building it for the tournament.
    • Considering she was looking for the card in episode 22, I'd say there's a good chance she won't be kicked out for a lack of cards. She'd aware of it, and likely can just substitute something else in, like a Mystical Space Typhoon as some people on this page fanboy.
  • Jossed. Yuya returns her card after his duel with Mieru. So there's no problem.

Yuya and Yuto cannot meet each other because they are the same person from alternate dimensions
In some science fictions, meeting your other self is impossible. If this happens, there will be a catastrophe, and the bracelet is made to prevent this.

Related to the above, if Yuya and Yuto do manage to meet at some point, something really strange will happen.
  • What would occur would result in a massive paradox causing ARC-V to go from a Shounen anime to a Boys Love anime.
  • Or it ends up like the last Scooby Doo program, with reality resetting to the starting series, or something like that

Yuya's best monster card will be a high level Pendulum monster that is hard to summon.
Possibly a monster with at least 10 levels, probably even 12, making it really hard to summon it. Also, it is likely that this card can only be Pendulum Summoned.

Hokuto will teach Yuya how to Xyz Summon
Yuzu asked Sora, Gogenzaka asked Yaiba. It actually makes sense. It is also the first or second step to master all kinds of Summoning.

Sawatari will use a low-level deck as his final deck
As a homage to Manjoume, Sawatari will realize that expensive, rare and high-level monsters are not always the best. Using an underrated, but strong deck would also give him massive character development. And which kind of low-level deck would fit? My choice would be Wight. Underrated, but really powerful.
  • Dustons could be a similar alternative.

Shun's LDS hit list:
  • Next is Masumi, whom he will encounter separate from Yuzu, and Yuto will be too busy stalking Yuzu to restrain him.
  • Hokuto and Yaiba, in no particular order, will follow because they'd notice Masumi's absence. Alternatively, they may try to 3v1 him and still become subject to The Worf Effect.
    • Confirmed, since he does duel them in episode 24.
    • And smashes all 3 into dust on his second turn, which he starts off with no hand, no field, and 10 LP. Also Yuto was with Yuzu elsewhere at the time.
  • Very eventually will be Reiji Akaba.
    • Shun encounters Reiji, but whether or not the duel will commence immediately is unclear.

There will be 5 Story Arcs in Arc-V

Yuya's great injury will not by Physical....
Instead, his use of the Polymerization Card in episode 23 will cause Yuzu and his friendship to utterly collapse.
  • The Polymerization card is out, as Yuya returned it. Though the friendship collapsing can still happen.
    • Or Miuru's fortune was just wrong. Since Yugioh protagonists do have the ability to Screw Destiny.

Somewhat related to the previous WMG, Yuya will duel against a Prophecy duelist
Who will be the Bigger Bad of the show and utterly crush him physically and mentally. Yuya's fortune was foretold via Tarot Cards, something that the Prophecy/Spellbook archetype is based off of. And coming off of the previous WMG, this Bigger Bad will not only defeat Yuya, but will do so after destroying his friends and family, breaking Yuya's spirit before defeating him in a duel.

An antagonist will use a Qliphoth deck
The Qliphoth archetype is probably the strongest Pendulum archetype, so it could be used by the Big Bad.

The future Five-Bad Band, if there are at least five antagonists, will use decks specialized in the five different summoning methods. Alternatively, six.
If there are six, they will use Tribute, Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, Xyz and Pendulum Summonings. If they don't introduce new archetypes (which probably gonna happen) they gonna use "evil" archetypes. For example, Steelswarm for Tribute, Shaddoll for Fusion, Gishki for Ritual, Fabled for Synchro, Evilswarm for Xyz, and Qliphoth for Pendulum.
  • If any will be subject to a Heel-Face Turn, it will be the Gishki user. Or, if they all eventually join the heroes' side, the Gishki user will be the first to do so.

Yuya has a split personality linked to his pendulum and/or the pendulum cards
The first time he ever Pendulum Summons and beats Strong Ishijima, he looks like suddenly coming to his senses at the end of the duel and was very confused about what just happened; like he wasn't himself while doing the combo. Later in episode 23, he feels crushed after drawing Polymerization because he didn't have any fusion monsters in his extra deck, but then seems to heard Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon and his attitude absolutely changes. When the duel ended he was again a little confused.

