Funny / Jewelpet

First Series

  • Ruby herself is a walking Crowning Moment of Funny mixed with Cloudcuckoolander and Mind Screw at the same time. The episodes regarding her could make you lose your mind.
    • Especially on the first episode of the first series when she was awakened for the first time by Rinko. And cast her first Jewel Flash.
    Ruby: Puri Puri Prism Jewelrhythm! Ruby Jewel Flash! *area explodes and sends everyone flying*
    • Ruby using her magic to purposely Blow Up a Wall when they reached a dead end in Episode 3
  • Episode 14, we see a 6 second scene of Garnet in the shower in her home in Jewel Land, NAKED. This itself got into a serious controversy in 2ch regarding Aya Hirano, of all the voice actors.
  • Episode 20: when Garnet is describing how bad Minami's boyfriend is that Sapphie assist on registering the new terms through signs.
    • Garnet uses her magic and to change Minami's clothing into a sexy bikini to impress Miyamotto. Hilarity ensues.
  • Episode 23, at the beginning of the episode Ruby accidentally wets the bed where she and her Jeweller are sleeping. It gets better when Ruby tells everyone to class that Rinko did it to save face (Rinko's 14. You may start cringing.).
  • The whole New Year's episode. Gaze to be amazed.


  • The ending of episode 10 when the students manage to use magic (when all magic is supposed to be disabled) out of sheer rage.
  • In one episode, Moldavite buys these two small girls which function as his conscience and help him weigh his options. After many mishaps, the two girls demand to know which one is cutest and this debate ends up involving the entire population of Jewel Land, coming into a tie. So, they demand Moldavite's answer to untie the debate. His answer? JOLLY AND MERRY!!!
  • Sulfur's mother squashing him with a fly-swatter... So random and came out of nowhere.
    • In the same episode, Moldavite tries to transform Leon into Sulfur, but Dian shouts "RANGULA!" and a giant statue falls on him. Twice.
  • Marianne's wedding dress in episode 16. It's almost a Christmas tree, seriously.
  • In the New Year's episode, Peridot goes hopelessly bonkers after thinking too much about the punishment she's getting if she fails in keeping Rald out of trouble.


Kira Deco!

  • The fact that Jewelina made the Jewelpets so she could have someone to Go Go dance with. I repeat: the local equivalent of GOD. Created life. So she could have someone to have a dance party with.
  • Episode 40, the entire New Year's episode is impressively campy but yet funny as it sounds.
  • Episode 42:
    • Coarumi sends one of her breasts rolling away, and it passes by Io, who looks on, speechless, with Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises. He's still 8 episodes away from the Unsettling Gender Reveal.
    • The fact that the fate of the world lies on sweet potatoes... Oh, and it turns out that the center of the universe is the Saitama Ultra Arena.
    • Io asks Milky what'll happen if her prophecies come to pass. She tells him that the show will come to an end. Reaction Shot of Io sweatdropping and looking at her like she's crazy.
    • Towards the end, the Kira Deco 5 race with Coal and co. to find the 20 unleashed Deco Stones. The team manages to find 19 of them, Coal and Opal bitch about how unfair it is, and then Io does a magnificent scream as he stumbles across the last one. What really sells the scene is that you don't see them looking for the Stones, just see their reactions in balloons.


  • Several instances in episode 9 where Ruby gets stuck on the ceiling or a big branch of a tree thanks to her ears.
  • Episode 11. Sanada racing against a terribly animated paper cut-out of a picture depicting a wild boar.
    • Ruby's utter obsession with seeing a mole's butt.
  • Episode 25 has Sapphie pulling a Bishōnen face during the play rehearsal and REALLY getting into her role as Prince Charming.