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The Deco Stones are actually Jewelina herself.
Judging from episodes 1 and 8, we can assume that she is Sealed Good in a Can.
  • Jossed...ish. The truth is complicated. Her body is in the statue and her soul is in Decorisky. The Deco Stones carry her will.

Jewelpet Happiness will be the last anime.
Dat title.
  • Jossed

And it will go back to being a Magical Girl anime.
The art style of the protagonist is giving me that feeling.
  • Jossed: the anime goes back to Sunshine's roots.

The characters in Happiness will gain a new Mid-Season Upgrade item to increase their sales in the Jewelpet Cafe.
So let's be honest, Jewelina told Ruby to fill the Jewel Box with Magic Jewels and then something good will happen. But what happens if the box is filled? They'll gain a new item that would help their shop prosper and at the same time, they need to collect and refill the Jewel Box once again.
  • Semi-confirmed. There are no new items, but the Cafe fuses with the school cafeteria, which allows for more customers. Also, they don't refill the box, just get more sections added to it.

Jewel Land must be part of the worlds managed by the Time-Space Administration Bureau.
Maybe this way we can have one crossover episode of Happiness focusing on this. Maybe...
  • Crossover episode Jossed at least.

There's actually a way for all continuities to take place in the same universe, regardless of Word of God.
Okay, so, in Sunshine, it is shown that Jewelpets are not unique. There was that island full of Tatas and that unnamed black Jewelpet who talked to others of her kind. It is reasonable to assume that the other Jewelpets have the same thing going on. It's possible that Jeweland is much like our own world; different countries, cultures and, why not, religions, which would explain why the story of the origin of the Jewelpets is different and Jewelina has a different appearance every season (you can compare this last point to Christianism/Judaism/Islam, which are different interpretations of the same God). And different cultures and religions explains why Jewelpets of the same species would have different magical incantations. The fact that there are many of the same Jewelpet would also explain why some of the Jewelpets change personality every season.

It's possible to interpret the various continuities of Jewelpet as representative of different time-periods of this hypothetical universe (assuming that only the TV series are canon):
  • Kira Deco would be the earliest to occur; humans are very unusual and something of an anomaly in Jewel Land. Additionally, they cannot travel between Earth and Jewel Land as they please, which implies that magic hasn't reached the level of the other seasons.
  • Twinkle would happen next; now, selected humans are able to travel between Earth and Jewel Land with the express goal of learning magic. However, Jewel Land still refuses to reveal itself fully to humans.
  • First series comes next; here, Earth and Jewel Land become fully aware of each other and decide to cooperate towards aa better future for both worlds. There's also mention of a past where humans and Jewelpets used to live in harmony, before Dian's rebellion made them distrustful of each other and caused them to keep to their own worlds, with Earth eventually forgetting about Jewel Land altogether, but NOT vice-versa. This past could take place between Kira Deco and Twinkle, or after Twinkle altogether.
  • Sunshine and Happiness happen a long while after the first series, and likely at the same time, due to the similar settings. Humans and Jewelpets now live side-by-side, attend the same schools, and even have the same jobs. Travelling between the worlds is easy and habitual.

Someday, there will be Jewelpets of Jadeite, Zoisite and Kunzite.
Sanrio, please deliver. Nephrite is feeling all lonely here.

Theories about the Red Moon in Happiness.
  • A Sealed Evil in a Can theory: It can be that Jewelina defeated someone from the past and imprisoned them in the moon. The moon turning red is maybe a result of that person wanting to brainwash people and cause Unhappiness so it can break the seal.
  • An Ancient Artifact theory: The moon has to do with an evil artifact Jewelina sealed up thousands of years ago in the moon.
  • An Ancient Conspiracy theory: Jewelina preventing some evil cult from resurrecting someone in the red moon.
    • All Jossed. The Red Moon is its own being, and the crisis surrounding it is Ruby's fault and therefore recent.

Iruka is a tentacle monster.
Episode 30 clearly shows that he's not what he seems. Sapphie's reaction suggests that under that dolphin costume is something very horrible indeed... And it would explain his year-long lusting after VA-VA-VOOM Jill Konia, which ends in marriage... Oh dear.
  • Just cause he's a tentacle monster doesn't mean he'd be bad. Or Jill wouldn't be... into that sort of thing.

Adding to the shared universe theory, Jewelina goes through a process similar to regeneration to replenish her powers.
  • The reason she is a child in Happiness is because she only recently regenerated. And the Majos in the original series are a failed regeneration that split her into four different facets of her personality. Sunshine Jewelina acts the way she did because she was near the end of this version of her.