In Shun's duel with the LDS trio.
  • The duel will be interrupted before it can end, or if they lose they will be saved by Yuto first.
  • One of the boys, mostly likely Hokuto since he's done less than the other two, will undergo a Heroic Sacrifice to save his friends.
    • Both Jossed, he One Turn Kills all three of them with his ace, Raid Raptors Rise Falcon.

Yuya is a clone of Yuto.
  • Alternatively, they're both clones from the same source. The point is, Leo Corporation had a department attempting to genetically engineer superpowered duelists, but, for whatever reason, Yuya came up short. Yusho, working in the department, took pity on him and adopted him, raising him as his own son. However, Yuto escaped, prompting Leo to call in Yusho to help track him down, otherwise he would have to forfeit Yuya for testing to replace Yuto. Not wanting Yuya to be caught up in all of this, Yusho disappears without a trace, in order to capture Yuto, so that he can keep Yuya safe from Leo.

When Yuya duels Gongenzaka
  • He will discover Pendulum Synchro.
  • Discover the power of Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
  • Tie or Win, but a technicality allows Gongenzaka to be in the tournament anyway.
    • The qualifications are based on win percentage. Yuya was just shy of meeting the requirements, but Gogenzaka has probably won enough that he can still qualify even after losing to Yuya.
    • Jossed, but Gongenzaka still has time to get a few more duels in to fix that. Confirmed, he made it in time for another episode.

Yuzu will become very hot in one or two years
The only reason why she looks like a childish character is because she is 14. If we look how hot Anzu, Asuka and Aki are, who were 16 at the beginning of the respective series, and how much Rei has changed between two years (from 11-12 to 13-14) and how beautiful Luca has become in the epilogue, it is probable that Yuzu will also turn out like the others.
  • Makes sense. Kotori's classmates were practically drooling when they saw her mother, as their reaction was, "That's what Kotori is going to look like!"

Sora defected/ran away from the Fusion Faction
  • Sora used to work for Yuto's enemies, but decided he didn't want to fight anymore and left for Maiami City.
  • However at some point he'll either choose or be forced to rejoin and become an antagonist.

Yuya will later obtain Ritual, Synchro, and Xyz versions of Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.
He's already got a Fusion version in the form of Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, and by extension Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, so this might be a possibility.
  • To clarify, this WMG is not about the counterparts like Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, but Odd-Eyes' own versions.

There is/was a Summoning War in Yuto's world
Yuto and Kurosaki are Xyz users and their enemies are a unknown Fusion faction, and Yugo the Synchro user, who is probably not allied with the former. I guess there is a war between the four Summoning factions.
  • In which case, maybe Leo Corp knows about it. Which is why they want to achieve a total monopoly; they're uniting all of the summoning methods under a single banner.

When it really counts, Sawatari will be the one to take down Shun.
Shun's Rise Falcon is incredibly powerful, but only against Special Summoned monsters. Sawatari's latest deck uses Monarch, which are all Tributed summoned.

Future antagonists will start using Shaddolls, Qliphoths and other archetypes
And those duelists are aiming for The End of the World as We Know It, they may also be connected to Yuto and Kurosaki.
  • There is already a WMG with the Qliphoths. Another WMG also speculates the Shaddolls.

The "Summoning War" is a war between multiple dimensions
Yuto and Kurosaki are from the dimension Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL takes place in (they all use Xyz and the city they come from appears to be Heartland). Yugo is from the same world as Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (uses Synchro and has a D-Wheel/Duel Runner ) The enemy that uses Fusion is from a world where fusion summons are still used frequently (Possibly the one Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V takes place in) or even one where the other extra deck summons were never developed.(possibly Yu-Gi-Oh! GX but probably not because GX is the past of both 5Ds and Zexal)

Arc-V will reveal a Yu-Gi-Oh! multiverse
Going on the above thoughts.
  • Loosely speaking, the YGO-verse already contains a multitude of dimensions; Earth's universe, the Dominion of the Beasts, Neo Space, the Astral and Barian Worlds, the Shadow Realm (loosely), the two dimensions from GX (the one that the Academy was sent to, then the other one). If Misawa's 'twelve dimensions' estimate in GX holds any water, that leaves four dimensions to be named and visited; five if the Shadow Realm isn't counted. There isn't really much of a reason to include alternate earths.

The Time Traveling of the last season of 5D's resulting in a split timeline, whose branches are fighting one another.
It is known that Duel Monsters, GX, and 5D's all exist during different times in the same continuity, due to Bonds Beyond Time. It is unknown when or where Zexal fits into this; monsters from Duel Monsters and GX exist in historical records, but there is no mention of either the events of 5D's, or Synchro monsters. Conversely, 5D's never mentions either the events of Zexal or Xyz monsters. The theory is that the time travelers from 5D's created three universes: one is the one shown at the end of 5D's, where the Meklord genocide is averted, and another is the past of Zexal, where it was not. However, rather than the complete genocide that Ylliaster came from, th world of Zexal was able to fight back, due to the development/discovery of Xyz monsters, which would No Sell anything the Meklords would try against them. Thy were able to rebuild, and the concept of Synchro summoning and anything related to it was Un Personed. The former is the timeline of the Synchro Faction, the latter is the timeline of the Xyz Faction. The third timeline is the one where Paradox succeeded. He didn't stop the game from taking off (it was already way to late for that), but he did make it so that neither Synchro nor Xyz Summon was developed. This universe also averted the Meklord Genocide, but the best it can come up with is Fusion summon. This is the timeline of the Fusion Faction. Something is bringing the three of them together, and everyone is fighting just to survive.
  • So where does the Arc V timeline come in?
  • Arc-V would be the unified timeline (hence having all of them).

Yuya's summoning methods (sans Pendulum summon) are progressing as the series as a whole did
First, Yuya first normal summoned Odd-Eyes Dragon (ala the original series) then, ignoring Pendulum Summon, Fusion Summoned using Yuzu's Polymerization (GX) and next he will probably Synchro Summon. Then Xyz Summon.
  • Actually, the true GX Fusion Summoning he will learn is Contact Fusion. Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a Contact Fusion Monster.
    • Apparently, Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon isn't a Contact Fusion Monster in the anime.
  • There will probably also an Accel Synchro and CXyz version of Odd-Eyes.

When Yugo appears in the present
  • He will be an Affably Evil Punch Clock Villain, as a foil to Kurosaki and Yuto.
  • Or otherwise not be as bad as he appeared to be in the flashback.
  • He feels like he is the underdog, just trying to survive against the onslaught of Xyz users.

When Yuya summons Beast-Eyes, the other fusion material will be Silver Claw.

Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and maybe Yuzu are keys to larger plot.
Someone has a plan that involves "masters" or a specific Special Summon type. Three of them are already known, Yuya (Pendulum), Yuto (Xyz) and Yugo (Synchro). which leaves Rituals and Fusions. These five are keys to a mysterious plot that may be revealed later in the series.

Yugo is not a Synchro user, but a Fusion user
It is only assumed by the fans that he is a Synchro user because he's a D-Wheeler, but it was never stated whether his monster really was a Synchro monster or not. We know that Yuto and Kurosaki's enemies use Fusion monsters. During the 3-on-1, Kurosaki only got an angry reaction towards Masumi's Fusion Summoning, but not to Yaiba's Synchro Summoning. There is also an implication that Yugo is connected to Ruri's kidnapping. Yugo's name is a homonym for the Japanese word for "fusion" (e.g. 'Yugo' Shoukan). And in 5D's there were at least three D-Wheelers who used Fusions: Jack, Sherry and Yusei. Ergo, I think Yugo is a Fusion user.

Odd-Eyes is the Crimson Dragon
Odd-Eyes is red, and Rune-Eyes has the exact same roar like the Crimson Dragon from 5D's. Yuya will evolve it so much, that it turns into a god.

Yuya will reacquire a copy of his original Odd-Eyes Dragon card.
All we know for sure is that just Yuya's copy of Odd-Eyes Dragon transformed into Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, not every single copy of it in existence, meaning there is a chance he could find the card of his dragon's original form and add it to his deck for double the dragon beat down. Besides, if Yuya does manage to gain an Xyz version of Odd-Eyes like a previous WMG says, he's gonna need all the support he can get, since Xyz Monsters do require at least two monsters of the same level to summon and so far, Yuya doesn't really have any other level 7 monsters in his deck.
  • Assuming that his Odd-Eyes Dragon wasn't an original card that didn't have any copies. The Signer Dragons didn't have copies (except the three Red Dragon Archfiend fakes), and the Numbers were obvious.

There will be a 15th anniversary film.
Similar to the 10th anniversary one, it will have Yuya teaming up with his two immediate predecessors; Yusei Fudo and Yuma Tsukumo.
The true reason for Yusho's disappearance
  • Something to do with Leo Akaba. If his claim of Leo kidnapping Ruri is correct, then it's not much of a stretch to presume that he could have done the same to Yusho. Reiji seems to affirm that his father is beyond the Moral Event Horizon.
The little hooded boy is Reiji's little brother
He was show alongside him in the championship's inauguration, has silver hair and blue eyes. Also, episode 28's preview shows that he's quite scared of Himika Akaba. This is because he's an Akaba himself and his mother is pushing him too much into fulfilling very high standards in order to make a prodigy out of him. After all, having an older, professional genius duelist brother can leave a younger sibling under a very large shadow that a very dominating mother will want to repeat, without considering his feelings.
  • If the name Reira is any indication to his connection with Reiji. Pretty much the majority of Kaiba expy's have little brothers (Kaiser, Kite, and Shark who has a little sister instead). The only exceptions are Jack and Manjoume, the latter being the youngest brother — well, Manjoume is the most poor YGO rival ever (not counting his manga counterpart). And with "poor" I don't mean money.
  • Confirmed. Although the Versus Character Splash spells it "Layra."

If Yuya becomes ever evil, his Performapals will turn into dark slave animals, cage animals or both
Remember the Evil HERO monsters? What would make circus animal look dark or more dangerous? Slave or cage animals.

Reiji erasing the LDS trio's memories will come back to bite him in the ass.
  • His expies (barring Kaiba) tended to receive a comeuppance or Humiliation Conga for their morally ambiguous/wrong actions.
  • Masumi might even remember due to the results of her duel with Yuzu.

Sora will reveal part of his backstory to Yuya and Yuzu after his duel against Kurosaki.

Masumi and Yuzu will be in a tag duel together at some point.
  • Gem-Knight Seraphinite requires a LIGHT monster and is a Fairy-type Fusion, it is perfect for them.
  • Or maybe Hokuto since it looks like a Fusion of Lazuli and Constellar Virgo, according to trivia.

Yuya will gain new monsters with Pendulum Effects that provides very good support towards Synchro and Xyz summoning
And that will be how Yuya takes Pendulum Summoning even further. This is based on the fact he currently has a monster whose pendulum effect allows him to fusion summon once per turn. And the effects that might work for this idea:

Yoko, Yuya's mother, was once a professional duelist herself
It'd be cool to be the son of TWO pros, no?

Reira's Deck uses the Outer God, Elder God, and Great Old God cards.
Think about it for a moment. Himika is trying to make Reira a prodigy like Reiji. What's Reiji's claim to fame? Using Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz in one Deck. With the reveal of Outer God Azathoth, which has a nuke effect if it has all three of the above as Xyz Materials, the Lovecraft Gods focus on pulling the same thing that Reiji can, so they would be the perfect cards for Himika to have Reira use in order to make him as good as Reiji.
  • Looking at those cards, they rely on a duelist using Fusion, Synchro and Xyz summons in perfect tandem, plus they don't look so powerful that they'd be better seen in their dad's hands so it looks like Reira can have them. The only problem is that none of them explain what Reira is doing in that preview.
    • Jossed. Reira seems to be using a CC(C) deck that copies the opponent's monsters.

Alternatively, Reira is NOT Reiji's brother. He is something very disturbing, like Reiji's or Leo's clone, or prisoner from another dimention!
Why would Himika and Reiji to hide their relation to Reira from everyone? Akaba family is famous in this world, yet no one seems to know if Reira is part of this family. His last name is not even called once! Plus, Himika and Reiji act very cold and distant to him.
  • Maybe they are just aloof to him. Mokuba wasn't famous, and Kaiba was aloof to him at the early part of the manga. Also, when Reiji is introduced to the heroes, only Shuzou had an idea who he really was and looked it up on the internet.

Leo and Himika Akaba will use "AA(A)" and "BB(B)" monsters respectively.
  • Aqua Agent (Admiral) and Brutal Beast (Baron), respectively?

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